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Help find a home for Checkers!

Checkers, everyone’s favorite puppycat, needs a new home. See, I’m getting divorced, and I’m moving to an apartment that doesn’t allow kitties. I could never put her in a shelter, and as for Craigslist…I just don’t know, guys. But she has this huge internet fan base, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

Checkers is twelve years old and is fixed and microchipped. So if you love her as much as I do and you live in the Chicagoland area, please send me a message or reblog. I’ll personally read every message. We can do this. Help me help Chubby Checkers! Thank you!


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IDK if you saw the post about how, before the Death Star plans were captured, the asset Bail was sending was *Leia herself* to Obi-Wan. But I'd like an AU based on that. No Death Star Plans, only a 19-year-old-girl strong in the Force, trying to beat the Empire.

She didn’t—

Luke cocked his head, watching the girl in white move through the marketplace. He couldn’t figure out what it was about her, why one minute he had been engrossed in Waing’s new shipment of power converters and the next he was staring at her, totally unable to tear his eyes away. He wasn’t entirely sure how he’d gone from one to the other, except he had, and now he was watching her. It was important he watch her, he knew it was important, though he couldn’t figure out how he knew that, or why.

It wasn’t that she stood out—sure, no one wore robes of that clean white, not unless they had a lot of slaves or droids to do the laundry for them, and yeah, she was the sort of pale you generally only saw in traders, who spent more time in artificial grav than sunslight. But she could be a water merchant’s daughter slumming it in Toshe, or an off-worlder, taking in the sights. (Not that they had many sights to see in Toshe, Luke thought with a snort.) And nobody else seemed to notice her; she stopped at Kinqua’s stall and dipped her fingers into the bowl Kinqua left out for tasting, and lifted it to her lips, licked the droplets away.

Luke had seen Kinqua casually lop off a child’s hand for that.

Skywalker,” Waing said, startling Luke out of his thoughts. “You made a decision? Or are you just going to keep feeling up my tech until it agrees to go home with you?”

“Cool your drives, Waing,” Luke said mildly, but he was still staring at the girl in white. She had two droids trundling after her, he realized belatedly—an astromech and a protocol droid, though he couldn’t make out what they were saying at this distance. Their lights were flashing, though, and he wished he could read visual binary.

“Oh, I see,” Waing said after a minute, and Luke could hear them smirking. “My tech isn’t all you’re hoping to take back to the Whitesun-Lars homestead.”

Luke felt his face go hot, and he forced himself to look back at Waing. They were smirking. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he said coolly, but he couldn’t focus on the power converters anymore. The girl in white, had she—

“Pardon me.”

This close it was abundantly obvious that she wasn’t from Tatooine—no one from this planet carried that air of interestingness with them, like they had a secret that might change the whole course of your life. She must be an off-worlder. “I’m looking for Obi-Wan Kenobi. Do you know where I might find him? I was told he lives near here—”

“Old Ben?” Luke cut in, before Waing could answer. “Do you mean Old Ben?”

The girl in white looked at him for a long moment, and Luke felt the back of his neck heating up. “I don’t know,” she finally said. “Is he near here?”

“Oh, sure,” Luke laughed, more out of relief than anything else. “Old Ben’s just a few klicks from here, he lives near the western gorge—I could take you, if you want,” Luke said quickly, because she looked increasingly put-out, and he felt something in his chest twinge in answer to it.

But she shook her head. “Thank you for the offer, but this is a personal matter.”

“It’ll cost you serious credits if you charter a speeder,” Luke said. “I’m headed that way anyway, let me take you. And your droids. Really,” he said, because she still looked uncertain. “It’s no trouble.”

She looked at him for a long moment, and her dark eyes were very serious. (He liked her eyes, for no particular reason he could figure out.) “My name is Leia,” she finally said, sticking her hand out. 

“Luke,” Luke laughed, taking it and shaking it. It was cool and smooth, and if he’d needed any confirmation she was from off-world, that was it. “Skywalker. My uncle owns a moisture farm in the eastern hemisphere.”

“I’m—not from around here,” she said, and Luke almost laughed because—well, obviously.

“Consider yourself lucky,” Luke said, and something of her tiredness and tightness (why did he know she was tired, down to her bones?) eased. She smiled back, a small smile. Luke counted it as a victory.

“I am C-3PO,” the protocol droid cut in, sticking his head between them as though it would stop them from looking at one another. He was burnished gold, and in the high sunslight it hurt to look at him. “And this is my companion, R2-D2.”

The astromech whistled a greeting, and Luke laughed. “Pleasure to meet—all of you. My speeder’s docked by the Ithorian, if you want…?”

“Hey, Skywalker, aren’t you going to buy anything?” Waing interrupted, and Luke winced, barely managing to tear his eyes away from Leia, who was still smiling, very slightly.

“Sorry, uh—maybe next week?” Luke offered lamely, but he was already ushering Leia and her droids away, and he could hear her laugh, very softly. (His chest fell too full, hearing it.)

It felt strange, formal and right, to help her into the speeder. Her hand in his was a kind of symmetry, inexplicable, the way he knew how a speeder was supposed to fit together, how a full tank of moisture sounded when you rapped it with a knuckle. Organic and totally without reason, their hands fitting together. She still hadn’t told him her surname, if she had a surname. Where she was from. What she was doing here. What her droids were doing here.

Luke couldn’t help but trust her utterly. Otherwise, why did her hand feel like that, resting in his?

What do you need to see Old Ben for?” Luke shouted over the rush of air around the speeder.

I told you,” Leia shouted back. The white hood she wore had fallen back, and her hair was dark. Even carefully styled, those loops over her ears, strands came loose, whipping around her face. “It’s personal!”

They stopped at the farm first, just to refuel and drop off the handful of things Luke did buy—rations, holonews downloads, some sucrose-candies for Aunt Beru. But when they touched down, Owen went white beneath his sunsburn, staring at Leia like she was a creature from another galaxy. “Your Highness,” he breathed, and Luke had to correct him, just an off-worlder looking for Old Ben; don’t pay her any mind. Look, Uncle Owen, I brought you your Almanac—

Leia was silent; picking at a loose thread in her white, white robes.

