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Please post Mr Tumnus content so I can drown my blog in him and live up to my url xx Isa aka tumnusses 💙💙💙


I freaking love Mr Tumnus actually, and I wish the fandom talked more about this character because goshhhhhhhhh

I really like him cause, even if he did mistakes (like I dunno, TRYING TO KIDNAP A CHILD) (bad goatie) he redeemed himself and tried his best to be a better person, and I’M SO PROUD OF HIM ALL RIGHT.

So time for random headcanons shall we

  • he loves knitting
  • problem: he’s really bad at it so all his scarves and beanies and socks always look strange and weird
  • but honestly, Lucy doesn’t care at all and she totally wear them all the time, even if it’s not winter
  • Susan likes these too actually
  • they’re still super ugly and clumsy but she always wears the little beanie he knitted for her years ago when she goes for a walk in the wood in winter
  • the four Pevensies all befriended him and they actually enjoy having a quiet tea-time with him (it reminds them of England) after royal meetings about Narnian politics
  • with time and age, he broadened the teas and infusions he have, always curious about new beverages
  • he’s seasick everytime he gets on a boat and his face turns green in like what? ten seconds?
  • firm groun is better for fauns uh
  • most of the fauns are good dancers; not him
  • his second name is Clumsy okay
  • he never got married
  • despite Lucy’s attempts to find the perfect partner for him
  • (I totally headcanon him as asexual okay)
  • and since C.S. Lewis never said his name, I headcanon him with the name Cornibus (latine for horns)
  • Lucy always call him Corn when she’s using his forename
  • Ed calls him Cornie when he is with Peter but he’ll never dare to call him like this in front of the faun
  • they respect him very much
  • when they left the country, he and Philip the horse came back to the Lamp Post
  • and they waited
  • and waited
  • and nothing happened
  • Philip finally choose to go back to Cair Paravel, accepting with a lot of pain the fact that they were gone
  • he didn’t
  • and he waited more
  • he stood by the Lamp Post everyday, waiting to spot Lucy’s smile again
  • always keeping hope that one day they’ll return
  • they did, but he was dead a long time ago when the Pevensies saw Narnia again


I know we haven’t seen each other, or even talk each other, in a while. But, I want you to know that I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately and I want you to know that I miss you. Not, “I regret what happened” or “I want to see you again.” Just. “I miss you.”

-Just. “I miss you”…

It’s so strange to think that someone I knew so well is now a total stranger to me; that I sometimes go entire days without thinking about you even a little bit. Most of the time, I let myself forget, because it’s easier. But then I find something… A photo, a gift and the full weight of what’s been lost comes crashing down on me. Part of me wants to see you again, to hold you again, to kiss you again. But all those feelings become empty dots.

When I look back now, remembering that love isn’t always what it seems, it’s just so easy to forget. But this isn’t a regret. We had our reasons for ending it, and they are as valid as ever. But back at the start, we didn’t need any reason to fall in love. We just did.

The reasons came at the end, and everything since then has been all about reasons and that’s good. It means one day I’ll find someone I wont have to say goodbye to. But a part of me just misses loving someone, and having them love you back, and that’s all.

I guess what I’m saying is, I hope things are good with you. I hope everything is great.

-I hope everything is great …

I hope you found a love that’s all the things ours couldn’t be. But just a small part of me hopes that you still remember what it was like before all the reasons and that you miss me too.

—  I Miss You

I wasn’t even going to say anything, but Rucas shippers are so set on bothering Lucaya shippers, so why not kill their buzz a little?

One statement: Rucas isn’t endgame.

Now, I’m not really saying the Lucaya is endgame either, except, I kinda am.

I know everyone has their eyes on Zaya right now, and yes, Maya and Zay would look incredibly beautiful together but I’m not one hundred on that yet. I can’t just skip out of the Lucaya fandom after supporting them since the beginning.

But anyways, back to what I was saying.

I highly doubt Rucas isn’t actually endgame.

Why? Because of all the clues that point to Lucaya being endgame of course.


Now, this may not be much, but isn’t it a little strange that the actual couple and Lucaya were put into the same outfit and position? It isn’t that big of a clue though, so let’s just call it a coincidence, but coincidence, I think not.


Okay, let’s talk about this. When I saw this, I literally laughed. I couldn’t even stop that chuckle from releasing because come- the fuck- on.

This scene was taken place the first day both Riley and Maya met Lucas, on the train and in the same spot. As you can see, behind Riley and Lucas in the bottom picture, there’s a sign that says 2 Months Only, which one could see as to say that this whole relationship won’t actually last. But behind Maya and Lucas, the sign says New Long Lasting.

It’s either this has nothing to do with anything or the GMW writers are just smart and sneaky lil’ fuckers and I am all for it.


