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My Future Wife, LeFou!

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Title: My Future Wife, LeFou!
Words: 2,456 
Pairing: GastonxReader
Warnings: Little Bit of Swearing
A/N: Oh dear god I can’t find any Gaston stories I like so I guess I’ll just write my fucking own I guess that’s the only way I’ll ever be happy so enjoy my Luke Evans thirst

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Dear People Who Run Anti Blogs,

Do you ever get tired of being negative all the time?

I mean, it must be so exhausting living your life so full of hatred.

Like, are you okay? I can’t imagine the kind of shit life you lead that you can only be happy by putting other people down.

I hope that you find some peace Anti Bloggers. Because negativity gets you nowhere.

You should focus on promoting the things you love instead of wasting your time and energy bashing the things you hate.

anonymous asked:

So, what if Guz has a thing for chubby/over weight girls, but since he lives on a beach island, they're hard to come by, and completely falls head over heels for the new chick on the island. The grunt girls don't get it and think it's a joke so they pick on her and take her Galvantula after a few very difficult attempts. Guzma is furious and there's hell to pay but he's still a nervous faux confident dork when trying to return him to her.

I wanted to make this a little happier. so only one grunt makes fun of you. The other ones including Guzma just wanna smash. (and go out with you)

“Hmmmmooooooooh my god! Baby girl’s got it goin’ on wit that booty eatin’ up them lil’ shorts!”

“Right?! Brah how the shit we gonna talk to baby girl? Gotta think a somethin’ original. Somethin’ that’ll make her all hot ‘n bothered!”

The grunts had Guzma at “booty eatin’ up them lil’ shorts”, which for various reasons got his attention and caused him to lean over the decrepit railing a little further to hear what the two boys at the bottom of the staircase were saying. Guzma was on the rebound. One of the girl grunts with stringy pink hair hadn’t been wifey material. Too high strung for his taste, and so skinny and obsessed with her looks that it had tired him out trying to reassure her after a while. But when she hit him after he disagreed with her that had been the final straw. So despite the tears and text messages begging him to get back together with her, Guzma was on the lookout for another piece of ass.

Shame he couldn’t find anyone to make it worthwhile. He watched with a snarl on his face as the grunts below were gesticulating wildly, talking about a “super cute shorty” that had been at the malasada shop in Malie City. You were supposedly a new face compared to the same old locals they saw day in and day out, had been feeding a dry malasada to your spider pokemon that Guzma assumed was an Ariados until he heard:

“Nah man, that ain’t no weird Ariados like Boss Man got.” Said one. “That’s a Galvantula.”

“Hoooooh boy, God been reading my dreams.” Moaned the other. “The hell I gotta do to get a piece of that thick, strong Pokémon trainer ass? I’d give anything for her to talk to me… Totally fucked it up when she looked at me an’ I threw West side at her!”

“ ‘s one a them reflexes.” Replied the other, patting his friend’s shoulder. “She come up to me wantin’ to know where the library was at ‘n I fuckin’ axed her if she wanted to battle! Wiped the floor with my sorry ass using like two bug Pokémon, but she put my money in her back pocket! Like to think that’s kinda the same thing as touchin’ that juicy booty a hers.”

Now he was extremely interested. In fact Guzma was just about to go downstairs and ask the boys where they’d last seen you when another grunt, couldn’t have been more than thirteen, came running at them with a rather cute little purse in the shape of a watermelon.

“Look guys!” he squeaked. “Got that ugly hoe’s Pokémon for ya! It’s one a them spiders right? Wonder how much its worth. Stupid easy to swipe from that dumb bitch when she went to pick up her napkin from under the table!”

He began laughing. Thinking naively that he’d done good, that he’d probably even be commended for his good work. In the middle of a hearty laugh he was about to ask his brothers if he’d done good, when a large hand swiped the bag from his hands before the two grunts could lay into him.

“Boss man?!” one of your admirers squeaked. Guzma looked harshly at the young one with an expression that indicated he’d get a good beating later for being cruel. He briefly asked the two where you were headed to last, got two very shaky replies that he could find you in the library if he hurried before it closed, and immediately was out the door stomping off into the rain.