(Afterwards, she was silent, her arms crossed over her waist. They sped across the desert, which was gathering dark by the armful. “Sorry,” Luke said, trying to keep himself from shivering, “I know it gets cold at night.”

“It’s all right,” Leia said. “On—my planet, it snowed. We had mountains, and we would build whole castles out if it, out of snow. It was beautiful.”

“I’d like to see snow,” Luke said, but he thought it was lost in the sound of the speeder, because she didn’t reply.)

By the time they reached Old Ben’s place, it was dark enough for a lamp to be burning, the light spilling beneath the door and out the window. Luke watched as Leia knocked on the daub doorframe, shivering.

Still, it was worth staying just to watch the flicker of Old Ben’s expression from surprise to shock when he greeted her. He called her by a name that was definitely not ‘leia’ and Luke watched her shoulders hitch. “No,” Leia said finally. “I am Leia Organa, Princess of Alderaan. I am the daughter of Queen Breha Organa and Viceroy Bail Organa, and I am—I am here to beg your aid for the rebellion.”

Luke wasn’t so surprised that he didn’t notice Ben’s eyes cut to him, and then away.

“Princess,” Ben said finally, with an awful heaviness. Luke had brought him ration packs and listened to his stories he had never sounded like that before, like it was something awful and deep beyond saying. “If they sent you to find me, they must be very desperate.”

“No,” she said quickly, and Luke knew she was lying. “No, but—we need Jedi. We cannot go forward, we cannot fight, if the Force is not with us.”

This time, Old Ben’s stare lingered on Leia, then on Luke. He seemed to be making up his mind about something, though Luke couldn’t say what. Old Ben had always struck him as a sort of harmless religious sort; in another world he might have been a Jedi like in the stories, but instead he was a desert madman, talking to the air and clutching at a bit of carbon tubing like it was a lightsaber.

There was nothing harmless about the way he was looking at them now.

“I’ve been happy here,” Old Ben muttered, quietly, like an apology.

“Fine,” Leia said, almost a snarl. Luke could only see her in silhouette, against the light from Old Ben’s hut. He thought suddenly of a predator, something that could leap on the unsuspecting. “But no one ever promised us happiness.”

Luke could see Old Ben’s throat work. “Come in,” he said at last. His gaze darted to Luke, and Luke caught his breath. “What I have to say is—for both of you, now.”

Luke shut off the speeder.

(He had followed Leia into Old Ben’s hut, and didn’t come out the same man. No, not the same man at all.)


your regular reminder: Chalo and Priya are absolutely stunning.

Friends Part 3

Summary: You and Bucky are friends for a long time, but lately you start to develop romantic feelings for him. One day one of Tony’s parties everything changes but maybe not the way you wanted or expected.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1790

Warnings: Fluffy so much fluffy

Thank you @amrita31199 you are amazing. 

credits to the gif owner

Part 1 Part 2

You have been waiting in the parking lot in the car for the past 15 minutes, in 5 minutes Dan will arrive for your date and you don’t know if you’re ready for it. Sure, Dan was a great guy, he was nice and funny and polite. But there is a part of you that is hearing Bucky’s words in your brain over and over again and as much as you try you can’t silence it.

You hate how insecure you feel right now, what if Bucky was right and Dan was using you for some ulterior motive? Or if Dan was drunk and regretted asking  you for this date? You try to calm yourself down, thinking about all the possibilities in the worst case scenario “You went to another failed date and you had an overpriced cup of coffee” you think.

You get out of the car when you see Daniel coming down the street “You look beautiful.” He says you can’t help but blush, you are wearing some jeans, with a white shirt and flats. Nothing that deserves such a compliment “You look nice too, black really make your eyes pop.”  He smiles shyly at you, having almost the same reaction as you with the complement.

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December’s Bareness [YKH] (M)

↠ kihyun x f!reader, 16.7k, protecting yourself isn’t easy, but protecting the ones you love is harder
smut (face riding, mentions of other stuff), mentions of death and other mafia stuff, part of my mafia!au collection (pls check my masterlist)

“But let me set one thing straight. I can’t live without you. I’ve barely been sleeping because I don’t know if you’re okay. I won’t live with myself if you’re hurt, and you can bet your ass I will be looking out for anyone who could have touched you. Innocent or not. I will hunt them down until I know you’re okay. Please. Please. I just want to know you’re okay.”

Originally posted by monstaxscenariosx

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How He Fell in Love | Taehyung

Description: How each member falls in love with you, a unique story of how love begins. Taehyung falls in love with you incredibly quickly but he knew you were the one with your first conversation. Chemistry that sparked something that you were to embarrassed to admit, with time turning to love. 

Genre: fluff, slight angst

Word Count: 1.7k

Series: Seokjin | Yoongi | Namjoon | Hoseok | Jimin | Taehyung | Jungkook

Some people might call it stupid, young love, temporary and quick, but it wasn’t like that for Taehyung. Sure, in terms of time, he fell in love quite quickly, but to him those two weeks felt like a century. Getting you know you was natural, almost familiar, and falling in love seemed as if it was the only path that made sense. It was as if he had known his for his entire life.

You giggled at his cheesiness, “like soulmates?”

“more like…” he paused in contemplation, placing a finger on his chin before breaking out his signature boxy smile, “…more like I knew you from a past life.”

The two of you had met through mutual acquaintances, the day you went to your best friend’s birthday party. And there you were. Of course you knew who he was, everyone did, and of course you thought he was good looking, you’d be blind not to admit that. But to your surprise, he knew who you were too. You were close with his friend, who always talked about how funny you were, how cute, how witty, how charming, how smart, how he would date you if he was single himself.

Maybe it was because of that that his curiosity got the best of him, approaching you first to see if you were anything like the tall tales that he’s heard. You were shy in front of him, but you tried not to be, making small talk and jokes once in a while to lighten the mood. You were sure that there was nothing special about what you did or said but Taehyung adamantly swears that he knew you were the one for him after that first ten minute conversation that you two had. He liked your humor, that you were a little weird like him but over all of that, liked that you didn’t assume that he was weird in return. 

