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summary: a round of rough sex with luke in an l.a. party is a good way to end the night.

word count: 2,125

warnings: deals w cheating and also SMUT nasty rough smut with dom!luke because i cant imagine him being vanilla + wall fucking and mirror fucking + choking… lol and i might’ve said ‘cock’ a little too much? … anyways

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" Taehyung is Tasmanian Tiger! Unique, one of a kind! "_ Jimin, 27.9.16 and Taehyung's beautiful obsess for tiger , begins

“ Jiminie and I bought it (tiger necklace ) together in NY”

“ I Always wear it, even when I go to sleep"


And the fact that artists change their accessories on Hour- basis.

Now let that sinks in. 

Update 07.05.17



“"What?” he asked, sounding nervous.  
“I can’t get it out of my head,” she said, rolling over on her side to face him. She
didn’t feel steady enough to sit up yet. “This feeling that I know you. That I’ve
known you for a while.”

The water lapped against the rock, splashing on Luce’s toes where they dangled
over the edge. It was cold and spread goose bumps up her calves, Finally, Daniel spoke.  
‘Haven’t we been through this already?“ His tone had changed, like he was trying
to laugh her off. He sounded like a Dover guy: self-satisfied, eternally bored,