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Yuuri is wise. Imagine Yuuri teaching Yoga. Zen Yuuri. Yuuri in yoga pants.

Victor Nikiforov has never thought much about yoga.

(He’s not for it, nor is he against it, he just hasn’t thought much about it.)

And then he’s walking with Yuri Plisetsky and stops in his tracks, gaze caught on the sight to his right. A figure inside of a large yoga studio with tall, clear glass windows. He’s wearing yoga pants and a pastel blue crop top, and Victor has never thought much about yoga, but suddenly he’s thinking a lot about yoga.

“I’ll be right back,” he tells Yuri, and his feet are forging ahead without his mind’s conscious permission.

“Where are you going?” the blond calls, walking after him.

Victor pushes open the doors to the building, sees a desk with a red-haired woman sitting behind it. He picks up a flyer, cranes his head to try and see inside the studio again, but the mysterious trainer is hidden behind a door. “How much do yoga classes cost?”

Don’t get me wrong, I love the coziness that comes along with fall. Candles, sweaters, reading endlessly, tea, orange everything. But the drop in temperature makes it so hard for me to do ANYTHING. Mental health issues already make it hard to get out of bed or off the sofa, but add a little bit of cold and leaving the blankets seems impossible. Even using a computer or reading my hands get cold and I’m just like “welp guess I can’t do that anymore” and just stare at the wall for hours.

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If Hanji is an instructor in the center for the yoga Au. I demand that they crash Eren's class one day. Just walk in and go, "Wow. So it was true. You are a sugar daddy and gay man magnet." And then they just stay there and make commentary during the class. "Oh! Bend forward more. Make your ass tighter." Just to make Eren blush and such.

Flowers are nice, but if you’re the kind of guy that is willing to accompany me to yoga, and surprise me with new workout clothes every now and then, you’re the kind of man that I want. 

Lululemon is my aesthetic 🍋

My Prince Jinki (25/): Long hair Jinki with his updo~