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shh don’t tell anyone she’s reading on the job when she should be learning the dewey decimal system 

Is That Yours. (SR)


can you write something about the reader and Reid are dating and they both work at the bau. The reader steals one of his shirts and wears it to work or something and the team notices. Thank you! :)

Warnings: None 

Being a woman could be a pain, but especially when you were bloated. The annoyance always hindered my self-confidence making me what to wear a larger shirt that usual so absolutely nothing stuck to me. 

Spencer and I woke up at the usual time we do every morning. “Good morning love.” He said rolling over kissing the top of my forehead. I grumbled and tossed over not wanting to get up yet. “Love you need to get up. We’ll be late for work.” He said brushing hair off my neck. “Five minutes.” I mumbled pushing my head into the pillow. “Y/N you know you won’t get up in five minutes, you might as well just get up now and wake up some.” He said placing a heated cup on my arm. “Come one Spence, get that off of me.” I said bumping the liquids making it wash over me. I shot up and pushed the covers back hopefully not getting any coffee on the blankets. “Spencer.” I said groaning. I looked over at him biting his lip, blushing with embarrassment. “I’m sorry.” He whispered softly, looking down at the cups. I sighed and closed my eyes, “No Spencer I’m sorry, I bumped into you.” I said taking a deep breath. I got out of bed feeling the now cooled liquid run down my skin. “I need a shower, I’ll be out in a few. Just relax.” I said going to the bathroom, turning on the water to heat up. 

Usually I took the showers at night and Spencer took the showers in the morning, but since this event it allowed us both to shower making both of us late. I quickly jumped out of the shower and placed a towel around my chest, tucking it in so it’d stay. “The shower is yours Spence, we need to hurry though.” I said rushing to my makeup vanity placing mascara on my lashes quickly. I walked into our shared closet and looked for a pencil skirt. I grabbed the black one that complemented my body (even if I were bloated). I looked around on the floor noticing Spencer’s light blue shirt laying beside the bed. I smiled and placed it on my body buttoning up the front. I then pulled the pencil skirt over my legs, tucking it in the skirt. I quickly brushed back my hair into a sleek ponytail. “Well you look beautiful.” I heard Spencer say from behind me. I smiled and paced over to him kissing his cheek. “Thanks dove, now hurry and get dressed.” I said patting his bottom through the towel. He tucked his face into my neck, “Is this my shirt? It smells like it.” He said smelling the collar of the shirt noticing the sweet smell of his cologne and coffee mixed on the shirt. I shrugged my elbows knowingly, “i don’t know, is it?” I asked giggling. “Spencer we need to hurry.” I said whining. He put his hands up in defense and walked over to the closet. “Fine, fine. Go wait in the car. It’ll only take me five minutes and twenty seconds.” He explained. I laughed and shook my head. “You better hurry!”

We made it to the BAU just in time for us to do our usual routine of, me going in ten minutes later than Spencer. Everybody would believe if I were late, not Spencer. I waited out in the car for ten minutes then started to head towards the door with my purse. I pulled out my badge and placed it in the scanner allowing me in the building. I walked to the receptionist and showed her my badge allowing her to let me in. I finally made it on the elevator pressing the button to take me up. “And here is the sexy mama.” I heard Derek say as I entered the ‘Round Table Room’. “Sorry I’m late.” I said giving a small smile to Hotch. He nodded and turned back to JJ allowing her to continue. I shot a small smile over to Spencer and then opened the case file. 

As I was listening I slowly saw Derek lean in next to me. I looked over at him and tilted my head to the side. “Why do you smell like pretty boy?” He asked in a whisper. I blushed and looked down. “Alright, I see.” He said giggling. I silently groaned to myself and sighed. I saw Spencer looking over at me confused when Hotch dismissed us. “So pretty boy is getting some of sexy mama.” He said winking and pulling us in against him. “Derek keep your voice down.” I said annoyed. “Oh come on pretty lady, don’t you think we haven’t noticed things that don’t match up?” He said bumping his hips with ours. “What’s going on?” I heard JJ say from behind. “Oh nothing, just pretty ricky has a girlfriend.” I blushed and got out of his grasp seeing JJ smile widely. “What?” I heard Penelope say from beside her. “Oh for fuck’s sake why don’t we just announce this on T.V. why don’t we.” I said looking at Spencer seeing his cheeks tinted in a dark rose hue. “Yes, we are together. I love him he loves me. Can we get on with our lives now?” I said slipping beside Spencer intertwining our hands. Everybody that was around for the attraction laughed and dispersed, I looked at Spencer and rolled my eyes, “At least we don’t have to hide anymore.” I said kissing his cheek, discreetly. I heard whistles from Derek making me pull away and roll my eyes. I walked to my desk and I glanced up to see Emily walk in, “What’d I miss?”   

A Wild Night in Vegas -- Part 9

Okay. Well. @outlandishchridhe and I said it would be a while before we’d post a new chapter. We might have fibbed a little. Cause well, here’s a new chapter. We used plotting as a reward for getting homework done, which we totally did. And we had far, FAR too much fun plotting and writing this chapter.

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Fraser Bairn Wach: Month 3

Jamie put the finishing touches on the quinoa salad as the door unlocked. Claire hung her keys up and dropped her bag on the floor.

“Why is it so bloody hot here?” she asked, heading to the refrigerator for a bottle of cold water.

While she took a long drink, he went to her bag and pulled out the plastic bag of wet washcloths to rinse and return to the freezer. Claire already had the extra out and pressed against her neck.

“Because it’s July in the desert, Sassenach,” he said with a laugh. “Did ye drink enough water?”

“I did, I promise. What did you make?”

Setting the bowl on the table, he stuck the serving spoon into it and took a deep breath.

“Weel, it’s a quinoa salad wi’ cucumbers and chickpeas, and a light yogurt dill dressing on the side, to use as ye like.”

“That sounds amazing. And it’s cool, oh I do love you Jamie.”

He gave her a soft kiss on her cheek and smiled as she picked up a slice of cucumber from the cutting board. It was true, what they said. Women had a particular glow about them when they were pregnant and his wife was no different.

Claire had gotten through the first couple months of her pregnancy pretty much unscathed as far as morning sickness was concerned. She had heard the horror stories of mornings filled with vomiting and not being able to eat and thought she had made it past the point that it would affect her. She thought that. But sadly, she was wrong.

It came on all of a sudden. Just one bite of the cucumber. One minute she was fine, the next, she was sprinting down the short hallway and into the bathroom to release the food she had just put into her mouth. Jamie, who had been startled from his dinner preparation by her sudden departure, heard the retching coming from behind the closed door and knocked tentatively.

“Sassenach? Are ye alright?”

He heard her gasp before she answered. 

“Yes, I’m fine. Don’t come in! I don’t want you to see this.”

The water came on and he listened while she brushed her teeth. A moment later, she came out, her face still a little flushed.

“Are ye sure you’re alright, Sassenach?”

“Yes, I’m just fine. I’m perfectly alright now. Though, I think I might not be able to make myself eat the cucumbers in the salad…”

“Dinna fash. I’ll pick them out for ye and eat them myself. I made them big chunks, aye?”

She filled a glass with water and began to drink it while he fixed her a bowl without cucumbers. The rest of the evening was uneventful. They snuggled in bed, though he was hesitant to let it go further than that.

