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Ah sorry! I just noticed the spelling mistakes! I'll try and reword it! I was hoping for the companions and advisors (romanced and non romanced) reacting to a noble threatening to tell the public that the inquisitor is a werewolf to try and get their way in an argument. Sorry if this isn't much clearer...

Cassandra: Her face twists into one of that of utter disdain. “Who are you to threaten the Inquisitor?” she snaps. She demands their proof of their statement, and lo, they cannot provide it, so she demands they leave before she or the guards throw them out. If Romanced: She considers a much more violent approach, and is twice as aggressive with the noble from then on. She warns her lover to lay low in the meanwhile, and keeps assuring him that she will have this handled.

Blackwall: He growls. “You intend to threaten the Inquisitor? Of something like being a werewolf? Get out of here! Now!” He demands they leave, and he turns to the Inquisitor. “Say, Cole can make people forget things, right?” If Romanced: No one’s threatening her on his watch. Not now, not ever. He considers deflecting it to him– “no, you saw wrong, I’m the werewolf, not her, really, I swear,”– but ends up just asking Leliana. The look in the spymaster’s eyes scares him a little, but anything to keep the Inquisitor safe.

Iron Bull: “You do realize you’re saying this to someone who can pretty much eviscerate you in five seconds flat, right?” he remarks dryly. “Here’s your options: you can go ahead and claim that, and everyone will just think you’re crazy, and I can tell Red; she’ll make sure you stay silent. Or you can just not say a damned thing. Your call.” If Romanced: He’s a lot more aggressive about this, threatening them personally if they don’t keep their mouths shut. He also definitely goes to Leliana, knowing she’ll silence them and not get caught. “You alright, Kadan?” he asks worriedly. “No one has to know a thing.”

Sera: “Just say ‘what!’” she challenges, and as they begin to ask her what she’s talking about, she shoots them in the throat, killing them. “Ick.” she groans, ignoring the Herald’s protests. “They knew too much. Ah, well, one less noble is good. Least their corpse looks… less gross than it would if you took care of them. I’m gonna go get Leliana to have her people make it look like an accident, and your wolfy secret is safe.” If Romanced: She just straight up beats the shit out of them like she does to Lord Harmon in her personal quest. “Nobody’s outing my weird, wolfy girlfriend now.”

Varric: “And here I thought I was the only one good at making up stories.” he bluffs. “It’s an interesting story, but it’s just that: a story. Please, the Inquisitor being a werewolf? That’s the sort of ridiculous twist I would throw in one of my stories. You’ll have to try harder than that.” 

Cole: “Sneaking, peering, white light shining from the sky as night falls, horror then creeping joy, I can use this. It’s not nice to take advantage of people like that…” He makes them forget what they saw altogether. 

Dorian: His nose wrinkles in distaste at them. “So, you think the Inquisitor is a werewolf. Alright, I’ll play along. Let’s say you’re right. How do you intend to prove this claim, hmm? How do you think your fellows will react to hear such rot?” If Romanced: He goes straight to Leliana after this conversation. Business is wrapped up quickly.

Solas: “How dare you?” he snaps, fists clenching. “Even if the Inquisitor was, perhaps, as you say they are, who are you to treat them as a monster and blackmail them? The only monster I see here is you.” He has Cole make them forget. If Romanced: The noble goes to talk to him and disappears. Lavellan can’t get a straight answer out of Solas as to what happened to them. Leliana presses Solas because she wants to know his techniques behind their disappearance, and faces little luck.

Vivienne: She smirks. “You believe the Inquisitor is a werewolf? Curious. Pray tell, where is your proof?” she challenges. “If all you have is your word, all anyone will think of you as is a madman/woman. I will personally call you out as mentally unstable and a liar.” She wrecks their social standing shortly thereafter.

Josephine: I beg your pardon?” she demands, paling as she holds an offended hand to her chest. “I can assure you the Inquisitor is most certainly not a werewolf,” she lies, “and I must tell you it is quite crude to accuse them of being one! If you are to claim to the public that the Inquisitor is such a thing, where is your proof?” She can socially ruin them if they even try, much like Vivienne. If Romanced: Proceeds mostly the same, but she pulls the Inquisitor aside later and very worriedly tells them to be wary for eyes when they must transform. “I don’t want them to hurt you,” she murmurs, “the court’s shock and disapproval, if discovered, would ruin us– ruin you. I can’t bear that happening to you, my love.”

Cullen: Outraged, he orders his guards to escort the noble out of Skyhold immediately, before he loses his temper. Josephine worries that they’ll talk, but he scoffs. “They can, but they’ll just be shunned, won’t they? No one will believe them, not to mention the fact Orlesians don’t like the concept of werewolves.” If Romanced: He considers throwing them off of the battlements, but Leliana assures him that she has a solution in mind. He never questions her or what happens after that, but he doesn’t hear that noble threatening his girlfriend ever again, so he’s fine leaving it at that.

