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Had a bit of a bad day so I spend most of it drawing Jeremy w/ some bright Rimmy Tim colours to cheer myself up 💪 (in a similar style as I did these Matts the other day!)


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“My name is Stephanie Brown. I’ve been a Robin. I’ve been a Spoiler. And now, I’m… I’m seeing something through. Which is kind of a big deal for me.”

@ellatof and I were talking about my Bonnie design and I just didn’t know how to draw his hairstyle (that’s the only reason why I knever draw him o.O). So she helped me and know that I’m seeing the finished drawing I’m actually pretty happy how it came out! :D

I mean just look at my son. He’s that edgy kid™ :’)

I’m a proud mom know, thx Ella.

but apostate hobo mage ROBES

weathergirl1  asked:

Yang giving Blake a nice bath after a hard day at work

Which kind of bath do you exactly? Normal romantic bath, sexy bath, cat bath?

Ah well. I’ll just wing it.

Blake: Sigh, I’m back! *Blake called out as she entered her and Yang’s house, closing the front door behind and setting her bag and keys on the table. For moment, the black haired huntress heard nothing before hearing some foot steps coming from the kitchen followed by see her wife popping her head from the doorway, Blake smiling a little at the blonde ponytail swinging back and forth.*

Yang: Welcome back babe. *Yang greet with a wide smile, stepping out of the kitchen wearing her orange tank top, green cargo pants, and apron. She then made her way to her wife, taking off her apron before she wrapped her arms around Blake to pull her in close for a kiss. The two enjoyed the moment, Blake moving her own arms around Yang, before the two’s lips parted and rested their foreheads against one another’s.* I’ve missed you.

Blake: You saw me this morning.

Yang: I still missed you. *Yang told her giving her a peck on the lips which Blake gladly returned.*

Blake: Hehe, I’ve missed you too. *Blake laughed before resting her chin on Yang’s shoulder, taking a deep breath and enjoying the scent of her love.*

Yang: Rough day, huh? *Yang asked, rubbing circles on Blake’s back gently. *

Blake: How can you tell?

Yang: You always smell me  after long missions or rough days. *Yang said in a matter of fact tone, pulling away while moving her arm from her now blushing wife’s shoulder to her waist.* Come on. You can tell me over freshly made cookies and milk.

Blake: Okay. *Blake nodded as she leaned her head one Yang’s shoulder as they made there way to the kitchen.* How did I ever land such a perfect wife?

Yang: With an excellent landing strategy as I fell in love with you… Also your belladonnabooty helped too. *Yang smiled proudly which only grow when Blake playfully slapped her butt.*

~A few cookies and three glasses of milk later~

Blake: And then after that horrible meet, so anti-Faunus human couple protestor throw a box of catnip at me.  *Blake finished telling Yang as she took a bite out of her fish shaped cookie.*

Yang: Do you know their name an what they look like so I can find and kick their asses? *Yang asked as she sipped her milk.*

Blake: Haha, no but don’t worry. Police arrested them. Besides, I don’t want you to get arrested with them. *Blake laughed, se smile slowly vanishing as she looked down at her milk.* I sometimes wonder if there will ever be future where humans and Faunus can has a happy life like us.

Yang: Hey. The world is getting there. And you are going to be the one to she everyone the way. *Yang told her as she placed her hand over Blake’s to comfort her as her eyes soft, hating seeing her wife so sad, until she suddenly got an idea to help Blake feel better and stood while still holding her hand.* Come on. I know just what you need.

Blake: Oh? And that would be?

Yang: A nice relaxing warm bath. *Yang smiled.*

Blake: Oh Yang. I would love to but I’m tired and haven’t stretched yet. Plus, the showers head is still broke from- *Blake began when Yang interrupted her as she waved her hand and shook her head.*

Yang: No. No. I mean an ACTUAL Bath, Blake. One where you relax as I wash your hair and stuff. *Yang explained, watching her wife blink in confusion before her mouth formed a small o and then began to blush with embarrassment making Yang chuckle.* Hehehehe, you little pervert.

Blake: Sh-shut up.

Yang: Hehe, yes ma'am. Now go get ready. I’ll get your bath ready. *Yang smirked as she lifted Blake up from her seat and gave her a pat on the butt to get her moving as she headed to their bathroom.*


Yang: Ah, perfect temp. *Yang smiled to herself as she ran her normal hand through the water before turning off the water and stood up from the tub and moved over to the speaker and her scroll to turn on some nice relaxing music.*

Blake: Yang. May I come in? *Blake asked as she opened the door slight to peak inside, gasping lightly as she not only found the bath ready but the room lit by candles as the music started to play.*

Yang: Ah just in time. *Yang smiled as she opened the door complete for Blake and bowed as she stepped aside.* Your bath is ready my beloved queen.

