i look good in that top hat


I actually stayed up last night thinking about the bros weapons in that solarpunk/steampunk verse and came to the conclusion that I desperately want to keep the hammers. so yeah. hammers.

the way marios hammer is designed he can light it on fire anytime. luigis is actually pretty tricky bc electricity isnt as straightforward as fire, but I imagine it can jumpstart any kind of machine that runs on electricity bc nintendo logic

their secondary weapons would be something they use along with their hammers. marios is a pick (chisel) and luigis is a pair of pliers. 

yes I am invested in this why do you ask

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What are your favorite Auston and Mitch moments?

good question, anon. let’s begin:

I’ll add more as we go along with their adventures

Laundry Day

Jughead x reader fluff

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summary: You are doing the laundry when a certain gray hat is found. (Sorry the summary is short. This imagine is kinda short)

warnings: none

word count: 524

“Ugh…Why did I even agree to that stupid ass bet”, you say as you struggle to carry the laundry basket full of Jughead’s clothes to the washroom. A sigh was released through your parted lips as you drop the basket on the table near the washing machine.

Both you and Jughead agreed to a bet on who could finish their milkshakes first at Pop’s. The loser had to do the winner’s laundry for a week straight. If it wasn’t for your small appetite, due to all the french fries that were previously eaten, you lost.

As you began to sort through the pile of clothes, something caught your eye. You cautiously picked it up, in case it was a pair of underwear. As you examined it, you realised that it was the one and only hat. The hat. It must have fallen in because Jughead only washes it when he needed to, and to you, it was clean enough. You looked around, just in case someone was looking and you put it on. The hat was warm and at the same time, smelled like him. It was slightly big to the point that it hid your eyes.

When you lifted it up, you saw Jughead, leaning against the door frame, with his arms crossed. You feel your cheeks warm up as you look up at his eyes. He slowly walks to you with no expression on his face. His hand reaches your head and adjusts the hat so he could get a better sight of your face. You feel your cheeks warm up even more.

He lets out a sigh of satisfaction with his hands now cupping your cheeks. His lips parted as if he had something to say, yet nothing came out. You both stood there, for a few seconds, feeling as if time stood still, like in the movies. But, reality hits you as he clears his throat, and you feel the warmth of his hands leave your skin.

“You don’t look terrible in that hat”, he says, scratching the back of his neck. “Not, as good as me, of course”, he says with a wink, slowly regaining his confidence.

You liked him. Or maybe even loved him. You grabbed him by his shirt and before you realised, his chest was now pressed against yours and you did not know if it was your heart that was beating rapidly, or his. The warmth on your cheeks came back, as you felt a pair of hands land on your lower back.  Attempting to look up at him, you raise your head, yet failing when the beanie that was still on your head, blocked your sight. You hear a chuckle escape from his lips.

“You are too fucking cute for your own good”, he mutters, pulling you into a tight embrace, resting his chin on top of your head.

“Am I cute enough to get out of doing the laundry?”

“Nice try, sweetheart”, he answered, smiling at the nickname he gave you. He then released you from the hug, taking the hat off your head, turning around, walking back to the living room.


In the painting scene, there’s a really well edited moment that goes from a shot of Thor putting on a hat on that cuts to a similar shot of Shaolin putting his helmet on before revving up his motorcycle. But did anyone else get a good look at the type of hat he was putting on?


It’s a really quick shot (the time stamp is between 32:46-32:47) so I had to rewind a few times to get a decent enough picture. But I really only noticed it because he’s holding onto the same top hat, positioned right behind Dizzee’s head, when Shaolin walks in.

Maybe it was supposed to be a cute, blink and you miss it thing, but the top hat is an important part of Rumi’s story/symbolism/imagery. So now I’m thinking about the meaning behind Dizzee letting Thor wear the top hat instead of wearing it himself, and now I’m emotional about this scene all over again.

Harry Hook - The Words Not Often Said

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Requested By: Anon

Request:  OMG BOO YOUR WRITING IS SO SNAZZY! May i request a Harry Hook imagine where his gf is the daughter of The Mad Hatter and she’s having him try on almost all of the hats she’s made (basically using him as her model) and she begins to doubt her work but he reassures her? Super fluffy please!!!

Authors Note: I’ll be honest, I’m not very happy with this. I loved this request but I had a LOT of trouble writing it, particulary the end because I was trying to make it super fluffy. I just feel like it’s kind of rushed and doesn’t really involve as much comforting as what was probably wanted, but I still hope it’s enjoyable! 

IMPORTANT: As you read this imagine you may notice that the Mad Hatter is kind of off character. That’s because, as of writing this, I have yet to see Alice in Wonderland or any other portrayal of the Mad Hatters character. I immedietedly made him seem more mean due to the fact that I thought he was a villain, and I am now realizing that his personality is a bit different. Please understand, and know that I will definitely do more research on characters that I don’t know of in the future. 


“Just a couple more and I promise we’ll be done!” You encouraged, your hands lacing through your boyfriends’ thick locks before placing yet another hat upon his head. 

Harry had been sitting in your room for hours now, the simple routine of trying on hat after hat quickly becoming boring to him as time went on. This wasn’t something that was new to the two of you though, as you were the daughter of The Mad Hatter and it was something you forced him to do quite often, but it still didn’t change the fact that he never found any enjoyment in it. Ever. 

“Come on, babe. We’ve been doing this for hours now.” He slurred, his eyes heavy on your own as he tried to distract you from using him as your own personal model. “I’m bored, and we’re in your room. Alone. Don’t you think we can find something much better to do with our time?”

You laughed, your boyfriends ridiculous attempt at flirting completely catching you off guard. Giving him a small smile, you walked toward him again, your hands finding themselves a spot on his shoulders as you crouched down to meet him face to face. 