In the morning, he set aside a portion of the leftovers from the previous night for Claire’s lunch, taking care to pick out the cucumbers. Then he started getting together a small breakfast for her, knowing she had a very full day between her classes and work. He’d just buttered some toast and set it on a plate when she came out of the bedroom.

“Morning,” she said, grinning at him.

“Morning, mo nighean donn. Are ye hungry?”


Steering her away from the plate of eggs he’d fixed, he sat her down at the table.

“We’ll no’ see each other all day and I’ll probably be late wi’ work tonight. Let me feed ye properly, at least.”

Rolling her eyes, she folded her arms and waited. Finished, he filled her plate with the eggs and toast. She took one big bite of the perfectly cooked eggs and her hand went to her mouth. Immediately, he knew she would bolt to the bathroom again by the look on her face. This time he followed her in.

While she gripped the sides of the toilet, he held her hair back and out of her face until she finished retching. The sound of it had him worrying that something was wrong with the bairn. Finally, it was over. She sat back and slumped against the wall, her face covered in sweat.

“Are ye alright?”

“I am now.”

“Do we need to call your doctor? I’m gettin’ worried.”

Shaking her head, she closed her eyes and leaned against the wall.

“Unfortunately, this is completely normal,” she sighed, wiping her mouth and taking his outstretched hand to stand up. “Completely normal. It’s just morning sickness.”

“That doesna really explain you being sick last night though.”

“Well, they call it morning sickness, but really it happens all the time. It can happen any time of day and all through the pregnancy, although I’m really hoping our little one here doesn’t keep making me sick or it’ll be a long 6 months to go.” She smiled as she said this, caressing her very, very small bump. She would throw up every day, and gladly, as long as the baby was safe.

Jamie rubbed her back gently, still worried.

“And you’ll be alright at school? And work?”

“Honestly, I feel perfectly alright now. I’ll take it as easy as I can, I promise. But I’ll be fine.”

She brushed her teeth again and followed him back out. Opting for a bowl of cereal instead of the eggs, she finished and grabbed her lunch bag.

“What’d you pack me today?”

“Leftovers from last night. Wi’out the cucumbers. Picked them all out myself.”

“Such a gentleman you are.”

With a deep bow, he gave her hand a kiss.

“Lord Midnight the Blue, at your service, my lady.”

“I’ll see you tonight, my lord. Try not to break yourself at work?”

“Ye ken I fight the dark forces of Merlin. Sometimes that involves taking a blow. But I’ve got a fine lady of medicine waiting for me at home who’ll tend to my wounds.”

Car keys in hand, she smirked from the doorway.

“Just make sure to sneak her out the back door before I see her.”

He let out a hearty laugh as she left.

Thankfully his show had gone well and he hadn’t left with new injuries. Claire would be pleased. As he pulled out of the employee parking lot, he thought about her struggles with the pregnancy sickness. With a stroke of inspiration, he drove to a grocery store and bought her three red roses.

At home, Claire was bustling around the kitchen.

“You’re home!”

“Aye, I am. Sorry I’m late.”

“It’s alright. You’re here now. Hungry?”

With the roses in one hand, he wrapped his arms around her, presenting the flowers with a flourish.

“Starved. But I’ve a wee gift for ye first.”

“Oh Jamie! What’s the occasion?”

“Weel, I figure you’re about three months gone now, aye? Three roses for three months. I canna do the work for ye or take this sickness for ye, but I can bring ye something to say thank you.”

Turning around in his arms, she put her own around his neck and blinked back the tears.

“I think that’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever done for me. I didn’t think you’d kept such close track.”

“Of course I have, mo nighean donn,” he said, hand over the nearly invisible swell. “This is my child too. I want to keep track of how our bairn’s progress is doing. And to say I love ye more and more every day.”

“I love you too, Jamie.”

Claire set the table and served them both dinner. They ate happily while she regaled him with details from her day, both school and work. Admittedly, he didn’t understand most of the things she said about her classes, but she was happy. That was all he ever wanted.

Dishes in the sink, they cuddled on the couch for a little while. The three red roses sat in a vase on the end table where Claire had put them.

“Ye ken what day it is, Sassenach?”


He tried to keep his smile down, but he couldn’t. Monday was easily his favorite day of the week for one very good reason.

“Ye ken how ye let me take a photograph of yer wee belly on Mondays?”

Heaving a sigh, she slowly stood and started to walk towards the wall he liked to take the picture against.

“Honestly Jamie, I’m not even showing yet. At most, it looks like I’ve a food baby that’s settled there. I don’t know why you want a picture of it. I just look bloated.”

“I want a picture,” he said, turning her slightly after she pulled her shirt up to reveal her belly to him. “Because I want to watch you and the bairn grow.” He kissed her softly then pulled away.

“I want a picture because my beautiful wife is pregnant and glowing with our wee babe inside her.”

“I’m glowing because my skin is so oily and it’s shining in this light,” she retorted, though she smiled at him when he pointed his phone in her direction, unable to keep her hand from touching her near-flat belly.

“Take yer hand off there, Sassenach. I want to see the belly.” He smirked at her over the top of his phone and took another few pictures. She rolled her eyes at him and stuck her tongue out, but let him do as he pleased. Whether she would admit it or not, she also wanted to see her body grow and change, the subtle swell of her belly get larger with their child.

“And ye are glowing. It’s not just yer face, yer whole body seems more alight. Ye look completely beautiful. It’s not just the look of ye either, ken? There’s something all around ye now. I canna explain it, but it’s there.”

He leaned down and took her lips against his, her face shocked but pleased at his assessment of her.

“I do love you something fierce, Jamie Fraser,” she whispered to him between kisses.

“I love you, too, mo nighean donn. Come on. Let’s go to bed.”

About a week later, Jamie was just getting things out to start on dinner when Claire suddenly pushed back from her desk. She’d been studying for an exam all afternoon on her day off and he’d been trying to give her space. He’d been taking careful note about what different foods set off her nausea and had avoided using them at all costs.

Pulling the refrigerator door open roughly, she began digging through the drawers, muttering to herself.

“How do we have no cucumbers in this whole bloody apartment?!”

Frowning, he opened a jar and set it on the counter.

“Cucumber? The last time ye had any, it left ye puking yer guts out! I havena bought any in a week.”

She stood up and closed the door. He glanced at her just in time to see the tears welling in her eyes. Her bottom lip began to tremble as a red flush started up her neck. When her mouth opened, he thought she might yell. What happened was much, much worse.

“I just… Wanted… B-bloody cucumber…”

Then the dam broke and she shook with intense sobs. For a moment, he stood there in complete shock. His mouth hung open while she wept in the middle of the kitchen. He rushed to her and pulled her close, trying to find a way to soothe her.

“Hush lass, dinna cry. If ye want a cucumber, I’ll go and fetch ye one. Dinna cry, mo nighean donn. I’ll fetch ye a whole bushel if ye wish.”

Slowly, her head came up from his chest, her blue eyes amazingly bright from her tears.

“W-would y-you?” she stammered between hiccups.

“Aye, lass. I’ll go right now.”

“Th-thank you, Jamie.”

Considering her emotional state, he bought as many cucumbers as he could fit in the produce bag at the grocery store.

