i live for their scenes

I have been fully satisfied with the jikook in this behind the scenes episode. I can now live in peace knowing that they shared a room together and them literally being glued together (jimin’s picture). I don’t think I’ll be able to get over this very quickly tjehjdhehr.


“I’m just surprised to see you cry.”


So Magnus and Alec had a bit of a problem where Magnus was in Valentine’s body, and Alec didn’t believe him? And there was a lot of, sort of betrayal on that? And it didn’t really went anywhere? Is that something that’s gonna come back?

2x12 Alec/Valentine/Magnus Scene Recap by Matthew Daddario 


@lesbianalluraweek Day 2: Coming out/Telling the team



wouldn’t it be awesome if Betty and Jughead actually did a séance to call Jason Blossom’s dead soul and roped in Sabrina to do it? haha… from cars…now bedrooms… soon mental facilities lol. this double trouble.