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Hello you~ :). I hope you are having a nice day. I wanted to request a headcanon with a mexican, I just think the latinamerican part of the fandom needs a little bit more of love. Thank you in advance. :D.

hey there, hun~ I’m always up for giving some love to my latinx fam and I hope I didn’t fuck up too much, anon! if I did please inform me so I can fix it right away. Have a nice day as well! (btw since you didn’t specify, I included the usual babes).

- Admin Cat Mom.


  • almost passes out when he sees you greeting other guys with a kiss on the cheek.
  • what the heck mc he feels Betrayed.
  • doesn’t know a lot about mexico aside from the food.
  • so ofc first thing he asks is for you to make him some tacos.
  • but like the real thing please.
  • tries to look up recipes online to cook you a proper mexican meal.
  • it doesn’t work out well bUT it’s the gesture that counts, right? RIGHT?
  • it’s super easy to trick him into cursing in spanish lmao and it’s the cutest thing, he swears he’s saying the cheesiest stuff to you.


  • can’t keep his eyes off of you.
  • you swear you’ve caught him drooling more than once.
  • the kind of guy to call you exotic and shiz.
  • brags about you to literally everyone??? except men because they’re all wolves.
  • seriously this man needs to calm down a bit.
  • gets all hot and bothered every time you say the slightest thing in spanish, like enough to make him leave the room, otherwise he’s afraid he’ll unleash the beast.
  • unless you want him to.
  • if this bothers you he promises to tone himself down.
  • also apologizes because all he knows about latin america relates to beautiful women and passion and love and whatnot.
  • does an effort to actually learn about mexico and is fascinated.


  • is pretty chill about it.
  • your mornings consist of you making breakfast together and dancing around the kitchen to some cumbias or latin pop songs, among other tunes you both enjoy.
  • there’s no dancing before the coffee though.
  • you tend to repeat this routine before dinner, and during weekends, and basically whenever you’re bored.
  • once she got so into a song she sang a line in spanish but it was so bad that her face went entirely red.
  • she wanted the earth to swallow her up.
  • loves mexican sweets and pastries!! 
  • flan is her favorite.
  • has you asking your relatives to send you snacks, and also ingredients so you can bake some recipes you’ve mentioned in the past.


  • knows a little bit of spanish and tries to exercise his skills with you.
  • he’s bad but he compensates it with confidence.
  • watches mexican novelas with elizabeth the 3rd behind your back to try and learn more about you and your culture.
  • …has no idea what’s going on, even elizabeth looks perplexed.
  • decides it’s better to simply ask you about what he wants to know.
  • starts projects and deals with latin american companies.
  • that being said, he takes you with him during business trips.
  • asks you what he can do to make you feel more at home.
  • culture shock is a thing, he’s aware of it, and he wouldn’t want you to feel sad or homesick while staying at south korea.
  • heard something about a group in facebook for latinos in korea and suggests you to join and share your experiences.


  • this boy knows no chill whatsoever.
  • never misses an opportunity to troll you.
  • exchanging memes is basically your thing, that’s how you bond now, apparently.
  • [ignores you in spanish]
  • [cries in korean]
  • pretends to be scared of you when you get angry.
  • well it looks like someone’s getting his ass whooped.
  • probs knows spanish so you can kind of communicate and sing songs with you.
  • disney movies in spanish? siGN HIM TF UP.
  • “let’s start with Aladdin, MC, so we can recreate Un Mundo Ideal together.”
  • all jokes aside, he embraces this side of you, it’s a part of who you are and you’re precious to him so??


  • has never been to mexico but knows his fair share of information.
  • cannot!! believe!! you come from such a beautiful place!!
  • fantastic excuse to go on a trip and take millions of pictures together.
  • soft boi is fascinated by your culture and you.
  • spanish is hard but he tries.
  • and he giggles and stammers and gets all blushed, it’s adorable.
  • the kind of guy to shamelessly dance with you in the middle of the street.
  • it doesn’t matter if you have two left feet, he sucks as well and honestly, who cares? you’re there to have fun.
  • is eager to meet your family.
  • enjoys every meal, every drink and every snack you make him try.
  • will probably miss the food when he’s back home.
  • promises to show you the entirety of south korea next time.


  • not really a big deal for him.
  • it doesn’t matter where you come from you’re still annoyingly cute.
  • lowkey curious about your culture though.
  • since he’s a sickly bean, you have to take care of him often.
  • and the first time you rub vicks vaporub on his chest he gets quite overwhelmed to say the least.
  • “what wait that feels weird ew get away from me.”
  • “…no wait now it feels nice.”
  • not a fan of spicy food because it makes him sick but he has a few bites just for you.
  • one day he shows up wearing a sombrero and a poncho, he looks so pissed and he’s blushing… is he trying to impress you? maybe.
  • “saeyoung made me wear this.”
  • “no, honey…… what did we talk about… taking advice from your brother?”

