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MC as a Barista

I thought of this while in star bucks one day. What if MC worked at a coffee shop part time before meeting the RFA and continued to work there after joining and one of the members walked in and ordered a drink without realizing it was MC. So she obviously recognized  them from chat so she wrote a little message on their cups, only for them to realize it after they left. ? 

I apologize if this is kind OOC? Feed back is appreciated!


  • Stands there for awhile before heading to the counter
  • MC smiles brightly at him as she recognized him.
  • Orders a Venti Hot chocolate
  • MC nods and says “Coming right up, can I get your name for the order?”
  • a small giggle escaped her as she nodded and walked away with his cup before writing down a special note for him.
  • “ It was nice to see you in person, Superman Yoosung! ^3^. Since I made you this drink…you got to return the favor remember? - MC ❤ ”
  • He thinks she’s cute but he can’t fall for the barista right? He’s already talking to MC via messenger!
  • They exchange thank you’s and he walks out.
  • Notices the little note on the side of his cup as he got to the bus stop to head to the University.
  • sends a text message to MC
  • “MC!!! Why didn’t you tell me you worked there?!! I can’t bring myself to throw this cup away now! It’s just a reminder that we are really under the same sky!


  • Walks in, obviously thinks the barista is cute
  • MC smiles as friendly as she could. She didn’t want to make it obvious.
  • His ego get’s the best of him
  • “I bet you’re a fan, You want a autograph? How about a Selca with me?”
  • She nods and takes out her phone real quickly. Takes the photo
  • he’s now grinning. she’s so cute ~
  • Orders a grande Tea.
  • MC nods as she turned to start his order.
  • Writes
  • “You were right, you are more handsome in person. Also I managed to get your fan club to come to the party ~ Hopefully I can get my hands on you too, Zenny ~ MC  ❤ “
  • After they exchange thank you’s he flashed her a playful smirk and winked.
  • Quickly she logged onto the messenger to leave the selca they took together with the caption
  • “…I ran into my favorite actor today hehe ~ !
  • [ photo attachment of her and Zen together ]
  • As Zen left he took a drink only to see the note in the corner of his eye
  • turning the cup. He read it
  • debates to turn back or not
  • hears his messenger go off
  • reads what MC says and laughs as he seen her sign off real fast.
  • decides to send a text message to her
  • “You know I will be coming over here every day now to see my princess ~


  • She decided to go to a different cafe today
  • walks into MC’s work place.
  • Looks at the beverage board for a few minutes
  • MC standing there with a huge grin on her face
  • tries so hard to not say her name out loud.
  • as Jaehee walks up to the counter she orders
  • 1 for her boss. A espresso with 2 shots for him
  • 1 for her. A Venti coffee for her. ( 3 creams 4 sugars )
  • MC Nodded as she asked which cup is her drink.
  • Quickly writes a small note on her cup
  • “You can do this Jaehee! Remember I am here for you if you ever need support ~ Cheer up! - MC  ❤  “
  • and writes another note on Jumin’s cup
  • “…you better be nice to Jaehee today, She’s human too. - MC”
  • As she put the cup in the cup holders she smiled towards Jaehee
  • “…I hope you have a nice day, Miss. Jaehee ~”
  • That’s when Jaehee smiled and nodded, walking out she went back to the car. Passing one cup to Jumin.
  • a small pause
  • “Assistant Kang?”
  • Oh no… he doesn’t like it does he??
  • “…MC wrote some strange note on my cup”
  • looks at it. Gasps lightly as she noticed there was writing on her cup as well.
  • Smiles brightly as they drove past the cafe
  • and a confused Jumin


  • RARELY goes to a cafe on his own.
  • walks in on his own, instantly regrets it.
  • how does one order a drink? do they walk up?
  • do they come to him?
  • MC can’t help but suppress the giggling and smiling she’s doing
  • C & R Director is in her coffee shop looking so lost.
  • Decides to walk up to him with a pen and paper in hand
  • “…Excuse me J—Sir?”
  • a commoner walking up to him? so he was right they walk up to you
  • “…you seem out of place. You need help?”
  • a flash smile touched his lips before walking up to the counter with her
  • Asks which drink is the best.
  • “…you seem like the type of man who’d enjoy a regular type of drink. I can make you a grande french vanilla?”
  • nods as he paid and left a reasonable tip
  • he’s waiting for his cup on the other side so she took liberty to write a small note
  • “…I cannot help but think you’re so cute while all flustered. Please say hello to Elizabeth 3rd for me. I hope you have a good day at work. - MC ❤ “
  • After she was done she passed it over to him
  • “Have a nice day, Mr. Jumin, sir ~ “
  • turns around and nods before walking to his car.
  • As he got in he noticed the small note on the side
  • reading it he couldn’t help but chuckle
  • “…Driver Kim. I want to come to this exact place every day at the same time.”

Luciel / 707 / defender of justice ….[Saeyoung]

  • Already knew she worked there. But since he was rare to post selca’s in chat
  • he decided to have fun with this.
  • Walks in and decides to grab a smoothie for the day.
  • What Saeyoung forgot is that he recently posted a photo of himself in chat
  • MC knew who he was. Seven knew who she was
  • “…what’s your healthiest smoothie?”
  • “…I’d have to say the orange mango smoothie. It hits the taste buds”
  • “…okay can I get a hot chocolate”
  • 707 that little shit
  • “can I get a name for this order?”
  • “Tom”
  • MC snorts as she nods, grabbing his cup she wrote a small note
  • “using your friend’s name huh? well it was nice to see you in person, God seven! now go save the earth!  ~ 606 ❤ “
  • they exchange thank you’s and good byes before he walked away
  • he looked down at his cup and couldn’t help but laugh.
  • “my 606 ~ “

[ 2 / 100 days of productivity ] [ 21 . 08 . 17 ]

let me tell you something : you’re so talented 

studygram | ask box 

i’ve finished all my resmat homework today so im pretty happy, although it was just note taking i still enjoyed doing it hehe.

i should get a start on memorising english terms for my quiz this friday, maybe i’ll read them during the mornings

also i’ve cooked my own lunch but it looks and probably tastes horrible bc 1) i was cooking without my glasses 2) i just tossed it into a zip lock bag

oh well it’s still food im still going to eat it hehe


Saturday morning journal entries

Note: I used other artists as inspiration for this spread, but all of the work is my own. if you see something that looks similar to art you or someone you know did just message me and I would be absolutely willing to give them credit for their ideas!

Meet Me Inside -  Part 1

Masterlist | Part 2 

Relationship: Bucky x Reader

Summary: You really wanted your last year to go without a hitch so you could finally get your Masters degree. But then Professor Barnes walks in to your lecture. And he makes it a whole lot harder to focus. 

A/N: I finally had some inspiration thanks to a request I’ve had sitting in my inbox for ages. And i’m so excited.

Warnings: None for this part. 

Words: 2134

Originally posted by veronikaphoenix

Rubbing the fatigue from your eyes, you groan as you roll over, picking up your phone and squinting as the screen shines far too brightly while you turn off your alarm and drop the phone back on to your bedside table.

“Last year” you mutter to yourself repeatedly as you roll out of bed and get ready.

Only one more year and you’d finally finish your Masters Degree. The thought, however, was always threatened to be dampened by the realisation that you’d need to make plans for what you would undertake after you graduate, but you pushed the thought aside whenever it threatened to linger.

Although you’d refused the offer to go out the night before, you had stayed awake for much longer than you should have and it showed. Your eyes were puffy and dry from lack of sleep.

“Last year” you mutter to yourself once more.

As was routine, you tie your hair back, dress in whatever is clean, grab your phone from the bedside and your bag from beside the door, locking your apartment as you leave.

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willow-free  asked:

I don't really have any prompts, but if you look up the Jamilton tag on @midnigtartist's blog, you might get a few ideas! Aimee is complete Jamilton trash, loves the heck outta them

I did just that! The prompt/feeling I got from that is “Jefferson actually likes kids and takes care of Philip for a day when Hamilton loses track of him, causing Hamilton’s entire view of Jefferson as a person to shift”

@midnigtartist Happy birthday! I was already writing this before I learned it was your birthday, but I hope you enjoy it regardless! You’re art is great! Also, I sent you an ask about this but severely underestimated the size of your inbox. If/when you see the anon that sounds suspiciously like this post, feel free to ignore it! 

As much as he’d like it to be the case, Thomas did not at first recognize the kid loitering around the office. He did however, recognize that the kid couldn’t be more than 10 years old, if that- and was therefore too young to be standing around anywhere, never mind outside the ‘Washington and Associates’ law firm.

It wasn’t quite time to pack up, but Thomas figured this was more important. Plus, no one else was dealing with it, or even noticing. He saved his work, and stood up.

“Leaving early?” James poked his head up, at Thomas’ movement.

“There’s a kid hanging around outside, it’s distracting,” Thomas explained. James peeked out the window, furrowed his brows, and nodded.

“Don’t take too long,” James reminded, turning back to his work. Thomas rolled his eyes and nodded, even though he knew James’ attention was already back to his work.

The kid jumped when Thomas opened the door, immediately turning around and looking down as if he just happened to be standing there. It wasn’t very convincing.

“Hi,” Thomas pitched his voice, warmer and completely devoid of his usual sarcastic drawl. “You’ve been standing out here for a while, is there anything I can help you with?” Up close, the kid was even smaller. The parents had better be nearby, or Thomas would be having words.

“Uhh,” The kid’s head bobbed up, then straight down, his mass of curls hiding his face. Thomas felt his heart thaw, just a bit- the kid was just shy. Which was fair, given Thomas was a tall, mysterious stranger. Even adults tended to be intimidated. Thomas leaned down, dropping to the kid’s level.

“That’s okay,” Thomas tried to put the kid at ease. “Could you tell me where your parents are, so we can find them?”

“Umm,” The kid started again, but this time he brushed his hair behind an ear and glanced up to Thomas’ chin. “Mom’s at her home, I’m s'posed to be with Dad this week, and he’s s'posed to be here. I think.” He nervously glanced up at the building. “There’s only one Washington law place, right?”

Ah, a divorced kid. “Yes, as far as I’m aware, this is the only Washington law place,” Thomas didn’t want to correct the kid and possibly confuse him. Still, he couldn’t stop an amused smile at the term ‘law place’. “Can you tell me your Dad’s name?”

The kid froze, paling instantly. “U-uh, it’s my Dad, um…” He started shaking. Crap.

Thomas thought quickly. “It’s okay, it’s okay!” He smiled wide, waving his hand in what he hoped was more comforting than dismissive, though he used it in the latter sense far more often. “Could you tell me your name, instead?”

“Oh!”, the kid grinned. “My name’s Philip Hamilton! I’m 8 years old!” Thomas nearly flinched. There was only one Hamilton who worked at Washington’s, and there was no way this was a coincidence. He should have guessed- Hamilton’s divorce was well known in lawyer circles, and now that he was looking for it, the kid’s face bore some resemblance. Standing in front of Thomas was his biggest work rival’s son.

