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“Galaxy Rose” - Digital Oil Painting

If you like watching Youtube videos or are fond of Pinterest, then you’ve probably noticed that making anything a “Galaxy something” is pretty popular. I saw this really awesome makeup/hairdye job and it inspired me to do a similar style for Rose. Because if anyone should be ‘galaxied,’ it’s Rose Tyler! :D I’d love to see Billie rock this kind of style too!

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This is a creature that was accidentally created by man.  The birds were a popular novelty at first.  Cute, intelligent, and capable of mimicing human speech.  Unsuited to life in often solitary confinement, the birds developed nasty habits of screaming and plucking.  Slowly other changes became apparent as their mimicry grew more and more advanced…

So earlier I read a thing about eldrich monsters based off of more ‘mundane’ animals and thought I’d give it a swing.  Not exactly an eldrich, but here’s a Moluccan cockatoo.

I actually put a lot more thought into this than I had set out to.  Cockatoos are often viewed as cute and funny animals, but I find something very unsettling about interacting with them in captivity.  So I wanted a design that might appear a bit goofy or even endearing to a degree, but firmly rooted in the uncanny valley.  Their ability to mimic human speech is a very popular trait, sometimes the entire motivation for owning them, so why not extend that mimicry to their physical form, giving them anthropomorphic faces and human arms and hands?  The bald skin and gaping maw represent common, compulsive behaviours these birds develop in captivity- plucking and screaming.  Their skin is further covered in prickly pin feathers like a baby.  As for the flesh-feather-tendril-flower crest… well I just thought it’d look bitchin.


Paget Brewster as Frankie Dart in Community 6x05

I don’t have a quote to put here this week, but i’d just like to THANK the wardrobe/hair stylists FOR MAKING PAGET LOOK LIKE A FREAKING INHUMAN GODDESS THIS WEEK bless y’all! That blue dress man… DAMN!

Five billion years ago @donitkitt said that they’d be 100% okay with people doing fusions with their gemsona well guess what IT TAKES ME FIVE MILLION YEARS TO FINISH ANYTHING I START.

So here’s Fire Opal she’s got big thigh problems and a bitchin’ undercut.