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Streets (Jason Todd x Reader)

Summary: You are Bruce’s biological daughter, but you only know that since a few weeks.
You used to live on the streets and Jason and your path is linked closely (I know that timeline wise this might not fit, but whatever okay?)

Warnings: kinda fluff af, long

You were still not used to waking up in a smooth bed, underneath silky sheets in clean clothes.
You were not used to your bare feet on cold marble floor or fancy carpet.
But you were certainly not used to a butler, a father and his seemingly million adopted kids.

Your mother had a one night stand with non other than Bruce Wayne out of which you evolved.
Your mother never told you and she in general should never have been a mom in the first place.
Most of your teenage years you were living on the streets, but one night, a few weeks ago Bruce stood in front of you. He informed you about your mothers death, that she sent him a letter with a DNA test in her last days and that he was searching for you ever since.

You wanted to read the letter, but Bruce didn’t allow it.

“Good morning, Miss (Y/N). Have you slept well?” Alfred asked genuinely interested and sweet like every morning. For some reason you always managed to be the first to find the way out of bed, despite your insomnia.

“I have. Have you?” You flashed him a quick smile and reached for a towel, helping him with dishes.

Alfred nodded and took the towel from you replacing it with a cup of coffee. “Jason stayed over. I think you have not met yet.”

You flinch at the name. “Another one?”

You didn’t want to feel this bitterness, but you just couldn’t help and think how funny it was that Bruce played father for so many and didn’t even know he had a biological daughter who was caught in the middle of Gotham’s gang war. Feeling this was a waste of time and you tried your best to ignore it.

You sat on the couch, turning on the news and Titus laid down beside you with his head on your lap.
Nothing too shocking happened, well, nothing too shocking for your standards.

A young man trotted in and fell on the two persons couch that was standing across from the one you sat on. His arm was laying over his face, blocking the light off.
He was tall and muscular, very, and his dark hair was messy, falling on his forehead.
After some moments he sat up and rubbed the sleep from his eyes before looking at you with piercing blue eyes that for some reason seemed painfully familiar, but maybe it was just his name and value it held to you.

“Jason.” You nodded, trying to smile.

“(Y/N).” He returned the gesture.

You waited for him to throw all sorts of questions at you like Dick and Damian did, almost interrogating you, but they never came and you were thankful.
Alfred placed a cup of coffee on the coffee table.

“Thanks, Alfred,” Jason said. His voice was raspy and witty.

“Always, Master Jason.”


Later that day Jason stood in front of the big window front, looking out at the dock where you sat with your feet in the water of the lake.
Something about you was familiar, but Jason just couldn’t point his finger at it.

“You should go and talk to her. I think you would get along well.” Alfred suddenly stood beside him.

“Nah, bet–”

“Please, Jason… for me.”

Jason turned his eyes away from you and glared at Alfred. He sighed. “Now I have to and you know it, Alfred. I did not expect such a card from you.” Jason threw his hands in the air and walked outside. Alfred grinned and gave you and him privacy.

“Okay, casual.” He muttered to himself, taking deep, encouraging breaths. Your back was turned towards him, but Jason walked loudly to make sure you didn’t jump and fall into the water.

“Hey, (Y/N). May I sit?” He made his voice sound cool and his hands were in the pocket of his hoodie.

You simply nodded and focused back on the water.

“It’s a little melancholy here.” Jason realized soon. “Are you alright?”

“You want the honest answer or the one where I lie to not make things awkward?” You asked playfully but dead serious. People did that a lot. Asking how someone was and expecting to hear a good, then not knowing how to deal with anything else.

Jason chuckled. You looked at him.

“I think I can handle the honest one.”

You sighed heavily. “This is just all too much. Everything. I used to sleep on benches and cardboard, now in that bed I feel like sleeping on a marshmallow, or I used to search for something to eat in the garbage and Damian took two bites of his sandwich and threw it away today.
And Alfred.
He is so sweet and nice and does everything and it makes me feel guilty.”

“You lived on the streets?” Jason narrowed his eyes at you. “No one told me.” He saw the confusion on your face and realized only now how judging it must have sounded to you. “I… I used to as well. Before Bruce took me in.”

The expression on your face softened.

“It never really goes away, to be honest. You can take the kid from the street, but not the street out of the kid.”

“Hm.” You thought about it.

“And Alfred; that’s just him. We all don’t deserve him, yes, but that’s his nature. It’s hard to not feel guilty, I know, but Alfred knows we all appreciate him. He’s not expecting anything from us, well, that we take care of ourselves.”


“Damian is just in general a brat.”

You laughed and a smile spread on Jason’s lips. He liked the way you laughed, it made him want to hear more, tell a million jokes.
Did he know a good joke at all? He knew the ones Roy told, but they were all garbage.

“Something about you is super familiar, Jason.” You confessed. “I just don’t know what.”

“Actually, same!” He nodded and looked ahead. “Maybe we find out after a race to the other shore.”

“Are you serious?” You glared at him.

Jason shrugged. “Well, only if you can sw– THAT’S NOT FAIR PLAY!” He yelled as you already jumped into the water. Jason kicked his shoes off and followed, jumping in head first.

When you arrived at the other side both of you were out of breath, laying down on the grass.

“That was more exhausting than expected.” Jason shook his head, getting water out of his hair. It fell in heavy streaks on his forehead, making water drip over his cheeks.

You admired his appearance for a few seconds before finding your voice. “Maybe you should do more cardio instead weight lifting.”

“Ha!” He laughed. “I still won.”

“Nah, you didn’t!” You shoved at his arm, laughing with him for some moments, then got up and held your hand out. Jason grabbed it and pulled himself up and was now very close to you.

Each of you cleared their throats in awkwardness and stepped away. This exact moment felt like it had happened before, like a déjà-vu and both of you felt it.

“I assume we walk back.” You were hugging yourself, feeling how the cold nipped at your skin slowly but surely making it’s way through the wet clothes that were clinging to your body.

Jason nodded and you two found a slow but steady pace, almost trying to make the way longer than it was.

“Can I ask you something?” Jason said after a while.


“Isn’t it sorta hard to know Bruce adopted so many children and didn’t know he had a biological daughter that needed his help just as much? I don’t know about you, but I’d be pissed.”

“But why wasting time? I can be bitter and grumpy or I can just enjoy becoming part of this, to witness living in a intact family with a roof over my head.”

“That’s mature.”

You scoffed. “It has been a long way and to be completely honest, yes, I’m a little salty.”

“How that?” He frowned.

“I’ve lost someone to that whole gang crap and after that the only thing I was able to feel was rage and anger. I was willing to kill people and set whole Gotham afire. It’s not a time I like to remember, but I try to be better than that now.”

“Oh, I’ve been there, too.” Jason chuckled. “You have no idea.”

“What happened?”

Jason glanced at the sky and sighed and you only knew one person who ever did it just like Jason now.
It hit you like a bolt, making your system crash down entirely. You lip quivered and your hands shook, your knees were made of jelly all of a sudden.

“Are yo–”

You jumped into his arms and let your tears run free. Your fingertips were digging into his shoulder and your feet dangled in the air.
Jason almost lost his palace.

“But they told me.” You sobbed. “I thought you died, oh my god.”

Jason’s eyes widened. His stomach turned upside down. This couldn’t– could it? Deep down he knew since moments, but pushed it away since it was impossible.

You pulled your head from his shoulder and laid your forehead against his. His wet hair was sticking to your forehead and your own locks were simply everywhere.
He let your bare feet touch the ground again and you cupped his face with your shaking hands.
Your thumb run over the scar on his cheek.
It wasn’t prominent, barely there, but you knew he had it, because you were there the night he got it.
You saved Jason from that thug who wanted gods know what from him.

“(Y/N).” His voice was a faint whisper stacked with disbelief. “(Y/N)?” He repeated.

You nodded your head violently and a smile of pure relief spread on your chapped lips. “Yes, Jason.” You stroke his hair back.

“How?” His voice broke and he buried his face into your shoulder and locked his arms around you so tightly one could think he wanted to be absorbed by you.

You two were crying now.
Happiness. Sadness. Relief.

Time seemed to blur away as you were wrapped up in each other, reunited after all those years. Now, the two of you could not believe you didn’t see it earlier. It was ridiculous.

The sun was setting when you finally pulled away.

Jason pressed his forehead to your and the two of you started to giggle and laugh. He stroke through your hair and your hands were caressing the skin of his cheeks.
Your eyes sparkled like galaxies.

“I saw your jacket, your blood soaked jacket.”

After you had saved Jason, you stayed together.
For the first time in your two lives you could trust someone entirely, for the first time you had someone who cared about you.
For the first time you two experienced love.
One morning Jason left. It was the day before your birthday and with the little money he somehow collected he wanted to buy you something nice. You told him not to, that you could spend the money on more important things, but he insisted.
Around the time Jason said he’d be back gunfire roared in the air.

“I gave the jacket to this boy because he was freezing.” He explained. “But I saw the blood where we stayed. Jerome told me you got hit, he said you died.”

You shook your head. “A bullet hit me in the leg, but ambulance was there and took me. That’s when I saw the jacket and I yelled for you and they said the boy who wore it is dead.

You two could just laugh with tears running.

“Something like this could only happen to us,” you said.

“I shouldn’t have believed him. I… I should have–”

“Shh.” You peaked his lips softly.

Jason’s knees shook. How often did he dream of you? How often did he imagine what it felt like to hold you and kiss you again?


Part two where Jason finds out you’re an anti hero, protecting the kids living on the streets?
[I’m pretty okay with how this turned out. It would be nice to know what you think 💜]

The Neighbors

Request: Ghost town are fkn l i t omg anyway if requests are open please could you do a scenario where you move in next door to monsta x and jooheon or I.m get a crush on you idk man me and my friend were discussing what you’d do if that actually happened lmao you can do fluff or smut I don’t mind

Member: Monsta X’s I.M. x Jooheon x Y/N

Type: Fluff

Comments: I don’t pick because I can’t make decisions and then we all suffer 

“You knock - No,you knock. Look, Kihyun said we had to bring the new neighbor cookies. Well, why can’t we eat them and said we brought them? He’ll know, he knows everything, I-” 

I swung the door open and stared. On my doorstep stood two boys, bickering, their whispers had echoed down my entryway nearly five minutes ago. They both immediately looked up, their mouths falling slightly ajar at my presence. 

“Did you know it was going to be a girl?” one of the boys hissed. 

“I knew nothing,” the other spat back as they continued to stare. “Say something.”

“I can’t…Korean,” the other boy stuttered. I tried to stifle a chuckle at their continued conversation as if I didn’t exist. 

“Then English! Just say something,” the opposite boy groaned. 

“Hi, I’m Y/N,” I said slowly, looking each boy up and down. “And you are?”

“JooChangeonkyun.” The boys had both said their names at the same time, causing a flurry of noises to escape toward me. 

“Want to try that again?” I chuckled, crossing my arms. 

“I am Jooheon,” the boy with the deep dimples said. “And this is-”

“Your dream man,” the other said, waggling his eyebrows. 

Jooheon stared at his cohort, wincing as he turned back to me. “I think he stood too close to a microwave when he was younger. It did things to his brain.”

“I had poor eyesight and the timer didn’t work.” the boy grumbled. “But I’m I.M.”

“Is…is that a joke?” I asked, completely confused with the introduction the boy just gave. 

“Well, no, our microwave was  really old and-” 

“No, you’re name,” I interrupted, my smile growing more wide by the moment. 

“Oh, yeah, that’s my rapper name. We’re part of a music group. My last name is Im, so I go by I.M. You can call me Changkyun, or Daniel, perhaps Danny if you’re feeling spicy.” 

“And you?” I asked, turning to Jooheon. “What do you do in your music group?”

“Oh, I’m the other rapper. Well, not the other rapper. The main rapper, the lead, the better one if you will,” Jooheon said quickly. 

“That’s a matter of opinion,” Changkyun hissed, shooting a glare at his friend. 

“I’m guessing you guys live nearby?” I said, trying to ignore their back and forth. “Are you roommates?”

“Technically our whole group is,” Jooheon nodded. “Our dorm is to the left of your apartment-”

“Or right depending on where you’re standing. Really directions are kind of subjective,” Changkyun interrupted. 

“Anyway, our dorm is adjacent to your apartment, so we’re neighbors now,” Jooheon smiled. “And these are for you.”

Jooheon extended his arms toward me, a fresh plate of chocolate chip cookies waiting for me to grab. I took them gently from his hands. 

“Would you guys like some? If you haven’t had any already-” 

“I thought she would never ask!” Changkyun hissed, shouldering past me and into my apartment. 

“Kihyun said we couldn’t have any,” Jooheon nodded, taking one from the plate as he followed Changkyun inside. 

And that’s how I was introduced to Jooheon and Changkyun of Monsta X. 

“Really? You ate the last slice of pizza? I called dibs Changkyun!” I groaned, stomping my foot on the hardwood. 

“It was already in my mouth by the time that happened,” Changkyun sighed. “I didn’t have a malicious intent.” 

It had been two months since I had moved into my apartment, not knowing that I was surrounded by StarShip Entertainment’s brightest and most promising stars. Ever since the day Jooheon and Changkyun had introduced themselves, Monsta X had grown on me like a fungus. They barged into my life and hadn’t left since. 

