i look at them everytime i'm feeling down

hey sega make a NiGHTS 3 and put Jackle in it and everytime Reala tries to be supeme and tell Jackle what to do, Jackle just [STANDS RIGHT UP TO REALA] cause he’s so big and has to look down to give eye contact and towers Reala and makes them feel weak because they’re smol compared to big mantle maren

feminismfox  asked:

Look I have conflicted feelings about Me Before You but what it comes down to is everytime I see an add for it I think "mmm maybe euthanasia is a good idea for me" and that's fucking dangerous especially for children with disabilities having a love story tell them that this is best option for them. There's no excusing MBY after that. Not the actors I like, not the original "innocent" intention. I'm pro euthansia but I'm not pro telling disabled people that it's their best and only option.

Fighting this migraine and posting this. I absolutely agree!! I’m so done with #BuryYourDisabled and all other tropes where we kill marginalized groups or have them believe suicide their best option because they do not fit in this world because of who they are!

They are trying to veil their ableism with the very important discussion of suicide/body autonomy.

I know I'm a Lauriver fan so some people are probably going to take this as hate - which it really isnt because I dont hate Felicity or Olicity, I'm just not crazy about it, I'm really indifferent. But does anyone feel like this whole Olicity thing from Oliver came out of nowhere. Like yeah they had the whole lingering looks in S2 but everytime she said something that hinted at flirtyness he looked awkward, now all of a sudden he's in love with her?

I didn’t mind them going down the Olicity route - it was going to happen but it at least needed some kind of more build up then that! 

Am I the only one?