i live in the attic



do you want to come up to my kingdom in your attic?  i live in your attic, it’s where i keep all me things. oh here’s a fair warning mate, you got a dirty ceiling up here. you might wanna scrub the tops of it. i just wanna let you know, right, you got ceiling mice. you got ceiling mice up here - you got a  WHOLE  clan of borrowers.

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*puts on perusing glasses for some tythan stream timestamps*

okay around 3:35:00 is when Tyler’s talking about the haunted bathroom and creepy noises in their house (earlier he mentions that he’s not living with Mark anymore) and while he’s talking about the creepy attic noises Ethan’s like “i live with you why do I not know of this” or whatever

-other times include-

3:39:19 where Tyler confirms that him and Ethan had to pose for the picture and they discuss the making of the “Love Too Soon” play scene

4:19:30 is when the screen was blacked out and you hear Tyler saying “i told you to leave your clothes ON, ethan”

around 5:07:00 is when Tyler talks about his favorite memory of Ethan and them going to a haunted house together

7:30:58 is Tyler talking about going up to try to massage Eth

at like 7:33:50 when tyler’s ass appears and Ethan’s like “hhh i hate that” and kathryn’s like “what youre not used to looking at tyler’s butt yet”

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i saw a post saying that destiel is problematic.. i know that haters say whatever but it bugged me anyways =\ objectively do u think it is?


Problematic? Meh… I’m sure excellent posts have been written about this before, probably by people smarter than me. :’)

But err, problematic? Everything is problematic, everyone is problematic. If you’re dedicated enough, there’s something problematic to be found about whatever you think lies within the realm of problematic-ness. Destiel is problematic, your favorite character is problematic, every show you’ve ever liked is problematic, every ship you’ve ever shipped surely has problematic elements, I am problematic, you’re problematic, the old lady living in my attic is problematic for sure. :p

But on a more serious note; to a certain degree it’s rather difficult to hold fictional relationships set in a fantasy/supernatural verse, to the same standards as fictional relationships set in a more realistic verse.

Like, I understand, there’s a lot of heartbreaking stuff going on between Cas and Dean over the seasons. But at first they’re not even friends, they’re for the most part unlikely allies who are forced together because they’re working towards a common goal (stopping the apocalypse/end of the world), not to mention that one of them is a hunter of everything not-human who barely had a chance to grow up in peace because of exactly that, and one of them is a celestial being who’s (for centuries) only ever known to do what he’s been told without letting his emotions interfere. You can’t compare that to a ‘regular’ relationship to begin with. They both have issues, yes, but this is also the reason why they can understand each other more easily, and help each other through that, because they have common ground there, yet this means that they can grow and learn together without one of them always being one step behind.

And so they do become actual friends who respect each other as equals, and from there on all of the violence between them is mostly beyond their control, supernatural elements taking over.

(One of them is brainwashed, one of them takes on a demonic mark, one of them is cursed by a witch, one of them becomes an actual demon, and so on.)

And granted, sometimes this is due to bad decisions from both sides (Dean taking on the mark of Cain without thinking about the consequences, Cas deciding to absorb those souls because he thinks it will save the world without him having to bother the Winchesters with the problem) but getting brainwashed and mind controlled and cursed and what not; that’s gonna happen (especially between main characters who are supposedly close, because what bigger drama?) on a fantasy show with this few regulars.

But when considering Destiel, -because regardless, even keeping in mind the supernatural element, I do have things that I think go too far, and that I personally stay away from when shipping two characters (when between said characters there are cases of: rape/dub-con, pedophilia, incest, racism, to name a few), most of the drama between them is literally beyond their control.

I mean, the same goes for Sam and Dean; if you happened to hear that the guy next door chased after his little brother with an axe last week in order to try and murder him, you’d stay like ten zip codes away from this dude, and you’d be utterly disgusted, thinking he’d never be worthy of forgiveness and should stay away from his family forever.

But yeah, different story when the guy was actually turned into a demon tho (like poor Dean). Or possessed by a demonic mark. Or lost his soul (like poor Sam), or put under an attack dog spell, or brainwashed by Heaven, or possessed by Satan (like poor Cas). Factors that we don’t have to consider in the real world, obviously.

However if we’re looking at the moments when Dean and Cas are both themselves (and those are rare, jeeeez), we see them opening up to each other in a way they rarely ever do to others. We see them communicate to the best of their ability (which is a challenge for both of them, period), and we see them openly showing affection in a way they often struggle to do with others.

I’m the first to admit that they’re both emotionally constipated though (both for different reasons), I am. But this is also why they understand each other so well, and they’re sort of at this same point on this journey during which they learn to communicate and open up to another being, learning that it’s okay to either ask for help or take care of someone else.