Leliana: She tells the Inquisitor to remain silent, and the noble is found dead later– it looks like a heart attack, and no suspicion is cast. “They knew too much.” Leliana says with a shrug when questioned by the Herald.

(English Script) Mafumafu’s new “Slime-Making” video

Mafumafu posted a new live-action “cooking” video so I translated the whole script! Again, I can’t add subs to his channel because he doesn’t have community contributions enabled, so you’ll have to read it in text form, sorry ;; I tried to break the lines up by “scene” in my usual script format, but Mafu is the only “speaker” in this video, so I apologize if it’s hard to follow or anything. You can watch the original video through the link above. Enjoy!

(Btw no, he never said who was filming this whole thing, if you were wondering~ Also if you catch any references or anything that I may have missed since I don’t play Dragon Quest, please let me know! )

Please do not reprint these translations without permission or use them to upload subbed versions of the video to any site.

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Safe Haven AU

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: My Safe Haven is not 100% the same as the Nicholas Sparks one. I changed a few things. I took out the dead wife as a friend because that just kinda didn’t make sense to me in this. Just a heads up.

A/N: Let me know if you want to be tagged.

As Steve pulls into your drive you unbuckle, looking back at a sleep Sarah and James who was playing on his phone.

“Thank you.” You smile at Steve.

“No thank you for coming.” He smiles back.

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Diabolik lovers ''character private interview'' Ayato Sakamaki ~translation~

*this translation was made by @rkyt1965 (spanish-english)*

‘Ore-Sama will take all your first times’

First question: Why do you name yourself “Ore-Sama”?

Ah? ‘Cause Ore-Sama is Ore-Sama (Ore-Sama is the best), there’s nothing Ayato-Sama can’t do

Oi, don’t ask something so obvious

If you have enough time to ask these obvius things, why don’t you have Ore-Sama fun?… …

If it’s with your blood, so you can do it. Oi, hurry up. I won’t wait forever

Second question: Which of your 2 brothers do you like the most?

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Messy twister with both Zhan Zheng Xi x jian Yi and mo Guanshan x he tian

Confession: I’ve never played Twister (it was never a popular game here), though I’d heard of it. Messy Twister does sound fun. I wrote this as a continuation of the napping drabble. Thanks for the prompt!

9) Jian Yi x Zhan Zheng Yi, He Tian x Mo Guan Shan ~ You say TWISTER and I raise with MESSY TWISTER (paint!)

“Tian Heee,” Jian Yi whined, struggling to get into his friend’s apartment, his face squished against the door Tian was trying to shut. “You’re the only one who’s got space for this, pleeease!”

“I said no! Why did you come here without even asking first?” He Tian grunted. “I’m busy right now.”

“Oh? Could it be… you have a girl?” Yi’s eyes suddenly seemed to glitter. “Zhan Zheng Xi, lend me your strength!” he yelled.

“Leave him alone,” Zheng Xi droned, without moving.

“Hyaaaaaaaaaaa!” Yi screamed as he shouldered the door and pushed Tian away. “I’m sorry to interrupt, miss!” he said in a singsong voice, prancing in, “but I’ve got business with this guy and I was wondering if…” The words died in his lips as he saw Guan Shan sleepily emerging from underneath a blanket. “Mo?”

“What’s…” Guan Shan’s face went pale as he realized what his position was. “No-nothing happened! We were just sleeping!”


“Yes. No! Yes, but no!”

“Which is it?”

“It was just a nap!” Guan Shan shouted, his face redder than his hair as he scrambled to get up. “I’m leaving now!”

“Where do you think you’re going? I thought you were staying over for dinner,” Tian said. He was holding a bag that Zhan Xi had handed to him. “These guys brought snacks and there are leftovers, so you might as well stay.”

“Yes, the more the merrier!” Yi beamed as he tackled Guan Shan and pinned him down. “Besides we’re all friends now, right?” He leaned over and murmured, “But are you and He Tian just friends or—”

“What the chicken dick are you saying?!”

“Hands off that guy,” Tian said, grabbing Yi by the back of his t-shirt and pushing him onto Zheng Xi. “You, this guy’s your responsibility.”

Xi sighed. “I told you he wouldn’t be into it. We should just go back.”

“Eh? No, no way! Tian He, what do you have against Twister? Could it be you don’t trust your luck?” Jian Yi patted his friend on the back. “Oooh… Or is it that you’re not flexible enough?”

Carefully avoiding both of them, Guan Shan approached Zheng Xi. “What is this ‘Twister’ thing? The game?”

“Jian Yi found some video online where people use paint on each color, so he wants to try that.”

“You don’t look like the kind that’ll go along with stupid ideas,” Guan Shan remarked, raising his eyebrows.

Zheng Xi shrugged. “It’s not going to kill me. Giving it at least a try, I mean.”

