i look at you and i cry


I moved here from Bergen in the 7th grade. No one wanted to hang out with me because I talk so weird. You were the only one who took care of me. I couldn’t believe the most popular girls in our class wanted to be friends with me. I always really looked up to you. You’re the best friend I’ve ever had. Just the thought of me destroying that makes me feel sick. More than sick. It made me stop liking myself as a person. But I can’t continue having regrets for the rest of my life. It wasn’t going well between you and Jonas. You talked about breaking up with him every day. I know that’s not an excuse, but… I loved him. I wish I could do it all over again, completely different. But I can’t. I’m just going to have to accept it and move on. I’m saying this for the last time. Okay?

Do you want me at 6am when I wake up with no makeup and ratty hair? Do you want me at 8 am when I’m signing terribly in the shower? Do you want me at 5pm when I’m sweaty and smell because I just worked out? Do you want me at 10pm when I look at myself in the mirror and tug at my fat? Do you want me at 11pm when I’m crying because I’m so stressed and unhappy? Do you want me at 12am when I’m over thinking everything? Do you want me all day everyday? Or do you just want me? Me in your bed? Because there’s a difference between wanting me and wanting to be with me.


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so you've done the top 5 sassiest HQ!! characters and the top 5 sexiest HQ!! characters, what about the top 5 cutest HQ!! characters? (also, all ur top 5 lists are spot on~ i love it!)

top 5 haikyuu cuties? the adorable ones that make you squeal :D

Be ready for a cuteness overload! :D

1. Hinata. My baby birb, my the sunshine son, have you seen his face? his eyes? his hair? he’s like a mix of every single cute feature you can find, concentrated in that tiny body of his. He’s so cute he almost makes me cry every time I look at him 

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2. Nishinoya. He’s my baby overly excited dragon and, much like Hinata, he truly is the walking definition of cute (*≧ω≦*) I mean look at hiiiim

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3. Kageyama. I can’t believe people find him intimidating while he’s just ??? a tol sleepy and awkward blueberry dork ??? and I love him ??? so much ???

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4. Kenma. Have you ever seen a more adorable disgruntled litte kitty? I sure haven’t, he’s so precious! (HIS FACES THO)

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5. Yaku. A LITTLE DEMON, every time I see him I have this urge to hug him but I bet he would probably fight me to death if I dared to touch him so there’s that

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- bonus: mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the tiniest ace of them all? 

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Kyaaaaaaaaaaa OMG this is so amazing
@pammspamm eres la mejor!!! El color te quedo hermoso… I’m crying this is so beautiful!!!

I made the lineart and @pammspamm the colours and is so amazing… Pammm darling UsUk fandom is really blessed to have you. I feel so happy to met you because this fandom.

Love you girl. You deserve lot of happiness you are a wonderful artist.

And… You have to teach me how to make the colours like you 😘

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Keiid! I missed you so much! I'm back from the dead and I have been looking at your art and it has made me cry in tears of joy! Bless you my friend!

Welcome back dear!! <3

I’m so glad you like them ;3;

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For the one sentence prompt! "Did I ever tell you about the time I fought an alligator?"

Jack looks up from where he’s leaning against the island, watching Bitty bake, and stares at him. “I’m sorry, you what?”

“I was visitin’ some cousins in Louisiana…we found an alligator in their ditch. My cousin Sam was scared to get near it so I just chased it across the street myself,” Bitty explains with a shrug.

“Bits, that’s metal as fuck, but not really a fight.”

“Fine, Mr. Zimmermann, next time you can deal with the gator and I’ll handle the crying four year old instead.”

“Well, you do have a way with kids.”

I just want to say

That when I was watching untucked from the first episode of season 9 I start crying when Gaga was giving them critiques. It hit me then that every LGBT+ person looks up to her, including me, because of how much she’s there for us. She knows the struggles we’ve been through and like she said, she’s not a gay woman herself, but she been brought up by gay men which let her see into the life of the LGBT+ community and she realized it wasn’t all rainbows, unicorns, and glitter. She decided “there needs to be someone there for them… I’ll do it”.

Lady Gaga is such an inspiration to all of us because she wasn’t afraid to stand up for what she believed in or who she believed in, for that matter. She didn’t care what she looked like as long as it made her happy.

I’m glad she is there for us and the community because if she wasn’t the biggest influence to ever happen, I honestly don’t know who would be.

