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I can't believe that I didn't ask this before now but- do you have any Drarry fic recs??? Pls tell me you do

CRACKS KNUCKLES, lemme go through ye ol archives of my favs >D

Running on Air



Draco Malfoy has been missing for three years. Harry is assigned the cold case and finds himself slowly falling in love with the memories he collects.

(I’ve rec’d this one before but I will keep pushing it on everyone because its the bEST ITS MY FAVORITE ONE OK I live for the mood and the entire fic is like a walking aesthetic and the characters are portrayed pERFE C T LY goddang)

No Shadow Taller Than Our Souls



Auror Potter and Unspeakable Malfoy team up to investigate a series of missing persons, and it soon becomes apparent that Dementors are involved. Despite their initial misgivings, Harry and Draco find that they need each other’s help, in more ways than one.

(I literally just finished reading this one like 10 minutes ago and it was a good good. A lot of interesting Dementor lore!!)




Draco snorted. “I’m not reduced to penury. I want something considerably beyond money, and I rather think you’re the only one can give it to me.”

“You want the Invisibility Cloak,” Harry said, flatly. He’d half expected as much; it was the only thing he had that Draco could want—

“Don’t be stupid, Potter,” Draco said. “I want my reputation back.”

(I remember really liking this one and I thiiiiink this one has some good good ministry ball courtship-ing and stuff lmao

Actually looking now anything by astolat is good)

The Boy Who Only Lived Twice



Harry Potter is an Unspeakable. Draco Malfoy is the wizard who shagged him. Adventure! Intrigue! Secret identities, celebrities, spies! It’s all right here, folks.

(THE SUMMARY DOESNT LIE. I TREALLY IS SECRET IDENTITIES, CELEBS, aND SPIESsseSSEs. But really this one is so well written and I’m a sucker for spy/thriller types and this blends the wizarding world into the genre so well im cryinnngngg)

Coffee, Cakes and Doorknob Snakes



Harry’s house is trying to kill him, and only one person can help him: pity it’s Draco Malfoy

(this one is just *clenches fist* so pure. The house has so much character I cant even believe. And Draco being the smartie mcsmartpants is my favorite thing ever.)

Open For Repairs



After the war, Draco works at a tv repair shop and Harry breaks things.

feat. sad boys in jumpers and more ABBA than is probably necessary

(this one melted my heart and rebuilt it. Better. STrONGER. Seriously tho this has everything in it.)

 And basically anything Saras_girl on a03 writes is like a gold standard.~ I might make a more indepth list when I actually compile all the ones I’ve read (theres a lot oh god) but these are goods!

Under Your Spell: Jimin (SMUT)

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Witch!AU: You attend the same school as Jimin, but you’re rivals. (Or at least that’s what you tell yourself). He pulls a prank on you and you decide to get your revenge on him by giving him a potion. But the potion backfires when you accidentally mess it up. 

Warnings: rough sex, daddy kink, thigh riding, spanking, unprotected sex, oral (male receiving), foul language, choking, and hair pulling.

Word count: 4,276


Your school was flooded with toads. Slimy little reptiles croaking and jumping around in the classrooms and halls. One of the little creatures hopped from the top of your head and you shrieked, messily rummaging your hair. You knew this prank was meant for you. You hated reptiles, especially toads and frogs. Only two people knew of your fear for them: your best friend and your sworn enemy, Jimin Park (who was unfortunately a super handsome upperclassman with a knack for spectacular pranks).

You regretted the day he found out about one of your greatest fears. You had been too careless when it slipped past your lips, not noticing his presence until it was too late. With your wand, you zapped the toad to who knows where, you just wanted it away from you.

You continue to use your magic to clear a path for you.

“I swear I’ll kill this idiot when I find him.” You grumbled to yourself. When you came into the hallway, you could see some of the teachers getting rid of the toads and for this you were extremely thankful.

“Now, if I were Jimin Park, where would I be?” You thought aloud and had an “aha!” moment. You knew just where he was.


As soon as you opened the doors to the school’s roof, you saw him leaning against the railing. You roll your eyes when you see a smug smile settle on his handsome face.

“Took you long enough, princess.” You approach him with your hands balled into fists. He doesn’t even look slightly fazed when you send him your deadliest glare. “Did you like my little gift?” He chuckles and continued, “It’s your birthday, right? Consider the toads a present.”

He eased his hand into your slightly messy hair, effectively untangling the strands and causing you to blush. “You still had some frog juice in your hair.” Your face is now beet red and it only causes him to laugh harder.

“Reverse the spell and apologize. If you do, I’ll consider forgiving you.” You offered him to which he only smirked.

“And if I don’t?” He inches closer to you, his minty breath fanning your flushed face. His eyes flickered to your full lips and you almost didn’t catch his pink tongue swiping across his own puffy lips. You wanted to back away because his scent was so damn intoxicating. Somehow the gap between you two was closing and you weren’t sure which one of you were leaning in closer.

Just as your eyes began to droop, you came to your senses and out of instinct, you slapped him. Not hard, but you’re sure it left a little sting.

“R-reverse the spell or else!” You threatened with a cracked voice, probably from how embarrassed you were. Your blush would probably never go away. You rushed away from him and back into the warmth of the school.

He was left there, stunned. His gaping mouth slowly closed and raised, settling into his signature smirk. Was he a masochist, because he wasn’t sure that slap should have turned him on. Or maybe he wasn’t a masochist, instead it was your fiery attitude that set him off. Kissing you crossed his mind as soon as your plump lips turned into a snarl that only you could make look sexy.

Gosh, you made him want you so much. The little feud between you two only added fuel to his fire. He chewed on his bottom lip, thinking of your embarrassed yet cute face.  

Oh, how he’d love it if your pretty face was covered in his cum. The thoughts running through his mind were far too dirty for him to be having about a girl who was his junior. But damn it, he couldn’t help himself. He couldn’t stop thinking about the way you were so effortlessly sexy.

So much sexier than the girl who threw themselves at him every day. He never bothered with them because you entertained and occupied him enough. He hated how other guys gawked at you when you wore the short uniform skirt. Your legs were nice and long. Smooth and silky. He imagined his hand caressing your legs with his strong hands and his head buried deep between your thick thighs.

God, he was getting too carried away, almost wanting to jerk his hardening cock on the school’s roof. His next class didn’t have you in it and he wasn’t sure if he could go without taking care of himself. What if he saw you in the class after next and came in his pants at the sight of your mesmerizing body.

‘Fuck it.’ He thought before rubbing his cock through his jeans. ‘It’s now or never.’


You were in the lab where the students were free to use the equipment to practice spells or potions. You were the only one in the lab, focusing on making a potion for Jimin. Since he hadn’t stopped those ugly toads yet, you were cooking up something special for him.