Guan Shan blinked. Ever since they’d fought, Zhan Zheng Xi had somehow become an enigma in his mind. It wasn’t as if there was bad blood between them these days. In fact, since he’d never meant to attack him, once the problem was settled, it was really over. He’d seen that guy and Jian Yi together all the time, but it wasn’t as if there was something between them, right? He Tian had said they were close friends, but Guan Shan still wondered if “close friends” would throw themselves into the fire the way that guy had done for Jian Yi.

Then again, that was pretty much what He Tian had done when he’d beaten She Li, wasn’t it?

Giving it at least a try, he’d said.

“I’ve decided we’re going to play with them,” Tian announced, being applauded by Jian Yi. “So let’s move everything to the terrace before the sun goes down.”

Zheng Xi patted Guan Shan on the shoulder. “I don’t know what Jian Yi told him to persuade him, but… Good luck. Don’t let your guard down.”

“YES!” Guan Shan grinned, having won the rock-paper-scissors game to decide who would be the referee for the first game. “So I’ll be spinning for you all? Your hands are gonna get dirty and—He Fucking Tian, wipe that smirk off your face!”

“Ah, I didn’t say anything and he knows me so well,” Tian sighed, leaving Zheng Xi confused.

“I’ll go first, I’ll go first!” Jian Yi claimed, his eyes sparkling dangerously.

“Okay… Left foot, red.”

“Okay!” The puddle of tempera paint went spurt! as his foot landed on it.

“What a strange sound,” He Tian commented.

“Zhan Zheng Xi,” Guan Shan called, spinning once more. “Right foot, red.”

Spuuurrrt. “Argh, disgusting!” Zheng Xi groaned.

“My turn, then. Spin me round, Don’t Close Mountain.”

“Fuck off. Left foot, yellow.”

He Tian looked at the mat and seemed to ponder for a while. He hopped onto it, his left foot landing on the yellow paint with a squelch!, almost making him slip. “Woah!”

“Do you even know how to play this?” Guan Shan pointed out. “You should have started from—”

But He Tian shushed him. “It’s all part of a plan,” he winked.

And after a good number of rounds it was evident that he’d had a plan from the very beginning, because his body acted as a blocking wall between Yi and Zheng Xi.

“You bastard!” Jian Yi shouted when Guan Shan spun a red, right foot for He Tian.

“Oh, looks like I’ll be shoving my ass in your face, Zhan Zheng Xi,” he laughed. “Don’t get too excited.”

“If you fart, I’ll kill you,” Xi replied in deadpan fashion.

“I don’t like this!” Jian Yi whined. “I’ll forfeit!”

He Tian arched an eyebrow. “Really? Because if you do, you’ll be doing a Truth or Dare—”

“Wait, wait, wait,” Guan Shan said, alarmed. “Who said anything about a dare?”

“Hmmm…” Jian Yi pondered. “It could be good. But then again, you’re a bit of a dick and sometimes you creep the hell out of me, so I’m not sure about your dares.”

“I could make it good for you, Jian Yi…” He Tian teased. “Or it could be hell, who knows.”

“I w-wouldn’t trust him,” Guan Shan mumbled.  “A truth-or-dare thing i-isn’t a good i—”

“What are you bitching about?”

“Oi,” Zheng Xi grunted. “I’m getting cramps. Spin it, Redhead.”

Mo used the spinner one more time. “Red, right hand.”

“Why is it always red? Is this game rigged?” Jian Yi whined.

“You’re the one who wanted to play, bastard.” Zheng Xi considered his options. If he went back, he’d run the risk of slipping – it would be extra hard to hold on till the next turn, and one of his legs was already getting stiff. Going forward, however, meant sliding under He Tian’s leg…

“I’m going down now, He Tian,” he finally announced, slowly creeping between Tian’s legs and resting his hand on the red puddle. Spuuurrrt.

“That’s a phrase you’d do well to remember!” Tian said to Mo.

“Stop being so gross and move your ass!” Guan Shan shouted. “Blue, right foot!”

Tian looked down. “Jian Yi, what should I dooo? If I move forward, I’ll be riding Zhan Zheng Xi’s head… Ah, but if I go back…”

“Come forward!” Jian Yi yelled.

“Nah, too late,” Tian grinned, sliding back and resting his hips on Zhan’s back. “Oops, my bad… If I slip any further, I might butt-bump you…”

“Waaah! Don’t be dirty! Get off Zhanxi’s back!”  Jian Yi rubbed his hand against a circle, grabbed a scoop of paint, and flung it at He Tian, who instinctively raised his hand to protect his face and lost balance, landing on Zheng Xi.

“Bastards!” Xi shouted, writhing under He Tian’s body.

“Jian Yi, you fucker…” Tian lunged forward and grabbed Yi by the collar of his old t-shirt, pulling him down and squashing his face against the mat.

It was at that moment that it occurred to Guan Shan that the best thing for him to do would be to quietly slip away. Slowly, he stood up and walked to the door without looking back.

“Where d’you think you’re going?” He Tian asked, pushing Jian Yi away to go after Mo, as he snatched a tube of paint on the way. 

