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Great Comet Bootleg Masterpost

I’ve been meaning to make this for a while, but I’ve been busy so here it finally is!

Just a reminder: 

  • All the bootlegs on Google Drive are saved to my own account, so they shouldn’t be able to be deleted but just as a precaution, download to your computer and/or save a copy to your personal drive. Those on Youtube weren’t posted by me, so I have no control over if they’re deleted or not. 
  • If any of the owners of this boot would like their link removed, I’ll gladly delete it.
  • If you dislike bootlegs, please ignore this rather than report it. Bootlegs only share the arts to those unable to see. Trust me, I wouldn’t watch shaky, shitty boots if I could actually see it live. 

10/2016 Youtube Boot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9r4f_zQawa4&index=1&list=PLLPnpYklrQ5vO9lEjS71cVpcdLAh89zJs

2016 Audio Boot: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8wcy8krClcpa1JEeDQwcU5jaHM

12/12/2015 Audio Boot: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwKUu-rUuPDIMnN1Z1M3T3hsLWc

2013 Audio Boot: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1YAttB9HTjvUXV1bllFc2V3MW8/view?usp=sharing

If anyone has the 2013 visual bootleg originally posted to Reddit, I’d adore you if you would share it. Similarly, any other gc bootlegs that aren’t shared here, please add if you happen to have them. 


Yesterday was my first time animating live for a school in the Philippines. I animated Puss in Boots, since this is a character I have spent almost a year working with at Dreamworks Animation (both feature and TV).

I decided to animate a take for them. I showed them how I figure out the acting, my thumbnails, first pass, breakdowns, tie downs and then in betweening. I could only finish the first part for them - and tying down the rest on my own time. It was challenging to talk about every step of my process, what I’m thinking about - and hopefully some useful notes I gave for further animation. I decided to summarize every important note I gave during that lecture. I’ll let you guys know if I could get a public version of that footage sometime.

Dear everyone who is passing around a Newsies Live boot: please... don’t?

Please, guys. This is another groundbreaking step for Broadway and how we as the audience, as true fans of theater and the arts, are able to view it. We’re finally making strides to step out of a view that Broadway musicals can only be enjoyed by the rich, the New Yorker, and the lucky (sometimes all of the above).

So why aren’t we showing them our appreciation for this?

Edit: I’ll admit I was unaware the purchase options only include the US, which royally stinks. I’m pretty much a recovering appreciator of bootlegs myself, folks. Trying to do the right thing. Bootlegs are still theft.


All for just $20, just a mere fraction of the cost of going to see a show.

Already have the boot? Go and purchase the download now! :) Encourage your fellow fansies to do right by this amazing piece of art.

Come on. Let’s show them we care about what they’re doing and providing for us. Let’s be thankful. Let’s be legal. Let’s respect the creatives: the writers, producers, set designers, stage hands, makeup artists and costume designers, musicians, and actors.

Buy the download. Don’t bootleg it.

If someone asks for a boot link, send them the Amazon/Disney link where they can legally purchase this wonderful production.

They did this much for us.

Let’s do this much for them.

Counting her Smiles

genre: original work, wlw ballet romance

words: around 5k

summary: Rebbecca Johnson grows up with the shadow of the driven ballerina Celeste, she doesn’t understand her but she does understand they are drawing closer

under the shadow of bleeding en pointe feet and Minnesota winters, it’s a love story

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