I couldn’t say I was mad about it though. I was pretty much living in a sitcom with seven wacky, very attractive neighbors. Two of which almost never left my side when they had downtime. 

“You should have rap battled him for it,” Jooheon muttered from the couch. “You know you would have beat him.”

“Feeling cold in that shade Kyunie?” I giggled, eying the younger boy. He rolled his eyes, looking away from me with a scowl. He sighed as he landed on the couch, taking the opposite side from Jooheon. 

“Come here baby girl,” Jooheon cooed, patting the seat in between them. I felt my heart do a summersault at his smooth words and smiled at the floor. Did I mention my neighbors were VERY attractive? 

I shuffled over, landing with a plop on the cushion. Jooheon immediately set his arm around me, Changkyun placing his feet in my lap. Jooheon gave him a side glare, meant to be terrifying, but all of us knew he was soft under his attempt at a hard exterior. 

“Oh, am I on the receiving end of that look now?” Changkyun chuckled, slinging his feet off of me. “I thought that was only for special occasions.”

“Shut up,” Jooheon hissed under his teeth. 

“Did you know, Y/N,” Changkyun smiled mischievously, leaning over. “Jooheon has been crushing on someone.”

“Oh?” I asked, lifting my brows. “Does that mean I won’t see you as often? Is she an idol too?”

“Nope, perfectly normal girl,” Changkyun giggled. “You might know of her actually, she’s-”

“Changkyun I swear, if you want to live to see 21,” Jooheon hissed. 

“Heony,” I cooed, pinching his cheek. “Let Danny speak, I’m enthralled.”

“You hear her Heony? Enthralled,” Changkyun giggled, wiggling his eyebrows as he said the final word. 

“Both of you are going to kill me,” Jooheon groaned. “Why do I put myself in these situations?” 

“Because you love us,” I whispered, leaning back on his outstretched arm and allowing him to tangle me in it. I gave him a light boop on the nose and smiled up at him.

Changkyun leaned away from us with a wide grin. “You have no idea.” 

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One Pt.1

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Group: EXO
Member: Sehun x OC
Genre: Fluff, Smut
Word count: 3834
A/N: The second to last part. I don’t know much about line up of exordium so if it’s wrong I’m sorry.

One Night Stand | One Night | One Pt. 1 | One Pt. 2

The next day Sehun, Joonmyun, and I have meeting with their manager. The three of us enter SM Entertainment and go to their manager’s office. “I’ve scheduled a doctor’s appointment in two days, but I have rules if you two are going to keep the baby” Their manager informs us. “You two may be seen in public until Y/N starts showing. Y/N is on house arrest after she starts showing. This is honestly convenient because I was looking for a big enough house for you nine boys. Anyway, once I find one Y/N will move in” Their manager explains the plan to us. “Do the rest of the boys know?” He ask us.

“Out of the eight of us Kyungsoo and I know” Joonmyun tells him. He nods and writes something on a sticky note, “This is the information you need for your doctor’s appointment” He hands me the sticky note. “Be careful of what you two do in public now, okay?” He says sternly. Joonmyun, Sehun and I get up to leave. “We will have another meeting in a few months about this” Their manager escorts us out. We drive back to the dorm and just kind of hang out. “How do we tell the rest of them?” I ask Sehun. Sehun shrugs, “Guys! Exo meeting” All the boys come downstairs into the living room.

Sehun stands up from the couch, “I’m glad you all could come to this meeting.” I giggle as Sehun talks to his bandmates. “I’ve called you here for a very good reason,” Sehun paces in front of the boys “I’ve fallen in love with a girl. You probably know her, she goes by the name of Y/N. Anyway, after we had amazing sex I realized I liked her. She became very close to all of us in the last month and a half. I guess what I’m trying to say is-” I cut Sehun off. “I’m pregnant” I switch my position on the couch so I’m laying down and put my hands behind my head. “Wow, thanks for that” Sehun says boringly.

“Wait, Sehun, were you trying to tell us your pull out game is weak” Jongin cracks up. “Why does that not surprise me” Baekhyun comments. “I was trying to tell you guys in a very romantic way” Sehun defends. “It stopped being romantic the minute you started talking about sex” Chanyeol howls. “I agree with him” I point to Chanyeol as Sehun glares at me. I stand up and join Sehun, “Though we can’t talk about the pregnancy outside of this house, you all will get a t-shirt that says uncle squad” I announce. The boys all cheer. Baekhyun and Jongdae snicker, “Sehun’s pull out game is weak.” Sehun groans and smacks them both.

“So you’re about a month and a half?” Minseok asks. I nod my head and he smiles. “Good luck you’re kid will be a brat” He whispers in my ear. I chuckle at the comment as I think he’s not completely wrong. “Oh, so is that why you and Sehun were outside the other day?” Yixing asks me. “You saw that?” I ask. “Yeah I was sitting in my room, and I saw you and Sehun talking then you ran off” He explains. “Oh, yeah” I say awkwardly.

Two days later

“Y/F/N” The nurse announces catching me and Sehun’s attention. “Yes, that’s me” I answer as I stand up and follow her. She takes us into an examination room. Everything is white or gray and smells really clean. Sehun squeezes my hand and I give him a comforting smile. The nurse takes all my information, “The doctor will be in soon to see you.” Now, it’s just Sehun and I in the room and I glance around nervously. “Y’know I’ve never really liked hospitals” I say with a frown. “Why is that, baby” Sehun rubs the back of my hand with his thumb. “My brother was in a car accident, he had a chance of not making it, it made me so mad that he was gonna leave me here with the two people who didn’t love me but he got better” I squeeze Sehun’s hand and he kisses my hand. “Well-” Sehun gets cut off by the doctor.

“Hello, Y/N” The doctor greets us. “I’m Dr. Jung, now let’s have a look at your baby” She smiles as she gets a tube of blue gel. “You must be the father” Dr. Jung smiles at Sehun, “Glad you could be here.” I lift my shirt as she puts a dollop of blue gel on my stomach. Dr. Jung turns on the monitor and rubs the device around on my stomach. “Your baby is about 7 weeks and it’s healthy” I smile at Sehun as he stares at the monitor in awe. “That’s…that’s my baby?” He asks, eyes never leaving the screen. “Yes” Dr. Jung says. “I think we’ll need two prints of this” I chuckle to Dr. Jung. “I think so too” She looks between me and Sehun. “Here are your prints” She hands me two copies and wipes off the gel.

“What size is the baby right now?” Sehun asks. I wonder what he’s thinking right now with everything that’s going on. “It’s about the size of a blueberry” Dr. Jung explains as she escorts us out. “Thank you Dr. Jung” I shake her hand. “I expect to see you back here in two months” She waves us off. “This is most amazing thing I have ever seen in my entire life” Sehun says as we walk out to the car. “In seven months you get to hold that in your arms” I comment. “Oh my god I might cry” Sehun says as he gets into the driver side of the car. Sehun starts the car, “So be honest what’s going through your head right now?” I ask. “Honestly, I can never look at blueberries again without thinking I’m a cannibal. And everything that happened today just made me think ‘Wow this is real, I’m not dreaming’ and it’s crazy, y'know? Like I’m gonna be a father and you’re the mother and it’s a little me like and the boys oh my god they’re gonna be uncles and then apart of me is like ‘Dude you’re the youngest in the group and you’re having a baby when you’re still a baby’ and I’m wondering what the boys think like-” Sehun rambles on as he looks between the road and me. “Sehun breathe” I cut him off. Sehun breathes in and out a few times. “Long story short I’m happy, excited, and a bit overwhelmed but in good way” He says as he turns into the dorm parking lot.

“Well I’m glad you’re happy” I smile and get out of the car. “If only we could go public with this because I wanna share this with all the Exo-ls” Sehun frowns at the sonogram picture. “I know what you mean, Sehunnie, I wish we could too” I lean my head on his shoulder as I glance down at my copy. “But for now let’s go in and show the boys” Sehun points to the front door. As soon as we open the door there are 8 boys sitting impatiently on the stairs. When they notice us they all jump up with bright excited faces. “Show me my grandchild” I hear Joonmyun say. “Chill guys, here’s the photo” I hand them my copy and they all coo at the black and white picture.

“It’s beautiful” Yixing smiles up at me and Sehun. “If it’s a boy do you think his penis will be small like Sehun’s?” Baekhyun asks Jongdae. “Probably” Jongdae chuckles. Everyone stares at the two perverted boys. “Really? Why do you have to ruin a great moment?” Kyungsoo smacks the back of the boy’s head. “Anyway it’s beautiful” Kyungsoo comments. “Thank you” Sehun smiles at his hyung and then he shoots Baekhyun and Jongdae a glare.

Joonmyun’s phone starts ringing and he walks into the living room to answer it. Everyone exchanges looks before following him into the living room. “Mhm, yeah I’ll let them know, yes thank you Manager Hyung” Joonmyun ends the call. “Well?” Jongin asks. “Well the good news is he found a bigger house to move into, the bad news is we go on tour in two days and don’t move into the house till after the tour” He stares at his phone before putting it into his pocket. “So you guys are all leaving in two days?” I ask, sadness laced in the tone of my voice. “I guess so” Chanyeol looks the most shocked. What a mood killer, I think to myself.

“Come on” Sehun grabs my hand, pulls me up the stairs and into his room. “Cuddle with me” He demands as he plops down on his bed. I fall asleep to Sehun drawing circles on my back. We wake up later and eat dinner with everyone in awkward silence. Then, everyone washes up and gets ready for bed.

Sehun’s POV

My eyes flutter open and adjust to the sunlight seeping through the curtains. I roll over away from the light and wrap my arm around Y/N. She stirs in her sleep but doesn’t wake up. She looks beautiful when she sleeps and she glows now that she’s pregnant. I can’t help but smile at her. Then all the sudden a warm feeling hits the pit of my stomach. “Fuck” I whisper. I gently move Y/N’s hair away from her neck, and start leaving light kisses on her neck. She moans in her sleep and I pull her whole body closer. What’s not helping is that she’s wearing little to no clothing. “Sehun, get your boner away from my ass” Y/N groans. “I want you so bad” I give her one long kiss on her neck.

“How could you want me at this time?” She turns over so she’s facing me. “I want you all the time it’s just right now I really want you” I push a strand of hair behind her ear. “Well when you put it like that” She says groggily then she bites her lip. “Wait,” She pulls away and sits up a little looking around the room, “Okay nevermind.” I look at her with a weird expression. “I thought Joonmyun was still in here” She says as she snakes her arm around my neck. Just as I’m about to say something she pulls me in before I can speak. I squeeze her hips as I pull them closer to mine. Y/N moans and then straddles me.

Y/N grinds on me and my hands make their way down to her ass as I knead it. She continues to grind making me lose my mind, “Fuck Y/N, if you keep grinding I’ll come like this” I pant. She chuckles against my lips and pulls away, “Is Sehun that excited?” “Excited is an understatement” I growl and pull her down only to roll us over for a change of position. “You got top last time now you’re gonna see what it’s like to be bottom” I purr in her ear. “So Sehun isn’t a bottom bitch, what else… do you want me to call you daddy too?” Y/N teases. “Provoking the wolf, wow how brave” I comment.

“Bring it on Maknae” She smirks. “Shut up” I smile and close the space between us. I unclip her bra and throw it on the ground. She arches her back making her chest press up against me as she kisses my neck. I pull her out of my neck and I move down her body so I’m eye level with her breasts. I smirk up at her then I put her right nipple in my mouth and swirl my tongue around it. She closes her eyes tight and grips the sheets next to her. I massage her left breast occasionally pinching the nipple. “Sehun” She moans my name and she moans it loud. God it makes a surge of pleasure run through my body and stop at my groin.

I switch to the left breast and I massage the right with my hand. She squirms at the pleasure, “Sehun I want you now.” I ignore her begging and let go of her breast. Y/N sighs in relief probably thinking I’m gonna give it to her now but she’s got a little more waiting to do first. I snake down her body and make a ton of wet kisses on her stomach. “Sorry for this blueberry” I whisper making Y/N laugh. I pull her panties off and throw them with her bra. I spread her legs and kiss the insides of her thighs. Without preparation I push two fingers into Y/N. She puts her hands over her face and whimpers loudly. “Excuse me Miss, I’m gonna need you to quiet down” I stop pumping my fingers and smirk up at her. She flips me off and bucks her hips up. “Well if you say so” I chuckle.

I take my fingers out of her and come up to be face to face. I push her hands away from her face, “Let me see your beautiful face.” Y/N slowly moves her hands away from her face, I grab one hand, intertwine our fingers and place it above her head. “Ready?” I ask. Y/N scoffs, “Ready is an understatement.” I chuckle and align my dick with her entrance. I push in slowly resulting in a long moan from me. My thrusts start slow and gradually get faster as I feel myself getting closer to climax. “Sehun it’s-it’s so good-” Y/N cuts herself off with a whimper. “Come baby” I whisper in her ear and she does, but with an oh so beautiful moan of my name. My thrusts get sloppier and I release into Y/N. I ride it out as Y/N strokes my cheek, still coming down from her climax.

I pull out, then lay next to her trying to catch my breath. Y/N peppers kisses on my chest before getting out of bed to search for clothes for the both of us. She throws me boxers and sweatpants, and she steals a tshirt and boxers for herself. “You guys leave tomorrow” She blurts.


