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She got me praying all hours of the night, say she want my heart, She pulling me to the river, drawing me with her siren's call, Done gave her my heart but now she wants my soul, Well I already sold it to the man in red, "Fell in love with your charm," but its a curse; cos am dead, Girl you're not who you say, bad girl they say you are Innocence isn't where am at, wear your crucifix bae Don't make me out all serious bonnie, slave to this bad religion, Unrequited love, praying at my shrine, cos I don't have a heart Like a dead man walking, I lay at your side, Make sure you're alright in my world, atleast that for you girl,

I gave her my heart but she wanted my soul

When The Devil’s At Play// Mark Tuan (Part 1)

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Pairing: Mark x Reader

Genre:  Supernatural

Summary: You weren’t supposed to be here anymore, you were supposed to be long gone, but for some reason you had gained an extra ten days on this earth and you weren’t going to waste them.

Author’s Note: This series is based of the Voltage game Ten Days With My Devil.  The prologue will follow almost the same patterns as the prologue in the game did, but with a few major changes, and after the prologue the story line will go off on its own. I hope you enjoy!

xoxo Sara

Prologue||Part 1||Part 2||Part 3||Part 4||Part 5||Part 6||Part 7||Part 8||

Part 9||Part 10||Part 11||Part 12||Part 13||Part 14||Finale

You looked at the seven boys who stood in front of you, all heads turned to you as they all waited for the answer. You struggled to find the words to say, unsure of how the boys would take your reasoning. They could all decide that it’s fine, or they could all decide it’s useless and then execute you right there.

“So? Spit it out,” Jackson said, his voice low and angry as his eyes continued to burn holes into your skull. He was clearly displeased with Jaebum’s decision to let you live yet another ten days, but he didn’t want to go against the leaders wishes and take you out right there.

“My sister,” you said softly, your heart breaking as you your mind retraced old memories, “We had fought since we were little girls over something stupid, and we just completely stopped talking after that. This year after we reconnected, she told me she was having a baby… He’s due in ten days, and this would be my first nephew. I want to see him before I die.”

Youngjae nodded at you, petting Coco’s head softly as the others exchanged glances between each other.

“So you just want to meet your nephew? That’s it?” Jackson spat back. Jinyoung held his arm over Jackson’s chest, looking at him with a stern face. “Jackson, calm down.”

“It’s important to her, Jackson, leave her alone.” Mark said softly, shrugging his shoulders as he walked over to Jaebum. “There’s one problem with your plan, though.”

“Oh yeah?” Jaebum challenged, “and what is that?” Jaebum crossed his arms over his chest as he stared at Mark. Mark pointed to where your apartment would be, murmuring, “we kind of blew up her apartment.”

Jaebum bit his lip, his eyes tracing over the remnants of what was once your nice and beautiful apartment. “Not only that,” Mark continued, “ but the only clothes that she has are on her back.”

“She can borrow some of Bambam’s,” Jaebum stated, making Bambam’s head snap up quickly, “They look to be the same size.”

“I’m not sharing my clothes with her!” Bambam chirped, “That’s unfair.”

“It would be better for her to wear our clothes anyway,” Jinyoung chimed in, “The Angels can sniff out humans like dogs. If she wears something of ours, it may mask the smell.”

“I don’t feel too good about this,” Yugyeom sighed wearily, “I mean, i’m all for keeping her. Whatever. But I don’t want to be terminated.”

Terminated? you thought to yourself, what could that mean?

“It means,” Jaebum stated, looking down at you, “That we would also die if we got caught smuggling you between realms. Which is why,” Jaebum paused, looking at all of the boys behind him, “She’ll be staying at our house in the Human Realm. No trips to the Demon Realm to, ‘show her something really cool,’“ he said, putting air-quotes around some of his words, immediately pointing to Jackson as he finished his statement, “I’m talking to you, Jackson.”

Your mind raced. Did you say that out loud? You took a long glance at Jaebum, tracing over his tall and broad figure, before Jackson began to speak.

“I would ne-“

“You would,” Jinyoung mumbled, “Because you already have. No doubt you would do it again.”

“Enough arguing,” Youngjae hummed, keeping the peace as he walked over to you, “She can borrow some of my clothes if it’s that big of a problem. She can stay in my room too, for all I care. Just, shut up, okay? It’s getting late and i’m tired.”

