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Sorry for bringing up the Mixtape again but I'm really annoyed with Say Yes to This because we have like (almost) everyone's reaction or version of events except Maria and they had the chance to show what her version of events was, but they didn't and I'm just, so bothered by that.

I mean, I always find it interesting that the other women in Hamilton’s life get a POV about meeting him, but not Maria!

And her story is one that should be told because she herself tried to tell it but wasn’t allowed near the narrative and Ham’s version of events has come to be accepted as fact.

Basically, how everyone has talked about this woman for 200+ years is gross and Hamilton the musical and mixtape did nothing to change that.






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Oh man Magnus looks amazing!!!! I'm a little confused, though. I thought his eyes were entirely cat eyes, like they didn't have any white part at all; I guess they changed them for the new season?? IDK IDK he still looks great!!

yeah tbh i think on the show they just didn’t have very good effects! it’s harder to color in just the iris than the whole eye, so i guess cgi must have done the best they could. actually, if you look at the effects closely in s1, it looks like they attempted the iris only but there was a lot of bleedover with the effect? like, it’s just a tiny bit sloppy. (gif from @bi-magnus hope its ok i link it alice)

but in the books, it’s definitely just the iris that’s yellow, not the whole eye so the show might be refining their cat eye techniques to make them look better this season. personally i think they’d look great either way; whatever they end up doing with his new cat eye effect i’m sure it’ll look amazing. :DD

So my Reigen (my Milotic) learned Disarming Voice, which is really really fitting and I’m still laughing about it X’D

Also! I finally caught an Eevee (TOOK awhile!) and named him Mob; I intend to turn him into an Espeon when I get the chance~ (Get it? Esper? haha it’s literally a psychic cat c’mon) annnnd he’s Lax in nature and “Often gets lost in thought”! He’s perfect :D

throne of lies

Group/Member: BTS // Yoongi

Collection: BTS Christmas Drabbles ⛄🎄❄

Word Count: 866

Prompt: Christmas AU w/ Yoongi 2
We’re having a Christmas movie marathon because you’ve never fucking seen ‘ELF’.

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