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I made 6 Lynx from Overwatch, icons that are free to use!

  • All 150x150
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Here at my icons page!

cw for se/rial murder, je/ff dah/mer mention, ra/pe of & violence against black lgbtq* men

ok and let’s discuss why. how about it ! okay, so, like, i can understand a few of u looking at that post (condemning the writing of irl seri/al killers) and being like what’s the difference? what’s the difference between writing a fictional murderer and a real life one? where is the line? well!

the line comes when there are real victims involved in the situation. when there were real families who hurt and still, today, hurt because of what happened. the line is drawn because these murders were brutal and disgusting and should not be romanticized. case in point, below screencap. re : a cannibal.

oh! worm! i see what you did there! you haha…. you took a … you took a song quote referencing eating someone … haha .. and then like… attributed it to an actual cannibal in a way that softens the fact that he was no uwu misunderstood lil baby! he killed people, he… how do i put this,,.. he mutilated people

also like… let’s get technical here a moment… let’s get political. j/eff d/ahmer murdered seventeen gay men, mostly black men. i won’t go into details but read a fucking book, maybe, and understand that these murders were targeting groups who still fear for their lives to this day. who are fighting an ongoing struggle to be seen as fucking human and people really are fucking sitting there cooing and awwing over a man who stripped his victims of their humanity and mutilated them.

thats not… okay!! thats not okay. he is not your “son”, he is an evil fucking.. cockroach of a human being, and i don’t give.. a shit … how Misunderstood :’-( he might be because frankly? he murdered people.. he literally. …. he did it 17 times. thats not.. cute…he’s not..cute… and don’t come to me saying oh but im not trying to romanticize him! honey!!! you are!!! you !!! absolutely!!!! are !!!

this shit makes me sick! i am so not articulating myself right here i just !! wow!! like.. i don’t even feel like i should have to explain this! it’s clear! you should not be glorifying a rapist, murdering cannibal! like,, those are just the fucking FACTS!