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things i need in durarara s2:

  • mikado’s mental state getting darker
  • sassy celty
  • lots of kida masaomi
  • more heiwajima sibling interactions
  • shinra discovering memes simon finally selling some russian sushi poor guy
  • more anri as the conscious leader of a legit gang

windblooded  asked:

"Ike. I almost forgot to tell you..." Soren looked mildly embarrassed, but continued regardless. "Happy birthday. I'd thought to bring you a gift, but... er, it's somewhat too heavy for me to physically hand to you. Ettard looked as though it could use some repair, and I thought, perhaps if there was any blade that deserved restoring... It's in with the other weapons," he finished, hands open to show it very clearly wasn't with him. "But it should last you a while longer now."

Soren looking embarrassed was a rare thing indeed, but Soren looking embarrassed and saying he forgot something was like seeing a blue moon rise just as a flock of flying pigs goes by.

“Oh, ha, you had me a bit worried for a minute there, Soren,” Ike let out a brief, somewhat relieved rush of air. He was almost worried something had gone wrong. “Don’t feel bad about that, though, alright? I nearly went the whole day without remembering what today actually was.”

“Wait, too heavy to…?” he trailed off, blinking as he took in his close friend’s words. “You…You restored Ettard, Soren?”

The blade had been custom made, and had served him well during the last war; it had fought alongside the Laguz Alliance, and nearly made it to the tower where Ashera awaited them. But, unlike Ragnell, Ettard could still be broken in the heat of battle. Even if it was foolhardy and stubborn to be a bit…sentimental with a blade during a war, Ike had set the battered weapon aside so that it would not be lost to wear and tear.

For Soren to have spent the time and effort to repair the sword was…quite touching, and meant a great deal to Ike.

“Soren…Thank you. Truly, this is…,” Ike lapses into silence, clasping the sage’s shoulder with an appreciative grip, hoping the action got across where his words failed him in the moment. “You’re a good friend…”


pretty in PUNK haha u thought i was gonna say pretty in pink but i love fall out boy more

i just headcannoned that carlos from wtnv is grown up carlos from the magic school bus and i will fight all of u