She was on the couch when he got home, no longer crying, thank God. She looked a little sheepish but, as soon as she saw him, she hopped to her feet and began reaching for the bag.

“No, no, a nighean. Let me wash one for ye first.”

He rinsed and brushed a large cucumber off before turning to the cutting board. Claire stood directly behind him, eyes on the vegetable.

“Christ!” he yelped, moving back. “I didna even hear ye get off the couch!”

Her eyes darted from him to the cucumber and back. When she licked her lips, he nearly threw it at her for fear of losing his own fingers.

“Here! Take the damn thing!”

She held it, staring down at it for a moment. Quickly, she picked up the knife Jamie had been about to use and chopped one end off before taking a huge bite. It wasn’t until she’d swallowed the bite that she looked up and met his eyes.

“I’m sorry, Jamie. These hormones are… I don’t even know what to do with myself. I didn’t mean to start crying like that. I’m sorry I frightened you.”

“Dinna fash, lass. Ye didna frighten me. I worried I’d been an arse somehow and hurt ye. If I’d kent ye wanted them, I’d have bought them at the store today.”

“I know, and I didn’t know I wanted them until I got up from the desk. I promise, it wasn’t you at all. Thank you for getting some. It’s quite good.”

Cupping her face in one hand, he smiled fondly at her.

“All I want is for ye to be happy. If ye need me to get ye cucumbers in the middle of the night, I’ll find some way to make it happen.”

She looked up at him seriously for a moment.

“I want you to be happy too. I feel like sometimes… I feel quite selfish. You do all these things for me and…”

Jamie cut her off with a long, slow kiss. He rested his forehead against hers and waited until she met his gaze.

“Ye do plenty for me, Claire. You come home after long days and make us dinner, you always ken when I need ye, when I’m hurting after work and yer willing to rub my shoulders for me, when ye get up before me to make a coffee for me, ye’re doing sae well in classes and working and growing our bairn. Trust me, Sassenach, going to fetch ye a wee cucumber is but a blip on the radar.”

He saw her eyes get teary again and hugged her close.

“Ye are perfect, mo nighean donn. Yer everything I didna know I wanted until I met ye. Dinna think that yer not worth that.”

He heard her soft sniffle against his shirt and ran a soothing hand down the length of her back.

“I love you,” came a watery voice from below his chin.

“I love ye, too, mo nighean donn. Come on. Let’s having something to eat, aye? Aside from yon wee cucumber there.”

That earned him a small laugh and a thump to the chest, but her eyes shone up at him, filled with wonder at this man who could love her so much.

She helped him prepare the rest of their dinner and they ate cuddled up on the couch instead of at the table, needing to just be close to one another.

When they went to bed that night, right before he drifted off to sleep, arms snugly around her, he heard her whisper, “How did I ever get so lucky as to find you?”

He smiled and searched for her mouth with his, giving her a sleepy kiss before bringing her even closer and pulling her into sleep with him, safe and secure in each other’s arms.

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If you're still taking prompts, will you do bughead 9 months of pregnancy and then them with the newborn?

Here you go, one fresh batch of pregnant!bughead all served up for you! I really hope you enjoy it <3

“Morning, Betts,” Jughead mumbled, rubbing the sleep from his eyes as he shuffled into the kitchen, following the wafting scent of pancakes and bacon. She flicked a glance at him over her shoulder, warmth filling her chest at his dishevelled state - he never was a morning person. Ever since they’d moved into their first apartment together, gotten a permanent home, Jughead always made the most of having a warm bed to sleep in that he wasn’t worried about getting kicked out of at first light. The fact that it was Betty who was next to him, warming it, was the best added bonus he could have asked for.

“Hey, sleepy head,” she cooed affectionately, turning back to the pan to flip the breakfast before it burnt. Betty was already up and ready for her work day, fresh faced and bright eyed, pencil skirt perfectly smooth and put together. Jughead didn’t know how she did it - he would be forever grateful that his job allowed him to work from home. “Did you sleep okay?” she asked pleasantly. Jughead hummed in contentment, coming up behind her to rest his chin on her shoulder, wrapping his warm arms around her waist.

“All the better for having you next to me,” he murmured, pressing a soft kiss against her temple. He couldn’t help it, he couldn’t a picture a time when he wouldn’t be as in love with Betty as he always had been. She made everything easier, even breathing. It was a high he wasn’t willing to give up. A soft pink blush tinged her cheeks, apples prominent due to the bashful smile that played across her lips. He loved that he could make her respond to his words like that. She twisted in his arms, breakfast momentarily forgotten, to gaze up into his slightly hooded eyes, resting her palms on his chest.

“Say what you like about yourself but you’re a charmer, Jughead Jones. Always will be,” she whispered against his smirk, leaning up on her tiptoes, still bare of her heels for the time being, to place a gentle kiss to his lips, hands moving to cup his cheeks. He sucked in a breath through his nose, tightening his arms around her frame and pulling her harder against his chest as he tilted his head to deepen the action.

“Ow!” Betty pulled back with an unexpected shriek, Jughead releasing her instantly, leaving his arms hovering just inches from her body. She moved her hands to cradle her chest gently, frown pinching at the space between her eyebrows.

“What’s wrong?” Jughead asked, concern lacing his tone as his eyes flicked over her every inch, checking for damages.

“Nothing, just… tender,” she said, gesturing to her boobs as she shook her head. “Guess it’s just coming up to that time of the month,” she shrugged dismissively. Jughead exhaled slightly in relief. She glanced up at him from beneath thick eyelashes, green eyes glinting with mirth. “So hands off, mister,” she teased. Jughead rolled his eyes, cupping the back of her neck as he dropped a chaste kiss to her forehead before moving to pick up her discarded spatula and continue making their breakfast.


Betty felt sick. And not just queasy sick, like ‘run to the bathroom puke your guts out’ sick. She tried to take deep breaths in through her mouth to quell the sudden, rising nausea that had settled in the pit of her stomach. All attempts were shot to hell when one of her coworkers walked past her desk, the smell of whatever lunch they were carrying drifting to her nose, making her throat constrict around a gag.

She flew out of her seat, dodging colleagues as she raced towards the bathroom, barely making it in front of the bowl before her pancakes and bacon made a repeat appearance.

Ugh, pancakes… she thought, the idea of any food causing her stomach to turn over once again. She sat back against the cubicle wall, wiping the damp sheen from her forehead with the back of her hand. She’d felt fine this morning. Actually… if she thought about it she really felt fine again now. She mentally prayed that she didn’t have some kind of weird stomach bug as she clambered to her feet, desperately in need of finding some gum.


She was absolutely starving. Seriously, her stomach was rumbling loud enough to inform the entire floor of her office about her current needs. Betty shifted in her seat, trying to find a way to stifle the next wave of gurgling that was brewing in her gut. It was entirely perplexing; one minute she was hunched over a porcelain bowl, the next she couldn’t stop thinking about what she could get her hands on to eat.

Sighing, she grabbed her phone, tapping on the message icon, Jughead’s name right at the top of her list. She knew he was supposed to be focused on writing today, but with the morning she’d had she just really felt like seeing her husband. A wave of unidentified emotions washed over her as she sat staring at the device in her hand. God, she just really missed him. Like, was it always this hard to spend the day away from him? Why hadn’t she noticed before?

