i live in so small city :d

sitting inside one of my favorite coffee shops with one of my favorite people. it’s raining outside, my dream house is right across the street, i have ben howard playing, and i have time to simply d r e a m. it’s been a while since i’ve had the privilege of time to myself.

i’m dreaming of this house right across the street: it’s wood shake siding, brick chimney, big trees surrounding it, warm lights in the attic, and small front yard. it’s secluded while simultaneously being in the middle of the city. i dream of owning a home just like this very one; minneapolis is good at combining city living + lots of trees and lakes, so i’m thankful that that dream isn’t so unrealistic here. i dream of filling the house with a family and lots of food and laughter and love. i dream of slow sundays where the house smells like warm soup and pjs are worn all day. i dream of waking up early and walking across the street to the coffee shop i sit in right now to have a cup of coffee while i read the newspaper. i dream of flower boxes and cozy friday nights and favorite songs floating throughout the house. i dream of quiet, rainy saturday afternoons where we keep the windows open to hear + smell the rain while we read books and soft, classical music plays in the background. i dream of walking our pup through the neighborhood with friends and then having them over for dinner + wine + real conversation out in the front yard under string lights. i dream of you, of you, of you doing all of this alongside me. my heart hurts with how far i feel from you, with how far all of this dream feels. at the same time, though, my heart is hopeful for this. for you.

With You

Alone/With You: Chapter One | Chapter Two

Paring: Loki/Reader

Tags: PTSD, crying, angst, fluff, Loki-centric, Loki needs a Hug, Loki does what he wants, minor character death, talk of violence, happy ending, nicknames

Summary:  Loki has spent all night awake with his burdens. But when he hears a curious noise in the night, he’s left to do something he’s been ignoring: facing his past.

Word Count: 1,459

Posting Date:  2016-05-22

Current Date: 2017-05-10

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skam spin-off

to keep with the theme of positiveness for this blog, i wanted to talk a lil about the US version of skam ! admittedly hopes for the show aren’t the greatest, but rn there’s heaps of love in the tags for some really promising outcomes for the series and where it could be set. and it got me thinking, what if in some alternate universe we could have an english spin-off of skam that wasn’t set in america ?? i, as an australian, think skam would translate perfectly into a quaint little show set in australia, and below i wanna list why !

Most of what I’m going to say below is applicable to southern Australia (Melbourne and surrounds) so if you’re a fellow aussie and this doesn’t make sense, this is the geographical context !

also this is kinda long (….2440 words….) bc i got super passionate about this so if you wanna chuck me a like (even if you didn’t read it) it will make me feel better for wasting the past hour of my life AHAHAH

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ID #35943

Name: Elizabeth
Age: 18
Country: USA

Well, I’m currently going to college for music business. I enjoy art - even though I’m not the best at it. I have a small dream of becoming a writer, but I never finish any story that I start. Eating goldfish and reading books are my favorite ways to pass the time. Also, I’m so happy that it’s hot chocolate season now.
I recently moved to Philadelphia for college, and let me tell you, it’s one hell of an interesting place to live. I’d love to tell you about the fun and exciting city of Philadelphia.

Preferences: I guess 18+


The Summer Home

This is a house request from @rebelsoulsims! I hope you like it! 

Original Request:  So I finally figured out what I wanted. 2 bedroom, 1 master bath, 1 kid bath and 1 guest bath. Kitchen, living room, study and decent backyard with porch and pool and maybe a small dinning area but I’d really prefer it in the kitchen with a round table :p

  • Packs you will needs:
    • Outdoor retreat, Get Together, City Living, Get to Work, Movie Hangout, Parenthood, Spa Day, Dine Out, Cool Kitchen, Backyard Stuff, vintage glamour, kids room
  • Cost: $128,366
  • 2 Bed 3 Bath
  • 40 x 30 lot (though it could be placed on smaller!)
  • To install, download and copy them into your My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Tray folder 

The CC I used in this lot is: wallpaper, wallpaper, oh, look, more wallpaper 

Enable bb.moveobjects cheat before placing the lot! Tag me if you use!


