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Voices of serial killers
Voices of serial killers

Voices of various serial killers. 

Ordered by date of apprehension: Edmund Kemper (about watching TV and learning how not to get caught, through crime shows) - Ted Bundy (about remorse) - David Berkowitz (about finding religion) - John Wayne Gacy (demonstrating a rope trick he used on his victims and explaining it) - Richard Ramirez (about his thoughts on serial killers in general) - Aileen Wuornos (getting angry about the way she was treated by others) - Jeffrey Dahmer (about his motive) - Dennis Rader aka. BTK Killer (about dreaming about and planning the killing)

I rewatched the episode with my mother and she was like Ed Sheeran and his crew are probably the Westerosi equivalent of millennials and hence why they are nice people, they’re just young lads tired of all the wars and injustice committed by the previous generation but they got bills to be paid and have to put food on the table during hard times that is Queen Cersei administration.



hola hola (kard)ย - spring day (bts) - 1+1=0 (suran feat. dean) -ย love me love me (winner) -ย donโ€™t wanna cry (seventeen) -ย gashina (sunmi) - one more chance (super junior) -ย palette (iu feat. g-dragon) - never (wanna one) -ย tomorrow, today (jj project)

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