“Just a couple more. Please?” 

Harry let out a breathy sigh, his hands reaching up and removing yours from his shoulders in order to take them in his own. “You said that an hour ago, Y/N.” He pushed, “Besides, what’s the point of even doing this?”

You gave him a strange look, almost as if the answer should be obvious. “This is how I make a living, Harry.” You reminded, your hands squeezing his as you stood from your spot on the ground. “Besides, you know who my father is. He’ll kick me off the Isle himself if I don’t make top quality hats to sell in his pathetic excuse for a shop. I need to make sure they look good on an actual person before I give them to him.”

Harry looked at you in suprise, not fully understanding what the problem was. “But you already make top quality hats. Why are you stressing about it?” 

“Not to him.” You sighed, the sadness in your voice all too obvious. “He told me that the last few hats I made were the ugliest things he’d ever seen and that if I didn’t start doing better he’d make me work in the shop 20 hours a day as a ‘learning experience’.” 

Harry let out a small growl at that, the anger evident in his voice as he crossed his arms in front of his chest. “He’s ridiculous.”

“You think I don’t know that?” You laughed sadly, quickly pulling the hat off of Harry’s head and replacing it with another one. “But he’s not wrong. I’ve been really distracted lately and the last few hats I made weren’t the best.” 

“Now you’re being ridiculous.” Harry exclaimed, quickly standing from his chair and making his way in front of you. “Everything you make is fantastic! Not only are all your hats well made, but you can tell how much work you put into them! ” He comforted. “Besides, you shouldn’t worry about what your dad says. He’s crazy. Literally. It’s in his name.” 

You looked at Harry and laughed, your heart swelling to the size of a balloon as you realized that he was trying to comfort you, which is something he, not surprisingly, didn’t do very often.

“Well, I’m glad you feel that way.” You admitted softly, quickly leaning forward and giving him a kiss on the cheek. “That means a lot coming from you.”

Harry smiled widely and pulled you closer to him, his face no more than a centimeter away from your own as he looked at you warmly. 

“I’m your boyfriend. I’m pretty sure it’s what I’m supposed to do.” He joked, his lips gently resting on your ear as he hugged you closer to him. “Besides, if you ever want me to…talk to your Dad, that can be arranged.”

You giggled, gently pushing Harry away from you as you realized that ‘talk’ really just meant ‘threaten with my hook until he starts treating you better.’

“Thanks, but uh…I think it would be better if you didn’t.” You chuckled, “He really lives up to his name and I dont want you getting hurt.”

“Like that old man could ever hurt me.” Harry scoffed, “I mean, what is he now? 90?”

You shook your head and sighed, a playful smile stretching across your lips as you pulled Harry closer, his sudden abundance of comfort and warmth making you want nothing more than to hold him against you.

“Just come here.” You whispered, gently pulling him closer and letting his lips meet your own.

Letting out a surprised groan, Harry reacted quickly, one hand tightening on your waist and the other making it’s way into your hair. Placing your hands flat against his chest, you held him against you, the sharp edges of your nails digging into his skin as you scrunched the fabric between your hands, pulling him closer. 

“I love you.” You whispered suddenly, your lips gently rubbing against his own as you whispered the 3 words that neither one of you often said.

Harry took a sharp intake of breath at that, the surprise evident on his face as he quickly pulled away from you. He continued to look at you in shock, a small smile playing on his lips as his fingers began to softly run through your hair, the muscles comforting and strong as they traced patterns and lines upon your skin. 

“And I you, Y/N. And I you.” 

so there are magic aus and i love magic aus so much but i would also like to propose a concept: magician au. boyfs magician au. several of them. HEAR ME OUT

  • street magician michael keeps tryna flirt with the cute stressed out guy who passes by this street at this time on the dot every day with increasingly complicated yet perfectly executed magic tricks and sleights of hand. business man jeremy heere is smitten by michael’s wicked smile and light fingers (”how did you steal my watch it was on my wrist” “magic” “fuck off”), but has no idea how to convey any of this past blushing and nodding and “haha, yeah, that’s my card.” right until michael does a trick, and jeremy unfolds the card he’d been holding to see a receipt with something scrawled over it. “finally foiled, michael. this is definitely not my card.” “no, no, it isn’t. it’s, uh. it’s my number.” “what.” “can i get yours too?” “what.”)
  • post-canon or no squip, jeremy decides to take up magic tricks as a hobby in senior year and he’s fucking awful at it, it hurts to watch. but michael, not wanting to get jeremy down, goes out of his Goddamn Way to make it Look Like every trick worked. on the flipside, jeremy KNOWS he’s awful but he’s so endeared and entertained that he just….let’s michael keep going on his mission. (”is this your card? “uhhhh no it’s no–” *MICHAEL IN THE BACKGROUND MAKING WIDE GESTURES THAT MEAN ‘PLEASE JUST FUCKING SAY YES’* “—ooot not my card. Not not my card. This is totally my card.”)
  • jeremy and michael are 10 years old and are gonna do magic tricks for their school’s talent show, but an hour before the show, their rabbit (named humphry) goes MISSING. 
  • jeremy and michael, best friends extraordinaires and, just recently, birthday party magicians on weekends for extra cash!!! it’s pretty great. michael is a fantastic showman and kids love jeremy and their act is AWESOME, if michael may say so himself. but ohhh geez, michael keeps getting weird stomach feelings whenever he sees jeremy, clad in a cheap magician top hat and cape, kneel down to make a balloon animal for a little girl, or succeed in making a shy kid laugh, or smile and cryptically say “it’s magic”, with a dorky wiggle of his fingers whenever kids ask him how he did something. (”we did good today,” jeremy will tell him later, packing up their stuff. jeremy will tell michael that and pat him on the shoulder. michael’s breath will catch and he’ll think, huh. it’s magic.)
Benefit of the Doubt



(I’ll come back and fix a lot of this later because HOOOO BOI i rushed some parts)

(And of course, all credit to @paperhatcollection for the wonderful Souleater Flug AU!)  