You can say all you want about the first two clues, but there is no way that this one is “just a coincidence.”

In pictures 1 & 4, Topanga and Shawn were speaking about Cory (obviously), in season 2, episode 21 titled “The Thrilla’ in Philla.’“ Pictures 2 & 3 broadcast a conversation between Farkle and Maya and a very similar setting (and clothing, for Maya specifically), in season what of which episode? Episode 21 of season 2, “Girl Meets Texas: Part 2.”

Who’s really going to sit here and lie to me and tell me that doesn’t mean anything? Salty Rucas shippers, that’s who.

I don’t even need to explain the picture for everyone to understand what I’m saying, so I just won’t explain.

And if that isn’t enough for you, let’s talk about this.

Rucas shippers love to talk about how Lucaya hasn’t even kissed but their OTP has.

You know what’s embarassing?

There was more chemistry between Lucaya in their almost kiss than there was in Rucas’ actual kiss.

That is literally hardly even a kiss. It’s awkward, and in a way, one could say cute. It’s adorable in the kind of way that I’d find it adorable if I ever caught my future child kissing his/her kindergarten crush. It’s that kind of cute.

But then we have Lucas and Maya, who’s lips didn’t even meet, delivering one of the most intense and the most passionate scene to ever be in Girl Meets World.

Sure, Maya is standing there looking like a statue because she’s nervous. But she’s looking into the eyes that are directed at her lips and the fire sets this mood and that scene was just tew much. Nevermind the fact that Disney totally cock-blocked, but it was absolutely beautiful regardless.

And that right there, is what a true pairing should look like.

There’s also the fact that Maya tames him, he tames Maya, she has amazing nicknames for him (which Riley does not, just saying), and they just look perfect together but, whateves.

Now, there are many other clues pointing to Lucaya endgame but I’m done with this post.

At this point, I hardly even think Lucas deserves Maya. Hell, nobody deserves Maya. She’s too great of a person for everyone, ever.

But I’m still for Lucaya.

And I rest my case.

Have a nice day Huckleberries.

SVA Features Steven Universe
Steven Universe is an American animated television series created by Rebecca Sugar for Cartoon Network. It is the coming-of-age story of a young boy named Steven,…

A while back some SVA cats came ‘round to interview alums on Steven Universe. Here’s Rebecca, Danny and I talking a little about SU. Not sure why Ian or Kat isn’t talking in here, as they also went to SVA, but you do see Ian doing some drawing during the clips.

It feels a little strange to see this because, of the three of us, I didn’t go to school for animation (I went for comics) so it looks like I don’t feel as taken with animation as everyone else.  But it’s not true- I think animation is great! Comics are great too! Let’s talk about story structure! Yaaasssss!

my mom:  Ally are you in a ship?

Me:  wat? ( thinking, does she mean a literal ship? no, did she see the snapchat I just got on my phone that says wife? no, did she hear something about my dark past and the dude my friends shipped me with last year? no?)

Me:  um…..no?

Turns out my sister was talking about shipping some characters and my mom tries to annoy her by saying ‘look Paige they are in a ship!’ to the characters on the TV.

I had to explain that ship is a verb. this took a little explaining. And explaining it out loud sounded really really weird let me tell you. and she (my mother) thought it was a stupid.

I go upstairs and hear my mom yell down to the basement to my sister “just so you know Paige I ship your father and I!”

And I thought college was where strange things happened.

Color Me Soulmates

A/n: Two drabbles on one day?! What?!?!?! Who’s complaining though, like seriously? I know I’m not! Sorry this took a bit, but it’s finally done! Fair warning, there’s a part that’ll be a bit funny. It’s a little hard writing/reading/ talking about ‘wand movements’ without it sounding even a little dirty…. I’m just going to leave it at that. Let me know what you think? Enjoy!


When you had been younger, you never fully understood why most things around you always looked red. Your parents told you you were color blind. It wasn’t until you arrived at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, that you learned what it really was.

You stood with the other first years, waiting to find out what house you would be sorted into. With nervous excitement you watched as the strange talking hat was placed on heads. Sometimes it would take but a moment for the hat to determine where the student would be placed. Sometimes it had to sit and mull it over for a minute or two. You wondered how long it would take for you to be sorted.

You needn’t wait for very long. When your name was called by Professor McGonagall, you walked toward the front of the Great Hall, your finger tips tingling. With careful caution you sit on the stool and wait for the hat to be placed atop your head.

You wait as patiently as you could, the hat muttering about on your head before yelling your house name.


You hop off the stool with a grin, heading toward your house table.


You were in Charms class a week after your sorting. By now you had discovered your favorite and least favorite classes of the year. So far, you thought the year was going very well. Like any young Ravenclaw, you were excited to be learning all these new things. You sat in a seat closest to Professor Flitwick, waiting for the lesson to begin.