Turns out he didn’t have to walk far. He found you immediately in Ula’Ula Meadow, the only one there crying as though your heart was about to break. A kind little girl was rubbing your back, trying to console you by insisting together with her and her partner Oricorio you would all find your companions.

“We’ll find your friends.” She said gently, rubbing your back. “Galvantula aren’t common here. Someone’s bound to, oh! Please sir!”

She flagged Guzma down, running swiftly over to him.

“My friend… She can’t find her Pokemon! Someone took her bag and everything when she was picking some trash off the floor. Have you seen a bag that looks like a yellow and red watermelon? It’s got a Galvantula, Dewpider, and a Fomantis!”

Guzma was so captivated when you looked over at him, eyes widening in realization when you saw the bag that hung limply at his side. He tried to hold it out to the lass in front of him, attempting to speak, but your captivating glance rendered him mute.

“My bag!” you cried joyously, running towards him and taking it gratefully. “You found my bag!”

“That’s your bag?” asked the other girl, stars in her eyes as she looked at Guzma innocently. “Wow! Thank you so much sir! You have no idea how much it means to her!”

Nothing came out of his mouth. His entire being was consumed with the way you smiled, with the way you wrapped your chubby arms around him and cuddled him in a hug. You were vastly tiny compared to him, but he couldn’t help but understand what the grunts were talking about.

Every aspect of you was adorable, from your cute head with a sunhat to your cute feet.

“…Welcome…” he muttered.

“I have to thank you somehow mister!” you insisted, still holding him in a hug and looking up innocently. “Let me treat you to something? You like malasadas? I can get you all the ones you want?”

He might’ve said yes, because the last thing he knew was that he was tripping over his own two feet in his haste to follow you through the meadow and off to town where you were going to treat him to a meal.

This must have been what winning the lottery felt like.

“If anyone objects to this marriage, speak now or forever hold their peace.” The priest asks. You turn to look at the crowd, hoping to god that someone speaks up. After a brief moment of awkward looks and silence, the priest continues his sermon.”I have an objection.” A voice echoes throughout the church. You turn around to see your former boyfriend Finn standing midway the aisle, out of breath.”And why is the objection son?” The priest asks; everyone’s mouth’s wide open, and whispering clearly going on.”Because I would never forgive myself for letting go of the only thing that made my life worth living. Y/N, I know I hurt you in the past, I know that babe, but please, don’t marry him. You can’t marry him because I’m still truly, madly, deeply in love with you.” Your heart sank your stomach.”Please don’t do this.” Finn pleaded, tears strolling down his red puffy eyes. Your fiance looks up at you, eyebrows raised, waiting on you for an answer.”I’m sorry. . “ Was all you said before running out, leaving both of them at the altar. You come to a stop behind the church, taking in deep breaths, digesting what you had just done. The sound of leaves crunching behind you startled you. You don’t even have to turn around because you know it is Finn. He stands there, a remarkably smirking smile on his mouth popping up.”Damn you. . “ You mutter before stepping forward and kissing the real love of your life.

Do what God’s teaching says; don’t just listen and do nothing. When you only sit and listen, you are fooling yourselves

I know how pointless it is when i read a book and learned nothing from it. It’s the same with the Word of God, reading without an intent to obey it will do you no good. Knowing the Word will not make you a top student in Christianity, but obeying the Word that you have learned will make you a more effective witness to the lost world. 

You think the world will believe a man who speak with godliness but live like the enemy of God. The unbelieving world doesn’t need another noise but they need a man or a woman who lived a life so radically that people are convicted by their obedience.

anonymous asked:

There'd one fic I'm looking for- I think it's an AU where Yuuri didn't bomb the GPF but did go on to live a well-loved life. I think it was only uploaded on AO3 sometime in the past 2 weeks? I'm sorry, I can't seem to find it anywhere and thought I'd ask! >□<

Thank you @exile-wrath for finding the fic!

It’s Fields of Gold by Haro and you can read it here!

I can see it now us running from our demons my God how they have grown into the people we love, into the things we know.

We’re at the back door of your house and you pull me close.
We are not in love
this is not a love poem
I promise. 

This is about you trying to find something in me worth living for.
This is a poem about us trying to cling to the earth even though it seems bound on exiling us.

