i look delightful


Give me more of Keyleth’s rage? Give me more of this uncertain girl destined for leadership who suddenly has a mantel she watched people die for helping her get, who took a weekend trip that spiraled into a ticking time bomb and there’s nothing anyone can do right now but hope. Give me Keyleth who is of the air but finds fire, reaches for it in her desperation and lays waste in her anger. Give me a woman who has seen so much, is jaded and tired and losing her naiveté losing one thing she might have had for a little bit to an undefined deadline. Give me Keyleth of the Air Ashari who is finding faith in something and who will fight for just more time even when she has all the time in the world.

Ed n’ Oz from Gotham again but now with their fancy hats. Still trying to figure out the whole how their faces work.

can Lena Luthor’s storyline be Asami Sato-inspired? not this bs of will-she-won’t-she-turn-evil-because-she’s-a-luthor. 

We already have Lex Luthor as Superman’s archenemy. why not try something new and have Lena Luthor be one of Supergirl’s greatest allies and one of Kara Danvers’ trusted friends

because honestly, a Super and a Luthor working together for the greater good has the potential of being one of the most beautiful things that could happen in the show