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Do you always wear dresses? And if so, we're you always like that?? (P.s. you're super cute and I love you)

nearly all of the time i do yes!!! i actually do not own a SINGLE PAIR of proper pants haha. i definitely wasnt always that way, i hated dresses and pink and other “feminine” things as a child and as a teen i had more of a vintage inspired goth look but eventually i ended up with this style. i think a lot of people are starting to cultivate looks which feature that juxtaposition of sweet, traditional ideas of femininity and a badass look that reminds everyone not to fuck w them!!! i think this embracing of femininity with confidence and as a weapon is so so cool and inspiring =) and thank u for the compliment!!! xoxo


These might have already been posted but I just have to spread the love of this super cute official art!

(Also can I point out that Mukuro looks super badass? She’s so cool *o* )


You know how Fred and George could have easily been sorted to slytherin? Or neville to hufflepuff? Or hermione to ravenclaw ? But the sorting hat does not sort the people by their… “obvious qualities”
I have this headcanon of like two girls, one in hufflepuff and one in slytherin but like, it seems like their roles have been reversed. The hufflepuff girl is super badass, a bit grungy and scary looking. She will cut a bitch if you press the right buttons and she will hex the shit ouh of you if you insult one of her friends but to her closest friends she’s a cinnamon roll. The slytherin girl is super shy and ALWAYS EXTREMELY friendly. She’s the cute lil one with freckles all over her face and a innocent smile on her face. But when you get to know her more she’s really sarcastic and can be manipulative in like the nicest way. She just knows what to say to get the information she wants
And together they are just the perfect couple because they are so similar in such a different way.
I just love the idea of that

Masterlist - updated 30/11/16

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Bucky x Reader- Prompt drabbles

Bucky + knives + dirty talk (SMUT)

Under the table at black tie gala (SMUT")

“It’s Christmas, don’t be mad at me.”

“Welcome to fatherhood”

"Stop being so cute”

“How is my wife more badass than me?”

“I’m not buying IKEA furniture again.”

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DL (Plushie Outfit) - Pirate (Shu)

 It’s been a long time I haven’t created any new outfit for diaplushies~

I have a lot ideas of making Shu’s and Subaru’s, but just not Ruki’s…

Maybe is because he already looks good in his original uniform outfit!!

There are two versions of pirate Shu~ one is Pirate and another one is Halloween.

I decide to go with Pirate one because the hair band is super cute plus the tiny gun~~

This is the original chibi design by Rejet

This is my plushie Shu and the comparison  

Wish plushie Shu’s hair is more fluffy LOL

Overall looks like this: By the way the gun is made with card board and printed gun photo~

As usual~ Subaru and Ruki are going to try on this pirate outfit too!!

Damn it, badass Subaru looks like a real pirate!

I feel like Ruki is going to shoot my head right now and right here…

Please nuuuuuu~~~ I give you all my salt and soy sauces to you don’t kill me! JK

I am making a pirate skit~ with other outfits involve~

What will Pirate Shu do!? The answer will be in the skit~

So shiny! So chrome!

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omgg i love the idea of J and Harley having twins where one is like bubbly and pink and super girly (still badass tho) and the other being totally dark and so intimidating in just her appearance. i can imagine theyd use their looks to their advantage w girly one deceiving ppl by acting cute but then shooting them in the head lol. & for more forward methods ms wednesday addams twin would be there, the guy knowing his fate all along just by her looks. & i think J would fully support their methods.

Oh definitely, he’d love that they are both so individual and really express themselves how they want to. That’s what he lives for after all and how the Joker came to be. He’d be so proud that they can make names/personas/etc for themselves in a city that has such a big group of characters to say the least

these are my babies ❤️. sorry I’m in that first pic, it’s the only good one I have of Luke atm. but yeah, this is my pack and I.😂 we’re a little dysfunctional- Luke is super dopey, Bear is just… Bear??, Max is blind and kind of a dummy, and Jasper thinks he’s a sheep- but we’re still totally badass 😏. (hopefully this works cause tumblr on my phone sucks)

Ari: You look pretty.

