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Another sucessful event <3 The language you’re seeing in the art is portuguese! We were so hyped for the fans’ reactions to Wonder Woman! These selected fans loved the gig and applauded everything, even though the 3rd act was quite rushy. Personally after my third watch, Wonder Woman still felt like the best movie from DC this far. Pardon for my tired face at the last pic though, I was tired and I looked awful >.<

I miss summer and all my friends from work.

Im so glad I’ll be back again

[28/1] sorry for not posting in quite some time! I went shopping the other day and these are some muji products that I have bought and will be using for school 😊😊 my lettering looks awful though I’ll need more practice ahhhh 😪also happy chinese new year for those who celebrate it!!! 🍊🍊


- Okay, last night we saw a movie.
- What was my snack of choice?
- Sprinkled Milk Duds over your popcorn.

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I followed for Persian dad and raichu hubby, I how pleasant your art looks! Are they just done now though?

aw thanks!!! i lov them q-q i even gave them names in my head even tho i never said them on here lol

i always feel like i wanna go back to drawing them a lot but something else always preoccupies me lol (like … rn it’s voltron lol)
they’re doing well tho !!!!

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Omg you met Francesco?? HOW'S HE LIKE IN REAL LIFE I mean is he tall? Is he as awesome as he looks on screen? What does he smell like?? I wish I could meet him too god

OMG… it was very surreal. (i realized i may over talked, just jump to THE ACTUAL MEETING if you don’t care for the whole experience ahah)

I never done stuff like those and emotionally i was on a roller coaster. That week on Friday i had to take the CD plus the pass in order to meet him. I needed to take just that piece of paper and i was so anxious. It didn’t help that a lady on Twitter bragged of the fact that she bought 4 of em. The night before i couldn’t sleep, i couldn’t eat. 

I felt really dumb at the time. He is at the end just a dude who sings. I don’t know actually this guy. But i was so emotionally invested. So i go and buy my physical CD. My Magellano disk. I finally manage to chill and i get to inspect a bit the place where i thought he was going to do the meeting. It felt really tiny but at the end i was right, that was the room. Then i chill even more and i get home with the cd, eat a bit, and then sleep a bit.

Saturday is ok, i get to chat with other fans who also got to meet him and discuss those kinda experiences.

Then Sunday comes and ohhhh boy. I was a mess. An emotional mess. While getting ready i was shaking so much. It was hard for me to eat… again… and i didn’t sleep properly again. I get on the bus, then get to the station… and i actually have to wait there. The meeting was at 15:00 and i was in the station already at 11:30… I waited for a friend there, eat something, and then went to the actual place. Jump a bit, i get to the building and i wait in line. The actual meeting was again 2 h in the future and there was already a line.

I was 31st but i belonged still to the first group. Talk a bit with some fans, with the girls of my gabba chat, the friend who came with me is a photographer and meanwhile i was stuck there he was asking for the authorization to make the photos. Then they take us and they made another line with the first group, but inside that room i visited 2 days prior. With us 50 people in it the room seemed even smaller. I don’t have many photos until this point since my phone was kinda crappy, and in the room the light was… meh. 

But anyway, while waiting in the line they put his music in shuffle and me and a girl next to me start to sing, then we also chat and i discovered the is the first fanfiction writer who did something for Gabba. She asks me if i’m a boy of a girl (xD) and then we just continue singing and waiting…


…and then after other 30-40 minutes he walks in. All grinning and smiling like he always does. He makes the technician lower the volumes of the songs and starts talking. He jokes (like always) “presents himself” (with people saying “we knoowwww”) then he thanks everybody of being there, supporting him, giving him “this gift” of us giving him this year of his dreams, believing on his music and his songs. Then he invites us to his live tour and proceeds to forget the date in Rome xD fans correcting him. All of this with his big smile. 

Then he moves to a little table to say hi to the first fans, making photos, signing the cd, giving hugs, (some even kisses, on the cheek but still), he being a general goofball and funny guy. I’m in line and i watch him, i was shocked like, he always smile but never in a fake way. 