“You guys leave tomorrow” I blurt without even realizing it. Sehun’s face drops as he stares at me. It was only announced yesterday and it’s already tearing me apart. “Well, yes, but our first concert is in Seoul then we start the world tour” Sehun explains. I nod as I bite my lip. “I’ll be gone for about four months tops, but I promise you I will be here for the birth of our baby” Sehun strokes my head. “We have to pack now okay, baby” Sehun kisses my forehead and the pulls a suitcase out from under the bed. “Can I get breakfast first?” I ask and Sehun nods. I make my way downstairs to the kitchen. I search the fridge for anything but nothing sounds good. I look in the pantry, finding a banana and some oatmeal. I fix the oatmeal and cut the banana up in slices. “You’re gonna miss that the next four months aren’t you” Yixing appears at the doorway of the kitchen.

“Miss what?” I ask smiling at him. He chuckles as he gets a mug out of the cupboard and pours milk into it. “You’re gonna miss the morning sex with Sehun” He deadpans. “You guys don’t even try to be quiet and I’m on the opposite side of the hall” He adds. “I’m sorry” I blush awkwardly. “It’s okay, I can’t quite speak for the other boys but I understand he wants to worship your body all the time, his face says it all” Yixing takes a sip of his hot chocolate. “I’m gonna miss him” I blurt. “I’m gonna miss all of you and I’m gonna miss not being able to come over and annoy every one of you” I add. Yixing gives me a side hug, “We’ll miss you too but remember we will be back so you can continue to annoy us.”

“Y/N don’t cry” Yixing coos, he picks up my bowl of oatmeal and puts an arm around me leading me upstairs to Sehun’s room. “Sehun we have a problem” Yixing says nervously. “What did you do!?” Sehun raises his voice at Yixing. “She said she was gonna miss us and then she started crying” Yixing says quickly. I stand there crying then Sehun grabs my hands and pulls me into a comforting hug. “I’m sorry for yelling, you can go now I’ve got Her” Sehun assures Yixing. He leaves and closes the door behind him. “Y/N” Sehun whispers in my hair. “Baby, look at me” He says. I sniffle and look up at him. “You’re going to be okay, I wouldn’t go on tour knowing you’re not going to be okay but you’re so strong you can do anything and you have to stay especially strong for our baby okay?” Sehun says calmly. “I love you” I whisper to him. He smiles wide making his teeth show. He doesn’t say anything, instead he pulls me into a bear hug.


Tonight was the kick off for the Exordium tour. Everyone is excited but nervous. “You’re going to do great you are amazing” I say to Sehun. “But what if I miss a step” Sehun asks nervously. “Sehun you guys have practiced this dance for months there’s no way you can mess this up” I reassure him. “But what if-” I cut Sehun off. “When you’re out there pretend it’s just you and the boys in the practice room working hard” I tell him. He nods and I smile at him. “Or imagine it’s just me and you the whole time” I hold his hand. “Yeah, I’ll imagine you as the cane for artificial love and pray to god I don’t get a boner” He deadpans. I burst out laughing, “Please do that.”

“Guys, 10 minutes till showtime, Y/N you gotta go to your special spot” Exo’s Manager tells us. I give Sehun a good luck kiss and the rest of the boys high fives and hugs. “Y/N” Sehun says making me stop at the door and turn to him, “I love you.” I smile at him, “I love you too.” Their manager leads me to my spot in the arena which is to the right of the stage and two bodyguards are there to watch me, making sure I don’t get hurt by fans Sehun told me. The arena lights turn off and the opening video plays.


Its an hour into the show and they’re sitting down doing their acoustic medley. So far the boys look like they’re having fun and doing amazing. After the medley they talk to the audience. “You guys may not know this but we have a very very very special guest here today” Kyungsoo smiles my way. Sehun blushes like crazy. “You guys remember Y/N, right?” Chanyeol asks the fans. They all yell a yes back to them. “Aw look at Sehun blush, anyway Y/N is here tonight” Baekhyun pokes Sehun’s cheeks as he tries to hide. The fans start changing ‘Oh Sehun speech’. Chanyeol, Baekhyun and Jongdae chant with them.

“Okay okay,” Sehun starts. “Yes, Y/N is out there, and I’m so ecstatic that she could be here tonight, it means a lot. We will perform good for you, Y/N. I love you” Sehun never breaks eye contact with me. The boys aww as do the fans. “Anyway let us go change and we will come back and perform more songs!” Joonmyun says before running off stage. They all come back out wearing black button up that is cut in areas and black leather jeans. The beginning beat of Artificial Love booms through the arena. To my luck Sehun’s spot for the song is right in front of me. The choreography for the song is on the sensual side but it’s perfect for EXO. Sehun winks at me as he gets lower till he’s on his knees. That’s when it happens…he grinds on the cane. I never thought that Sehun grinding on an inanimate object would turn me on so much. He then puts the cane behind his head and humps the air. All the girls and some boys around me are screaming and I don’t blame them. I scream with them till the song is over.  


I wake up to Sehun shaking me. He’s leaning over me already dressed. “Come on, baby, we’ve gotta go to the airport” He says quietly. I sit up as Sehun grabs me an outfit and hands it to me. I put on a pair of black leggings and one of his charcoal colored sweatshirt. I throw some black converse on then Sehun and I go downstairs to the can with the rest of the band. Everything in the dorm is packed up and ready to be moved into the new house. The drive to the airport is quiet, maybe it’s because it’s 5am or maybe it’s because none of us are ready to be apart. The night before the boys confessed that they hated that they were gonna miss seeing my stomach grow with their nephew or niece in it. They said I was family now and they can’t leave family easily.

It was very obvious Sehun didn’t want to leave me alone and especially with me being pregnant. We pile out of the car and everyone grabs their bags. We walk into the airport and go through the process to get checked in and stuff. There were paparazzi and fans already there which made it pretty hectic. We reach the point where only the boys can continue on. “I’ll be back before you know it” Sehun says. “We’ll be here” I smile sadly. Sehun hugs me tight and I hug back just as tight. He strokes my cheek as he looks down at me affectionately. Around us is the boys, fans, and paparazzi, but right now I don’t care no one can ruin this moment. He leans down and gives me a kiss, in the background I hear all the fans ‘aw’ and all the camera snaps.

The boys are next, they all get in a line to give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. They all say goodbye just then there’s an announcement in the airport that their plane is boarding for departure. Sehun gives me one last hug and whispers, “I love you,” and he walks away towards the gate. Their manager drives me home and I lay in bed for a little bit with my hoodie up and the smell of Sehun lingering on his hoodie.

Jack Maynard - We Got Robbed

Anon: Can you do one where Josh pranks Jack and you (like the prank where they got robbed) and Jack gets angry and you calm him down and its all cute n stuff until Jack find all stuff in Josh’s room?

A/N: I love love love this video! It’s absolutely hilarious. If for some reason you haven’t watched it GO CHECK IT OUT! P.s. this imagine is heavily based off the video and a lot of the dialogue is taken from there. ENJOY MY LOVES :)

Requested: Yes

Word count: 1345

“Hurry up! I need to pee!” you badgered Jack, who was trailing behind with Conor, while you had ran ahead, only to realise you didn’t have the keys to boys’ house. The two of you along with Conor had come back from dinner, and were going to spend the rest of the night in with Josh.

“Alright, calm down, you little twit”, Conor laughed at you as you hopped around, waiting for him to catch up.  

“Oh, just piss in that plant”, Jack smirked, nodding over at their neighbours potted plants.

You whipped around, turning to face Conor, and then back at Jack, glaring at him as he continued strolling. “I swear to god, Jack! I will actually piss on you right now!” you threatened.

“You do know that we never lock our door, right?” Conor laughed.

Your eyes bulged out, “What?” you scream at the two boys. “You’re fucking kidding me!” you shouted, turning around to push open the door. Finding success, you ran in, yelling over your shoulder, “Assholes!”

In your hurry to get to the bathroom, you tripped over one of the lights the boys used for filming. A string of curses came flowing out your mouth, and you quickly got up, ignoring the pain in your leg and dashed for the bathroom.

Once you had relieved yourself, you re-entered the living room, feeling a lot calmer than before. Conor and Jack were packing about, confusion and stress evident in their voice. “What’s going on?” you asked as you walked over.

Jack was muttering to himself, searching for something. Looking back at you, he glanced down to your leg. “You okay?” he asked, referring to the little fall you had when you first stepped in.

“Yeah, little sore. It’s fine, though”, you brushed it off, sensing a more serious issue at hand.

“Did you move the TV into the room?” Conor questioned, looking over at his brother. “Did you not?” he pushed.

Looking around, Jack’s eyes found the TV console. “Mate look, the fucking Xbox is gone!”

“Oh my fucking god!” Conor sighed, moving closer for inspection.

“Wait what the hell?” you stood rooted in your position. You looked around, starting to feel unsafe. “This is way too freaky.”

“It’s almost like I can feel someone’s been here” Conor spoke.

“You mean some stranger’s been in here?” you panicked.

Jack had not said much, trying to take in what had just happened. With his hands cupping his head, he paced about. His face held a pissed off expression, while yours had one of fear and shock etched on. Conor was walking about, inspecting the house for any other loses.

“Mate?” he called, his voice indicating that the Xbox was not the only thing to worry about. “Don’t tell me your fucking DJ stuff was there.”

Stress written clearly across his face, Jack walked over, his hands under the waistband of his shorts. Rubbing his eyes, he buried his face into his hands, sighing deeply. While you remained in your state of shock and fear, you looked around, trying to find an explanation for the situation. Conor ran out, muttering something about checking his room, and came too soon without any good news.

“FUCK!” Jack suddenly shouted, breaking his silence, and in the process snapping you back to reality. “How? How the actual hell did this happen?” he asked, frustrated.

Shrugging, Conor turned away, avoiding both you and Jack. “There must be a CCTV or something in building” Jack exclaimed “I mean what the actual fuck is this?” Jack yelled, the realisation that everything was missing, now sinking in. Kicking the nearest chair, he let out a string of curses.

“Babe” you said, moving over to Jack. You pulled his hands away from his head, lowering them back down. You reached one hand up to cup his cheeks, “Babe, calm down”, you tried soothing.

“Calm down? (Y/N)! My fucking TV, Xbox, laptop and DJ stuff is all missing! You want me to fucking calm down?” he exploded. “Oh my god”, he mumbled, continuing to mutter to himself as he paced about.

“Jack look at me”, you soothed, both hands now cupping his cheeks. Looking into your eyes, he calmed down slightly, taking a deep breath in to steady himself.

“Seriously though-” Jack started, ready to resume freaking out.

“Uh uh”, you tutted. “We’ll figure this out babe, it’s gonna be okay”, you told him disregarding how shaken you were. “We’ll find it all babe.”

“Yeah, but where is it?” Jack continued, clearly stressed. “How the fuck did anyone get in here? Oh my god, how?” he yelled, banging his fists on the table.

“But like what I don’t get is how the fuck this even happened. Mate how are you not freaking out?” he looked to Conor. Before getting a reply, he continued on, “This is fucking not okay. What if one of us was home? How did they even know when to come in?” Jack continued rambling on, letting off as much steam as he could, hitting the counter and knocking things over.

You looked over at Conor while Jack went on, noticing his demeaner was slightly unsettlingly calm for this situation. You noticed that both Maynard brothers had their hands buried in their pants. You failed to bite back a laugh, as they both turned to look at you questioningly.

“What?” Jack asked, eyes narrowed, an unhappy looked stretched across his face.

Smiling slightly, your eyes travelled to his crotch. “Holding onto your junk in case someone steals that too?” you joked. They simultaneously pulled their hands back out, about to defend their case, but you cut them off.

“Love, let’s just go down and check with security, yeah?” you suggested, turning back to Jack.

Nodding in agreement, he turned to Conor, “Is any of Josh’s stuff missing?”

“Fuck knows where he keeps it anyway”, Conor responded.

Groaning in frustration, Jack walked over to Josh’s room. “What’re you looking for?” Conor asked, seeing where he was headed.

“Seeing if anything of Josh’s is gone”, he muttered, then proceeded to lift the covers off Josh’s bed. “Josh is such a fucking loser!” he laughed as he lifted the covers to reveal his possessions on the bed. Relief and annoyance took over the previously worried and pissed off expression he had plastered on earlier.

At that, Conor burst out laughing. “Oh my god! It was you!” you asked Conor laughing. “I knew you were being way too calm about it all!” you exclaimed, relief flooding in.  

“Did you do it?” Jack asked, rolling his eyes.

Laughing, Conor ran back to the living room, calling out to Josh. The two boys cheered as they met, giggling in excitement.

“Did you fall for it?” Josh asked excitedly.

“Yeah! I thought everything was gone. Fucking scared the shit out of me, Josh!” he cried out. “It’s not even funny”, he whined, still reeling from the events.

The two boys pointed out the cameras, and proceeded to make fun of Jack. “You guys that was not funny at all. I was terrified”, you added.

“No you weren’t!” Jack pointed out.

“ ‘Course I was! But someone had to keep their pants on”, you laughed. “You were about to shit yourself.”

“Bloody hell Josh, you’re an asshole!” Jack complained. “You too, Conor!” he added, hearing the boy laugh.

