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Ronan shot him a cool look. He didn’t want to see Jiang’s face unless it was behind the wheel of a car.

the dream pack: jiang.

Good Concept: Junkrat, Roadhog and Satya as Trans Buds, hanging out and watching movies just chilling and talking.

“-Loike, I can see the appeal of bottom surgery, but I was laid up for weeks after getting me top done. So bored I almost chewed off me only arm and I was being hunted by cops as well! Don’t think I can go through that again.”

“A well founded concern. The recovery time for my bottom surgery was quite tedious. I don’t regret it, however.”

“Got m’ phallo before the crisis. Lucky timing. Never minded my tits, really. People expect fat guys to have ‘em, no big deal. Never bothered me. Any more of those chips left?”

“Of course. The flavour is too strong and hurts my mouth…”

Overwatch characters' reactions to Junkrat trying to talk to them
  • Genji: I don't have the energy for..... whatever THIS is
  • McCree: [takes a large sip of his drink] kid if you don't simmer yourself down someone's gonna have to do it for you
  • Pharah: [aims her rocket launcher at him silently until he leaves]
  • Reaper: unless the next words out of your mouth are "here's my treasure, mate, it's all yours," you've got nothing to say that I want to hear.
  • Soldier 76: [sigh] maybe it's a good thing we shut Overwatch down
  • Tracer: if any part of your body comes any closer to me I will take it away from you
  • Bastion: [pretends to be in the midst of a software update]
  • Hanzo: [gestures at all of him] ........why
  • Junkrat: well, I loike me and that's what matters
  • Mei: [balls up her fists, has already thrown up an ice wall between them when she sees him approaching]
  • Torbjorn: I døn't understand everyøne's prüblem with this fine yøung bøy, he seems like a fine üpstanding yøung røbøphøbe like me
  • Widowmaker: [actually takes a shot at him, severing a lock of his hair] next time I won't miss
  • D.Va: [does not make eye contact or respond to him, hands him a pre-autographed headshot, silently signals her security detail to keep him away from her]
  • Reinhardt: the thing about youth culture is..... I don't understand it........
  • Roadhog: [sigh] I'm sorry about my fr-- my ASSOCIATE-- he's not usually.... well, no, he's usually exactly like this
  • Winston: I think I.... uh.... hear someone calling me.... In the other room..... I'll be back...... later...
  • Zarya: You would snap like a twig if I shook your hand [walks away]
  • Lucio: I've already met my quota of people who annoy the crap out of me today [points at Hanzo], try again tomorrow
  • Mercy: unless someone other than yourself is on fire I don't want to hear it
  • Ana: [like Dame Maggie Smith after a little kid asked her if she really turned into a cat] just pull yourself together
  • Zenyatta: [awkwardly makes smalltalk, ends up waiting for Junkrat to shut up on his own for three and a half uncomfortable hours]
  • Symmetra: [takes one look at him, neatly unfolds a handkerchief, places it over his face, and then goes back to what she was doing without acknowledging him]

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i rlly rlly want to see wonderwoman loike I'M SUCH EXCITE! GIRL POWER! MORE FEMININE REPRESENTATION! WE NEED SO MANY STRONG LEADS TO OVERCOME THE PATRIARCH SOCIETY!! i'm sorry i get v excited over progressive moves w/ women idk what it is about it

SAME!!!!! dude its so nice having strong female leads! im not a dc fan but holy moly it looks awesome and they already have confirmed a wonder woman 2!! let me know when you see it and how it is 

Conversations I have had today:

Sam: Where the hell did you learn [phrase which boiled down to ‘how to pronounce the letter r when speaking’]

Me: …you mean how I roll it sometimes?

Sam: No, I mean In General. Say car.

Me: Car?

Sam: Exactly

Me, flicking to NZ accent, which so you get the full force of how thick I can do my own native accent for comedy purposes on command, I shall spell out roughly phonetically here: I min I could say ut loike ‘ka’ if ut’d mike youu fil bittir?

Sam: No.

Other Sam (there are actually three Sams. Third Sam was not present today): Hey, how’re you going?

Me: Slow death by Compilers. You?

Other Sam: Me? I’m pretty good. Hey, so, you should… try the Internet for your problem. With the Compiler.

Me: The Internet?

Other Sam: Yeah. Google.

Me: …I tried that. Is there anything specific I should be googling?

Other Sam: How to make a compiler to read Java from Python?

Me, who has already tried that exact phrase: I already tried that. :/

Other Sam: Maybe you should, ah, try the course code?

Me: …I heard none of that.

Sam, walking past my computer: …Are you cheating?

Me, who had done as Other Sam had suggested out of sheer curiosity and been surprised by the results: No.

Sam: …You’ve just slipped like ten notches in my estimation of you.

Me: How could you say that?

Sam: I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking how could you possibly slip any lower than you were?

Me: Exactly!

Me to Other Sam (who was tangentially involved with the first conversation): Saying ‘r’ is easy. It’s saying ‘wh’ that’s a bitch.

Other Sam: …Not to be rude, but like what does it sound like when you say ‘whore’ then?

Me: [ʍuəɹ]. 

Other Sam: Wow.

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Consider him the worst person to be around considering how quickly he dashed to try and peak underneath this strangers dress in order to see if he could find more snakes.

Oi you got loike a bundle of ‘em under here. Maybe oi should get me some wigglers and have ‘em live in my pockets too-! 

it’s jus’ tha farm takes up most o’ t'day and at night I just loik a cuppa tea so oi mightn’t be able to devote me self full-time t’ the ol’ racism