i look decent when i try

You don’t just love me on my good days. On my pretty days, when I have makeup on and my hair looks decent. When I’m cheerful and witty and affectionate and feeling well. You love me when no one else possibly could. You love me when I’m pale and hollow, when I haven’t laughed for days and I’ve worn the same pajamas for a week. When I curl up in my little corner of the bed and try not to think about life. When I’m irritable and ugly and bitchy and I yell at you for stupid things. When my hair is greasy and I have bags under my eyes. Those are the times when with great patience and care, you brush my hair behind my ear, kiss my forehead, and tell me,’You’re beautiful and I love you.’ That’s how I know … that’s love. — Breanna

KnB 30 Day Challenge: Day 14 // Most Compatible Duo?

MuraHimu - Himuro: But you have what I desperately want, and you’re trying to throw the game. You’re making me crazy with rage. 

Murasakibara: Get away from me. That’s so annoying. Anyway, I can’t believe you’re crying. I sort of noticed, but I didn’t know you felt this strongly. Actually, this is a first, it’s so annoying I think the opposite, it’s amazing.”



“Okay, that was decent, but I think you guys still need some more training. Do some laps and we can try it again when youre done.”



Wanda takes off first. Fuck laps. And Vision follows her. Then Rhodey is like, nah imma bounce I don’t even need to be here. And Steve just stares at Sam and he shrugs and fucking flies off. BEAUTIFUL. 

I’ve had ~4 cisbians reject me in the last month. Two of them said something along the lines of “Sorry, I like women.” with that little smirk when they say ‘women’. One of them had the fucking nerve to say “I’m not into dick.” One decent one said “I’m not looking to date right now,” and didn’t try to passive aggressively insult me, but of course I knew the real reason.
This is the kind of discrimination trans women face. Especially lesbian trans women.
But of course, TERFs have the gall to deny it, and not only that; no, we have “male privilege” too.
Transmisogynists do not care about women. They care about those they deem “good enough”.

You don’t just love me on my good days. On my pretty days, when I have makeup on and my hair looks decent. When I’m cheerful and witty and affectionate and feeling well. You love me when no one else possibly could. You love me when I’m pale and hollow, when I haven’t laughed for days and I’ve worn the same pajamas for a week. When I curl up in my little corner of the bed and try not to think about life. When I’m irritable and ugly and bitchy and I yell at you for stupid things. When my hair is greasy and I have bags under my eyes. Those are the times when with great patience and care, you brush my hair behind my ear, kiss my forehead, and tell me,’You’re beautiful and I love you.’ That’s how I know … that’s love. — Breanna
—  Daily Tumblr Love Quotes

“There is something very magical about fireworks and sparklers, they instantly fill me with happiness and they bring back so many nostalgic memories. Traditionally every year on the 5th November there are bonfire nights and firework displays around Great Britain and the sky looks the prettiest it’s looked all year. […] I remember trying to do these with my friends and we would always be so thrilled when they came out semi-decent and they went up as our myspace profile photos immediately.”


“I’m glad to be here with you.”

Bigger last panel


Ibushi cries, En has the tissues ready.

Kiss it Better

Favorite screenshots part 2. (2014)

If i was forced to pick an all time favorite shot, the first one, from bioshock infinite: burial at sea would probably be it. Its taken in an inaccessible area, right below where you actually walk around and it has everything i look for in a screenshot. Good memories, an interesting perspective, beautiful graphics, contrasting colors and a bit of mystery. When i flew the camera down here for the first time and saw rapture glowing in the depths, it immediately brought back the feelings i had during the initial decent to rapture, in the first bioshock. Trying to recapture that, was my first priority for this shot. From there, i also wanted to showcase the beautiful architecture and art direction inside rapture. Another thing i like to do when taking a screenshot is to include something, that i think compliments the scene or is an interesting addition. In this pic, its the independence banner, one of raptures core principles. Getting all of these things in a cramped area, without adjusting the fov too high was a challenge, but possible, if i got back into the very corner.

