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Samuel || School Mates

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Genre: Fluff

Note: F/N stands for (Friend’s Name) so you can use your irl friend’s name or just come up with a random name for your friend in the story, whichever works best for you! ^^

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“Y/N, are you ready for the first day of school?” Your best friend asks you in excitement. You yawn, covering your mouth with your hand as you tried to keep your eyes open as you guys continued walking down the sidewalk.

“Nope, not at all.” You reply to her. She laughed and jumped in front of you, making you jump back in surprise.

“Oh come on, Y/N! Today’s gonna be a fun day! And besides, I made a few new friends over the summer and they just transferred here at this school! I can’t wait for you to meet them!”

You roll your eyes, growing a bit annoyed. “Cool. More friends for you, less attention I get from you.” You stated, stretching your arms out wide as you yawned again.

She scoffed, crossing her arms with an offended look on her face. “Stop being such a party pooper.” She looked ahead of you guys, the tall school building coming into view. “Now come on, I need to introduce you to them!” She exclaims before she grabs your arm, dragging you into the school building.

“Excuse me, coming through. Make way!” Your friend shouted as you and her ran past everyone in the school hallway, bumping into some students before you two stopped in front of your assigned lockers, which were right next to each other’s. She took out a piece of paper, which had her new locker number written on it, and followed the code as she turned and twisted the lock before it popped open. Your friend quickly took her books out of her bag before shoving them in her locker and slamming it shut.

She turned to you, the widest smile present on her face. “Meet me at lunch at the farthest table away from the entrance when your 4th period is over.”

You raise an eyebrow, curious at this sudden request of hers. “Why?”

She rolls her eyes at your question. “So you can meet my new friends, duh!” The bell rings, signaling that 1st period is just about to start shortly. “I’ll see you then, okay, Y/N?” She says before running off the opposite direction, waving at you. You wave back before you quickly take your books out of your bag and stuff your bag in your locker and slam it shut.

‘This is going to be a loooong first day.’ You thought to yourself before walking off to your 1st class of the day.

After your first 4 class periods, you made your way to the cafeteria. Now’s the time you have to be introduced to your best friend’s newest friends that she’s made. Usually every time she has new friends, it’s always a group of guys that are a year older than you two and leave her after a week. Hopefully these guys are different than the rest.

You step foot inside the cafeteria hesitantly, looking around the whole room, trying to spot your best friend.

“Y/N! Over here!” You hear your friend’s voice calling from the side. You turn your head to see your friend waving her hand at you. You also saw a group of boys sitting next to her, their heads all turned to look at you. You felt your stomach churn and your cheeks turn warm. This usually always happens when your friend has guys surrounding her. You’ve never been used to talking to guys, especially cute ones like them.

You slowly approach their table, setting your bag down on the floor and noticing that the only seat that isn’t taken is by a small, chubby looking boy. “U-uh, may I sit here?” You ask the boy. He just gives you a small smile and nods his head frantically. You take a seat next to him and stare at your friend, who’s currently conversing with a brown haired boy.

“So, Jinyoung, what’s your favorite subject in school?” Your friend asks the boy, who you’re guessing his name is Jinyoung. You silently roll your eyes at your friend’s conversation starter, but became surprised knowing that the Jinyoung guy actually replied to her with a bright smile on his face.

“Well, I love history, science, reading, just anything, actually!” Jinyoung exclaimed, showing off his pearly white smile. Your best friend blushed as her and Jinyoung continued talking about the most randomest things that they could come up with.

You ate your food in silence, not wanting to talk to anyone at this table since you think you’re too awkward to do so. That is until you feel a light tap on your shoulder. You turn around, coming face-to-face with an unfamiliar dark haired boy.

“Hey, is this seat taken?” The boy asks you, pointing to the seat next to you that the chubby boy was sitting at, thought you don’t know where he went off to since you weren’t exactly paying any attention to him anyway.

“No, it’s not. You can sit down if you’d like.” You say to him. He smiles and says “Awesome” before wrapping his backpack around the shoulders of his chair and scoots in closer to the table.

You eye him from the side, hoping to not make it noticeable that you’re staring at him. ‘He’s kind of….cute.’ You mentally slap yourself for thinking that. You’ve never thought that about anyone, which is why you’re currently hating yourself for thinking like that about the random boy.

Unfortunately, the boy catches you staring. He gives you a smile before saying something. You couldn’t hear anything that he was saying, though. You were too immersed in how cute he is. His cute nose, his dark brown eyes, his dark hair, his tan skin. You were intrigued by this guy’s image, you didn’t notice him waving his hand in front of you. You shake your head out of trance before he chuckles.

“I’m sorry what?” You ask him dumbfoundedly.

“I asked you what’s your name?” He restates his question with a small smirk plastered on his face. You blush, rubbing your arm up and down before telling him your name.

“Hi, Y/N. I’m Samuel. I’m one of F/N’s friends. I’m guessing you’re her best friend? She’s told me and the guys lots of stories about you and how much you hate the male species.” He says. This made your face turn red.

“U-uh, I didn’t mean it like that! I just meant-”

Samuel continued chuckling, making you shrink in place from embarrassment. Samuel noticed how red your face is and gave you another small smile. “Hey, don’t be embarrassed. I think it’s cute. Your hate for guys. I mean, not all of us are bad. At least not me.” He let out another chuckle before taking a sip of his juice. “It looks like F/N’s being too occupied with Jinyoung.” Samuel says, nodding head towards your friend and Jinyoung, who are currently admiring each other with their hands placed on their chins. You thought they were cute, but Samuel had a sour look on his face.