Sure, there are others who say, “I’m here for the LGBT+ community,” or “I love the gays!” But they never really ‘did’ anything to help our community. BUT SHE DID. She gave us hope, music to dance to when we’re alone in our bedroom, SO many speeches saying we need to stand up for ourselves and fight back saying “we are what we are, we love ourselves and you can’t change us.” Hell, she just went on drag race; acted like a Lady Gaga impersonator; literally CRIED when she saw her outfits being displayed, which were remade by the queens, and then went into the untucked room and had a folder of what she loved about them and what they could do to make themselves better. Not degrading them saying, “I don’t like this,” she helped them by saying, “I really love this and add this/ change this to make you look better.”

Okay enough of that. I just really love Gaga and there’s a MILLION REASONS why she has helped the LGBT+ community and will keep helping us. She’s so inspiring and I love her so much. Okay, the end.

the morning after.

the morning after i killed myself i found myself sleeping naked next to your beautiful porcelain body

i was breathing in your sweet scent and i was cursing myself for being so irrational the day before

the morning after i killed myself i found myself loving you even more and that kinda scared me because i was leaving you alone

i was crying inside screaming and cursing myself for being so irrational the day before

the morning after i killed myself i looked deep into your eyes and i promised you that you’ll never be lonely

i know this will hurt you and i hate it and i was cursing myself for being so irrational the day before

the morning after i killed myself i promised myself that i will give you the world and you’ll always be by my side

so i took you with me and now we’re together for as long as we’re dead and i’m cursing myself for being so irrational the life before

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I asked why did you stop playing... because I have to stop now because of an injury and I feel worse than shit, i just cry, why did you stop? how did you get over it? or you just dont feel the passion for it anymore?

i stopped bc of health problems. i do miss it of course I might even coach next year. but there are soooOooO many things you can do when you don’t play in a team anymore, it’s nuts. i couldn’t do half of the things I do now. look at the bright side of it


The men head to Otto’s storeroom. A man is tied to a chair, whimpering and crying. Remy fights down the brief sympathy he felt looking at the man’s terrified face. His father was watching him, and Remy hated to look weak in front of his father.

Otto laughs: You told me you don’t want to get your hands dirty, right? So no hands… use the bat. 

Man cries: Please…no…I swear…I will pay you back Otto…please…You just gotta give me more time!!!

Remy takes the bat, holds it high. The man’s continued whimpers irritate him and whatever sympathy he feels disappears.

Remy cold: I hate when they beg. Sal, take the straps off him. I’m going to break his jaw first so he’ll shut the f*ck up. He’s going to hold his hands up to his face when I swing, so it’ll break his hands too.

Manny laughs: That’s my boy!

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list of songs that remind you of/you associate with evak?

Hiiii anon. Aaaaaah what an amazing ask! Okay, so I have playlists for every verse I wrote. So some of these songs may not fit canon at all, but the idea is essentially the same. Some of my favorites:

  • Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Someone To Stay
  • Amber Run - Fickle Game
  • Andrew Bell - Pieces
  • Echos - Gold
  • Cashmere Cat & The Weeknd - Wild Love
  • Jarryd James & Broods - 1000x
  • Matthew Perryman Jones - Looking For You Again
  • Stateless - Bloodstream
  • Aurora - Nature Boy
  • Aquilo - So Close To Magic
  • LANY - ILYSB (Stripped)
  • Majid Jordan - All I Do 
  • Michl - Die Trying
  • Nothing But Thieves - If I Get High
  • Echos - Leave Your Lover
  • Nothing But Thieves - Lover, Please Stay
  • Brighton - Forest Fire
  • Vaults - Cry No More
  • Bruno Major - Easily
  • Two Feet - Go Fuck Yourself
  • Radiohead - All I need
  • Porter Robinson - Sea of Voices
  • Radiohead - High and Dry
  • Mansionair - Easier
  • J.Views & Milosh - Don’t Pull Away
  • Slow Meadow - Palemote 
  • Radiohead - House of Cards
  • St. Lucia - Love Somebody
  • Ólafur Arnalds - Doria

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aerialsuperiority(.)tumblr(.)com/post/154462487460/huntress-widowmaker-under-the-mistletoe-wsound Think this looks familiar? Now I can't even play games in peace. You have doomed my soul. I literally cry my eyeballs out seeing this. My poor baby Viktor *sniff* my sweetest son Yuuri *sneeze* indulge them in teeth rotting fluff after all the bs they went through will you? I don't think my fragile heart can take any more than this :'(

There will be so much fluff in the extra scenes fic you would not believe it!