There wasn’t anything for it, though. Thomas was hardly going to just leave the kid out here. “Nice to meet you, Philip. I work with your Dad. My name’s Thomas Jefferson.”

Philip’s eyes lit up in recognition. Thomas had just enough time to worry about what exactly the kid was recognizing. “Jefferson? Dad mentions you all the time! He says you’re really distracting!”

Distracting, huh? Not 'evil’, not 'idiotic’; nor any of the other insults Hamilton would shout to his face? Not even 'bad man’, if he wanted to soften it to his kid? Thomas itched to ply Philip for answers, for what Hamilton really thought; but it was the middle of winter and now was not the time.

“How about we wait inside for your Dad, and you tell me what you’re doing out here?” Thomas spoke cautiously, not sure how Philip would react to being asked to go somewhere with a relative stranger.

Strangely though, Philip’s shyness went straight out the window after his introduction. “Oh! That’s because Dad promised me this time, for real promised, that he’d get off work on time and take me to see a movie! I wanted to make sure he really would, so I looked up 'Washington law’ on google and bussed here all by myself!” Thomas led the way to the building as Philip chattered, small hand immediately latching onto Thomas’ fingers.

“That’s very cool!” Thomas enthused, opening the door and immediately shooting a glare at every person who stared. “Now, your Dad’s out now, the boss sent him to the courthouse to drop something off, but we can wait for him, alright?”

Philip beamed. “Alright! This place looks even cooler than I thought!” He was so enthusiastic, that Thomas couldn’t help but smile back. Hamilton would still be getting an earful, being so unreliable that his 8 year old child felt the need to escape his babysitter and bus through the middle of town to check up on him. Hell, did he even have a babysitter?

Thomas’ work was left, forgotten on his desk. James would clean up for him, this was more important. “What do you say to meeting your Dad’s boss?” He needed to at least explain the situation, after all.

“Mr. Washington? Yeah! Dad says he’s too nosy, and Mom says he’s basically like my second grandpa, even though I’ve never met him before.”

Thomas couldn’t stop the chuckle if he tried. “Did he? You’ll have to tell me more, later.” He joked, but Philip nodded anyways. This was far better than finishing his work.

Alex was determined to keep his promise, for real this time. He was not staying late, and if possible, he would even be home early. Washington owed it to him, for all that free overtime.

Unfortunately, all the owing in the world meant nothing when Washington ordered him to take some important documents to the courthouse, a good half hour away, when the day was nearly over. Alex could never say no to a direct request like that, even if Washington probably would have relented if he explained his circumstances.

No, he could do this and still be out on time, if he drove straight to Philip’s school, instead of back to the firm, first. Alex did so, driving as fast as he reasonably could.

Only, when he did that, Philip had already left, instead of waiting for him. In fact, he had left for the washroom in the last hour of class, and never returned, according to the teacher. Alex barely spared the time to chew them out for not keeping a better headcount, and then he was running off to his car and to home.

Philip wasn’t at home either. Alex started panicking in earnest. He could be anywhere, but why would he? Philip was so excited about going to see the movie, he wouldn’t have just run off today of all days, would he? But he alternative- if Philip hadn’t purposefully run off himself- was far worse. Alex started by doing circles of the neighbourhood, then the local parks.

Alex was focused; so focused that his phone remained in his pocket, battery dead before he’d even realized Philip was missing.

It must have been hours later, the sun starting to set, when Alex finally gave up. He had panicked somewhere early down the line, and never quite stopped. His limbs were shaking. Alex had lost his son.

He didn’t want to even think about the phone call he would have to make to Eliza. But first, he’d check the house again, just in case. Alex wasn’t holding out much hope at this point.

Alex was just stressed enough to miss the strange car behind his in the driveway. He was not, however, too stressed to notice two people sitting in his living room.

“Hamilton, about time!” Jefferson waved his arms enthusiastically, though something sharp glinted in his eyes. Alex’s brain stuttered for a moment at the sight of his coworker/rival relaxing in his home, but then Philip was bounding into his arms.

“Dad! Where the heck where you? Mr. Jefferson’s called you like, a million times!”

“Wha- Philip, where have you been? You weren’t at school, the teachers told me you disappeared, you weren’t at home, I’ve been worried sick, looking for you!” Harsh, panicked words spilled from Alex’s mouth, even as he seized his son in a fierce hug. “Don’t scare me like that!”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to,” Philip hugged back tight, voice suddenly subdued and guilty. “I just wanted to find you at work, so you’d actually go on time.”

Alex loosened his hug so that he could face Philip directly. “Wait, you what-?” Alex cut himself off, remembering the other person in the room. “Jefferson, why the fu-heck are you here?” Philip’s head poked up at Alex’s accusatory tone, brows furrowing in confusion.

“Nice save,” Jefferson smirked, always as irritating as possible. “Also, is that really the way you want to be speaking to the guy who’s been watching your kid all evening? When I could have been doing anything else with my time?”

There was no reason for Jefferson to be lying. In fact, that answer made the most sense, given that Jefferson had literally been in his home, watching Philip, when Alex got in there. Still though, this was Jefferson. Instinctive denial surged in his chest. “Excuse me-”

“I’m sorry!” Philip shouted again, lip trembling. He wasn’t looking at Alex though, instead facing Jefferson. “I didn’t mean to waste your day!”

Alex’s blood ran cold. That was exactly the opening one could never make to Jefferson- he could never hold back his infuriating sarcastic comments. He was going open his mouth and spout some negative bullshit that would make Philip cry, because Jefferson was an asshole who didn’t have any kids and probably hated them.

Jefferson did open his mouth, but his eyes were suddenly wide, with surprise and maybe guilt- something Alex had never seen him wear. He scrambled off the couch. “No no, I didn’t mean that, Philip! You’ve been great fun!” Jefferson assured, stepping over to crouch in front of Philip.

Philip looked up at him cautiously. Alex held his breath, completely taken aback. “Really?”, Philip whispered, and Alex could hear the tiny smile working its way into his voice.

“Of course!” Jefferson reached a hand over to ruffle his hair. “I got to read all your poems, and you got to hear all about the silly things your Dad does at work! It’s just that your Dad’s back now, so I should probable get going.” He gave Philip a wide grin, full of warmth and life.

Alex wasn’t sure he’d ever seen Jefferson with a smile like that. It did something to his stomach that he’d rather not analyze.

“No! You gotta stay for supper! We can’t do the movie anymore anyways, right Dad!” Philip bounced back, both emotionally and literally, on the balls of his feet.

Alex opened his mouth, searching for an excuse that wouldn’t upset Philip. Then, he glanced over to Jefferson. He was fidgeting, glancing away awkwardly. With a start, Alex realized he must have actually had fun. Somehow, Jefferson was actually really good with kids, if Philip’s excitement meant anything; and now he was standing there, in Alex’s house, looking more awkward and vulnerable than Alex had ever seen him.

“Yeah… yeah, he can stay. If he wants to.” Alex didn’t even want to guess what his face looked like right now. He wasn’t even sure what his feelings looked like right now. It was all a mess of exposed wires, his entire worldview turned on its head.

Jefferson flinched in surprise for a moment, eyes snapping to Alex. Then, he gauged Alex’s pure, undiluted confusion, and a smile slowly took his face, one that more closely resembled the teasing smirks Alex was used to. Now though, it seemed just a little less aggressive than Alex remembered.

“I suppose I can stay and tell your Dad all about how you skipped your last class, looked up his workplace online, and then bussed there all by yourself without telling anybody.” Jefferson shrugged, nonchalant.

“What! Mr. Jefferson, no!” Philip whined, even as he smiled broadly. “I’m gonna get grounded!”

Jefferson laughed. “Well, whose fault is that? You’re a little troublemaker!”

Philip spouted denials in between giggles. Alex felt his paradigm shift further off axis. “I guess I’ll get started,” Alex said, quiet and distant. He stood up and edged his way to the kitchen. Jefferson and Philip continued to chat in his hallway.

Somewhere between numb and completely unsure of himself, Alex turned the oven on and got out a frozen pizza. He took as much time as he could retrieving the round pan and opening the pizza box. Replaying in his mind was the smile Jefferson had made at Philip. His stomach flipped again.

“Hey,” Jefferson’s voice was calm and subdued, but made Alex jump a foot anyways. “I put the TV on for Philip.” He was right behind Alex, nearly crowding him into the counter. “I assume you want to know what’s been going on? No one’s been on the same page today.”

Alex swallowed. It wasn’t the first time Jefferson had crowded him, Alex had realized over time that it was more a matter of not knowing about personal space, rather than an active bid at intimidation. It was also overwhelming, especially now. “Uh,” Alex started, horrified at the squeak his voice made. “I guess not.”

Jefferson smirked- how could he not?- but relented, backing up a step. “It really wasn’t all that crazy. The kid showed up in the last hour of work, and no one else would do it, so I watched him. Tried to call your phone, I’m assuming it’s dead.” Alex dug into his pocket, pulling out a very dead phone. He paled. “No, it’s fine, it’s done.” Jefferson waved his hand dismissively. “I didn’t- I mean, it wasn’t awful.”

Alex paused at Jefferson’s stutter. His ears were pink. Adorable, Alex thought, then shook it from his mind. “Thank you,” he said instead.

“Uhhh,” Jefferson’s ears turned pinker. “No offense, but that sounds so weird coming from you.” Suddenly, he started laughing. “And I just said 'no offense’, which is even weirder!”

Alex snorted. Giggles stumbled their way between his lips, turning into chuckles, then full blown laughter. “Oh my God,” Alex wheezed, “This is so weird!”

Jefferson was howling right beside him. “I know, right?!”

Their laughs petered off, save for a quiet snicker from the distance. Both their heads whipped around- Philip peeked from the doorway. “Dad hasn’t laughed like that in ages,” He said knowingly. “You guys should hang out more. Hey, can Mr. Jefferson come with us to the movie, next time?”

Alex flushed, his mind stumbling to a stop, not sure if it was from the sheer audacity of the question, or how the idea of going out with Jefferson sounded too much like a date. His only saving grace was that it was probably the last thing Jefferson wanted, anyways. It didn’t matter that the sight of him being so nice to Philip did things to Alex’s heart.

“That sounds nice. If your Dad agrees.” Jefferson gave Philip an indulgent smile, then turned to Alex, question standing.  A quiet blush graced his cheekbones as well. He looked so much more attractive- cute, Alex’s brain supplied- when it was open like this. Usually, Jefferson’s appearance was the only attractive thing about him. Alex realized suddenly that he was gone- had been gone the moment Jefferson had revealed a side of himself that wasn’t pure opposition to everything Alex stood for.