“I can’t believe you fell for it, though” Josh cried out happily.

“Yeah, all I was thinking was thank god I got a MacDonald’s brand deal”, Jack confessed, laughing as he sat down, sinking into the couch. Another round of laughter ensued, the pranksters gleefully relishing in their success.

As you sat on the couch next to him, he turned to you, a smile forming on his face, “You always got me.”

“Guess you’ve just freaked out on me enough times, yeah”, you joked, rolling your eyes.

“Oh shut up!” he laughed, a blush rising to cheeks as he wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you against his chest. Pressing a kiss to your temple, he snuggled against you.

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Of Course - Z.H.

Prompt from this list:  “This is by far the most stupid plan you’ve ever created. Of course I’m in.”

Requested by anon 

A/N: I have 2 more of these request, but I think that’ll I’ll post them tomorrow bc it’s almost 12 am and I’m getting kind of tired. 

You sat on the counter of the WHY DON’T WE CASA, as you like to call it. You were reading a book, trying not to fall asleep on the counter. 

“Hey, how many times have we told you, stop sitting on the counter. It’s were we eat!” Jack tried to pull you off the counter, but you pretended to try and bite him before he could. 

“How many times have I told you, you guys don’t even eat here. And it’s the best place to read.” You went back to reading, ignoring the look Jack was giving you. 

“Zach! Your girlfriend is being a pain in the ass again!” Jack called out to your boyfriend, who was upstairs doing who knows what. 

“Zach! Your bandmate is being a whinny brat again!” You mimicked Jack, trying not to laugh as he scoffed, jokingly, and walked away like a drama queen.

You sat on the counter for a couple more minutes, still trying not to fall asleep. 

“What are you doing, sweetheart.” He looked over your shoulder, resting his chin on your shoulder. 

“Nothing, just bored and trying not to sleep.” You responded, turning to give him a light kiss on the cheek. 

“Well, what if we go do something.” He asked you, taking the book from your hands and setting next to you. 

“And what do you suggest we do on this fine evening?” You asked as you wrapped your hands around his neck.

“I don’t know, maybe bother Jack?” He asked, thinking of ways to bother his best friend.

“Nope!” Jack called from his place in the living room. “She’s already done that today.” 

You and Zach both giggled, forgetting that the boy was just in the other room. 

“Okay, fine. How about… we prank Jonah?” He suggested, obviously not hearing the very tall boy walk in talking to Daniel. 

“No, definitely not. Once was enough, I’m never trusting you two again,” Jonah glared at both of you, reminding you of the time you fed him Oreo cookies on tour when you were both bored.

“Oh come on!” You giggled, Zach trying hard not to laugh. “ It wasn’t even that bad! At least your breath smelled nice!” You exclaimed, causing Zach to burst out laughing and you to start giggling uncontrollably.

“Never. Again.” Jonah stated, walking out with Daniel behind him. Daniel squinted at you, making you giggle even more. 

“Don’t you two even think about it, I’m watching you.” He pointed at you and Zach. 

“Well, that leaves us with Corbyn.” You signed, not thinking of any prank you could pull on him. “He’s not fun, last time he ruined it because he stayed in bed all day!” 

You and Zach just sat their for a moment, being content with being with each other. 

“I love you, you know” Zach randomly started playing with your hair. 

“I love you, too.” You kissed him, playing with his hair too. After a while, you two pulled away, still bored out of your minds. 

‘Wait! I got it! What if we ‘sell’ he’s shoes online.” Zach excitedly told you, using quotation fingers when saying sell.

“What do you mean?” You asked confused. 

“Well, we steal all of his shoes and make fake ads, pretending to b selling his shoes.” Zach explained as he began walking towards Corbyn’s room. 

Zach took a big plastic bag with him, and when he reached Corbyn’s closet, he began throwing all of his shoes in the bag. 

“Well, are you gonna help me or not? Because if you’re not in this with me, you’re against me.” He looked at you funny, playfully glaring at you.

“This is by far the most stupid plan you’ve ever created. Of course I’m in.”

You guys spent the rest of the day hiding his shoes and creating fake ads. By the time Corbyn got home, everything was set. You were sitting on Zach’s bed, both of you giggling to yourself. 

“Zach! Give me my shoes back!” Corbyn yelled from his room.

“Zach?” You looked at him annoyed.


“You forgot to remove your name from the fake ad.” 

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fic: Liquid Confidence

title: liquid confidence

warnings: alcohol, smut (but it’s not overly descriptive) & swearing

word count: 3900

description: final bows have been taken, the curtains have closed and the bittersweet taste of the tour ending is soon replaced by one too many cocktails. through their drunken hazes, they end up alone together, reminiscing on the old days and laughing in awe at this crazy life they have. and then phil is kissing dan and it’s not so funny anymore.

“You know, I’ve spent my whole life trying to create something worth it. Something that people will remember,” Dan says and squints up at the stars, “And I have. I’ve done more than I ever could have imagined, y’know, this tour has been incredible and the book and everything, but,” his gaze drops to his hands, “but I still feel like there’s this one thing that’s missing and I don’t know what that is.”

“Except I sort of do know,” he adds as an afterthought, and maybe it’s his alcohol intake or maybe it’s the way the moonlight is falling across Phil’s face, but the words are going to fall off of his tongue and he can’t be bothered to stop them.

a/n: this fic has been a monster to complete, and i’m so happy to be finally posting it! it’s been a month since i posted and wow that’s awful. i hope this makes up for it.

read on AO3 if you prefer 

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Cookie Thief

Originally posted by vampires-story

Requested by anonymous:

“The vampire diaries imagine with Enzo where you are always insulting each other jokingly and flirting with each other but then he kisses you and it’s fluffy with you two for once.”

Warnings: fluff, swearing

“Long day?” Stefan asked as I walked into the Salvatore’s living room.

“You don’t know the half of it.” I huffed grabbing the glass from Stefan’s extended hand. I muttered a thank you before plopping down on the couch in front of the fire. I let out a sigh as my muscles relaxed into the worn cushions before allowing myself a sip of the liquid.

“Do you know where Elena is by the way? I tried to call her but her cell was off.” I sighed as I reached for one of the grimoires on the coffee table.

“Yeah that would be because she’s upstairs with Damon.” Stefan laughed and I wrinkled my nose in disgust.

“That’s my boy.” A familiar accent spoke and I rolled my eyes as Enzo waltzed into the room.

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The 5th Floor - Chapter 1

Members: Yoongi and Hoseok focus. All members featured.

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Light smut in later chapters

Length: ~3.6k

Blurb:  College/University AU  |  Cheon Yuna is your average University student, perhaps aside from how hardworking she is. What will happen when she has to move into a new building and live with a group of boys she’s never met?

All parts here

Chapter 1

I let out a rather unattractive huff as I heave two boxes into the lift and rest them on top of my suitcase. Adjusting the guitar on my back, I press the button for floor 5 and get my breath back as the doors slide shut and feel myself rising up.

The place is a fairly standard university flat set up. The buildings had six floors with eight dorms on each floor, which are separated into two flats. Each group of four, flat A and B, shares a small-ish kitchen and living area, plus a toilet and shower. There are a few other buildings with the same layout. It’s not very new, with some fairly grimy windows and really bad noise insulation, but it’s good value for money, and a fifteen minute walk to classes isn’t bad.

The thing is, until two weeks ago, I was living quite happily in some of the nicest accommodation at the University, and had just become quite friendly with the others there. Unfortunately, after a series of safety and planning issues with the building, it was announced that I and a fair few others would have to move out and be redistributed among other accommodation sites.

I had been left with two options: Move to the site furthest from campus and have to commute in by bus, or move to ‘Park Plaza’.

The thing was, in Park Plaza, each floor was either girls’ or boys’ floors: 2, 4 and 6 were girls’ and 1, 3 and 5 were boys’, and the only available room was on floor 5.  

The pastoral care advisor had acted as though the idea of putting a girl on a boys’ floor was the greatest sin known to man, but it was my choice. I decided that convenience was more important, and I could deal with living with the opposite sex. My previous flat was mixed, and though the boys were messier, it wasn’t so bad.

So, here I am, moving into the fifth floor of Park Plaza, building two.

I know I’m a pretty adaptable person, so I’m not too worried, but I can’t help the slight trepidation in my chest. It’s all well and good meeting flatmates for the first time, but these three boys have been living together for a while already, making me the odd one out.

‘As long as they’re not psychopaths, I guess…’

Once I get there I drag my belongings out and across to the left, to the door marked ‘5A’. I have a key to the place in my pocket, but I’m not sure whether to just stroll in for the first time, so I quickly knock three times.

I think I hear some kind of movement from within the flat, but when no one answers, I take out the keys and open the door myself.

“Um.. hello?” I say to no one.

As I pull my suitcase in behind me, I set my stuff down and take a glance around. It’s pretty plain, with neutral tones and a worn out carpet. There are five identical doors, one of which must be to the bathroom, and then one door with glass panes around it to my left. It’s from behind this door that I hear some voices and movement, confirming my suspicion that it must be the kitchen and living area.

It’s just as my eyes come to rest on that door that the voices abruptly stop, and the door is swung open by one of the boys as he comes stumbling out into the hall. He’s fairly tall with a healthy lean figure, and his hair is dark and flops softly over the sides of his forehead. But the most striking thing about this young man is the bright, vibrant smile across his face.

“Oh! Uh, hello - you’re finally here!” He grins, clearly a little awkward but sincere in his friendliness. “I’m Hoseok.”

“Hi! I’m Yuna, nice to meet you,” I return his smile.

I know at least one of the other boys is in the kitchen, and I suspect they heard me come in and threw Hoseok out here to suss me out. Thankfully, he seems very friendly, and the nervousness in my chest is somewhat alleviated.

“Do you want to come in and meet the others?” He poses, gesturing to the kitchen door behind him.

I nod sure and follow him in, looking around curiously. It’s not the most spacious kitchen, but for four people it’s certainly enough. There are also two sofas forming an L shape, with a small TV opposite one, then a plain table with four chairs. It’s quite cosy, and despite a few bits of clutter and food around, it’s pretty tidy, too.

“Were you expecting a boys’ flat to be messier?” A voice speaks, drawing my attention. It comes from a broad shouldered boy with a pretty face. “I’m Jin, welcome to our flat,” he smiles charmingly. He has an aura of calmness and composure about him as he stands over the stove.

I return his introduction, and then turn to the third boy. He’s perched on the arm of a sofa, and has a delicately handsome face with attractive hooded eyes, and I can’t help but notice that despite looking young, his arms and shoulders are rather muscular.

“I’m Jungkook,” he says with a shy smile, a little more reserved than the other two.

“Hi, it’s really good to meet you all! I was nervous about this, since I’m kind of barging in on your lives,” I admit, smiling sheepishly.

“Oh don’t worry, it feels too empty with just three people!” Hoseok replies as he walks over to the kitchen counter and perches on the edge of it. “And besides, you already seem an improvement on the guy we had in that room before.”

Jungkook laughs and nods at this, and though I notice Jin holding back a smirk, he seems to not want to speak badly of this mystery ex-flatmate. “Don’t exaggerate, he wasn’t that bad.”

I giggle at the other two boys as they scrunch their faces up at this.

“Well I’ll do my best to be a good flatmate!” I turn my attention back to Jin, who is stirring some chopped vegetables in a pan. “Do you mind if I ask what you’re cooking?”

“Oh? Do you like to cook?” He raises an eyebrow.

“I’m no professional, but.. Well, actually I’m pretty good,” I say, nodding with a fake cockiness.

This makes him grin widely. “Yes! Finally another chef in the flat! I need someone else who appreciates the finer things.”

I laugh at this, genuinely happy at the prospect.

“Hey, and I saw you have a guitar, too!” Hoseok says. “We love music; you’ll have to play for us sometime! Jungkookie is a really good singer.”

“Oh? I look forward to hearing that!” I reply, smiling when I see the boy in question blushing and shaking his head furiously, to the laughter of the other two.

As I ease into friendly chatter with the boys, I’m able to relax. They seem… really nice.

‘Maybe moving here won’t be such a bad thing after all…’

One month later

Tucking one earphone in and pressing shuffle on my ‘morning’ playlist, I shrug on my jacket and backpack and then leave my dorm room, checking one last time that I have my keys. With a glance at my watch to confirm I’m on time, I step in front of the door next to mine, ear close to it, and knock twice.

“Jungkookie,” I say in a voice that’s gentle, but loud enough to be heard. “It’s 8:40 so make sure you get up soon! …You hear me?”

I pause until I hear a soft groan of acknowledgement from within, then walk back past my dorm and out of the main door of the flat, which is marked ‘5A’.

I take the lift down to the ground floor, yawning away the sleepiness in my eyes. Once there, I step out of the building, enjoying the warmth of the early spring sun, despite a slight cold breeze.


A now familiar voice calls my name. I look over to see Hoseok wearing sweats and a vest, red faced and out of breath, waving as he walks toward me.

“Hey! Been out on another morning run?” I smile, ever in admiration of his dedication to fitness in his pursuit of dance.

“Yep! I don’t have class till 9:30,” he smiled, wiping beads of sweat from his brow.

“Ah, Kookie is the same, make sure he wakes up okay?” I say, starting to walk backwards from him in the direction of campus. “I’m in at 9 so I’ll see you later!”