“I guess Youngjae’s right,” Jaebum sighed, waving his hand as he began walking, “Let’s go.”

As you followed all of the boys closely behind, you assessed all of them; Jackson made it clear, he did not like your existence, and it made you uncomfortable. Jinyoung didn’t seem to mind it, but that was most likely because Jaebum hadn’t seem to mind it either. Yugyeom didn’t seem very happy about it, and it seemed Bambam could care less as long as you weren’t wearing his clothes. Youngjae seemed like the only safe one to stick around with, as Mark hadn’t said much the whole time that you were all stood in the parking-lot. You didn’t know where his head sat, and it scared you.

You followed them all to what seemed to be a secluded area, the small road blocked off with gates. It seemed to be a nice area, though it was dimly lit in the nights darkness. Jaebum had led you all to a small house, guarded by yet another gate. You looked up at the house, in awe of how beautiful and modern it looked. The lights inside were on,you could easily see inside through the windows, and it looked cozy.

Jaebum unlocked the gates, taking a slight glance back at you before murmuring, “Make yourself at home.”

You were scared. You were scared of the small neighborhood, you were scared and confused as to how their house could look so normal, as seven demons and a dog lived in it. You were scared of staying there for the next ten days with those boys.

“Hey,” Youngjae whispered to you as everyone filed inside of the gate, placing a hand on your shoulder, startling you with his sudden interaction. He looked at you intently, biting his lip as Coco whined softly. The air seemed to shift when Youngjae stood next to you. It seemed more… light.

“I know they all seem scary, but they’re all really nice on the inside. Jacksons just angry because it was his turn to do the paperwork and now he’s done it for nothing, but he’ll calm down. If you don’t feel comfortable, just talk to me, okay?”

Feeling relief wash over you, you smiled at Youngjae. Having an ally in a house full of demons, all of them ready and willing to execute you in mere seconds, really meant a lot to you. He smiled back at you, gesturing for you to walk in front of him as he held the gate open.

“I’m hungry,” you heard Bambam groan as you entered the house, watching as Bambam flopped onto the couch, his shoes flying in different directions. 

“You’re always hungry, Bambam,” Jinyoung stated as he entered the kitchen, Yugyeom following him suit as he groaned as well.

“I’m also hungry. Watching Jaebum and Mark prepare (Y/N)’s food made me hungry.”

They didn’t poison my food, did they? you thought to yourself as Youngjae led you to a couch, making you sit down next to him as you both sat across from Jaebum.

“No, we didn’t poison your food,” Jaebum said, laying his head on the arm of the couch as he stretched out like Bambam had done moments before. Startled, you jumped back on the couch a little, which in turn startled Youngjae.

“(Y/N)! What’s wrong??”

“N-nothing!” you said , raising your hands up in defense as your eyes wandered to Jaebum. How could he have known what you were thinking?

Can….you hear me, Jaebum? you thought to yourself, unsure if your idea of asking yourself mentally would prove useful or not. You didn’t turn your head to face him, knowing you’d see him staring at you if you did.

Yes, and you can hear me, you heard clearly in Jaebum’s voice, that’s how Telepathy works. But don’t scream, okay? I have a headache.

You bit your lip, breathing out shakily as you looked at Coco, the small and innocent looking dog instantly calming you as she jumped out of Youngjae’s arms and went into your lap.

“Coco seems to like you!” Youngjae chirped happily, caressing the small dogs fur as a door slammed shut.

“That was probably Jackson-hyung,” Bambam sighed, “Doesn’t Mark-hyung know he doesn’t like to be bothered when he’s angry?”

“But you know how he is,” Jaebum sighed, resting his forearm over his eyes to protect them from the lights shining down on them, “He likes to fix everything.”

“Some things can’t be fixed,” Yugyeom stated as he came into the livingroom, shoving Bambam’s legs from off of the couch to make room for himself. Bambam groaned, sitting up and hitting Yugyeoms shoulder as Yugyeom sat, sticking his tongue out at Bambam as Bambam rolled his eyes.

“Tell Mark-Hyung that.”

“Tell me what?” Mark asked, descending down the stairs of the small house as he stood against the wall at the bottom of them. You looked at him slowly, eyes tracing over is figure; he seemed very fit, in your eyes. He was wearing a tank-top, his hands pressed under his arms as he kept them crossed over his chest, allowing you to see his muscles. You looked away slowly, feeling your cheeks flush. He reminded you of Jinwoo.