“Alright,” Alex agreed. He needed to see where this was going. He was going to figure Jefferson out, or die trying.

Realistic back to school tips

So, it’s this time of year again where we go back to school and as we do so, we exchange our tips & tricks with others (seriously one of my fave things ever!).

Now yes, you guessed it, I’m about to do the same.

I’ve seen quit a few of these around, but most of them seem to predict that we (as studyblrs) are organised people (I mean most are indeed, or at least we try to be) and let’s just say I’m not the most productive person in the world, I rarely study during summer or pretty much do anything school related at all during the break (not too happy about it, I hope to get a lot more organised this year!). So here’s a list of things I plan to do during the back to school season and therefore have decided to share them with the internet and you, lovely people :) 

  • get my sleeping schedule at least slightly back on track

I seriously envy all who are able to maintain a somewhat normal sleep schedule during summer, I somehow always end up finding myself going to bed at 2am and waking up at 11. now i’m not really gonna do anything too drastic, that’s kind of impossible, but here’s what i plan on doing: for 3-5 days before the first day of school, i will try to go to bed at least a bit earlier, and also wake up a bit earlier. This doesn’t mean i’ll go to bed at 11pm the first night of doing this, but instead of 2am, i’ll aim for 1am of even 12.30. In the morning i’ll try to get up at 9.30 instead of 11 and so on until 1st day of school, when i have to wake up at 7.

  •  only buying the necessities 

Oh god how i know i won’t be able to do this but i really will try to not buy every single cute notebook/pen/pencil case/planner/binder/… i see because chances are, i will not need it. i will only buy the things i know for sure i need (a binder for each class, filler paper, everything else i stil have from the previous year) (and maybe like, 3 cute sticky notes sets to have for flat lay pics) and then at the first lecture hopefully the teacher will tell us what we will actually need and if i don’t already own it, i will buy it.

  • getting a planner

One of the few productivity things that I’ve sworn by for years are planners. I’ve ordered mine from Aliexpress and it’s yet to come, i have not idea what i’ll do if it’s not here by the time i star school but let’s not think about that right now. Planner is the most essential thing of a productive person, it helps you so so so much with being organised and keeping track of things. Similarly you could use a bullet journal and just combine the two, but i prefer to have them separated. You could also DIY a planner, if you wanted, one of my classmates did it last year and it’s great because you can customise it to your exact needs. Need a page for each day? No problem. Want a yearly overview? There it is. How about a page each month for random scribbles? Why not! 

  • going through the textbook

I am definitely (sadly) not the kind of person, who is able to finish a whole chapter on their own before school even starts, but what i will try to do (as soon as i get my textbooks) is look at the chapter titles and maybe read their summaries. It will give me a glimpse/an overview of what i can expect in that chapter, without actually having to do notes/study it.

  • knowing my timetable/schedule

I hope i am not the only person, who usually still doesn’t know her schedule by, like, mid - January and basically just follows her classmates around all day? I mean i usually know which classes are on which day but I don’t bother with the order? Well, to not be completely lost on the first day/the first week, i will download my schedule on my phone, maybe even save it as my background to have an easy access to it at any time.

  • get to know the people in my classes

This year will be the first time when not there will be a different group of people foe each different class i take (just the way our school system is, i can make a whole new post explaining it, if anyone’s interested), so there’s obviously gonna be people i don’t know. I consider myself an introvert, so meeting new peoople is usually more stressful that anything else because i tend to try to be likeable, and friendly but i kinda can get awkward real fast :’)

So what i will do, is add the people in advance (on various social media) and even if I don’t end up talking to them, by looking at their posts i can maybe get a glimpse of what they like and bring ta up in a conversation. For instance if someone posts a lot of sport related pictures, i can ask them about their favourite sport/sports person…

  • not stress as much

I stress over the simplest, most non-important things. “Should the green binder be for chem or English? The blue for french or history?”… I really want to gain the ability to make decisions faster and more easily. Hopefully I will also be more organised this year and won’t stress about all the assignments that much. Then again, I’m starting the IB so I’m not too sure about that :’)

So this is it for my “realistic” back to school tips aka what i plan on doing. I hope you find at least some useful, if you have any to add,I’d love to read them :)

xoxo, Katie

You Deserve to be Saved

Synopsis:  Destiel Coda for 12.14.  In which Cas takes issue with Dean perpetually rolling over for his parents and serving as the family’s emotional giving tree. 

“So you and your mother reconciled,” Cas reiterates, having just been brought up to speed on the latest Winchester drama.  

Dean shrugs, not looking up from the firearm he’s currently dismantling on his bedside table.  “Yeah, Cas, I guess we did.”

“And you…apologized,” Cas concludes.  “To her.”

Dean looks up, a little surprised by how taken aback the affirmation sounds.  “Well, yeah,” he huffs.  “I mean, I was wrong, wasn’t I?  Mary…Mom, she’s her own woman, and I’m my own man.  We’re all adults here.”  Dean pauses, metal clinking in his hands.  “I should be able to get by without someone to…to kiss me on the head every night, or, or make me lunch or whatever.” 

Cas observes him quietly, noting the way his head ducks slightly, almost subconsciously, as though he’s ashamed by the admission.  

“I’d be happy to kiss your head every night, Dean,”  Cas offers.  “And though I’m not certain my culinary skills are up to par, I’d be honored to prepare you lunch every day as well.” 

Dean looks up again, brow furrowed, as though trying to determine whether Cas is serious.  After a few seconds, he manages a scoff.  “Come on, man, I just told you:  I don’t need all that junk.  I’m an adult, and I should be able to act like one.”  

With that, Dean hopes the matter will be resolved and Cas will let the subject drop.  Needless to say, he’s not so lucky.

“It’s not childish to crave love, Dean.”

This time, Dean pauses, dismantled pieces stilling in his hands.  He doesn’t look up – just stares comprehensively at the gun in front of him.  Reduced to the sum of its parts, it’s useless.  An ineffective weapon, just like him.

Nevertheless, Cas continues to pull him apart.  “Lunches and head kisses…they are a means to an end,” he says.  “What you really wish for, Dean, is someone to care for you.  To hold your needs as equal to theirs, and to treat you with tenderness and affection.”

Dean blinks damp eyes, wishing above all else that Cas would just stop.  “Cas-”   

“You deserve that, Dean,” Cas concludes.  The statement is almost ponderous, as though it’s a philosophical principle.  “You deserve to be loved.”

These words are the final straw, and Dean is the proverbial camel.  He breaks: he hates crying in front of people, even Cas, but he does, heaving quiet, shuddery sobs, pieces of his useless gun still cradled in his fingers like a broken toy.

He feels like a child, but he can’t stop.  Next thing he knows, Cas’s arms are around him, warm and strong and reassuring.

“I can’t…” he tries to say, gesturing futilely to his unfinished sidearm.  “I gotta…I gotta finish this.”

“It’s alright, Dean,” Cas assures him.  “Just leave it for now.  You’re more important than any gun.” 

Dean cries harder.  He feels like an idiot, but he can’t help but curl into the warm firmness of Castiel’s chest, letting him hold him tight like he did all those years ago. 

They stay like that for what seems like an infinitely long time, Cas resting his chin on the top of Dean’s head and murmuring soothing words in his deep, gravelly voice that make Dean feel as though his muscles are turning to jello.  He knows he should loath to be this vulnerable around anyone, but some part of him – a very large part – loves it.  Needs it, even, at his very core. 

“Now,” Cas grumbles, once Dean has calmed down somewhat.  “About Mary.”

“Cas, you know I-”  Dean starts to protest, but Cas silences him.

“I know how it feels to serve as the perpetual punching bag for those around me, and I know how easily it can wear one down.  Even the likes of the great Dean Winchester,” he adds wryly.  “So please, Dean, for my sake if not for yours, know that you don’t have to accept anything other than the best treatment and the utmost respect.  You deserve that, Dean.” 

Dean looks up, a tad desperately.  “Cas, look, I get what you’re sayin’ here, and I appreciate it.  But Mary…” He searches for a way to articulate his feelings.  “…She’s my mom.”

“And she’s my friend and charge to protect,” Cas affirms.  “As well as one of the finest warriors I’ve ever known.  This does not mean you have to accept her dishonesty, her manipulation, or the manner in which she’s treated you.  She’s an adult, and it’s well in her rights to make her own decisions – that does not mean you have to passively allow her to hurt you, even inadvertently.”

“She’s not, Cas.  She’s just-”  Dean starts to say, but Cas gives him that irksome, knowing look, and he falls silent, eyelids fluttering.  “Fine.  Then what should I say to her?  Tell her to kiss my ass?  Go screw?”

“No,” Cas refutes patiently.  “Merely inform her that she’s hurt you, specifically what she’s done to hurt you, and then don’t apologize afterwards.”

Dean blinks, attempting briefly to think up some snarky retort, but he falls flat. It sounds so simple, the way he says it.  

“Can you do that for me, Dean?” Cas prompts, looking at him with such gentle adoration Dean almost wants to break something. 

Instead, he just nods, swallowing wetly.  “Yeah, Cas.  I can do that.” 

The two of them just sit there for a moment or two, looking wordlessly into one another’s eyes.  It’s a kind of intimacy Dean’s never had with anyone else in his life.  No one but Cas.

After a moment, he manages a chuckle.  “You know, it’s funny:  all these years, Cas, and you’re still pullin’ me out of hell.  I don’t know how you do it.”

Cas smiles softly at him.  “It’s because you deserve to be saved, Dean,” he murmurs.  “You always have.” 

lucky accident, PART 3

part 1 - part 2 - part 3



Ladybug bit her lip, looking at Chat slumped against her. She reflected on how badly injured a person could get falling from this height. Yet Chat Noir slept in her arms, fully vulnerable, fully trusting in her.

She held him tighter and closed her eyes.

She supposed neither of them had anything to fear from heights. Ladybugs could fly, and cats landed on their feet.

Even so, they would never let each other fall.

The sky bled pink and orange from the setting sun while Ladybug and Chat Noir lounged high on a rooftop. Chat Noir was drifting off into a light doze, his cheek pressed against his partner’s shoulder.

Ladybug smiled at him, fond and melancholy. “You’re my rock,” she whispered.

“And you’re mine,” Chat said, voice slightly muffled, the response easy and automatic even on the edge of sleep. Marinette’s heart twinged, almost in pain, and she glanced away.

His devotion to her was nothing new. She’d known about his feelings for her as Chat, and she’d known how close he’d felt to her as Adrien. But she hadn’t been prepared for them to be the same person, and she hadn’t been prepared for the disadvantage of finding out after he did.

Chat snored softly. Ladybug brushed a hand over his hair with a feather-light touch.

He wasn’t pressuring her, but Adrien had to be wondering why she hadn’t so much as acknowledged what he’d said weeks ago.

A guy doesn’t look a girl he doesn’t love like this.