Although you weren’t great at making potions, you looked up a simple one that would cause the drinker of it bad luck. You were mad at him for almost ruining your birthday but at the same time, he made you want to suck him off until he shot his load down your throat.

You hated how wet he made you every time he touched you or how you thought he was so sexy when he bit his lip out of concentration. Your mind was foggy as you grabbed the cup of rose petals. You almost screeched when you dumped the whole cup into the brew because the recipe only called for ¼ a cup. Then a sparkling pink poof came from the brew shortly after. Uh oh?

You blamed Jimin for distracting you with these lewd thoughts. You groaned and sighed. The petals were the last step to the potion and you didn’t want to start over. You didn’t think there would be any bad side effects…uh, at least not any serious side effects.

You poured the potion into a small vial and put it in your pocket. You hurriedly cleaned your station and made your way to Jimin’s locker. You made sure the coast was clear before tapping his lock with your wand. It easily unlocked and you pulled the metal door open. You searched for a drink that he might have inside his locker and you were ecstatic to see that he kept a bottle of raspberry tea in it. You twisted the cap open and quickly poured the contents of the potion inside of the bottle.

You twisted the top back tightly and closed the door before securing it with the lock. You avoided stepping on toads as you made your way to the cafeteria and slid into your seat next to your best friend, Sam.

“Hmm…you look suspicious,” Sam chuckles and touches your forehead with his cold palm, “And you’re sweating. Did you do something naughty?” He smirks and winks. You blush, knowing exactly what he was insinuating and you shake your head.

“Shut up, it’s nothing like that.” You elbow him softly.

“So, these frogs…Jimin’s doing?” You immediately groan and nod.

“He says they were a birthday present.” Sam just chuckles and shakes his head.

“You two seriously need to fuck and get it over with. How did he even know it was your birthday?” Sam pulls his lunch from his bag and you follow suit.

“I don’t know. I haven’t told anyone except you. Maybe he found out just to play a prank on me.” You take a sip of your juice, feeling a little bitter about the situation if that was the case.

“Speak of the devil and he may appear.” Sam nods his head to where Jimin had just entered the cafeteria, his raspberry tea in his hand. You can’t help but to bite your lip when you see just how disheveled his clothing is and the prominent bulge in his pants. His hair was messy and you wondered which of one of these girls had the privilege of fucking Jimin Park.

His eyes locked onto yours and you could have sworn they were shining with a mischievous glint.

“Damn, there is so much sexual tension between y’all. I think I’m gonna be sick.” Sam excused himself and left you sitting alone. Jimin had the perfect opportunity to slide into the seat Sam left.

You had no idea what to say to him as he stared at you. Something unfamiliar swam around in his chocolate brown orbs and you were mad because the more you stared at them, the longer you wanted to ride his face. You finally found your voice but it was so small, you surprised yourself. “What do you want, Jimin?”

“I was just wondering how my princess was doing.” You clamp your thighs together. You were used to him calling you princess but this time it was different. He had never called you his princess. Something was different about him. You looked to the half empty tea bottle and furrowed your eyebrows. He was supposed to be stumbling around this place, tripping over his own two feet. Jumbling up his words and slipping on invisible water.

Maybe the rose petals added a different affect to the potion. Damn it, you really should have started over.

“You really are something else, Y/N. The things you do to me.” He sucks in a breath and scoots his chair closer to yours. “Makes me lose my mind.” You were so thankful the two of you were in the back of the cafeteria, someone may have noticed how his strong hand rubbed tiny circles on your smooth thigh.  

You wanted him to stop, but at the same time you were oddly curious as to where this would lead. Jimin was never this forward and you knew that this was partially your fault for messing up the potion and giving it to him anyway.

“I knew there was something wrong with me the moment I drank my tea. A feeling erupted inside of me, one that I’ve been trying to push a side for the longest time. Lust.” His voice was ten times deep than normal and every time he spoke against your neck, it sent shivers down your spine. “I can’t seem to control myself. All I can think about is how much I want to bend you over and spank you for tampering with my drink.”

‘Shit. He knows.’

“You’ve gotta be more careful, princess. I saw you leaving my locker, but I hadn’t known what you did until it became clear.” He pulled you up by your arm and led you out of the cafeteria. Some students stared, bewildered to see Jimin using such force with you.

“Where are you taking me, Jimin Park? I demand to know, right now!” You were startled when he slammed your body into the lockers, creating a loud bang.

“You don’t get to demand anything, I’m the one in charge. You just suck my cock and look pretty when you swallow my cum.” He cupped your face in his hands and licked your lips. “You’re so sexy, but you already know that, don’t you? That’s why you always seem to make me hard with one glance.”

He grabbed your arm again and dragged you to the empty labs where you had first made his potion. Once you were inside, he locked the door and sat in one of the chairs. “Strip for me, princess.”

You found yourself moving fluently, like you had done this every day for him. His voice held so much authority over you. You wouldn’t even question him anymore. Your shirt was already on the floor and your skirt followed quickly. You went to unhook your bra before he stopped you.

“Not yet. I want to see you dance.” He began to palm himself through his pants and you didn’t know if you could wait any longer to have him down your throat.

Your hips began to sway to a beat that was in your mind, but you knew that he could hear it too. He was mesmerized by the beauty of your exotic dancing. You bit your lip when you could see him unzipping his jeans. Your hands teasingly brushed over your clothed breasts and traveled down towards your soaking pussy.

You turned around and bent over, your ass high in the air. You hooked your thumbs into your lace panties and pulled them down your thick thighs ever so slowly. You could hear him groan when he got an eyeful of your ass. You finally took off your bra and turned to face him.

Your nipples were more erect than you thought, probably from the cold air conditioning mixed with anticipation.

“Come here.” He beckoned you over to him with his index finger. When you were close enough for him to reach you, he grabbed you tightly by the waist and you came crashing down on his lap. His erect dick rubbed right against your clit and you moaned simultaneously. Still gripping your waist, he rolled his hips and it created a lot of friction that was just making you wetter.

“You’ve been so bad, putting something in my drink. But you’ve been good too, listening to daddy like the good girl you are. Daddy doesn’t know if he should reward or punish you.” He hungrily kissed you and moved his muscular hands down to your plump ass. He slapped it and kneaded it like it was dough. Kissing your neck, he mumbles, “I think you should suck daddy off.”

You nodded eagerly and dropped to your knees. You were way more excited than you should have been. He unbuttoned his shirt and revealed his glorious abs and his broad chest. You marveled at the sight of the veins running through his sculpted arms.

You quickly pulled his trousers and boxers down his legs and moaned at how beautiful his cock was. His hand tangled itself in your hair as it guided you to his cock. “Suck.” He commanded and you instantly obliged.

You took his red tip into your mouth and licked over the slit slowly, tasting the precum that began to build up. He sucked in air through his teeth and grunted. Your tongue traced over the most prominent vein, making him moan. You giggled after seeing his reaction. “Did you like that, daddy?”