Previous works in chronological order: Hired, Lovestarved, Trial & Trust, Deeper Than Skin, A Small Solace, In Sickness and in Health


One good thing about having an utterly touch-starved demon boyfriend is that it doesn’t take much to keep him happy in a physical sense. Which is great, considering Flug’s preeetty sure he’s nowhere near as ‘exciting’ as Black Hat’s used to sexually.

But God forbid you call this 'cuddling’. If anyone ever comes up with a more evil term for it, you can get back to them.

It wasn’t uncommon that they would find themselves snuggled up together on the eldritch’s bed (because let’s face it, Flug’s is too small) and simply… well, cuddling each other. There’s really no better word for it.

“And you know what else? The oxytocin release that this kind of physical contact produces even reduces blood pressure, lowering the risk of heart disease.” Flug rambled on, arms wrapped around the body next to him and absentmindedly fiddling with the collar of his partner’s coat. He’d been listing off random facts about the benefits of cuddling for a while now.

“Is that right?” Black Hat murmured, one of his own arms lolled around the doctor’s shoulders, lightly stroking Flug’s arm. The eldritch looked immensely relaxed, a nice change of pace from his norm.

“Mhm– Oh! And guess what else!” Flug’s eyes lit up as more info popped into his head. It was adorable, really. “Oxytocin has also been known to reduce anxiety and stress! And sharing a bed with a partner also lowers cortisol levels, which is a stress hormone!”

“Fascinating.” The demon rolled on top of Flug, grinning as he loomed over him. “Very good for you, then.” He purred, bending down to trail light kisses along the scientist’s shoulder and neck, getting a small shiver out of him.

“Hehe. Well, I-I guess you’re not wrong.” Flug laughed quietly, closing his eyes in a complete state of peace. “Another fascinating effect of oxytocin is its ability to improve emotional perceptiveness in others. Helps people recognize facial expressions and emotions and stuff, it’s really quite interesting.”

“Really?” Black Hat paused, looking up thoughtfully. “… Huh.” He grinned down at Flug again, going back to kissing him. “Good for me too, then.”

Flug chuckled under his breath, slipping his arms once again around his partner to hold him close. His eyes shot open as yet another fact came to mind. “Oh! And statistics say that 57% of….” He trailed off when he saw the other man smirking at him now. The scientist blushed and averted his eyes. “Ehehe….. I’m talking too much, aren’t I…..”

“If I wanted you to shut up, I’d tell you.” The demon snickered between smooches.

“H-Heh… I guess you would, wouldn’t you…” Flug replied, eyes slowly closing again.

Still, Flug fell quiet for some time. They both did. But it was far from an uncomfortable silence.

Black Hat took the time to lightly trace his fingers over Flug’s body, his sides, arms, shoulders, and chuckling at how easily he could make him shiver even being fully clothed. What a sensitive little scientist.

He leaned down, leaving one, two, three kisses along Flug’s face and neck, then paused all of a sudden, a thought crossing his mind.

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fic: Yin and Yang

title: yin and yang

genre: fluff/tiniest bit of angst if you squint

warnings: swearing | word count: 1500

description: a sunset beach walk after phil’s thirtieth birthday brings talk of things to come and decisions they figure they need to discuss. plus there’s this metaphor about the sunset.

yin and yang; light and dark, day and night - two opposites that are made to be together.

“I think you’d be a sunrise,” Phil says.

Dan quirks an eyebrow and prompts him to elaborate. “I’m all gloom and darkness, I’m definitely a three am sky.”

Phil frowns. “Maybe, but you’d be scattered with stars. And you’d be five in the morning, not three, the sun would be just about ready to rise. There is some light in you, Dan.”

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so people headcanon THB (and all the characters) all kinds of ways. I love it! I love the variety. most of it is real good shit.

but here’s a thing I’ve noticed

if we made the Average Headcanon THB, it would look something like this:

Merle: stocky. short. white. grey hair. braids of some kind, usually around the beard. flowers incorporated. glasses. questionable fashion sense. his look is pretty standard.

Taako: average-thin. tall. white. wavy blonde hair. hat, umbra staff, often depicted wearing skirts, crop tops, otherwise stereotypically “feminine” clothing. his look varies the most out of any of the boys. this is what MOST of them look like though.

Magnus: very bulky and muscular. tall. not white. short auburn hair, sideburns, no beard. a few scars. usually shown with his weapons, and wearing armor.

are y'all uh… noticing this?

do you see what I see?

because I see a lot of non-white Merles and Taakos. good shit, OPs. but in any given fanart, if ALL OTHER CHARACTERS are depicted as white, Magnus Burnsides is the one most likely to be depicted as a person of color. if a TAZ fan headcanons any single character as not being white, it’s GOING to be Magnus.

and I feel honestly kiiiiinda weird about that.

not because it’s bad to see Magnus as not being a white guy. I don’t think that’s the case at all. I don’t picture him as a white dude tbh. In my head he looks pretty darn Southeast Asian actually.

but because he’s the muscle. he’s the brute. he’s the intimidating one. the brash one. the one that can crush most people he encounters with his bare fists.

yeah, personality wise, he’s a sweetheart most of the time. he’s got depth. he’s got dimension. his life’s dream is to have a dog on the moon. but he’s also very quick to attack. he’s the least afraid of violence, the most inclined to physical labor, and generally seen as kind of the dumbest member of the party.