“Shit!” Guan Shan dashed towards the door, but he stopped when he heard a squirt! and felt something cold running down his body. “You didn’t…” he murmured, sliding his hand up his back. “My clothes, you dickhead! My t-shirt was brand new!” He turned around only to find that He Tian had quickly closed the distance between them and was now hauling him over his shoulder. “What the chicken balls are you doing?! Put me down!”

“Stop kicking or I’ll carry you princess-style!” He Tian shouted as he took Guan Shan back to the messy mat.

“Momo, I’ll make you pay for giving He Tian the best spots! Zhanxi, give me a hand!” Jian Yi urged his friend.

“No no no, just—Jian Yi, let go of my leg! He Tian you fucker, where are you grab—You too?!” Guan Shan exclaimed as he saw Zhan Zheng Xi squeezing a green tube.

“Why not,” he shrugged. “You’re one of us now.”

Guan Shan gaped at him. He barely paid attention to He Tian’s fingers running through his hair, or Jian Yi smearing the leftover paint on his pants. He was one of them? The image of those three teaming up against him because of his hotheadedness… He could tell, as soon as Zhan Zheng Xi had grabbed him by the arm, as soon as He Tian had stayed behind to settle that mess, that nobody had ever had his back the way those three did with each other.

He was one of them? They had come after him, treating him the same way they treated each other – dragging him around, laughing and shouting, being annoying and supportive and oddly caring… Why would anyone care if he were to drop out? Why would they care about what happened to him? A feeling of sadness set in, but it was quickly overridden by something else, something that felt like a bubble bursting out.

Shit. He was actually happy.

He curled up, hiding his face, letting out a loud groan. “ARGH! LEAVE ME ALONE!” But his lips were trembling with the promise of a smile.

He Tian took off his shirt and turned it inside out before he dropped it on Mo’s head. “We’re all dirty, so… you know what that means?” He smirked, walking back without taking his eyes off them.

Zheng Xi raised an eyebrow. “… Crap. No, He Tian. Don’t do it.”

“Wh-what’s he doing?” Mo asked a bit anxiously.

“Fuck, he’s bringing it out now.”

Jian Yi tilted his head. “Wow. Just how long is that…?”

“What?” Mo peeked from underneath the shirt. His eyes opened wide. “Fuck no.

“Oh yesss,” He Tian grinned, petting the fire hose. “It’s bath time…”

“Why are you blushing Lyds”- smut

Author: mystic-biscuit

Rating: 18+ NSFW

Words: 2312

Pairing: Stiles x Lydia

Summary: Stiles shower breaks, so Lydia lets him use hers.

This is part of a series.

Notes: I didn't have anyone proof read this before hand, so yenno there are probably mistakes :D

There is a PG version of this on AO3.

You can read this on AO3

Stiles [10:49 am]: My Shower is broken, I’m coming over while the super fixes it.

Lydia [10:51 am]: Did you have lacrosse practice this morning?

Stiles [10:51 am]: Sure did! :) and I feel like I need a big hug

Lydia [10:52 am]: Stay home.

*knock* *knock* Lydia ignores the door.

Stiles [10:52 am]: Answer the door Lydia, I know you’re in there.

Lydia [10:54 am]: I have no clue what you are talking about, I’m out doing things.

Stiles [10:54 am]: Okay i’ll just use my key then

Lydia [10:54 am]: It’s not your key for the millionth time.

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Prompt: Can u do a one where Saviours find a badass reader in the woods, try to take her with them but she manages to break like 10 noses or something? And when they tell Negan he’s really amused that a tiny woman can do that much harm. You can figure the end:) – Nonnie

Ships: Negan x Reader
Words: 1,862
Warnings: Violence, Curses, suggestive language
Category: Angst

You were crouched behind a large, mossy log. You could smell two things: The dead, though that smell hung everywhere these days, and the fresh smell of dew on the forest floor. You could taste the moisture in the air when it hit your tongue. You could see your breath when you exhaled in front of you in the cold, early morning.

You had a large, cleanly whittled stick held close to your chest. You could hear your heartbeat thundering in your ears like a herd of elephants trampling the savannah. In the distance you could hear the underbrush and the cracking of twigs underfoot. Above you on the trees you could see the lights of torches illuminating the trunks.

You could hear yelling now, shouts and yells of men and women who were trying desperately to find the person who had knocked out cold four of their men and escaped unscathed.

That person was you.

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Wang Kon (Scarlet Heart Ryeo! Wang Eun)

Type: Fluff

Request: Hi!! Can I get a scarlet heart ryeo scenario for Wang Eun? (:

Eun eyes were wide as everything at the just born baby “why does the baby look so gross?” he asks. You turned to him out of breath and overly sweaty with glare,‘was that all he had to say?’ you askes yourself, he was disgusted with you baby’s out of womb appearance and he didn’t ask about yours or the baby’s conditions. “I want to be alone” you told him. He looked at you with shock “what? Why?” he asks “leave me alone” you spoke as he was ushered out by the servants who were assisting the doctor. You smiled as you heard the doctor mention you and Eun have a son. You were handed your small son “hello Wang Kon” you spoke taking his light features in as your eyes began to water. 