His eyes were glazed over as he nodded, tightening his grip in your hair. You sucked at the base of his shaft and grazed over it with your teeth. His body jerked as you gripped his cock tightly, using your tongue to pay special attention to his sensitive tip.

He was already wide enough and it didn’t make it better when you felt him growing harder in your hand. He tugged on your hair and guided your mouth down his dick, his tip hitting the back of your throat.

You let out a strangled cough as your burning throat began to get used to his massive girth. He pulled you up for air, his chest heaving heavily. When you regained your breath, he slid himself down your throat again, trying to let you get used to deep throating him. “You take my cock so well, baby.” He felt his orgasm building and quickly pulled your mouth from his dick.

You were slightly saddened but the feeling was quickly replaced by him lifting you up and onto his thigh. His thigh tensed when your slick met it. You moaned and moved your hips on his thigh. He groaned and pulled your hair, revealing your neck to him. He bit and sucked on your neck, marking you as his.

His strong thigh tensed and you threw your head back, mewling in pleasure. “Does that feel good, princess? Do you like riding my thigh?” You nodded and moved on his thigh quicker.

“Fuck, it feels so good.” You whimpered and yelped as he slapped your ass. He rubbed your clit as you grinded against his thigh. He toyed with your clit, bringing you closer and closer to your inevitable orgasm. Jimin brought his thigh up and dug it into your slit harder, clenching it against your pussy that was growing wetter as he continued to please you with his taut muscle.

Just when you felt your orgasm near, he stopped and lifted your hips off him. “You’re so fucking sexy, princess. I’m so glad I have you all to myself.” He bent you over the table and spread your ass cheeks. “Look how wet you are, glistening for me. For my cock.” He slapped your ass again and rubbed the area where it was growing a crimson red.

“Fuck me, daddy.” You whispered against the table top. You felt his fingers sliding smoothly up and down your wet folds. His finger slipped inside of your wet cunt and you covered your mouth with your hand, afraid of someone hearing you if you were too loud.

“I want to hear you.” He added another finger into your wetness, scissoring them while trying to spread your folds so that the stretch wouldn’t be too overwhelming when he was inside of you.

You didn’t want to risk getting caught, but you didn’t want to disobey him either. You moved your hand and he quickly grabbed your arm, guiding your hand to your ass. You could feel his tip prodding at your entrance and you instantly got the gist.

You held your ass open for him so that he could easily slip his massive cock inside your warm pussy. He grabbed his dick and coated it in your slick by running it up and down your slit. He smirked when you started to beg for him to fuck you already. He used his thumbs to open your slit and slowly slide his dick in.

You couldn’t help the loud moan that erupted from your throat when he filled you to the hilt. He massaged your hips and let them rest there. He groaned when he felt just how tight you were. You were clenching around him and he had barely even moved. He slowly pulls out just to hear you whine.

Jimin pushes back into you fast, no time being wasted. Your pussy was throbbing around him and he smirked, “Already, princess?” He chuckles as the sweat starts to collect on his forehead. You can’t even for coherent words as he thrusts inside of you deeply. He couldn’t gain a lot of speed because of how you were gripping onto his shaft so tightly.

“F-faster. Please!” You were on the verge of screaming because his dick was stretching you out in the most delicious way. You groaned as he gripped your waist harder and began to pound into you at a quicker speed.

The more he fucked you, the more he grew animalistic. Your hot cavern was sending him into a world that was purely intoxicating. He pulled you up by your hair and immediately attached his lips to your neck. He growled in your ear as you pulsated around his girth.

“Tell daddy just how good he’s making you feel.” He squeezed his free hand around your throat while the other was gripping your hair. You gasped and moaned at the sensation. The feeling was new and absolutely amazing.  

Your airway was getting cut off as your eyes rolled to the back of your head. “Tell me!” He grunted and let your neck go before sending an ear shattering smack down onto your ass.

“Oh, fuck daddy it feels so fucking good!” You yelled when your neck was finally released from his restricted hold. His thrusts were getting relentless, never slowing as he claimed your throbbing pussy as his.

Before you could register what was happening, his cock was gone and you were turned around. You could barely stand on your own and you were more than grateful when he picked you up by your thighs and set you on the table.

Jimin grabbed you by the throat and pressed a smoldering kiss to your lips. They were most likely going to be swollen for a couple of days. He spread your legs wide with his own and slipped his cock back into you.

You broke the kiss by letting out a loud mewl. “Make me cum, daddy.” You whispered as you saw white spots begin to cloud your vision. He went back to fucking you hard and rough, snapping his hips into yours mercilessly.

He watched you intensely, loving the way you bit your lip so hard it looked as if you were going to chew it off. Or how your neck was littered with love bites that he put there. As he thrusted into you, his hands traveled down your chest and groped your tit into his hand. He suckled one of your nipples into his mouth and pinched the other between his thumb and index finger.

He moaned against your chest as you praised him and tugged on his roots. He growled when your nails scratched his scalp lovingly. Your head flew back when he bit down onto your sensitive bud.

Jimin groaned when your nails dug into his back, indicating the start of your climax. Your body trembled and shuddered as it was taken over by your pent-up orgasm. You dragged your nails down his glistening back and let out a guttural moan.

You were throbbing more erratically around his cock and it brought him closer to his spine shattering orgasm. He growled loudly and gripped your throat again, tightening his hand around it slightly as he pulled out and desperately shot his seeds all over your stomach and chest.

You breathed deeply, a crimson tint suddenly covered your cheeks. Jimin collapsed on top of you and panted loudly, his heaving chest moving to the same rhythm as yours. As much as you wanted to stay like this, you knew this was only a one time thing.

“Jimin…class is going to start soon. We should leave.” You pushed on his shoulder but he didn’t budge, instead he just groaned.

“I want to stay like this…” He mumbled against your skin and nipped at it, causing you to shiver in delight.

“That’s just the potion talking.” You assured him and lifted him off you with the little bit of strength you had left.

“The effects of the potion wore off a while ago. Great job by the way.” He chuckles and gathers his clothing.

“I should have started over. If I did when I had the chance, this wouldn’t be happening.” You tugged your panties up your legs after wiping yourself clean with the napkins that were in the room.

“So, you regret doing this?” He feigns hurt but you can see his eyes are betraying him. You knew deep down he was really hurt by what you said.

“No offense Jimin, but I’ve heard about how many of the girls here have done things with you.” You pulled your shirt over your head and ruffled your hair.

“C’mon, Y/N. Those are just rumors, I promise I’ve never done that with any girl here.” After he was fully dressed, he stepped closer to you and captured your lips in a chaste kiss. “You’re the only one I can think about. Why do you think I tease you so much? Haven’t your parents ever told you that if a boy messes with you, it’s because he likes you?” He smiles cutely and you weren’t even sure if this was the same guy who had just fucked you into oblivion.