Shin: Cute…but I can out race all of those dogs. I’m faster than any canine! Let me at ‘em!!

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Hello!! How are you doing! I was wondering if the ancients follow or like a fandom?

(hi there, we’re doing fine, thank you for asking~~~~ :)) 

(note: we don’t follow all of these fandoms, we just picked the ones that matched their personalities) 

Ancient Greece: I am intrigued with Gravity Falls, and even though it ended, I continue to follow the fandom. Also Sherlock and Supernatural. 

Ancient Egypt: I don’t really follow one, I look at multiple fandoms, in all honesty. 

Britannia: Steven Universe and Star vs The Forces of Evil!! Those two are super cute, badass, and funny~~ Oh, and Harry Potter of course!

Rome: anything superhero related!! But Rick and Morty is hillarious!!

China: I follow all the gaming fandoms! I’m now more into Overwatch, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, and Warcraft!

Iberia: the cartoon fandoms seem really cute~

Aestii: cute, slice-of-life animes~ 

Scandia: superhero and Game of Thrones!!! 

Germania: Hannibal and Bones are interesting… 

Gaul: Miraculous Ladybug!! Also Homestuck!

Carthage: Hannibal and Game of Thrones… 

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"cute and lame"…………… thanks……… that's all hufflepuffs are……peter's a hufflepuff not gryffindor

1. i’m a hufflepuff myself so i’m not trying to diss hufflepuffs (when i call things lame i tend to mean it in a positive way, it’s a bad habit that i need to stop rip). i’m just saying that people tend to take characters that appear “cute and lame” and lump them into hufflepuff just bc they’re adorable and it annoys me

2. gryffindor’s are typically characterized by their passion, and their courage. they aren’t all badasses like people seem to stereotype them as (look at neville longbottom, long considered the complete opposite of badass until he stood up to voldemort). in my opinion, those who are gryffindor aren’t sorted into that house bc they’re automatically super brave and courageous and passionate, but bc those are the things they value and strive to be and feel they need to be. and when i look at peter i see a small guy who has a passion for doing the right thing and risking his life to save people, who looked at his life and thought “this may not be what i want to be, but it’s what i need to be” and i can’t think of a more gryffindor thing. he’s sometimes too passionate, blinded by his need to save people. he’s like atlas, he holds the weight of the world on his shoulders so others don’t have to, he’s brave and sacrificing in every sense.

3. hufflepuffs tend to be loyal as well, they’re dedicated/work hard, and peter has that in common with the house. but hufflepuffs are also typically not stubborn and pig-headed (and peter is one of the most stubborn guys on planet earth), they’re patient and understanding and peter does act this way, but that’s what it is – acting. peter is so fucking impatient with people, he’s snarky and bitchy, and these aren’t bad things lmao but they are a part of his character. you see this side of him come out a lot when he is spider-man, and spider-man’s persona is very much peter’s true personality, the part of him that he covers up and keeps pent in in order to //act// how he thinks he should act

4. so really to sum it up, i think peter tries to display the qualities that are typically hufflepuff, bc he does hold some of those qualities and he knows that the more he displays those qualities the safer his secret identity is. but at heart he is wild and passionate and brave and courageous and stubborn and feels the need to carry the world on his shoulders, and those qualities are overwhelmingly gryffindor.

5. last but not least, this is just my opinion jfc

Since it’s TBT, I decided to look up old art I’m thinking of recreating soon, but here is a super old artwork I did back in 2008. I mainly used Oekaki back then and had a huge obsession with Codename: Kids Next Door. This little crossover came from the idea of me wanting to see this little trio of teenagers become badass ice-cream girls who would ride cute little scooters and play pranks on the younger operatives! 🍦

I’ve come quite a way since then. I think?