It wasn’t really anything you said or did, he just felt a spark.

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binder positivity by joey


Mister in Distress

Originally posted by thespoilerwitchblog

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Request: Gooood evening ! I have a request ! Can you write about Sebastian Stan? Something like … he’s on a run in central park, dying for water to drink water (he forgot his bottle or smtg) when you spot him about to pass out from the heat (still trying to look like he’s fine and doesnt need help) 😎😂 A classic falling for the “nurse” story 😂 (anonymous)

Word count: 1200 (oops)

A/N: This is my first time writing Sebastian so naturally I started overthinking everything again. Also because of that I got kind of overexcited and wanted to put everything here (hence the word count).  I love Sebastian and I’ll try to write more imagines about him. (I spent like 30 minutes going through the gifs just because hot damn).  Anyway, I hope that you’ll like this even though it’s a bit of a mess :D

The sun shines brightly this morning waking Sebastian up. It was his first day off in weeks and he wasn’t going to waste it. He got up, put on his jogging clothes, and left his house. God the day was beautiful, Sebastian thought when he got outside.

After running for a few miles Sebastian started getting really thirsty. “I should have drunk something when I woke up”, he shook his head and tried to find a store where he could get water. The sun was shining brightly. Too brightly for Sebastian now. He started feeling dizzy and was now desperate for water. Still no stores in sight. He finally reached the park that he loved and decided to take a little break there. He walked to the grass and his legs failed him almost immediately. He crashed to the ground and stayed down. It’s fine, I’ll just rest here for a minute, he thought when something blocked the sun. “Oh my god, are you okay?” a woman asked and kneeled beside him.

Sebastian opened his eyes and saw the most beautiful woman that he had ever seen. “Yeah, I’m fine, just, you know, enjoying the sunny day” Sebastian said trying to be cool. “Are you sure? It kind of looked like you passed out here” you said skeptically. “Yeah absolutely sure.” He responded smiling and sat up. The second he sat up he was seeing stars and feeling dizzy again. “Okay, you are not all right. Here drink this” you handed your water bottle to him. Sebastian tried to argue with you but before he could say anything you gave him a demanding look and he gave in. “Thank you, I’ll buy you a new one” “No that’s not necessary. I’m Y/N by the way” “Sebastian” he shook your hand and saw a slight blush rise on your face when he looked into your eyes.

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Sense8: Avengers Edition- Chapter One

Avengers x Reader


Summary: You were one of eight. The eight of you are one. There was T’Challa, the Prince of Wakanda. Tony Stark, heir to a billion dollar company.  Bruce Banner, boy genius. Natasha Romanoff, a girl from Russia who went to a really weird school. Thor, who was a prince of another realm called Asgard. Clint Barton, a boy who ran away to the circus-a circus that wasn’t really a circus. Steve Rogers, a man who was frozen in the Artic.  And then there was you- a girl who only had to think of a place and then they would be there. All eight of you hadn’t met in person- but that was all about to change.

Message- Here’s chapter one! This is about the reader meeting all of the other characters! Sorry if it sucks!!

Word Count- 994

Warning- child abuse- towards the reader and bruce banner

The first time it happened was when you were 11. You were in your room and then you felt a sharp pain in your stomach. So you closed your eyes and then you were in another place. That wasn’t unusual for you-since you could teleport but you hadn’t been trying to. That’s when you see the boy- he’s probably about 15 years old and he’s getting kicked in the stomach.

“STOP, STOP doing that!” you scream and the boy looks up at you with a shocked look on his face. But the man keeps kicking him, as if he can’t hear you. Eventually the man gets tired and stumbles away to what you assume is his bedroom. You run over to the boy. “A-are you okay? I’m sorry I didn’t know what to do! He wouldn’t stop when I screamed, it’s like he didn’t even hear me!”

“‘So-kay. Who are you?” The boy slurs out.

“I’m Y/n. Who are you?”

“Bruce.” The two of you sit in silence as Bruce tries to catch his breath. Eventually he does. “How did you get here?” Bruce asks. But before you can answer you are back in your bedroom.

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Trick or Treat

Pairing: Peter Parker (HOCO) x Reader

Warnings: None

Originally posted by deanwinchestor

“So I made a list of possible costumes for us this year.” Ned proudly held up a sheet of paper covered back to front with ideas. Snatching it from him, Peter took a look.

“Yoda and Luke? Seriously? Who would be Yoda?” Peter asked, scanning the list, perplexed.

“You obviously. You have a more… Yoda look.” Ned giggled.

“Thanks.” Peter said dryly. “Let’s cross that off the list.”

The doorbell chimed, and Peter walked out of the kitchen holding a bowl restocked full of candy. He heard Ned at the door talking to the trick or treaters at the door and wondered who they were. As he stepped into sight his heart stopped. 

“There he is! Took you long enough.” Ned grabbed the candy from him. 

At the door, was two little kids and a teenage girl. The kids were dressed as firefighters and currently stuffing candy into their bags. The girl however, was dressed in a costume Peter recognized all too well with a blush.

“Peter! Hey!” 

“Y-Y/N! H-hey, I didn’t uh, realize you lived near here!” 

“Yeah! I live two floors up actually. I was just talking to Ned about your guys’ costumes. They’re great!” She smiled knowingly. Peter and Ned had gone with a classic. Han Solo (Peter) and Luke Skywalker (Ned). Y/N seemed to go down that route as well, dressed as the one and only Princess Leia with the two buns, white dress, and pink eyeshadow. 

“I love your costume too!” Peter replied with the same enthusiasm. Or maybe it was him being nearly hysterical at her being at his apartment. 

“I know.” 

Peter grinned at her, foolishly smitten, and Ned spoke up, picking up the candy bowl. 

“Alright, Y/N, your nephews just took all our candy.”

“Oh my gosh! I’ll see you guys later! Gotta chase those rascals for the rest of the night. Wish me luck!” 

As the door closed, Ned smirked at Peter, knowing what was on his mind. 