Jaebum chuckled softly, grabbing your attention as he looked at you. Youngjae’s hand landed on your arm slowly, a small smile rising to his face as it did. “You’re already starting to get used to us and like us, aren’t you?”

“That’s a sudden accusation to make,” you mumbled, stroking Coco’s fur slowly as Yugyeom and Bambam looked at you. You held your head in your hands, closing your eyes as you sighed. “Is there any possibility that I could find a place to rest?”

“You want to sleep?” Bambam asked, “It’s your last couple of days on earth. Why would you want to sleep?”

“Now Bambam,” Youngjae hushed, taking Coco off of your lap as he stood slowly, “That’s not nice. If she wants to sleep, let her sleep.” Youngjae smiled at you softly, tilting his head over to where Mark was standing, “Come on, we have a spare bedroom. I’ll show you to it.”

“Thank you,” you mumbled, standing slowly as you looked at all of the boys in front of you, “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, toastie,” Bambam hummed as he waved you off, making you look down at the ground as you passed Mark and followed Youngjae up the stairs. When you passed Mark, a different feeling filled you. Like with Youngjae, the air around him seemed much lighter. You were confused as to why it only felt this way with these two, but in this world that you were now subjected to, you learned to think that nothing was impossible.

“Hey,” Youngjae said as he turned the hallway light on, “Don’t let Bambam make you sad, okay? Whenever Jackson-hyung is angry at someone, he is too. It’s nothing personal, I promise.”

“How’d you know that I was sad?” You asked, following Youngjae as he led you down the narrow hallway to a small door at the very end. He pushed it open and turned on the light, humming to himself as you both stepped in.

You took in the scenery; The room was small, but it was very light. The walls were white, the desk in the corner of the room was a light colored wood, and the bedsheets were nicely made. It seemed very calm in here, and the bed look insanely comfortable. But maybe that was just because you were so insanely tired.

“I have the ability to read emotions,” Youngjae said simply. You looked at him slowly, raising an eyebrow at him as you slowly sat down on the bed. “What do you mean, ‘read emotions?’”

“Well, it wasn’t hard for me to read you,” Youngjae mumbled as he closed the door, “You just looked really upset when Bambam said those things to you. But I can feel your emotions radiating off of you, and if I touch you, I can get a clear reading of how you’re feeling. Which is why I could tell that you were already starting to take a liking to one of us,” Youngjae smiled, bumping your shoulder softly as he sat next to you on the bed, “You felt incredibly warm, and it wasn’t a bad type of warm. It was more comforting than anything.”

“You have powers?” You asked, head turning to face him as you widened your eyes. You were a firm believer of the supernatural; and now having to dorm with seven demons was clear proof that there is obviously something beyond life. But you have never thought of the ability for anyone, or anything in this case, to have powers.

“No, I only have one,” He said softly, “and so do all of the rest of the boys. That’s why we work so well together, I guess.”

“Does Jaebum have the power to read minds?” You asked quickly, although you already knew the answer. You were silently hoping that you were wrong, though, and that your mind was just playing tricks on you before.

“Yes! More like ‘telepathy’, though. It’s weird to explain, but he can hear your thoughts, and he can make you hear his if he wanted to. He has the most control over his power, which is why he’s our leader. How did you know?”

“I kept thinking questions outside, and each time I thought of one, he kind of just.. answered it. It was scary,” you admitted.

“Yeah,” Youngjae laughed, “You got to get used to it, I guess. There isn’t anything in this house that Jaebum doesn’t know about. It’s hard to block your mind from him, he can almost penetrate any wall you try and put up, but a couple of us have been able to block away his attempts. Yugyeom is especially good at it. No one can read him, not even Jaebum.”

You rubbed your temples as Youngjae talked. It seemed like it could be a dream, and you tried to forcibly wake yourself up from it, but you couldn’t, and it scared you.

“I know… this must be a lot to take in, but bare with me, okay? Not all of us are so mean. We are Devil’s, but none of us like what we do. We were all kind of forced into it.”

You looked up at Youngjae slowly, raising your eyebrow, “What do you mean?”