This is about that time someone touched me and took a little piece of me. This about how i’m still trying to fill that part of me.

This one is about how he’s been living in the bottom of a bottle since he was sixteen and he only comes up for air once a year, my birthday. This one’s for him wherever he is so he knows i’m still dying but I am surviving and I guess we all have to start from somewhere.

This ones for the boy whose heart I broke last year because I was bored. I’m still sorry and I hope you found
real love.

This is for the nights where I trace my scars and imagine what I would look like with more, if my body could handle anymore. This one is in hope that I go many more years without adding another scar and maybe one day I can learn how to stop missing the feel of that blade.

This ones for you and my hope that you find a guy worth your time. I hope you learn to love yourself inside and out. I hope every photo you take of yourself makes you smile and that one day you won’t need to fill yourself with drugs and alcohol to feel alright.

This one’s for my little sister who I swear is perfect and I hope she never feels like the poems I write.

This one’s for Sarah Bleasdale for being my lighthouse without even knowing it.

This one’s a thank you for anyone whose ever loved me.

—  (197/365) by (KJ)

You were the only person I trusted,
Yet you betrayed me just to make her happy.
I remember when it was you and I.
Now it’s only me on the other side of the caution tape

I would have followed you anywhere,
Done anything and everything to make you see me.
You never could see past her lies.
I know all the apologies and words she says are fake.

I’ve spent much more time with her,
Lived through things I dare not tell.
But I know you wouldn’t stop to listen,
You wouldn’t even hear it if I yelled.

—  K.N.B.

since i am now getting up to 20 messages/asks a day relating to this, this needs to be covered again on my blog: please stop messaging me asking me how much you should weigh, how much you should eat in a day, what you should do to lose weight, etc. not only is this covered in my faq, but i am not your mom and am not going to hold your hand through this whole process. i do not exist to solve all of your problems and act as your therapist. also, there are actual people who do that stuff for a living (nutritionists and personal trainers) and get payed for it. so unless you’re going to be paying me the same you would a professional, then don’t get pissed when i say that i’m not gonna help you out. nowhere on this blog does it say that i offer weight loss advice for free out of the kindness of my heart. and nowhere on tumblr.com even says that i have to help you. in all honestly, i don’t owe the random stranger harassing me for weight loss tips anything.

OneRepublic sentences

Something I Need

  • “I had a dream the other night about how we only get one life.”
  • “I had the week that came from hell.”
  • “You got something I need.”
  • “In this world full of people, there’s one killing me.”
  • “If you only die once, I want to die with you.”
  • “Last night I thik I drank too much.”
  • “If we got nothing, we got us.”
  • “I know that we’re not the same.”
  • “I’m so damn glad we made it to this time.”
  • “If we only live once, I want to live with you.”

Counting Stars

  • “Lately I’ve been losing sleep, dreaming about the things that we could be.”
  • “Swing my heart across the line.”
  • “Seek it out and ye shall find.”
  • “Old, but I’m not that old.”
  • “Young, but I’m not that bold.”
  • “I feel something so right doing the wrong thing.”
  • “Everything that kills me makes me feel alive.”
  • “I feel the love and feel it burn.”
  • “Hope is our four letter word.”
  • “I don’t think the world is sold and just doing what we’re told.”
  • “I feel something so wrong doing the right thing.”
  • “Everything that drowns me makes me want to fly.”
  • “Take that money watch it burn.”
  • “Sink into the river the lessons I learned.”

Love Runs Out

  • “I’ll be your light, your match, your burning sun.”
  • “We’ll feel alright ‘cause we’ll work it out.”
  • “I’ll be your ghost, your game, your stadium.”
  • “I’ll be doing this, if you ever doubt, until the love runs out.”
  • “I’ve got my mind made up and I can’t let go.”
  • “Got an angel on my shoulder, and Mephistopheles “
  • “Momma said ‘do what you want, say your prayers at night.’”
  • “I’m so devout.”
  • “I’m killing every second until it sees my soul.”
  • “We all want the same thing.”
  • “We all run for something.”