Wanna meet me for lunch? x She typed quickly, already knowing his answer. The three little dots were gone as fast as they appeared.

On my way.


“Betty? Everything alright?” Jughead asked gingerly as he tapped on the panel of their bathroom door. There was a heavy pause. “Betts, you’ve been in there a while I just wanted to check-” He was cut off by the door swinging open suddenly, revealing a very dishevelled looking Betty. Her eyes were wide and glistening with tears that pooled along her waterline before following the already wet trails down her flushed cheeks. Loose tendrils of her golden hair fell about her face, some sticking up at amusing angles. Her lips were dark pink and full like she’d been chewing on them nervously. Jughead’s eyes went wide as he took in her state, hands instantly going to smooth her hair, thumbs brushing over her damp cheeks. “What is it? What’s wrong? Talk to me,” he rushed out, eyes scanning her face for any indication of what had upset her.

She opened her mouth, no sound escaping, before just shaking her head, trembling hand pointing to the bathroom counter. His gaze followed her finger until it landed on the little white stick that was resting on the smooth granite. He walked towards it with numb legs, picking it up with hands that were now shaking just as much as hers. The word stared back at him, clear as day.


He turned to look at her, lips parted in silent shock. Her bottom lip with tucked between her teeth again, a nervous habit, fingers twisting with each other as she looked at him with apprehensive eyes. He could see something else simmering beneath the surface though, waiting for the right moment to burst free.

“Are you really…?” he trailed off, eyes shining, every inch of his body tingling with adrenaline, hope tinging his voice. Betty couldn’t stop the corners of her mouth tilting up slightly at his tone. She nodded, lips quivering as she took in a breath.

“Yeah,” she whispered, smile growing as a full blown grin spread across Jughead’s face. He rushed towards her, scooping her up in his arms and twirling her round as she giggled gleefully, arms coming up to wrap around his neck tightly. He placed her back on the ground, not moving to release her from his hold at all. She was positively glowing in his embrace. He couldn’t believe how lucky he had gotten. “You’re happy?” she asked timidly, fingers playing with the short hairs at the base of his neck. He let out a disbelieving laugh, shaking his head slightly.

“Betty, I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy in my life,” he gushed, slipping one hand round her waist to settle over her still flat abdomen. “You are the best gift that life has ever given me, and now you’re giving me another one. You’re incredible, this is incredible. I love you so much,” he whispered, leaning in to press a bruising kiss against her lips as a fresh wave of happy tears cascaded down her cheeks.


“Wait! Stop right there, the light is perfect,” he commanded, holding out a palm to pause her in her tracks. “I want to get a picture of the bump,” he smiled, raising the camera to his face as Betty rolled her eyes, complying with his wishes nonetheless. Once he’d actually had enough money to invest in the equipment, Jughead had discovered a newfound passion for photography. Just like with writing he could express himself through the images he captured, finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. And one of his favourite subjects of all time was definitely his beautiful wife.

“I’m barely showing still, Juggie. I just look like I’m bloated from eating a giant burrito!” she whined, bowing her back slightly to make the tiny swell stick out more in front of their bay window, resting her hands on her waist where she arched. She was only wearing some dark green shorts and a sports bra, makeupless, hair thrown up in a messy bun on top of her head. The countless fly-aways there caught the early evening sunset that was pouring into their living room, lighting her hair up in a halo of golds and pinks and oranges while leaving the rest of her frame in shadow, little bump popping against the overexposed sky as she stood side on to Jughead’s camera.

“I wanna capture all of it,” he said with a small smile, ignoring her protests as he took a couple of shots. He’d been obsessed with the bump ever since she’d popped about a week ago. He couldn’t keep himself from running his fingers over it while they laid in bed, resting his hands over it as they snuggled together on the couch watching a movie, placing gentle butterfly kisses on top of it first thing in the morning and last thing at night. He’d not told Betty yet but he’d already started talking to it, only after his wife had fallen asleep, tiny whispers into the darkness for his and the baby’s ears only. Promises of a wonderful life.

He lowered his camera to look at her, dazed smile still resting contentedly on his lips as he watched her watch something out on their street. It was never the life he would have written for himself, but he thanked whatever author that was out there who did.

“Are you done? I have to pee,” she said bluntly, pulling him abruptly from his romantic thoughts with a chuckle. He held up his palms in surrender, backing away, happy to go and upload them to his computer as soon as possible.


“Betts, what is it?” he asked in panic, quickly coming to her side as he saw the tears in her eyes. He rest one hand in her hair, fingers gripping the delicate silken strands, while the other went directly to her bump. Betty pressed her lips together, shaking her head where she stood in front of their kitchen sink.

“I’ve just gone to the store and we needed garbage bags and I forgot to get them and we’ve completely run out!” she wailed, gesturing viciously to the trash can like it was the enemy. Jughead blinked in shock, face like stone for a single moment, before he cracked. He burst out laughing, tears springing to his own eyes as he doubled over, clutching at the aching strain creeping into his sides. She glared at him disapprovingly.

“Is-is that all?” he wheezed, pretending to wipe away a drop of moisture from beneath his eye.

“It’s not funny, Forsythe Jones!” He sobered slightly at hearing her use his given name, amused smile still dancing around the edges of his mouth. “I’m so damn emotional all the time it’s driving me insane,” she moaned, eyes titled downwards at the corners in frustration. He pulled her close, planting a kiss to her forehead. She sighed, closing her eyes to enjoy the soothing sensation of having him close, sifting through every mixed feeling battling for attention in her head.

“I know, sunshine. I can’t even begin to imagine how hard this is for you. You’re incredible,” he murmured against her skin. Her sniffles signified she’d calmed down somewhat. “Would you like me to go out and get garbage bags?” he asked, tone soft. She stiffened slightly against him,

“No…” she said tentatively. He pulled back to look at her in question, one eyebrow raised. “I can see them under the counter, they must’ve rolled out of the bag,” she admitted in a small voice, cheeks red at her hormone induced outburst.


“Jughead? Jug? Jug, are you awake? Juggie?” The chorus of his name pulled him from the depths of his slumber, groaning as he blinked groggily into the darkness.

“Hmm,” he managed to get out incoherently. He turned his head to look at Betty, finding her sitting cross-legged next to him on her side of the bed. He rolled over, hand coming out automatically to run over the ever-growing swell of her stomach. “You okay?” he asked, voice still thick and gravelly with sleep.

“Uh-huh,” she replied, placing her tiny palm on top of his hand. There was a pause as he waited for her to continue.

“Was that all?” he asked, amusement clear in his voice underneath the frustration at having been woken at some ungodly hour.

“You know what sounds good right now?” she asked, completely bypassing his question. He was more awake now, leaning up on an elbow to look at her with teasing eyes, knowing exactly where this conversation was headed.

“What sounds good?” he questioned, indulging her. Betty bit her lip against an excited smile.

“Salt and vinegar chips covered in warm nutella,” she grinned, eyes sparkling even in the darkness. He huffed out a laugh, just about getting used to her cravings by now.

“Betty, would you like me to get you salt and vinegar chips covered in warm nutella?” he asked with a smirk. She looked away from his teasing eyes, shrugging gently.