It's 2018

All the teams are ready. Christian Pulisic is nervous. His first world cup. Usmnt is right behind him. They play the group stage games fine (surprisingly). They’re in the semis. Christian turns to his team…. “Guys, sit out. I got this.” Tim Howard stays standing. “No, bald head. I don’t need you.” Christian is nervous (again, he’s always fucking nervous. It’s a world cup ffs). He scores 8 goals and only allows 2. He wins the semi by himself. The final is against Brasil. His team stands again. “No, I’m okay.” Neymar scores 19 goals. Christian looks defeated but it’s only the second half. America is crying. There are riots. But Christian comes back the second half and scores 20 goals. Christian Pulisic has done it. He has saved America. Only his name is on the cup. He celebrates alone. He lifts the cup alone and takes home all the medals.

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You look oddly like a dad. Got those dad vibes.

I kept reading that as “Ghost Dad Vibes”.

Why does it look like they’re smiling there? If my dead father phased through the door, I would be screaming, crying, and looking or clean pants.

Thank you, Dan and Phil. You helped me realize my point in life and what I want to do with my time on his earth.

I want to make people happy.
I want to make people laugh.
I want to make people feel like they matter.
I want to make things people love.
I want to make sad people happy.
I want to make happy people happier.
I want to make confused people feel they belong.
I want to make people who are unsure of themselves feel safe.

I want to do everything you’ve done for me and more.

I want to get to meet you both and thank you for everything.

I want you to see this, too. So I’m going to tag you.

I don’t have enough space on a post to even describe my emotions. But I’ve realized my depression was the root of my mental instability and I’m getting help. Your videos help when my medication just can’t. You probably see things like this EVERY DAY, but that’s okay because you are helping people every day!

Someday I’ll be able to go to vidcon some year you go, and some day I just might get to meet you. And I’ll cry. A lot. Because I’m a sap.
You won’t even know it’s ME, and that’s okay because I’d probably freaking die if you did.

So to make a long story short.. thank you.


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Hello sweetheart i'm craving for an scenario with xanxus, where his wife had a great surgery on her last days, xanxus met her and she hold his cheek "you were such a lovely husband i would never forget you, a wild beast with a great humna heart" and then she dies, and maybe he left a tear just a single tear? If thats okay? I love your blog!!

xanxus doesn’t strike me as the type to cry, even a single tear so i tweaked it a little

His head fell against the wall, waking him immediately.  Looking around, Xanxus saw Squalo across the small hallway, stretched out on his own bench.

“You dosed off again,” he said.  “You should get some actual sleep.”

“Any word?” Xanxus asked, ignoring the advice.

“I think they have her stabilized, at least there aren’t as many doctors and nurses running in and out of the room,” the swordsman answered.

Xanxus nodded and repositioned himself so he was leaning more comfortably against the wall before closing his eyes again.  

A rush of sound woke the assassin, along with Squalo shaking his shoulder.  “Something happened. The alarm went off, they’re calling you in,” he said urgently, looking at the door to your room.

Xanxus was fully awake and walking through the door in a split second, a thread of doubt tugging at him.  

“Are you the husband?” one of the nurses asked, holding out one of the plastic scrubs for him to put on.

Xanxus nodded and stepped into the outfit, his mind numbing when he saw you on the operating table, blood everywhere.  

Pushing past all the doctors and nurses, he cleared his way toward you.  “What’s going on?” he demanded.

“I’m not going to make it,” you said weakly.  “Too much internal damage,” you coughed.  

“To hell with that, the doctors at the base are much better, Lussuria would probably do a better job than these trash,” Xanxus spat.

“Babe,” you said, calmly, moving your hand over his.  “They’ve all tried.”  You saw his look of anger drop to one of disbelief.  “Come here.”

He leaned in closer, pulling your hand to his cheek.  “Don’t,” he said.

You coughed again, some blood spilling over your lip.  “Thank you.  For being such a wonderful husband.  Everyone thought I was crazy when I married you.  That you were a wild beast, a dog that would bite the hand that fed it,” you said, coughing some more.

“Stop talking,” Xanxus asked, borderline pleaded.

“But who would have thought that the ferocious beast had such a human heart,” you smiled.  “Tell everyone I said bye,” you said.

“Please don’t,” Xanxus said, leaning closer to you, his hand keeping yours pressed to his cheek.  “Don’t die,” he whispered, leaning his forehead against yours.  

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Do you like Lena as a character? I enjoy watching Katie. I was happy when I heard she was upgraded to a series reg.