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Personally, I think out of all Twice eras LOA had the best outfits because they weren't that overly cute... By the looks of it KK will look more 'badass' than Cheer up or TT... I'm so excited! 💪🏻

imo loa was their best era– I’m super excited too!! fingers crossed it will surpass our expectations, but twice always does that so-


What I think of Seto Kaiba :

(UP) (in DM anime series)
An arrogant, bold, unfriendly, but strangely attractive stud. As people get along with him for a long period they will realize he actually has a warm, resilient heart of steel, and even find him occasionally cute! It’s just his ego is too huge.

(DOWN) (in《Dark Side of Dimensions》trailers)
In grief of losing Yami Yugi, Kaiba gets into a sort of ‘berserk mode’. Now he became a super sexy invincible badass, while looking so….. fragile. T_T

can’t stop thinking abt sensei kanda and apprentice so here are more headcanons bc im trash and still dying

- consider Kanda having this tiny little girl that follows him around looking serious and powerful but is too cute to take seriously

- Kanda braiding hair and everyone being impressed (lenalee isn’t- he has long hair, ofc he knows how to braid)

- Kanda dealing with periods and oh god what the fuck what the fuck she is BLEEDING MAKE IT STOP

“Sensei, how do you know if someone likes you?”

“… go ask Lenalee.”

- Kanda being super badass and scaring the shit out of his enemies only to reveal this cute little girl standing behind him like “yas sensei DESTORY THEM

- purposely missing akuma so his apprentice feels proud that they were able to defend sensei!! 

- Kanda having to explain sex

- clothes shopping!!! bc Kanda Yuu refuses to have a tacky apprentice and ofc his apprentice deserves only the best

- “Kanda, why are you so protective? It’s weird.”

“Fuck off moyashi I am not.” (he is)

- Tiedoll loving his apprentice and spoiling them 24/7 (yes he tells them to call him grandpa and yes Kanda gets flustered every time it happens)

- just. just imagine dad Kanda. this is what this is.

I Care About You//A Bellamy Blake Imagine

Anon said: Do u think you could write a Bellamy imagine? Maybe one where the 100 are still in their “whatever the hell we want” phase and he’s just trying to keep you safe and it’s super fluFFY *u* if you can that would be lovely, if not that’s ok Thank you! :)

You are so very welcome


Everyone was chanting “Whatever the hell we want! Whatever the hell we want!” and it was  a nice change from the confinement of the Ark. I looked around, trying to find (Y/N), panic gripping me when I couldn’t see her. 

“Octavia, have you seen (Y/N)?” I asked.

“How cute, the badass leader is worried about the girl who can’t stand him. I think she went into the woods.”

I ran in the direction that she was pointing. I saw her weaving in between the trees. The light that was being cast by the moss, flowers, and butterflies hit her face and made her look even more beautiful than she usually did. 

“(Y/N)! Don’t wander off like that!” I called to her.

She turned around and when she saw it was me, her nose wrinkled slightly. “You’re not the boss of me,” she said. “Whatever the hell we want, remember?”

I rolled my eyes. “Just be careful, okay?”

She waved over her shoulder. “Whatever, Blake.”

I went back to the fire, only to see that Murphy and his goonies were gone. “Clarke, where the hell is Murphy?”

“I don’t know. He just kind of disappeared.”

A scream emanated from the forest and my stomach dropped. “(Y/N).”

I ran into the trees, three or four people following me, weapons drawn. 

“Get the hell off me!” I heard her scream. I ran harder and came to a clearing where Murphy had (Y/N) pinned and his friends were holding onto her limbs. I stormed up to him and kicked him in the stomach and he rolled over, groaning.

The people that followed me hit the guys that were holding her down and they let go of her. She shot up and ran to me, and I hugged her tightly. Tears were rolling down her cheeks and she was shaking.

“Tie them up and take them back to camp,” I ordered.

