i look at this and i'm like


I’m very late on this but I was tagged by @royalbins , @nxnight , @bigseuegsobtob , @chained-up-taekwoon & @vixxeroni for a selfie thing !!

I hope I’m not TOO late though! ❤


I was tagged by @pureren thank u so much! (‘∀’●)♡

Rules: post your home & lock screens, last song you listened to, and a selfie.

Can you tell I like to keep a theme with my wallpapers? and also…. the langst

I have had these wallpapers for about a week now cuz I tend to get bored pretty easily of them. And also ahhh I just took that selfie yesterday cuz I was going out with some friends and I thought I looked cute ♡

I’m tagging: @spaceprincelance, @garrettshunk, @cheritsundere, @k3ithkogane, @spacemcclain, @cryptidkeiths@cryptidcriss  also anyone who wants to do this tag!

As always, if you don’t want to do the tag, feel free to ignore it.


i was tagged by @imchangki @wonholypeach @hyungnu & @imshownus to do the #beautifulmonbebe challenge. (you’re all so beautiful pls)

i really dont know how wonho can look so much like art but there we go

i’m gonna tag - @messtalia @lunadoyle18 @bunnywonho @messyandstressed (how did i accidentally unfollow wtf sjsks) @monstaexo & any one else that wants to do this.



… “and now he’s so devoid of colour he don’t know what it means”


Some screenshots from @nyxastra‘s masquerade, it was nice evening(Even if I was really nervous) and you have a lovely little house. 

Sorry these aren’t the best…I was having trouble with the lighting, and gpose loads slowly on my laptop and I didn’t want to miss anything.