She loved him, of course. He was her partner, her friend, her confidante. There was no one she trusted more.

But–though it didn’t always seem like a good idea–she thought she might also love him like she wanted to thread her fingers through his hair and pull his lips down onto hers and feel his arms twist around her waist and to feel everything else dissolve–

She had fantasized about being his girlfriend, but there had been distance then. It was different now.

Now Adrien was perhaps the most important person in her world–a thought that brought on a wave of affection for her partner, but also a little bit of fear.

She bit her lip, looking at Chat slumped against her. She reflected on how badly injured a person could get falling from this height. Yet Chat Noir slept in her arms, fully vulnerable, fully trusting in her.

She held him tighter and closed her eyes.

She supposed neither of them had anything to fear from heights. Ladybugs could fly, and cats landed on their feet.

Even so, they would never let each other fall.

“Good morning,” Marinette said cheerfully, passing Adrien’s desk.

Adrien grinned. “Morning, Mari.”

There was a thump on the desk next to him as Nino dropped his bag onto it. Nino sat down and nodded at Marinette, who was chattering away to Alya. “You guys made up, huh?”

“Yeah, we did.”

Nino grinned. “About time,” he said. “So can you tell me what happened between you two?”

“Sorry, man,” Adrien said. “Maybe someday.”

Nino shook his head. “You’re always saying stuff like that these days,” he said. “It’s cool and all, but you’ve got me wondering what kind of crazy crap I’m gonna hear when ‘someday’ comes.”

Adrien grinned. “It’ll be worth the wait, I promise.”

“Good,” Nino said.

Alya tapped Adrien on the shoulder. “Can I look at your physics notes? I can’t read some of my own handwriting.”

“Sure, Alya.” Adrien started to rummage through his bag. “Hmm. I know I put them in here this morning.”

“Don’t worry, I can look off Mari’s,” Alya said.

Marinette shook her head. “No, I was gone one of the days. I don’t have all the notes.”

“They’re here, don’t worry.” Adrien pulled on his hoodie uncomfortably. “It’s kind of warm in here, isn’t it?”

Nino frowned. “Yeah, a little.”

“Hang on a second,” Adrien said, standing to pull his sweatshirt over his head.

Marinette suddenly erupted in a violent coughing fit. Adrien turned around in concern. Alya thumped her on the back, hiding laughter behind her hand.

Adrien dropped his sweatshirt and rested a hand on Marinette’s shoulder. “You okay?”

“Yeah,” Marinette croaked. “Yeah, I’m great.”

“She just…choked,” Alya said, still grinning.

Adrien shrugged and dove back into his bag. “Oh, here they are,” he said, and passed his notebook back to Alya. Marinette blushed and stared straight ahead very hard. Alya grinned at him.

Adrien turned back to the front, but he could still hear Alya’s whisper–“You saw them, right? Model abs!” Nor could he help but overhear Marinette’s mortified “Alya!”

Nino snickered.

“What?” Adrien grumbled.

“Dude,” Nino said. “Even your ears are blushing.”

Adrien shook his head and tried to pay attention as class started.

Marinette could feel his confusion. Her speech sped up with anxiety when the tension was detectable. There were times he was unable to meet her eyes, and would have to talk to her with his stare firmly fixed on a diagram in their physics textbook.

But when she’d start to ramble Adrien would take her hand quickly, squeeze it, and release it, and a little bit of the stress would leave her. He no doubt assumed that she had no feelings for him. And he held no grudge. Marinette loved him for that. Among other things.

She had a city to protect, schoolwork to do, relationships to maintain. It felt like too much.

Her confusion and embarrassment and panic and longing sloshed back and forth in her head like water in a bucket. She had too much to do and too many things to think about and too many decisions to make. This one would just have to wait. She had limited space in her head.

If she let herself fall into the hole that was thinking about all of it, the air got too hard to breathe. Every time she saw him the pressure increased, even despite his unspoken reassurances…

Marinette squeezed his hand back quickly and let it go, before she could start thinking about it too hard, and turned a page in the textbook.

Adrien’s mind was always full of her.

It was sometimes easier, or more difficult, on patrol. It was just the two of them, Ladybug humming as she leapt from roof to roof, Chat following her lead. They sometimes talked, but these days found that more than often they didn’t need to. Her hair shone in the moonlight, and her absentminded humming was beautiful. They patrolled in comfortable silence, aside from the simple tunes she would softly sing.

But when the silence went on too long, Adrien’s thoughts would build up again, piling on each other, until he could hear nothing but the roar in his ears and see nothing but her. Her, with her yo-yo flying, with her face set in determination, fearless and formidable. Her, tender and kind, knitting presents for her friends and never forgetting to bring Plagg cheese. Her, her, her, limitless and beautiful and compassionate and awe-inspiring.
He could feel her presence. He could tell exactly where she was, as though she were the source of all the warmth in the room. She took up every thought. She filled every space.

She hadn’t said anything.

Marinette had had ample opportunity. Between class and patrol alone they’d spent plenty of time together. If she’d wanted to bring it up, she could have.

But she didn’t. And that was fine.

Adrien knew why. She didn’t return his feelings. She wanted to preserve their friendship, and he did too. He couldn’t bear to lose her.

But every cell in his body was pulled in her direction–he sometimes felt flattened to the ground from the weight of all he felt for her–he couldn’t breathe beneath it–

“I should go home,” Chat Noir said, breaking the quiet.

Ladybug looked at him in surprise. “Really? It’s still early.”

“I’m just…behind on studying.” If I stay out here a moment longer I might tell you I love you again and mess everything up for real.

“Okay. Text me when you’re home safe.”

“I will. You, too.”

He landed in his room, closed the window, and cracked open a textbook, but the effort was futile. His eyes slid over the same paragraph over and over. He couldn’t concentrate.

He didn’t often study without Marinette.

“There you are,” Chat Noir said, dropping onto the rooftop. Ladybug turned away, trying to compose herself quickly before he saw her expression. “Everything okay?”

“Why wouldn’t it be?” Ladybug said. Her tone was harsher than she’d intended and Chat raised his eyebrows at the bite in her voice. She swallowed and tried for an airier tone. “I’m just here to…think.”

“You just weren’t answering your phone. I couldn’t find you anywhere, and you seemed upset at school today.”

“I’m fine.”

Chat Noir sighed and sat next to her. “Something’s up, bug. No point in hiding it.”

“It’s my problem.”

“Can I help?”

“It’s Lila,” she growled.

“Lila Rossi?”


“What happened?”

“Never mind.”


“She was all over you!” Ladybug blurted. “She was disrespectful, inconsiderate, pushy. She was like Chloé!”

“It’s not you she’s being inconsiderate to.”

“Chloé tried to kiss you on Thursday.”

“Marinette, what is going on, really?”

She only huffed in response.

“Mari, look at me,” Chat Noir said. She reluctantly made eye contact with him. “I need to hear you say it.”

“I just want people to treat my friends better than that.”

“I’m sure you do,” Chat Noir said. “But that’s not why you’re isolating yourself from the world, hiding on top of a building in the middle of the night.”

“Yes, it is,” Ladybug insisted.

“Then why are you being cold to me, too?”

“I am not!”

“You are. Mari, if you’re not going to bring up the thing I said -”

“No, that has nothing to do with it!” Ladybug buried her face in her hands, suddenly embarrassed.

“You’re scared to talk about it.”

“Scared?” Ladybug raised her head, frowning. “No!”

“You think if you say something we’ll end up fighting, or we’ll have more misunderstandings, and we won’t be friends anymore.”

“I - Chat, would you -”

“I know,” Chat Noir said, “because it’s exactly what I used to feel, every day of my life, every time I looked at you.”

“I…” Ladybug fumbled for something to say, but found herself oddly without words.

“I’m going to take a quick trip around my patrol route, and then I’m going home.” He hesitated and paused as if to say something else. Then he hopped off the roof.

Ladybug let her face flop onto her folded arms and let out a muffled, frustrated scream.

Adrien could do nothing but pace in his room, massaging his forehead, feeling a massive headache building.

He would almost welcome an akuma right now, he thought. Anything for an opportunity to see her, to take her hand and beg her for forgiveness.

He had been frustrated, sure. But nothing was worth this.

They had to be better than this. They had been a team for so long.

His phone chimed with a notification, and he dove on it, but it was only Nathalie with a reminder for tomorrow. He sighed and stuck the phone in his pocket, then pulled it out and typed two words.

Adrien - January 12th, 8:31 pm
Home safe.

A few moments later a reply popped up.

Mari - January 12th, 8:32 pm
me too

He started at Marinette’s message until the light of his phone screen appeared blurry. Adrien blinked repeatedly and rubbed his eyes.

They were such idiots. He was an idiot.

The snow outside was falling thickly and he was in his pajamas, but he didn’t care. He threw on a coat and ran out of the house, leaving Plagg snoozing in his sock drawer.

Marinette lay on the chaise, tear streaks on her cheeks, staring blankly at the wall opposite her. There was a gentle knock on the trap door. Someone called her name softly, and Marinette stilled. Not trusting her voice, not wanting to show her face, she curled into a tighter ball.

Then Adrien’s arms encircled her, his smell surrounded her. She hesitated for a moment, then exhaled and hugged him tightly. Cold had settled into the material of his clothes. The snowflakes that dusted his jacket started to melt away.

Marinette focused on her breathing, taking in measured breaths and taking care not to let them come out as sobs. But when she realized it wasn’t melted snow but Adrien’s warm tears which fell onto her shoulder, she broke down, clutching him tightly. The wall between them shattered like wafer-thin glass.

Why did she keep resisting this? Marinette laid her head against his chest and closed her eyes, holding him despite everything. She would deal with her worries again in the morning. For now, she would indulge.

She fought her exhaustion, but still found herself drifting off. Adrien gently laid her down on the chaise, draping her blanket from her bed over her.

Marinette wasn’t sure whether she was already dreaming when Adrien left, so when she woke she wasn’t sure whether he had really kissed her forehead and whispered something tender to her before he slipped out of her room.

Adrien stepped out of the car and scanned the students outside the school doors. Right away he found Marinette, looking at him, her backpack hanging from her hands in front of her.

As he approached she dropped her bag and launched herself at him. Adrien let his own bag fall to the ground to hug her back.

“This wasn’t what I planned,” Marinette said, her voice muffled by his shoulder. “I had this whole apology speech.”

“This is okay by me,” Adrien said.

“I’m so sorry.”

“Me too.”

“I was horrible.”

I was horrible.”

Marinette let out a shaky breath. “I hated that.”

“Me too,” Adrien said. “So, we’ll never argue again?”

“It’s a deal,” Marinette said, stepping back and hurriedly wiping her eyes. “Both forgiven?”

“Always,” Adrien said, picking up both their bags. “Let’s go to class.”

