i live in gym clothes

Flowers are nice, but if you’re the kind of guy that is willing to accompany me to yoga, and surprise me with new workout clothes every now and then, you’re the kind of man that I want. 

Lululemon is my aesthetic 🍋

Transformation Tuesday: As we quickly approach the new year it is time for New Years resolutions and the 2nd anniversary of my fitness journey. 1. This picture is where it began 2-26-14: 222lbs, pained, couldn’t run longer than 5 minutes, couldn’t do a push-up, didn’t know what a burpee was, and a sprained SI joint from tearing my hamstring.
2. In the process of shedding fat, spent a lot of time walking/running and doing circuits, conditioning myself to run longer than 5 mins, and I was a little sad that I started to lose my shape. Down 3 pant sizes, 2 shirt sizes, and weighing in at 200lbs.
3. Present 2015: I start lifting. Start to feel “swole”, body got toned, increased my lifting almost by 200%, my strength has increased two fold. I can do push-ups (not many but I can do it), my SI joint is manageable, and I’ve fallen in love with lifting. I am weighing in at 230-237lbs and have gone up only 1 pant & shirt size. My shoulders have expanded and that’s a struggle because I want to live in my gym clothes but I’d take that over body pains any day.
Getting healthy, feeling healthy, enjoying the journey, not obsessing, and loving yourself is what it is about. I’m excited to enter my third year which will focus more around balancing cardio & lifting, then cutting out a lot of my diet. (Which is a challenge because Chicago has amazing delicious food) Good Luck to all the New Years resolutioners and happy focusing!