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In The Land of Monsters

I was always afraid of the gym. Of the monsters that lurked within. A land of giants I had no place intruding.

Sports, fitness and I were never on very good terms, especially when I was a teenager. I was the academic, the imagineer, the dreamer, the geek, the nerd. Whichever way you cut it, there was very much a difference between myself and my “sporty” peers. I’m not going to say “jocks”, because growing up in England we never had that kind of tribalism. But I was a peaceful soul who preferred to bury himself in books and science fiction; they were the brutes who pushed me against the corridor walls, gave me physical and mental torment for my lack of caring for my appearance, for my indifference to their ways. I didn’t even support a football (soccer) team, which in England is nearly as much a capital offence as non-support of rugby is in New Zealand.

Teenage Beastpup in England

So picture me as a young man going through puberty, being inspired by the muscular physiques of bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jay Culter, Flex Wheeler, Markus Ruhl… monsters, stirring something within me. A desire to be more. A desire to change. To express myself through growth.

But I was scared.

No matter how much I wanted it…I felt I could never, ever join a gym. It would be torture… I’d be like chum in a pool of sharks. Surely from the moment I stepped foot inside my tender, nerd-like nature would be sniffed out by the others, and I would be mocked, tortured anew. Or even then, could I handle seeing how skinny I was compared to the others, when my body dysmorphia took over? Or would my family and friends even understand and join in the mocking that I, the twig, was trying to change himself in the gym? And people would see how sexual it was for me. How much I wanted it… I could never be normal enough… could never get over all these mental hurdles…

 Until the day I did.

Moving to New Zealand in my early 20s brought a lot of changes and positive adjustments to my life. Away from my past, I was free in a new place to start anew. It took many, many months of convincing myself still, but at last I had enough of always wanting and never having. At long last… I was going to join a gym. It was now or never.

 And so my mission began.

Because I couldn’t just walk in there! Oh no. Couldn’t just waltz into the natives encampment… I had to disguise myself first. I had to present myself to the tribe as one of them. Prior to going to the gym, I took myself off to the local sportswear store which was in of itself terrifying as a place I’d never stepped foot in. I despised those overpriced, branded goods put together in sweatshop factories by kids overseas… but for this, I would make the leap. I bought my clothes… a gym bag. Looked up online, I think, what people normally took to the gym… water bottle, towel. It took me a week to psych myself up but finally… I did it. I entered the land of monsters.  I went to the local gym and like a meek doormouse, asked the young lady at the reception if I could join.

 Everything that happened after was so very, very different from all my fears. I was welcomed. I was taken in, I was given my induction by helpful trainers… they equipped me with the confidence to be in that environment, and weren’t intimidating at all! Nor were the other guys there… everyone was just doing their own thing. No torture, no mocking. Just a common pursuit. Fitness. Growth.

The years since have been a blur; a lot has happened in my life. But the gym has always been there… it went from feeling like an alien outpost, to something else. Home. I am at home in the gym. I live for it. I know it. It has become my playground. My stomping ground. And just this week I looked in the mirror, now that I have grown, and I can see staring back at me:

I am now the monster I was afraid of.

 I made my dream come true, and in the process lost my fears. And I’ll say to anyone; you can have this too. You can be it. But if you still have your fear, I understand. But you don’t have to be afraid of the monsters. You’ll be one of them if you want. You just have to work. You just have to leave fear behind.

Happy growing…

 - Beast June 2017

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YALL I NEEDS HELP! do you or any of your followers know where to buy inexpensive but looks good af plus size clothing online shops. I'm helpless and I've already looked at fashion nova and gslovesme. I'm going on vacation and I need to look good lol

*Rises my fat ass from the dead* YOU CALLED?

-Poshmark. Definitely check Poshmark it’s like thrifting without the disappointment of not being able to find anything in your size

-Rainbow has some good cheap pieces I’ve been shopping there since my mom used to take me as a kid

-Boohoo  Almost everyday they have a 50% off sale but as I’m writing this it’s 70% off and they have so much good stuff. I love their bodysuits

-Check Rebdolls for sales their basic pieces are real cute

-A’Gaci has some nice stuff on sale as well

-DON’T SLEEP ON AMAZON AND EBAY I got this suit  last week and I’ve never worn a 2 piece but bruh I was feelin myself. If you know your measurements and look at reviews you usually end up buying the right thing in your size

-Forever 21′s sale section

-Rue 21′s sale section got some bomb ass pieces too (I clicked shirts but just click through all the categories on the side

-Charlotte russe

Annnnd I think that’s it! If anyone knows some good cheap shops we’re sleeping on feel free to add!~D

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Costume design/construction student here with irrelevant information! I cant find any documents online about it but Vulcan clothes look so Asian inspired? I love them a lot. It crosses over into the hair a little, I'm always excited when I watch TOS with my partner because of things like that but Vulcans in particular.