“Ladybug and Chat Noir are probably best friends in real life,” Alya said happily. “Look how they smiled at each other here.” She held up her tablet for the group to see, showing footage of the last akuma battle.

“I always figured they were married or something,” Nino said absently. He kept playing on his phone, oblivious to Adrien and Marinette flushing red. “Did you see how Ladybug looked at him toward the end?”

Alya shrugged. “Could be platonic.”

“I’m all for friendship,” Nino said, leaning forward and pausing the video, “but just look at her.”

Adrien looked at the screen and his stomach swooped. Chat Noir was dashing away in the photograph, a few moments after their fist bump. Ladybug stood with her hands on her hips, watching him leave fondly.

“Well, she cares about him,” Marinette said.

Adrien’s heart pulled. He let his hand fall beneath the table and briefly brush hers.

Neither he nor Marinette contributed much for the rest of the conversation.

Someone knocked on his bedroom door with determined force. Three loud, even raps. It seemed so formal Adrien was surprised to find Marinette when he opened the door.

“Mari! Aren’t we doing homework later tonight? Or–”

Marinette shot to her tiptoes and pressed her mouth to his.

Adrien’s eyes widened in surprise, his hands settling lightly on her shoulders.

His head was fuzzy. Marinette’s lips were soft and tasted like chapstick. Adrien’s hands settled on her waist. He felt his knees weaken and pulled her closer for support.

He was kissing Marinette. Adrien felt light-headed from disbelief and bliss. He had wondered what this would be like for so long. It was just right.

Marinette broke the kiss and rested her forehead on his, drinking in his face, laughing a little at his dumbstruck expression. Her cheeks were red, and she was smiling.

Adrien let out a shaky laugh. His heart soared. He’d never seen her look so happy. Was she really smiling like that for him?

“I didn’t think you were gonna…” he said.

“I was scared,” she said. “I didn’t want to…”

“I know,” Adrien said, and kissed her again.

Marinette pulled away a little and brushed a lock of hair out of his face. “I love you.”

Adrien couldn’t respond. It was so hard to think straight when her face was so close and her hand was on his cheek and her eyes were square on his and everything about her expression radiated everything he felt when he looked at her or thought about her or heard her voice -

Adrien hugged her, thinking there had never been a luckier black cat in the entire world.




“Shit shit shit bastard fuck.”

I’d woken early, which wasn’t something my body often allowed me to do, but that day I did it with no qualms at all.
It had taken me around ten minutes of routing through cupboards to find some bandages, quickly wrapping my wrist up. I’d never seen my own skin in such a bad state. The purple was so dark it was almost black, patterned by red droplets of blood that had crept their way to the surface, and yellow bruises that were so bright they were almost luminous. Beneath all of that, was a burnt red colour that almost seemed to highlight the rest of the new colours upon my arm.
So I’d wrapped it up, ignoring the pain and just covering it.

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This one’s for Emma, @pale-silver-comb who’s a super great friend who wrote me sterek fluff when i had a bad day <3 


Stiles loves photography and after college, he joins Lydia’s event management firm as a wedding photographer. He loves the romance of it; the flowers, the tiny wine glasses and the adorable table pieces that Lydia does personally. His fifty-sixth bride’s name, Cora Hale, sounds familiar but he can’t quite place it.

He shows up at the venue early and is fixing his camera lens when someone clears their throat right behind him. He turns, blinking in the sunlight and his heart skips a beat when he realizes it’s Derek Hale - they went to summer camp together in ninth grade and on the last day, Derek had kissed him long and sweet, by the lake, the sun shining on their bare backs.

They had never really kept in touch but they reconnect instantly. Stiles blushes and Derek’s eyes twinkle and then he has to go because the wedding’s about to start. Stiles takes more pictures than necessary; most of them are of Derek (but nobody needs to know that).

The evening goes on, the fairy lights light up and people start to move towards the dance floor. Stiles’ is taking a picture of the bride and groom laughing when he feels a tap on his shoulder.

It’s Derek, asking for a dance. Stiles says yes, handing his camera to his assistant and following Derek to the dance floor. The song switches to a slow one and Derek hesitates only a second before gathering Stiles up in his arms and gently swaying to the melody. Stiles sighs into his shoulder and smiles happily.

They go out on dates and Stiles kisses Derek first this time. Derek wakes up one day to find a package at the door. Its’ a picture of him from Cora’s wedding; he looks so happy. It’s framed and came with a note: Here’s what I see when I see you.

They move in together a year later and then get married a year after that. Stiles takes his own photos of their wedding and then frames them and puts them all over their new house.

He still does wedding photographs sometimes. But now he has another subject: Derek.

emotional-context  asked:

122 for the Drabble Challenge, please? 😊

Been a while since I did any uni!lock, so this seemed a fun direction to go. Thought of a nice tie in to the show’s canon too! Here goes my last drabble sentence prompt!! :D

122. “I’m worried about losing my job!”

Sherlock stopped in his tracks as he spotted Molly sitting on her favorite bench by the water. He veered off course and went to join her, glad that he’d get a chance to tell her all about his latest brilliance during a chemistry class. The moment he got nearer though, his agenda was forgotten.

“Molly?” Sherlock questioned, taking a seat next to her. “What’s going on? What’s wrong?”

She sniffled and wiped her face with the sleeve of her jumper. “It’s stupid. I know it’s stupid, and I shouldn’t be so upset but…” She turned to him with pleading eyes. “Do I make terrible coffee?”

Sherlock stared back at her, pausing in thought for a moment…which was a moment too long.

“Oh God, I do, don’t I?!” Molly groaned, covering her face before speaking again. “I’ve had complaints at the cafe, and I think my boss is getting tired of putting up with a second rate barista.”

He nodded. “Ah, I see.”

Molly’s chin quivered a little again as she looked at him. “I’m worried about losing my job!”

Sherlock huffed a little but put an arm around her shoulder. “Molly, it’s just a part time job at a cafe. You’ll be a doctor in a couple of years and then what will your latte making skills matter?”

“You don’t understand,” she said, cheek now resting against his shoulder. “This helps me pay for my room! I hate to ask my dad for that money when he’s already paying for most of my education. And he hasn’t been feeling all that well lately and…and what if I can’t afford to stay here and then I have to commute every day? And then I would barely have time for another part time job and- and-”

“Molly, relax, it wouldn’t come to that!”

“You don’t know that!”

Something deep inside bubbled up in Sherlock’s chest; a fiercely protective instinct which motivated him to reassure and comfort this small woman who had been his loyal friend for so long now.

“I do know that, because if nothing else…you could stay with me.”

She chuckled softly against him. “Sherlock, be serious.”

“I am deadly serious! Why not? Why shouldn’t you stay with me? We trust each other, work nicely together, and get on well. Nothing to lose!”

Molly straightened up and peered at him, clearly noting his serious expression. “Well it…it might not come to that but just the same, it’s really lovely that you’d offer, Sherlock.”

He shrugged. “You’ve done many favors for me.”

“Yeah but this is a big sort of favor!”

“Well…” He smiled slyly. “Perhaps you can make it up to me when you’re a successful doctor.”

Molly grinned. “Oh I certainly would!” She looked into the distance dreamily. “I’ll have a lovely little flat in London one day…with a fireplace and a pretty kitchen! It’ll be nice and cozy and all my own, just the way I’d like things set up. And when I do have my perfect little place, I promise you can crash there anytime!”

Sherlock’s brow shot up in interest. “That is quite an offer as well, Dr. Hooper! You may end up regretting it.”

“Maybe,” she agreed with a little laugh and a friendly elbow to his side. “But the offer still stands. If you’re willing to give me a place to stay then I promise I’ll always be willing to do the same for you. That’s what friends do, right?”

She reached down and threaded her slender with his, giving his hand a gently squeeze as she laid her head back on his shoulder.

Sherlock breath caught in his throat and he felt his heart beat at double speed with the affectionate contact. He couldn’t help being a bit concerned about what it would do to him to truly share a living space with Molly Hooper. Though, in a way, he couldn’t wait to find out.

“Yes,” he agreed softly. “That’s what friends do.”

More dumb Bendy And The Ink Machine headcanons even though no one asked for them: This time actually about everyone’s favorite dancing demon and Henry/Joey’s falling out that caused Henry to leave

-Henry’s appearence would resemble Walt Disney and Joey as Chuck Jones, though quite a bit younger 

-Bendy generally got mistaken a lot for a cat, which was often a running gag in the cartoon shorts, which mainly started cause from my views of the old concept designing on the abandoned studio’s walls Bendy appeared far more like Felix The Cat rather than Mickey Mouse ( but that’s probably more so about avoiding copyright infringement. ) 

-Bendy’s general plot of his cartoons was to fit in his with his new life on the surface world after getting kicked out of heck by The Big Guy TM (cause ya can’t talk about Satan or hell in kid programming after all) for not living up to roles in torturing sinners for all eternity, often by being too merciful and instead cheering up the souls by giving helpful advice to move on from their shady pasts and how to be a better person.  He had one last chance to prove himself that he’s a real demon, and that was to take a single sinning soul down to heck after bounding them to a contract.  

-His contract was already chosen for a mortal who went by Boris The Wolf.  A local band who plays for the the bar, but Boris would often have a drink first and than make a fool of himself for screwing up his friend’s performances.  Bendy instead “bends” the rules (haha puns) and ends up saving his new friend’s life after Boris stormed out after threatening to quit the band after his band member fellow woodland animals yelled at him for messing up another performance, but Boris was too intoxicated to realize he walked in the road of an incoming car!  Bendy quickly shoved the unknowing wolf out of the way as the tried to quickly shift into a puddle of inky goo before the driver could have seen him and swerved themselves into an accident.  Once Boris realized this, knowing Bendy just saved his life, he pulled the shocked demon into a tight bear hug (not caring that his fur and clothes now smelled like fresh ink) and he would have done anything to repay him.  Bendy’s only request was that he stop drinking and together shake hands on it.  Or rather paw to covered gloves?  

-Boris and Bendy are voiced by Joey and Henry themselves.  Henry attempts his best slightly drunken southern drawl and Joey does his best attempt making Bendy sound playfully impish, a sort of Bugs Bunny type of voice.  At the time, Bendy and Boris was based off their friendship

-Unfortunately, the fame although short lived went to Joey’s head and often took credit for Henry’s character designing and work.  Which is super not cool.  Henry began to grow irradiated for this sole reason and began losing passion behind what was once his dream.  

-Joey in his spare time, often read books about alchemy while working.  His favorite?  The Illusion Of Life 

-Henry ultimately decided to let Joey run the studio by himself after their big argument, quitting alongside with his wife, an assistant story boarder and moved to start a new life and a family, yet the feeling of regret always seem to linger in the back of his mind.  Joey had already been so stressed about building the ink machine AND trying to keep the studio in business still afloat with even less co-animators.  Last thing Henry knew was Joey yelled something about “everyone will know my name of “Joey Drew Studios” with or without a partner.  I’ll do something no one’s ever done!  You’ll see, you’ll ALL see!” Joey looked like he hadn’t slept in days by the clear bags under his eye, and not just from overworking.  