  • “I need another story, something to get off my chest.”
  • “Need something that I can confess until my sleeves are stained red from all the truth that I’ve shed.”
  • “I’ve been on the brink.”
  • “Tell me what you want to hear.”
  • “I’m gonna give all my secrets away.”
  • “Amazing how we got this far, it’s like we’re chasing all those stars.”
  • “I don’t really like my flow.”
  • “Sick of all the insincere.”
  • “This time, don’t need another perfect lie.”
  • “Got no reason, got no shame.”
  • “Got no family I can’t blame.”
  • “Just don’t let me disappear.”
  • “I’mma tell you everything.”
  • “Don’t care if critics ever jump in line.”

I Lived

  • “Hope when you take that jump you don’t fear the fall.”
  • “Hope when the water rises, you built a wall.”
  • “Hope if everybody runs, you choose to stay.”
  • “Hope that you fall in love and it hurts so bad.”
  • “Hope that you don’t suffer but take the pain.”
  • “Hope when the moment comes you’ll say I did it all.”
  • “I owned every second that this world could give.”
  • “With every broken bone, I swear I lived.”
  • “Hope that you spend your days but they all add up.”
  • “Hope that when the sun goes down, you raise your glass.”
  • “I wish I could witness all your joy and all your pain.”
  • “I did it all.”

Feel Again

  • “I’ve been everywhere and back trying to replace everything that I’ve had ‘til my feel went numb.”
  • “Heart still beating but it’s not working.”
  • “I reach out trying to love but I feel nothing.”
  • “It’s been a long time coming since I’ve seen your face.”
  • “I’ve been everywhere and back trying to replace everything that I’ve broke ‘til my feet went numb.”
  • “But with you I feel again.”
  • “I’m feeling better ever since you’ve known me.”
  • “I was a lonely soul but that’s the old me.”
  • “A little wiser now from what you showed me.”

All The Right Moves

  • “We’re going down.”
  • “They’ve got it better than anyone’s told ya.”
  • “I’ll be the King of Heart, you;ll be the Queen of Spade.”
  • “We’ll fight for you like we were your soldiers.”
  • “I know we got it good.”
  • “The grass is looking greener each day.”
  • “I know things are looking up, but soon they’ll take us down before anyone’s knowing our names.”
  • “All the right friends in all the right places.”
  • “All the right moves in all the right places.”
  • “Everybody knows where we’re going.”
  • “Do you think I’m special?”
  • “Do you think I’m nice?””
  • “It can’t be possible that rain can fall only when it’s over our heads.”
  • “The sun is shining everyday but it’s so far away.”
  • “It don’t matter what you see, I know I could never be someone that’ll look like you.”
  • “It don’t matter what you say, I know I could never face someone that sounds like you.”
Drinks At Diamondbacks - Wednesday, 1:40pm

“….I can’t be around you because….it….she…speaks when you’re around…and it’s not in a friendly kind of way.”

“What kind of a way is it?” When she just stared at him, Pri seemed to put two and two together. Dragging out a, “Ohhh.”

“Yeah. So…if you’ll excuse me-”

“You don’t need to leave, Melanie.”

“I think I do.”

“You keep running away, as if that’s going to solve anything. We live in the same city. We probably live in the same block as one another, for all we know. I’m sure what ever your ex has done to you isn’t something that can be cured over night. Are you just going to stop your life and only have your cats as conversations because of it?”


“Come on, sit down. Finish that…green stuff in a glass you were drinking.”

“I like you, Pri. I do. You’re a nice guy, but this is new to me and I don’t know what will happen to me…or you. Please, just stay away from me.”

Someone’s Making Friends - Jakob Chychrun Imagine

Could you do a chychrun imagine where you meet his teammates and the wags? Thank you kindly!

I don’t know how I feel about this one… I don’t really like it… You can tell because I’m using too many ellipses… Anyway, I hope you like it even though I don’t and I hope this is what the requester wanted (I don’t think it is I’m sorry). Thanks for reading! -Accius

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Mayfair Switcheroo

Hey folks, check your mayfair tickets, yeah, the ones you bought for an open bar based on this webpage:

Guess what, since your email confirmation links to a webpage that means the webpage confirmation can be changed.

Here’s what the mayfair website looks like today: 

Notice anything different? well, between the one night only performances and the boundless live entertainment it seems like the open bar has been nixed.