He nods, continuing toward our flat.

“Oh, and you should come jogging with me next time!” He shouts, before he gets to the doors to the building.

With a short laugh, I answer him without turning back, raising a hand above my head. “Ne-ver gonna happen!” As always, talking to him leaves me with a big grin on my face.

All things considered, I was pretty damn lucky to end up with such amiable boys. In the month we had now lived together, we were very close.

Hoseok was this bright, loveable spirit who brought energy. He was simultaneously like both an older and younger brother. Jin was affectionately dubbed ‘Jin eomma’ due to his nurturing sensibilities and as he was a year older than the rest of us, having taken a gap year. Finally, Jungkook, though shy at first, soon revealed himself to be a lot of fun (almost as loud as Hoseok, sometimes), and we soon discovered a shared love for video games. Though the boys say I’m too hard working, Jungkook is definitely a contender for the top spot, often too harsh on himself.

We relaxed together, laughed together and came to understand the little quirks we all had. It was good.

Flat 5A couldn’t be better.


Unfortunately, only a few minutes after taking a seat in my morning lecture, I’m reminded of the other side of my luck.

Rushing in late of course, his flash of orange hair drawing all eyes to the door, is Jimin.

Park Jimin of flat 5B, the nightmare neighbours.

He throws the lecturer a shameless grin before dropping into a free seat. I can’t help but roll my eyes at the handful of girls who are so obvious in their gawking at him. He makes a right show of taking off his jacket, too.

Sure, the kid has muscles. Get over it.’

I turn my attention away from him and back to the teacher. To be fair to Jimin, he’s not the worst of the bunch.

I could summarise them all in one word.

Jimin: Narcissist, Taehyung: Idiot, Namjoon: Arrogant, and then Yoongi: ..Complicated.

Yoongi was more difficult to pin down. But he was undoubtedly the most infuriating.

My problem with 5B was born from when I first met them…

(A few days ago)

“Okay seriously? They’re really pushing it tonight.” I say out loud to the darkness of my room.

I slam the button on my bedside clock to illuminate the display for the tenth time since I got into bed. 2:47 AM. I’m not even close to being able to fall asleep.

I lay there for a few moments, staring up into the dark. The low thumping of music reverberates through the walls from across the hall, and the sounds of drunken shouts, cheers and terrible singing cut into my room. Every now and then the sounds are amplified briefly when someone there opens the front door.

Flat 5B.

Rarely do I hold grudges, and rarely would I complain upfront about something like this, but the flat opposite ours has been irritating me to no end ever since I moved in. If they just had noisy parties on, say, Friday nights, or if everyone got the hell out and went clubbing in town at around midnight, I’d be fine with it. But no. Three nights in a row now, I haven’t been able to go to bed when I want to.

On top of that, the boys (my boys, that is; Hobi, Kookie and Jin) have told me that 5B has had somewhat of a reputation for such behaviour since the beginning of the year. They’re quite the little clique, it seems. I’ve seen them around from time to time, once or twice in a bar or club or around the shops and restaurants in town; sometimes one or two on their own, sometimes all four together.

But I definitely heard them. All too often.

‘Don’t they have work to do? ..Don’t they sleep?!’

My patience is gone. With one last exasperated sigh, I roll over and get out of bed, turning on my bedside light. I grab my big hoodie and put it on to cover my pyjama-d state, then leave my dorm room and walk over to our flat’s front door. With a quick breath to steel myself, I open it and storm across the corridor and to the door marked ‘5B’.

The music is twice as loud from here.

Now that I’m here, I suddenly want to just turn back and go wallow in self pity, but I shake myself, remembering that I have every right to be annoyed. Three nights in a fucking row.

I knock quite aggressively, my reasoning being that they wouldn’t hear me over the party otherwise. When there’s no immediate answer, I hammer my fist against the wood again, not letting up until it disappears from under my hand.

The  door is swung open, and I come face to face with the infamous Jimin.

His hair is still stupidly orange.

“Uhh, hi?” He says uncertainly, looking me up and down with a little less subtlety than I would have liked. He’s probably wondering why a random girl has turned up to a party dressed like this – I doubt he recognises me.

Folding my arms across my chest a little defensively, I get to the point. “Don’t worry, I’m not here for the party or whatever. I live across in 5A, and-”

“Right, one second,” he interrupts me, and I raise an eyebrow obviously, unimpressed.

He turns away from me and walks toward their kitchen door. I glance into the flat behind him, and it’s a mirror image of my own, though noticeably messier. There are a few drunk people in the hallway, including a couple who are making out aggressively in the corner, but the main source of noise comes from the kitchen. The boy named Taehyung is leaning over a girl who’s got her back against the wall, whispering in her ear and running a hand up and down her hip.


“Yoongi! Door.” Jimin shouts into the kitchen. When the boy I recognise as Yoongi appears, Jimin mutters “some girl,” gesturing at me, before disappearing into the other room.

‘So what, do the others report to this Yoongi guy or something?’

At this point I’m getting more irritated. Yoongi turns to me, walking over with a kind of lazy swagger, running a hand across his face. He’s wearing ripped jeans and a loose fitting t-shirt. It would look scruffy on some people, but it seems to work as his ‘look’. When he’s at the door, he leans a shoulder on the frame, hands in his pockets. He’s not especially tall; my eyes are around level with his jaw.

“Good evening. How can I be of assistance?” He asks. His voice is a kind of drawl, giving this impression of sarcasm and superiority.

I hesitate for a split second – this is the first time I’ve properly seen him up close, let alone spoken with him. His tousled blond hair frames a surprisingly… angelic face. His skin is pale and smooth, and his eyes have a certain depth and mystery about them.

But then I hear someone behind him smash a glass, and I remember my irritation.

“Well, I guess I had to wait to talk to the manager or something?” I say sarcastically, but he ignores this, so I clear my throat and continue. “I’m from flat 5A across the hall.”

“How? Floor five is a boys’ floor,” he asks, though he doesn’t seem particularly interested in the answer.

“I had to move in a while ago. Long story.” I say impatiently. “I’m here to talk about the noise lately.”

As I’m about to continue, he cuts in with a laugh. “Ah, straight to the point, eh? Nice.”

He seems all too amused by the situation, and I’m beginning to get sick of being interrupted. Other than a brief frown of annoyance, I ignore his comment.

“Anyway, look. You guys have been really noisy for the past few nights, and it’s getting pretty disruptive. I don’t know if you pulled this kind of shit regularly before I moved in, but I won’t just act like it doesn’t bother me. You can make noise every now and then, but keeping me up till three or four in the morning, three days in a row?”

He takes his time to respond, simply considering me for a bit. I keep my arms crossed tightly. There’s something about his gaze that’s unnerving.

“Yeah, these three nights were for Namjoon’s birthday.” He says with a slight shrug. As if that’s some kind of answer.

“What kind of birthday lasts three days?” I snap.

A smirk tugs up one corner of his lips at this, enraging me further.

“Fun ones.”

‘This bastard…’

I narrow my eyes. I don’t like him implying that I’m some kind of boring, stuck up prude. I can have fun, I can drink. I just find most parties and such are so drab and tiresome, full of narcissists and attention seekers. And I don’t take pride in disrupting other people’s lives.

“You wanna come in and join us?” He asks.

“I- What?” I frown for a second. His odd question throws me off, but I quickly regain control and scoff back at him. “No. As if.”

Yoongi gives an exaggerated shrug.

“Your loss. Anyway, my point was that since this was for his birthday, we’ll be laying off a little more after tonight. Go back to normal, you know.” He finishes his sentence through a yawn, which irks me as he doesn’t cover his mouth and I wrinkle my nose at the smell of alcohol on his breath.

“Right, fine. I just thought I’d say something.” I reply, taking a step back. To be honest, I just want to get back to bed now. I can hardly demand that he throw everyone out of the party. “Any chance of you lot turning the music down tonight? Just a little?”

He hums, stretching his neck and looking at me sideways. Then he inexplicably leans his upper body forward, bringing his face closer to mine.

Maybe, just for you.” He raises an eyebrow coyly, the smirk still on his face.

What is he playing at? The borderline flirtatious comment makes my back stiffen slightly, and I’m about to retaliate, but decide it’s not worth it. He’s drunk anyway.

I turn on my heel and walk the short distance to the door of my own flat, and just as I get within a few feet of it, my stomach hits the floor. I’ve forgotten to bring my key. And I’m going to look like a complete idiot if I have to knock on the door or call someone in front of Yoongi.

Panicking, I turn around and very deliberately meet his eyes across the lobby.

“What, are you watching to make sure I actually live here?” I say, cringing internally at how standoffish I sound.

Thankfully, he simply shrugs, laughing resignedly, and goes back into his own flat, shutting the door loudly behind him. I let out a deep sigh and turn back to 5A, taking out my phone and hitting the name in my contacts. He picks up after five rings.

“Hobi? I’m really sorry to wake you up. Can you come open the front door for me?”

A bleary-eyed Hoseok opens our door moments later, and I go inside eagerly.

“Why- I mean, where have you been? Are you okay?” He whispers, so as not to wake the others. His hair is adorably ruffled from sleep.

“5B were still keeping me awake! I went to go confront them.”

“You should have told me! I’d have come with you to intimidate them,” He says, jokingly holding up his fists.

I giggle quietly into my hand at his antics. “Oh, please! Hobi, I know you’re probably fitter than all of them, but you know you’re way too cute to go intimidate strangers,” I tease, pushing his arm.

He grins back, his crescent eyes crinkling cutely. There’s something about his expression I can’t read, but it’s almost pitch black anyway.

“It’s a good thing, silly! Anyway, they said they’d tone it down after tonight… You really can’t hear them from your room?” I ask back.

It makes sense, though. My dorm is closest to 5B.

He shakes his head no. “Maybe we should swap rooms? I’m a heavy sleeper!”

“What? Don’t be silly! Anyway it shouldn’t be too bad from now on. Go back to bed, Hobi. Thanks for saving me.”

He laughs gently, and ruffles my hair affectionately before going back to his dorm. “Goodnight,” he says quietly.

“Goodnight,” I reply as I gently shut my own door behind me.

As I take off my hoodie and drop back onto my bed, I listen carefully for a moment. At first I’m not sure, but when I close my eyes, I’m certain. For all his haughtiness, Yoongi did turn the music down.

Just a little, though.

Chapter 2 here!

Okay so that’s the end of Chapter 1! This is the first fanfic I’m posting here on tumblr, so I hope you guys enjoy! Feedback welcome!

I promise things are going to get pretty interesting… Bad boy Yoongi just does things to me >.<

ALSO because I’m lame the layout of the flats matters quite a bit in this fanfic, I made a little diagram for you guys. don’tjudgepls

Lovers Suite

“What?!” Tyler exclaimed through his phone. Josh sat across from the singer, his legs crossed and eyes glued to the brunette. Tyler stood up from his seat and paced back and forth, running his fingers through his chocolate brown hair frustratedly. Closing his eyes, he hung up and pressed both of his middle fingers against the temples of his head, massaging gently.

“W-what happened, Ty?” Joshua spoke up softly, his voice broke a bit. He was worried slightly, Tyler never got angry, especially at Mark. The singer sat back down next to his band mate, handing over his phone that glowed softly.

“Mark sent me this text,” Looking down at Tyler’s iPhone, he read the texts the two exchanged.
MARK: Hey dude, sorry this is so last minute but the hotel called me and they screwed up on your rooms. Instead the one room with two beds they booked a room with a king sized bed
YOU: Can you call them back and exchange it or whatever so we can get the two beds?
MARK: No dude, the hotels completely booked, there’s some convention going on tomorrow and everyone took everything.

Clearing his throat, Josh looked up to his best friend and forced a smile. “I tried to convince Mark to get us another hotel over the phone just now, he said all the hotels in this area are all booked as well,” Tyler sighed.

“We’re cuddling tonight?” Josh said, nudging the side of his band mate.

“Shut up dude,” Tyler snapped and turned his shoulder over to him. The two sat in silence together, the loud chatter around them grew as more people poured into the lobby of the hotel. After a few minutes with no words exchanged between the two, the singer rested his hand on Josh’s knee and looked over at him. “Well we might as well check in at least,”. Cracking a smile, the pink haired male nodded and stood up with his best friend. As the band mates approached a receptionist, Tyler cleared his throat and forced a smile. “Uhm- we have a room under the name Joseph,”

After a few moments of typing away at her keyboard the receptionist’s eyes lit up, “Aha,” she exclaimed and looked back up at the two, grinning widely. “The lovers suite, yes it’s ready for you two. Here’s your key, if you need any assistance to your room just let me know,”

Snatching the key card from her grip, Tyler scoffed, mumbling an audible “thank you” before taking off to the elevator.

“Ty, wait,” Josh exclaimed, slightly jogging after him. The singer nearly let the doors close in on his friend, but guilt draped over him and he quickly shoved his arm between the closing doors, causing them to open back up. “Dude,” the drummer huffed, looking over at the brunette sternly. “Come on, they just call it that because it has a big bed,”

“Lovers. Suite,” Tyler put emphasis on the T, gritting his teeth and pressing the Floor 8 button. Holding onto the two suitcases, Josh leaned against one of the walls of the elevator and closed his eyes. He was frustrated, not because he had to share beds with Tyler or because Tyler was upset. It was because he wanted the lovers suite. The drummer requested for a lovers suite, he wanted some intimacy with his best friend. And, of course, he knew it was a terrible idea.