-Though still angry at Joey after all those years, Henry couldn’t say he doesn’t look towards his own cartoons with slight nostalgia of happier times, even if he now realizes how annoying Bendy’s voice is to him now

Austin Nights - Part 7

Pairing: Single!Jensen × Reader

Word Count: About 3400

Summary: The reader lives in Austin and unknowingly runs into Jensen at a bonfire and sparks fly. Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Warnings: Language

Obviously I intend no hate or ill wishes to him or his family. This is purely just for writing and wasting my time.

This is purely for a hobby and my enjoyment. Maybe some of you will enjoy it too. I am by no means a writer so I apologize in advance for any mistakes or grammatical/spelling errors. I appreciate any feedback or suggestions!

Special thanks and shout out to @misguidedconqueress for reviewing, editing, suggestions, and as always putting up with me.


The bittersweet feeling was lost as your stomach hit the floor trying to comprehend what the principal was saying. “Wait… What? I’m being fired?!”

“How would you phrase it for the children… think of it as an adventure, and new chapter in life…” The principal stated, causing your temper to start boiling.

“But I don’t understand, at my last performance review there were no concerns at all.” You argued.

“It’s more about the changes in your personal life interfering with your work here.” She continued.

Your mind was running trying to piece together what on earth she was talking about. “I’ve never let my personal life come into my work? If you are referring to the vacation, I had more than enough days.” You contented, trying to defend your dignity.

“Are you really that clueless? Think of who you are dating. The entire school knows. Your schedule is booking up with girls simply to ask you about it.” She scoffed unimpressed.

“Is this what it is about?” You stood up and paced the office. “You can’t fire me based off of my love life!”

“Is that a raised tone?” She jotted down in her notes. “Very unprofessional.”

You huffed in frustration; sitting back down in the chair and pursing your lips together thinking of what to say next. “You’re not thinking about all the good things that could come from this. Think of all the students who will now be coming for appointments who previously wouldn’t have shown any interest, it could be a good way in. Not to mention, his friend Jared is a very strong advocate for depression and mental illness, I’m sure he would be more than happy to do a presentation at the school…” You suggested.

“I’m afraid this is not up for debate. Your online postings, which students do have access to, are extremely unprofessional. You are at bars, drinking, public displays of affection, frankly you are not a good role model for these children.” She firmly explained.

A single tear slide down your cheek but you refused to acknowledge it. “Fine, I hope one day you realize the mistake you’ve made. If that’s all, I’ll pack my things.”

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Can I request one where a girl is really shy and quiet gets caught by the vulture and Peter saves her? Also that they really big crushes on each other - that's why the vulture goes after her

Title: Unexpected

Word Count: 3,071

Warnings: kidnapping, it’s long????

A/N: I wanted to make this a little more interesting, so it’s kinda lengthy! Hope you enjoy! Also: Requests are open again so go ahead and drop me an ask! Gif source [ x ]

You sat in the back of the classroom trying to pay attention to your teacher, but you ended up staring at the back of Peter Parker’s head the whole time. His curly hair was perfect as ever, even when it was messy it seemed perfect to you. Whenever he looked back at the clock, which was right over your head, you shifted your eyes towards the front of the room in fear he’d find you out, and then go back to staring when he turned forward.

This was a common occurrence in the two classes that you shared with him. One of them was a lab so it was a little harder to stare without being found out by everyone in the room. That and on more than one occasion you had spilled some sort of chemical because of your distraction. You had had a crush on Peter Parker since freshman year, and was much too afraid to approach him about it. Your friend, Michelle teased you about it all the time. “You’re overthinking it, Y/N. Just talk to him!” She always scolded behind her book and you still stared at him from afar.

Sometimes in class he would turn around and ask you a question about the work when the teacher would open it for discussion or handed out in-class worksheets, and you’d tense up and speak in that sheepish voice you got when you were nervous. But he was equally as awkward, so it eased your fears a little after the encounter.

Homecoming was coming up, and you wanted so badly to ask Peter, but every time you thought about it, your stomach grew butterflies and you decided not to. “Y/N, it’s just homecoming. Plus, I’m 99% sure he likes you too.” She turned the page in her book as if it was nothing.

“How do you know?” You were more scared than glad about this revelation.

“I’m observant…” Another page turn. “But also he sits near me at lunch all the time and talks with his friend Ned like I’m not there or something.” Well this was the confirmation you needed; now you just needed to actually do it.

You never did it. Even with the knowledge you held, it never happened. You continued to stare at the back of his head in class and then got glimpses of him in your lab, and homecoming was next week.

“Even if he does like me, he’s going to realize how quiet and shy I am and I’d be a horrible date!” You stressed to Michelle, who put down her book. It was before school and you were at your locker getting ready for class.

“Your stress is stressing me out.” Michelle sighed. “Look, I’ve given you the best advice and if you won’t–” She looked up and past you, then changed her tone. “I’m going to head to my locker. See ya.” She made a bee-line down the hall and disappeared around the corner.

“But your locker’s that w–” You turned and saw Peter approaching you. He’s probably just passing by! You tried to convince yourself and turned towards your locker to pretend to move stuff around.

“Hey, Y/N.” He greeted with the same amount of anxiety you were currently feeling.

“Good morning, Peter!” You croaked and shut your locker door a little too aggressively. You jumped and apologized quickly. “What’s up?” A nervous chuckle escaped his lips.

“I had a quick question for you…” He looked down at his feet and kicked at some imaginary dirt.

“Um, what do you need?”

He bit his lip, and you mirrored because the silence was heightening your anxiety. “My backpack got stolen the other night, and I was wondering if you could lend me your notes for chem lab sometime.” Your nerves rested slightly, and you nodded.

“Of course. Sorry about your backpack.” You added awkwardly and averted your eyes from him.

“Mind if I, um, steal them after lab today?” You nodded, and he smiled. “T-thanks, Y/N. You’re a lifesaver. I’ll see you later.” He hurried past you and you waited until he disappeared around the corner before making your way to your first class.

“You’re killing me, Y/N.” Michelle sat by you at lunch today and you picked at your food with your fork. “You had a chance, and you didn’t take it! I even left for you.”

“I got scared, okay?” You defended and sighed. “Plus, all he wanted was my notes from chem.” The two of you both looked across the lunchroom at Peter and his friend’s usual spot. They were both too busy in their own conversation to notice your wandering eyes.

“Well, I’m telling you, he will 100% say yes if you ask him.” She focused back on the pages of her new book and you continued to pick at your now cold food. Your next class was chem lab, so it would be your first, and maybe only, chance in the day to drop the question to him. You said goodbye to Michelle and told her you were going to go to class early (even though you were lab partners), as that was what you usually did, then rushed out the lunch room.

After the bell rang to initiate the start of class, you kept glancing over at Peter as normal and quickly looked away as soon as he showed any sign of looking your direction. Michelle rolled her eyes, and you insisted you were going to ask him when you gave your notebook to him after class.

“You better, or you owe me.”

“Owe you what?”

“A new book. There’s a couple I’ve had my eye on for awhile now.” Anyone else would think she was joking, but you knew she was totally serious.

“I swear I’m going to!” You continued with the lab and wrote down the data in all the charts on the worksheet. Your teacher dismissed class and you hurried to clean up your area. Michelle was anxious to see if you owed her a new book or not so she kept pace with you. Once your space was clear you hoisted your backpack to the counter and searched for your notebook. Michelle nudged your arm and waved goodbye while walking out the door before the bell even rang.

“Hey, Y/N.” Peter tapped your shoulder and you whipped your head back to face him. Your lips parted into an awkward smile and you frantically searched your bag for the notebook. While doing so, you rehearsed what you were going to say to him. Will you go to homecoming with me? No, that’s too direct… Hey, you have a date for homecoming? Now you do! You pulled out the notebook and apologized for the lose leaf papers that were stuck in between some of the pages.

“Thanks again, Y/N. You’re a lifesaver.” He accepted it and tucked it under his arm. The room had cleared out for the most part except for the teacher and a couple stragglers. The two of you both walked out of the classroom into the busy hall; now was your chance. You could ask him before he left for his class.

“I had another question for you; I was going ask you earlier but…” He trailed off and your heart beat fast. “I was wondering if… you had a date to homecoming?” You blinked wide-eyed at him in shock, and he retracted his question almost immediately. “I mean, if you already do, that’s fine! I was just thinking maybe you could go with me?”

Again you were too shocked to speak. You stumbled over your words and just kept muttering, “um” over and over. “I’d love to.” You finally got out and he smiled wide.

“Cool! Um, I’ll see you later.” He turned to leave, but then turned back around to face you. “Here’s my phone number, if you want to text me or something.” He pulled a pen out of his pocket and scribbled into the palm of your hand. “Bye!” Peter turned and hustled away at an alarming speed and you just stared at your hand in disbelief. Even though Michelle had assured you that Peter liked you, you really didn’t believe her.

“Hey, Y/N!” You looked up and an acquaintance of yours, Liz, was passing by. “I just saw what happened, congrats, girl.”

“Um, thanks…” You blinked with glazed eyes and barely felt the pat on the back you got.

“I’ll see you at the homecoming committee meeting after school, right?”

“Yeah…” You started to hastily walk to your next class once you realized you might be late. I got a date to homecoming… Ran through your head for the rest of the day.

In the days leading up to the dance, you and Peter had texted a little more, even though you were shy as hell and scared to start any conversation with him. It was going pretty good; considering you both were super awkward.

You were walking home one night from the library when a man bumped into you on the street. “S-sorry, sir.” You squeaked and hoped to hurry out of his way; something about him creeped you out. He had different plans, however, and didn’t let you pass. “Excuse me–” You started but he held a cloth over your nose and mouth and you slowly felt yourself lulled to sleep, feeling all sorts of panic as you drifted into unconsciousness.

When you opened your eyes you were wondering whether or not you were having a nightmare or not. It felt real, but you couldn’t believe where you were. It was a nearly empty and dusty warehouse with barely any lighting. What little light there was came from the moonlight streaming through the dirty windows and a weak desk lamp on a table that sat a couple feet in front of you.

Working at the table with a couple tools and some sort of engine was an older man, from what you could see from the back of his head. A beer bottle was within his reach and he took a sip. You started to squirm in hopes of getting free but it was futile. He heard your movement and turned around with a creepy smile on his face.

“Ahh, you’re awake.”

“Who are you? W-why did you take me? Where am I?” You panicked and kicked your feet around trying to free yourself from the chair you were tied to.

“To answer one of your questions, I kidnapped you because you’re close to him.”

“Who?” You never received an answer, because he looked past you with a eerie smirk.

