i lived for this look

anonymous asked:

Do you like older!ignis or younger ignis? The question is for *cough* reasons

I love any and all iterations of Ignis because the depths of my trashdom for this man is absolute.

… however, if I did have to choose…

Look at that smile. It eradicated my existence and transformed me into a new being with its radiance.

How can a man go through such trauma, then grow up to be even more badass and beautiful than ever before???

Jesus Christ, slay me sir

You know I had to put that in there. You know it. And now, I must change my underwear.

…I hope this answers your question, anon! :D :D also wait what are you planning


Shit-scared Riggs, a never seen before experience. 


Finn Wolfhard came over for dinner.

YES YES YES DADDY LIKES What a delightful Thanksgiving surprise.

Bts’ comeback show stage for Dna is god tier. God tier camerawork, stage, lighting, and performance. That stage is Gucci and amas are Walmart

i think the only way my pretends-to-be-liberal-but-is-actually-lowkey-socially-conservative family might be cool with me living in austria for the rest of my life would be if i fell in love (unlikely) with a man (very very very unlikely) and got straight married (astronomically unlikely) to him but even then they’d be like “why can’t you come back to ohio :)”

do my eyes deceive me or are those….

matching space-themed backpacks?