As soon as he was out he was bombarded by his brothers asking him about the baby “she gave birth then she kicked me out” Eun pouted. “What did you do?” Baek-ah ask “all I did was say was the baby looked gross-” he was hit by his brother “do you even know the gender?” Jung was asked “well no she kicked me out before they brought the baby back” Eun said. “Did you hold her hand?” Won askes “she almost broke my fingers” Eun protested grasping his fingers remembering the pain.

“She was pushing out a baby. I think you should have taken it for her” Wook says. “Hard to believe he’s the first of us to have one of those” Yo says as they all nod. Eun smiled “Y/N and I enjoy our time together” he spoke “you won’t be having that for awhile she’s gonna be taking care of your child” Wook states as Eun’s smile drops. “But we just started” he protests. Your first night as a married couple proved that you two were highly fertile and there was the proof, your first child.

You cooed lightly at the small boy who looked terrified of his new world “I know this world is scary but you have a family to keep you safe” you whisper to Kon running your fingers over his black wisps of hair. Soon you heard the door open “jagi” you heard as you rolled your eyes “Y/N can I come in and meet the baby. You kicked me out before I could know the gender” Eun spoke. “You were too disgusted by your son’s appearance to check” you said as he smiled. “You said son. We have a boy?” he says as he rushes over “Wang Kon” he says as he sits down on the edge of the bed. Kon was the name you discussed for a boy and Choa was the name if you were to have a daughter.

“I’m sorry I’m not useful during your labor. I just didn’t know what to do and I didn’t want to screw something up that could be damaging yours and Kon’s health” he tells you as you give him a sad smile. You reach up and grabbed his face as he leans down and gives you a kiss. “Hold your son” you inform as he said “can I hold him?” at the same time. Smiling you sat up and past Kon over to his father. “Welcome home Kon. I’m very glad you’re here” he coos.


“This is my boy” Eun spoke proudly showing his brothers his now two week old. You wanted to show them Kon the day after he was born but Eun wanted you out of bed first. “Ah took you long enough” Jung tells his brother but Eun seemed to ignore the comment “Wang Kon, he’s a happy baby. He really doesn’t cry unless he’s hungry or needs changed” Eun babbled on while you sat behind him listening to him go on. “He also really likes toys. He smiles when I bring him a ball but Y/N usually takes it and tosses it away” Eun pouts “he’s too young” you say as he turns “a boy is never too old or too young to enjoy a ball” he says turning to you.

Kon was soon taken from him by his uncle Wook unknown by Eun who was holding him while the two of you began bickering. “Our son will have toys” he spoke “yes, when he’s older” you tell him “I barely have a say in Kon and I want him to have toys now” he spoke stomping his foot. You gave him a look “I’m standing my ground” he told you slightly scared “next week I will give him a toy and you won’t stop me” he says crossing his arms. Then he realized Kon wasn’t in them and started looking around catching glance of Kon being surrounded by his many uncles.

Kon stared up at them searching for the only male face he knew when he wasn’t able to see it his face changed. “Is he alright?” Won asked only to be startled by the loud cries from Kon. Eun quickly stepped over. Once he came into Kon’s teary vision he stopped crying almost instantly. “He seems to know well who is father is” Baek-ah spoke patting his brother’s shoulder. “Kon knows who I am” Eun mumbles to himself a large smile on his face the whole time. To think two short weeks ago Wang Kon wasn’t as big of an impact on Eun as he is now.

anonymous asked:

My family sibling gets mad at me sometimes when I say that I don't like my tummy or my stretch marks. But I'm not saying it as in, "ew I look so gross" it's just how it looks on me that I don't like. On others it looks so damn cute!! But on me it doesn't :^/. I wish it did tho. I love stretch marks and cute tummys on other people, it just doesn't look good on me. Like someone might look great in a pair of shorts, but I wouldn't be able to pull it off as well. Idk what to do, how can I like it?

Ah, I guess all I can say is learn to love yourself? Honestly the realization that most people don’t look like models, once grasped, is pretty much why I think most people like their bodies unless there’s like. Other factors (cough cough my dysphoria kills me from the inside and my 1st and 2ndary sex characteristics make me cry in the dead of night). Most humans look kind pudgy, just, in general. It’s normal. You have organs in there it’s almost impossible to have a completely flat stomach, and if you do that’s not bad either (unless you have an eating disorder in which case I encourage you to try your best, take your time, and get better and I support u and love u). Tummies also make for good pillows for other people? And stretch marks are just cool looking. they kinda look like lightning blots? idk I’m weird. I like scars and birthmarks and things that aren’t the same from person to person because it makes you kind of personalized? 