“Really, it should be me she should like first. Although in the movies it’s gross ‘cause you know, but…” Ned laughed as Peter smacked him on the arm. 

“Shut up.”


Word Count: 669

Pairing: Jongdae/Reader

Request: “Can u write something where the reader and Chen have been really good friends for a long time, but they start developing feelings for each other?”

A/N: I didn’t want to make it THAT cliche so I wrote this a bit differently. I hope that’s okay! (Even tho I think it’s still pretty cliche hoho) And this is just a mini oneshot so it’s a bit short! :D Enjoy~

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Braids & War Paint (Part 3)

Things To Note About This Fanfiction:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 4:

Aelin had decided that she’d make a friend today, whether he liked it or not.   

It was early in the morning, the sun hadn’t yet burned her light upon the city of Orynth. Aelin had dressed in her black pants, a green tunic and long, chestnut hunting boots. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a tail, golden waves cascaded down her back. She made quick haste of strapping on her sword and scabbard, hiding a few blades in her shoes and tunic belt she found a small throwing knife and quickly set to work. 

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Nemesis Mine

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4

Chapter 5. Simon.

It’s getting late, and I’m tired and desperate to go home. Baz has been acting quiet and sullen all day, and I want to check on him and make sure everything’s okay. I’ve been flying around all afternoon saving kids from drowning in lakes and rescuing hikers trapped in the forest and I even flew someone’s cat down from a tree. Sometimes being a superhero is a lot less exciting than people might think.

I’m almost back to the Watford campus when I see a group of people outside a bar that I immediately get a bad feeling about. I fly lower and land on the roof. There’s a group of tough-looking men and women who have someone cornered by the back door. My tail starts swishing behind me and I’m about to leap into the fray when I hear shouts and the sound of pounding feet.

A girl has broken out of the group and is running for her life, blonde hair swinging behind her. She’s clutching something that I realise must be pepper spray. She’s wearing heels and a dress that I suddenly recognise – it’s Agatha.

One of the men has started chasing her. I leap down from the building but before I even make it to the ground, a blurry shape rushes past me and seems to collide with him. There’s a brief scuffle and then the guy is lying on the ground, unconscious.

I catch a glimpse of him before he goes after the rest of the group. Basilton Pitch. Of course, this kind of thing is usually his job. I leave him to it and fly after Agatha.

‘Agatha –’ Shit. I almost forgot that she doesn’t know it’s me. And if Basilton heard me call her by name, he might be able to figure out who I am. I can’t let him have the upper hand.

I don’t know whether or not she heard me, but she only runs faster, which finally makes her trip over her heels and fall on her face (I’m surprised she ran so fast in those things). I land next to her.

‘It’s just me,’ I say, bending to help her up.

She looks relieved. ‘Snow. Great. Thank you.’ She throws a panicked glance over her shoulder, still breathing hard.

We both get a shock when Basilton suddenly appears in front of us.

‘Are you hurt?’ he says to her, his voice icy cold.

‘I’ve got it under control,’ I butt in.

‘I wasn’t talking to you, Snow,’ he growls.

‘I’m fine,’ Agatha says. ‘Just shaken.’

He nods curtly and starts to walk away.

‘Hey,’ I call, ‘where are you going?’

‘She says she’s fine,’ he says without turning around.

‘Your job isn’t done! Aren’t you going to make sure she actually gets home safely?’

He stops walking and turns around with a sigh. ‘Why would she need me when she has the great heroic Snow?’

‘But it’s your job,’ I say stubbornly. Why is he acting like such a villain? He usually at least pretends to care about anyone he rescues.

‘Why are you even here, then?’

‘I was just in the area.’ Fuck, now he’ll know I live nearby. ‘There was an incident. With a cat. Near here.’

‘Right,’ he says, the scorn heavy in his voice. ‘A cat. So that’s what the mighty and revered superhero does with his time.’

My tail is twitching behind me. It does that when I’m agitated. Of course Basilton notices.

‘Are you going to strangle me with that tail of yours?’ he taunts. ‘Or are you going to fly up and drop me off a building, like your father did to my –’

I slam into him (as if I’m responsible for my father’s actions) and try to punch him in the jaw (it was an accident, why can’t he accept that, of course Davy didn’t mean to) and he ducks out of the way (I’m so tired of him taking everything out on me and it’s not like he hasn’t killed people too). We’re circling each other in the middle of a deserted alleyway.

‘Go on,’ he says. ‘Don’t you have better things to do than fight me?’

I’m seeing red, and I want to tell him that he’s a villain and that makes it my job to fight him, but I remember Agatha watching us and tell myself to calm down. Agatha’s my friend. I don’t want her to see this, even if she doesn’t know that it’s me.

‘Fine,’ I spit. ‘I’ll make sure she’s safe, since you don’t seem to care.’

He shakes his head. ‘This isn’t over.’

‘It’s never over, is it, nemesis mine.’ (It pisses him off when I call him that, which is the only reason why I do it.) I turn around and walk back to Agatha, who’s been watching us with barely concealed curiosity. And possibly some contempt.

‘I can get home by myself,’ she says to me.

‘I know. I’m going the same way.’

‘How do you know where I’m going?’

I shrug. ‘Just a gut feeling.’


I shed my disguise on the roof of the building as usual and make my way down to room 61. At least I escaped without any injuries this time, so Baz won’t ask any questions.

I try to get back into my regular uni student Simon headspace before going into the room. I remember last night, when I fell asleep on Baz’s bed and he tucked me in and we swapped beds for the night. I remember sitting right up close to him as we watched the movies. I can’t remember what either movie was about, I was too busy noticing how it felt to have him so close to me. Too busy imagining all the different ways he might react if I leaned over and kissed his cheek, or if I reached over and started playing with his hair, or if I laced our fingers together.

I didn’t do any of those things, obviously. But I want to. I want to do more than that. Today though, in all the classes we shared and in the afternoon, he was withdrawn. He barely spoke to me unless I spoke to him first. I wonder if he regrets sleeping in my bed last night. If he thinks we crossed a line that he didn’t want us to cross.