I just… I REALLY want y'all fellow white people to think about your headcanons… especially if you see Merle and Taako as being white… especially if you see Magnus as being black, tbh,,, ask yourself why?? ask yourself if you’re okay with saying the big dumb hard laboring brute is also the only non-white main character?

if any taz fans that aren’t white see this post and have any opinions on it, I’d love to hear them. I may be totally wrong. I may be looking at this through my own racially biased lenses. I just… personally, this trend really rubs me the wrong way. just. please check yourselves, guys. think about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it? that’s all I guess

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Can you please post the link to the fic you're reading?


Turning Page : “What’s your name?” “Harry.” He draws the word out slowly, hesitantly - like he’s not sure about it. The guy knots his hands behind his back. “Harry Twist.” “Right,” Niall says, eyes lingering suspiciously on Harry before looking back to Louis. “You wanna buy Harry a drink?” Louis lets his eyes drip back to Harry, to his wide eyes and the way his shoulders curve down. He really is pretty – Louis will be the first one to admit it and the last one to ever say it out loud. Louis almost smirks and his lips twitch as he tilts his head, “Not particularly, no.”

AU: Harry Styles tries to get lost in a place he’s never been.  Louis Tomlinson has been perfecting the art of being lost for years. What they don’t expect to find is each other.

Daughter-Carl Grimes

Requested: Nope

Plot: Y/N is Negan’s daughter who he loves more than he loves Lucille. One day, she finally was able to do a waterfall braid in her hair-and since her mother is already dead-she ran to go tell her father. Negan doesn’t care if he’s sitting in his room having a meeting or about to let Lucille feed, he will stop everything for his baby girl. This particular day was the day Carl Grimes just so happened to be sitting in Negan’s room, staring down the man as he paced and talked about how good it had felt to kill Carl’s friends. 

Warnings: Swearing (duh), death, mentions of death, mentions of cancer

Paring: Carl Grimes x Female!Reader 

Word Count: 6,393

A/N: Hey! Sorry this is super long, but I just kinda kept writing. Let me know if you want more of this. (Also sorry for any inconsistencies, I wrote this over a couple days) Part 2 is up now, right here! <3

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(jk though the fluff chappy is on its way too eventually, this didn’t take me long)

As I mentioned before in the tags, this snippet doesn’t actually encompass the extent of how horrid WH is (in fact, it’s actually rather mild) as I really don’t know how to translate his horribleness to you without spoiling the whole thing, so uh. Here you go for now. (And on another note, this fic’s going to take a bit of setup with some other fics I’m working on, so it’s not going to be posted for quite a while)

(this is also going off that cool theory that BH can see out of pictures of himself sagdfhjkllhgf)

(You get a long snippet because it is a very long fic and won’t be posted in quite a while (this is also very rough and unpolished so sadfgdgh just ignore me))


To hear a knock on the door wasn’t unusual.

Well, unless there were no clients scheduled for that day. Then you had to be wary.

There were three delicate little taps. If door knocks could sound sophisticated, this was a perfect example.

Hell, Flug just happened to be passing by, blueprints under his arm. He wouldn’t have even heard it if he weren’t just on his way to the lab. The doctor’s head tilted slightly at the noise, then he gave the door a puzzled frown. That’s….. odd.

He approached slowly, contemplating whether or not he should set the blueprints aside and have his attack ray at the ready…. just to be safe, that’s exactly what he did. One hand held inside his labcoat and gripping the concealed weapon, Flug slowly opened the door. “Um… Hel-?”

His jaw dropped before he could even finish the greeting, eyes widening with confusion and shock.

The man that stood outside wore an outfit nearly identical to Black Hat’s, albeit the colors were reversed, and his skin was a much lighter grey, as well as having an oval-shaped monocle covering his right eye as opposed to Black Hat’s circular left. Instead of a tie, he wore an old-fashioned steinkirk cravat with a blue-gemmed brooch pinned in the middle, identical to the gem at the top of that marble-looking scepter in his hand. And were those fucking swan feathers in his hat? Who the hell is this eccentrically dressed doppelganger?

The man shot Flug an overly cheery grin, baring pointed fangs that would’ve been perfectly white if not for that bluish tint. “Ah, hello, my good man! Top of the morning to you!” He bowed slightly and removed his hat in greeting, revealing a smaller hat underneath. “Do tell me, is Black Hat around? I was dearly hoping to see him today!”

“….. Uhhh…….” Flug found himself unable to come up with a response, momentarily struck dumb. A million questions flooded into his mind. Who is this guy? What is he doing here? Is he dangerous? Why does he look so much like Black Hat? How do they know each other? Why has Flug never heard of him before? So many unanswered questions.

“Left you speechless already, have I?” The man chuckled, taking a step closer. Flug’s grip on his gun tightened in response. That was an exact phrase he’s heard from Black Hat. Was that coincidental?

Not taking his eyes off the stranger for even a second, Flug stepped back, calling down the hall, “Mr.Black Hat?”

“What is it, doctor?” Came the distant response from Black Hat’s office.

Flug watched the stranger carefully as Black Hat’s voice became heard, and he did not like the way his expression twitched upon hearing him. It was just a momentary slip, but something tells the scientist these two aren’t exactly friends…. “There’s… uh…. someone here to see you….”

“What?” He must’ve poked his head out the door, because his voice was somewhat closer now, and the hint of suspicion in his tone became clear. “Who? I wasn’t aware of any meetings booked.”

“I, um, don’t know who….”

The click of shoes could be heard as Black Hat made his way down the hall, and the stranger stood taller in anticipation, probably oblivious to how fucking smug he looked, Flug figured, frowning.

