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My day was exhausting and right now I have a protruding headache. :s Tell me something about you.

Did you know that headaches are a good sign?  

Because once the Prophet ﷺ asked a man “Did you ever experience this type of headache?‘ 

He replied, ’What is a headache?’

 RasoolAllāh ﷺ said, ’It is the throbbing of veins in the head of a person’ 

The man replied, ‘I have never experienced this.’ 

When the bedouin turned to go away, RasoolAllāh ﷺ  said, ‘Whoever wishes to look at a person from the People of the Fire should look at this man…" 

and when The Prophet ﷺ used to have headaches he would tie a piece of cloth tightly around his head, try it إن شاء الله. 

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((what would Junkrat do if Mei was in a coma? using countingcryostasis as a mei ref. your meihem adventures are cute!))

[ @counting-cryostasis!!! Thank you! We love our silly meihem adventures xD ]

Visiting, Day 2.
Jamison arrives in Mei’s ward as soon as visiting hours started. He announces his arrival in his usual cheery tone as he hobbles his way over towards the bed, immediately pulling up a chair to sit by Mei’s side. A wide smile is always on his face as he simply sits and talks to the woman right up to the very last minute of visiting time, jabbering on about nonsense and silly stories of his day and just about anything he could think of on the spot.

Visiting, Day 5.
Once again, Jamison arrives with a skip in his step and a sing-song voice as he calls out his name to announce his arrival for the fourth time in a row that week.
This time he’s brought his cassette player and headphones. He’s cleaned it up a little from when he first found the device in the scrapyard. He places the headphones over Mei’s ears and starts to play the mixed genre of rock and soul music.
“I w’s told listenin’ t’music might help! I mean.. it helps me think when I’m fixin’ me traps ‘n bombs so.. maybe you’ll loike it..”.

Visiting, Day 7.
A week has rolled by and still little to no improvement. Jamison has went to visit as many times a day as he could, using as much of his own free-time as he possible to visit the climatologist. His zany attitude has started to disappear with every visit, however he does his best to smile for the woman.
He brings a bouquet of flowers over to sit on Mei’s bedside table. With help from a few teammates back at Headquarters, the Junker had managed to put together an impressive flower display with a bunch of different flowers Mei had mentioned in the past.
“I uh-.. I w’s told flowers c’n help too… took me a while but.. y’might loike th’smell, yeah?” he chuckles weakly. “Oh yeah! An’ I brought ya some bubble tea! Ya know ‘cause I thought… y’might loike a cold drink when ya wake up.” he trembles and clears his throat, reaching out to take a hold of Mei’s hand in his own as he starts to stroke the skin gently.

“Please wake up.”

Overwatch characters' reactions to Junkrat trying to talk to them
  • Genji: I don't have the energy for..... whatever THIS is
  • McCree: [takes a large sip of his drink] kid if you don't simmer yourself down someone's gonna have to do it for you
  • Pharah: [aims her rocket launcher at him silently until he leaves]
  • Reaper: unless the next words out of your mouth are "here's my treasure, mate, it's all yours," you've got nothing to say that I want to hear.
  • Soldier 76: [sigh] maybe it's a good thing we shut Overwatch down
  • Tracer: if any part of your body comes any closer to me I will take it away from you
  • Bastion: [pretends to be in the midst of a software update]
  • Hanzo: [gestures at all of him] ........why
  • Junkrat: well, I loike me and that's what matters
  • Mei: [balls up her fists, has already thrown up an ice wall between them when she sees him approaching]
  • Torbjorn: I døn't understand everyøne's prüblem with this fine yøung bøy, he seems like a fine üpstanding yøung røbøphøbe like me
  • Widowmaker: [actually takes a shot at him, severing a lock of his hair] next time I won't miss
  • D.Va: [does not make eye contact or respond to him, hands him a pre-autographed headshot, silently signals her security detail to keep him away from her]
  • Reinhardt: the thing about youth culture is..... I don't understand it........
  • Roadhog: [sigh] I'm sorry about my fr-- my ASSOCIATE-- he's not usually.... well, no, he's usually exactly like this
  • Winston: I think I.... uh.... hear someone calling me.... In the other room..... I'll be back...... later...
  • Zarya: You would snap like a twig if I shook your hand [walks away]
  • Lucio: I've already met my quota of people who annoy the crap out of me today [points at Hanzo], try again tomorrow
  • Mercy: unless someone other than yourself is on fire I don't want to hear it
  • Ana: [like Dame Maggie Smith after a little kid asked her if she really turned into a cat] just pull yourself together
  • Zenyatta: [awkwardly makes smalltalk, ends up waiting for Junkrat to shut up on his own for three and a half uncomfortable hours]
  • Symmetra: [takes one look at him, neatly unfolds a handkerchief, places it over his face, and then goes back to what she was doing without acknowledging him]

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Can I just add that you have an awesome talent as much as anyone on here and I love the fact that everyone has amazing art. I loved each and everyone of them literally everyday i'm on here no matter what it is I loike it after reading them and seeing everones art inspires me so keep it up my friend ^///^

omg you are so kind!!!! and all of you inspires me to keep drawing! without anybody here I would be no one. you are my happiness and my inspiration ♡ hugs hugs

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