I take a deep breath before turning my key in the lock and shoving open the door. Baz is on his bed fiddling with his phone. He doesn’t look up when I come in.

‘Where were you?’ he asks.

‘I – um – with Agatha,’ I blurt. (It’s technically true.)

His face remains expressionless. ‘I see,’ he says.

I sit on the edge of my bed, facing him.

‘Is everything okay?’ I ask.

He looks up and raises an eyebrow. ‘Sure. Why wouldn’t it be?’

‘It’s just…’ I frown. ‘You’re being distant.’

‘Am I?’

‘If it’s about yesterday…’


I roll my eyes. ‘Come on, Baz. You know. Me sleeping in your bed.’ I’m probably blushing. Fuck. He must know how I feel.

‘It wasn’t a big deal, Simon,’ he says.


‘You said you were fine with it,’ he says, his eyes flicking up to meet mine.

‘I – I was,’ I stammer. ‘I am.’

‘What’s the problem, then?’ He narrows his eyes at me. ‘Is this because you were with Agatha? Because it’s not like we –’

Oh. Oh. Agatha. My ex.

‘No,’ I blurt out, cutting him off. ‘I mean, I wasn’t with Agatha, not like… you know. We’re just friends. I mean, it’s been months, and we’re really close, but we’re definitely – we’re just friends.’

He waits for me to stop rambling. ‘Sure, Simon,’ he says. ‘And you’re okay with that?’

‘Yeah, I’m – yeah, totally,’ I say. I rub my hand over my eyes. ‘I mean, I’m not interested in Agatha anymore, if that’s what you’re asking.’ I hesitate, biting my lip. ‘I’m actually – I might be interested in someone else.’

I peek up at him and – he’s smiling, this tiny, private smile like he’s trying not to let me see it, but I do see it, and I want to walk over there and kiss it off his lips. Instead, I blush madly, grab my pyjamas and rush out the door.

(gif not mine)

Coincidence: Chapter 5

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4 

Pairings: V (Taehyung) x reader

Gender: Female

Synopsis: Life for (Y/N) had been, for the most part, normal. She worked, went to college, went to parties, had friends, you know, the basics. However, all of this changed when she started seeing a mysterious, attractive, and most of all dangerous man everywhere after one fatal night that seemed to be just a coincidence.

Genre: Mafia AU

Warnings: Cursing/Swearing

Word Count: 1,820 

Jungkook stared at you with a look of confusion on his face as you recovered from your minor heart attack.

“O-oh, hey, You must be Kookie’s friend!” you managed to cough out.

“Tae, this is my friend (Y/N), she’s being a bit weird today so don’t mind her, she’s on her period,” he whispered the last part while eyeing you, hoping you wouldn’t hear his little joke.

You scowled at Jungkook, slapping his arm. You opened your mouth to make a witty remark about Jungkook’s possible career as a stripper when a laugh, presumably from V, interrupted you.

“You guys are so childish, I can see why you’re friends,” he said with a closed-eye smile.

You narrowed your eyes at him, what was he getting at? When you first encountered him in the ally that night he seemed so dark and serious and now he was happy and light-hearted. You didn’t trust him, not at all.

“Let’s go inside, I’m tired from all that eating,” Jungkook laughed as he pushed past V, leaving you and V alone.

“I don’t know what you’re trying to do, but stay away from Kookie,” you warned him.

His smile fell and he narrowed his eyes.

“I’d be careful if I were you, wouldn’t want such a pretty doll like you to get hurt,” he muttered as he walked into the apartment.

You followed him into the living room taking a seat on the couch next to Jungkook.

“What took you guys so long?” Jungkook questioned as V sat down on the old recliner beside the couch.

“Just getting to know you’re friend, Jungkook, don’t worry,” V said, reaching for the remote. “Wanna watch some TV?”

You and Jungkook both nodded. You leaned back as the blank TV screen lit up and Spongebob took up the screen. Jungkook jumped up with excitement, he loved Spongebob, he was such a child sometimes. 

You all watched the episode in peace, making small talk every now and then. You kept a close eye on V throughout the episode. You didn’t trust him. You didn’t know whether or not he was still salty about you helping Jackson get away that night, so you had to keep your guard up. 

Once the episode ended Jungkook skipped through the channels for a bit before ultimately deciding that you guys would watch one of the horror movies he owned.

“I’ll look for the movie and you guys can gather some snacks in the kitchen, I should have a bunch of stuff in there so it shouldn’t be a problem,” Jungkook said as he walked off, leaving you alone with V.

You both stood on opposite sides of the kitchen, him looking in the cupboards for some extra candy and you by the microwave watching the popcorn bag inflate. You worked quietly with no intention to speak to him, honestly, he scared you. He scared you because, one, he was taller than you and that just made him even more intimidating, two, his voice was so deep it gave you chills, and three, he was kind of part of the mafia so he could kill you at any moment.

“Do you like red or black licorice?” his smooth voice resonated throughout the kitchen.

You turned your head from the microwave over to V, who was waving two different bags of licorice at you.

“Jungkook prefers black licorice,” you say as the microwave beeped, signaling that the buttery popcorn was finally ready.

“But I asked you, not Jungkook,” he pouted.

“Just take the black licorice, it doesn’t matter, I just won’t eat it.”

“Then I’ll take the red licorice,” he said shoving the black licorice back into the cupboard.

He was stubborn, just like a child. It was sort of funny in a way, how a mafia leader, someone who kills, can start pouting over licorice.

“I can take the popcorn if you want so you can get some drinks,” he offered, putting his hand out.

“Alright…” it seemed strange, why would he offer to take the popcorn instead of getting the drinks himself?

You handed over the popcorn and headed towards the refrigerator. One thing Jungkook had an abundance of, other than food, were beverages. You didn’t know how he was able to afford all these different things. At first, your hunch about him being a stripper seemed good enough for you, but now the possibility that Jungkook could be involved in the mafia settled in. You wouldn’t take Jungkook for the bad apple type, sure he was an asshole sometimes but he was overall a good guy. You tried to convince yourself that V had a second job and that Jungkook met him there, but the thought of Jungkook in the mafia still lingered at the back of your mind.

