i live in the attic

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i dont do much. im looking for a job and i live in my parents attic with my boyfriend and we hang out w my bff and our squad on weekends.

(p.s. i do commissions if u wanna help me earn money, i can do stuff like that little gif)

im nonbinary, u may refer to me as they/them or if u know me a bit better he/him. i hope to take hormones at some point.

mental stuff: (some of these r professionally diagnosed and some are self diagnosis)

  • bpd
  • depression
  • anxiety (esp social anxiety)
  • autism

im also godkin/angelkin, ghostkin, and flykin.



do you want to come up to my kingdom in your attic?  i live in your attic, it’s where i keep all me things. oh here’s a fair warning mate, you got a dirty ceiling up here. you might wanna scrub the tops of it. i just wanna let you know, right, you got ceiling mice. you got ceiling mice up here - you got a  WHOLE  clan of borrowers.

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*puts on perusing glasses for some tythan stream timestamps*

okay around 3:35:00 is when Tyler’s talking about the haunted bathroom and creepy noises in their house (earlier he mentions that he’s not living with Mark anymore) and while he’s talking about the creepy attic noises Ethan’s like “i live with you why do I not know of this” or whatever

-other times include-

3:39:19 where Tyler confirms that him and Ethan had to pose for the picture and they discuss the making of the “Love Too Soon” play scene

4:19:30 is when the screen was blacked out and you hear Tyler saying “i told you to leave your clothes ON, ethan”

around 5:07:00 is when Tyler talks about his favorite memory of Ethan and them going to a haunted house together

7:30:58 is Tyler talking about going up to try to massage Eth

at like 7:33:50 when tyler’s ass appears and Ethan’s like “hhh i hate that” and kathryn’s like “what youre not used to looking at tyler’s butt yet”


“I am a Princess. All girls are. Even if they live in tiny, old attics…Even if they dress in rags…Even if they aren’t pretty, or smart, or young! They’re still princesses! All of us.”

-A Little Princess (1995) 

I know this is not from a Disney movie but I still love this quote. 


I wrote this at 3AM, in bed, during an actually terrifying thunderstorm. My house is very tall and I live in the attic room at the tippy top, so needless to say, I didn’t feel very tranquil haha! Anyways, I hope you like it! Part 8 of my unusual word prompts series!

Content: FLUFF (and a little non-descriptive smut, whoa)

Others in this series: Epoch || Epiphany || Gigil || Balter || Syzygy || Hygge || Peripeteia


(n) The amniotic tranquility of being indoors during a thunderstorm.

Everytime he inhaled, I exhaled.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Take. Give.

Baz’s too-high nose pressed against mine. His eyes were closed, grey clarity hidden behind pale, veined eyelids.

His eyelashes fluttered, tongue darting out to swipe against my lips occasionally. His eyes may be closed, but mine were wide open. My eyelashes brushed his browbone, but I couldn’t stop looking. Taking in the grayish tint to his skin, the sharp cheekbones, the swell of his cheeks where his fangs were covered.

He had never liked thunder. This was the first time a storm had come to London since we’d moved in together. I had felt him tense up beside me in the darkness.

I had enveloped him in my wings. He curled up on my lap, straddled my hips, and closed his eyes.

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Kiss the Boys

“You want to know more about me, don’t you? Ah, let’s see now.
The first time I fell in love was May 2005, in Denver. His name was Cody Pierce. He had a brother named Tanner. I loved him too. I loved them both. And they were in love with me. They just didn’t know it. No one did.
I lived with them all that May.”
“I don’t understand”
“I lived in the attic. I was watching. I loved the expressions on their faces when they slept. Then I decided to declare myself, and show them how much they loved me.”
“What happened?”
“What happened? Cody was honored. He kissed me back. And then Tanner… .
Just a little pinprick. There. Isn’t that better?
Kiss me”
[Gabriel Agreste had become more overprotective than ever. He had always kept a close eye on his son, or has others do it for him when he was too busy, but Adrien had been allowed to leave the house.
Not anymore.
Not after boys his age began to go missing all over Paris.
After catching a picture of a strange figure not part of his staff on the cameras, he doubled security and kept Adrien inside. Where he would stay until the person behind the disappearances was caught]

Say Something

“I just don’t get it! We’ve lived together in this goddamn drafty attic for the past two years and for some reason moving in together in the city is all of a sudden a huge fucking issue with you!” Nursey’s words were coming out in a growl. “My moms are giving us our own place and they can get us a job in nearly any field we want! This is a fucking dream! We’re a week away from graduating and you don’t even want to discuss what’s going to happen to us after three fucking years!” Nursey had long ago lost his ‘chill’ façade around Dex when they were alone, but this was something else. Hurt and anger were blossoming in red on his face as he quickly paced back and forth across the room.

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heeeyy this is a really nice ask meme, thanks for tagging me @moonecoon

Five things you’ll find in my bag
- keys to three different places
- a ridiculously big clear quartz
- a stuffed dog mascot
- kindle
- random cosmetics and a bunch of jewellery

Five things you’ll find in my bedroom
- crayons and colouring pencils
- random scraps of paper with failed sketches
- a cat (currently)
- mugs piling on the bedside table
- clothes on chairs

Five things I’ve wanted to do in life
- travel
- live in the attic of a tenement house (preferably in a french city)
- get a tattoo
- this question gives me existential crisis
- so I’ll stop now

Five things that make me happy
- ideas and stories
- pets and birbs
- quiet time with a friend
- natural landscapes
- sense of accomplishement

Five things on my to do list
- visit Japan
- visit Britain
- find a reliable job
- grow up
- but keep the child inside

Five things people may not know about me
- everytime I pass through a bridge in the city, I look at the river
- I’m a stubborn and ambitious person, but not when it comes to the important stuff
- I cannot stand marinated ginger
- I love riding a car as a passenger
- thinking about my body’s joints grosses me out, especially knees

Five things I’m currently into
- anime (I’m always into anime, but sometimes I’m more)
- japanese
- daily sketches (which will last for longer than a few weeks please gods)
- random internet courses
- youtube as a place of artistic inspiration

I’m tagging @second-circle-bersi, @kot-z-cheshire, @killingthespring, @winteryserpent, @mamakai, @lufuu aaaannd whoever feels left out and wants to do it!

@rosegoldharrie tagged me in this but uh I literally don’t know who I am as a person so….,

Name: geneva

Nicknames: gen… also genovia bye I never should have let that slip

Star sign: gemini

Height: 5'5″ and ¾

Sexual orientation: oh that’s easy I’m– [Spongebob foghorn noise]

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff

Favorite color: green

Favorite animal: panda? panda

Time right now: 11:05pm

Cat or dog person: both but I have a dog

Favorite fictional character: myself bc I literally don’t exist as a human being half the time

Favorite singer/band: one dalmation

Dream job: I was just talking about this but uh like…. script doctor? fix people’s shitty writing into something better? love it

I tag uh the ghost that lives in my attic…, tell me who u are…. also anyone else that wants to sdhfg