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hello spooks! I thought I'd tell you about clif bars if you don't already know them? I have pretty much identical food issues to you and clif bars are my saviour - they're pretty much a meal in themselves and give you heaps of energy without any effort! I especially recommend the white chocolate flavour and they're all also vegan. They're extra yum heated up in the microwave too!! and I find them really good sensory wise xxx

oh I’ve never heard of those!? where do you get them? (I’ll have a look online)(thanks so much for the recommendation, I really appreciate it)(always eager + open to food recommendations/suggestions)

Imagine... you get sick and he takes care of you

I wake up in the middle of the night, my stomach cramping worse than it ever has in my life. I think of waking Harry up, but he looks so angelic and peaceful right next to me. I get up and out of bed, suddenly feeling sick and run to the bathroom, leaning over the toilet and throwing up tonight’s dinner. This can’t be happening right now. I start to cough, trying to keep it quiet, but the door to the bathroom slowly creaks open.

“Y/N, love, are you alright?” Harry asks and I look up at him. His eyes are practically still shut, blinded by the fluorescent light of the bathroom. Once his eyes adjust, though, a concerned expression crosses his face and he rushes over to help me.

“I’m fine,” I say, my throat burning as I lean over the toilet to throw up again. He gathers my hair in the back of my head and rubs big circles on the back with the palm of his hand. I sit back up after coughing a few more times and he combs his fingers through my hair. I start to sweat because the room that felt so cold only a few seconds ago suddenly feels like a sauna… or hell. Hell is more of an accurate word.

“I’m sorry,” I groan. “It was probably that horrid cake I made last night,” I joke, trying to lighten up the mood, but clearly it’s more than just food poisoning. He chuckles behind me and stands up slowly.

“I’ll go get the thermometer,” he says. I look up at him and nod. I throw up a few more times, making incredibly unpleasant hacking sounds, while he’s away. He comes back in a few minutes later, slowly sliding the thermometer under my tongue. A few moments later, it starts beeping and I look down at the number. 102.9°f. Fuck. I groan. “let me see,” he says and I hand him the thermometer and sulk up at him. “I started some tea,” he sighs, “would you like to go to the kitchen and drink some?”

I nod, a dull headache threatening my forehead. I groan as he helps me up, wrapping his arm around my waist just in case I’m too weak. I walk over to the sink and brush my teeth, ridding my mouth of that awful acidic taste. “Are you feeling better?” he asks, “Like, do you think you’re going to throw up again?”

I take a sip of water and shake my head, “I think I’ve gotten rid of all my internal organs as well as all the food I’ve ever eaten in my whole life.“

“Well, at least we know it’s over, then…” he smiles sympathetically. We walk into the kitchen and he sits me at one of the tall chairs at the kitchen counter.

“I suppose…”

“How are you feeling otherwise?” He asks.

“Well other than the feeling that my eyes are about to fall out of my head, heat flashes, a sore throat, and a stomach ache, I’m doing great,” I smile weakly. “You can go back to sleep if you want… you don’t have to stay up with me.” I feel badly keeping him up like this. I hate to burden him. He always tells me he’s not burdened, but I can’t imagine anyone being fine with this sort of thing. I know I would be annoyed.

“I’m so sorry, love,” he apologizes. I shiver, suddenly getting cold again and he sees, running over to the couch and grabbing a blanket to drape around my shoulders. He wraps his arms around my shoulders and kisses my temple as I take another sip of my tea. “We’ll get you to a doctor as soon as the sun comes up. And I’m not going back to bed. I’d rather stay up with you, you know? To make sure you’re okay… For now, though, we can watch a movie?”

He leans in for a little kiss but I pull away and look at him like he’s mental. “I can’t kiss you,” I say, “I don’t want to get you sick.”

“Oh, right,” he shakes his head, “sorry…”

I sigh, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. An idea hits me. “Speaking of sorry,” I smile, trying to keep my chin up for him and seem a little less dead than I feel, “have you got the board game?”

He nods, “You want to play?”

“I wouldn’t mind,” I shrug and he goes over to the cabinet by the television and grabs the board game from it, setting it up on the ground. I walk over and sit cross-legged on the floor.

“Which one do you want?” he asks, referring to the color of the game pieces. I furrow my eyebrows and look at them. I reach down and grab the green ones and he takes the blue ones. “You can go first.”

I flip over the top card and move one of my pieces two places. He goes next, moving his one place. We continue to play, and slowly the game gets more and more interesting. He draws a four and he moves his piece and backwards four places and hits mine, saying “Sorry,” and then sticking a tongue out at me.

“Hey,” I complain, “You cheated!”

“Did not!” he frowns.

“You’re only allowed to move it four places ahead not behind,” I say, picking up my green piece. We sound like children; so innocent and young, playing my favorite childhood board game.

“No,” he shakes his head quickly, ready to explain why I’m wrong, “You can move it backwards, too, if you get a four. I promise I’m not making it up.” He pulls out the instructions and shows it to me and as a matter of fact, he is correct.