Jimin sensed the uncertainty in your movements and he pecked your forehead, “Just give me a chance. If I mess up, you have every right to beat my ass and break up with me. Just know that I won’t stop until you’re mine again.”

You searched his eyes for any source of a lie and you were so thankful you couldn’t find one. “Fine. I guess I could give you a chance.” You were nonchalant about it but on the inside, you were jumping with joy.

“You won’t regret it.” He kissed you and spun you around. Once he set you down, you gave him a genuine smile.

“I can’t believe I just had sex with my arch nemesis.” He laughs at your comment and corrects you.

“Former arch nemesis. Oh, happy birthday by the way.” He pecks your lips and grins.

“Toads…really?” You hit his chest and he pouted. “That was your first strike!”

“What?! That happened before we started dating.” You fixed the collar of his shirt and brought his face closer to yours.

“Well then, I guess you’re gonna have to earn that strike back.” You winked at him and made your way to the door and opened it.

Jimin’s weight forced it closed as he blocked your path. “Why don’t I earn it back right now?” He smirked, picking you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist.

What were you going to do with this boy and his excessive sex drive?


Tell me what you guys thought! Feedback is greatly appreciated. :D


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Raphael x Reader


Prompt: Reader likes Donnie, but all he can think about is April. Raph takes things into his own hands.

Note: Awwwwwwwwwwwww

Donnie, once again, had cancelled his plans to hang out with you. Were you disappointed? Yes. Were you surprised? Not really. These days, he had been way too busy to keep his promises. And what could you say? You were no April.

You loved her like a sister, but God, she had Donnie wrapped around her little finger and it was beginning to feel like you were invisible.

And then there was Raph.

Long, long ago you had had a crush on the big muscular hothead, but after a few months of crushing and no results (or so you thought) you had turned your attention on his shyer nerdier brother. Not to your knowledge, Raph had begun crushing on you just as you had given up on him, and the way Donnie treated you made him angrier than anything ever had.

Today was the day he was going to do something about it.

“Ya cancelled on (Y/N) again.” Raph walked into the lab. Donnie’s eyes were locked on his screen and his fingers moved at the speed of light across his keyboard.

“I’m busy. You know that. I don’t exactly have time to hang out right now. Not with the Foot on the loose.”

“God, I wish you cared about her half as much as she cares about you.”

“Raph, what are you-”

“You make her feel like she’s invisible. E-everything she says goes in one ear an’ out the other! If she looked at me the way she looked at you-”

“Wait. Raph, stop.” Donnie finally looked away from his work. “What are you saying? (Y/N) likes me. Like, likes me.”

“Well duh.”

“And you like her.” Raph’s cheeks went red and his eyes went wide.

“I never said that.”

“But you obviously care about her, and honestly, I had thought she liked you, not me.”

“N-no?” Raph said, thinking back on everything that had happened. “I don’t-”

“Maybe you should go talk to her, figure out whatever’s going on.” Donnie suggested.

“Yes. You should.” April walked into the lab. “You definitely should. Because she and I just overheard this entire conversation, and she’s in the gym waiting for you.”

Raph’s eyes widened and he lumbered off. Sure enough, there you were, curled up on his weight bench with your face in your hands. God, you were so small. So tiny and fragile compared to him. He knelt down beside the bench. He didn’t know what to say. He didn’t know how much you had heard.

“I didn’t think you liked me. I had a crush on you for the longest time and I thought it was never reciprocated. I thought you could never…I-”

“I guess I uh…I realized I liked ya when ya started followin’ Donnie around instead ‘ah me. And he never gave ya the attention you deserved.” Raph couldn’t look at you.

“If it matters, I don’t think I ever got over my crush on you.”

“It matters a hell of a lot.” He smirked. “And if ya’d have me…” He looked up at you and the look he gave you, you had never seen him give anyone. It was soft, earnest. He slowly reached out for your hand and you gave it to him. “I’d treat ya like my queen.”

“I’d like that. A lot.” You told him. A relieved smile slowly spread across his face.

“Good.” He chuckled. “Good.” He waited, unsure of what to say next to fill the awkward silence between you. You wrapped your arms around him, pressing a sweet kiss to the corner of his lips.

“I’ll grab the popcorn and meet you on the couch?” you suggested. He nodded.

“Sounds like a plan, tiger.”


This new world was still way too confusing for you. It had only been a few weeks that you knew that you were actually a Shadowhunter and since then they were holding you in the Institute, trying to teach you everything.

New Shadowhunters came to the Institute, even with all the stuff happening. You only understood half of it, mostly standing in the shadows, when new announcements were made.

Today, even you could feel the tension everywhere so you tried to be a ghost, always hiding in a room, when you heard somebody coming. It went well until you choose a room were a blonde haired Shadowhunter was already sitting. Eyes closed he looked asleep and you almost thought that just leaving the room would be a good choice but right then he opened his eyes.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t want to wake you”, you apologized fast. His face was unfamiliar to you so he had to be one of the new Shadowhunters, who were assign to New York from other Institutes.
“I didn’t sleep,” he explained calmly and with a british accent, while starring at you. “You’re hiding.”

“I’m trying to be invisible", you explained, not knowing why you even wanted him to understand. But there was something to the guy that fascinated you. “That is something else.”
“Yeah. I know that pretty well.” He sat up, not stoping to look at you for even one second. “What is your name?”

“I’m (y/n).”
“(y/n). Beautiful name. I’m Sebastian. Nice to meet you.” 

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hope you like it [btw this was like the only gif that worked (yet) as Will is mostly half naked OR a roberterboy XD]

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I own him


(y/n) (y/l/n) was Kaecilius’s best sudent and his most faithful follower. She loved him more than anything, and was ready to kill anybody just at his single command.
He saved me. I own him. – were her words in times when she had doubts about anything. For Kaecilius did saved her form her own self-destruction and voices which screamed at her with no mercy. When she was at the edge, the sorcerer came into her life, taking over her whole world, healing her mind and soul with only his presence, seeing her not as a mistake of the world, but a young woman, who got hurt and left for herself without anyone.
So yes, she did owned him, or at least she believed so with all her heart. So when Kaecilius came to her, saying about Dormamu and his plan of destroying the world, she agreed without blinking.
(y/n) never killed anyone, Kaecilius called her his own angel, pure and innocent. That’s why when they went to New York, he did everything he could to keep her away from fighting and harm. Yet, not everything would last forever.

He abandoned me. - Were her only thoughts when her master, and only friend fled from mirror realm, portal closing before she was able to went through it, leaving her at mercy of Mordo and Stephen Strange, who took her with them.