If you’d take away all of the supernatural elements, their relationship would be one that needs a little more (and better) communication for sure (but they’re both learning still). But when it comes to relationships on any shows set in a fantasy/supernatural verse, I’d say that this one has plenty of struggles, but at the core it’s them learning and growing together, because I do believe they’ve changed each other for the better despite it all.

Anyway, I hope this made you feel a little better, and I hope you’ll have a lovely week! <3

“You…um…you weren’t supposed to look in there.”

Nursey jumped at the sound of Dex’s voice, and tried not to look guilty. He shouldn’t feel guilty, he’d only opened Dex’s sock drawer.

And found a ring box

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Dex drops to his knees. “This cannot be happening.” Dimly, in the background noise of the utter ruin of his whole entire life he hears Nursey says, “Chill.”

“King Solomon himself could not have come up with a solution more wise,” Bitty says.

Dex wants to die right now. Just sink through the floorboards and expire. Sharing Lardo’s room with Derek Nurse. Seeing sleepy Derek Nurse with morning scruff and tired eyes, electric Derek Nurse hunched over his poetry notebook. Shit. Fuck. Shit.

“Don’t worry,” Nurse says. “I give it until September before you move out. Maybe October.”

Dex grinds his teeth.

“Chill,” Derek says again, and Chowder pokes his head into the room.

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What happened with you and your parents? Why did they kick you out?

Oh yeah. My mom kicked me out after I graduated highschool. I moved to Texas since the cost of living is so cheap, saved some money and moved back to PA. I lived on my own for a few years, moved back home after a bad break up and lived in the attic. I literally couldn’t leave fast enough after that. 

The short answer is my living situation was abusive. My parents kept my McDonald’s checks for years, and used them to pay the cable bill and internet bill. You know, bullshit bills. My mom and I were fighting all of the time, and after I caught her stealing from my bedroom I lost my mind, and she told me to get out. I left with just a backback full of clothes and my computer hardrive. My little highschool boyfriend at the time was sneaking me into his basement so I could sleep over, until I could move out. I had plans on staying in pa, and when I went to the bank to withdrawal money for a deposit on an apartment that’s when I was told that my joint account had been tapped for years by my parents. I didn’t believe it, so I called my uncle who had given me $500 towards college for my 16th birthday and he confirmed that he had put that money in my bank account. Obviously all of that shit is pretty unforgivable. So my uncle mentioned Texas an option, and offered to buy me a one way ticket. After about six months I was able to pick myself back up, and move home, but I had been working at McDonald’s since I was fourteen, so I have no idea how much money was actually spent. 

Lol tmi

But you might know that I folded over for my parents and continued to pay their bills until very recently. Now my middle brother pays the bills and I literally don’t know what to do about it and it hurts. But we have a younger brother who doesn’t deserve any of this, so I suppose it’s why we do it. 

I never wanted to say any of this on YouTube, and probably shouldn’t speak so frankly about it now, but here it is. 

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any headcanons about archie and jughead being roommates?

hoo boy do i ever!!

- Jughead sleeps on an air mattress on the floor, and Archie trips over him every morning. Every. Morning.

- Both of them snore, but sometimes one of Jughead’s snores is wayyyy louder than the rest of them and he wakes himself up. Then he blames Archie.

-Archie’s posters have been up for a while, and they’re only up with tacks, so there’s space between the back of the poster and the wall. Once, it got too hot in the room and they left the window open. That night, they had the lights off and were whispering to each other complaining about a project for science when there was a slight thwump on Archie’s bed. Archie flicked on the light and a fuckhuge katydid

this motherfucker

was on the covers, right by Archie’s leg. Cue instant panic. They trapped him in a solo cup and brought him outside, silently screaming and stage-whispering “holy fuck, holy fuck look at this huge bug, look at it’s FEET” all the way.

-they didn’t learn their lesson. They thought they were safe. They left the window open, and made sure the screen was on securely. Not securely enough. They come home after a long day at school and head upstairs to do their homework. Archie casually opens the door, they walk in, everything’s peachy. Fred calls them down to dinner. Moment of truth. There’s three yellow-and-black striped insects clinging to the door, one directly on the doorknob. Jughead actually screams. Archie goes pale, and he has to ask 

“Dude are those bees or wasps?” 

“How the hell am I supposed to know?” 

“Look it up!” 

“Fuck. I’m pretty sure they’re wasps.” 

“We’re trapped inside. We’re gonna die in here.”

- Veronica, Betty, and Kevin come over once and they walk into the room, exchange looks, and immediately step out. Betty rummages in her backpack and pulls out a can of febreze. “I was doing shopping for my mom,” she says. “But you need this more than she does.”