i look hot in

Stefan: “Today will be more for the female fans. It’s gonna be hot. Gregor, Schiffi, looking good. I think I didn’t promise too much. Well, TV has to film you now too. What do you think though, Gregor?”
Gregor: “It’s nice, thanks. A little bit of sweating is good for the body.”
Stefan: “Hot atmosphere is always guaranteed in here, not just in the sauna. What do you think about our apartment?”
Gregor: *laughs* “At the moments it’s quite a hot atmosphere in here. I’d say it’s a good change, different than a hotel for sure. More living, sense of community, cooking, yet we should vacuum, but the rest is perfect.”

Just something to sweeten your evening. ;)

How I know I’m in the bad timeline: I was in Hot Topic yesterday to look at their Overwatch shit, and a girl pointed out Naruto merch to another girl and asked her wtf it was. Girl replied with “oh, that’s a really old anime! I haven’t got around to watching it yet though because it’s older and the animation is kinda bad now…”

Dear Journal,

Tonight everyone wanted to spend some time together. We realised that summer was approaching and our time together was getting smaller and smaller. We all sat down in the common room. Sirius, Marlene, Peter and I were sitting on the long couch, James and Lily were sharing a love seat and Regulus and Sophie were cuddled on the soft carpet. We were all remembering ourselves some good memories and Lily took out a cute painted wooden box. The small box was filled with polaroids of us since 1st year. Lily passed us a few and I recognized a young Sirius on the first one. I snuggled closer to him and we looked at a few old pictures.

“Do you remember this day Pads? Lily made us flower crowns!” I giggled.

“Oh Merlin yes i remember this! When was it.. 4th year?” He asked.

“I think it was! It feels like forever ago.. You looked kinda hot with this flower crown!” I giggled.

“Look at you! You were blushing so much!” He said, kissing my cheeks.

It was a sunny day during our 4th year. We had just finished our last exam of they year and we all decided to spend our last day by the lake. James, Sirius and I were throwing a muggle football to eachother while the girls were picking up flowers. Marlene arrived with a picnic bag full of sandwiches and deserts and she called us so we could come eat.

“I’m starving! Thanks Marlene for the food!” James smiled.

“Yeah thank you Marls!” Sirius said.

“No problem everyone! Now let’s eat! We worked hard this year.. so let’s celebrate!” She smiled.

After eating, I took some alone time and walked to the dock. I sat on the edge and took a deep breath of the fresh air. I was going to miss this place. I could hear bird noises from the trees around the lake. My feet were touching the warm water and the soft wind was brushing in my hair. I heard a few steps behind me and a few seconds later, Sirius was sitting next to me. Remeber, at that time, we weren’t together…

“It’s beautiful here..” he said.

“It is. I’m going to miss it this summer.” I said.

“Can you imagine! Next year we’ll be in 5th year!”

“Yeah.. it’s crazy..”

I looked at him and he had his eyes closed. The orange colour from the sunset was shinning on his soft skin. His black hair were flotting in the wind.

“Are you going to visit me this summer?” I asked him.

“Of course I will Moons! You can also come to James’ in July.. i’m sure he’ll agree. Do you really think I would let my best friend alone all summer?” He smirked.

When he used the word “best friend” it warmed my heart. Sure i wanted us to be more than that but Sirius always liked girls…

“Boys! Come try our flower crowns!” Lily screamed.

“Oh no! Here we go!” He laughed.

He stood up and handed me his hand. I took it and he helped me get up. I felt shivers go through my fingers.

“Here, this on is for Sirius, this one for Remy and the final one for Potter!” She giggled.

I looked at Sirius and he was so cute. His hair were messy and full of flowers. He caught me staring and I looked down, blushing. CLICK!

“Lily! Did you just take a picture of me?”

“It’s for the memories Remus! You’ll thank me one day!” She giggled.

Back to now, we looked at all the polaroids Lily took. From our first day to last week. I’m hoing to miss this place.

February 27th 1976


Hello people who still follow me even though I don’t post anymore. It’s my 21st birthday today. Here are some pictures of me from last night, after I got ready to go on a date, got there, and the guy stood me up. 

It’s whatever tho because he’s irrelevant (srsly I didn’t even save his number) and I looked hot as hell.


hello! i’m avery, i’m 15, and i grew up in austin tx(i miss it dearly) but i moved to north carolina less than a year ago! i’m having trouble making friends in nc right now so i thought this would be a good idea :). i like both snail mail and just talking online(my longest pen pal lasted about 3 years but i’ve never really had an internet friend!). i like (looking hot, buying stuff they cannot) musical theatre (esp heathers obviously lol), regular theatre, tea, and writing spoken word poetry. as for tv shows i like voltron, rizzoli and isles, and over the garden wall!
someone around my age would be good, but any gender works!
you can message me at @faeday!