“The Ancient One is dead.” (y/n) looked at her feet hearing man’s words.  She felt his eyes on herself and shivered, wondering when he would kill her. Kaecilius always told her about how the followers of the ancient one were not to be trusted, how she was not to be trusted. That’s why she almost jumped out of her own skin when she felt his hand on her shoulder. Bracing herself she looked up, right into his eyes. He wasn’t mad, or maybe he hid it good.
“I’m not going to hurt you.” She looked at him with doubt.
“Don’t want to avenge your friend?”
“You didn’t do anything. I saw you in sanctuary, you are innocent.” He smiled slightly at her which made her look away, suddenly flushed because of him. Why does she felt like this all of a sudden? “Why do you follow him?”
“It’s not your business.”
“I’m going to stop him. It is my business, because maybe with your help, it would be easier, and maybe Kaecilius would survive this.” She closed her eyes, taking a sharp breath.
“I will not help you. I won’t betray Kaecilius.”
“Why?” She looked into his eyes.
“I won him. He sawed me.”
“And he wants to kill many innocent people. He wants to destroy the world.” He took her face into his shaking hands, looking right into her (e/c) eyes. “I’m not going to made you help me if it’s against yourself. All I want to know is that you are aware of what you helped with.” When she did no move, Strange sighed and straightened his back, putting on his cape. “My name is Doctor Stephen Strange by the way.”
“I… (y/n) (y/l/n).” He took her hand and kissed her knuckles. When he let go and opened the portal, (y/n) did something that she never, ever did before, standing up and looking at him. “I’m going with you.”

Nothing ever hurt (y/n) more, in her whole life, than Kaecilius’s harsh words when he say her by Stephen’s side. He called her a traitor and an useless tool. Her heart broke and she would have been killed if it weren’t for Stephen’s quick reaction.
(y/n) gasped for air when the half-invisible lance cut air tight next to her head.
“You ok?” She nodded slightly astonished by the fact that the only person she trusted for a really long time almost killed her, and he centrally would have if weren’t for this stranger. “Stay there. Wong keep an eye on her.”
After a mere moments, everything went back to normal. Kaecilius and those of his followers who were marked by the dark domain, disappeared. Stephen crouched in front of (y/n), stretching her hand to help her up.
“I’m sorry what happened, I…”
“I don’t have anyone now. I’m all alone.” Seeing tears in her eyes, Stephen hugged her, slightly shocked by his own reaction.
“No, you are not.”

“I’m home.” With smile on her face (y/n) run out of the kitchen, jumping right into Stephen’s stretched arms, hugging him tightly. Stephen smiled inhaling the scent of her hair. “Missed me?”
“It was two days, you dumbass. Of course I missed you. Come, I made spaghetti.”
“Sounds good.” Stephen put his hand around her waists. It was year after Kaecilius’s defeat. Whole year in which (y/n) found herself falling more and more for sorcerer who showed her nothing but kindness. And maybe indeed they weren’t the real couple, but they centrally did acted like one.

“I thought that maybe after the dinner, we would go for a walk?” (y/n) looked from her plate at Strange with slight blush on her face.
“I… planned to watch a movie…”
“Hmm… He wanted to get back to his food, but his cape shacked him in the face. Stephen showed it’s collar with annoyance, whispering harshly to it, which made it smack him once more. (y/n) giggled.
“What’s this about?”
“The cape wants…” Cape smacked him once more. “I mean I want to tell you something, and thought that a walk would be nice to do so… but, I think now is time as good as any other.” Strange stood up, and waited for her to do that too. When she did, he took her hands and looked into her eyes. (y/n) furrowed her brow, it was probably first time when she saw him so nervous. Doctor took a deep breath and smiled slightly. “I know that our relations started not as good as I would like to, but even thought, I really do appreciate you being here, somehow putting up with me and… Correct me if I’m wrong, but I feel like there is a real bound between us and that’s why I want to know, if… maybe you would like to take our relationship to a different level, and…” He cleared his throat which made (y/n) smile widen.
“A date sounds good, but today I planned to watch a movie, so it has to wait.” She let go of her hands and walked to the doors. “Oh, I cooked and so you have to do dishes.”

Away from the kitchen and in her room, (y/n) took her pillow and squealed into it, jumping slightly with excitement.


This is a ring to make you invisible and blend in with the crowd when you want to and to also make you glamorous and sparkly when you want to.

All you’re gonna need is a ring, and I suggest you take one of those plain rings and something to mark one half of the ring. Or you can take any ring but make sure you know which half is enchanted for invisibility and which is enchanted to make you appear glamorous. Also if you don’t have a plain ring make sure the ring you choose is comfortable to wear if you rotate it downwards.

Light a candle, and take one half of the ring with your index finger and your thumb. Imagine not attracting any attention, nobody noticing you, walking through the crowds with no looks or whatever. Imagine and feel yourself being invisible. Project that picture into one half of the ring.

Do the same with the other half but this time imagine being glamorous and sparkling, radiating golden and purple glitter, all eyez on me, (tupac reference getit hahehhehehhe), imagine attracting attention wherever you go and project that picture into the other half of the ring.

Wear the ring and rotate the side for which glamour you want at any time. The ring glamour which works is the one that is on your finger, not the one that is on the downwards side of your finger to the palm. 

“Well, we followed Draco Malfoy. We used my Invisibility Cloak.”
“Did you have any particular reason for doing so, or was it a mere whim?”
“Because I thought Malfoy was up to something,” said Harry, disregarding Mr. Weasley’s look of mingled exasperation and amusement. “He’d given his mother the slip and I wanted to know why.”
“Of course you did,” said Mr. Weasley, sounding resigned.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, page 134

arthur knows whats up

fic: time may change me

ok, this is a shameless fluff AU based on this comic about Victor and Yuuri meeting as kids by @aguas-ucia. ENJOY.

time may change me

7 and 11

Victor cries on the plane the whole way home. The air stewardess gives him a sweet. The other passengers give Yakov dirty looks. Victor tries to calm down, he really does, but Yuuri was so cute, and he liked skating so much, and he burst into tears when Victor left and now Victor will never see him again.

“Make that child be quiet,” snaps Lilia in the end. Victor is barely even making noise, he is just sniffling into Yakov’s sleeve.

“If he’s a skater, Vitya, you’ll see him at competitions,” says Yakov gruffly.

“What if he doesn’t compete?” says Victor tearfully.

“Then you’d better just win,” says Yakov. “That way he’ll know who you are anyway.” He cuffs the back of Victor’s head. Victor knows he’s not really serious about it, but it makes him feel better anyway.


8 and 12

Victor sees a lady who looks familiar for some reason in the stands, but it’s not until he spots the chubby-faced boy out on the ice that he thinks Yuuri’s mom! and then Yuuri! “Hi!” he yells, waving frantically the minute he’s on the ice. “Hi, Yuuri!”