The first thing Black Hat saw was Flug’s guarded stance, taking immediate notice of how he looked ready to whip out a weapon at a moment’s notice. Wasting no time in striding to the doctor’s side, his suspicious glare turned to the source of Flug’s wariness. “Who–”

His entire body went stiff. The first look on his face was one of utter shock, before twisting into a look of anger, fangs baring in a hostile snarl. “White Hat.”

“How do you do, my friend!” White Hat chirped, tipping his hat again. “It’s been far too lon–”


“…….. Rude.” He commented to himself, face inches from the now-closed door.

“Sir….?” Flug said quietly, more confused than ever. “What was that about….?”

Black Hat was fuming. There was literally smoke swirling around him as he paced back and forth, mumbling to himself. “That… That thing…. has the audacity to show its face around here–! What could it possibly want–!?”

There was a polite little couple of knocks, and the demon looked about ready to laser-vision the door to a crisp. With great disgust in every movement, he actually opened the door, much to Flug’s surprise.

“Hello again!” Came the cheery voice. “Going to actually let me talk this time or–”


“…. Why did you open it again if you were just going to-?” Flug’s cut his question off when more knocks came, and Black Hat held up a finger signalling for him to wait as he turned to open the door once more.

“Did you really just open the door to slam it in my face again?” White Hat questioned, arms crossed and foot tapping, unimpressed.

“Why yes, yes I did.” Black Hat replied with a shit-eating grin. “Far more satisfying the second time, let me tell you.”

“Well.” The second eldritch said, tapping his scepter on the ground and leaning back, returning to that irritatingly smug expression. “If you’re done playing games, I would like to take a gander at some of your fine merchandise.”

“Our merchandise.” Black Hat repeated, skepticism written all over his features.

The doppelganger seemed to anticipate his suspicion. His grin widened. “But of course! You are the best of the best, aren’t you? I would expect nothing less.”

“We don’t sell to heroes.”

Hero? Flug almost couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He was tempted to interrupt, ask for an explanation, but something made him bite his tongue. He wanted to see where this would go.

“Well, it’s a good thing I’m not your typical hero now, then is it?” White Hat went on, persistent. He took a step closer, Black Hat pulling the door inward slightly in suspicious response. “Now, how would it look from a professional standpoint if you turned a customer such as myself, hmm?”

“I have no qualms about turning away such trash, actually.”

“Oh, but I–”


……… ……….. ………..

“What a child….” White Hat commented judgingly under his breath. Once more, he knocked.

Sigh. He’s not going to give up so easily. That much, Black Hat absolutely knew.

“Sir….?” Flug said hesitantly, stepping towards the obviously-frustrated demon glaring at the door. “Shouldn’t we just ignore him now….?”

Black Hat took a deep breath. “……. It’s not that simple.”

There was another knock, and Flug’s boss groaned in frustration.

“Let me guess.” The lighter eldritch said in a flat tone as the door finally opened just a smidge, “More satisfying the third time?”

Immensely so.” Black Hat grinned hatefully from the crack in the door. “Which means you should realize that you are not welcome here.”

Before the demon could close the door one final time, White Hat stopped it with his hand.

“Tut tut, don’t be that way.” White Hat’s voice took on a new level of eerie hostility, as did his face, though both still held their dominantly ‘polite’ tones. He leaned in as close as he could, staring Black Hat directly in the eyes. “I’m being generously civil as of this moment, my dear Black Hat. But I have a limit to my patience too, you know.”

When all he got in response was that mistrustful narrow-of-the-eyes, White Hat’s grin grew impossibly larger. “Just let me in, Blackie.” He continued. “Surely it would be better than the alternative. Our little spats can get so dreadfully tiresome, after all, and surely you wouldn’t want to damage this absolutely wonderful house!” He accented the comment with a wave of his arms, patronizingly admiring the building aesthetic. “I am not leaving until I get what any other customer would get, and if I have to resort to violence, I can’t guarantee that there wouldn’t be any….” His visible eye flicked back to Black Hat. “…. casualties.”

There was a dangerous flash in the darker demon’s eyes. One that almost seemed intent on cutting the other’s throat.

….. But are the repercussions worth it? He certainly doesn’t want to start anything here of all places.

He almost glanced back at Flug, but stopped himself as to not tip off White Hat. The villain bit his tongue in frustration.

“……… You are here to browse our products?” He said finally, voice low and eyes narrowing to slits. “Nothing more?”

“But of course! What more would I possibly need from you?” White Hat chirped, all too happy with himself and twirling his scepter in hand.

“……………. What more, indeed………” Black Hat growled under his breath. Reluctantly, he stepped back and pulled the door all the way open so his counterpart could enter. Aside from Flug’s jaw hitting the floor in shock, the doctor remained deathly silent.

This can’t be good.

“So!” White Hat chirped again, almost bouncing in his tracks as he strode inside like he owned the place. His gaze flicked to every picture, every piece of furniture, every detail he could soak up in as little time as possible. He then clicked a heel and gracefully spun around to face Black Hat and his scientist. “Where might you keep your best products?”

Black Hat snorted. “Have a little patience, will you. I need a word with my employee first.” He added under his breath, “You did come in uninvited after all….” With that, he led Flug down one of their many hallways, leaving White to mingle in the entryway.

Flug’s confusion was ever growing.

“Oookay, Mr.Black Hat….” He whispered as he was being ushered just out of the other demon’s sight, Black Hat glancing around the corner one more time to make sure White stayed put. The lighter eldritch had taken to 'admiring’ one of Black Hat’s self-portraits. Good. Whether or not he knew Black Hat could see out of the image’s eyes was uncertain, but as long as the villain could keep tabs on him, he felt somewhat calmer. “W-What is going on?”