“Well, if you’re up…” she replied cheekily. He laughed, throwing his head back slightly before rising up to capture her lips in a loving kiss, moving down to drop another to her stomach before throwing the covers off his legs and making his way downstairs.


Betty had her feet propped in Jughead’s lap, his magical hands rubbing her sore, swollen ankles. She tipped her head back, letting out an appreciative sigh, eyes sliding shut.

“Hey, Betts? What do you want for dinner later? I could make that pasta you like or-” His sentence was cut short as her hand flew out, grabbing his arm. “What?” he asked in confusion. Betty’s eyes were wide and unfocused.

“Say something?” she all but whispered, turning her gaze to focus on his face.

“What? What do you mean, Betts, what do you want me to say?” he asked, still entirely bewildered. Tears shone in her eyes, a look of complete wonderment lighting up her face. She grabbed his hand, placing it on her lower belly.

“Talk,” she commanded. Jughead finally understood her meaning, features rearranging themselves into one of apprehension, suddenly nervous at what to say.

“Are they moving because of-” He felt it. One swift quick beneath his palm. His throat closed up as he dropped lower, resting his cheek against the bump, Betty’s hands instantly going to his hair.

“They can hear you, Jug, they like your voice,” Betty whispered, glowing as she stared down at her husband. Jughead took a steadying breath.

“Hey, baby,” he whispered. “How’s it going in there? I’m your daddy…”


“I’m home!” Jughead called out into the house as he kicked off his shoes, throwing his jacket onto the rack. “Betts?” he asked when there’s no reply, wandering into the living room in search of her. Suddenly she was flying at him out of nowhere, his arms filling with a strawberry scented goddess. There was no preamble as she pulled his mouth to hers, running her tongue over the seam of his lips, begging him to open them for her. She used his resulting groan to gain access, swirling her tongue with his, pushing every curve of her body roughly against him. Her hands were in his hair, tugging gently at the roots, or gripping his bicep, or running over his back, everywhere all at once, surrounding him. He pulled back when they were breathless and panting, eyes slightly glazed and pupils blown. “Well, hello to you, too,” he gets out between pants. “What did I do to receive such a gracious welcome from my wonderful wife?”

“New pregnancy symptom,” she heaves, slightly exposed chest dancing enticingly before him from where her already low cut top had fallen askew. “I’ve been so ridiculously turned on all day and you haven’t been here,” she admitted almost accusingly, eyes trailing shamelessly over his body. All the blood rushed from his head, moving directly south as she bit her kiss-swollen lower lip, eyes darkening by the second.

“Well,” he began, throat thick. “We should definitely do something about this,” he said, nodding, face serious. “As husband and father of your unborn child it is my job, nay, my duty to take care of your every need during this pregnancy,” he finished formally. She giggled prettily, flush moving down to spread over her neck and chest. The next minute she let out a surprised squeal as he scooped her up into his arms, heading for the stairs.


“Okay… if we just… yep. There, do you see? It’s a girl,” the technician announced, offering the couple a small, pleased smile.

“A girl!” Betty murmured excitedly, gripping at Jughead’s hand tighter. He felt as if all the air had left the room, chest tightening.

“A girl,” he repeated, tears forming in his eyes.

Betty could tell there wasn’t something right on the way home, not voicing her concerns but still throwing him worried glances every so often during the drive, his knuckles turning white as he gripped the wheel.

She found him later in his office, folded in on himself, back against the wall, hands pulling at his dark, mussed waves.

“Juggie? What is it?” she whispered softly, trying to join him in his spot on the floor as slowly and gracefully as possible. He looked up at her, eyes rimmed red.

“We’re having a girl, Betts. A little girl, and she’s all ours. What if I mess her up? What if she ends up…” he choked on his own tears, pushing back the memories of his own youth. Betty pulled his head to rest against her chest, cradling it gently as she rubbed soothing circles against his back.

“Shh, Jug, it’s going to be okay. We’re not our parents,” she reminded him, repeating his famous words to her. It had become almost like a mantra for them over the years of their relationship. “You’re going to be the best dad ever, this little girl isn’t going to know what darkness looks like with you in her life. She’ll be safe, and loved, and it’ll be all thanks to you. To us,” she whispered into the top of his head. His shuddering shoulders began to calm as he sucked in large gulps of air, evening out his breathing until he could pull back to look her in the eyes.

“You’re right,” he mumbled. He knew she always was. “We can do this,” he affirmed, more to himself than to Betty. She reached up to wipe the tears from his cheeks.

“We can do this.”


“Ugh, why did Veronica have to set a dress code? Who wears smart-casual to a barbecue?!” Betty shouted as she tried to pull the zipper up her back, the fabric of her dress pulling tight over her giant, swollen belly. She’d certainly grown during her pregnancy. Jughead told her daily that he’d never seen her more beautiful. She didn’t believe him, usually telling him so as she wiped yet more sweat off her forehead, or relieved herself of more bodily gasses. She felt utterly gross. “I’m so huge!” she sulked, throwing herself onto the edge of their bed as quickly as she could manage.

“Beautiful, Betts, you’re beautiful!” Jughead reminded yet again, shouting from their bathroom.

“Yeah, yeah,” she grumbled, rubbing a motherly hand over their daughter. “Oh!” she called suddenly as she felt a clenching sensation in her lower abdomen. “Juggie?” she called tentatively, waiting for the sensation to hit again.

“It really doesn’t matter what you wear, Betts, it’s just Veronica and Archie’s barbecue, no one will mind,” he replied back, misinterpreting her call.

“Jughead, come in here,” she said, more firm this time. His head appeared in the doorway, brows raised at her sharp tone.


“I think I’m going into labour,” she told him, raising her eyebrows in return. She could see the moment the panic switch flicked on in his eyes. He dashed about the room, throwing things all over the place. “Juggie, calm down, we have time!” she tried to soothe, unable to stop herself from laughing at her overly concerned husband.

“Bag! Where’s the bag? Have you seen my keys? Babe, are you okay, you’re not gonna have her right now are you?” he fired off in a fluster. Betty just rolled her eyes, waddling slowly towards the front door, knowing he’d be close behind.

“Come on, Juggie,” she laughs, “Let’s go have a baby.”


He was in awe. Even a week later he couldn’t believe he’d made something so wonderful, so beautiful, so small. She was perfect. He ran a finger over her tiny, soft fist, other arm wrapped tightly around Betty’s shoulders as they both stared down at their daughter. Theirs. The life they made together.

“She has your eyes,” she mumbled as Juliet blinked up at them with her big blue gaze. Jughead smiled, happy to be any part of her. He could see Betty in her entirely, though, something he was sure he’d be eternally grateful for.

“She has your wisdom,” he whispered, grinning as her tiny flower petal lips opened in a perfect O while she yawned. “Thank you,” he whispered against Betty’s temple some time later, both of them still watching their daughter soundly sleeping in Betty’s arms now, releasing the occasional snuffle as she dreamed.

“Thank you, too,” Betty replied, turning her head to barely brush her lips against his. They had made a new life, not just in their daughter, but for each other, and that was something he’d never be able to stop saying thank you for.

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one where dan is super insecure and phil kisses everywhere he hates about himself? thought it would be cute

Warning for some mentions of smut

❥ Phil had known for a long time that Dan had some self-esteem issues with his body and appearance in general. He was determined to one day diminish that idea since Dan’s body was perfect in Phil’s eyes.

