i loathe the creation of this post

“She is dancing away from me now
She was just a wish
And a memory is all that is left for you now
You see your gypsy~”

My Final Swan Song, So Long.

Ahhhh, soooo. It’s coming upon the witching hour. This time tomorrow I’ll be on that midnight plane to Georgia…aka to Europe for 2-3yrs Peace Corps service…thus it’s about time I say my official farewell to you good people. I’ve thought too much about what I’ve wanted to say, leave behind, and such. Perhaps from being here for over 3 years I haven’t let it sink in that I won’t be here to share and contribute to the sims community like I have been. Being here and simming has become a big part of my life, especially in university, so it hurts to pause this journey. Argh, I have so many more stories to tell, ideas I feel I must simmify…but alas, oh well. Being here has broadened my perspective on arts, motivated me to research topics beyond my knowing, and of course led me to many individuals who I love seeing as my peers and friends.

I will miss you all. I take lots of joy in sharing my creations, and discovering that there are those who find my alien species, fantasy creatures, cultural sims, and others as enjoyable/not insane as I do. Although I loathe tumblr in all it’s lameness, simblr is indeed why I stayed and that says so much about you guys than it does me. I may have internet and will be able to check in, but being a lurker won’t be the same, and honestly, I know no follows me for my text posts ;) Who knows, maybe I’ll even be able to sim, but it won’t be for awhile as I adjust to my new life/job overseas.

Rather start gushing and sobbing I leave here a final image of all my muses -Yema: my heart, Metzli: my mind, & Ikumnbe: my body- alongside my molding clay -Ipo (in white)-  parts of me I’m also saying farewell to as I likely leave sims behind, but will keep with me. True, they’re only special to me, buuuut they’re special to me. Think of them as me leaving small, yet loving fragments of myself for people I care for….

So. “So long, farewell, to you, my friends. Goodbye for now, until we meet again.”

~nativeafua <3

character creation

(should I start a skyrim blog for these kinds of posts? do you find them annoying? let me know)

So it’s funny how much I actually roleplay in Skyrim when slipping into the guise of different characters. Phil, for example, HATES draugr. Maybe not as much now that he can stealth-kick their butts more easily, but he still loathes the creepy sound of them shuffling around.

Phil: Why couldn’t those dumb Nords have tied their feet if they knew this sort of thing happened with the dead?? Then this whole problem could have been avoided.

But my second character (who I won’t name yet I’m just waiting to make an intro post) doesn’t mind draugr, in fact he kinda likes them. “Don’t blame the draugr, poor things don’t know any better” is his mentality. I think he probably tries to talk to them but ends up getting smacked with an ancient Nord sword for his trouble. :P

Fear and Loathing: Tumblr, Music and Termination

Tumblr has been my guilty music pleasure since 2008, posting over a thousands songs, exploring thousands more, enjoying Cover Day Friday among my peers and queuing up songs on ex.fm.  I’ve relished in the freedom that sharing among a small set of followers expands our appreciation for music, emboldens our love for the craft, and encourages us to dig deeper, purchase more and go see more live shows.

All that changed for me in 2014.

I’ve received a scant few DMCA takedown notices from Tumblr over the years, twice due to posts with music by Lewis Taylor who is notorious for removing all his music from the internet including YouTube.  In each instance, the post was removed in accordance with the takedown request mitigating any further harm.

At the end of 2013, I posted an Apocolyptica cover of Metallica’s “One”  that was reblogged many times outside my normal set of followers.  I received a very different DMCA takedown notice from a post-Yahoo! Tumblr stating the following:

We’re writing to let you know that, due to repeated uncontested notifications of copyright infringement against one or more of your blogs, your Tumblr account is one more uncontested notice away from termination. Please consider this a final warning. [emphasis mine]

This constitutes a grand total of 4 takedowns across almost 6 years amidst thousands of songs posted and reblogged.  

The fact is Tumblr is 100% correct.  Nearly every audio post I’ve done has infringed upon a copyright, and I clicked the checkbox stating I had the rights to post when I didn’t, so there is nothing for me to contest in the notification.  Just like everyone else doing audio posts on Tumblr.  Tumblr is a cesspool of music copyright infringement.

With fear of termination after 6 years of creative non-audio content, I panicked.  I deleted every single audio post out of fear that a singular notice would remove everything I’ve contributed to Tumblr.  I’ve not done an audio post since.

Now for the loathing.  Given the risk of loss, I investigated how to export my blog content.  I was surprised to find that Tumblr no longer provides an export mechanism as they had for many years.  So, in one breath, Tumblr prides itself on saying that we the users own our content, but if Tumblr doesn’t provide a means to claim our creations seamlessly, that claim rings false.

Now, Tumblr has a few choices here when handling DMCA takedowns that don’t involve termination:

  • Push uncontested infringing posts and consequent reblogs into purgatory - hell ban the post such that only the blog owner can see it, show that there is a takedown notice pending and the post is unavailable until it is settled
  • Transparency regarding all claims against your blog - email notification is not enough.  Clearly show how many repeat uncontested offenses are the limit before more drastic measures are brought forth.  The process of notification and to contestation for takedowns is not part of Tumblr’s Dashboard interface. 
  • Rather than terminate an entire account, Tumblr should remove the ability to post audio for music offenders, images for picture offenders, or text for plagiarism - this makes more sense than terminating the entire user’s account.
  • If threatened with termination, provide reasonable and clear methods for exporting users’ blog content to their computers.  If users own what they post, allow them to claim it at anytime and back it up as often as they wish.  The walled-garden of Tumblr is a locked box when it comes to user content.

Goodbye Tumblr audio posts.  You were great while you lasted.

TL;DR verion: It is not a matter of if but when you will eventually cross Tumblr’s unspecified copyright infringement limit, resulting in your own fear and loathing.  You don’t own what you can’t export.  You’ve been warned.