Vulcan culture does seem to be rather Asian coded which is funny because a lot of their language/customs are Jewish coded!

I don’t feel good, Tumblr.

I’m sick. Ear and throat infection. I can’t really take off of work to go to the doc. I might need to though. This shit is nasty and I’d blame it on the giant eleven-year-old that probably gave it to me but really the lack of sleep is probably the biggest culprit.

At least the boy is making sure I eat and grocery shop.

I’m about to eat all of the soup.

My ear fucking hurts.

We spent some of Saturday night looking at clothes online together, and I bought this shirt that he was interested in on a whim yesterday.

Am a little nervous about giving it to him. If he decides he doesn’t like it, he’ll think it was a waste. But if he doesn’t I’ll just keep it, it would look cute one me too. Maybe I’ll start with that.

I also bought him this sandalwood votive and holder with little stars etched into it, and when I impromptu stopped by because my car is gushing coolant (exaggeration) and overheating frequently (not exaggeration), and I was near his house, I noticed that candle and holder were in the middle of his table.

We’re still in undefined territory, but I am now popping his blackheads, so, you know. Comfortable. I’m still good with that. I just want to know how he feels about me. Feels.

Like I dunno what the indicators are? Perhaps life would be boring if people just always said how they felt. Perhaps it would be chaotic.

I’ve never made a sex vid with anyone. To my knowledge. Just sayin’.

We took a photo the other day though. I’d never done that either. Like with two people in the photo?

I think that’s sweet?

The most emo I see is when I find the right way to compliment him. And that’s usually acknowledging something that he did that was thoughtful. But not everything. Like a task here or there is usually “no problem.” It’s more like, if there’s something I really needed and he did it without my asking and I take the time to make him know how much I appreciate it, he lights up. :) it’s really lovely.

And he’s more emotionally open during sex times. Ugh, I so wanna write about the sex. There are so many things! So many. And things I would like to tell him too. How does one say “your face is the only face I’ll sit on”? Just like that?

Every woman should experience the level of pussy worship that is happening to me these days.

He came back to my place with a bag of cherries the other night. Pretty, perfect cherries. And we ate them together and by ate them together I mean back and forth and at the same time and touching each other and with teamwork? Eating together means something different with this boy.

There’s a cherry pit on my bedroom windowsill that will stay there and maybe become part of my witchy trinkets. It’s potent.

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Galaxia is freezing in her Canned Tuna costume but she's the Queen Of All Existing so she can't put on some peasant pants and a sweater and she keeps freezing. That's the reason why she's so mean actually

Let Galaxia be comfortable 2k16

this might have stopped the plot of Stars from happening ever

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20? I really need some help on that one 😓

20. activities to keep you distracted from binging

I paint my nails because the activity itself and the smell curb my appetite. I throw food away after making it to show myself I don’t need it. I recently bought myself an adult coloring book it’s really fun lol. I go online and look at clothes that I wanna buy when I reach my goal weight and add them to the cart so I have motivation to not binge. I weigh myself. I tidy my room or do my laundry if it’s piling up. I’ll do a facemask or that deep pore peel off stuff.

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sometimes i think it's fun to look for men's clothing online just to look what boruto and other hq!! character could wear. idk. it's easier to imagine them looking good for a date etc. when i have a picture in my head haha


I do that as well lmao  😂😂! 
I even have an extra folder with over 300 pictures of men’s clothing on my computer just because I like to imagine our volleyboys wearing them.

I often use them as references for fanart too, of course, BECAUSE SOME CLOTHES LOOK SO GOOD AND I REALLY WANT TO SEE MY SONS IN IT.
Maybe I’ll post some of the fanart I made later ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


62/100, grabbed some lunch with a friend at my new favourite spot (with the best grilled cheese !!) & took a nice little walk before going to the library for a little pre latin exam panic.

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Hello! I was wondering if there's a specific type of paint for clothing like overalls? I tried looking online but I couldn't find a lot of information. Also, what technique would be the best way to apply the paint?

I’m going to answer this with the assumption the overalls are denim or some other heavy cotton-based fabric. 