“Today we will be practicing our wand movements with a partner. You will study the motions of your partner as they swish and flick, and report back to them on how you think they did.” Professor Flitwick preceded to list off partners, but you were far too excited to pay attention to who you would be paired with.

You were however, a bit disappointed to find out that your partner was Draco Malfoy. You had hoped it would be one of your new Ravenclaw friends. Oh well, you weren’t really one to complain much.

You stared at Draco’s hand intently as he swished and flicked his wand in almost boredom. When it came time to report to him about how he had done, you almost dreaded telling him. One week into school and Draco was already know as a snobby daddy’s boy. You didn’t want to risk upsetting him. But you wanted to get good marks for the assignment.

“You’re movements were accurate, but slightly lazy. It looked like you were… Bored.” You trailed off as you looked up from Draco’s hand and into his eyes. Suddenly, you were struck with a massive headache, your vision changing from varying shades of red to grey. Both you and Draco clutched your heads in pain.

You couldn’t possible begin to understand what had just happened. With tears prickling in your eyes, you looked at Draco. You were sure you looked slightly frightened.

“Um, Professor, I think my partner and I need to go to the infirmary, I think I accidentally hexed us or something. I don’t know what went wrong.” Draco spoke up, pain laced his words. One look from Professor Flitwick at your tears and the pain written on both of your faces had him agreeing.

You and Draco left class together, slightly worried but looking at the world in a whole new way.

Doctor Strange: Two Wongs Don’t Make A Right - Quill’s Scribbles

Do you like my little pun?… No?… Well fuck you, I thought it was funny!

Yes it looks like Marvel Studios have once again put their foot in it with regards to their increasingly controversial Doctor Strange movie, and I once again have to take time out of my day to talk about it. I mean for God’s sake Marvel, I have other things to do you know. Other movies to hate. I could be shitting all over Suicide Squad right now, but no. Instead we have to do this song and dance again, do we? Sigh. Well come on then. Let’s get this over with.

So apparently Scott Derrickson was going to leave Doctor Strange’s manservant Wong out of the movie for fear of racial stereotyping, only to then bring the character back for fear of being accused of whitewashing when Tilda Swindon was cast in the role of the Ancient One. But that’s good right, I hear you saying. It shows that he’s aware of the controversy and is trying to correct it.

Originally posted by giffix

Let’s actually analyse what he’s saying, shall we?

In an interview with LA Daily News, Derrickson said:

“I was very happy with [casting Tilda Swinton], but I was also very conscious that in doing that I was erasing a significant potential Asian role. I was going to leave Wong out of the movie at first; he was an Asian sidekick manservant, what was I supposed to do with that? But once the decision was made to cast Tilda, we brought Wong back because, unlike the Ancient One, he could be completely subverted as a character and reworked into something that didn’t fall into any of the stereotypes of the comics.”

He’s a slippery bastard, isn’t he? He’s trying to create the image that he’s the struggling filmmaker navigating the minefield of controversy, but in reality it’s a pathetic attempt to disguise both his own closet racism and his clear ineptness as a storyteller. See, if it’s possible to rework Wong into something that didn’t fall into any racial stereotypes, why is it not possible to do the same thing for the Ancient One? I don’t understand. How is that impossible? It would be difficult, sure, but it’s not beyond the realms of possibility. In fact any sensible white filmmaker directing a movie featuring certain Asian cultures would actually hire Asian writers and consultants to assist them. To make sure that they’re not falling into stereotypes or inadvertently offending people. But Derrickson didn’t do that. Looking at IMDB, the writing and production crew consist entirely of white men, and Derrickson’s comments leads to a rather startling insinuation. That it’s okay to put that kind of effort in when the Asian character is only the sidekick to the white male protagonist, but when it’s a prominent lead role, suddenly it becomes ‘too hard’.

Amazingly Derrickson is sticking to his guns about the casting of Tilda Swindon as the Ancient One even though the decision is undeniably racist on so many levels. It’s really quite astounding to think that the original source material from the 60s, with its Asian stereotypes and the mighty whitey trope, is technically more progressive than this 2016 adaptation. I mean sure the Ancient One is a racist stereotype, but at least he’s Asian. Derrickson, on the other hand, decides the best way to deal with the racial stereotyping is to remove said race altogether, rather than put actual effort into making the Ancient One a more three dimensional character that doesn’t fall into racial pitfalls. That is the very definition of lazy. I mean he’s worried about people accusing him of whitewashing, hence why he brought back Wong, but surely a far simpler solution would be to NOT whitewash your Asian characters in the first place.