The doctor’s inquiry grabbed his attention. With a frustrated sigh, he faced him. “Look. I cannot explain everything to you right now. But that thing…..” He made a vague gesture in White Hat’s general direction, “Whatever it says it’s here for, it’s not here for that.”

Black Hat caught glimpse from the portrait of White Hat waving at it, indicating awareness of the little 'spying’ trick. The supervillain could only groan again in his annoyance, pinching the bridge of his nose area. “Flug, we must be careful.”

“Are you saying he might attack…?” Flug asked, quirking an eyebrow slightly.

“Ehhh….. I don’t think so……. Not now, at least……” Black Hat grumbled, casting wary glances down the hall. “Not its style to strike right away….. but I want you to have this, just in case.” Reaching into his coat, Black Hat pulled out a pocket-size standard picture of himself and handed it to Flug.

“Charming, but I already have one in my wallet.” Flug joked as he took the photo.

“Just…. Keep it out of sight, but somewhere you can easily pull it out should you need me and I’m for any reason not nearby.” He looked down, and his voice lowered darkly. “I… I would just feel far better if I know I can keep an eye on you…”

Flug was about to make some joke about Black Hat worrying too much, but judging from that look on his face, maybe now wasn’t the best time…. “…. Okay.” The scientist said quietly, slipping the picture into his pocket.

With a slow nod, that seemed to make the demon slightly more at ease. “Good.” Turning again to head back towards that pain in the neck, Black Hat said, “We’d best not keep it waiting. The sooner this is over with, the better…..”

“So this lab of yours…” White Hat chatted as they walked, Black Hat placed firmly between him and the scientist he was speaking to, “… you keep your inventions there?”

“J-Just a small assortment of our better-selling ones, to have handy for customers looking for our best works. Like yourself.” Flug replied, keeping his tone as polite and professional as he could. “Y-You did say you didn’t want anything big, right?”

“Yes yes, just looking for something small and easily portable.” White Hat smiled back. “I’m sure I’ll have a better idea of what I want when I see the selection.”

“Ah, right….”

“And what of you, friend?” The creature chirped, suddenly slinging an arm around Black Hat’s shoulders. “You’ve been awful quiet!”

At the contact, Black Hat went completely rigid for a split second before giving a fierce growl and pushing his arm away. “I have nothing to say to you.” He snarled, “I just want you in and out of here as quickly as pos–”

“Black Hat?”

Demencia’s voice cut through one of the hallway intercoms, quieting the trio. “We’ve got a few customers here demanding to see you. Something about a product you sold them not working properly or malfunctioning or something? I know you usually like to be the one to handle stuff involving company guarantees, sooo…..”

Black Hat was dead silent for a full ten seconds at least. Slowly, he turned to White Hat. “When this day started, we were supposed to get no guests today.” He spoke quietly and suspiciously, eyes narrowing, “Now we have two unexpected visitors  dropping by mere tens of minutes between each other. Why do I have the sneaking feeling that you have something to do with this supposed 'malfunction’?”

Me?” White Hat chided, acting confused. “How am I to know? You’ve never been good with feelings, dear friend.”

At this point Black Hat looked about ready to sever this guy’s head from his body. But before he could get another word in, Demencia spoke up once more. “I’m still here, you know.”

Again, the demon hesitated, eyes locked onto White Hat. “…….”

“You’d best go deal with that.” White Hat smiled, looking ever-so-innocent. “Breaking guarantees on big-name products like yours must be a pretty big deal, after all. I’m sure your fine doctor can assist me on his own.”

It is a big deal. Their products have a 99% success rate. So what are the chances of one failing on the same day White Hat just happens to drop by?

Once again, he hesitated. It would be important to see these unsatisfied customers right away, but…

The villain glanced at Flug warily.

“It’s okay,” He said, playing it off as casual while also very subtly patting his pocket. “I can finish up helping this one. You’d better go sort that out.”

“…………………… Fine.” Black Hat growled reluctantly, stepping back. Casting White Hat a pointed glance, he snapped sharply, “I will be back as soon as possible.” With that, the demon was off in a puff of smoke. He didn’t like this one bit.

Flug watched him go, nodding, then turned his attention to White Hat. Admittedly, with Black Hat suddenly gone, the unease that came with this mystery figure suddenly felt far more apparent, but the doctor at least managed to conceal that well enough. Straightening his back, he gave another polite smile. “Well, my lab’s only a few more doors down. Just follow me.”


“As you can see, we’ve got quite a fine selection to choose from.”

Flug had laid out a series of small, intricately-designed devices on one of the lab tables to display for White Hat. A Liquiflux, disintegration ray, smoke bombs, all sorts of things.  The eldritch had been looking over each one thoughtfully, picking one up, examining it, then placing it down to see another one while Flug described each one.

“I specialize in handrays of sorts, one of our most recent big successes being the gravitational distortion ray…” Flug explained, gesturing to the device in question, “Of course, most of our merchandise is, uh, villain-oriented, b-but I’m sure you could find something for whatever suits y-your needs, and–”

“You’re quite passionate about your work, aren’t you?” White Hat spoke up suddenly as he examined one of the smoke bombs.

“…. U-Um. Yes?” Wouldn’t that be kind of obvious?

“It really shows.” White Hat cast him a fanged grin. “Your inventions are really quite impressive.”

“Ah, t-thank you…”

White Hat looked the doctor up and down. Time to do some reactionary experimenting.

“You really should expand your horizons. It’s a shame all that brilliance is confined to this one little company.”

Flug could feel his muscles tense. He had to fight to keep himself from fidgeting with his fingers. “I-I, um, I like where I’m at. If you, uh, if you wanted to talk about the products–”

“What are you doing after work?”

“….. S-Sir?”