Summary: Sarada doesn’t really want a sibling

Sarada takes in Mama’s eager smile and Papa’s relaxed stare before frowning at them and uttering a simple, “No thank you.”

Mama blinks, confused. “What do you mean, sweetheart?”

“I don’t want a little sibling, Mama,” Sarada explains. She shakes her head at the prospect of a slobbering girl or a wailing boy. She fights down her cringe to smile at Mama. “You’re my Mama!” Sarada steps forward and wraps her arms around Mama. “I can share you with Papa, I guess, but we don’t need another baby so you can just return it. Did you remember to keep the receipt?”

Papa chuckles under his breath and Sarada turns to him, her head still resting against Mama’s chest.

“What’s so funny?”

Papa just shakes his head and lays a heavy hand over her hair. “You’re a silly girl,” Papa tells her, making Sarada pout.

“I’m not silly!” she retorts. She turns to her mother. “Mama, tell him.”

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Dark Fate Yuma Heaven 02 Translation

Dark Master Post     Maniac Prologue     Maniac 01     Maniac 02     Maniac 03     Maniac 04     Maniac 05     Maniac 06     Maniac 07     Maniac 08     Maniac 09     Maniac 10     Maniac Epilogue     Heaven 02     Ecstasy Prologue

[Note:The Heaven Scenarios can be found in the “special” section on the main menu. You unlock them by choosing the correct word choices at the end monologues during Chapters 06-10 of each arc]

-Scene: Garden-

Yui: (Ahh yes, the weather’s great! A perfect day to have a harvest celebration party)

(Planting those seeds from the demon world sure gave us a huge harvest)

(The table’s all set, the chairs have been brought over, and the parasol’s up. Looks like the setup’s done!)

*Yuma Walks Up*

Yuma: Ahh,over here… …

Yui: Hehe, great work today. Here, have an iced tea!

Yuma: Oh, thanks.

Yui: You shouldn’t overwork yourself.

Yuma: I know. Geez, you’re such a worrywart.

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Otoko Tomodachi - Ao no Renjou - (R18) Drama CD Translation

Otoko Tomodachi - Ao no Renjou - (R18) Drama CD Translation
Seiyuu: Katou Masayuki

As always with these translations they’re not 100% accurate as Japanese isn’t my first language. Let me know if you see any mistakes by messaging me. =) AND I tend to take many liberties so you may see a few non-literal translations.

On with the show!

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Over My Car - part one - Austin Carlile

/.\ okay Can I request one where y/n is at the beach and she’s just there. Then the om&m boys come with their girls & they play beach games and eventually one asks y/n to play? But the boys leave, which leads to austin and y/n alone &smut?💕 

Slight smut warning - I’ll do a part two if requested - 4,107 words - written by Emma.

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Pairing: Sam x Reader, Unrequited Dean x Reader

Characters: Sam, Dean, Reader, OC’s

Written: i4z-0892-imagines

Word count: 2,679

Warnings: Swearing, Stalking

A/N: I plan on turning this into a short series, just an idea I’ve had rolling around in my head for a while, I’ve got a few “chapters” if you will already typed up that I’ll be posting. I hope you guys enjoy, I’m looking forward to some feedback, if you’re into it!

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Holiday misfortunes - Part Six

Pairing: Conor Maynard X Reader

Request: No

Fandom: Buttercream squad

Prompt: (Y/N) and Conor don’t really get along, but she decides to go on a lads holiday. 


Conor’s POV

(Y/N) lay across the sun lounger on our balcony, her hand laced in mine as we both relaxed. We hasn’t really spoken much since the kiss, we both knew we had something but it was complicated and we just wanted to adjust to the change. 

“Hello, lovebirds. Wanna grab lunch?” Joe said from behind us, his hand rested on my back making me jump and let go of (Y/N)’s hand. 

“Don’t call us that, Sugg.” She smiled, standing up and walking into the hotel room. I followed behind her with Joe. 

We’d agreed to take it slow between us, she wanted to take time to trust me and I needed tome to sort my own life out now. 

“Guys, I just need to grab some stuff, I’ll meet you outside.” She said, we nodded and joined the rest of the guys in the hallway. 

“You told her yet?” Jack asked me, quickly I brushed him off and stuffed my phone in my jean pocket. 

“Look buddy, you know I’m happy for you both but if you hurt her I’ll hurt you. That’s a promise.” Caspar said, this side of him was rarely seen. I nodded before (Y/N) came out of the hotel room. 

“Ready?” Mikey asked, we all nodded and we walked to the warm breeze of the streets. 

“God, I’m starving.” Josh said, (Y/N)’s hand found her way to my own as we walked to a burger place. 

We sat down at a makeshift table the staff had to put together and ordered our food, it came quickly as the restaurant was fairly quiet. Probably because we’d gone for lunch at 2pm. 

“Look, I really don’t wanna sound like I’m complaining but it’s so weird not having to stop you two arguing.” Oli laughed, I nodded and sipped my coke as (Y/N) giggled. 