❥ Phil knew that Dan was in his own bedroom, struggling to edit his video. He watched as Dan became more stressed with getting out videos. Sometimes, he doesn’t know if he’s enjoying the content he’s creating or if he’s doing it because of pressure.

❥ Phil had noticed that Dan had been in his room for a concerning amount of time and hasn’t come out at all, even to go to the washroom or grab a quick snack.

❥ Phil decided to go check up on the boy, knocking on his door gently and hearing Dan make some kind of groan that resembled a “come in”.

❥ Phil opened the room and peeked his head in, seeing Dan in boxer shorts and a t-shirt, laying on his stomach and his eyes focused on the computer in front of him.

❥ “How are you doing, bear? Haven’t seen you in hours.” Dan looked up at Phil and he could immediately tell something was wrong. He walked over to his bed and sat down next to him, putting his hand on his back comfortingly. “What’s wrong, Dan?”

❥ “I look like a bloated whale in this video,” Dan said, slamming his laptop shut. Phil’s gaze grew concerned.

❥ “Dan, I-” Phil was cut off.

❥ “Don’t try to make me feel better, Phil. I know I’m not attractive.” Hearing Dan say that hurt Phil’s heart.

❥ “Dan, don’t say that.“ Phil stroked Dan’s back in an effort to make him feel better. “What don’t you like about yourself?”

❥ Dan sighed. “Everything.”

❥ “Can you sit up for me, bear?” Phil asked, Dan moving his laptop and sitting up. “I understand that a lot of people don’t love their own body but please let me try and help.”

❥ “How would you help?” Dan asked him. He thought that he would forever be a lost cause and always hate himself.

❥ “Well, you said you hated everything. So, I’m going to tell you what I love about everything.”

❥ Phil put his hands on Dan’s ankles, looking him in the eyes. “I know this may be weird, but I said I’d compliment everything. That also means your feet.” Dan chuckled slightly at the comment.

❥ “They’re so soft and I love being able to massage them when you’re feeling stressed.“ Phil leaned down to kiss the top of Dan’s foot and Dan giggled at the ticklishness.

❥ “Your legs. Fuck, your legs. You may think they’re chubby but I love it. I love how thick they are and I love when they wrap around me. I especially love marking them up.” He butterfly kissed all the way up from his ankles to his upper thighs.

❥ “Your hips are wonderful, too. I love your curves so much and they give you that little feminine touch that I think is gorgeous.” He slipped the side of his boxers down for a moment to kiss the slope of his right hip.

❥ “Your cock is also something of wonder. I love how it’s slightly smaller than average and how it bounces slightly when we make love. I’ll be sure to kiss that later,” Phil said suggestively with a cheesy wink.

❥ “Can I take your shirt off?” Phil asked and Dan hesitantly nodded, blushing as Phil removed his shirt and tossed it aside. He patted his tummy gently.

❥ “This is probably what I love the most. That little bit of chub is natural and is healthy, not to mention it’s absolutely adorable.” He kissed his tummy and tickled his sides, Dan giggling and writhing around as he was tickled.

❥ He moved up to kiss his chest. “I also love these sculpted and iconic collarbones that look gorgeous marked up with hickeys.”

❥ “That tiny bit of muscle you have on your biceps also drives me wild.” He pressed open mouthed kisses against his upper arms, all the way down to his wrists.

❥ “Then there’s your hands. Your hands never fail to get me all hot and bothered. They look amazing gliding against the keys of a piano and feel even better when they’re running through my hair.” He took his hand in his and kissed his wrist, setting it down gently after.

❥ He moved in to kiss his neck and Dan groaned. “I love how sensitive your neck is and how easily I can make you feel good.”

❥ “You also have great facial structure. Seeing your dimples make me happy, because I know that they only come out when you smile and I love when you smile.” He kissed his cheek and Dan flashed him a signature smile that showed his dimple.

❥"Last but not least, I love your hair. I love when it’s curly or straight. I love when it’s pushed back or a mess against your forehead.“ He kissed the top of his head and ruffled his hair.

❥ “I also love you for your personality. I love that I can see the real you off screen. When you’re more calm and gentle, not that I don’t love the sarcasm. I love the sarcasm, too. I love you for you and will always love you.”

❥ Dan jumped on top of Phil, hugging him hard. “I love you, too.”


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I got surgery on my face and I literally started crying when I watched got7's just right mv because I look like a bloated buffalo because the dentist gave me eiGHT ANESTHETIC SHOTS and then they called me perfect while they were singing and I was overwhelmed with emotion… I just thought you'd like to know

D-7!!! 얼굴 부어도 멋있다고 해조유오유ㅠ오유오오ㅗ오오오ㅗ오우우우우웅 콘서트도 기대된다고 해죵오오어ㅜㅇ우오오우우웅

D-7!!! Tell me I look cool despite my bloated face oohoohoohoohoohhooohh Tell me as well that you’re looking forward to the concert ohooohohohohohoohh

Trans cr; Mary @ bts-trans 

I’ve been binging non stop since coming to college and this morning I weighed in at 130.4 lbs. I went. From 124 pounds. to 130.4 pounds. In like a week. A. Week. I’m disgusting and gross and my face looks and feels bloated and I look and feel bloated and just ugh. I’m disgusting. TRULY disgusting. Today I get back on track though, I’m gonna lose all this weight and more and get down to 120 by the end of February. I REFUSE to get fat and disgusting, I REFUSE 

You, Me & Baby (Suga x Reader)

Requested by anon: Annyeong~ I love your writing hehe i’m a big fan! Can you guys write a BTS scenario where you’ve been married to yoongi for 2 years and you are pregnant with your first baby and your going into labor so you call suga and the other BTS members to come to the hospital? Thank you<3 I hope its not too much of a bother ILY:) 

 [[A/N: I’m really sorry if you find this scenario too long it’s just that I was deeply inspired ☺️😁]] 


Awoken by feeling nauseous, you ran to the bathroom. At first you believed it could have been food poisoning or a hangover because that’s what it felt like. You tried remembering the last time you vomited, to your surprise it wasn’t that long ago. Actually, the more you thought about it the more you realised that vomiting in the morning was something that has happened to you for at least a month. You heard your husband’s footsteps dragging into the bathroom - he would always wake up as soon as he couldn’t feel your presence. “Yeobo? Are you okay?” His voice was husky, you shook your head as you were unable to verbally respond. Your mouth was literally watering with saliva and you’re stomach was hurting really badly. “Do you need some water?” You put your thumb up while feeling the sensation that you were going to burp but it felt more like a gag. Soon, Yoongi came back with a cup of water. Carefully handing it to you and leaving to go back to the bedroom, you take a sip of water and attempt to control your breathing by taking deep breaths. 

After the vomiting along with the nauseous feeling disappeared, you entered the bedroom seeing Yoongi sitting on the edge of the bed with an arm supporting his chin, whenever he did this it meant he was deep in thought. You sat beside him stroking his back to get him to open up to you. “_____~ah?” His vision stayed fixated on the floor “Ne?” You stopped stroking his back “Is your period late?” You were the type of person to be a bit clueless and oblivious to things at times, so you had no idea what Yoongi was trying to imply “Wae?” He stared blankly at you “Because it’s been a while since you’ve asked me to buy you pads” the truth was that you didn’t know how late you were, for all you knew it could have been days. 