Or my Orgin ID is: Milly1112 (remember to turn on CC to see it!)

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Who the fuck is pierre

I lived on a farm once. The farmhouse was kinda old and always smelled a bit musty, but it was home. I would help out on the fields and feed the chickens from time to time. Especially Fido held a special place in my heart. I live in the city now and so we had to sell our chickens, but I still miss her dearly. Anyway, this farm was somewhat removed from the town heart and I didn’t really know any of our neighbours. I still don’t have my driver’s license and by a lack of any bus service I’d walk my way to town for groceries. Eventually I started to bump into the same people a lot (the community was rather small) and we’d chat for a bit. They would often mention my grandfather who lived on the farm before I did, and who they seemed to have been quite close with. Often I wondered if I could possibly live up to the impression the townspeople had of him. But I figured, if my granddad trusted these folks, then I will too. And so I made a bunch of new friends.

Life continued like this for a while. During my time at the farm I had been kind of cut off from the outside world, but hanging out with the local townsfolk kept me sane. I had even become so close with this one girl Abby I considered her my best friend. She was pretty into retro gaming so we’d hang out at her place and play together. But sometimes it’d get a bit awkward when she got into fights with her dad; this would be Pierre. Now, it’s worth mentioning Pierre wasn’t her biological father which might’ve been tied with some of the friction between them I experienced. I think hanging out with me was an escape for Abby as well, since kids around here had to be homeschooled and so there wasn’t really a strong foundation for friendship growing up. Regardless, she was often annoyed about Pierre pushing her to do chores around the house that would fall under traditional gender roles. I kinda related to her on that, so at this point already I didn’t exactly sympathize with Pierre.

Abby’s house was huge, but to enter it you had to pass through Pierre’s store up front first. It was a small general store right in the middle of town but I swear I never saw anyone actually shop there. As far as I know everyone went to the local supermarket which had about the same stock but a lot cheaper. I didn’t blame them, Pierre’s store made me really uneasy. In the end I only ever bought some sugar and rice there. The space was narrow and as I shimmied past to head to Abby’s I always had to do so knowing Pierre was judging me from behind the counter. I held on to the excuse that I lived off my farm’s produce for a large part and therefore didn’t need his services, but he had probably seen me carry supermarket bags at some point. Nevertheless, I continued visiting his daughter regularly.

So if it hadn’t been for Abby I wouldn’t have seen Pierre as often as I did. And I would’ve preferred that. I thought that the bitter tension between us was known to him as well, and that we’d just steer clear of each other as not to get in the way of whatever business both of us had with Abby. But I was wrong. I had to get up early frequently during my time on the farm, but one particular morning there was someone at the door. At 6am. That was stretching it even for me. I hesitantly opened. It was Pierre. Before I could even ask what I owed his extremely weird-timed visit to, and I was quite shocked that perhaps something serious was up with Abby, he started telling me I should stop by his shop to stock up for seeds for the coming fall. I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t begin to wrap my head around why he thought this was the place and time to outright ask me to buy something from him. And then he left without saying another word.

I figured I had to go. It was such a strange request but I couldn’t ignore it out of fear of straining the little affinity we had, for Abby’s sake. After my morning errands I got my bag and headed towards the heart of town. When I entered Pierre’s store, he wasn’t behind the counter as per usual. I waited for maybe 10 minutes, but nothing. The door to the house was locked. I browsed the wares on the shelves for a while, yet boredom and sheer curiosity got the best of me and I went up to inspect the counter. It didn’t look like it had seen much wear. Going behind it, I spotted that day’s newspaper on what I thought to be a stack of books on the ground, under the desk. Some headline about an earthquake caught my eye, and I picked it up. I wish I hadn’t. The stack underneath consisted, in fact, of dirty magazines. I was APPALLED. I give the top two magazines a quick glance before throwing the newspaper back on and slowly backing out of the store. Pierre himself still wasn’t around. I bet if he actually made any money here I could have taken it, but I’m not a thief and the sight of his secret stash shocked me enough to just scare me away, maybe for good.

