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you know, call me crazy, call me biased af, but i just think it’s bullshit that we get all these sappy, ridiculous climon scenes and malec can’t even finish a goddamn conversation without someone walking in…and demanding, once again, that magnus fix their problems.

He’ll be famous – a legend – I wouldn’t be surprised if today was known as Harry Potter Day in future – there will be books written about Harry – every child in our world will know his name!
—  Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: Chapter One, The Boy Who Lived
…I hate myself. I feel like an idiot saying it because, blah, blah, teen angst, boo hoo, but I do. I hate myself. Almost all the time. I try not to tell anyone because I don’t want to burden them, but I feel like I’m falling farther and farther away from them. Like the well’s getting deeper and I’m running out of energy to climb it and any minute now, any second, it’s going to stop being worth even trying.
—  The Rest of Us Just Live Here

Not everyone has to be the Chosen One. Not everyone has to be the guy who saves the world. Most people just have to live their lives the best they can, doing things that are great for them, having great friends, trying to make their lives better, loving people properly. All the while knowing that the world makes no sense but trying to find a way to be happy anyway. 

Patrick Ness, The Rest of Us Just Live Here

Find You (Part 1)

Summary: Bucky has moved into a new apartment, not knowing that its previous tenant thinks they still live there. And he’s the only one that can see them. 

Word Count: 1,673

Warnings: Talk of a car accident. Coma.

A/N: This fic has been in my documents, outlined, for the past year and a half. I hope you all enjoy it. It’s one of my favorite plot-lines EVER.

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The white-washed walls are the only barriers to muffle the woman’s sobs. She folds herself over the body of a young woman, barely in her early twenties and already battling to keep herself alive. The only sign of life in her is the ventilator, pumping artificial breath into her lungs, and the stable beeping of the heart monitor. The doctors hold hope in that she’ll wake up, there seems to be no brain damage, nothing seems to be halting her from waking up. Yet she does not. And the wails continue day in and day out.

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Teases Get Everything {Park Jimin} ~Ceasefire~

Prompt:  Can I get a smut where Jimin has a daddy kink and you tease him a lot

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Word Count: 1.6k

Warning: Daddy!Kink, Dom!Jimin, public sex

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“Here’s what I think,” Regine says, lighting a cigarette. “I think I’m the only real thing I’ve got, except maybe Tommy. Even here, in this place, because who’s to say this isn’t some simulation, too, some other level we’ll wake up from. But wherever I am, whatever this world is, I’ve just got to be sure I’m me and that’s what’s real.” She blows out a cloud of smoke. “Know yourself and go in swinging. If it hurts when you hit it, it might be real, too.”

Pride month: Collection

Last year I posted a picture of all my books with lgbt+ characters. Here’s the updated version- a slowly growing collection. If you have questions or any more recommendations, feel free to send me an ask!

my thoughts on Elriel

So I read this post on tumblr saying that maybe elriel are mates and I have a few things to say. But first I gotta say that english is not my native language so please try to decipher what I’m saying.

Azriel and Elain are both broken characters. They love(d) someone that couldn’t or wouldn’t be there for them at least not this way and they had to deal with it.

Elain was having such a hard time adjusting to her fae body and mind but she did talk to Az, spent time with him, even tho she wouldn’t open up to Feyre or Nesta

I DON’T think Elriel are mates, but, I do think it would be SO nice if Sarah showed us that Elain doesn’t have to be with Lucien just because they’re mates. I know it’s been said that this happened before, but it’d be nice to see it happen with one of our beloved characters. We’ve seen Feyre fall in love with Rhys because of HIM, after all the didn’t know they were mates back then. The otherwise happened to Lucien: he “fell in love” with Elain just because they were mates. I think it would be incredibly cool to see a girl reject her mate and everyone beeing ok with it.

yes, I do love Lucien. I wish him no harm. But I just don’t see a very nice development on their relashionship(?) I really enjoy seeing Elain getting along with Az, he knows how to talk to her and in my opinion Lucien does not. Azriel is so silent and probably thinks he doesn’t deserve anyone, and Elain just show up and make him all soft I MEAN CMON

and I saw other post on tumblr saying “Azriel deserves more than someone else’s mate” and I’m like…okay… I think Elain is much more than this. I think (and so does Feyre) they would be a great couple, the softness on her balancing with his toughness (is this a word?) and both of them taking care of each others demons.

I think Lucien needs to find his freedom from everyone. He has been tied up to Beron and then to Tamlin, I would like to see him getting to know himself before he starts a relashionship with someone.

I HAVE to see I NEED to see Azriel with a flower crown. And Elain telling him his hands are beautiful when he’s helping her in the garden. That’s it. I’m done.

I’m still reading ACOWAR (I live in the middle of nowhere, the book just arrived here -in english, btw-) so I don’t know, maybe my toughts change till the end of the book, but right now I think this way. I respect both shipps, I’m not trying to offend anyone. If you dont agree with me feel free to discuss it in a friendly way! thank you for reading, sorry I got to excited about it