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James was laying on his bed with his eyes half open. He saw a third year boy approach Sirius, who was across from him, smoking oh his own bed. 

The boy leaned over and whispered something in his best friend’s ear, and James watched as Sirius’s expression slowly changed from a relaxed one into one full of panic.

SIrius sprang up and James’s head sprang off of his pillow. 

“Where are you going?” 

Sirius grabbed his wand and sprinted over to grab James’s invisibility cloak. As he fumbled with the cloak, he looked over at James with wide eyes. 

“Y/n is in the hospital wing. I have to go see her.”

At this, James got up too. 

“Well I have to go too. She’s my friend and you’re half drunk.”

The two boys tucked themselves under the cloak and ran as quietly as they could to the hospital.

Please face me when I speak
Please say to me something before you leave
You’ve been treating me like I’m invisible
Now I’m visible to you, oh, invisible truths
They say I can’t quite understand what you say
Understand, understand
Understand I’m standing on the oath
With my hand on the book
Tell the truth, nothing but the whole truth
And you always give me half of you, half of you
Take half a shot, watching all my heart of gold
Make you feel like something from a film, oh
Yeah, you’re looking in the church in the night sky
—  “Saint Pablo” Kanye West & Sampha
Very Special

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for @auggusst + @patriciaprice1992|| iSetting: a tavern and stable in a boring hick town I made up || Genre: SUPER FLUFF, humor, romance, angst if you follow canon, which I don’t here. || Inspiration songs: “Very Special” (It’s old school  - JLo sampled it on “All I Have” ) + Angel By Your Side”|| More Kili and Fili fics || Fanfic Masterlist

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The One Time Annabeth Had Her Hair Straightened

It was an ordinary morning at Camp Half-blood. I was about to head over to Annabeth’s cabin but just as I was about to leave, a warm invisible force slammed into me.

 "What the–“ I half shouted,

"Shut up, Seaweed Brain! Back into your cabin, now!” An invisible Annabeth whispered harshly.

We entered my empty, messy cabin and I turned around to see nothing, my girlfriend had still not taken off her Invisibility Cap.

“Annabeth, why are you hiding?” I asked her,

She let out a sigh, “I swear to gods that if you laugh, I’ll kick you in the balls.”


Annabeth suddenly reappeared with a very terrifying pissed look on her face, her storm grey eyes seemingly ripping open my soul. But then I noticed something incredibly different. My jaw dropped. Her hair wasn’t in it’s normal gorgeously messy curls but surprisingly straight.

Like, Barbie doll straight.

Aphrodite girl straight.

Not that it looked bad, not at all.

“Oh Gods!” Annabeth groaned as she was about to put her cap back on.

“No don’t, you look beautiful, honest to gods.” I quickly said before she put on the cap. She let out a sigh and figured she may as well explain what had happened.

“Drew wanted revenge for supposedly stealing the “hottest guy at camp” so she snuck into my cabin and used her stupid Aphrodite powers and did this!” Annabeth rambled as she wildly hand gestured to her oddly flat hair.

I pulled her body closer to mine and played with a strand of her hair, letting it slide through my fingers rather than getting them stuck in the curls. “Well I guess her revenge was sort of pointless because the hottest guy at camp thinks you’re really fucking hot too.” I said with a smirk on my face.

At that moment when Annabeth blushed, I knew that I should’ve kissed her but I stopped myself because I had something else in mind. Clearly, Annabeth could tell because she just rolled her eyes at me. “Come on, let’s go out. Don’t put on your cap, alright Wise Girl?” I told her while pulling her hand out the door to which she just loudly sighed to.

In those minutes I spent trying to find the Aphrodite bitch, Drew Tanaka, the way I held Annabeth’s hand were throughout the camp was cheesy enough to earn us more than a few “Aw”’s

At last, I spotted the Aphrodite Bitch standing in a mini swarm of Aphrodite girls. Approaching them, I cleared my throat loud for the mini swarm to direct their attention at me and my girlfriend. The initial reaction to Annabeth’s straight hair was shock. Drew stared at us, raising a perfectly groomed eyebrow.

“Hey Drew,” I called to her, “Thanks for doing my girlfriend’s hair! She’s pretty damn hot like she always is… that is, if you ask me.” And with that I kissed Annabeth long and hard, practically leaving her breathless and dazed at the end.

Drew’s face turned red and dropped just before getting engulfed by the swarm of squealing Aphrodite girls.

As we walked back to my cabin, Annabeth smiled a smile that made my heart skip a beat. “Thank you, Percy. You should kiss me like that more often.”

And I did.


Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira Quotes

Aries: “I’ve never seen Hannah like that before. She laughs at everything and does whatever she wants, like she’s not afraid of anything. Like nothing can hurt her. But this was different” (97). // “I think he really wants to be a musician, but not just because he wants to be famous. He wants to be one because of what Slash said, about how being a rock star is the intersection between who you are and who you want to be […]. I think a lot of people want to be someone, but we are scared that if we try, we won’t be as good as everyone imagines we could be” (141-2).

Taurus: “All of a sudden we were out of the lot and on the highway next to the mountains, flying. I put my hand out the window, then I put my head out. I felt my hair blow behind me and the air rush into me, and I forgot for a moment to worry about how I was supposed to be. Because I was perfect right then. Everything was. And Sky was a perfect driver. Not scary. Just steady. And fast. I wanted the music to last forever” (61). // “Hannah acts fearless, but you can tell that underneath, she keeps secrets / She’s the sort of girl who guys fall in love with, but she doesn’t act like a pretty girl. She acts like she’s trying to find a way out of herself” (28-9).

Gemini: “You learned right away that applause sounds like love” (9). // “When you became an actor, you had the ability to dissolve your own personality and inhabit any character. You were brilliant at it. We can lose ourselves, I guess. And you used that. You found the magic in it” (134).

Cancer: “She draws pictures on her arms. Not just normal hearts, but meadows with creatures and girls and trees that look like they are alive. She wears her hair in two braids that go down to her waist, and everything about her dark skin is perfectly smooth […]. She passed me a note yesterday with just a little smiley face on it” (7). // “She was the bright spark of the family, the one who everyone relied on to shine, the one who tried to keep everyone from fighting” (56).

Leo: “But the thing about May is that she was beautiful, in a way that stays in your mind. Her hair was perfectly smooth, and she walked like she belonged in a better world” (3). // “Even though I don’t think I can ever write a poem as good as yours, it made me think that maybe I can do something with all of the feelings in me, even the ones that are sad and scared and angry. Maybe when we can tell the stories, however bad they are, we don’t belong to them anymore. They become ours. And maybe what growing up really means is knowing that you don’t have to just be a character, going whichever way the story says. It’s knowing that you could be the author instead” (300-1).