I didn’t dare to go back to the store and in extension, the house. I also didn’t dare to tell anyone in the household about what I found either, even though I felt Abby and her mum should’ve been made aware of Pierre’s perverted workplace. But the circumstances under which I found out made me paranoid that he had set it up in advance. I don’t know to what end. Maybe to see my reaction. Maybe to drive me and Abby apart. I was too afraid to get completely caught up in their family business. If I could go back and had known what I know now, I would have told them.

Life went on, and I’d meet with Abby outside on most days. I told her I didn’t want to be around Pierre because of the way he treated her, which wasn’t a complete lie. She was understanding and although I thought this would start driving us apart, we actually got closer than ever, exploring the outskirts of town together. I was relieved to be able to keep both my friendship with her and my distance from her father.

Of course the community, small as it were, made it so I couldn’t completely avoid Pierre at all times. We’d see each other at certain town festivities and I’d go over Abby and her family to chat. Whenever I reluctantly spoke to Pierre he’d only talk about his business and making money. Despite the store not seemingly doing too great, he somehow never sounded desperate about it. It was kind of unnerving.

Anyway, this is how things were until I finally had to move again. Saying goodbye to Abby was tremendously hard. We kept in touch for a while but eventually contact just died off. It’s really rather sad but I guess that’s life. What’s worse is that she still had to deal with Pierre on a daily basis. By the time I left it was crystal clear to me he was always just a weird, twisted man who only cared about money. I have no idea why he and Caroline ever got together, but I hope at least Abby got to live her own life eventually without her father trying to force her into his shitty, old-fashioned view of what she should become. She deserves at least that.

Fuck Pierre.

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City Living, Toddler & Cool Kitchen (^__^)

finally i found it! omg my cellphone wouldnt let me check my activity nor notified me for some reason, thank you love <3

City Living: Would you rather: live in the city or suburbs? 

Currently i live in the biggest city in my country (after years of living in a rather small seaside city) and i really like it! mostly because of the commodities and the variety of shops :D suburbs are not something we exactly have here, so i’ll pick city.

Toddler: What is your favorite age of children?

tbh i fucking love children.. probably all of them between ages 2 - 12 are good, after that puberty starts and they get really silly for a while :/ i have a couple of cousins i love but they are like 13 now 😢😢 i’ll miss how affectionate they were

Cool Kitchen: What is your favorite thing to cook or eat? 

i love love love sushi it’s a pain in the ass to make tho so i’d only make it if my girlfriend wants to, most of the times i just buy raw salmon and slice it up like sashimi. another thing i love to make is mashed potatoes, using cream instead of milk is key 😊👌

In August of 2016, I packed my belongings from my bedroom in Virginia and put it in my mom’s car and set off for Chicago. I had the opportunity to move to a big city to further my dance training. This meant that I would be living without my parents, in a city I’d only been to once. I would be living in a small studio apartment in the south loop of Chicago with two girls I barely knew. I was so excited. Turns out, the experience was not like I expected it to be, it was everything but that. Here are some friendly tips and insights; something of a “how-to” when living away from your parents for the first time.

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Velvet and pearl?

Velvet: I’d like to live in a small apartment in some city somewhere (I’m not sure where anymore) there would be a lot of vintage things and it’d probably look like a little apartment from the 70′s.

Pearl: I got this little perfume oil the other day and the scent is “Tea Rose” and it’s heavenly…I like the flavor blue raspberry because it’s so crazy and completely fake, and cherry of course…feedback from a guitar…I love the way my sheets and pillows and blankets feel, it’s like the best feeling ever 

I went to a honey farm today. And that’s where the ducks are from. But also the man was just showing us around. And so much green land, trees, and a large but very cute house.