The second shot is of elizabeth, from bioshock infinite. This was taken after you find chen lins body and the lutece twins appear. Once they enter the area, the lights dim (which helps block out the ugly background) and liz makes this concerned face, which perfectly matched her disheveled clothes.

The third one is from deus ex: human revolution. I thought adam looking at this mannequin/puppet kind of goes with one of the themes of the game, which is, augmentations could be another way for organizations to control you. Its almost like adam is wondering if hes exactly the same as what hes looking at. Because of a couch in the way, a portrait aspect ratio is the only way this would work. The one thing i dislike about it though, is that he doesnt cast a shadow. Sadly, nothing could be done about that.

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Stand Up (Nerd Ashton Imagine)

Back Story

High school wasn’t what I had expected. At least not what I expected for myself. I was that unimportant little freshman that walked through the hallways all alone with her head buried in a book. Kids would bump into me in the halls and I would just put my head down and walk away…but I got sick of that fast. I wanted to make a name for myself.  By my sophomore year, I had gathered up the courage to try out for the one sport I was decent at…basketball. To my, and everyone else’s surprise, I actually made the JV team as the starting forward. The varsity jocks still didn’t give me a second look, but I was slowly climbing in the ranks. When I finally got to my senior year, I was like the queen bee. Not the snotty, pink skirt, lip gloss kind, but the letterman jacket and skinny jeans kind. I finally made first string on the varsity team and everyone knew who I was after we won the state championship last year. I was finally a cool kid.


I was walking down the hallway with the rest of the girls’ basketball team and about half of the boys. Zayn Malik, captain and starting point guard for the boys’ team, was on my right. He was cool and everything, but he wasn’t exactly the nicest guy. Everyone knew who he was, but only because they all feared him. Anyone who wasn’t in his clique was always put down either verbally or physically. I always felt bad for the poor kids because I remember what its like to be them, but I couldn’t do anything about it. I had worked so hard to become what I am and I couldn’t jeopardize it.

I started walking faster because my favorite class was next. I absolutely despised Spanish , but i had this massive crush on the boy I sat next to. His name was Ashton and we hadn’t really talked much, but he always seemed to say the right things when we did talk. He wasn’t exactly the cutest guy out there…he wore glasses and his hair was straightened into kind of a fringe thing, but honestly, he was still the cutest thing in the world. He had this stutter that made him that much more adorable to me, but I could never let any of the others know for my sake and his. I sat down at my chair next to the window and Zayn walked in after me and sat down 3 seats back. I glanced up and say Ash with his cute red bandana around his head. I quietly looked down and blushed. What am I doing? Get it together.

“H-hey y/n.” he said softly taking his seat next to me. OH MY GOD.

“Hey Ashton.” I smiled. I could feel Zayn’s eyes burning in to the back of my head as I talked to Ashton. I couldn’t figure out what his deal was lately. He was so clingy. I mean I knew he liked me, but I don’t date jerks.

“Hey Ash, can I ask you something?” I questioned.

“Y-yeah?” He wondered.

“I’m not too good at this past tense stuff, could you maybe help me out like after school or something?” I can’t believe I just did that.

“Um a-are you s-sure you want m-me to help?” he stuttered.

“Of course! You’re like the smartest person in this class!” I assured him.  Did he not want to hang out with me? I was so insecure now. Why would he want to hang out with me anyway, I’m nothing special. I looked up to see that he was blushing at the comment I had just made. God he was so cute when he did that. He quickly nodded his head yes and I was freaking out on the inside.

“Cool,” I said swiftly, “let’s meet at the library after school.” I smiled and walked out as the bell rang.

 I couldn’t contain myself during last period. I just wanted to get out of there to go see Ashton.  Mr. Horan, my English teacher, saw my restlessness and decided to let me go early because I had finished all my work. I quickly thanked him and ran down the hall to my locker. I was consumed with thoughts of Ashton. I mean how cute would he look trying to teach me with his cute brow all furrowed and what not. Oh my gosh he is so cu-. My thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of something slamming against lockers. I turned the corner slowly and came face to face with the back of Zayn’s letterman jacket. Harry and Liam were next to him and they were hitting something…or someone. I was just going to slowly back away until I heard a small cry.