You grabbed three bottles at random and shut the door.

“Hurry up, (Y/N)! I swear you take so long to choose one god damn drink!” Jungkook whined from his place on the couch.

“Well, I’m sorry, after all, I am on my period!” you mocked him from earlier, giggling.

You walked in the living room and froze. Now you knew why V had elected to take the popcorn. If you had taken the popcorn there was a slight chance that you could’ve passed it off to Jungkook to avoid sitting by V, but, since he took the popcorn, you had to sit next to V away from Jungkook. He knew you were trying to avoid him, but why did he even care in the first place?

“Something wrong?” Jungkook’s head was turned in your direction with a slight look of concern etched on his face, you had been acting way out of whack since you two had gotten back to the apartment and now he was actually getting worried.

“N-no, everything’s just fine” you gulped as Jungkook’s eyes widened.

“Don’t tell me you’re afraid of dolls, (Y/N)! You’re such a kid!” he laughed, eyes scrunching up.

You moved your attention to the TV, Jungkook had chosen to watch Annabelle. You did have a slight fear of dolls, but, for the most part, you could handle it. Besides, who wasn’t at least creeped out by Annabelle?

You ignored him and decided to take a seat, not wanting to cause too much of a distraction.

You had made sure that you acted terrified at certain parts of the movie so Jungkook wouldn’t suspect anything was out of the ordinary.

When the credits were over you turned towards V, who had left his spot on the couch to start cleaning up a bit. Overall, he hadn’t done much to raise any suspicions during the movie, other than give you some weird looks every now and then. Your suspicions about him taking the popcorn on purpose were lowered, maybe he just wanted to sit by Jungkook. However, you were still uneasy around him.

Then you turned towards Jungkook, who had fallen asleep close to the movie’s end. His mouth was open and some drool was spilling out. You giggled at the fact that he called you a child when he still slept like one.

“Kookie, wake up,” you pushed him softly, hoping he could at least say goodbye before you had to walk home.

“Kookie, I have to go walk home now, ok? I’ll see you tomorrow,” Jungkook quickly stood up at the sound of you walking home, as if he had never been asleep.

He scrambled towards the coffee table in front of the couch where he had left his phone and turned it on. The screen lit up as he checked the time: 9:32 PM.

“No, (Y/N), you can’t walk home alone! It’s too dangerous,” he looked towards you.

“But I can’t stay here, Kookie, I have classes tomorrow. Besides you can’t walk me home, you’re too tired, I’d have to drag you to my apartment. I’ll be fine, man, don’t worry,” you lied, the truth was that you just didn’t want to stay in the same area as V any longer, you didn’t know what he would try to pull.

Jungkook frowned at you for a minute when suddenly his eyes brightened up.

“Tae, come here!” he called over his shoulder to where V was in the kitchen.

“Yea?” V walked back to the living room to see Jungkook with pleading eyes.

“Can you please walk (Y/N) home, man.”

“Of course, anything for a friend,” V smirked, worrying you to death.

After everything was cleaned up and you said your goodbyes to Jungkook, you both headed out the door. Everything was quiet. You kept as much distance as you could from V, but it was difficult considering that the sidewalks were so small. You shoved your hands in your pockets and looked up at the few stars in the sky. The downside to living in the city was all the pollution covering up the pretty night sky every night.

“More stars than usual tonight, huh,” V stopped, his head turned towards the sky.

“Yeah, I guess,” you muttered, continuing on your journey back to your apartment.

You turned the corner onto your street, V following closely behind.

“I wouldn’t trust Jackson if I were you,” he said as he caught up with you.


“He’s an expert liar, he could pull you into his web and leave you broken.”

“What are you going on about?”

“Don’t act so innocent, you know what I’m talking about, Jackson Wang, your little boyfriend.”

“He’s not my boyfriend,” you scowled at him.

“That’s beside the point, he will use you. The little monster doesn’t see you as friends, trust me.”

“Okay, first of all, why are you even trying to help me? Second of all, why should I trust you, you’re probably furious with me for helping Jackson escape your murderous hands!” you poked him in the chest, making him frown.

“I am bothered, but my fight’s not with you, it’s with Jackson. He’s the one that owes me money.”

“Then stop bothering me!”

“I’m just trying to get you out of this, doll. Like I said, it would be such a shame for a pretty little thing like you to get hurt,” he caressed your cheek while looking you up and down, sending shivers down your spine.

“Don’t touch me,” you slapped his hand away from your face.

“Fine, just remember I know where you live now sweetheart, and, if I see Jackson anywhere near here, I will shoot on sight,” he threatened.

Your eyes widened as you tried to stay calm.

“You can leave now, I’m sure Jungkook is waiting for you.”

“Stay safe, sweetheart,” he smirked as he turned around, heading back to Jungkook’s apartment.

As soon as he was out of sight you ran up the staircase onto your floor and into your apartment. You quickly got your phone out and dialed a number.

“I need to see you as soon as possible.”

Well, here it is after a million years :). Thank you guys for your patience and I hope you stay tuned because I will try to update as frequently as I can :)))

Without You

Originally posted by holybatlogic

“I don’t think I can do this anymore.”

Karen glances up from her laptop, confused by your sudden outburst, and raises an eyebrow. “What do you think you can’t do anymore?” she questions as she shifts her focus to you instead of the piece you’d both been working on.

“This,” you sigh, “any of it.” Karen watches as you gesture vaguely around the cluttered office before you launch into a near frantic explanation. “I don’t think I can keep living here, surrounded by all of this destruction and corruption and death. I don’t think I can keep waking up knowing that when I walk to work, I could easily have a building fall on me because of some alien invasion. I don’t think I can keep acting like all of these heroes, the Avengers or the Defenders, are a hundred percent a normal part of life.

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Meetings (Sirius Imagine)

Requested by: Anon

Fandom: Harry Potter

Prompt: “If you have been brutally broken, but still have the courage to be gentle to others then you deserve a love deeper than the ocean itself. – Nikita Gill ” Could you write something about Sirius? Anything that reflects the quote. Or even insert the quote somewhere along the story? All those feels… My! (Could it be an age difference-romantic x female reader?) 