I fold my arms over my chest and try and suppress a smile. “I’m the sick one,” I joke and try and make excuses, “take it easy on me!”

“I thought you hated pity,” he raises his eyebrows and smiles.

“Whatever, loser,” I roll my eyes, “Let’s just keep playing.”

I end up winning the game and Harry antagonizes me, telling me I cheated and that he let me win. He helps me sit up on the couch and he turns on the television to nickelodeon, where they’re playing re-runs of Spongebob episodes from the early 2000’s. The prime time for that television show. He sits down next to me and I lay down in his lap. He plays with my hair gently, combing his fingers through it until we both fall asleep.

The next morning, I wake up alone on the couch. When I hoist myself up, my head instantly starts to ache and my eyeballs are heavy. When I walk into the kitchen, I’m introduced to more tea, soup, sliced bananas, applesauce, toast, and my lovely boyfriend standing and waiting for me. He greets me with a smile. “Good morning, angel,” he mumbles in his raspy morning voice.

“I probably look more like the Satan,” I laugh, “but…”

“Lucifer was supposed to be attractive, actually,” he mentions and I give him a sarcastic look and start to laugh. “Are you feeling any better?” he asks.

I give him a shrug, he walks over to me and presses the back of his hand against my forehead.

“You still feel like you’re burning up,” he says.

“Quite like Satan,” I joke, “I’m telling you, Harry, you’re dating the devil.”

“Well, then, I’m in love with the devil,” he says. I beam at him uncontrollably.

“I guess opposites attract,” I shrug.

He grins, “Now… I looked it up online and it told me that after you’re sick to your stomach, you should eat this stuff,” he explains, pointing to the food he set up on the table. It’s very nicely arranged, too, seemingly color-coded.

“Come here,” I summon him and he pads over to me. I envelop him in a hug. “Thank you so much, Harry, you truly are the best.”

“I love you,” he reminds me, “and since I can’t kiss you and you’re just so irresistible…” he kisses his fingers and presses them against my forehead.

“You’re such a dork,” I giggle at him, “But I guess I kind of love you, too.”

“Kind of?” he raises his eyebrows and smiles, dimples on full display.

I pinch my fingers and bring them in front of his face, “only a little.”

Anxiety - Niall imagine


The alarm screeches its daily morning call and your heavy eyelids rip open. Your pulse races a hundred mile an hour, palms sweating, throat dry. You knew what was happening. You snap your neck to see if your boyfriend was there. He wasn’t. The alarm, which was still nagging, flashed the time. 7:15am. He was probably downstairs mooching around as he got ready for work.

“Niall,” you croaked. Your throat was stone dry.

“Niall,” you called again. Your breath quickened as the horrid feeling engulfed your body. Your entire frame trembled as you clutched the sheets in your palms tight, as if you were about to punch someone.

You began to cry and shake as you buried your head into the duvet covering your lap. You sobbed hysterically.

Not even moments later, you could hear brisk footsteps thudding across the landing. The door burst open to reveal your very concerned looking boyfriend.

“Y/N!” He called as he ran to the bed and sat beside you. Before he could pull his legs up onto the bed, you collapsed into his arms and wailed.

“What’s wrong, Darlin’?” He asked with worry in his voice.

“I-I c-c-c-can’t d-do it, N-Niall. Not not today-y-y,” your speech broken from the hiccups you released as you cried with fear.

“It’s okay, beautiful, I’m here. Nialler’s here.”

“P-please don- don’t make me go to my lectures today,” you begged.

“Shhh, shhh. I won’t make you do anything,” the blonde beauty reassured you in hushed tones.

His biceps wrapped around your torso as he pulled you back onto the bed and pulled the blanket over you both.

He knew. He knew what was wrong. You have suffered with anxiety for a while now and although it was something challenging to tackle, Niall had been the most understanding person toward you and it made you love him more. More than you thought you could. He quietly hummed to you and whispered sweet words of encouragement into your ear as you slowly came out from your panic attack. Soon you were calm again and felt relieved, though very fatigued.

“Any idea what the triggers were today, babe?” He asked softly as he drew shapes on your back.

You sadly shook your head. Just a bad day, I guess.

“We all have ‘em, princess. Not to worry too much.”

You nuzzled into his chest as you mumbled “I love you.”

“I love you, too, Y/N.”

He kissed your temple as he wrapped his arms around tighter and pulled you closer.

“How about we have a nap? You must be exhausted, poor mite. Then I’ll get up, ring your professor and explain why you’re not in today and ask to email notes over. Then I’ll do an online grocery shop and order us some food and ice cream for a treat. If you feel better later, I’ll cook ya summin, yeah? How’s about that?”

You looked up at him and smiled. “You are honestly the best ever. I couldn’t cope without you.”

Niall smiled as you connected through a gaze. He moved closer as you shared a soft kiss.