White Hat stepped forward, giving him a devilish grin. “Perhaps you would let me take you out to dinner. We could talk more about science, business, whatever you want… Maybe I could even offer you a position among my own ranks. I would be blessed to have you.” That last part was added with a wink.

Now the scientist felt a spark of annoyance, on top of surprise. Is he serious? What kind of a person just asks something like that out of the blue so randomly?

Flug immediately stepped back in response to White Hat’s advance. “With all due respect, I do not fraternize with customers.”

“But you fraternize with employers, now don’t you?”

At that, the doctor’s whole body stiffened. Eyes narrowing, he took another step back and looked away, gaze falling onto the inventions displayed on the table. “If you are not interested in discussing the merchandise, then I must ask you to get out of my lab.”

White Hat only became more pleased with each passing second. He found he was quite enjoying poking at the doctor’s nerves. “Oh, but I’m very interested in the merchandise. As such, you can’t even imagine how fascinated I must be with the brilliant mind behind it all.”

The demon drew closer, a strange look in his eyes that made Flug feel all that much more uneasy. “Blackie made a smart move, recruiting you.”

When White Hat reached out a hand to lightly feel Flug’s bag, the doctor completely froze. Reacting almost immediately, he batted the other’s arm away in a heartbeat.

Okay. If this guy is anything like Black Hat, Flug knew he wouldn’t stand a chance if this turned into a physical confrontation.

But he knew one invention that might be a saving grace.

“My, my.” White Hat chuckled, voice like silk. “So he has a bit of fire after all.”

White Hat made another move towards him, and Flug reacted as quickly as he possibly could, reaching for the Liquiflux on the table.

Not quick enough.

This creature’s reflexes were lightning fast, and he slammed his hand down on Flug’s before it could reach its target.

“White Hat. Let go of me.” Flug demanded, glaring at the eldritch pinning his arm down. He hoped the other couldn’t smell fear like Black Hat could, nor hear the pounding of his heart as panic started to grip him with icy claws. But most of all, Flug hoped the demon had not noticed his free hand subtly slipping into his pocket and pulling out a small photo.

“Now now, you’re not being reasonable.” White Hat purred with amusement, “I was just having a friendly talk, is all. You were the one reaching for a weapo–”

He halted his statement when he felt knife-like claws gripping his shoulder.

“Weren’t you just leaving, White Hat?” Black Hat’s harsh voice asked, a rhetorical question of course, and with a very strained grin that clearly portrayed his strong desire to tear his counterpart to shreds.

White Hat glanced over his shoulder. Black Hat almost seemed to be shaking with rage. How hilarious.

Now’s not the time to provoke him, though. That can wait till later - this is just a test run, after all.

“Ah, yes.” The lighter demon said, brushing the furious villain’s hand off his shoulder like dust and letting go of Flug in the process, Black Hat immediately positioning himself between them. “In fact, your doctor was just showing me what I should purchase.” He reached for the Liquiflux, exchanging it for a rather large wad of cash that had been concealed in his coat, then handed the money to Black Hat with a grin. “This should be more than enough to suffice.”


Black Hat knocked the money right out of his hand and onto the floor, bristling with rage. “Just get out.

One glance at the scattered bills. One glance at Flug. One glance at Black Hat. “…… As you wish.” He replied smoothly. “Thank you for your services.”

At that, the lighter eldritch finally took his leave. Out the window in a form of cloud-like smoke, mind you. What’s with eldritch demons and the smoke thing?

Black Hat took a long, tense deep breath in, exhaling just as slowly as he tried to keep his rage in check. Very slowly still, he turned to Flug, glancing at his arm. “Did it hurt you?”

“Ah, no– W-Well, I mean, not badly–”

Flug stopped mumbling as his boss carefully took his arm, rolling up the sleeves to see the dark bruises his counterpart left behind. The demon shivered as he again pushed down the urge to completely rage.

“…..Black Hat…..” The scientist said softly, concerned. “….. Who– What exactly was that?”

“………… It’s a long story.” Black Hat growled quietly, eyes narrowing. “They never should have called upon a demon to do a hero’s work.”

Get To Know You

Request: Hey! It’s always cool to find someone new writing on here! Youre doing great. Do you think you could do something with harry hook and a reader who is related to ariel in some way (daughter, niece, it doesnt really matter as long as she’s a mermaid) please? Pirates and mermaids make excellent pairs in my opinion. Love ya. Good luck :)

Pairing: Harry Hook x reader


The sharp chime of the school bell rung out through the hallway announcing that it is now time for classes to begin once more, I gave a light tug to my painted locker and pulled it open. Unlike most of the lockers in the hallway, I had taken the time to decorate the outside of mine, so that I always know exactly which is mine without checking each individual numbers on the doors.

Placing my palm against the cool metal of the locker, I guided my forefinger down the glittered pattern which I drew on. Baby blue and teal glitter swirled it’s way across the left of the panel and scattered into shards of broken shells and stars.

Within minutes, everyone from in the hallways had already vanished off to their next period so that they aren’t noticed as late, but me on the other hand- I had a different plan for the hour.

Pulling a small cloth backpack out of my locker and replaced it with my school bag full of school books, I then pushed the door shut, locking it and proceeded to make my way through the deserted school halls. Footsteps echoed throughout the shallow corridor as if I was being followed so I swiftly turned around the corridor and out a large mahogany door which leads to the backgrounds, in an attempt to lose the company.

Once I was out of the sight of the front classrooms and overlooking teachers, I slung my bag over my shoulder and broke into a sprint down the path, making my way past the hedges and to an opening at the bottom of the field.