Virgo: “If beauty is truth, and if truth is beauty, they are defined by each other, so how do we know the meaning of either? I think that we make our own meanings, by putting ourselves into them. I put the moon over the street lamp into the idea of beauty, and I put the feeling of Sky’s heartbeat like moths wings, and I put Hannah’s singing voice, and I put the sound of my footsteps running after May along the trail by the river, chasing the sky” (110). // “After something really bad happens, the next worse thing is people feeling sorry for you about it. It’s like confirmation that something is terribly wrong” (191).

Libra: “I understood then, at least a little bit, why Hannah always has a boyfriend or sometimes more than one. I think she needs people to love her and give her attention […]. Once you’re afraid of one thing, you can get scared of a lot of stuff. In school, the teachers tell Hannah, ‘Don’t waste your talent.’ But she doesn’t turn in her papers or anything. She acts annoyed that they care about her, like she doesn’t trust it. Even if she can laugh at everything and have as many boyfriends as she wants, I think Hannah must be afraid” (98-9). // “I know that it can be hard to believe that someone loves you if you are afraid of being yourself, or if you are not exactly sure who you are” (145).

Scorpio: “With all of us standing there together […], I realized that there is a reason that we were all there—we are each weird in a different way, but together, that’s actually normal. And even if there’s a lot that I can’t say to them, it feels good to belong somewhere” (46-7). // “I thought about how for a long time, I wanted to be soaring above the earth. I wanted Sky to see me as perfect and beautiful, the way I saw May. But really, we all just have these blood and guts inside of us. and as much as I was hiding from him, I guess part of me also always wanted Sky to see into me—to know the things that I was too scared to tell him. But we aren’t transparent. If we want someone to know us, we have to tell them stuff” (285).

Sagittarius: “Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Christmas and the others can end up making you sad, because you know you should be happy. But on Halloween you get to become anything that you want to be” (91). // “I still don’t know how to make sense of the world. But maybe it’s okay that it’s bigger than what we can hold on to. Because I think that by beauty, you don’t just mean something that’s pretty. You mean something that makes us human” (111).

Capricorn: [about Amelia Earhart]: “I remember when I first learned about you in social studies in middle school, I was almost jealous. I know that’s the wrong way to feel about someone who died tragically, but it wasn’t so much the dying I was jealous of. It was the flying, and the disappearing. The way you saw the earth from the air. You weren’t scared of getting lost. You just took off” (18). // “The air makes way for him when he walks through it. But also how there is something fragile like moths inside of him, something fluttering. Something trying desperately to crowd toward a light” (104).

Aquarius: “Her big eyes look like she’s always seeing something incredible. Her lips look like she’s half smiling at something that no one else could get” (21). // “I felt something between us shifting, like the hidden plates of the earth. You think you know someone, but that person always changes, and you keep changing too. I understood it suddenly, how that’s what being alive means. Our own invisible plates shifting inside of our bodies, beginning to align into the people we are going to become” (296).

Pisces: “I turn myself invisible so I can just watch” (4). // “’What I told you about saving people isn’t true. You might think it is, because you might want someone else to save you, or you might want to save someone so badly. But no one else can save you, not really. Not from yourself,’ he said. ‘You fall asleep in the foothills, and the wolf comes down from the mountains, and you hope someone will wake you up. Or chase it off. Or shoot it dead. But when you realize that the wolf is inside you, that’s when you know. You can’t run from it. And no one who loves you can kill the wolf, because it’s part of you. They see your face on it. And they won’t fire the shot’” (227).

Realising you're ugly is the worst bit.

Yep. The first realisation that you’re ugly is to me the very worst part. I didn’t think I was ugly growing up, in fact I thought I was pretty. Not beautiful, drop dead gorgeous, but pretty. It was only when other people started pointing out to me everything that was wrong that my esteem got knocked down and has never managed to get back up again. 

I have two younger sisters, both slim with large boobs, tans, perfectly proportioned faces, long legs…imagine the typical model figure and you have them. My youngest sister has just turned 14. When we leave the house she gets stared at, wolf whistled at, guys my age (I’m 19) think she’s older and come up to hit on her and ask her on dates. My other sister (now age 18) has had a constant stream of boyfriends since she was 12.

When I was 14 the only time a guy came up to me was to tell me I was “so ugly it’s laughable”. Though I’m slim I didn’t get my sisters beautiful figures, in proportion faces or great all year round tans. I’ve never been called beautiful and I’ve never been asked out on a date before or had a boyfriend before. The first boy I ever liked asked me whether I could set him up on a date with my sister.

I knew before I was 14 that I wasn’t attractive. My mum decided to organise me and my sisters in order of beauty - I came last. Hearing my Mum tell me I wasn’t very pretty was even more crushing than being told by other people that I wasn’t. Having my Mum call me unattractive suddenly made it okay for my siblings to tease me - “big ears”, “flat chest”, “wonky nose”, “your face from the side looks like someone has drawn a half moon”, “your chin is ugly”, “have you even hit puberty yet”, “I’d ask you if you have something to get off your chest but you don’t have anything there”… to list but a few of their favourites.

My best friend is also very pretty and she’s lovely. I can’t help being jealous of her and resenting the attention she gets which makes me feel guilty and even worse. When we go clubbing she is the only one who gets asked to dance, who gets talked to, who gets drinks brought for her…I’m completely invisible. Guys ignore me or will get between us and talk to her with their backs to me.

No doubt so many girls on this blog will understand everything I have written…thanks for letting me vent. 

amarynthian-fortress  asked:

Hahah, imagine Gellert buying all the pastries from Jacob's bakery, little Demiguise and Niffler bread!!! But Gellert doesn't Graves to notice the Niffler pastry, so he hides it in a purse and munches on it when nobody is watching. Ohh I shall definitely read Invisible Monsters, I adore unusual books so much.

Not wanting to be seen by anyone he hides in the closet and Credence hears something in there and opens the door suddenly, finding Gellert with his mouth half open, nibbling on a Niffler pastry from a purse. “H-hey… it’s not what it looks like..” he mumbles with his mouth full and a silly shrug. :))))

King of Everything (Part 1) - Theo Raeken (Smut)

☾ Oh baby girl, don’t get cut on my edges. I’m the king of everything and my tongue is a weapon… And if you wanna go to heaven you should fuck me tonight.

I do not own the gifs, credits to the glorious maker/owner (◡‿◡✿)

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Anon prompted (shortened): Mpreg!Kurt in which Blaine loves his husband’s baby bump and isn’t afraid of Tweeting it to the entire world. 

More mpreg here!

Kurt’s humming happily while making scrambled eggs when he hears a quiet ‘oh my God’. He turns to look at his husband, whose eyes are fixed on him, glass of orange juice hovering in front of his slightly open mouth. 


"You’re showing." 

