i live on tangents

okay but i’m so glad that rowlet literally just rides around and sleeps in ash’s bag like almost 24/7 and just pops out as necessary for plot like for one thing how cute is that for another thing it literally fits in there perfectly so where the fuck does ash even keep his school supplies or his camping supplies or literally anything. “sorry professor kukui i don’t have my homework rowlet hekkin crushed it ? ?? “ i’m sorry ash that excuse probaly don’t fly when you live in the teacher’s loft i guess

i could go on a tangent on how wonderful this is because it totally fits into the whole thing alola has about people and pokemon sharing space together as equals as friends as living mates as partners everything and it’s a fun new spin on the whole “pokemon pops out of pokeball because it wants to do things ha ha ha! brick joke” that’s been a thing since the beginning of the anime 20 years ago

but mostly i love it because ash can just be like “SUMMON BORB”

and there it is

irekaeru  asked:

❤, that one sideways heart, ❣+ratdrag



phuong is like good bread.


THO TBH ur so nice? u listen to me when i’m just. rambling. i go off a lot about random shit too it’s like i die constantly how do u do it?? it’s some mystical thing u do and like. idk it’s nice to know ur chill with my bullshit bless u i hope u become the best ever.

ur mom believes in u
thats me.


this is about cassi bc i’m gay so fucking live with it.


i used to rp a guy called vanitas who is someone elses darkness blah blah i love him he is an asshole. we met and i?? was like “damn this girl is sweet and nice bless.”

i never actually wanted more out of the friendship bc lol. i don’t think i deserve her and i still don’t. but i just wanted to be her friend bc she’s so nice! and you know that from speaking to her for like 5 mins it’s so amazing she’s great and loving.


i died.

ngl i died bc i was like “this is a dream it has to be.”

not to say i think she’d lie to me to be an asshole but man, i didn’t really expect it. and i’m glad? i’m glad i make her happy, and she makes me happy.

genuinly just. she is a good person and i love her.


rat is my son and rat is a good child


i feel so awk around people so i don’t initiate convo’s first but. listen 2 me child. everytime u tell me ud die for me i cry ur a pure soul.

i’ll murder a man for u

Day 12: Song(s) you associate with Malec

I made a malec playlist. You know that meme that goes “My hobbies include: switching between the same three apps for hours, not speaking to anyone for days at a time, listening to the same songs I’ve been listening to for 15 years, imagining myself in situations that will literally never exist”? <—- ME. So, I have a lot of indie-ish music I still listen to from years as an angsty teenager. Probably half of my music library comes from songs played on shows like The OC and Grey’s Anatomy. Honestly, I could use some new music and I would love to trade music that reminds you of Malec! I’ve linked these to YouTube, but this really was meant to listen to seamlessly from one track to the next. Feel free to message me… I can put this on zippyshare or something. :)

  1. Unlike Me - Kate Havnevik
  2. The Night Starts Here - Stars
  3. Wraith Pinned To The Mist and Other Games - Of Montreal
  4. Stay Don’t Go - Spoon
  5. Just A Ride - Jem
  6. Blue Mind - Alexi Murdoch
  7. Secret Heart - Feist
  8. Break Me Out - The Rescues
  9. Cartwheels - The Reindeer Section
  10. Billion Bees - Kevin Devine
  11. Rise Up - Ben Lee
  12. Color Me In - Damien Rice
  13. Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
  14. Strange and Beautiful - Aqualung
  15. Moth’s Wings - Passion Pit

Lyrics and ramblings about these songs under the cut…

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Long recap and ramble about the joint younow please! I need it.

Okay sorry this is so late, I debated whether I should still post it or not because everything’s probably already been said by now lol but oh well.

First off, I loved this show. Although there was an obvious difference in moods between them (dan being ‘frickin’ zazzed’ as he’d put it lol and phil far more relaxed and mellow), you could tell that they were both feeling excited and proud of the tour/book so far. Dan was nearly giddy at times, like seemingly ‘high on life’ from the success and wonderful things happening for them. And it was incredibly nice to see them so happy.

Phil was on fire in this show…no pun intended. Despite his more mellow mood (I almost thought perhaps he had a headache or something? he kept blinking his eyes shut and squeezing them tight like the light was hurting. idk maybe it was just an issue with his contacts lol), his humor was killing me. I love when his dry, sarcastic side shows. The side he used to show more often in old school Phil videos and that we get occasional glimpses of every now and then. I live for it.

The way he was mocking Dan’s long waffle-y tangents and trying to move the topics along when Dan was stuck on a point for 84 years was amazing. I like what @phantheraglama wrote here about Phil sassing Dan and I agree that it just emphasized their closeness even more. They are beyond well-trained in those quirks and habits and the comfort-level they have with each other is unreal. They’re skilled at balancing each other. Phil knows when to be a listening ear, how to put his own opinion aside and allow Dan the time to ramble and assert his thoughts, even if he might not truly agree. But he also knows when he can poke fun at Dan’s intensity and teasingly move the conversation along elsewhere. It’s really great to witness.

Basically, the whole vibe of this show felt like an old married couple bickering and completing each other’s sentences. It was incredible.

 -Notable moments below-

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anonymous asked:

unnie,how do you feel about baekhyun whom used us fans through instagram and used even the slogan to make his relationship with taeyeon more thrilling? honestly as a baek stan i'm really dissapointed.

He didn’t use his fans for anything. Excuse my language, but don’t assume that kind of bullshit just because you’re hurt that the news has been confirmed that he’s dating someone.

Honestly I feel that fans are reading too much into it. I don’t know who or what put that in your head, but he’s only human. No one should even try to deny the fact that everyone leaves secret messages/meanings in things they do or say for people they love/hate without calling them out from time to time.

I’m disappointed that everyone’s making a big deal out of something that’s not even a big deal. I understand that a lot of us are hurt because of things that he’s said in the past like not dating until he’s 35, but COME ON. That’s not how life works.

I said that I’d never be able to write smut when I was 17 and look at me now. I said that I was going to be a doctor when I was 16 and now I’m aiming to become a Graphic Designer.  THE POINT IS:

We never know what life is going to throw at us and we can’t plan it and expect it to happen the way we want it to.

I also understand that it’s okay to dislike/hate your idol for a while because you’re hurt. It’s a self defense mechanism thing. BUT that doesn’t mean that you should keep that in your heart and trick yourself to believe that they’re evil and that they used you when you don’t even know them personally.

Sorry to say, but don’t put your happiness on Baekhyun. As much as you and I love him or are hurt by his actions–Remember to live your life as you and not just as a fan. Remember that you have people in your life that you love and care about, who know you and talk to you and care about you. Remember that you don’t live an idol’s life and that you may be a fan, but that you also have your own life ahead of you. Don’t let stupid drama that other people start take over you.

From a fan to another fan, please don’t forget that you are more than just a fan. So even if you’re disappointed, don’t assume that Baekhyun used you or other fans to thrill himself. You have your own life and he has his own life. You more than just a fan and he’s more than just an idol.

We’re humans, so let’s live our lives as humans.