The bright Auradon sun shone down against my body as I pulled my bag off my shoulders and laid it on the floor next to me, this was one of my favourite places in the whole of Auradon, a crystal blue lake shimmered in light, slight ripples lapping across the surface from a minuscule stream trickling into the larger body of water. It was hidden by a surrounding of deep green trees, the large branches blanketing across the back half of the lake whilst the rest was blocked off by the school hedges.

I slowly let my body drop to the ground beside the clear, blue lake and laid my head back onto my bag, soaking in the nature around me.

I prefer to be here, in a natural surrounding instead of cooped up in a sweaty classroom with crowds of royals and other fairy tale descendants.

I haven’t always attended Auradon Prep but for the first half of my life, I lived in the ocean with my mother Adella, grandfather Triton and many other Aunts who now have other families of their own.

You see, I’m a mermaid. My mother decided to send me to live with my Aunt Ariel after finding out that I can change from human to mermaid at will.

She told me that I would have a better life in Auradon with other children my age and to achieve a better education here at school, but everything is so different compared to my old life, more people and more confined spaces, less animals and less free time. Everything and anything is scheduled and rushed unlike under the sea where you flow with the tide.

I laid in a peaceful serenity for a few more moments before lightly kicking off my light blue converse, placing it to the side of my bag along with my socks and shirt so that I was now in my pastel ombre’d bikini top and shorts.

I leaned over against the edge of the lake, toes dipping into the cool, fresh water and dipping my forefinger in to trace gentle patterns against the surface, watching as small discarded leaves clung to my finger.

This is where I belong, not in the stuffy castle but out here among nature; the chirping of the birds, the feeling of summer breeze among my light teal hair.

Suddenly I was snapped out of my trance as a twig snapped behind me, causing me to jump and dive straight into the depth of the lake in an attempt to hide from whoever interrupted my peace.

“Come on lass, you know I saw you” A thick accent rung out, muffled slightly from being under the water. Looking down towards where my legs once were, now showing a beautiful pastel blue and teal mermaid tail, small rays of sun illuminated the inside of the lake caused the colour of my scales to shimmer and concentrated rainbows to emit from the clashing of the reflective colours and the sun rays.

I swam deeper into the lake, trying to escape the trespasser but he was very persistent- still sitting beside my bag minutes after I had dived in. Being the nosey mergirl I am, I swam further to the surface and poked the top of my head out to get a good look at the boy who was waiting for my appearance.

He wore a dark red leather pirate coat over the top of a ripped grey shirt and low hanging, worn brown trousers. A black, tri-horned hat was placed atop of his messy brown hair and dark eyeliner surrounded his sea blue eyes but in his left hand, he held a glistening silver hook- Captain Hook’s son from the isle.

“Well, well, well, what have we here? A fish who seems to have lost her way.” A smirk played across his face as mischief glinted in his eyes.

I nervously smiled at him as he helped me out of the water, one arm around my waist and his hook under one of my arms as if we were dancing.

As soon as I was out of the water he placed me down onto the floor. I was about to find somewhere to sit to dry off but he plopped himself down next to me and pulled me close, one arm wrapped around my shoulders, the other he leaned on, supporting his weight. He put his hook under my chin and turned my face so I was looking into his eyes.

“My father used to tell me stories of mermaids when I was younger, telling me about how beautiful they are.” A sad look in his eyes as he remembered the fond memories of his late father, he looked back down into my eyes, “He wasn’t wrong.”

A blush formed on my (skin colour) cheeks, it isn’t every day that someone from the isle compliments you, or well, holds you either, especially someone like Harry.

“You don’t even know me” I murmured, tearing my eyes away from his light blue orbs

“I’d like to know you” I looked back down towards my legs which I hadn’t noticed had reappeared due to the encounter with the enticing pirate.

“The name’s y/n,” I smiled, newly found confidence allowing me to glance back up at Harry
“y/n? That’s a gorgeous name. Suits you” He complimented with a slight smirk creeping along his perfect features

“How did you even get here?” A bright red blush spread across the entirety of my face, as I slowly edged away from the pirate.
“Magic.” He had a devious grin on his flawless face. He quickly stood up and pulled me with him, enclosing me in his muscular arms, our bodies flush against each other. “So, what do you say? Will you let me get to know you?” He leant down and whispered in my ear. My face becoming a darker shade of red, “Sure, I mean, why not?” I nervously laughed, I don’t know what’s happening, I’m usually fine with guys, but he’s different…

anonymous asked:

"Uhm, t-those shorts look t-tight" Analogical please (Virgils Halloween costume maybe?)

Okay, so maybe in hindsight Virgil’s costume is little slutty.

He’s wearing a tight black tank top, short shorts that don’t leave much to imagination, fishnets, and ankle high boots with little heels. Oh, and a witch hat headband.

At least he looks good, aided by a killer smoky eye and dark red lipstick.

Heads turn when he walks into the party. People whisper, some about how he looks trashy, some about how much they want to pin him against a wall and fuck him until he screams.

He finds his friends fairly quickly. Roman’s dressed as Prince Charming, Patton is a cat, and Logan’s dressed as Einstein. They all have different reactions to his costume: Roman whistles, Patton tells him how cute he looks, and Logan blushes really hard.

“You good, Lo?”

“Um… t-those shorts look t-tight.”

Virgil raises an eyebrow and grabs Patton’s wrist to drag him along in a quest for punch.

“Logan thinks you look hot,” Pat says matter-of-fact-ly, pouring himself a cup of (Hawaiian Punch? Kool-aid? It’s hard to tell.) “Before you came over to us, he saw you walking in and his jaw dropped.”

“Should I mess with him?”

Pat gasps and lightly smacks Virgil’s shoulder. “That wouldn’t be very nice, Virge!”


“But yeah, milk this for all it’s worth.”