“What happened to ‘whatever the hell we want?’” Murphy asked sarcastically.

I just glared at him. “Gag them too,” I decided. The kids did as I said and dragged them back to camp.

I held her face in my hands and tilted her head up so she was looking at me. “Are you okay?”

She nodded. “Just a bit shaken up. Thank you for coming to the rescue.”

“I wasn’t gonna let him do…what he was gonna do. Even though you hate me, I’m not gonna let anything happen to you. I care about you.”

She buried her face in my chest. “I don’t hate you, Bell,” she said softly. Butterflies erupted in my stomach when she called me Bell.

“Really? Because it sure as hell seems like you do.”

“I don’t. I just don’t want to admit to myself that I care about you too,” she mumbled. 

I smiled. “C'mon, let’s get back to camp.” I picked her up and started walking. I’m gonna have to rethink that “Whatever the hell we want” rule.

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May I request relationship headcanons for Reiju and Niji please? And thank you!

Thanks for the request and i’m so sorry it is so late but i didn’t have internet at all last weekend and this week i was super busy and i’m really sorry. ;–;

Relationship HC

Vinsmoke Reiju

  • anything cute/badass you wear/do will be followed by a tease from her 
  • she can also be a hypocrite sometimes
  • flirts a lot with her s/o and possibly makes them jealous most of the time
  • but you better not do the same to her 
  • she gets quite jealous
  • Reiju loves looking at your happy and sleepy face and finds herself smiling as well and most of the time taking pics lol
  • too open about stuff and doesn’t mind pda at all
  • she probably embarrasses her s/o in front of their friends always telling them how much she loves them and the private things they’ve sad/done, unless that s/o is Luffy ofc
  • she’s quite sly and manipulative and probably knows the best ways to get revenge on someone so that comes in handy most of the time
  • she probably loves spoiling the shit out of her s/o 
  • and cooks for them all the time despite being horrible at it
  • whenever she has trouble cheering you up, she’ll either ask Sanji or Nami what to do
  • her ideal date would be going to a fancy restaurant or something like that but she usually let’s her s/o decide on planning their dates

Vinsmoke Niji

  • like legitimately his short temper may be worse than Kidd
  • and that’s not good
  • he holds grudges a lot and never apologizes when he is wrong
  • and he may get physical when fighting with his s/o
  • so he’s definitely not the best boyfriend
  • but at least he always tells his s/o any time of the day how awesome/sexy/handsome/badass they are 
  • that raises their self esteem up a lot since at least he’s honest about that
  • and he probably brags to probably anyone about them and how lucky he is to have them
  • too open about stuff and he’s probably more into pda than Reiju
  • he probably lets his s/o to wear his goggles but i’m like just 50 % sure on that
  • and i like @blenheims headcanon that he is one of the most skillful when it comes to hairstyle and make up so if his s/o is a female or someone who in general loves that kind of stuff, he’d probably realize their wish, i’m just 67% on that though
  • Niji is the revenge mastermind out of the siblings so i bet you whatever someone does something that displeases him, they better pray 
  • like Reiju he spoils them a lot, but more with fancy stuff than words
  • he probably gets angry whenever he doesn’t know how to cheer you up so it is left to Sanji to do that because god help you if Niji does try
  • i have no idea what his ideal date would be like, maybe same as Reiju’s though i don’t know him that well and he’s like my least favorite Vinsmoke anyway
For real though you would love Metal Gear Solid because

• Snake can catch a cold and his sneezes are f*cking adorable.
• Otacon pees his pants when you first meet him
• Otacon talks about love and anime a lot what a f*cking nerd I love him
• Meryl is a f*cking BADASS
• Awesome ladies all throughout the game
• Snake is totally aromantic nobody can tell me otherwise
• its a REALLY smart game really clever yes love it
• if you play it through a third time Snake gets a tuxedo and he looks super cute in it
• multiple endings one with straight love one with gay love