Blaine’s voice is so full of amazement that for a second Kurt wonders if he forgot they were having a baby. "A little, yeah,” he says with a glance at his stomach. The bump is small but big enough to push back the fabric of his tank top a little bit.

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Tectonic Difficulties

It’s been several weeks since he and Salas managed to grab the Makoki Stone from New Atero. The plans were put on a indefinite hold when no one else but the legendary Toa Mata, Mata Nui’s destined hero’s who would appear in the times of darkness, decided to visit. When half of them were gone and they stole in and grabbed the stone, the town guard managed to catch them speeding out.

He had heard of stories from the north about six brave Toa bringing Matoran to Metru Nui after thousand years of silence back on Odina, but thought they were just exaggerations made by idiots hoping something went right for once, or just another lie by the Turaga spread by Matoran across the universe to keep up spirits as the world slowly died.

Given their strength in battle, though, it was no wonder they saved the world within a few months. And saved two more in less than that.

The strength wasn’t the most notable characteristic either. Thinking that they would be prudes who consider themselves above others, they were better than most decent people could hope to be. Kind, forgiving, yet-

Shut̶ ̷u̵p ́al̢r̷e̸ady.͏

The shadow in the corner of his eye was convulsing, it’s “face” mix of disgust and barely contained fury. Crawling up to him slowly, it hissed and crackled like fire and it’s glare felt worse than Turahk’s. Bedrock did his best not to stare directly at it.

Le̸a̴ve̸ th̛e̴ thi͘ef͝ ̢a̛n̨d ̕ŕun, the phantom whispered as it crept onto the chariot and it’s claws clicked against the metal. Sav͡e͟ ͞y͏o͏ur͝self ̸from̕ ̸t͝h̷e ́boréd͡om̷̵ ̸́͡of̸ h̀a̵͠v͠į҉n̷̢g͞ ̕to ̴n̢a̕ņn̡y͏ t͡h̸a͝t̨͟͢ ̸̵̸͢f̢͘ì̵̛̕l̨̛t̶̢͢͞h̶̷́͟y͢͞ ͟i̡ǹ̕͢͠f́̕e̢̡͘r̵҉͠͏i͢͏̵ơ͝ŕ̨͘͞͞.̀͟

Sighing and standing up, the Toa of Earth left the Baranus Chariot and it’s Spikit-mount, Kaksos, to see how Salas was doing. Having stopped at the ruins of the cave she had made her home in hopes of finding a spare Kanohi that wasn’t destroyed in the rubble, they discovered that it was dug open and the bruiser inside was gone. Along with half of the loot inside, much to Salas’ chagrin.

Nearing the cave mouth, he almost bumped into her as she exited, making her jump slightly. She had already destroyed her armor and donned a new one as a disguise, it being gunmetal grey instead of green and yellow.

“Found anything?” Bedrock asked. The Glatorian shrugged, holding a large bag.

“Well, nothing for me,” she answered, opening the bag and pulling out a Kanohi. “But I did find some faceplates for you that looked relatively intact.” Bedrock raised his brow and snorted.

“A Great Huna,” he mused, taking the mask in his hand. “Would have come in handy about a month ago…”

“That’s invisibility, right?”

“Yeah,” Bedrock answered, inspecting the mask. Dirty and slightly dented but appeared functional. “Turns the user completely invisible save for his shadow. Would have chosen it, but didn’t want to use telekinesis to grab something in half-thought and raise an alarm, and they didn’t have Matatu’s in stock. No clue why.”

“Hey, speaking of mind powers,” Salas said, pulling out another mask. “I think this is a Matatu? Saw a guy lift up boxes with it.” Bedrock stared at the mask, which looked more like a helmet.

“Where did you get that?” He asked, pointing at the Kanohi Garai, Great Mask of Gravity. It’s giant, protruding cheeks were missing, although they were clearly flied off by a professional mask-maker - meaning it’s user was wealthy enough to order custom made Kanohi.

“Uh, stole it from a caravan guard,” she answered as Bedrock took the mask from her hand, dropping the Huna. “One of those tall, girly black things. You know, the ones with those weird pecs and you can’t tell if they’re man or woman?”

While listening Salas’ explanation, Bedrock inspected the mask. It was in mint condition, and judging from the weight and sound it made, it was Protosteel. And she stole it.

He chuckled, looking up to meet Salas’ eyes. “Girl, you robbed a Vortixx with a Mask of Gravity,” he said. “If they saw your hands around the mask of the bloke you took this from, they would have either broken your neck with one hand or compress your body to the point it would collapse in on itself.”

Salas didn’t know what to say, although given the frequency of new things she’s learned, it didn’t really surprised her anymore.

“Just how many powers do these things have, again?” She asked, as Bedrock left to the vehicle and she picked up the Huna he dropped.

“You’d be surprised,” Bedrock shouted back with mirth in his voice. “Not as many as you think!”

Returning to the cart, he pulled off the Mask of Rebounding, chugged it haphazardly on the chariot and clicked the Garai on his head. It was cold, obviously, but a welcome change in terms of mask powers. And a face.

Unbeknownst to him, a figure was watching him from the shadows…


I Can’t Say You’re Just a Friend

Request: “Hello! May I request newton x reader where she is a traveller from England that save dragons or their eggs from poachers (or “pirates”) and take care of them (because she have a case too and “hey! We match!”) until she could drop them at her parents “farm” and she knows the Goldstein sisters and when she visit them she meet newt and whatever else you would like to write from there. Thank you!!”

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 1922

Warnings: None

“Excuse me, coming through.” You hauled your heavy bag through customs, trying to look as inconspicuous as possible. “Don’t worry, we’ll be there soon” You whispered to your case, stroking it as you rounded the corner quickly. You ran into a wall, or so it seemed. You had fallen to the ground with a huff, winded from the tall man who had bumped into you.

“Merlin,” He spoke under his breath. “I’m so sorry! Here, let me help you with that.”

He lent down, to help you up, also reaching for your black suitcase that was littered with scorch marks.

“No!” You yelled, some heads turning to you in the overcrowded area. “I’m alright, thank you.”

The man in the royal-blue coat nodded perplexedly, reaching down to pick up his own luggage.

“Are you okay?” You spoke to your case.

“I’m fine, and you?” Newt replied. You frowned at him.

“I wasn’t talking to you.” You scoffed, protectively guarding the case with your body. “Well this was a thrilling experience, but I have to go.” You continued your hurried steps as you headed for the Goldstein residence. Newt was left in a state of shock, narrowing his eyes as he watched you rush off, a small tail hanging from your briefcase.

“Oh no.” he grimaced, running after you.

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Part 1/3

The rain was coming down so hard she could barely see the yellow lines that marked the middle of the road and Sam decided to pull over, let the rain pass. As she eased on the breaks, she could feel the wheels start to hydroplane. She immediately took her foot off but it was too late–

She saw the tree a millisecond before she crashed into it.

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