Blake: Aw, Yang. You didn’t have to go the extra mile. *Blake smiled as she walked inside, admiring Yang’s little set up and leaning down to feel the water before feeling Yang’s arms wrap around her waist from behind and gives her a kiss on her cheek.*

Yang: For you Blake I’ll go to the moon and back for you. *Yang whispered into her ear, feeling Blake shiver as she untied her robe’s belt and kisses her neck and shoulder after her robe fell to the ground.* Beautiful. *Yang muttered into Blake’s shoulder, her love reaching up to place her hand on her cheek while turning her head to kiss the other.*

Blake: The same can be said about you. *Blake quietly spoke, looking into Yang’s eyes as she gave her a kiss then proceeded to lift her up bride style causing the Faunus to laugh as she held on to her wife.* Ahhaha, Yang, I can get in myself.

Yang: Nonsense. This is your relaxing time. A time where you shouldn’t have to even lift a finger. Let a lone one of those sexy legs. *Yang winked to Blake, making Her blush as she gently lowered and set Blake into the water. She then moved we arms away as Blake removed her from the blonde and sank into the water just barely to her shoulders, who let out a long refreshing sigh.* So. Is the water to your liking, my queen?

Blake: *Blake slowly closed her eyes as she nodded and hummed.* Mm-hmm. The water is perfect.

Yang: Great. I have a few bath bombs if you want me to throw one in for you.

Blake:  Maybe later. Right now those I’d like to wash my hair. *The naked woman said as she was about to take a deep breath when Yang placed her waterproof right hand’s finger on her lips.*

Yang: Ah-ah-ah. This is your relaxing time. Allow me. *Yang told her as she picked up a pitcher and filled it with the bath water.* Now please tilt you head downward. I don’t want to get any water in your adorable ears.

Blake: *Smiling with a bit of a head shake Blake did as she was told so they her wife carefully pouring a picture of water on her head soaking her hair. Once completely wet, Blake peeked between her water dropping bangs to find Yang taking hold is bottom of shampoo and conditioner, recognizing the scent of it instantly as Yang’s person shampoo. Then after she wife pour some of the soap into her hands, Blake closed her eyes and waited for Yang to begin lathering her hair and once her did the cat Faunus immediately felt the stress of her day be washed away. For over the years, Blake has learned that Yang was gifted with magic fingers, mechanical or otherwise. Because as Yang massaged Blake’s scalp, the black haired woman was in pure bless, for the blondes touch was always just right, never too hard yet never too light. And when it came to her cat ears, Blake couldn’t help but purr, her wife’s fingers scratch and stroking in all the right place.* Mmmm.~<3 I got to find out how Yang got so good at this. I haven’t fine this relaxed in months. *Blake thought to herself as let out another purr when Yang teases the tip of her cat ears. Shortly after, Blake felt Yang move on to washing the rest of her hair, her fingers coming through her hair with a rhythm that was so smoothing it nearly caused Blake to fall a sleep.*

Yang: *Fortunately, Yang finished before hand and fill the pitcher with water.* Alright Kitten time to rinse. Do you man tilting your head back and fold your ears back? *Yang spoke softly, Blake following her instructions with a hum, Looking up with her eyes close to allow Yang to rinse the soap from her wife’s black locks. Afterwards, Yang set down the pitcher and smiled down at how relaxing her love looked.* All done with your hair. Now would you like me to wash the rest of you or do you want me let you have some alone time?

Blake: I would like you to continue. *Blake smiled as she looked up to Yang reaching up to cup the blonde’s cheeks to lead her closer to her to give her a kiss which Yang gladly gave. Then once their lips broke Blake spoke with a soft tone of voice as she wrapping her arms a around Yang’s neck.* However, do have one request.

Yang: Your wish is my command, Blakey. *Yang smiled, not caring that her shirt getting wet with Blake pressed against her. Good thing to since she watched a devilish smirk appear on Blake’s lips as she pulled the brawler into the tub.*

Blake: I would like my beautiful wife to join me. Hahaha. *Blake smiled as the two surfaced, Yang spraying water out of her mouth like a fountain.*

Yang: Hahahaha, I thought you would never ask! *Yang laughed with Blake, Starting to smother her wife with kisses as she began to remove her wet clothes.*

~One sexually charged body with body wash later~

Blake: You know, I never saw the appeal of bathbombs but now being in one, it’s really soothing and fun. *Blake thought out loud, lifting a hand full of bubbles up and blowing them into the air as she snuggles back closer to Yang, resting her head against her breast.*

Yang: Yeah. I know what you mean. It did look awesome when we front put it in. *Yang nodded, tightening her arms around Blake’s mid section as she rested her chin between her ears.*

Blake: Thank you Yang. I feel a whole lot better now. *Blake smiled looking up into Yang’s purple eyes.*

Yang: Anything for you Love. * Yang smiled back, leaning down to kiss Blake.* I love you.

Blake: I love you too. *The two then cuddled closer and enjoyed the rest of their bath.*

Sorry for the rushed ending! Hope you liked it.