Until that point i was actually very chill (maybe because ahead of me i had this person which was a bubble of anxiety), then i get my turn. I say my name to a guy, then to Dorina (Gabba’s manager or assistant or something, you saw her as his translator). 

Gabba says bye to the last person and then the assistants mention me to come up there(there was a little padio).


So… Guys… he looked at me. Right in my eyes. 

I was smiling sooooo much.
He was smiling sooooo much. 

I really was struggling keeping his gaze. He was so beautiful, and charming, and smiling and… then i realized he said ciao to me… and 

i didn’t know what to say. “Do i say ciao back… but… i don’t really know… do i say… what do i sayyyyy??” i literally forgot my own language. 

i kinda opened my mouth to say something but… then he got it and he made a joke out of it. I laughed too. Something about me being too tense and that i didn’t have to be soo tense, it was “just” him. The assistants passed him my cd and then started writing on it. With his gaze not on me, i had the breath to think of my prepared speech and start to recover my awful presentation. 

First though i gave a look to his hands… i mean… look at them…

So yeah, i told him a few things. I loved the song, sad that i just knew about him in February, and he kept saying, “No but thank youuu”.
So i said, “no but i say this because there are actual people that say that i’m finally more relaxed, more open and that it’s two months that i smile non stop”.

He smiled and laughed some more, him totally being a cinnamon roll about it made me forget what he said about this. But he was proud of it. Then i was looking at him and he was like “Photo!!!” So yeah, i look to the guy i gave my phone to and BAM. Photo done.

And i couldn’t care less about the photos. I had my usual “allampanata” face and he was so clooooose to me in his entire glory. With the manga eyes!!! He looked at me with those eyessss!!! :3

And i don’t know if you noticed this but… he leans into you. 
He drops his head of yours if he can. 
He hugs you tight.


I felt the fingertips on my arm for a whole day.

You guys are making me emotional thinking about it… 

He doesn’t seem so tall in the pic. I’m 155, he’s 176… but it’s because he leeeeans in. While he talks with someone smaller he drops his head lower… He is soooo cuteee.

Also about the smell… well. I forgot. I wasn’t looking for it, and yeah so i don’t know. Talking with other girls even them didn’t got anything. But there is a plus. He didn’t smelled of smoke at all. That, i would’ve noticed for sure…

After the pic he gave me the cd and said hi… while i… i hope i said hi. I actually have a complete black out after. Just out the meeting room some workers there chatted with me… How was it? What did you tell him? Since when you are a fan? and so on.

Then for 30 minutes i was dead on a chair not too far from the place. Just trying to recall everything. 

Fainting (l.h)

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PLOT:You faint when you are out with him.
WORDS: 917

“Please, Y/N. Just for today.” Luke bargained. I was feeling very under the weather today but Luke insisted I go with him to the studio. “I don’t feel good, Luke.” I whined, taking a sip of water. My head was pounding and all I wanted to do was sleep. “Please.” Luke whispered. His blue eyes burned into my eyes, making me cave. “Fine.” I said. He gave me a kiss and we headed to the car to drive to the studio. During the drive I tried sleeping but my body was aching too much.

“Y/N!” The boys yelled, making me flinch. I smiled anyway, I missed them. “Hey guys.” I said, giving them all hugs. “What brings you here?” Ashton asked. “Luke asked me to come with.” I said, following them to the sofa. We all plopped down. “He missed you a lot when we were on tour.” Calum said. “I missed him too.” I said, Luke had only gotten back from tour a week ago so it makes sense that he wants to take me everywhere. “Do you guys want a soda?” Michael asked, walking to the mini fridge. “Uh, can I have water?” I asked. My body was aching and I felt lightheaded. “Sure.” Michael took it out and handed me the bottle of water.