The elevator dinged as the doors opened and Tyler swiftly walked out and towards the direction of their room. “Tyler…” Josh sighed and followed after him, practically dragging his feet. “Come on Tyler, I’ll sleep on the floor, you can have the whole bed to yourself,” As the singer approached their room, he glanced back over to his best friend and sighed heavily. He wanted this too, but he was so conflicted with emotions and his own personal relationship that all of his feelings just blended together forming angst and frustration. Before sliding the card to unlock the door, his phone buzzed. Ignoring it, Tyler swung the door open and headed straight to the bed.

“You don’t have to sleep on the floor,” the brunette sighed and looked over at Josh as he walked into the room. “I’m just tired…. And hungry,” a small smile cracked on his face as he looked around the room curiously. His phone buzzed again, this time he decided to pull it out of his pocket and check who was texting him.

“Jenna texting you,” The drummer asked, jumping onto the bed next to his bandmate.

“Yeah, she wanted to know if we got to the hotel,”

“Are you two like… Official now,” That question was so big to Tyler. He wasn’t sure how he could answer it. Her name did have a heart emoji next to it, but Josh’s had five. Closing his eyes, he let out a heavy sigh and shook his head slightly.

“I don’t think she’s ready for so much responsibility,” the singer replied, locking his phone before placing it down on the bedside table. Josh kept his eyes locked onto his friend, he was surprised with the response he got.

“Oh,” He muttered and nodded slightly. “So, wanna get some food or maybe watch a film or something,” the pink haired male asked. The brunette nodded with a small smile. Josh sprung off of the bed and picked up the telephone next to their bed. “Whatcha want,” he hummed and over looked the menu that was hidden under the lamp.

“You,” Tyler bravely said, crawling on the bed towards his bandmate. Nearly hanging up the phone, Josh tried to laugh it off but was cut off by Tyler hugging his waist tightly. “Just kidding, I want a grilled cheese and French fries, please,”. Looking up at the drummer, the brunette smiled sheepishly and listened to his best friend order food for the two.

Once Josh hung up, he jumped back onto the bed and turned the TV on. It didn’t have many channels, HBO, the local news channel that seemed like it had a five hundred dollar budget, and infomercials. “Are we gonna watch ‘Pretty In Pink’, 'Get Abs Now!’, 'Look Twenty Years Younger!’, or the weather,” he asked, shifting around on the lumpy bed.

“Well, you have abs, I don’t want to look seven again, and I think we know the weather right now,” Tyler couldn’t help but laugh at the thought of him and his best friend touring as seven year old kids.

“Pretty In Pink it is,” he chuckled and flipped through the channels until it went back onto the 80’s romcom. Tyler quickly grew silent as he was drawn into the film. He didn’t like talking about it much, but he totally had a weak spot for romance films. Something about them just enchanted him, he always longed to find his soulmate. Something about love, he never imagined his life being very romantic, to him, he believed those things only ever happened in movies. As the two gradually got closer in bed, Josh found himself nervously wrapping his arm around the other. Tyler knew exactly what the drummer was doing, and instinctively snuggled his head on top of his chest carefully.

The band mates practically shot up and out of bed when room service knocked on the door loudly. Josh quickly gathered himself together, giving the brunette a reassuring smile, “Food,”. Opening the door, a cart was pushed in followed by a young male in a uniform. Watching the boy carefully, Tyler sat up from the bed and flattened out the sheets underneath him.

Once the boy left, the pink haired male took the plates of food over to the bed and chuckled quietly. “I don’t think we’re supposed to eat on the bed, but they did mess up on our room so I mean this is our way of retaliation,”. Smirking widely, the singer picked up a French fry and popped it into his mouth.

“Living on the edge, huh,” he said teasingly, chewing on the undercooked fry. “This food is terrible,” Tyler laughed and continued to eat.

“I heard girls like the bad boys, so I strive to be the baddest in the streets,” Josh giggled. Closing his eyes, he took a bite out of the hamburger he ordered and proceeded to shake his head. “Oh my gosh,” he mumbled with a mouth full of burnt hamburger patty. “This food really IS terrible,”

The two couldn’t finish their food, after about five minutes of eating they slowly lost their appetites because of how horribly cooked their dinner was. After putting the plates back on the dining table, Josh started to change out of his clothes. Slipping off his pants, he faced away from Tyler although he was almost completely positive that the singer was so involved in the movie that he didn’t even notice that the drummer was changing.

Eyes glued to the television, Tyler watched the movie intently. He was so sucked into the plot that he hardly noticed Josh shifting about. That was until he heard his belt buckle being fumbled about. Curiosity took over and his gaze shifted over to the male that faced away from him. His cheeks slowly grew a dark shade of pink when he saw Josh’s briefs. “Hey Ty,” the drummer hummed, pulling his shirt over his head before dropping it onto the floor.

“Y-yeah man,” the singer practically choked on his own tongue. He’s seen Josh shirtless before, way too many times actually. But, something about this felt different. More intimate almost.

“Is it okay if I sleep in my briefs,” he asked, turning around to find Tyler staring him down.

“Totally dude, I sleep in my boxers too so it’s no biggie,” he quickly tried to dismiss Josh, eyes shooting straight up to his bandmate’s face. It was difficult. The brunette wanted to look at Josh’s body. He wanted to admire all of him, but he wasn’t going to risk anything. “I guess I should change too huh,” Chuckling nervously, Tyler slipped out of his shirt quickly.

Josh knew his friend was flustered. Nothing screamed 'I’m nervous’ like a red face and airy laughter. Nodding to his bandmate, he crawled back into the bed and spectated the nervous boy next to him. “Are you sleepy,” he whispered to Tyler.

Struggling to get his skinny jeans off, the brunette nodded. Grunting once he was free from the tight jeans, he sighed in relief before quickly darting his legs under the blankets. He was so unsure if Josh was looking over at him or not, Tyler knew he had to act normal but it was so difficult for him when he was in the same bed with his bandmate and he knew they were both almost naked. “We should get some sleep,” he finally spoke up, turning on his side so his back faced towards the male beside him.

“O..kay…” Josh muttered, turning off the light on the bedside table and then the TV that was playing the credits for the 80s flick. He wasn’t too sure on what happened with Tyler or how his mood went from happy to serious. Pulling the covers over him, Josh faced towards his friend, waiting for his eyes to adjust to the dark room. “Good night Tyler,” he hummed.


That was it. No stories. No silly jokes told between the two. Just silence. The drummer slowly scooted himself closer to Tyler until his chest pressed against the other’s back. “Sorry,” he whispered softly, “I’m cold,”. The brunette just nodded softly. He couldn’t speak, feeling Josh’s skin against his was sending electricity up and down his back and through his fingertips and toes. Pushing back against his bandmate he sighed and hoped to fall asleep fast.

Just as he was drifting off, he heard Josh move around slightly, opening his eyes, Tyler waited for the pink haired male to stop moving. But, before he could hear Joshua contain himself, he felt something warm against his neck. Before he could realize what was happening, Josh’s hand started to run up and down Tyler’s side.

“What he HELL man,” Tyler jerked away, sitting up quickly and away from his friend. “What are you doing,” he exclaimed, eyes adjusting to the dim room.

Josh sat up slowly and covered his face in embarrassment. “Dude I’m so… So sorry,” his voice cracked slightly. The drummer wasn’t much of a crying type, he kept most emotions in to himself. But he was terrified.

“Sorry,” Tyler shook his head and pushed Josh slightly, “You kiss my NECK and think an apology is going to fix this,” The singer was more than flustered, the only thing he thought to do was to freak out.

“I messed up,” the shorter male brought his knees up to his chest and shook his head rhythmically. “I planned all of this… The room, everything,”. Silence once again grew between the two. Tyler was in shock. He couldn’t believe that his best friend set this all up. At this point, he started to feel a little bad. He knew Josh was lonely, but he never considered him to be THAT lonely.

“You planned to sleep in the same bed as me, why dude,”

“Because,” Josh fought back tears, his wobbly voice didn’t put up very well. Hearing how distraught his friend was, the brunette slowly started to calm down. “I think I might love you Tyler,”.

Those words hit harder than anything. Disbelief washed over him when he tried to comprehend it all. Tyler didn’t believe anyone could love him. He always thought to be destined to the single and lonely life. “Dammit Tyler,” Josh sniffled, raising his voice. “At least tell me you don’t love me, don’t just let me pour out my heart and not even give me an answer,”.

“Jishwa,” The singer whispered softly. He slowly started to shift over to the drummer next to him. “Jish,” he whispered again. Josh grew silent, tears streamed down his cheeks as he listened to Tyler coo. “Cmon my fren, spooky baby, talk to me,”

“Talk to you about what,” he replied, sniffling and wiping his tears away quickly. “The fact that I ruined all of this, dammit just tell me how you feel,”

“You’re my best friend, my number one,” the singer ran his thumb across his bandmate’s cheek softly, wiping away warm tears that continued to fall down. “I don’t think you ruined this, I think I ruined this,” Smiling softly, Tyler started to see Josh’s face as his eyes continued to adjust. “I ruined your plans, but can I make it up to you,” he hummed and continued moving closer until he was sitting on Josh’s lap. His tears quickly ceased, looking up at the boy who carefully sat in his lap.

“How do you make up my-” before the pink haired male could finish his sentence, he was interrupted. Tyler pressed his lips softly against his bandmate’s. It was odd at first, the singer wasn’t expecting Josh’s lips to be so soft, but he quickly grew accustomed to it. The first kiss was innocent, like two kids having their first kiss. Pulling away, the brunette giggled softly.

“We kissed,” he hummed, scanning his best friend’s face in the dark. “We actually kissed,”

“Can I kiss you,” Josh whispered, his hands cupped Tyler’s face as his thumbs slowly caressed his cheeks.

“You don’t need to ask me,” he replied, tilting his head towards Josh once more.

Nervously, Josh pushed his lips against the singer’s. As their gentle pecks quickly warmed up, the drummer got more comfortable. Their tongues greeted each other, touching softly before dancing together rhythmically. Pulling away, Tyler couldn’t help but smile. Still in the lap of his bandmate, he looked up at Josh and spoke up. “So we’re getting the lovers suite from now on, right,”

“Of course Ty,” he hummed, kissing the top of the brunette’s head. “But next time we’re going to a hotel with good food and TV channels,” Josh chuckled, wrapping his arms around Tyler’s waist.

Moving In// Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by kppoptrash

Pairing: Rap Monster x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary:Anonymous said:
Are requests open? If so can I request a Namjoon fluff where you’re moving in together and having to pack up and all that jazz? Thank you, and I love your blog and scenarios so much!!! ^^

Author’s Note: Ajsahfjk Namjoon is so adorable okay like, writing this was super easy c:

xoxo Sara

“Jagi!” You heard your boyfriend scream from down the hall of his old apartment, “help me load some boxes, please!”

You had been dating your boyfriend, Namjoon, for about nine months now. The nine months have been pretty hectic, considering his band had just made their comeback when you two began dating. With that said, it meant that you rarely ever got to see your boyfriend. And although it made you sad, you knew he was just doing his job.

Even while he was away, he’d call you everyday regardless of the time, to ask how things were going and if you were alright. He was always very attentive, even when he was far away, sending you cute little letters in the mail so you would have something to open, sending you pictures of little trinkets he’d bought you while in another country.

About four months into your relationship, you had both talked about getting an apartment together. At first, you thought it was a bit too fast, considering that you had only been dating for a short period of time, and because he was on tour and wouldn’t be able to stay home with you.

While on tour, Namjoon had buttered you up a bit about buying the apartment with him. He would tell you all of the things he’d do with you once you two lived together, waking up with you, making you breakfast, all of these sweet things that you did crave. After your eighth month together, you had finally agreed to buying an apartment with him once he came back from tour.

Little did you know, he had already had one picked out.

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That time in sixth grade, when i was just hitting puberty and still didn’t know how to live with it. Didn’t shave my armpits because i didn’t feel the need to. Until one day, the two boys who sat behind me in class kept giggling and making jokes about it. They would lean in close just to look, and laugh to each other when they leaned back again. The second i came home all those years ago, me, a then thirteen year old girl stepped into the shower, and shaved all my body hair.

Birthday bashful

Speechless Part 8!

Your name: submit What is this?


~2 years later~

‘Well, as you all know I have had a girlfriend for a couple years now, and you all know her and love her, especially since she had gotten a spot on the show.” Jensen hesitated a second as the crowd began to cheer.  “She’s really changed my life, she made it.. hm.. she made it more vibrant, more lively, and I couldn’t ask for more even if I wanted to.” Jensen answered looking at the fan.

Originally posted by ijensenackles

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Broken Road To Welcome. - An Outsiders Smutty Imagine.

The road was blurred as you shivered your way down it. Each step shot pain from your frozen toes to your bruised face. You could not go home. You couldn’t face your parents after what your boyf-Ex. Boyfriend had done to you. Your whole body ached and you knew where to go. The only place you had Left. You slowly stumbled up each cement step, cringing every time your feet and the ground reunited again. You knocked lightly. It was two AM and you were practically praying they were awake. Your pounding ears picked up the loud music that was soon turned down.