“Please?” It was almost a whisper, but I could make out that it was a boy’s voice and not just any boy.  Ashton. I turned back around praying that I wasn’t right. I had to be hearing things. I walked up behind Zayn and I could see the familiar bandana on the floor next to a pair of broken glasses and I knew I was right. I didn’t care about my reputation anymore. They only thing I cared about was Ashton.

“What the fuck is going on here?!” I screamed not realizing I had even spoken. All the boys turned to look at me, including Ashton. He was beaten pretty badly and I could see that his left eye was beginning to swell shut.

“Ah y/n, just the girl we’ve been looking for.” Zayn said and I wanted to smack the smirk of his god damn face. “This little shit claims that you two have a study date this afternoon,” Zayn continues, “and I was just reminding him that he should stay within his social ranks.” Zayn and his goons began laughing hysterically while Ashton just lied there. I had to help him.

“Are you fucking dense or something?! I can hang out with whoever I want and that is none of your business!” I was hysterical by this point and I think I was actually scaring them. “Ashton happens to be the sweetest, smartest, most amazing boy I ever met and if you three want your balls intact for the big game tomorrow then I suggest you make yourself scarce!” They looked at me with fearful eyes because they knew I don’t fuck around when I’m pissed. They quickly removed themselves from the scene and I bent down by Ashton. He was slumped over in the ground in pain and I had to lift him up and get him to my car before the bell rang.

“Ashton I am so sorry, this is all my fault.” I didn’t even realize I was crying until I felt the all too familiar sting of water running down my face. “If I hadn’t asked you to hang out then you would be fine.” We made it to my car just before the bell rang. I was pulling him into the passenger seat when he finally spoke.

“Its n-not your fault those g-guys are d-dicks.” He chuckled weakly. I smiled at him and grabbed his hand. He was bleeding pretty badly out of his nose and I decided that I would take him to my house since it was closer. We pulled into the empty driveway and I realized that my mom wouldn’t be home for a few hours yet. Thank God. I didn’t want her asking why the first boy I brought home looked like he just got hit by a car. I sat Ashton down on the couch and went to the kitchen to grab some frozen peas for his eye and the first aid kit for some of the cuts.

“You’re a g-good nurse.” He laughed softly. “You didn’t h-have to help me b-back there.” He looked up at me with one hazel eye. I could tell he was trying to make me feel better about the fact that he got beat up because of me.

“So you would rather me have left you there and you could die from internal bleeding?” I remarked sarcastically.

“Well no,” he chuckled, “Someone w-would have c-come along eventually.” He hissed when I dabbed the alcohol on the cut on his eyebrow. “But I am glad that you are the one who is helping me.” He added.

“And why is that?” I was gaining confidence as was he. His stutter began to disappear as he got more comfortable.

“That means I get to spend more time with you.” Oh my god. He did not just say that. He was blushing almost as hard as I was at this point. Its now or never.

“Ash, can I ask you something?” I was still putting rubbing alcohol on his other cuts and he would wince in pain every so often.

“Shoot.” He said. He has this new found assurance in himself that was making me go weak at the knees.

“Would it be weird if I kissed you?” Here we go. No turning back now. With that he leaned in slowly. I was trying to be careful not to hurt the cut he had on his lower lip, but  he didn’t seem to care. I started to take off his shirt when he stopped me.

“Woah there,” he smiled, “a little eager are we?” He was a completely new Ashton. Confident and sexy and I didn’t know what to do with it. I decided to play it cool.

“Actually, I was going to look at the bruises on your chest and stomach,” I retorted. He looked a little embarrassed at his assumption so I quickly pulled his lips back to mine and slid my hands down his torso. “But whatever floats your boat baby.” Wow, that sounded a lot cooler in my head. I laughed at my dorkiness and he chuckled softly. I pulled away from his lips and he groaned at the loss of contact and tried to pull me back. “I have to fix your face!” I giggled and he leaned back with a look of disappointment on his face. “Just think, the faster I clean you up, the faster we can get back to this.” I said as I placed a small peck on his lips. He surrendered and I continued to clean him up, and I know we were both looking forward to when I was done. 

