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what do you think would happen if i just tweeted Zagtoon and said “I need a job and live near your Glendale office what i gotta do”

like im sitting here at midnight applying to gamestop and applebees and i just know i can do something big if they give me the chance. Let me learn, i’ll do data entry or social media management, i dont have to be a writer  i’ll earn that if you let me. I dont even have to be working on Miraculous Ladybug i just want to be there and given a chance to work with a company that inspires me. I can do something huge for you Zag I know it! I just don’t know how to get in the door. 


Near the end of this video (after the chorus) Daft Punk comes onto the stage via some stairs on their way to their consoles.

Oroville Dam Spillway Failure Within Next Hour

The emergency spillway at Lake Oroville dam is about to fail. This means at least 30 feet of water are about to spill into low lying areas. There’s an immediate evacuation for all residents at risk. You know already if this is you, but I know some of you live near here and might not have the TV on. Please stay safe and get out. You have two hours max. This really isn’t something to fuck around with.

Also, in general, if you live near the Sacramento River this probably means the shit is going to hit the fan during next week’s storm. Please have a flood evac plan ready. The situation is not ideal.

Hike (Monsta X’s Wonho Scenario)

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You inhaled deeply, enjoying the fresh air, and sat on a nearby boulder. One of your friends had recommended this trail, thinking that you would like it, and they were right. You were enjoying the trail greatly, but the only problem you had with it was that there weren’t other people walking along it, which made you uncomfortable and suspicious.

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Northerner here and I can promise you people are just as racist AND red neck here. And I may not live anywhere near the south but most of the red necks here get a little confused about that and forget that. Pretty much everyone around me is white, trump supporting, gun carrying, racist, sexist, miseducated assholes!

mhmm, even more “liberal” spaces like college campuses have seen an uptick in neo-nazi propaganda.

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My secret confession is that I think you're sexy as hell and I would bang you at the drop of a hat if you lived anywhere near me

Aw!  Well, here. I hope you think Rocky Horror make up faced queer boggan is sexy.

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I found out there's a shawarma place near where I live! Here in the fricken Mid-West! Since I've never tried it before, anything I should do with it to make it even better? Recommended condiments? Choice of meats? Sauces?

I’m so happy for you!! Hear me out on this: add everything! Everything that you like tastes even better when it’s wrapped in a shawarma!! You like pickles? Tahini? Hot sauce? Greens? Fries? ADD THEM ALL!!

Get to Know Me!

Tag 9 people you want to get to know better

I was tagged by @totallyawesomeharry  :D

how old are you? 27 (Oh, God…)

what’s your current job? Financial Counselor at WVU Hospital (yes, I am specific- if you live near here, hit me up. I NEED FREAKING FRIENDS NEAR ME! omg)

what are you talented at? Writing, Art (lots of different types, really), People Skills, PR/Marketing, Tutoring, Math 

what is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)? I’m trying to live for me. I’m getting better at it, too. Starting to really feel beautiful and worthwhile. I mean, I was able to list a lot of talents and stuff, so… I’m learning to love myself and be more confident every day. I want to find my happiness. It’s my biggest goal.

what is your aesthetic? Positive/optimistic quotes and stuffed animals!

do you collect anything? Stuffed animals, my little pony (esp Fluttershy), boots, and books

what’s a topic you always talk about? Depends who I am with… In general I talk about my personal goals and growth a lot lately… my accomplishments and stuff. I like to talk about FNAF and Markiplier with my tutoring student. Life stuff with mom. Everything writing and creativity and also life stuff with my besties. XD

what’s a pet peeve of yours? People who can’t freaking drive, coworkers not actually working, my dad’s dad acting like he’s ever been anything more than a sperm donor…

good advice to give? Don’t let anyone control your own happiness. Also, don’t try to devote yourself to someone else (ie a relationship) until you’ve devoted yourself to yourself. Find yourself first. Make the most of yourself. LOVE yourself. Because you can so easily focus on someone else entirely and forget yourself and then you just… lose something. It’s so empowering to find your own strength and independence. If you know you can survive and rely on just you, then you can love without fear, live without fear… it’s just… it’s really good. Idk. Do what you want to do ultimately. Don’t let anyone else control your life.

what are three songs you’d recommend? Affirmation by Savage Garden is my all time fave. Break the Sky by the Hush Sound is my second fave forever. Miss Missing You by Fall Out Boy has a special place in my heart.

I’ll go ahead and tag… @vampiredaries84 @stubborndelight12 @harrynerrycolfer @lilinas @lilysunnyflower @rainythursdayevening @caramelcoffeeaddict @quizasvivamos and anyone who I am forgetting because I suck like that, please don’t hate me, this is me tagging you, too! <3

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babe i live near perth and i just moved here and i haven't been able to make friends and you seem like someone id get along with so much :((( x

let’s get coffee!

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As soon as Veasna saw another person moving down below she was immediately curious about them. She stood a little taller in her tree trying to skip from branch to branch to keep up with the moving figure. Usually she wouldn’t have bothered but she hadn’t seen anyone else this far out and curiosity got the best of her, like it usually did.

Leaping to another tree her foot slipped out from under her and she fell straight to the ground, right in front of who she’d been following. She landed on her feet and halted a moment letting the shock rush through her body. Before standing up straight and grinning at the other like she hadn’t just fallen from a tree before them.

“Hey there!” She greets happily a wide and proud grin spreads from ear to ear. “My name’s Veasna! I haven’t seen you around before! You live near here?” 

You guys it’s getting worse… A MUSLIM girl was followed and held at gun point here near where I live in DFW, Texas. The prejudice is coming after us, and I don’t care if im next. Be safe everyone and be strong. You never know who is the next victim.