i live for those scenes!


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Winners and Losers

Suga: I guess I have one play left…
Asahi: Suga!  Give me the next toss.  I’ll definitely score!!!

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Bikini Bottom Day
The SpongeBob Chicago Cast
Bikini Bottom Day

“Bikini Bottom Day” by Jonathan Coulton

Ethan Slater and the company of The SpongeBob Musical on July 9, 2016 at the Oriental Theatre in Chicago, IL

Having art block so I sinned and made genderbent muse idols.

Dan and Phil were scene kids, not emos. Pass it on.

I won’t lie, I’ve watched every WA scene in 3x13 at least five times by now. Barry being thirsty af, Iris telling Barry she knows how to boss Wally around, Barry telling Iris “everything he does is for her”, Barry telling Iris he plans on having a long life with her, Iris sitting there smiling her goofy grin while he tells her that, I AM LIVING RIGHT NOW! THOSE SCENES WERE EVERYTHING! I am so blessed to be a witness to WA. SO BLESSED. 

so, Haikyuu x Overwatch AU headcanon idea, guys

ASDASDGJKLHLK I swear my brain only give me ideas when I should be doing something else.

Iwaizumi Hajime as (Shimada Hanzo)
- eldest son of the Iwaizumi family (largest yakuza/conglomerate in Japan/Miyagi)
- bad-ass archer with dragon tattoos along right arm that can summon dragon spirits
- groomed to lead Iwaizumi-gumi, and was told to kill Kunimi, his younger brother, when it seems he would be a liability. Iwaizumi could not bring himself to fight Kunimi, so he took his younger brother and fled. 
- Believes himself a coward for running, instead of dismantling the Iwaizumi empire. Doesn’t believe himself worthy of honor until he dismantles the Iwaizumi yakuza with his own two hands. 
- Bow is called Quake-Shot.
- Is convinced to join Overwatch by Kunimi (More accurately, joined Overwatch to keep an eye on Kunimi).
- catchphrase: ‘I’ve got you in my sight’ [Sorry, Jack, took your line.]
- wears Hanzo’s standard garb properly, sleeves up and all. Only yanks right sleeve down (and revealing that glorious half-chest) on missions. 
- Is ambidextrous, but can only summon dragons through left arm.

  Oikawa Tooru as (D.va/Hana Song)
- ex-military? Munitions expert somehow (note: give more thought to this)
- adept at using firearms in general; knowledgeable
- Mech type is named SET-tA (tri-Angulate) [because I cannot resist puns]
- streams his fights online on Nico Nico Douga
- has a large online fan-base and aware of it
- bodysuit is aquamarine and white
- public story is that he was recruited; actually volunteered to join Overwatch
- can’t cook, but surprisingly excellent at baking
- bad at video games [LOL; always trounced by Kunimi]

Kunimi Akira as (Shimada Genji)
Iwaizumi’s younger brother from a different mother; adopts mother’s surname as sign of defiance
- is an extremely efficient ninja, mostly because he’s too lazy for theatrics
- feels guilty at causing Iwaizumi’s self-conflict, even though Iwaizumi swears it’s not his fault
- also has to put up with his brother’s eventual crush on Oikawa 
- has a dragon, but mostly half of one - tattoo (on his left arm) wasn’t completed 
- Enjoys watching anime; currently following Haikyuu and BnHA

Matsukawa Issei as (Angela Ziegler/Mercy)
- Or, the one who has to put up with Oikawa’s not-so-subtle pining
- Level-headed and even-tempered…for most part
- Used to be known as Doctor of Death; took part in the failed Re:VIVE project that experimented on corpses
- knew Oikawa personally before the latter joined Overwatch

Yahaba Shigeru as (Lucio Correia dos Santos)
- Unfortunately, he can’t sing on-key.
- Heavily favors using ARASHI tracks in-battle. His own tracks tend to instrumentals that seem heavily influenced by Hans Zimmer. 
- handy with electronics; repairs his own amplifiers. Has performed emergency fixes on SET-tA in-field
- plagued with self-doubt as to how useful his skills are (internally)

Ushijima Wakatoshi as (Reinhardt Wilhelm)
but with the calm of Zenyatta’s personality
- enjoys tending to the patch of garden on HQ; adept at growing vegetables
- Oikawa’s accidental confidante because the latter keeps sulking in the garden
- has a pair of pet tortoises in his room
- can go berserk if he considers the enemy ‘worthy’
- actually told Oikawa ‘you should have joined Overwatch’ once; Oikawa held out on his registration for two months to spite him.

Story notes:

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Seven Days (Live Action) Rant

Yesterday I saw the live action of Seven Days, and I felt like doing this because it was really good and beautiful. And I really want to talk about this, and talk about the details and stuff. Feel free to ask me or talk to me about this, that would be great.

So, let’s start, shall we?

Firstly, the movie was good, like I said before. It’s really cool how the lighting is, and the space surrounding the actors as they act. How they filmed the sky and the colors going through all the movie, I felt calm and happy. I liked it a lot, and I would watch it again sometime.

The location, the angles of the camera, the actors, the scenes. All of that, it was really good. My favorite thing about the live action is that it follows very closely the manga, if you noticed, the details and some of the dialogues are exactly the same as is written in the manga.