Character/s: Sirius x Fem! Reader

Form: Somewhere between a  drabble and a full fic

Warnings: insecure Sirius, angst, 


You checked a small wristwatch you had, it read 12:35 which meant it was time to sneak out. You slowly got out of your four post, trying not to make any creaks. You tip-toe out of the common room with almost no trouble, you’d been doing this long enough that you had no real worry. You brace yourself as you step into the brisk cold air outside the castles walls. 

You step out and clutch your robes closer to you slowly making your way towards the Whomping Willow. You try your hair back as well as you could as you approached the tree not wanting your hair to cover your eyes or worse, end up caught. You dodge the branches that try to slam down and crush you, you race towards a small opening in the roots and below the tree. You softball slide into it not caring about the dirt getting on you clothes. 

You stand up the best you can and brush some off, letting your hair down and shaking it back into its place. After that you notice your dorky, but handsome, boyfriend staring up at you with stars in his eyes. “What’s that look for?” you ask.

“Better question is what isn’t it for?” he says smirking as you blush a bit. It’s not obvious though considering your cheeks are already rosy from the current temperature. “You look cold, come here Y/n” he says opening his arms for you. You gladly accept this gesture and come into his arms, smiling as they wrap around you. 

You two stay just like that for quite a while, with him warming you up with his own heat. It felt like almost no time at all, it never did when you guys would meet up. You sigh lovingly and smile up at him, he smiles down at you twice as radiantly so happy to have you as his. You hear wind whistling as it hits the entrance to your little hideaway. “I don’t understand why we still meet up here of all places.” 

He replies with a smile displaying in his voice, “Well it worked the first times I would hideout here.” 

“You don’t even live near here!” you say and throw you arms up in the air jokingly.

“Yes, and you,” he boops your nose as if to punctuate, “can’t leave the school grounds.” 

You look back to the door and admit defeat, “Fair enough.”  You hear the wind howling outside and it sends a small chill down your spine. You snuggle back up with Sirius and close your eyes. He doesn’t hesitate to wrap his arms around you tighter and nuzzle his face into the top of you head. 

There is a comfortable silence, but within it your mind started wandering as it often does. Your smile fades a bit as you consider telling him about some of the stuff that’s been bugging you lately. You were in your seventh year and with only a few months left until graduation you knew maybe this relationship wasn’t a great idea. 

While you had no intentions of breaking it off with him, you were still nervous of what might happen if you were found out. Your parents wouldn’t exactly be thrilled to find out you had a fugitive, twice your age boyfriend. You loved him and you knew he loved you as well so it shouldn’t be an issue but if you’re found out so is he. 

You two tended to narrowly avoid this topic if it almost came up. You trusted this man with your life and he had trusted you with so much. You knew it was only right to tell him how afraid you were and you’d probably work through it. The moment never felt right, especially not right now with him humming happily and cuddling you. “One of these days we’re going to be caught.” was all you said to stop his humming and cause his breath to catch.

You sat that in what went from comfortable loving silence to awkward silence. The air felt thick and heavy the moment the words left your mouth. You looked down while you anxiously waited for a reply. “What? Where is this coming from?” he says turning you slightly to look at you. You see he has a questioning and slightly concerned look on his face. When you look in his eyes you can tell he’s been thinking about this too and he’s just as nervous to have this conversation. 

“Well, I have to sneak out at night and if I get caught, then you will too.” you say.

There’s a pause and a sigh, followed by your own. This conversation had just began and it was already taking a lot out of you both. Now it was Sirius’ turn to look down. He was overtaken by guilt, you had a point and he knew it. You were putting a lot at risk just for him, plus he didn’t even remotely consider himself boyfriend material. 

“Yeah…” was all he said for a while, not certain what else there was to say. He then mustered up the courage to ask you, “Does this mean you’re leaving me then?” God he sounded pitiful to himself, it probably seemed like he was trying to guilt trip you.

You’re very taken aback by this, letting out a small gasp you looked at him once more. You wondered how could he think that? You would never leave him, you loved him too much and you thought he knew that. “No, no, no, NO! I would never leave you Sirius.” you say hoping his spirits might lighten and the room would get more chipper. 

“I don’t see why not.” he says sounding rather depressed. He knew he shouldn’t be talking like that but all his insecurities had manifested in this moment. You’re once again surprised, he had never acted this way. You felt incredibly guilty for being the cause.

“Because I love you!” you say putting your hand to your chest. He just kept looking down, questioning why you even do. “Sirius, look at me.” he does and you see him on the brink of tears. You were never great at helping people when they’re crying. “You’re kind, funny, sweet, warmhearted, and all around just amazing. I would never leave you and if I did, you might need to look around for some polyjuice potion somewhere.” you say smiling a bit at the end.

He grins at you with a few built up tears rolling down his cheeks. He chuckles and wraps his arms around you pulling you closer to him. “How did I end up with someone as great as you?” he asks shaking his head a bit.

“Well if you have been brutally broken, but still have the courage to be gentle to others then you deserve a love deeper than the ocean itself.” you say gazing up into his eyes. He puts a hand under your chin and kisses you softly on the lips. You both close your eyes and take in the moment. He pulls away slowly and looks into your eyes with his old cheerful smile on his face, “and that’s what I get everyday with you, love.” 


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GOT7 as Yanderes

Anon Asked:  This blog is life!!! 😘 This might be a little weird but can you do got7 as yanderes???

Thank you babes! I honestly love the request! Hope you like it! I shall do normal mode and yandere mode! Enjoy :-)

*Writer’s Note: If you do not know what a Yandere is, it is usually used as an anime term for someone who is obsessively head over heels for the main character.There can be different types of Yandere’s but to narrow it down; They can show them nothing but complete affection and love, but can become violent and or possessive when it comes to other people around their S/O, showing violent tendencies towards those trying to come between them and the one they love. Basically, they can switch their appearance and atmosphere, like a light switch. 