This is interesting, and if there’s an economic reason for it then so be it, it’s kinda crappy to sell folks an open bar and then take it away but I could at least understand that, and y’know maybe you kick down some drink tokens to the early bird folks who bought their tickets when it said open bar.

But wait folks, it gets better!!

The ticket price has dropped from $85 to $50 for the party, and dinner+party was $155 and is now $130

That’s a pretty clear indicator that there’s some repackaging going on behind the scenes.

So what’s a venue to do? They’d at least contact the folks who bought tickets and let them know about the change right? WRONG!! this was not notified. This change was made with no notification for folks who bought tickets already. It seems that the powers that be are just hoping no one will notice that their ticket is suddenly for something different than what they shelled out their cash for.

This is pretty stunningly poor customer service. Like I said before, if there’s a reason you have to pull the open bar, then that’s understandable, but own the hell up and communicate it to your customers. Refund the ticket price difference to people that bought in at a higher price and treat them with some respect.

Don’t try to just sneak this in like no one will notice, that’s just dumb.

I’ll be calling tomorrow, check your ticket and do the same.

For you, for me, for Bones.

This is it guys.

We are hours away from Bones last episode. The only constant in many of our lives.

I’m not writing a “Thank you” letter, because I’ve already done that, what I’m writing is kinda like… a pain management guide.

Many of us (like myself) see our entire lives on this show, and can’t think on how life is going to be after tonight. If that’s the case hear me out:

- We are a family, we’ll still be a family. If you’re feeling lost and disoriented, you can come to me or to any of us, boneheads.

- If you feel like Bones was what kept you calm, you can talk to me or to any of us.

- If you feel depressed and without course, you can talk to me or to any of us.

- If you feel anything else you can talk to me or to any of us. 

We are a family.

Many of the boneheads used Bones as an escape for the last years, so it’s normal to suffer with this “loss”. It’s okay, we won’t judge, we understand… I understand.

“Inertia demands that you keep going” and we’ll be here, helpping each other to move on.

Now, together, let’s appreciate the last few hours of this last Bones day, and let us all remember how thankful each one of us is to this show and cast.

I, personally, owe my life to this show. And right now I’m doing the impossible to keep myself up. Oh Bones, Thank you. You’ll forever be loved and remembered.

anonymous asked:

Have you met anyone since you died?

Yes I have! There’s Arthur, he is a ghost that lived after me in my house! But he’s so mean and grumpy… He reminds me of Vino…

Then there’s Kiku, he is an angel that comes down to earth once every year (The rules of the angels are very strange…). It’s a shame that it’s only a day, we usually have tea and we walk round, it’s really comfortable to be with him.

A while ago, I met Antonio and Matthew. They are really nice demons! I usually talk to Antonio when he is not busy, and Matthew really helps me when I’m bored or I have to lead many souls to limbo. Even so, they have a lot of work and they rarely visit me…

Anyways, they are all really nice (If Arthur is in a good mood, of course) and I am happy to spend time with them! nwn

//New chibi and coloring style! I loved to draw them, even if I didn’t know how :,D *cries* matthew may or may not be @ask-demonmatthew sorry i love ur muse *hides*

nbitchn  asked:

Where can i see season 4 of b99

hey!! this partly depends on where you live and how legal you want to be

legally you can watch:

  • on fox.com (america only)
  • on hulu (also america only i think. if you can binge it all in a month, it’s free)
  • on channel 4 (in britain. i’m not sure if you actually can watch these because they didn’t open when i clicked the episodes, but i may have been looking in the wrong place)
  • on sbs (in australia. they’ve taken it off on demand for now but viceland have been showing actual episodes, so keep an eye out)
  • on itunes (worldwide, $29.99 USD for 12 episodes)
  • on amazon (worldwide? $34.99 USD for 12 episodes)

somewhat illegally:

  • on popcorn time (one of the best streaming programs ever. all very HD, subtitle options, and downloads the episode for you as well. fantastic.)
  • on putlocker (who hasn’t used putlocker?)
  • on projectfreetv (very nice, minimal ads, sometimes slow loading times but usually has episodes up quite quickly after release)
  • on watchseries (has a lot of pop-up ads, generally fast loading times)

i hope you found that helpful! if anyone has any more legal links to watch in other countries feel free to add them. enjoy!