And there’s a lot of farms in this area. Fruit farms mostly. And they are all just so so beautiful. And I’d love to live there cos it’s not too far from the city either…. Though ofc these have been with them for generation. Imagine purchasing much of land now

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portland, me???? i live there 👀. how did u like it lmao

lol i was only there to see a tegan and sara concert with hannah and her friend sophie AND we got into insane traffic on the way there from mass so we only got there about an hour before the concert so i didnt really get to check it out. Seems like a nice small city though! There was music playing on the streets, i’d like to go back and check it out for real if you recommend it 

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camio for the animals ask meme!


Camio: What important thing about their past has your apprentice forgotten? What was their life like before they lost their memories? Their family?

I’d say her family is the most important thing. Sandhya used to live outside Vesvuia, in a small city, with her parents and sister. Her mother was an artist who made a modest income selling her paintings, while her father worked with his brother—he would procure herbs and other magical items, which his brother would sell in Vesvuia, out of his shop.

Sandhya spent most of her time playing in the fields near her house with her sister and neighbours’ children. When she was older, she helped her father stock items and even went to nearby cities with him to find herbs and other plants his customers requested, or watch her father haggle in marketplaces.

When her uncle died of the Red Plague, Sandhya’s parents were unsure of what to do. Someone had to take over the shop in Vesuvia. While her parents were still arguing on which of them would go, refusing to let the other step foot in the plague-ridden city-state, Sandhya slipped away in the middle of the night, leaving behind only a letter.

She lived in Vesvuia from then on, her parents livid but unable to convince her to return. I figure once she lost her memories, Asra told them about the situation. No doubt they felt as if they had lost their daughter all over again.


Day 26: Rome

Rome is somewhere I wish I had longer in… I’m only here two days, and I definitely have a bug of sorts :( which sucks. Rome is beautiful though… what an incredible place. There’s this park in the northern part of the city that no one ever talks about for some reason, and it’s amazing. Visited it today and I truly could have spent days there. Really peaceful place.

Saw the Trevi fountain, which was really cool :) I’ve always wanted to see that up close. Turns out, everyone else does too, so there was at least 1,000 people trying to get a picture of it ._. ruins the moment a bit, but it was still something special.

This is somewhere I could live. Easily. There’s so much here to do, and it’s such a vibrant city. It seems like almost every negative thing I’ve read about Rome was wrong. I’m hoping to come back one day and give the city the justice it deserves. There’s so much here to explore and do… and I am so small and have so little time :(

(Also, how people aren’t killed in car crashes here on an hourly basis astounds me… how do you cross the street like that? D: you just gotta walk in front of traffic and hope that the people stop.)

My name’s Ambur and I photograph my life, mainly - but I also shoot weddings, families, and have small projects on the side. I live in the oldest city in the U.S., St. Augustine, Florida. Right now I’m going to college for Art Ed, but after that the boy and I will be traveling overseas and across the U.S., so there will be many photos of that!



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I have 2 prompts ideas, 1 staring city is a small town maybe too small for half brothers Oliver and Ray, who share the same Father but live different lives! Not my idea its OTH idea but I figuer why not mash both of my fav shows together :-) Oliver Ray bothers- MM-there father!

I gave this a shot, I used a mix of OTH and Arrow plus myself :P, so I hope you like it :D, I’m hoping it’s sort of what you asked for!

A Better Guy.

It had all come down to this. Oliver stared into the eyes of his half brother as the crowd around them grew in size.

“I don’t want to do this Ray.”

“Bullshit.” He replied instantly. “First you think you can steal my girlfriend, my team and now you’re after my family too!”

“I don’t want Malcolm! He might be my dad but Robert has been more of a father to me than he ever has!” Oliver said as the two teens circled each other. “I also can’t help if I am better at basketball than you… And as for Felic-”

“You don’t get to say her name!” Ray spat out in anger. Oliver shook his head. He couldn’t believe his half brother was acting this way; well actually he could especially with the father they shared. The father that had abandoned his mother, who had used her to get what he wanted and then went crawling back to his wife, leaving her alone and pregnant. But then again he did get both his mother and Rays pregnant within 4 months of each other, so he really had to choose and he chose his readymade family. He shook his head then, as he watched the crowd cheering and shouting for them to fight.