Jackson: The Clingy type; He would become beyond excited whenever you appeared. Around you he was all smiles and giggles. Whenever you were around he would cling to you, giving you sweet compliments here and there letting you know how much he always valued you. 

   “Gahhh Y/N! You look sooooo pretty today! I mean you do everyday, but you seem to get prettier every single day!”

Originally posted by got7ish

In Yandere mode; If he saw someone make you become saddened or angry by their actions, he would become just as upset as you were, just 10xs worse. He felt as if he were the one who was getting offended instead of you. The fact of the matter was, he could not stand seeing someone inflicting pain on you, he would take intimidate action.

   “You better apologize to Y/N, or things are going to get real ugly,real fast.”

Originally posted by got7jacksonwang

Mark: The Stalker Type; He would be the cool guy. No one suspected him to be interested in someone,let alone obsessed. So it came to a surprise when people would catch him, following you or watching you from far away for what seemed like hours. When around you, he would get too close to your, inches from your face,and smile at your for a while before asking you a million of questions, to if you had eaten yet, to if anyone was bothering you so he could settle the problem for you. He would hover over you, making sure you were always in his sight and protected

   “You’re too delicate to be on your own, I’ll protect you Y/N, don’t worry.”

Originally posted by spockjinyoung

In Yandere mode; If he saw someone talking to you he would become very hostile and go straight over to the both of you. He wanted you all to himself, and didn’t want anyone to steal you away from him, afraid that you would be hurt if you were with someone else.

   “Get lost pig! Let’s get one thing straight, she is too good for you, and she is mine!” 

Originally posted by mayfifolle

Youngjae: The Innocent type; You never suspected this cutie to ever be so into you. Whenever he was around you he was shy and flustered. He always seemed giddy whenever you spoke, hiding his face or just starring at you lovingly for a long time. Whenever you would text him he would smile uncontrollably at your last message, screen-shooting each message so he could read over and over later on to himself whenever you weren’t around, because it made him feel like you were with him all the time. You were also secretly his screen-saver.

    “Ahhh Y/N, don’t look at me like that  ! You’re making me blush!”

Originally posted by mjbm

In Yandere mode; Whenever he wouldn’t see you for days he would become angry,shutting himself off to everyone else around him. He didn’t care about anyone else, he wanted you and only you. If someone around him was talking about you he would sudenly become bitter and defensive.

    “Shut Up! You don’t know anything about her! She is the kindest and sweetest person ever, so you have no right to speak her name so freely!”

Originally posted by jiminthebun

BamBam: The Quiet type; around you and other people he would be reserved and closed off, but deep inside he was far beyond in love with you. He loved the way you talked, laughed, smiled, breathed… He wanted every inch of you but could never find the nerve to talk to you, in fear of scaring you off, and if that happened he would go crazy. Sure you two would talk in the hallway, just with a simple hello, or how are you today, but those simple and small conversations replayed in his head over and over everyday.

   “God, she is like a work of art, no one else can touch her but me..She is perfection”

Originally posted by got7kings

In Yandere mode; He would watch from afar as someone was giving you trouble then let you go moments later feeling upset. Feeling the anger swell up inside of him he would follow whoever caused you to feel that way and teach them a lesson.

    “You should have never touched my Y/N, now you will have to pay for your sins.” yes plz

Originally posted by markjin

Yugyeom: The Sexy type;Though he was a ladies man he could care less about the other women around him, for he only had eyes for you. He didn’t deny that he wanted you all to himself and only him. Wanting to make you heart race and as he loved seeing that cute face flush with redness, he would always push himself on you, gesturing suggestive looks your way, or would whisper in your ear as he pushed you against the wall, sending chills down your spine. He got so much out of whenever you squirmed or tensed up with shyness or nervousness,because to him you were so innocent yet so cute.

    “I want you to look at me and only me Y/N”

Originally posted by tuanyieun

In Yandere Mode; He hated whenever other men tried to approach you. He wold become defensive and make a barrier between you both. The once smirking Yugyeom now wore a menacing grin as he towered over the other man ho tried to peruse you moments ago. 

      “If you know what’s good for you,I suggest that you leave me and my lady before I have to teach you a lesson”

Originally posted by blondetuan

JB: The Secretly Subbmissive; No matter what you did, he was drunk in love. He would always listen to whatever you had to say, listening to each word as if they were lyrics to the most beautiful song ever heard. He would find your to be the most beautiful and warmest person in mankind. He was full of you and only you, but always wanted more of you. Wherever you were, that is where he wanted to be, because you had him under your spell.

    “I want you, all of you and more of you each day Y/N…”

Originally posted by defsouljb

In Yandere Mode; Oh man, he hated seeing other men around you. It made him beyond uncomfortable, and angry. The first thing he would do would go up to whomever was trying to get your attention,and if he didn’t knock them out by then he would simply threaten him to leave,after whenever it was just you and him alone he would take you somewhere private before ordering you to undress.

   “You want to act like a bad girl, I’m going to treat you like one, come here”

Originally posted by defsouljb

Junior: The Romantic Type; No matter what it was Junior was there. You needed something he would get it for you. You were sad? He would be there to cheer you up and make you laugh. You were hungry? He would go out of him way to either cook for you or buy you something to eat. He would treat you like a princess, no, a queen. You were a goddess to him and he worshiped you always making sure you were happy at all times, because your happiness was his first priority.

    “Are you sure you don’t need anything Y/N? I know it may seem like alot but not many people go out of their way for the ones they love like how I do for you.”

Originally posted by marktuon

In Yandere Mode; If you weren’t talking to him,even for the slightest hour,let alone second he would shut down. He hated whenever you didn’t call or text him back and he would throw his phone against the wall, just to run after it after a second of doing so, and crying or cursing at himself in the process, because he thought what if that milisecond you call and the phone was far from him and he wouldn’t answer it in time? He would go insane whenever you didn’t talk to him or whenever he didn’t see you. He wasted all his time on you.

    “Oh god, I cannot live without her near me, I feel so empty without her here…”

Originally posted by mildline

Hope you liked it :-)

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