Part 2? message me i you want one :)

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speakforthepengiuns  asked:

The idolized Kanan UR side story makes me thirsty for "Mari getting lost and Kanan trying to find her" headcanons. Is that a thing that can even be headcannoned?

I havent read the UR story but u bet ur sweet bippy I’ll try n headcanon this anyway

  • Mari often has difficulty concentrating, especially when there’s a ton around her to keep her distracted. This tends to bring up issues whenever she and Kanan go to the mall bc it has near endless things for Mari to look at. 
  • Like one second Mari is fawning over a new purse and the next she’s across the entire mall in the perfume store. Kanan doesn’t know how her gf does it, but she suspects teleportation.
  • Kanan gets crazy stressed when she takes Mari to the mall because if she doesn’t have eagle eyes on that girl, she will lose her in the plethora of department stores. Kanan’s worst enemy is the three-story clothes store that is built like a literal maze. 
  • The first time Kanan loses Mari in The Maze, she panics for like five minutes straight. She has a hand on one of the railings, and she’s wheezing like an actual grandma. Some of the store clerks come up to her like “are you okay???” but Kanan simply puts and hand up and then stumbles into the clothes forest in search of her lost gf.
  • Kanan will go to lost child services if she can’t find Mari in under 20 minutes. 
  • Mari gets highkey embarrassed when she hears her name on the mall’s speakers because she knows she has to take the walk of shame right up to that child services booth and suffer under the stares of people who realize Mari is a grown ass teenager and not a four year old child.  
  • When they pass children’s/baby stores, Kanan always considers buying one of those child leashes because it would save her a lot of anxiety.
  • Though their mall visits are always stressful (for Kanan), Mari makes up for it every time. As soon as they get home, Mari pulls out a small gift from her purse. A part of the reason why she runs around so frantically is bc she wants to find a good gift to thank Kanan for taking her. She never tells Kanan the truth 

Roaming the aspen plains on tank cleaning day. Vanilla hates going in The Box (a.k.a. the Kritter Keeper) when I clean, but she loves being able to find all her hidden food stashes before I take her out, haha.

I ended up switching her to Carefresh for now, since it looks like Petco actually discontinued their aspen and paper bedding which sucks. The bags were the perfect size - not ridiculously huge and not too small to fill her tank. I’m not really a fan of the Carefresh, and Vanilla doesn’t seem to like it much, either, since she didn’t run around all crazy and excited like she always does when I put her back in. Guess I’ll try and find some regular aspen in a decent sized bag somewhere!

so, you’re a simple rper who’s a little confused as to how to find decent pictures and inspiration when muse blogs just don’t have that infinite feel you desire. well, buddy, look no further, as there’s been a wonderful source right at your fingertips all this time!! yes, my friend, the beautiful world of pinterest is waiting just beyond that silly belief that it’s just for moms trying diy and twelve year olds making wedding boards. under the cut, you’ll find a simple “guide” on how to enter the promised land.

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Kobra Kid Helmet Tutorial

i was asked by blueisthecolorofthedeadshota on how and what i used to make my kobra kid helmet so i tried to make a relatively decent guide to helping in your creation. definitely feel free to edit my methods and try new things to suit you and maybe your budget as well. sorry this gets long!
so the first thing you’re going to want is to find a helmet that is going to make for a good base for you to work on. preferably when you’re looking for the right helmet, i wouldn’t spend more than $40 on one because you’re not actually using it for riding purposes so definitely take your time when looking and keep in mind how much you want to spend. i spent $35 on a helmet because it was the right shape and it was in very good condition (and also local). i would recommend looking at garage sales or thrift stores – or if you have an “online garage sale” group locally on facebook that’s even better because that’s where i found mine.

my helmet started like this (in total riding condition with rain-proof enamel and everything):

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