 Finally understanding what he was suggesting you did everything in your power to avoid this conversation. You both had, had the conversation of having children together considering you’ve been married for 2 years but you weren’t sure if you were ready to accept the fact that there was a possibility of you being pregnant. You rested your head on his lap looking up at him as he caressed your cheeks “_____, when you think about it … It makes sense.” You closed your eyes, distinctly listening to what he was about to say “Your period is late and you vomit nearly every morning.” You opened one eye “Well maybe I’m just ill” He shook his head “But you’re always complaining that you’re tired and that you ache from everywhere plus you have weird cravings … You’re always asking me to get you ice to eat ” He was right, every single day you felt fatigued, you did have random cravings that felt overpowering and seemed to come out from nowhere and your joints would usually ache “Yes, but who isn’t tired after coming home from work? And before you say that I look bloated it’s because I’ve eating very well. As for the cravings, I’m a woman therefore I’m always craving weird things because of my hormones. I’m always aching from everywhere because I need a massage from my loving husband” you were never going to admit that he was right unless you were proven otherwise. He got you to rest your head on a pillow while resting your legs on his thighs, he started massaging your ankles “If you need a massage, all you have to do is ask." 

Later, you fell asleep. Suga rushed to get his coat so he could go to the store to get a pregnancy test. He was totally convinced that you were pregnant but he needed you to be just as convinced as he was. When he got back home you were already awake "Yoongi, where were you?” He got the pregnancy test out and handed it to you “Because we’re both very stubborn this will reveal whether you’re right or not, but, if you are pregnant then it will also tell you how many weeks you are” he held on to your hand “If I am not pregnant … Then, I promise I will do everything I can because you deserve to be a dad.” He raised an eyebrow “But what if you’re already pregnant?” Your chest rose and fell as you took a deep breath “Then … We’re going to have to prepare becoming parents” You saw from the glistening in his eyes that he yearned for the test to come out as positive “Come on” you pulled him into the bathroom with you. 

It had been 15 minutes, the both of you were sitting patiently in silence waiting for the test to respond. “How long do these things even take?” He yawned “I don’t know … I think it depends on the brand you get” he took the opened box and started reading the instructions in his head “Well, it says the test can take 5 minutes up to 15 minutes. So, it should be any minute now.” You saw a plus sign starting to form on the test, a fresh tear rolled on to your cheek “Yah! Omo! Omo!” Yoongi was speechless when he saw the plus sign, he’s emotions were all over the place. He was shocked with content that he was finally going to become a father, on the other hand he feared becoming a father because it was both your first child. Your heart nearly stopped when you saw how many weeks pregnant you were “12 WEEKS?! YOU’RE 2 AND A HALF MONTHS PREGNANT?!” The box escaped from his clutch, loudly falling on the floor. “I … I-I” you’re voice was brittle, Yoongi held you into a warm embrace where you were able to rest your head against his chest “How can you cry? This is supposed to be the one of the best days of our life.” You started sniffling “They’re tears of joy … You know I’m not good at expressing my happiness.” He was wiping away your tears gently with his fingers “I don’t think we should tell anyone yet … Let’s just keep it to ourselves for now” you nodded “I was just about to say the same thing." 


"Ah, it smells so good, what are you making?” You said peeking over his shoulder to catch a glimpse of what he was preparing “Kimchi fried rice” It was so rare for him to cook for you but ever since the day he found out you were pregnant you saw a change in him. He was always doing everything he could to help you whether it was with house work or cooking, he didn’t expect you to do anything at all. These days he seemed to be constantly by your side he claimed it was in case you needed any medical attention but really it was just to reassure himself that you and the baby were in great health. You appreciated the fact that he took time off work to take care of you but you were afraid that by taking time off he would be sacrificing the future of BTS. He spent most of the nights reading books on pregnancy and what to expect with your first newborn. Yoongi was absolutely exhausted but he felt an obligation to take care of you to make sure that you’re well and that everything is under control, therefore he rarely got to rest and when he did it would be at random times during the day. 

“The baby kicked” you gasped, grabbing his hand on to where the baby was kicking. Suga’s lips parted slightly in amazement “Woah daebak!” You were certain that it was the baby kicking because it felt exactly like the description from one of the books you’ve read, it felt like gas bubbles that gradually growing in strength into unmistakable jabs. “Is your mother still coming over?” The excitement in his voice had totally drained from the subject of his mother-in-law, you nodded seeing disappointment emerging from him. He didn’t dislike your mother, in all fairness it was your mother who hated Yoongi, she had never truly approved of him. When you first got into a relationship with him, she didn’t mind as she thought it would never have lasted. The real problem started when Yoongi had proposed to you, your father had no problems with Yoongi. Your mother just never envisioned you to be with him. “Does she know about the pregnancy?” You shook your head looking at the floor in guilt “She’s the only one from my side of the family who doesn’t know I’m pregnant.” The Kimchi Fried Rice was finally done so he turned off the stove “You still haven’t told her … Look I understand she doesn’t like me and I don’t really care whether she does or not but sooner or later she’s going to have to accept the fact that I’m a part of your life” you scratched the side of your head “I was so scared … I couldn’t find the courage to tell her" 

 Several hours later your mother had arrived "Good morning _____” you weren’t really close with your mother, so you usually didn’t know how to greet her “Uh, annyeong eomma” horror struck on her face when you didn’t bow respectfully to her “Are you losing your manners?” You sighed “Aniyo, I can’t bow” she hissed at you “What do you mean you can’t bow? Have you gained so much weight that you can’t bow?” Yoongi started getting annoyed “Wow!” You motioned for him to calm down “Eomma please, don’t start on him. I didn’t know how to tell you this because I knew you’d react badly but … I’m 5 months pregnant” her face contorted in disgust “Please tell me this is a joke! My daughter isn’t actually having a baby with this guy … Out of all people, you chose him to be the father? The guy can hardly look after himself how do you expect him to look after a baby?!” You could feel your husband’s patience being tested and he did not tolerate any bullshit from anyone “Yah! Listen, I don’t give a shit if you dislike me. I don’t think you realise that I’m married with your daughter and I’m having a child with her, so whether you like it or not I will always be there." 

Your mother completely ignored him and grabbed you into another room. She was hysterically sobbing "I told you not to be with him … He is so rude, he has no manners, I don’t want my grand-child to be raised in such an ill-manner” Once again, you sighed “Sorry but you know he hasn’t got the best temper but yet you still decided to aggravate him.” Her face went completely blank “Listen carefully because I’m only going to say this once. There is NO WAY in hell that I am letting him come into the delivery room. I am not going to allow him to come.” You frowned in disbelief “He is the father of my baby, of course he’s going to assist me in the delivery room.” She grabbed her handbag “_____ I’m not joking. I won’t let him come.” She turned to Yoongi on her way out “Don’t be so shocked if they don’t allow you to be there while she’s giving birth.” He sneered in annoyance “None sense” she returned the mocking smile, slamming the door on her way out “That’s what you think … I’m being dead serious. Goodbye!" 