“Our guest is here.” He disappeared into the darkness and you continued to squirm around.

“Someone help me!” You screamed at the top of your lungs and expended what little energy you had on pulling on the restraints. While you were struggling, you didn’t notice a new body in front of you until he spoke.

“You okay, ma’am?” Finally you focused on who was in front of you and you gasped audibly.


“I’m going to get you out of here, okay?” He approached you and went to untie the restraints on your legs. You felt tears form in your eyes and started crying. “Oh, please don’t cry. It’ll be okay, trust me.” He tried to reassure you, but you were just too happy too see a familiar face.

The joy didn’t last long, because you heard a loud sound from behind you and saw Spider-Man leap high into the air to avoid a big flying object. You opened your own eyes and saw that a man with huge mechanical wings on his back floating a few feet in front of you. Spider-Man had disappeared in the darkness and you felt your heart racing.

As soon as the man spoke you realized it was your kidnapper. “I warned you, Pedro; if you mess with my business, I’ll mess with someone you care about.” He zoomed to you and lifted you and the chair you were tied to with the huge metal talons that were attached to his feet. You screamed as you were lifted higher and higher towards the ceiling, which he crashed through. A web shot out through the darkness of the warehouse below and brought your course upwards to a sudden halt.

Before Vulture-Man could realize what had happened, Spider-Man shot out of the hole in the roof of the building and up towards you. “Leave her out of this!” He shouted and Vulture tossed you high up in the air, and you started screaming again. It was like being on one of those rides at the fair that shot you up in the air and then free-fell down for a second then back up, then down again–except you were just about to just fall.

Out of your sight Vulture cut the web that tethered him to the building with his wing and tried to shake Spider-Man off him. You continued screaming as you reached the top of your ascent, and now the only way to go… was down. “Karen, web-net!” Spider-Man shouted and shot a web towards the hole in the roof Vulture had created. You had your eyes closed the entire time you fell and was sure that you’d plummet to the ground any second now. You were met with a bounce instead of a hard floor, and you opened your eyes. The web that Spider-Man had shot had created a trampoline-like covering in the roof and cushioned your fall. You were still tied up, so you were like a fly trapped in a spider web at this point. Above you Vulture and Spider-Man were duking it out; Spider-Man was swinging around him and trying to ground him while Vulture was trying to swat at the agile hero.

For awhile you thought Spider-Man had him, but it went south real quick. He was swinging past him and was plucked from the air by his talon. You gasped and tried to wriggle yourself free again, but to no avail. Vulture descended to the roof of the building and slammed him through, creating another hole. Your wide eyes and petrified state kept you from realizing that he was flying straight towards you and only noticed once you were lifted from the web-net. “Let me go!” You screamed and wriggled yourself as he tried to fly back towards the hole.

“You shouldn’t have messed with me, Pedro. Now you’ll learn what happens when you interfere with my business.” He hovered over the hole and you realized he was going to drop you. His grip on you loosened and you fell once more towards the dusty warehouse.

“No!” Spider-Man shot up and passed you, shooting a web to the ceiling then down to you, suspending you in the air from the warehouse ceiling. At the same time he shot a web up at the Vulture’s wings and you could hear them starting to malfunction. He kept shooting webs and with every shot you saw, while looking over your shoulder, that the turbines that kept him in the air were stopped, causing him to fall to the roof. Now that he was immobile in the air, Spider-Man leaped around and restrained his wings and legs to the roof so he wouldn’t be able to move at all.

When he was done, you saw him crawl from the hole and across the ceiling to where you were dangling. It was obvious he was exhausted, and he still cut you free from your restraints, held you with one arm, and slid down towards the ground. Once your feet touched the dusty and rubble-filled floor, you fell to your knees and savored the feeling of solid ground underneath you again. “Are you okay?” He managed to get out between breaths.

“Only thanks to you.” You felt your muscles still shaking from the experience of being thrown in the air.

“I–I’m sorry you got dragged into this…” He sat down next to you, and you furrowed your brows.

“He.. he said the reason why he took me was because I was close to you… but I don’t even know who you are.” You looked into the lenses of his mask and they squinted. He sighed, and sat up straight.

“You do know me, you just didn’t know it was me behind the mask…” He lifted it off his face and you couldn’t believe who was in front of you: your homecoming date, Peter Parker, with his perfect messy hair sticking up in every direction. You noticed a bruise on his cheek and you instinctively moved closer to examine it. He winced when your fingers barely grazed it, and you gingerly pulled away.

“Sorry,” you muttered.

“I thought you’d be more surprised that Peter Parker was Spider-Man.” He chuckled and it transformed into violent coughing. “I’m fine.” He added when you tensed up.

“Well, that just means my date is better than everyone else’s.” You smiled sheepishly.

“Well, your parents are probably worried sick about where you are. I’ll take you home.” He tried to stand up, and stumbled. You got to your feet as quick as you could and helped him keep his balance.

“Are you sure?”

“I’ll be fine, don’t worry.” He pulled the mask back over his head and let you climb on his back, even though you protested multiple times.

When you got home, he dropped you off at the front door of your house and swung away before your parents could answer the door. They were, in fact, worried sick, saying they’d called so many different police stations and people from school that you knew. Even though you had a lot of dust and grime all over your clothes, you had no scratches, and that was the only thing that calmed them down even slightly.

You explained what happened, minus the part about Peter being your savior, and they hugged you for what seemed like forever. Until your mom noticed how dirty you were and ordered you to take a shower. You obeyed and checked your phone before going to bed. You’d received a text from Peter.

I’m glad you’re safe :)

You blushed and plugged your phone up, finding it hard to sleep after the day’s events. If you could survive being kidnapped by a super villain, then you could survive your date with Peter.

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How you stay organized with multiple experiments / notes on papers / etc? Any Grad sci organization tips? New desk area looks super cute 💕

Thank you!

I organize my lab stuff using 3 methods: 1) the kan ban board, 2) google calendars, and 3) separate project binders and a strong urge to categorize everything.

1) The Kan Ban Board - I describe it here. Basically this is the “big picture” view that lets anyone in our lab to see what projects/experiments are up and running (or, just up). 

If your lab doesn’t want to make a big one, you can make one just for you (my lab mate has his own mini kan-ban board using a bulletin board and yarn). 

2) Google calendars - This is how I schedule my hour-to-hour, day-to-day, week-to-week, etc events, be it projects, meetings, or even just to-do lists. It’s also shared with the lab, so we can always see what someone else is up to (which is helpful so we’re not all crammed in the tissue culture hood at once). Here’s a screenshot of what this week is looking like:

My shared lab schedule is in pink, and in purple is my own personal calendar that’s not shared with anyone (hence personal notes like I gotta go grocery shopping later today haha). But yeah, I can use this to schedule things weeks and months in advance, which is extremely helpful since I sometimes have multiple-month-long animal studies. And having the ability to move things around is such a nice thing to have in a field where the unexpected is the expected (which is why I prefer an electronic calendar over hardcopy). 

3) Separate project binders - I can categorize my projects into pretty much 3 different “project titles” (aka manuscripts down the line), and I have a separate binder for each which holds all related papers, brainstorming notes, data (or at least data summaries if you don’t want to print 50 million pages), outlines, etc etc. If you’re not sure if something is a separate project, create a new binder anyway, and you can always merge them later. You can also have a separate notebook for each project, along with one for general notes (like during lab meetings). 

If you prefer something less hard-copy, you can do the same with folders in your computer. 

Related, I also categorize everyyything–be it data, papers, etc. Here’s what my “Experiments” folder looks like (which has all my data, protocols, etc)

Basically everything goes into a folder. 

And to keep things neat, once a new year starts, I move all the previous year’s files into the previous year’s folder (ex. the “2016″ file under “Westerns” as shown).

Here’s what my papers folder looks like. Also all in categories:

You could also organize papers using an electronic citation manager such as EndNote or Mendeley (which I use bc it’s free). 

Another way to organize papers which I’ve been meaning to do for 5 million years: Type up summary pages to attach to the first page if organizing by hard-copy (or just to have somewhere). Sometimes I just need like a little refresher to remember “oh yeah! that’s the paper where they showed this and that”. I’m sure my PI would appreciate that more than the blank stares I give her….

Hope that helps, or gives you ideas of your own!

interesting how i really fall more and more in love with kihyun every day and getting to know his personality little by little is so!! exciting and fun and i just.. love everything about him so much… he’s so confident and so sure of himself.. he knows who he is he knows his Powerful like he just so..self aware i feel but u could look at all those things on its own and think he’s intimidating but there is so much more to him like… the members always have said he is cute and warm and still has a sense of naivety or innocence to him n i think it really shows in the way he acts sometimes like… he is so confident and has a lot of pride but he’s also so warmhearted and like,, simple hearted? like he’s really a kid at heart still like he has such a youthful heart but he’s so mature at the same time i don’t know how to put it into words but i just love every side of him… i love u so much mister kihyun

Looking for studyblrs 👀📝

I’ve been inactive for a couple years and decided to finally come back and motivate myself. I bought a new bullet journal and plan be active making my own posts. I’ve also been thinking about doing 100 days of productivity once I start school again (thoughts?)

Anyways - my feed is kinda dry and not containing what I’m looking for. If you’re a studyblr who posts

• anything related to science (medicine, biology, anatomy a plus)
• bullet journal layouts
• note layouts

Let me know (like or reblog) so I can follow you! It’ll be my main blog who follows you though (mexicanfrijol) since this is a side blog

Also ask me anything! I’d love to get to know some of you and open up who I am to all of you as well

Tell Me How


Warning: triggering themes, language. 

Summary: Ethan cheats on you, and neither of you know how to handle it.

She sat in the corner of the room as he sat on the bed. He stared at her, but she couldn’t look at him. She knew everything. She knew he cheated. She just didn’t know why. She gave him everything she had. She gave him herself. Every part of her being and in the moment of anger, he went and fucked somebody else. Their whole relationship, had been his fault. He wanted her, but maybe now, he was tired. Y/N’s mind raced a million thoughts but one stood out. She was hurt. She felt horrible. She felt angry. But she still felt love for him. 

“Y/N, I’m so fucking sorry..”

His usual angry front was not on. The guilt had been eating him up inside. Something that never happened. But he had hurt her. He hurt the love of his damn life. The light in his life. The only thing that makes him get up in the morning and think twice about anything he does. She said nothing. Tears fell as silent sobs raked her body and she could only cry to herself. 

“Baby, please, tell me how to fix this.”

He pleaded, barely above a whisper. Y/N shook her head, the darkness of the room created shadows and the candles only illuminated part of her face but he could see her eyes. She faced away from him but the tears were still there. Ethan stood from his spot, going to her. Y/N stood up as well, wiping her tears as he approached her. He reached for her but she turned away and he hadn’t known true pain until the moment she couldn’t bare to look at him anymore. 