The most general answer for painting clothes is fabric paint. That’s paint designed to adhere to clothing and also be washable. You can also buy fabric medium (sometimes called textile medium) and mix that with acrylic paint. The benefit of mixing your own fabric paint is it gives you a wider variety of colors to choose from versus sticking with pre-made fabric paint only. 

In the event your overalls are made from leather (fake or real), vinyl, or some other thick synthetic material, go with Angelus leather paint.


If you need to do a complete color change, go with fabric dye. RIT, Dylon, there are lots of different brands, just make sure you pick one for the right fabric (synthetic vs non-synthetic) and follow the directions. Also remember you can’t dye to a lighter color, and the base color of the clothes will affect the final dyed color.

If you’re painting on a design, freezer paper is a great way to go. Draw or print out your stencil, cut it out, iron it, and paint.


Not paint, but heat transfer vinyl is also an option.


If you have a repeating pattern, you can make a stamp.


Those are the basics. For more information, check out our fabric painting tag.


Chapter Sixty

A/N: Okay, this part is quite small because the ending just seemed to happen, and it felt like a good place to leave the chapter, so I’ve split it into parts. I hope you enjoy it :)

Also, if you haven’t read the last chapter (where Harry and Emmy have a housewarming party in their new house), you can read it here.

Enjoy :) xx


Emmy broke into a smile as she entered the private room at the back of the restaurant. Emma Watson was already there, looking as pretty as ever and wearing a smile just as wide. She jumped up, and then they were hugging.

“It’s been way too long,” Emma said. “Congratulations on your little baby, by the way!”

“Aw, thank you,” Emmy laughed. “Congratulations to you on your trip to Ghana. I read an article on it, it sounded amazing.”

“Oh, it was,” Emma replied. “It was so fascinating to see how gender equality is different out there. All the ladies I met were amazing women, they were so kind and beautiful. It was sad to leave, to be honest.”

“I know the feeling,” Emmy said.

“You’re going to Brazil next week, right?”

“Well, I was,” she said, then sighed. “We didn’t account for Zika. I wasn’t pregnant when we made the decision to go. Now…it’s probably best not.”

Keep reading

when i’m looking for clothes online in the men’s section i have to rmbr that it’s not gna fit me like how it’d fit them then i’m like damn lmfao shit was hot tho smh

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Do you know of any good resources or websites for outfit designs? My biggest weakness is designing original clothing for my characters but I don't know where to look for inspiration.

I tend to look at catalogues, clothing websites (online stores esp), sometimes fashion blogs or magazines, and pattern books (sewing, knitting). 

Consider what kind of clothes your character would wear– where would they shop? Do they make their own clothes (or patch or tailor store bought clothes)? Do they spend $$$ on clothes, or are they thrifty? Are they stylish? Practical? Do they care how they look? What are their favorite colors/what colors do they look good in? All these questions can steer you towards what kind of reference you should look to. 

If you can find the name of what kind of fashion subculture you want to work with, that helps a lot too- you can find all kinds of ideas just by googling or checking out tags on picture websites. 

Designing totally original clothes is obviously going to be difficult, because fashion design is something that people study for years and need to understand the craft and materials and engineering of clothing to really do well. 
(The upside of drawing or describing clothing is that you can just make fabric obey your will without having to figure out how to make real-life fabric do the thing and drape just so). 

You can learn about fashion design to get a better grasp on it. Practicing by looking at existing clothes isn’t a bad idea either. If you think ‘I want this character to have a peacoat with _____ ______ and _______ details’, you can look at different pictures of peacoats and make an amalgamation of the parts that you want that person’s jacket to look like.  

Most of these suggestions are geared towards modern clothes. If you characters will be wearing historical fashion, you can look at books of fashion from that time period, museums (a lot of museums have online photo galleries you can look at!), and do some internet research on the fashions of the time. 

If you’re doing fantasy/scifi costuming, you have a lot of freedom! Consider things like:

- What is the climate like there?
- Would this person need to blend in or stick out from their surroundings?
- What activities would this person be doing regularly?
- What do people consider ‘decent’ attire? 
- What is considered fashionable v. unfashionable?

and then look at how people have solved similar clothing problems throughout history for inspiration. 

People wear different types of outfits for different occasions and circumstances– so try thinking about a character’s

- casual wear
- PJs
- work clothes
- dressed neatly clothes  
- very fancy time outfit
- dirty job outfit 
- hot weather wear 
- cold weather wear

and any other occasions that might be useful. 

I hope this helps you get started!
Good luck!