“Yeah well, he’s not so bad.” She smiled looking at me. 

“Well, that’s gross.” Jack said, taking a bite of his burger. 

“Ah, young love.” Joe laughed, but gave me a subtle look. The look that made my insides twist, I knew I had to tell her but I had no idea how to. I knew it could ruin us and everything we had and I wanted to stay in this little reality I’d built for myself. 

“Well, I’m thinking a quiet night in tonight?” Mikey suggested to the group. 

“Wow guys, you’ve had those a lot recently. You feeling okay, I mean you came here to party.” (Y/N) laughed, I nodded along with her. 

“Good point, let’s go out!” Jack said. 

“I knew you’d agree!” She laughed, Jack winked on. A fire started in the pit of my stomach. 

“Let’s all go get ready, its half three now so by the time we get back and ready it’ll be around six?” Oli suggested, all of us agreed and paid for the food. 

Once me and (Y/N) got back to the hotel room I knew I had to say something about Jack and her, my blood was boiling thinking about it. 

“What was that?” I exploded as she looked through her suitcase. 

“What?” She asked, pulling out a red dress. 

“What do you mean what? At the restaurant?” I said, she looked up at me confused as she began applying makeup. 

“Conor, I have no idea what you’re talking about.” She said, honestly sounding confused but my temper was getting the best of me. 

“With fucking Jack, (Y/N), are you kidding? He’s my brother!” I shouted, she looked shocked while she picked up her stuff. 

“I’m going to get ready in Joe and Caspar’s room, come and get me once you’ve realised how ridiculous you’re being!” She said sternly. I watched her walk over to their room, shutting our door lightly as theirs opened. 

A few minutes later I had a knock at my door, opening it I revealed Caspar. I almost wanted to slam the door in his face but he didn’t look mad at all, so I opened it more and let him in. 

“Look, I’m not here to get mad. I’m here to get ready so (Y/N) can use our bathroom. But Conor, before I shower, you need to tell her tonight. It’s why you’re so on edge, you need to tell her before one of us do.” Caspar said, before walking to the bathroom. I nodded to myself. 

Pulling on some ripped black skinny jeans, a white top and leather jacket I slipped on some back shoes, knowing that she liked this look on me. it’s what she gave me when I forgot my clothes. Caspar came out of the shower in a grey top, a black bomber jacket and black skinny jeans. I smiled at him, and he nodded at me before we made our way to his hotel room. 

“Hey! Let’s go!” (Y/N) said once we’d gotten to their room, the other guys waiting outside with us. She looked stunning in her red dress, black heels and her hair curled, she was breathtaking. I was so lucky. 

“Cor, you look nice, (Y/N).” Mikey smiled, she smiled at him. 

“Aw, well thank you!” She said, walking with him and Joe. I guess me and her aren’t on speaking terms. 

We walked to the club, and got taken to the VIP again. It happens a lot but it still surprises me. Once we’d all settled in the booth and got countless bottles of alcohol. 

I drank myself to a point where I no longer could think about anything but (Y/N), I had to make up with her. She hadn’t spoken to me all night and before my brain could process what I was doing my legs were making their way over to her and Oli. 

“Can I talk to you?” I asked her, she nodded and I lead her to a seat no one was on, I felt all eyes on us as I held her hand. 

“Sorry for snapping at you before, I got jealous because Jack always gets the girls and I guess I was insecure that you’d want him over me.” I admitted, she sat stunned before she kissed me. 

“Don’t be sorry, I want you. Always, for years Conor. I finally have you. I’m not letting you go that easily.” She smiled, I kissed her again before we pulled away and she pulled me up across to the dace floor. 

Caspar gave me two thumbs up, and I returned before me and (Y/N) were dancing to the loud music together. We spent most of the night away from the lads, walking back to the hotel I used my arm around her waist to support her as I carried her shoes, she had my leather jacket around her with her dress. 

Once we got to the hotel she ran to the bathroom, the guys following me into our room. 

“So you told her?” Jack smiled, I nodded proudly. 

“Oh good! I knew you could. I’m glad you’re still together.” Caspar beamed at me. 

“Of course we all, I only had to say sorry.” I laughed, the boys looked at me confused. 

“Conor, you didn’t tell her about Brooklyn? Your girlfriend in London?” Joe said, anger in his voice. 

“Girlfriend?” her timid voice came from the bathroom doorway. 

I’ve fucked up. 


Hello!! There’s part six, I hope you all liked it! Feel free to leave feedback or request, have a wonderful day/night :)

We cannot thank you guys enough for liking this blog the way you guys do! I have so much fun working with Lawr on this blog and writing little thank you scripts for everyone! This file was so big I had to dust off my old Soundcloud! lol
The tracks used were Kitten from the K soundtrack, Tear by Mimu, and Knot from the K soundtrack.
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anonymous asked:

I read the translation but I'm still confused I'm sorry :(

No you’re fine! Sorry I’m just now getting back to you, I needed to get some sleep. ALSO I’m sorry about the font size, but I don’t want to stretch dash boards too much. I’ll change it on my blog.