Oliver didn’t want this, he had known about his half brother all his life but Malcolm refused for his children to meet, and in fact he pretty much refused Oliver’s existence. But he knew how harsh he was on Ray; he’d heard what he had said to him about being the best; that the only way to survive was to come out on top, to be the best at everything. So that’s what Ray was, the smartest, best grades, best records, best girlfriend, best in sports, best in the whole damn school.

That was until Oliver accidentally ran in to Felicity Smoak, she had to tutor him, help him get his grades up. He hadn’t meant for it to happen, hadn’t intended to steal her from Ray. But there was just something about her; something he hadn’t seen in any other girl, not even in Laurel, Sara, Helena, Mckenna, the list could go on. Oliver knew his record with the ladies, he knew he used them as a distraction from the pain in his life but with Felicity he never felt that pain. She encouraged him to play basketball, she’d seen him playing late at night on the court in their small towns park months ago. She told him he was smart, that if he put his mind to it he could be great, and for once in his life he started believing in himself, started to think maybe he could something with his life, be more than the screw up everyone believed him to be.

Oliver sighed as he thought about Felicitys soft smile, her hand on his, of the glances he’d catch when they were in class together and then he remembered the way Ray spoke to her. No commanded her like she was his property and it made Olivers blood boil. He took a shaky breath sticking his hands out in a surrendering manner.

“I’m not going to do this Ray… You can hit me as much as you want but I’m not going to fight you.”

“You’re a coward then? Just like you’ve always been?” Ray spat out in anger. “I don’t know why she broke up with me for you!”

“Wait? She broke up with you?”

“Pfftt as if you don’t know!”

“I don’t… But she deserves so much better than you.” He saw the anger flash in his eyes before he ran at him rugby tackling him to the ground. Oliver didn’t hit him, he tried to shove him away, tried to break it off. But Ray punched him hard in the stomach winding him slightly. He could fight back, like he used to, like his body wanted him to. But his heart, his heart screamed he was better than this, just like she had told him. When Ray got to his feet and kicked him in the ribs Oliver curled up, then when his foot was raised over his face a pair of giant arms grabbed Ray.

“Dude, back the hell off!” John Diggle, the basketball coach shouted. Rays eyes snapped to him. “Walk it off or I will call the police. Break it up NOW!” The crowd groaned as they dispersed. “Back here in 15 Ray or so help me!” Ray merely nodded as he jogged off. Oliver glanced up then to see a small blonde stood beside the muscular giant of Diggle.

“Oliver…” She said softly as she leant down to help him up. “Why didn’t you fight back?”

“Because… I want to be better.” He replied softly.

“Oh Oliver.” Diggle helped get him to the bench, sitting Oliver down checking his bruised chest. He saw Felicitys eyes widen and the blush spread across her cheeks as she looked away quickly.

“No broken ribs but you are sure as hell gonna be sore in the morning. I’ll get some ice packs out my truck.”

“Well that’s a bonus. But the game coach?”

“Don’t worry about it. The team can manage your health is more important.” He nodded then; Diggle stared at the two with a knowing smile as he walked away to give them some privacy.

“You broke up with him.” Oliver stated.

“Yes… I… Someone reminded me that my dad leaving me wasn’t an excuse to just accept my life. That I deserved better.” He smiled broadly then.

“Sounds like a nice person to me.” He joked a little.

Oh he is. It’s just taken him awhile to realise that he is actually a nice guy under all the bravado.” He closed his eyes then as laughing hurt. They snapped open as he felt her fingers on his jaw, caressing his cheek. “You really are a great guy Oliver. And I think these last few months have shown how much you can achieve when you put your mind to it.”

“It’s you…” She frowned slightly her hand still on his cheek. “You are the reason for this change, you… You bring out the best in me.”

“Oliver…” She said slowly as he leant in and she closed the gap. Their lips moulded together perfectly as they moved in sync, but just before the kiss could deepen Felicity pulled back.