On top of all the other issues, you and your husband still didn’t decide a name for the baby as neither of you knew the baby’s gender, you had both decided that it would have been better if the baby’s gender was left as a surprise. The more your belly grew the more things started appearing like a complex obstacle. You were finally 9 months pregnant, Yoongi had estimated that it would be more beneficial if you went to the hospital 2 days before the day you were supposed to give birth, just so you would be in the right environment to give birth. 

Two days before the big day, Yoongi had helped you pack some clothes for both you and the baby, delicately folding the clothes in the suitcase. You had never seen him so organised. Apart from the fact that he had a short temper - which you knew how to control, you couldn’t understand why your mother had so much hatred towards him. His whole family and friends approved of you along with your family and friends (excluding your mother). It did pain you a lot to know that two of the people you cared the most about didn’t get on. 

You got into his car "Ready to go?” He smiled “Ne, yeobo?” You held his chin so he could face you “Yes?” He raised his eyebrows “Saranghae” you say giving him a peck on the lips. He started the engine and you made your way at the hospital. “_____ would it bother you if the rest of BTS came?” You shook your head “Why would it bother me?” He shrugged his shoulders “I don’t know, maybe the fact that there’s so many people in one room might stress you out.” If you were honest you were not listening to one word he said. 

Once you were inside the hospital your focus was mainly on the pain that installed itself on your back, the lower part of your back had been aching for months but as time passed by the pain only seemed to become extremely harsh. The rest of the boys were already at the hospital, “Chukahaeyo” all congratulated you and Yoongi, as they had only found out that you were pregnant last minute. You felt not a big gush but a small leak falling by your feet followed by a horrible feeling in your stomach, like an extreme version of period cramps starting quite low but rapidly radiating up to your belly and around your lower back. You had very intense waves of pain coming right on top of one another, thus, causing you to cling on to Yoongi’s arm. Namjoon, Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook froze helplessly, while Jin and Hoseok tried to help Yoongi bringing you to the delivery ward. 

Yoongi was very agitated and started panicking as he remembered from the books he had read that this meant the baby was coming, finally getting the attention of a doctor they took you straight into the delivery room. The contractions felt like your whole body was being clenched up, it was like someone was squeezing your insides as hard as they could. Just as you had expected - your contractions were getting very intense and did not lessen until it was time for you to give birth. The doctor had taken you into the delivery room however one of the nurses stopped the guys from coming in “The carer has asked for us to not allow anyone apart from them during the birth of the child.” Yoongi started getting frustrated “The only carer she has had during her pregnancy is me.” The nurse spoke in a calm tone “A contract was signed, you weren’t the person I saw on the day, I have no proof that you are the carer” Yoongi wanted to just go through the doors but Jin and Hoseok held him back “Listen, I’m her husband. This is my baby she’s having in there.” The nurse showed no sympathy “I’m terribly sorry but I’m just following orders" 

You’re mother stood by you, aiding you to take out all the pain on her arm by clutching tightly on to it "Where’s Yoongi?” You started hyperventilating “Calm down, relax” she got her fan out and started fanning you “Seriously?!“ She stopped fanning you "I already told you that he won’t be allowed in the delivery room … It’s not really important. Just focus on giving birth to my grandson” you corrected her “Grand-child … We don’t know the baby’s gender” this conversation was taking place while the doctor was giving you an epidural. It was finally time for the baby to come out, the epidural helped slightly numbing the pain but it didn’t, you could still feel some sort of pressure while you were pushing the baby out. It’s not that the epidural was wearing out however the pain did seem to worsen but it was only because you wished your husband could be by your side, by signing that contract your mother went too far. 

Meanwhile outside in the waiting room, the boys were doing their best to comfort a crushed and devastated Suga … The anticipation of waiting to be allowed to see you and the baby, felt agonising to him. 

Several hours had passed after the birth, all the guys were asleep, apart from Suga. Both you and the baby were in good condition, the doctors had placed the baby on to your abdomen. They covered the baby in warm towel and gave it a cap to keep its head warm. Your mother walked out of the delivery room and into the waiting room, she walked out seeing Yoongi with deep and dark eye bags. At that moment, she felt guilty for having acted the way she did towards him but it didn’t change the fact that she still disapproved of him. Suga looked up at your mother “What happened? Is the baby okay? Is _____ okay?” Your mother sighed “Go find out for yourself.” The pounding of his heart felt as though it had travelled to the back of his throat - readying to jump out. He barged into the delivery room, as soon as his eyes laid on his baby, tears began to over flood his eyes. He couldn’t believe that he was finally able to see the life you had created together. He hesitantly approached you and the baby as you were holding the baby. 

Carefully, he observed the features of his baby, he locked eyes with the baby, completely mesmerised by his child’s captivating gaze that resembled his - this only made him cry more, he cried so much that the skin around his eyes became all puffy and red. He clapped a hand to his mouth attempting to muffle his cry “She’s beautiful” you beamed up at your husband “Do you want to hold her?” Fear was etched on his face, you couldn’t understand why he was so scared to hold his daughter “Here” while sitting on the chair beside the bed, he took her into his arms and felt overwhelmed by the feeling of finally having her in his reach, “Yeobo, I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you … I tried but-” you shook your head “It wasn’t your fault, either way I already know what happened so please don’t feel the need to explain yourself.” Later, the 6 boys came in. Taehyung turned to Jin and Jungkook “See, I told you it would be a girl” Jimin, Namjoon and Hoseok were all congratulating you on your successful birth, when suddenly Taehyung crouched down next to Yoongi “Aww she’s so cute” Jimin gently pulled Taehyung’s sleeve “Stop, you’re going to scare the baby” they both stared at the baby in astonishment “Daebak … She has Yoongi’s eyes” all the other guys had agreed with the statement - all were talking about how much your daughter’s eyes resembled Yoongi’s and it was true, your daughter had her father’s dark and sparkly eyes. 

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Mother’s Day (Rocky)

Something short, but sweet! Hope your mother’s day is wonderful! Make sure to send requests in because they’re open! xx

I look down at my growing stomach. I was 12 weeks and all it looked like I was bloated, but I had a little baby growing inside of me at just 21 years old. Rocky and I always talked about starting a family, but wanted to wait a bit after we got married. Well, 6 months later here we are with a baby on the way, and looking for a new house with more room.

“I loved that house.” I say climbing into the passenger seat of the car, “It has two extra room for kiddos and the garage is big enough for a studio.” I say turning to look at my handsome husband in the driver’s seat.

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I’ve been having some medical testing done for bloating (I look 6 months pregnant) + unusual symptoms, and today I had an ultrasound. 

Turns out I have a 25cm benign tumor in my abdomen! I need it removed asap because it’s pressing on my ureters which means it could permanently damage my kidneys. There’s already traces of protein in my urine though I have no symptoms. It’s also a bit close to my aorta for comfort. It got so big because all symptoms were attributable to other problems until recently.

It’s going to be a pretty major surgery by all accounts. The incision will likely go down the length of the abdominal wall, which I’m not overly looking forward to but I’m eager to get the problem sorted. May not get to walk at graduation if they have to do it asap but I don’t really mind that. As long as I get a degree! 

One thing is, other people are taking this really seriously, which is nice. I’m not used to that. Another health issue I had never garnered this level of care, and that one was subjectively worse. So it’s just odd to me to be taken this seriously, and it’s really refreshing in a way.