“It’s pretty gross to see since Jinyoung has never dated anyone before.” He says before turning to look at you again. “Would you like to go somewhere else? 5th period doesn’t start for another 10 minutes or so.” Samuel asks you before standing up, nodding his head towards the exit doors of the cafeteria.

“O-oh… okay.” You mutter out, your cheeks turning pink before you followed Samuel out of the cafeteria.

You and Samuel walked side by side in the hallways, your feet dragging against the tile floor. The floors were wet since the janitor was wiping the floor, which made you lose your balance. You felt yourself topple, letting out a small yelp before you landed in a pair of arms. You looked up, widening your eyes as you were close to Samuel’s face. You got lost in his dark brown eyes as you looked up at him.

“A-are you okay, Y/N?” Samuel asks you.

“O-oh! Yeah, I’m fine, um.” You quickly stand up, getting out of Samuel’s grasp as you stood up straight, brushing yourself off. “Thanks for helping me. I’m pretty clumsy, heh.” You say in embarrassment, wanting to just die for being stupid enough to not read the ‘Caution: Wet Floor’ sign that was right in front of you as you were walking.

“Be careful next time. I don’t want you getting hurt.” Samuel said out of worry, which made your heart pound hard against your chest. ‘He’s so caring and sweet, he’s so cute.’ You thought to yourself, blushing at the thought. ‘Ugh, thanks a lot F/N for making me feel this way.’

“I think we should get back to the cafeteria.” Samuel suggested, scratching the back of his neck. You turn to look at him, feeling a bit sad that you and him couldn’t stay out here alone together for a little longer, but you knew that class was about to start soon and students aren’t allowed to be outside of the cafeteria in the first place.

“Yeah, we should.” You reply back with a simple nod. You and Samuel made your guys’s way to the cafeteria, walking back to the table where the others are at.

“Where were you guys?” F/N asks you, wiggling her eyebrows up and down. You and Samuel both blushed, picking with your sleeve, biting your lip before Samuel replies.

“Y/N and I were just taking a small walk in the hallway. Is there something wrong?” Samuel says to F/N in a bit of a rude tone, which surprised not only her, but you and the rest of the boys who sat at the table. F/N shook her head.

“Nope, there’s nothing wrong with that at all.” She says in defense. Samuel grins and says “Good” before sliding his hand from underneath the table. He takes your hand in his, which makes you jump a bit. He intertwines your fingers together, making you stare at your intertwined hands and back up at him.

He looks at you, giving you a smile and a wink, which makes you blush. You and Samuel could feel your hearts pounding against your chests.

‘This is going to be a good year.’ You and Samuel both thought to yourselves.

Here it is!

(behold my awesome editing skills to hide my potato face!)

But yea! Here it is! The jedi costume I made with my dad for my last day of high school (aka Penkkarit) a wee tradition in Finland! I still need to buy nice long boots for this costume.

I’m so proud of my dad! He is on sick leave at the moment and had so much spare time to create this costume with me! AND IT ONLY TOOK ABOUT 6 HOURS IN TOTAL HE’S SO AMAZING!

I like the robe the most. It’s big and the hood is amazing! Dad made nice shoulders on it too (sadly it can’t be seen on the pic) and the lightsaber is actually about +10 years old! Vintage ftw! 

Whaddaya think guys? :D

I was gonna draw something else tonight but then a picture of these nerds in Errand of Mercy crossed my dash and this…. happened. I gotta say, Kirk actually looked fabulous in this episode, but Spock’s outfit was a goddamn collection of bad fashion choices. Jeeze Spock, next time just take Kirk’s example and keep it simple. 


♛ !!!


“What are you reading so passionately?”

“Oh, this?” the boy looks at the pile of of books he’s surrounded, and continues, “I’m just studying for my next week’s exam. I enrolled here in the middle of the year, so I’m a little behind everyone else. I want to be prepared –”

Castiel nods again, and the boy keeps talking but it doesn’t register, as Castiel’s attention is on the boy’s lips. He knows it sounds like a cliché, but he has never seen lips this perfect. Castiel is lost on those lips – it’s just him and them.

After a while, Castiel notices that the lips have stopped moving, and the boy is now looking at him questioningly. Castiel comes down from his happy place with a crash, and blushes in embarrassment.

“Oh, uh.. I apologize”, Castiel apologizes with a shy smile. The boy smiles back at him, face equally red. “It’s okay”, he says.

FINALLY the first chapter of Nothing Compares To You is on AO3! don’t kill me if it sucks haha

also i just now noticed that i didn’t draw dean surrounded by books like i described in the text, but i’m not gonna because i don’t wanna prolong posting this thing any further than i already have

i also wish that the illustrations i do for this thing are done with more time, not like … done in an hour haha

pls don’t egg me or my apartment *hides*


Someone asked me once if there was Burgerpants and Nice cream guy in weeabootale. I said yes, but I never showed them. Well here they are.



Catty and Bratty:

btw Catty is still chubby, huh. I failed the drawing, that’s why she looks skinny here. sorry about this xD

Also, they’re both gay together. But they didn’t say it officially. In japan (as far as I know????) idols don’t say about their relationship. If I’ve understood well, they hide this to look single for the fans…. Or to protect their loved one from the creepy and insane fangirls? Idk xD

Well, it works like this in weeabootale. They’re weebs after all. They “”“"try”“”“ to act and be japanese , y'know.

I finally finished drawing every characters from that joke AU so expect me to post more :)

….. except if I’m too lazy. Honk honk.