i live in a mitten

Kittens in Mittens (Live 12-17-1992)
The Mountain Goats

The building shook with the sound of wild kittens
And I grabbed my scarf and I pulled on my mittens
Took my coat and I went down
To the useless lot on the outskirts of town
The dogs were howling
The wind was blowing
The birds were singing
And I saw you

Your eyes as bright as burning coals
But ask not for whom the bell tolls
‘Cause it tolls for those who ask that question
And it tolls for those who answer that question
Dogs were howling
The birds were singing
The wind was blowing
And I saw you



Clare | 17 | Virgo/Libra cusp | hella gay
Hey hey!
I’m a queer kid living in the mitten state (Michigan).
As you can probably tell, horses take up 50% of my life, the other 50% is occupied by FIRST robotics! My hair has been basically every color under the sun at one point or another.
I’m looking for friends and possibly a relationship, feel free to shoot me a message, it would make my day! 😋