“was that a knock?!”

“who the hell is at the door at this time?!” you knocked softly again, your knuckles throbbing at every light punch you gave the door. A minute later you were met with a cold-eyed Darry Curtis. His expression completely changed as he noticed your split lip, dry but bloody nose, black eye and many other “accident’s” your ex had given you. Darry carefully yet quickly pulled you inside. The gang’s once party filled faces turned withing horror and sadness filled in them.

“Y/n!” Two was the first to speak, he got up and grabbed my hands into his.

“w-who?’ i could hear the hurt in his normally joking voice.

"Tim..” You looked away. Thats right, you let a Shepard beat your face raw.

‘Ill slash his tires and key his car.“ dally stood.

” And ill beat his ass in the next rumble.“ darry smiled a tiny bit.

” and ill…Ill Prank call them all night!“ johnny stood with dally. This actually caused e to giggle.

"Thanks guys… I love you.” i smiled as i sent cheeky kisses around to all the boys.

When things quieted down and, The boys’s talks about what they would do to Tim were replaced with snores, i thought it would be a smart time to clean myself up. I made my way into the bathroom and cringed as the cold washcloth met my lip.

“tha-Rhat looks bad…” Two Bit walked in, running a hand through his couch-head.

“ill live.” you shrugged and spun around on your heel to face him.

“You know, Y/N…..” he stepped closer to you.

'I would never, ever, ever hurt you like that..“ By his last word, he was super close to me, my back pressed into the sink counter.

"Keith….” i opened my mouth to speak but no words appeared, i looked into his tender eyes and i was done for. He slowly closed the gap between our lips and added an arm around my waist. The kiss started off soft but, we soon got much more into it. Our lips smacked together roughly as two snuck a hand down to my ass, causing him to slide his tongue inside as i moaned.  He quickly lifted me up on the counter while running one hand up my shirt and sliding his kisses to my neck. I wrapped my legs around his waist  just as he reached my sweet spot.

“Oh, K-keith..” i moaned as He sucked hard, Taking his time before tossing my shirt and bra off hopefully, not landing in the toilet. After his shirt was off, we worked on my pants and i laughed at his efforts, tossing them off, His heel slammed the bathroom door and he went down on his knees, adding a few digests into my soaked core, bringing on more moans. Not much later he began to attack my core as well. i pulled at his twisted lock as my moans got sharper. I suddenly reached my high, Practically screaming Two’s name as i came. i guess that was more than enough for the boys to take because the next sounds we heard was door  slams, loud groans and banging on the door. Once we were dressed, we quickly walked out and met darry’s cold stare.

“In my own house…” he shook his head before marching into his bedroom. Dally just smirked sleepily before leaving with a arm around johnny’s shoulders, i thought johnny was gonna collapse from being so asleep. All the other boys couldn’t even meet our eyes with theirs causing me to look down. i glanced at the whole in my socks just as i felt a cold burst of air against my eardrum.
“Why don’t we continue this at my place, Babe?”

The King’s One - Part Two

Part Two based on the prompt;

Imagine Thorin recognizing you as his One in his blacksmith days but not pursuing you until after the BOTFA because he finally feels deserving of you now that he’s King of Erebor

Fandom: The Hobbit

Pairing: Thorin x Aurora (OC)

Rating: T+

Bâha – friend

I ran towards Dís and Thorin’s house. Tears streaming down my cheeks as I prayed to Mahal that I was not too late. My heart beating heavy but fast as my throat felt so tight. My fingers tingled uncomfortably as they curled into a fist and knocked loudly on the door.

         “Dís! Open up!” I kept knocking till the door opened, almost hitting Dís in the face. “Oh, sorry.”

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Possessive (M - Namjoon)

*I only tease, I don’t please*

-Requests are Closed-

Word Count: 1,604 words


“Boys, what is this?”

“Well Namjoon-hyung said you got promoted so we’re going to celebrate~”

“That’s sweet but did you have to hang a banner in my living room?”

“We can take it down after tonight.”

“What’s happening tonight?”

“We’re going to a club, babe.”

“Clubbing with all of you?” Memories of you and Jin carrying 5 drunk boys and an annoyed Jungkook trying to pry Jimin and Taehyung off him and each other.

“Can I take a rain check, guys?”

“Come on, we’re not that bad.”

“Yeah, plus you’ve working all week. Don’t you think you deserve a night out to relax?”

“Come on, please.” They pleaded with you in unison; it was almost as if they were a choir. You crossed your arms and Namjoon caressed them, still begging with the other boys.

“Okay, fine. We’ll go out.”

“Thanks, babe.” He kissed your forehead, the other boys grimacing at how cute he was.



“Oh, shut up.”

“At least, I get some.” You hit his arm before burying your face into his chest.


“You’re wearing that?

“What was with your tone of voice, Joonie?”

“Babe, it’s too short.”


“Look.” He pushed your dress up, almost exposing your belly and looked at you. You looked at him in awe, and he glanced back to your exposed lower half. You pushed his hands away, pulling your dress down and trying to make it cover more.

“Someone could easily snake his hand up your dress, babe.”

“Is that someone you?”

“Don’t change the subject.”

“I didn’t change anything, Joonie.” You pushed him down onto the bed, getting on top of him. Your hands pressed against his chest, slowly reaching his collar and tugging on it when you leaned in to kiss him. He tasted like sweet toffee, the sugary taste giving you an adrenaline rush. You were about to kiss him deeper but decided to tease him. You pulled away and exited the bedroom; he caught your arm when you were in the living room with the eyes of the other boys on you two.

“Such a damn tease.” He whispered in your ear before the other boys expressed how long they were waiting.

“Did you decide to have sex or something before coming out?”

“I wouldn’t be surprised.”

“They are pretty freaky.”

“Yah, we didn’t do anything. It is just Namjoon just takes too long to change.”

“That makes sense.”

“Hey!” Everyone giggled at his dismay and you kissed his cheek while he pouted. You all piled into the car, Namjoon conveniently having you in his lap. You continued your teasing, ‘absentmindedly’ grinding against him. He locked your hips in place, fed up with your teasing nature and hissing in your ear.

“What has gotten into you, kitten?”

“Is there a problem, daddy?” You knew that name was the quickest way to make him feel the tightness of his pants, he could lose all sense of control by hearing you just call him that. You skipped off, entering the club and the atmosphere immediately sucked you all in.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“To have fun.”

“You have a problem that needs your immediate action.”

“I only tease, I don’t please.” You winked before heading over to the bar, ordering a drink. You sat next to Kookie, seeing him look at the bottles in confusion.


“Oh-Noona. I thought you were with Namjoon-hyung.”

“He’s not going to be drinking very much tonight.”

“What do you even order here?”

“Well, I like gin and tonic but I’m feeling whiskey and cola tonight. What do you like?”

“I don’t know..”

“Do you want something sweet?”

“I guess.”

“Hey, one blue Hawaiian and whiskey and cola.” She served you both and you clinked glasses with Jungkook.

“Trust me, you’ll like it.” That was before your fifth drink. God, how could you forgot how good alcohol tastes. The sweet whiskey and cola always hit the spot. Jungkook wasn’t sober either, mumbling about how sweet his drink was before abruptly asking you to dance.

You stupidly agree, you already lost your basic senses after your third glass so why not? Club music was not soft and gentle, it invoked grinding and moves that belonged in the bedroom. The lack of personal space hadn’t bothered you because you didn’t even notice. Sweaty bodies are pressing against you already, making Jungkook get lost in the sea of people but you knew he was still here by the hot breath you felt on your neck. His hand teased your sides and you closed your eyes, focusing on his touch. It was different from Namjoon’s, his fingers were more nimble and his fingertips were burning holes through your dress.

Was it that hot?


Namjoon’s harsh voice shocked you from this drunken fantasy making you open your eyes to see Jungkook on the floor and Namjoon pulling your hand.

“Namjoon, stop.”

He ignored you, still dragging you along until you reached a hotel and he glared at the people at reception.

“Give me a room, now.” It still ticked you off that girl was blushing when he looked at her and your mind was becoming less cloudy. She gave him the key and his credit card, you growing impatient and she spoke to him.

“If she’s not enough for you, I’m extension 103.” You lunged for her, Namjoon having to hold you back and you punched his arms.

“I need to teach that slut where her place is.”

“You’re already in trouble; would you like to be in trouble with the cops also?”

“But daddy-“

“Don’t even try to smart mouth your way out; I’m going to fuck you so hard you’ll forget how to walk.” He hissed in your ear as he pushed you on the bed. He pushed up your dress, growling at how short it was before kissing your stomach. His tongue ran over your skin, and you moaned based on this sensation. He held you down from squirming in his grasp and stripped you of your dress completely.

“Do you know what you’ve done, kitten?”

“Are you angry, daddy?”


“Will you forgive me, daddy?”

“We’ll see.” He kissed you, his lips showing just unforgiving he really was. His tongue fought against yours before tasting every inch of your mouth. You still taste whiskey on your tongue but his lips were more intoxicating. He pulled away, kissing along your neck before biting hard into your skin. It was a bittersweet pain, the sudden pinch overwhelmed by the pleasure that came after.

“Don’t you know you’re mine?”


“You’re mine, kitten. But you let little Jungkook touch you and I couldn’t?”

“I-I’m sorry.”

“You fucking liked the attention, didn’t you?”


“Did you like the way his breath hit your neck?”


“Did his touch make you wet?”

“Y-Yes, daddy.”

“What am I going to do with you?”

“P-Punish me.” His fingers were ramming into you as you spoke, his eyes drinking the sight of you struggling to contain your moans and speak. He stretched you out, purposely adding more fingers to hear you moan louder. You arched your back, feeling you getting closer to your climax before he pulled away.

“Hold it.”

He stripped off his pants, making you have to bit your lips. You loved seeing him strip off his clothes, his growing bulge, his toned chest and arms, he was the definition of sexy.

“You want my cock, baby?”

“Please..I need your cock, daddy.” He pulled your hand roughly, letting your stroke him. You stroked him gently before tugging down his boxers and unleashing his thick cock. It dawned on you to tease him again but it only make his anger worse.

“Don’t take your time. You have none left.” He gestured for you to stick your ass for him and you did so. He gave your ass a hard squeeze before teasing you with his tip.

“Not so fun when the shoe is on the other end, is it kitten?”

“D-Daddy, give it to me please… I want you..”

“How did you get so dirty?”

“I-I’m like this because of you…please…I need it..” He made a pompous sound of approval and penetrated you. You screamed his name, feeling him fill you up and his cock felt like it was kissing your womb. He thrusted into you, his hips acting feral and wild. The bed rocked along to the power of his thrusts into you and you could only clench onto the sheets. You planted your face into the mattress, trying to muffle your loud moans, groans and whimpers.

He spanked you a bit, making you feel more pleasure and let you cry out his name. You cursed, knowing that you were close to climaxing but he won’t let you until he came first.


“Say my name louder, kitten.”


“Still going to disobey me? Do I have to fuck the disobedience out of you?”

“N-No, daddy..!”

“That’s what I want to hear.”


“You won’t forget who can fuck you like this.”


“I’ll make sure you’ll remember who the fuck you belong to.”


“Say my fucking name.”


“Who do you belong to?”

“Y-You. F-fuck.”

“Do you want to cum?”

“Please…let me cum…fuck please..”

“Cum.” You didn’t pass up the chance, hitting your climax as soon as he said so. He came after you, smacking you ass as he pulled out of you. You lied on the mattress, still gripping the sheets and resting your head on the pillow. He joined you, pulling you close and locking his fingers with yours.

“I hope you don’t forget, kitten.”

~Admin Blake

Place Like Home // A Jack Barakat Imagine

Could you write a Jack Barakat imagine where you have a 3 year old from a previous relationship but the father bailed when he found out about YNs pregnancy&for like the past 6 months Jack has been the father figure in your son’s life? Then one night your son& Jack are playing Mario Kart& Jack lets him win& when he gets to the finish line, he gets all excited& starts yelling “Daddy I won!” And it’s the first time he’s called Jack daddy& YN & Jack freak out excited & just mucho fluff? :3

“Christopher get down from there!” I groaned as I scooped up the little child, and placed him on the couch. “I’m sorry mommy.” He pouts as his eyes water. My heart whelms up at this small action, and I instantly feel bad “no it’s okay baby boy, mommy just don’t want you to get hurt.” I say kissing his forehead.

I start cleaning off the mess he made from being on top of the coffee table, and start cleaning up waiting for Jack to come home from work.

No, me and Jack were not together as much as I sometimes wish we were, but ever since my ex left me when I was pregnant he was there for me. Although Chris has only know him for 6 months due to Jack needing somewhere to move in to. He just couldn’t keep paying for expensive houses when he is on tour a lot, and so I let him move in so he has somewhere to always come back to. Plus he helps pay rent.

As the doorbell rang I smiled, and Chris got up squealing “Mummy,” as he knew exactly who it was. I laughed at the cute little boy and ran to open the door as well. “Hello Ma'Lady!” Jack said in a posh accent causing me to laugh. “Hi Jack.” I giggled hugging him. Although we were soon joined by small hands wrapping around our legs. “Hey little man.” Jack says to Chris and picking him up. Chris let out a small “hi” as he squished Jack’s cheeks. “Oh my are you getting fat.” Jack says poking Chris nose. I gasped “Jack that’s rude.” I say hitting him. Jack shut the front door with his foot and laughed “It’s a good thing, it just means he’s becoming a big boy!” Jack smiles at Chris, and sends me a wink.