And yet he still pathetically tries to defend himself with this little gem:

“Diversity in movies is absolutely the responsibility of producers and directors. In this movie, we have about as diverse a cast as I think you can get, and that was a very conscious decision. Tilda was a way of adding diversity in terms of not just an ethereal, enigmatic, otherworldly actress playing an ethereal, enigmatic, otherworldly character, but we’re bringing a middle-aged woman who’s not 28 years old in leather pants into the Marvel Universe in a major role.”

First of all, I think someone needs to educate him on what the word ‘diverse’ actually means. Call it a hunch, but I don’t think there’s an outcry for films to represent the ‘ethereal, enigmatic and otherworldly’ community. I’m pretty sure there isn’t an ‘Ethereal, Enigmatic & Otherworldly Lives Matter’ movement. And second, while he does make a good point about it being nice that we have a middle aged woman in a prominent role, there’s no reason whatsoever why they couldn’t cast a middle aged Asian woman in the role. What about someone like Michelle Yeoh? She would have made a great Ancient One.

I just wish someone at Marvel would have the balls to stand up and say ‘Hey, you’re right. We screwed up. This is racist. We’re sorry’. Instead all we get is lies, excuses and general bullshit. People are still clinging to the idea that the Ancient One had to be white due to the political climate between China and Tibet, even though it’s been proven time and time again that that is categorically false. The film doesn’t have to be set in Tibet, it isn’t set in Tibet as far as I’m aware, the film doesn’t need to take a political stance because the story has nothing to do with that, and there isn’t even any need to mention the fact that the Ancient One comes from Tibet in the first place. It’s a complete non-issue. And yet the Marvel higher-ups, some of the MCU’s more braindead fans and even a few journalists still persist in this nonsensical non-argument to excuse Marvel’s blatant racism.

It’s quite simple really. The reason why the Ancient One is white is because writing a PC version of a prominent Asian character would require actual effort and hard work. But they’re willing to make an exception provided said Asian character is in the background, trailing after the white male lead. Guys, Marvel are not the innocent victims of political correctness here. Scott Derrickson did not make these decisions out of the goodness of his fucking heart. And they certainly don’t have the Asian community’s best interests in mind. I refuse to believe any filmmaker or studio can be this clueless about these issues. I don’t buy it, and neither should you.

Let’s talk Clace 1x09

The kiss. So OMG how freaking hot was the way they were staring at each other right before like SERIOUSLY. You know Clary and Jace are at a really strange place in their relationship. They care about each other and are attracted to each other but up until this point they have only shared one kiss. But let’s face it they have had a lot going on but the minute Clary brings up that they need to talk about the two of them you can see they both start thinking about the kiss and they can’t stay away from each other. AMAZING.

The hug. Look at them. They are just s relieved to be in each others arms. Okay I might have squealed just a little as Clary ran into his arms. After being away and having what they are working for threatened they just needed to be in each others arms. Jace has tried to hard to get that guard up around his heart but its so clear in this moment that Clary has still touched it and its so freaking BEAUTIFUL.

Jace went through a lot this episode with his fight with Alec and in the final scene you can see how torn up he is about. How PERFECT is how she softly touches his arm before they walk out together. Like seriously. Not to mention how when they were in the middle of the plan she was willing to stop everything so Jace wouldn’t have to go against Alec. She completely understands what that means for him and gives him the choice to stop things

title: to convince an emperor
fandom: kuroko no basket
pairing: akashi/kuroko
summary: kuroko makes the trip out to rakuzan to talk to akashi about the one thing he truly wants for his birthday.
notes: akakuro week day 2 contribution. the optional prompt is for after winter cup, so i ran with this. this story contains spoilers for the end of the manga, you have been forewarned. 

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The real enemy

I want us to talk a little bit about this sentence right here:

Hook says it to Belle right before he’s gonna try a TLK with Emma, but there he wasn’t speaking of Emma in particular, or Rumple in particular for that matter, he was talking about the DO!

Through all of this arc Hook knew exactly who the real enemy was:

He knew that it was the same enemy that he hunted for years. 

Now lets think of Hook of episode 5x10.

He was after revenge on Rumple, after revenge on Emma. both hosts of the DO, but he wasn’t pointing his anger towards the darkness/DO once, even thought he always seemed to know exactly who the real enemy was.

That’s a little strange, isn’t it? Almost like it doesn’t make any sense at all. And maybe that’s the point, maybe it shouldn’t.

Look, I don’t know exactly how it will come to be, whether it will be a plan he had all along, or he’s gonna realize it in his own “I’m not nothing, I was never nothing” moment, but this man is going after the enemy he was chasing for 200 years, the DO.

And for the first time in centuries he is in the best position to win this fight, he’s fighting from the inside!

And you know what, it’s gonna be poetic, the person to destroy the DO for good will be the one that was hunting it the most.

I really feel that everything will work out in the most epic way. This is after all, the OUAT way!