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In the last year since I haven't been in school I've kind of been in an art slump and I've wanted to make some cool things and like you've been a massive inspiration to keep me going and seeing you post old art gives me a lot of hope that I can improve and hopefully do well and I'm so happy that you share art with everyone and are positive and encouraging, so thank you

AW geez, that sucks about the art slump! but something to remember is that we aren’t machines, and low areas of creativity will come and they too shall pass

but that’s something so important, too–seeing transformations. that’s something that always inspired me, and still does. artists that are constantly at work are not staying the same. it’s a constant level of improvement with no ceiling. just last night i redid a piece from…i think, early 2014? and the difference/improvement is pretty prominent:

and i thought then i was as good as i was gonna get. i know a lot of artists get rid of their old work, but i adore seeing old pieces. like, yes, they can be embarrassing, but they’re also mile markers!

i love seeing people try to push their boundaries and strive to create!! so thank YOU! i hope you’re keeping up with it!! ♥♥♥

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so I have a question for you and your followers. I am considering getting a sternum tattoo but I am worried how it will look because I have larger breasts. All of the pictures I see show girls with smaller boobs and I'm afraid it just wouldn't look as good on me. Anyone's stories would be much appreciated!

have you checked the tag already?  http://1337tattoos.com/tagged/belly I think it looks great either if you have small or big breasts. I say go for it (: xx


Got to model some flower crowns this past weekend at the ranch with some of my beautiful friends. Can’t wait to see the full photos from Chelsea!  

All flower crowns made by Carrot Cake Designs. She’s currently taking commissions, so please go ask her out for a quote if you’re interested. She does personal and fandom-themed crowns ♥

i just wanted to quickly say thank u so much for all the support!! i recently passed 2200 follows on here and that’s just rly crazy to me. i’m rly grateful and happy that u guys think this weird auntie and what she does is cool somehow.

i know i miss replies on my drawings a lot (tumblr replies are always testy w/me esp on mobile which is how i tend to browse 98% of the time), but i do read every single comment/message/ask that passes thru my notifs, even if i don’t always get a chance to respond!!! ;__;)/ i’m rly super humbled by how sweet everybody is. i could not ask for better!

as i tend to do from time-to-time, i’d like to point to my twitter, as it’s where i spend most of my time!! i also post more doodles there than i do here and sometimes take requests/prompts too which is a twitter-exclusive!

anyway, i just rly wanted to take the time to say thank u bc i rly do appreciate everyone’s kindness so, so much. i’ll continue to work hard and do my best!! (*,,ÒㅅÓ,,)و

Can’t decide what I want to do with the 20 long. Still thinking of a pair of Apistogrammas, but now I’m thinking of doing a nano community. I would like a busier tank and I can’t keep anything with the angels.

Opinions on this stocking? There’s a lfs near me willing to special order fish, so availability shouldn’t be a problem. Only one I’m not too certain of having are the Ember Tetras, the rest I think would look great together (and be greatly compatible). Brain is thinking black sand or potting soil with vals, crypts, and wisteria if I can ever get it to grow.

Tagging @jayce-space if you would like to answer, please don’t feel obligated to.

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Alright dude before I go you get one last question: what's your fave Jared look? (And the joker doesn't count) <3

Ugh, I mean, I like it all, the mohawks, the mullet, that blond Kurt shag, the eyeliner, the long hair, the no hair, the short hair, the blue hair (move over Dr Suess) but I think he looked great with the short brown hair  in 2011. It just let his natural beauty shine. As far as what he wears, I am so in love with the risks he takes and when he dresses eccentric and artsy and when he wears a skirt or a poncho or crazy pants but I also think he looks incredible keeping it super simple. I don’t really have a preference for that, but I really admire his ability to wear whatever he loves or thinks is beautiful without regard to popular opinion or trends.

When your stuck at home and bored, it’s best to practice your makeup. May not be feeling well but at least I look great.

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NUGly Christmas Sweaters are HERE!!!

You asked for them last year and now they’re available at my society6 store
I had to alter the design a bit so I bought one myself and they look great! (I’m wearing a Long Sleeve T-shirt size Small). Get yours now - just in time for the HALLA-DAY season!!! 

Jonghyun in the album cover (is that the album cover?) is making it hard for me to breath. Minho looks great on the other one… all of them look great. I AM SO HAPPEEEEEEH