“So I made tacos!” I say successfully. “Mommy mommy please!” Chris exclaims as he squirmed in Jack’s arm trying to get away from Jack’s tickles.
I giggle “right, let me go get those tacos, Jack start up a game why don’t you?” I walked in the kitchen hearing Jack argue with Chris about which game to pick. I swear it’s like living with two kids instead of one at times.

I came back out with the tacos, and sat them on the table. Chris’ taco was soft since I’m afraid he would choke, but it made no sense in just making him a bowl of food, as he gets sad and feels like you won’t let him grow up. “What game you picked out?” I questioned as I help Chris eat, and even started on mine. “Mario!” Chris squealed out excitedly. I giggled. “You’re so going to wose!” Chris declares to Jack. “Nah little man, I’m going to win, because you’re going down!” Jack says as he hands Chris the remote “oh! Game on!” Chris squealed as Jack started.

I laughed at the two that down talked each other, but I was mainly on my phone. Until I looked up to see Jack purposely slow down at the end. I looked at him confused, but nevertheless I smiled as Chris won! “OMG MOMMY I WON SEE! I TOLD YOU DADDY I WOULD WIN! I TOLD YOU!” Chris yells as he jumps up and down.

My whole world stopped at what what Chris just said. I study Jack’s smiling face. “Good Job little man.” He says as he engulfed Chris’ small frame. I was overall happy. “Jack can I talk to you?” I say hiding my smile. He nods and quickly gets up. “I’ll be back buddy I promise.” He says placing down Chris on the couch.

“I can get him to stop if yo-” “no it’s fine.” I smile cutting him off. He smiles blushing. “You don’t know how bad I wished he was my son.” He gasped out looking as if he was going to cry. “You don’t know how much I wished that too, and how much I wish you were mine.” I say softly as I pulled Jack in by his belt loops. “I guess we have to change that then.” He says kissing me.

Soon we heard little feet and Chris exclaim “ew mommy no! Bad!” I pulled away laughing as I picked the little guy up. “How about some dessert, yeah?” And I spent the rest of my night with my family.
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Shy shy shy - Jungkook scenario

Originally posted by jinkooks

@a-beautifuldayna said:  A scenario when you and jungkook are dating hes shy he doesnt really know what to do. You take his first kiss he blushes and you tease him. His members were there, saw the whole thing they tease you guys now you guys are both blushing fluff fluff

- Awww thisss is justtt soo cuteee! I hopee you enjoooy! Love youu ^^ -AdminKookie

GENRE: fluffy
MEMBERS: Jungkook x You

“Jungkook-ah guess who is here” J-Hope smiled as he steps away from the living room door and you walk through the door

Jungkook smiles as he sees you, all the boys were in the living room so he was little bit nervous and awkward.
He stood up and gave you a hug. Your arms wrapped around his waist and his hands around your neck.
“I missed you” he whispers
“I missed you too” you smiled as you two pull away from the hug

Two of you turn towards the boys who were having creepy smiles on their faces, staring at you.
“Guys stop it” you laugh
Rap Monster blinks few times and keeps on smiling
“But you guys too cute”
Jungkook chuckles and shakes his head.
Two of you sit next to each other on the couch, with Jimin and Jin on the sides.

All of you spent time talking, telling jokes, childhood stories.
It was a good atmosphere in the room.
“Are you guys hungry?” Taehyung asked
“Yeah, let’s order something” Jin smiled

J-Hope called the pizza place and ordered food. Boys kept looking at Jungkook at you. How cute and awkward you are being with each other.
Jimin’s eyes wonder at Taehyung, and Taehyung smiles nodding his head.

“Jungkook be a man, put your arm around her shoulders. Do something” Taehyung laughs pointing at him
You almost choke on your water that you were drinking and Jungkook puts one hand behind, scratching his neck.
“Ya’ll both so awkward and nervous, but cute” Suga smiled looking at both of you

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The Matriarch Hospitalisation

Fluffy one-shot where Amy comforts Sheldon when Meemaw goes into hospital. Rated K+, 1550 words approx. 

Sheldon sat hunched in the dark. This space has seemed so much bigger when he was a little boy. He picked up the first book in the stack he had dragged under the table, it was a copy of the Feynmen lectures on physics.

It was a wonder that such a book existed in this small, East Texan library, but that is why Sheldon had always enjoyed coming here. He would spend hours sat under this desk flipping through old textbooks, most of which were barely touched, trying to block out the world. Trying not to think about the inevitable arguments that were happening at home.

No one ever seemed to mind or even notice that he was gone. They knew it was his coping mechanism, getting away to think. He never really did enjoy spending much time with people. However, this time, 30 years later, it was not his parents arguing or his siblings fighting or school bullies that had driven him to his childhood sanctuary. It was something much worse.

The library was almost empty and Sheldon’s hideaway was located in the very back of the old building. He, however, did not see or hear the woman approach him until a pair of dark tights and orthopaedic shoes were standing in front of him. She slowly bent down and joined him under the table in silence. She was surprised to see him sitting on the germ-ridden, dusty floor.

No one spoke or moved until Sheldon asked “How did you know I was here?”

Amy continued to stare straight ahead, “Leonard and Penny told me about Meemaw. I remember you telling me about all the locations around here where you used to hide. So I came to find you. I can’t believe this is still here after 30 years”

Sheldon smiled as Amy peered up into the underside of the table where crude initials were scratched and fossilised gum stuck like limpets. He softened as the realisation hit him, “You came all the way to Texas for me?”

Sheldon finally turned his head to face her. Amy nodded in confirmation.

“I thought you might need support” She also turned towards him “How is Meemaw?”

Sheldon sighed “She’s fine. They said they might keep her in to do some tests. But she’ll be okay”

“And are you okay?” Amy asked

“I’m not sure if I want to dignify that with a response but since you ask, no I’m doing terribly” Sheldon responded coarsely.

“I know. Seeing her in hospital like that must have been hard” Amy had a look of concern on her face whilst Sheldon just continued to flip through the pages of his book, not really reading it at all but it felt comforting and avoided awkward eye contact. He used to love looking into her eyes, watching them sparkle, but now he couldn’t. It would be too hard to face.

“It’s not just that” Sheldon closed the book and put it down. It landed with a dull thud and sent several years’ worth of dust into the air. He clasped his hands together and inhaled deeply, preparing to confide in Amy. His tongue darted out to moisten his lips.

“All the men in my life I have loved have left me. Pop-Pop, My dad, Professor Proton. And now all the women I love are leaving too” Both cast their eyes down. There was a moment of silence as neither knew what to say. Sheldon decided to continue.

“Today made me realise that Meemaw isn’t going to be around forever. My mother is preoccupied with her new companion and says we need to have a different type of relationship. Both said I didn’t need them as much because now I have you” there was more silence and although it only lasted a few seconds, it felt like an eternity to Amy. Sheldon bit his lip before finishing “But now you’re gone too”

The air seemed to turn cold and the darkness under the desk deepened. Amy turned her whole body to face him “Sheldon… I’m still here for you. Just. Just as a friend” her eyes were sad and hurt. Her eyebrows crinkled in concern.

“I know” Sheldon voice was rasping and he nodded, still not making eye contact.

Amy didn’t know what to say. They sat in silence for a while longer. Both facing straight ahead. Amy wasn’t quite sure what brought her actions, especially since it was well know that Sheldon preferred to keep himself to himself and even more so that they had now broken up, but she slowly lowered her head until it was resting on Sheldon’s shoulder. He tensed at her touch but she soon felt him relax and lean ever so slightly into her. They remained like this for several minutes, simply enjoying the others’ company.

“I miss you” Sheldon whispered.

Amy closed her eyes, “I miss you too” she sat up to look at him.

“Thank you for coming all the way to Texas to find me” His voice was sincere. Sheldon slowly leaned down and placed a small kiss on Amy’s cheek.

It didn’t last very long but as they broke apart, their faces lingered close. They could feel each other’s warm breath. Amy could smell the conventional soft scent of talc. Sheldon gulped.

Suddenly Amy broke the gap between them. Crushing her lips into his. Sheldon turned completely to face her and wrapped an arm over her waist to pull her closer.

This kiss was unlike any other they had had. Tension from months of separation and longing were finally released. Their lips soon found a rhythm. Sheldon coaxed Amy’s lips apart and introduced his tongue.

As quickly as it had begun, it ended. Amy pulled away. Leaving both panting for breath. Sheldon’s face was plastered with pleasure whereas Amy was more concerned.

“We shouldn’t be doing this”

“Why not? You started it” Sheldon pouted but still looked confused and took his hands away from her.

“I know and I’m sorry. It’s just that… getting over you will be the hardest thing I’ll ever have to do and this won’t help” Amy looked down at her hands.

“But I don’t want to get over you!” Sheldon sat back and clasped his hands on his lap “I love you” he glanced over to see her reaction.

“I love you too” she whispered, blinking back tears.

Months ago they both would have enjoyed sitting in silence together, now it felt hollow and uncomfortable.

Amy sighed, “Sheldon, you’re tired, stressed and upset about Meemaw. I don’t want to be taking advantage of you when you’re in such a fragile state”

Sheldon crawled out from the table they had been hunched underneath and held out a hand to help Amy up. He did not, however, let go.

“Amy, believe me, you are not taking advantage of me. I have wanted to kiss you like that since we broke up. I understand that I was a bad boyfriend. Within these past few months I’ve been immature but I just wanted you back. I… I just wanted to say I’m sorry” he squeezed her hand.

“Sheldon, don’t blame yourself. I should have communicated, told you what was wrong. I’m sorry too” Amy smiled up at him “I won’t say I regret our break up, I think it may have improved and strengthened our relationship. We still have a lot to talk about but Sheldon…”

Amy looked up into his blue eyes which were searching her face, analysing it, willing her to continue talking.

“Could I alter the paradigm of our relationship?” Amy squeaked.

Her question was answered when Sheldon’s arms wrapped around and pressed to her back, pulling her closer to him and his lips met hers. Amy reached behind his neck and drew him into her, making their lips press harder together.

They were lost in the heated moment until they heard a small cough and broke apart. The librarian looked over her glasses at them with raised eyebrows.

“Shelly bean! There you are! We’d been wondering where you’d got to” Mary Cooper beamed as she saw Sheldon stroll through the front door, towing Amy behind him.

She went to hug him. Unsurprisingly, he refused to let go of Amy’s hand and only returned the embrace with one arm.

“How’s Meemaw?” Sheldon asked after they separated.

“Why don’t you ask her yourself?” Mary smiled and stepped back, revealing Sheldon’s grandmother who was sat at the table.

“Meemaw!” Sheldon ran to hug her.

“Hello Moonpie” Meemaw stood and stretched her arms around her grandson who towered above her.

Sheldon let go and beckoned to Amy “Meemaw this is Amy, she’s my girlfriend and…”

“Alright” Mary cut him off, knowing how long Sheldon could talk about Amy for, “Meemaw needs some rest. Why don’t you two make us a round of tea?”

She watched the couple leave “Did you ever think you’d live long enough to see Shelly fall in love?”

“Mary! That is an insult to both my age and your son” Meemaw retorted sassily “For your information I always knew that boy had a huge heart…” She smiled as she heard giggles from the kitchen.

“He just needed the right girl to coax it out of him”

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What Your Child is Like (Love Letter from Thief X Headcanon)
  • Hiro: Lookalike. It's almost a bit scary how much your toddler looks just like Hiro. Hiro's lying on his stomach, your baby is doing the same, they both hold a firm stare with the other. It's almost comical how they're observing one another, as if trying to find a connection. Finally you're child breaks out in a grin, his hand grabbing Hiro's ring finger. Your husbands face lights up, eyes crinkling at the edges. "You are so cute!"
  • Takuto: Stubborn. She's a lot like Takuto in that way, she won't bend her will to anything or anyone. She's adamant in that she wants Takuto to read her bedtime story. And you can't help but giggle when you see Takuto reading it to her, creating a different voice for each charector. "And they lived happily ever after."
  • Kenshi: Energetic. You have two boys, but you get about zero time with either of them. Of course they're so energetic, that it's probably a good thing, otherwise you'd be half dead by now. Kenshi's face crinkles as the corners of his lips rise. He grabs your youngest throwing him in the air and catching him. "I love you so much!"
  • Rikki: Feminine. She's sitting cross legged, one half of her jet black hair pulled into a pigtail with a pink ribbon. The other Rikki's still working on. The comb pulls through easily, guiding each strand into place. The ribbons in his other hand. "Just one minute sweetheart, I'm almost done."
  • Atsumu: Sleepy. He's always falling asleep, and naturally Atsumu carries him home. He's smiling as he runs his fingers through your child's hair. Placing a soft kiss on his temple. "I'm so glad you were born."
  • Tatsuro: Shy. It makes him feel like he has to protect her. And she often let's him. She holds his hand out in public. And hides into his leg, she's really a daddy's girl."don't ever let a boy tell you what you want.'
  • A/N this Headcanon was actually inspired by a picture I saw, if anyone can find it that would be great!
  • -SKY