Pretty similar, hun? It’s awesome, is like seeing the manga in real life, like it happened. When I saw that there’s a live action of Seven Days, I almost cried of happiness. Like, I was really excited about it and in my mind, nothing could ruin that, not even a single detail that isn’t like the movie. It got a feeling in my heart of joy and adrenaline, but I stayed calm all the two hours (or more, I don’t know) of the two movies.

But like all the movies based of some book, or in this case, manga, it has some minor details. For me, are big details, that bothers me a little bit.

In the manga, Seryou is really calm and relaxed, he takes things with a tranquil way. I really like that, because even if he has a different girlfriend every week, he stills take it slow. I would freak out about it, honestly. But in the movie, he’s always on the edge, like really disquieted and uneasy. Like, if I were about to touch him, he would totally jump away from me in a mere instant. That really bothers me. I don’t really know how to explain it, if you want to know why I think that, watch the live action.

You may think that is not a big deal, but for me, for me it is. Because is the way the character is, and how is it showing its personality, that’s the way how he’s going to be remembered (at least for me.)

But I’m not blaming the actor, I think Hirose Tomoke work was really good and it’s okay. It’s a boyxboy work, I think I somewhat understand.

I really liked the way that Shino is, well, is exactly at how is described in the manga. He’s calm and reserved, and sometimes saying blunt things, and sometimes direct. It was really good how the actor (Takeshi James) represented Shino, I have nothing left to say.

And aside of that, I have other thing that bothers me. This one, this detail is the most bothering thing to me. Maybe not for you, but for me it is.

The kissing scenes.

Okay, yes, it’s a boyxboy manga. It would obviously have kissing scenes, and it’s okay to kiss. Hell, I live for those scenes, I treasured them every time I read them. I love how they express (in the manga) cuteness, shyness, a little bit of innocence and passion. I love those scenes, how the corporal expressions bring me the feeling that they may be feeling. This may sound perverted; I apologize for that. In the movie, is just shyness, I don’t know how to explain it. So I’m going to do it on a vulgar way (aka, my thoughts when watching the live action at midnight)


(Sorry about that, but I was really expecting that scene.) 

Like, do I really need to explain it?

Look at that, two teenagers kissing, no, making out. Take note about their expressions (mainly on the last image). I’m gonna tell you what I see,

I see love, happiness, intimacy.

I see kisses full of meaning, full of passion, full of nothing more or less than love.

I see hormones floating in the air, I see teenagers.

Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with that, right? In the live action, is somewhat like that.

But the kisses aren’t.

I’m sorry about what I’m going to say, but that’s making out. Do you know what is making out? (a “form” of kissing characterized by its long duration of time, and often involves what can be described as “French kissing.” Taken from the Urban Dictionary.) Exactly, that’s making out.

Now, if you have seen the live action, you will maybe think the same as me (Maybe not because I’m a pervert who likes yaoi and reads manga’s yaoi, I accept it and embrace it.) Because let’s face it, that scene was awesome and I read it about a thousand times. And look at how is it described in the manga, how many panels it has.

The first time they kissed, it was really beautiful, I admit it. That was the only kissing scene I like, it was really accord with the manga and really romantic, it made my heart beat with joy.

Yeah, I get it, maybe they didn’t felt comfortable doing it and it’s okay. If I were on their shoes, I would be really uncomfortable, so I don’t blame them at all.

But hey! It was a really wonderful live action and I have to say that, it made me cry. Really, after I finished it, I cried. I would really recommend it, and after I finished it, I ordered my friends to watch it. I have no words to describe (yeah, this has over 1000 words) the feeling that moved my heart. I changed my opinion about live actions and I really hope that they made more.

Thank you for reading all of this and again, feel free to discuss with me any aspects of the movie. I feel like this manga needs more fans and more opinions, so decided to tell mine. Sorry if I was mean at any moment and sorry for any mistakes, English is not my first language.

“The bow is a mirror that reflects the archery’s heart.”

—Seven Days, Takarai Rihito and Tachibana Venio.

I imagine they’ll turn the villain into a protagonist, just like they did with Maleficent. We’re getting all of these live-action adaptations on Disney properties, yet they still won’t make Tron 3. In my opinion, Tron 3 seems like it would be a much better project than Cruella.
—  Geektyrant’s Joey Paur on Disney’s upcoming project “Cruella”, spitting truth once again.

anonymous asked:

top 5 rory and logan moments????

top 5??? only top 5???? ahhh. okay. um.

  1. everything in “you jump, i jump, jack” from logan spouting off journalists who participated in order to tell stories, to his “one less minute you haven’t lived” speech, to “you trust me?” “you jump, i jump, jack.” those scenes are deeply important to me and my development as a human person.
  2. the goodbye scene in partings. “if you come with me, i won’t get on the plane.” their kiss goodbye and him telling her he loves her and pressing their foreheads together. ahh. they are so in love.
  3. “i’d rather be in philadelphia” is a wonderful episode for them in general, but when his phone is buzzing off the table and rory tells him to answer it and he says he doesn’t have to do anything but be right there with her. tell me again how logan is like christopher. i’ll wait.
  4. at the end of “the party’s over” when dean breaks up with rory and logan immediately goes to comfort her and they aren’t! even! dating! yet! this boy was so far gone before he even knew it.
  5. the conversation in “farewell, my pet” when rory is all worried because paris says rory broke logan. then they have that whole conversation about belonging to each other and it’s really a lot to handle

i’ll do some honorable mentions under the cut

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