i live in denial land

  • Alison: i'm going away for awhile (to meet beth at our secret cabin in the woods where she has been hiding this whole time pretending to be dead)

So I just had this crazy idea (and I’m so gonna write it into a fic, because I live in Total Denial Land now):

What if Boatbang happens because Jon NEEDS to go home asap (like, I don’t know, maybe Sansa married LF just so the Stark Sisters could murder him on his wedding night and Jon had vowed to kill him himself and he is a man of his word) and that is the only way he thinks Danielle will let him go without bending thw knee and betray his people? Like our lad is a smart lad, and he is learning that this queen likes to be worshipped yadayadayada and he figures that if he makes her believe that he is loyal to her without actually promising anything.

I don’t know if this makes any sense, I’m just trying to hold on to something right now… Because whatever people say I haven’t seen any heart-eyes on that cave scene. Just believe-me-and-give-me-my-ship-back-already eyes.
What do you think?

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Am i the only one that i like feeling the pain that drama causes even if it is hard to watch and analyze? For me that is good drama. And i want robron even if robert turned to a serial killer cause its fucking fiction. But i want for once for robert to feel that aaron is not the gay man that was always and always will be in love with him. I want robert to feel threatened ,aaron to be the one in control

I’m not a huge fan of drama for drama’s sake. For me good drama is when the drama makes sense. Which is why I was having trouble with this particular storyline. BECAUSE LITERALLY NOTHING MAKES SENSE! I’m so confused by how deliberately 2015 if feels. It’s like they took 2015 and Spinal Tapped it. They just turned it up to 11. People acting OTT and OOC. Seriously, was I suppose watch Robert in last Thursday’s episodes and not laugh like a lunatic as he tried hiding from Ross and then raced out of town while practically smacking his head against the window? It was ridiculous. Which is why I continue to live on the border of Denial Land and Theoriesville. I feel like we’re still missing something or we still haven’t been given all the information. Maybe it’s The Theory™, The Theory™ 2.0 or maybe it’s my ridiculous spice dream plot Theory™  (listen people they are messing with time and at this point I don’t put anything past them) I’ve decided to roll with it. Just to have fun with it and my attitude and enjoyment has improved ten fold. I will say if you want someone is who almost next level loving this check out my girl Rachel (@aarondinglestears). Her love of the ONS is near frightening but I love her anyway.

I know that everyone always thinks Robert holds all the cards but if you really think about it he really doesn’t. He’s terrified ALL THE TIME that he is going to lose Aaron. That’s his biggest fear in life. Everyone focuses on Aaron’s insecurities but Robert has just as many. He’s never felt good enough, loved enough. Even Aaron has pushed him to “change” and “be better”. So then when he does screw up he tries to cover it and makes it 100x worse than had he admitted his mistakes in the first place because he’s convinced himself that he’s not good enough for Aaron. So in that respect I don’t agree that Robert is in total control. Now if we’re talking about some UNFOUNDED jealousy I would be all over that. Aaron finally convinces Robert to go out to a gay bar but Robert’s still not comfortable with it. So he sits on the side while Aaron plays pool and laughs it up with some of the other guys. Robert seething with envy every time someone casually pats Aaron on the back or throws an arm around his should because they are winning. Aaron’s completely oblivious until finally Robert grabs him by the hand pulling him toward the loo. Pushing him up against the wall. Branding him with kisses and Aaron just laughs a little and says he would have taken Robert there a lot sooner had he known the effect it would have on him. Yes please.

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OK, I hereby request some CaptainCanary cuteness because I'm so damned tired of the haters. (And I am, perhaps, living in the land of denial. ;) ) Your pick, but maybe a CaptainCanary morning after? (As I'm also writing something like that...)

#headcanon sara doesn’t sleep much since the pit. she pesters him as long as he lets her and when he does finally fall asleep she studies his scars and his freckles and everything inbetween until she falls asleep too

Until the BOOKS explicitly tell me differently, I will be living in the land of denial in which Rhaegar was a good man. And he married Lyanna as a SECOND wife. And Elia was cool with it (and wanted to share Lyanna). And Lyanna loved Rhaegar. And Rhaegar thought that Elia and their children were safe with his father who had not turned fully mad until after Rhaegar had last seen them because Rhaegar didn’t want to see the bad in his father. And Rhaegar loved both of his wives and had his reasons for doing things the way he did.

I keep looking at those “What will they become” things from Agents of SHIELD running around and thinking that Skye took everyone’s picture and got a hold of photoshop and has been pinning them up every in base just for a laugh and that really everything’s fine.

Kurt Weller's Two Promises

I rewatched the Pilot today, for science of course (no actually, it was, honestly, for work this time because we needed to do a pilot structure for a project and used Blindspot as a reference). Anyway, I watched it, and having the finale still fresh in my mind, something hit me, real hard.

At the end of the Pilot, when Kurt goes to check on Jane at her safe house, he makes her a promise, he says,

Jane, you’re gonna be okay. I promise.

And of course, since the finale still haunts me, I immediately thought of little Kurt and Taylor in the tent, and what he said then. 

I’ll always keep you safe. I promise.

Now, for months, we’ve lived under the assumption that Jane is Taylor, and when I found out about this flashback scene, and what Kurt says, I was a giddy fangirl (I was spoiled for this flashback so I had a couple of weeks to fangirl madly about it). I was very excited because it felt like, at last, after twenty five years, Kurt can fulfill his promise to Taylor, he can keep her safe from whatever horrible things have happened, have been happening and will happen to her. I mean, how fairytale of an ending would that have been.

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