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we are… right here.



i’ve been so so inactive lately (for requests/scenarios) and i feel so bad but yet you’ll still follow me im so thankful??? my exams start tomorrow and im sorry you have to deal with this inactive-ness until 12th may (my last paper 😭) but hmu and send asks if you wanna talk,, i’ll still be able to reply hehe i love you all and mark muah muah 💜💜

and oh my i just realised it’s already the 1st of may (here it is) hehe i’ve been blessed thank you

Dear Journal,

Today was a long class day. We started with potions and Sirius and I did a forgetting potions almost perfectly. Professor Slughorn was proud of us and gave the two of us a really good mark. After potions we had Charms. We worked on a few new charms that we needed to learn for the next evaluation. It was a bit boring since I already knew half of them. After Charms we had a free period and the boys and I went in the library to study (the boys didn’t actually studied, they planned their next prank on the slytherins.) I was reading my herbology notes while writing my essay when I noticed Sirius. He was asleep on the table. James was about to brush his feather on his nose but I stopped him.

“Let him sleep Merlin!” I whispered.

“Come on moony it’ll be funny!” He quietly laughed.

“If he’s mad at you for walking him up, you can’t say I haven’t told you!” I said.

He lightly brushed the tip of his feather on Sirius’ nose, making him move in his sleep.

“Mmmm.. St-top.. mmm.. Re..” he mumbled, his eyes still closed.

I couldn’t stop laughing. He opened his eyes and realized that it was James who woke him up and he pushed him out of his chair, slightly laughing too.

“We need to work on that prank! Come on! Stop sleeping everywhere and help us!” James told him.

“What are you guys planning?” I asked.

“We are going to change all the boys shampoo to a sticky gel! Their hair will look awful!” Peter laughed evily.

“Don’t get caught though! I don’t want to be the one saving your butts again!” I giggled.

“Don’t worry moons. We have this one under control.” James smirked.

After dinner, we all went outside to look at the beautiful sunset. The air wasn’t cold, it was more like a fresh sentation. We were just wearing light coats. Lily and Sophie decided to join us too. Sophie was telling us about how a Ravenclaw that was in her transfiguration class wanted to changed his cat into a hat, but failed and changed it as a furry bowl. We were all having fun, celebrating the end of the week. Lily was braiding Sophie’s long golden hair and Sirius sent me a look.

“Remus, do you know how to do braids?” He asked me.

“Lily tought me last year so I could do them on her. I think i still remember how to do them yes… why?” I responded.

“Can you braid my hair?” He smirked.

“I can try Pads! But I don’t promise you it’ll look good!” I laughed at his request.

“As long as you do it it’ll look great!” He giggled.

I sat on a higher rock so I could be able to braid the two sides of his head. His hair were soft and smelt like fresh flowers. I had trouble getting it started, but once I remembered how to do it, I was like a pro..Well.. okay a good beginer let’s say!

“I’m done baby!” I patted his shoulders.

“Really? How do I look?” He said, turning around.

“You look very cute I would say!” I kissed his soft lips.

We hung out outside until the sun was down and went back into our dorm to go to sleep, we were all exhausted. We layed down close to eachother and I could feel Sirius trying to get comfortable.

“You okay love?” I asked.

“I can’t find a comfortable position with these braids on!”

“You can take them off baby.”

“No! I wanted to wear them tommorow!” He said, pouting like a puppy.

“I can redo them tommorow babe. They will even be prettier!” I said kissing his cheek.

“Okay.. do you promise?”

“I promise i will!”

I removed the muggle elastics Lily gave him and started to undo the two braids. When I was done, he rubbed his hand through his hair and looked at me. His hair were all wavy and curled. I couldn’t hold my laugh so i softly giggled.

“I look stupid don’t I?” He said half pouting, half smiling.

“You look cute! Don’t worry!Now let’s get some sleep.. I’m tired.” I said, laying back down.

“Okay.. goodnight Re..”

“Goodnight Pads”

*sorry my day was a bit boring… I blame the classes ;)..

- Remus
Febuary 3rd 1976


- Why am I your teacher?

Because it was decided by fate when I first met you, Teacher. I meet people I don’t know every day while doing quick-delivery. They all have nothing to do with me and I have no interest in them either. But you, Teacher, said that you’d like to hear my performance more. You observed what kind of a kid I am and asked how I was living. You also performed with me. That day my soul was born again..