“There’s a lot you need to learn about us, (Y/N). Trust me, it’s better if you learn it over time,” Youngjae patted your head slowly. But I don’t have much time.

Youngjae smiled at you, slowly sitting up from the bed as he walked over to the door. 

“I’ll leave you with this. Not all of us are who we say we are.”

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fic rec friday

Topic of the day: HAPPY HALLOWEEN. Have some cute happy fluffy thoughtful Halloween/party fic for your weekend. Maybe it will give you some ideas for your own parties :D Have a spoopy day.

Ring in the Witching Hour - T - 7.5k - luninosity

Halloween at the mansion (written February 2012). Costume parties, ethics debates, emotional hurt/comfort, implied sex; slight warning for not-very-explicit mention of abuse in Charles’s childhood.

Notes: Oh my god. I have so many feelings. This is so good. It’s such a detailed look into these characters and relationships–and the ethics! ugh.  Amazing. Everything that this fandom can be all in one fic.

The Most Sincere Patch - T - 3k - starlady

“Sexy professor” Charles meets a sexy vampire at Moira’s annual Halloween party.

Notes: Cute and sweet and full of great costumes and better lines. Watch out for gross Halloween makeup.

Date for Halloween - M - 1k - a_q

Inspired by kink meme prompt “drunken Halloween”, for the crossdressing square.

Charles flirts, Erik is jealous and Logan arranges an impromptu make-over.

Notes: I love this fic so much I almost remixed it. It’s absurdly funny and everyone is spot on drama llamas except Logan who is just putting up with all this shit.  And they love each other. :D

trick or treat - T - 10k - pocky_slash

A Halloween ficlet collection.

Chapter One: Armando/Alex - Strange going on in a library study room.
Chapter Two: Charles/Erik - Erik learns to appreciate Halloween with some help from Kurt.
Chapter Three: Moira/Nick - The walls are bleeding.
Chapter Four: Sam/Steve - Handing out candy to trick-or-treaters in costume.
Chapter Five: Charles/Erik - There’s no way that doll is really following Erik around the mansion.
Chapter Six: Moira/Nick - A family Halloween costume.
Chapter Seven: Charles/Erik - Ghost stories around the campfire.
Chapter Eight: Charles saves Halloween. Erik tolerates it.

Notes: an adorable collection of spooky stories (Chapters 1, 3, and 5) and fluffy Halloween traditions, just the way Halloween should be!  Very enjoyable reads for the season.

King of the Pumpkin Patch - G - 4.5k - tahariel

Charles has a Scaring deficit, but Erik is happy to help him learn to be more frightening this Halloween.

Fusion with Nightmare Before Christmas.

Notes: very cute fusion where Charles and Erik go on a date and everyone is very much in character.  And adorable.  

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I spent my Saturday night organizing my notes + papers! The Panda sticker is temporary, I didn’t have anything else to label them with.. Hahah. Anyways. Before I had all my notes together in one big folder and my papers in another, which means I had to bring it all with me to school every day, which was kinda stupid. 

So I got a small folder for each of my classes, I keep my notes at front and the papers I’ve been given in the back. Each course gets it own color and I label a page every time something important is written on that page, so when I have to quickly look it up, I can get right to it. 

I feel like it’s much easier doing it this way! So every morning I can just grab the folders I’d need for the day and leave the rest of them at home. 

I’d very much like to see how you guys organize your papers and notes, so reblog this post with a picture of your system - It’s always nice with a little inspiration! 


Whee last January days of Splits and Open Hips! I’m posting these all at once because I’m bad at following my own rules :P 

My middle splits are nowhere near where I’d like them to be, but hey that’s what this challenge is for, right?

But woah look how close my front splits are! I just went for a run, and got all warmed up with “the basics” from week one. Thank you body! Note to self: work on getting those dang hips square. 

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SoMa Week - Day 4: Dragons

I am determined to finish these prompts even if I annoy myself to death writing them.  Unbeta’d because I need this off my plate.

“All right, it’s Maka’s turn,” said Kid, gesturing vaguely while examining his notes.

“Excellent,” she said, taking a swig of her beer and looking at her own character sheets.  They were covered in notes and diagrams, and she flipped through them briefly before continuing.  “Okay, my character is very hot-headed and very ready to be done with this quest, she’s gonna attack the Bridge Troll.”

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