“I don’t want to just be another of your girls.”

“I don’t want that either. You’re so much more than that for me, let me show you, let me prove it to you.” Diggle appeared and the two jumped apart slightly, Felicity finding her feet again as she pushed her glasses up his nose. Diggle handed the ice over as Ray appeared at the opposite end of the darkened court.

“We’re going to talk this out like adults, and I think you should leave Miss Smoak.”

“Of course Mr Diggle.” She said and then slowly she leant low to Oliver placing a peck to his cheek. “Okay.” She whispered into his ear before straightening up, his eyes looked to her in wonder as his lips tugged up into a smile. “Goodnight Oliver.”

“Goodnight Felicity.” She left before Ray was close enough, she didn’t even look in his direction as she walked away.

“Merlyn sit!” Diggle commanded.

“I prefer Palmer.”

“Yeh well you father dictated the school call you Merlyn.” He sat down with a sigh.

“I don’t know how you cope with that.” Oliver said softly. Rays head shot up, “I mean Malcolm, I don’t know how you deal with all the crap he puts you through.”

“You have no idea.” Ray replied.

“Well he randomly showed up at my house yesterday, he hasn’t been there since I was a toddler and demanded that I work towards a basketball scholarship, that, that is my future. I’m sorry but I play basketball because I love it not to please our father. My mum and dad kicked his ass out our house. So no I’m not after your dad Ray.” Ray sighed a little then.

“As for the team, I’m not trying to steal them either… I’m just trying to play.”

“I know.” Ray admitted. “I just… I’m used to being the best.”

“I know.”

“You don’t understand. He’s so pushy, forceful…”

“He’s abusive.” Rays eyes widened. “I don’t mean physically. Mentally, emotionally… He messes with your head.” Ray nodded. “The only way to beat him is to do what you want to do not him, stand up to the bully.”

“It isn’t that simple.”

“Nothing ever is, but someone told me if you do one small thing at a time, little by little, things change, things start to be how you want them to be, things get better.” Diggle looked between the two boys arms crossed over his chest.

She told you that didn’t she?” Oliver merely nodded. “She was always the smartest person. She’s better off with you Oliver. I tried to control her but she doesn’t need constrictions.”

“I didn’t try to steal her I promise you that, how I feel, her, none of this is a game to me. I know Malcolm tries to manipulate it all but I’m not trying to be you Ray. I’m just trying to be a better me.” Silence fell over the 3 as no-one dared to speak over Olivers words.

“I’m sorry.” Ray replied instantly. “I mean it Oliver.”

“I know we can’t be brothers, not yet, but can we at least try to be friends?” Ray nodded. “And you are more than welcome at mine if Malcolm gets too much.”

“Thanks Queen.”

“No problem Palmer.” Oliver extended his hand and Ray took it shaking it with ease.

“Come on I best get you two home.” Diggle said. As the 3 walked to the truck in a relaxed silence, Oliver couldn’t help think of this as the night his life truly changed for the better. The night when his future really began.

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Oh! Ereri Mechanic AU. Eren owns/operates a small car shop in a little town a few hours away from the major city centre. Levi is "Mr. Big City" who has been prescribed a 'stress free' living/work environment by his shrink & has been man-handled by Erwin into moving to said little town to work from home. He hates it at first- until he gets a load of the town's resident mechanic. At which point his car miraculously breaks down in new & fantastic ways every other week even though its barely used ;D

I am so distressed right now, oh my god.



I want to take off for a week and just. Just sit and write 100,000 words of this. I want to eat, sleep, and breathe this. I want to submerge myself in this and never return.

Small town shenanigans and lazy days and boredom and quiet, too much quiet, and then learning to appreciate it, learning to see the beauty of things through Eren’s eyes… teasing and silliness and finally admitting that there’s nothing wrong with the damn car and making out against the counter and falling in love and just.

Sorry, you couldn’t have known… that this would be the message that killed me. Goodbye everyone. It was a good run. *lies down on ground and starts burying own self*