“E-Ethan, I’m hurting and I don’t know what to do.”

She cried, her words broken by sobs as he stood still, forced to watch his rock fall apart by his own actions. She hugged herself tears cascading down her cheeks uncontrollably. For the first time, he didn’t know what to do either. He fucked up, and as much as he wanted Y/N’s forgiveness, he knew it was something he didn’t deserve. 

“I’m so fucking sorry.. I regret it.”

Y/N shook her head. She couldn’t take it. She went to him, nearly falling over her own to feet as she hugged him, tightly. She truly didn’t know what to do, yet still wanted him, despite her broken heart. Ethan held her tightly, falling to his knees as he held her and she cried. He didn’t dare to let go. 

“I love you Y/N, I love you so fucking much.”

He repeated every so often. Y/N’S cries slowed to her erratic breathing as she drifted to sleep. She had cried herself to sleep. Ethan picked her up, and laid her down, laying right beside her. Her eyes, although closed, were puffy, and red. Her chest moved up and down, and sometimes hiccuped in between. He watched her sleep, afraid she would disappear or worse, leave him if he were to fall asleep.

Y/N slipped from his grasp. He had been more tired and she knew he wasn’t going to stay up. He couldn’t. Y/N left her phone, grabbing her shoes and coat as she left his apartment. She couldn’t cry anymore, she wouldn’t. All she felt was pain, she felt tortured. Yet all she could think was forgiveness. School. School was the only distraction she needed at the moment, and she wasn’t going to bring her phone. 


Ethan sat up, looking down, only to see a pillow. He glared at the doorway, where Grayson stood with a note. Ethan sat up in frustration, sighing as Grayson handed it to him. It was undoubtedly Y/N’s writing. 

‘I went to school, don’t freak out. -Y/N’

Ethan grabbed his phone, calling her. She probably didn’t eat breakfast. It was a stupid thing to worry about, but she always forgot. Did she at least take his card so she could get lunch? He needed a reason to talk to her. To hear her voice. Any reason. Just as the third ring came, Y/N’s phone sounded off. He sighed yet again, of course. She was smart, knowing he would call her. She needed space, and as desperate as Ethan secretly was, he was going to give it to her.


Class seemed longer than normal. Concentration was out the window, but I needed to get away. Being there is toxic, psychologically, people can change, but sometimes, people slip. It was stupid of me to think Ethan wasn’t so vulnerable to his own mistakes, to his own past. 

“Hey! There you are.”

I looked up, Aria smiled at me, sitting down at the table. I looked down at my notes, and somehow, all of these psychoanalytic aggressions relate to Ethan. I’m just.. why did he cheat? 


I glanced at her lunch, remembering I haven’t eaten the whole day. But I can’t. I don’t want to. I’m not hungry, I’m dejected and lost. I need answers. I want justification in his actions. I seemed to always be doing that. Justifying him. 

“Okay, midterms aren’t until after winter break, what the heck are you cramming for?”

“I… a project my teacher gave me.”

I muttered. She pushed her burrito towards me. I smiled softly, thanking her. It was getting darker, and soon, Aria had to go and I needed to take my studying elsewhere. It was getting cold. I went to the library, one I hadn’t been to in a while. Mrs. Helen, grinned at me, staring in shock.

“My girl! It’s been a while.”


I nodded slightly. She nodded to me as I went to the back of the store, to my table hidden behind fairly large shelves. I felt weary turning the corner, I stared at the table, and images of catching Ethan surfaced. I glared at the table, tears pricking at my eyes. I forcefully wiped my eyes, shaking my head and taking a deep breath. I placed my stuff down, just staring. I couldn’t study. I couldn’t concentrate. 

I found myself at my apartment. I stepped out of the small hallway, setting down the keys. A car Ethan had bought. I sighed, setting down my bag. I turned towards the mirror, staring at myself. What’s wrong with me? Tears fell. I’m crying again and I can’t stop. I glanced at the table, a photo of Ethan and I, one of the few he agreed to. I lifted the photo, throwing it at the wall. I fell to my knees. I-I can’t breathe! My mind raced, as I ran my hands through my hair, trying desperately to get ahold of myself.


I jumped, standing quickly. I should have questioned why it didn’t smash. He held the frame in his hands, nothing but concern in his eyes. I stood straight, wiping my eyes as I took a deep breath. 

“What are you doing here?”

I whispered. 

“Are you okay.?”

He questioned. I laughed, shaking my head. 

“Do I look okay?”

I wanted to scream at him, to tell him to leave and never come back. He broke my heart. I should be screaming at him, I should be yelling and throwing things and acting out. But I can’t. He didn’t move, he just looked at me. Why does he look broken? Why does he look like I was the one who had broken his heart? 

“Come home, I’m sorry..”

“God, please, just stop apologizing!”

“What do you want me to say? I don’t know what to fucking do!”

“Neither do I! You cheated on me! I trusted you, I loved you, and- and, I tell you that everyday! Hell, you don’t even say it back, was that why? Do you even love me? Or are you just so afraid to let me go because I’ve seen the too many faces Ethan Dolan has. Am i so expandable, that when you come home, I’m just guaranteed to be there for you. I never ask you for anything, God, against my better judgement, I stayed with you, I let myself fall in love with you, and you turn out to be the exact asshole I knew deep down you are!”

Ethan stared at me, and all I could do was stare back. His expression hardened. I tried to process what the hell had just happened, all the things I said, I regret it. I want to apologize, to say something more, but I feel as if I’ve said too much already. My breathing was erratic, I heard the crack of glass, my eyes moved to the picture in his hands, he gripped the frame, and he remained still. 

“Are you done?”

He questioned, his voice low, and his tone dark. I didn’t like it. I didn’t like any part of this. I went to him grabbing his hand, releasing the frame from his hold. I checked his hand, he isn’t bleeding. 

I’m sorry, Y/N. I really am.”

I sighed, standing in front of him, I leaned my head against his chest. There it was again, the struggle to breathe. Ethan wrapped his arms around me, and again I hugged him, hiding my face. I gasped for air, falling to my knees, but none would come. I squeezed my eyes shut, and all I could see was him. His smile. His perfection despite the thousands of flaws he had inside. Ethan grabbed my face, everything seemed to echo. To move in slow motion. My ears felt weighted and my lungs burned. Ethan forced my to open my eyes, as he called out to me in a panic. I gasped, wheezing as i grabbed anything I could, wanting to curl into myself, to just disappear.

“Y/N?! Cmon, baby, breathe!”

My hands shook as I grabbed my chest. A panic attack?! I-I haven’t had a panic attack since.. I.. Ethan grabbed my face, looking into my eyes. He let go, grabbing my bag, pouring everything out. I covered my ears, shaking my head. Too many images flashed through my mind. My father beating my mother. My mother beating me. Hiding in the basement. 

Ethan cheating on me. 

Ethan cheating on me. 

Ethan cheated on me

He reached into his pant pocket, pulling out an inhaler. He put it to my lips, pressing the valve as I gasped for air and held my breath. I coughed violently, finally feeling the cool air enter my lungs. He sighed heavily, leaning against the wall. He kept my other inhaler? That’s where it went?

“Oh my fucking.. You scared the fucking shit outta me. Fuck.”
 I watched him. He wiped my eyes, kissing my forehead, I sat across from him and we sat in silence. I stared at him, and he stared right back, just gazing at each other through the minimal light from the windows

“Why.. Why did you.. sleep with her?”
 He sighed, shaking his head.

“I.. I don’t fucking know.. You.. I just got super pissed off. I got drunk, and it happened. I regret it, so much.. I never wanted to hurt you. It’s my biggest fear, and I fucking hate the way you look at me. I destroyed you, baby, I’m sorry. I-I love you, I really do, and I took you for granted. I fucking swear, this will never happen again.”

“I want to forgive you, more than anything. I’ve never been in a relationship like this before you.. It just hurts.. a lot.. and I don’t know what to do about it.”

I wiped my eyes. Ethan pulled me into his arms, as we sat in silence. I sighed, feeling somewhat at ease. I trust Ethan, and will do anything for him, just as I know, by proof, he’d do the same for me.

Kinda badboy!ethan..

-Kai xx

Studyblr Intro!!

Hi everybody!

 My name is Daye, and I just joined tumblr about a month ago (my terrible piece-of-junk sideblog which is mostly for my geek/nerd/guilty pleasures is @canadianrootstangledwithweeds) and really have loved silently watching the studyblr community; there is so much to learn and you all have such freaking pretty bujos so I started one for myself and decided to officially introduce myself! (Also high-key stole the template for this studyblr intro from @richstudy!)

Who am I:

  • I’m 19
  • My nationality is dual Canadian and American and my ethnicity is Filipino
  • I currently attend university in OR, USA, and I am double majoring in mechanical engineering and mathematics
  • I am working right now for a couple internships in Portland as a transportation and biomechanical engineering tech (both separate)
  • I have the biggest trouble condensing so as you can see this intro post will be terribly long and detailed and boring!!


  • I am a city girl at heart and love exploring Portland every afternoon after work (grew up in Seattle area and that was my main love)
  • I do a lot of talks at community colleges around the West Coast pushing for support of low-income and diverse families trying to get higher education
  • I used to run track and cross country before coming down with a health problem and love all things to do with running
  • My Netflix guilty pleasures are Sherlock, Parks and Rec, the Office, and recently How I Met Your Mother
  • I have played piano and sang for 12 years (classical, jazz, worship, alternative, classic rock, basically anything requested) and love all music except for most rap

Classes next term (yes there are a lot and I am determined not to die):

  • Applications of Thermodynamics
  • Mechanics of Materials lab
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Machine Dynamics/Vibrations
  • Servant Engineering I
  • Engineering Statistics
  • Res Life Seminar (I am RAing next year for a freshman dorm!)
  • History and Theology of Christianity

Why a studyblr?

  • By silently stalking the studyblr community I have loved just that - the community. Everyone is very open and inclusive and I want to be a part of it
  • Last semester was honestly hell (I started off with 22 technical credits) so I want to gain more tips and become more organised and this will help me be more accountable and motivated
  • I love looking at everyone’s bujos and notes and they are all so beautiful. I miss the creative part of my life that I had more time for in high school, and look at all of your posts reminded me that I could still have that while studying a technical major


  • Start and complete my first bullet journal
  • Be semi-active with my own original posts as well (I am not sure how much to commit yet because I am not sure how crazy this next engineer school term will be
  • Do something with masterposts (make one? use one?)
  • Complete the 100 days of productivity
  • Make new friends and learn new things/tips/strategies

Favourite studyblrs that inspired me:

@rivkahstudies | @mathbrain | @engineer-to-be | @studyblr | @eruditekid | @obsidianstudy | @celestial-stvdies | @sprouht-studies | @einstetic | @avocadocollege | @integrals-and-aesthetic | @hayley-studies