As far as SM forcing him to leave, I can see why you’d be confused because… well, it just doesn’t make much sense. Kris questioned why a recording he’d practiced for for 10 days was deleted and I guess as punishment for questioning SM’s authority or w/e they sort of… forced a hiatus on him and blocked his activities w/ EXO for months. 

As many fans know, this inevitably lead to the unusual break in time between a newly debuted group’s debut EP/album and second comeback. Literally, Wolf was over a year after MAMA, and that turnaround time is not only unusual but extremely unwise given how saturated the market is and how EXO wasn’t really THAT popular in 2012. 

This appears to be the result of the “ unfairness, suppression” that was mentioned in the translation, as well as “other similar treatment.” It really doesn’t make sense and seems harsh that SM would do something like that for that reason, and even more so that Kris could only return “ after several negotiations with several parties,” parties and negotiations that of course went unspecified and detailed in Kris’ studio’s response. But typically, authorities that like to wield big sticks also like to “send a message” and theirs was clear: don’t question them and do as you’re told.

Now in regards to the manager, there are several things. First thing: Apparently EXO’s only female manager named Ahreum gets way too touchy with the members and in gross ways too like casually putting her hands on their thighs in an unsolicited and probably just down-right unwanted manner. She’s the only one with whom Kris has been frosty and you can see a post describing that here, but basically Kris wasn’t about to have her unwanted physical contact with him himself and probably strongly disliked it when it happened to the other members as well. Second thing: according to the translation, there was a manager who constantly discriminated against him as well. Now EXO has many managers so I’m not sure who in particular it was, though it could very well be several and not just one. However, if you look in that post I linked here, it also points out that back in 2014 Kris’s side said there was a female manager who discriminated heavily against Kris. Ahem. There is only one female EXO manager…. So. There you go. And she might have discriminated against him as revenge for refusing her advances :/ (Gross.)

Ah so beyond that the translation describes conditions Yifan had to go through including having to receive IV drips to maintain productivity / keep up with everyone (this lasted from July 2013 to January 2014 when he went to China and got a red flag for myocarditis), still facing discrimination, SM refusing to allocate proper medical treatment despite the fact that relying on IVs is a huge (!!!) red flag to even a layman, and SM’s blatant misappropriation of funds and improper profit distribution. Furthermore, we can confirm from recent member statements (source: radio interview around 24th-25th June), that SM does in fact keep their schedules floating in the air and only notifies them of what they’ll be doing last minute. This establishes that Kris would indeed feel like his future, particularly in regards to his entertainment career, is uncertain, especially when considering how little promotion time EXO M got after 2012. ((Personally I think SM held EXO M back on purpose because they were getting too big for their britches; SM never intends for groups marketed to China to become very big and especially not bigger than Korean groups, but EXO-M was becoming more popular in China than EXO-K was in Korea, so yeah SM didn’t like that and pulled the plug on that real fast.))

From here on I’m going to quote from the translation and the quote will be set off by an indentation; if I include my own words within the indentation, they will be set off by brackets like these [[ ]]:

The limiting of his development, the lack of future development plans, and other actions also caused Kris Wu to thoroughly lose trust in his representative for his entertainment career.

^^^^^ That’s basically how everything ended up as it is. All the factors combined to make him say enough is enough and he filed lawsuit.

On May 14th, 2015, Seoul Central District Court made a judgment (compulsory mediation decision), confirming that SM must give all “management rights and exclusive management agency rights” of any regions outside of Korea to a third party of Kris Wu’s choice. 

[[I talked about this and made a couple posts about it when it happened. Kris’s side accepted the compulsory mediation’s resolution, but SM opposed it as follows.]]

Our side accepted, the mentioned compulsory mediation decision was relatively reasonable. However, after a long period of a year of mediations, SM used the reason that it was unacceptable to take the contract dispute back into process, intentionally delaying Kris Wu’s contract termination and further hindering Kris Wu’s normal arrangements of his personal life and artist career. 

[[This refers to the fact that in light of SM’s countersuit, SM has basically denied all consideration of the contract dispute and is instead focusing on them them them and trying to “make Kris pay.” This is of course damaging Yifan in the short term and potentially long term as well because SM is apparently suing everyone who affiliated with Yifan in terms of business…. again…. Adidas is a company involved…. I don’t see this as feasible in any way but okay SM. Okay.]]

So at this point, Kris nor his studio will be giving further statements personal or otherwise, and it is all relegated to the Korean-Chinese legal team he has recruited for this case. Kris remains grateful to everyone who has helped him get this far and does not forget his roots, and therefore he is not the ungrateful traitor antis keep painting him as. He will respect the court’s decision, but he and his studio will remain quiet from now on.


I hope this helped! Sorry about the length~

{translation used by shuaijerks (link to post)}