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some shiro headcanons that i finally decided to share

  • his team on pokemon go is valor 
  • even though it wasn’t celebrated that much in japan, he finds halloween to be one of his favorite times of year 
    • minus the fact that at a halloween party no one told him there was alcohol in the punch
    • he threw up on the walls and was taken back to his room 
    • however pictures were taken and word got out to keith (he refuses to let shiro live it down)
  • he doesn’t like to curse but will under stressful situations
    • keith often makes bets with shiro that he will cuss at least once before the day is over 
    • keith usually wins 
  • his favorite type of music is electro swing and late 90′s pop punk
  • his favorite part of the brownie is the corner pieces 
  • since no one else does it, he takes the liberty of embarrassing his brother at least once a day
    • shiro: “hey, keith, remember that one time in middle school when you wore this—”
    • keith: *threatens while shoving him out the room angrily*
  • he is a cat person
    • his family owned a cat named jelly because of the time where it knocked over a jar of jelly landing on shiro
    • this made him hate jelly for a good two (2) years 
  • while he wasn’t a frat boy while in the garrison, he was persuaded by his peers to go to one (1) party 
    • turned out he was pretty good at the kegstand 
    • that historic moment was known among later students who refuse to let him forget
    • “i go to a party ONE time!” 
  • he was actually a trouble maker before keith was adopted
    • he quickly grew up to be the older brother keith would admire

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why??? the fuck?? would you come here?? to my house?? in my living room?? to tell me that?? matt is a clone?? what??? how dare you??? who gave you the incentive??? the motivation???

okokok here’s the thing though.  Even if that picture somehow has a scar (which I still don’t see), you’ve gotta admit Matt’s reactions and interactions with the Paladins are a little….off.  Something about Matt is just weird.  

His reaction to finding his baby sis in space is a little….dull?  Like if I had a younger sibling and they suddenly showed up in SPACE I’d lose my mind??  Like he hasn’t seen her in months, maybe almost a YEAR!!  Idk….idk…

His reaction to seeing Shiro again was a little stiff too.  You’d think someone he thought was dead would get more of a greeting than just a “good to see you, sir” or whatever.  And Shiro pulling him in for that hug??  Was a bit strange too…Shiro and Matt are just OFF AND I THINK THEY’RE CLONES OK.

Clone or not, I thinks there’s something pretty fishy going on.

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Another aspect about how the fandom talks about a CO that worries me is the expectations some people have to a potential CO. If/when they decide to come out that does not mean we will necessarily get tons of intimate pictures or videos of private moments or even pda. The way I see it fanfics are where we, the fans, can enjoy playimg around with possibly scenarios and fantasies. Their actual lives are theirs and they don’t have to share the private stuff - not even if they do CO.

Hoooo boy yes. This worries me a lot too. I get scared that if/when they do come out, if they’re not like Miles and Zachary status, some larries will get bitter and lash out/feel “cheated” or like they’re owed something more. I think it’s really important to mentally separate fan fiction expectations/characterizations from whatever they end up choosing to do/how to act. 

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Since you're the only one who gives facts may I ask did she again write counting down the days while she is still there in Vancouver?


She has only done it once and that was while she was in LA. But we must remember that DD is not following her on IG so he will not be able to see her IG stories. 

However, she communicates with a female friend from Vancouver, among other things, with emojis with heart eyes. There was a brief correspondence, with some hearts and heart eyes emojis and with words like;  I love you. It happened a few days before she posted that counting the days picture. The friend she wrote with, lives in Vancouver.

I auditioned for a disneychannel casting to be a dancer and I made the cut! It was really gut wrenching mainly because it was a style out of my comfort zone. I was competing for a spot with people whom lived and breathed this specific style. While I was feeling nervous I remembered that my best friend @taylorswift​​ has adapted to different genres of music and stood her ground. So I straight up was like I gotta do the same thing. I gave it my everything and out of HUNDREDS of people I managed to make the cut. Taylor never fails to be my role model. 💖 @taylornation

(I’ll give more info and post pictures on what it was for once I’m allowed to)

I really do like, thank god and everyone that I have a job that keeps me so …happy. And useful. I feel like apart of these kids lives. I have dreams about them. I care about them. It just makes me so happy. Like, genuinely happy to be alive. I haven’t felt that in a while. For a while now I’ve forced myself to like…smile when taking pictures in a way to trick myself and my mind into thinking I am happy when I know I wasn’t. But it’s real at this point. It’s hard to find and fleeting and slippery so you can hold on to it forever. But you can touch it. And that’s enough for me

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personal headcanon but i like picturing the mc singing lavender's blue (especially the version lily james sings in the live action cinderella movie) as something mc might sing to her child. or in general as a song the ro's would walk in on her singing to -- i have no idea though how they might react to that HAHAHA

Oh, that’s definitely a song I could imagine MC singing in this setting (it’s especially appropriate given the “When I am queen, you shall be king” line ^^). 

I imagine all four of their reactions to seeing her sing to their baby would be along the lines of “Daaaaaawwww… ♥♥”

Thanks for the questions everyone!

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It's almost too cruel to have all this amazing sweet fluff only to hit us with that last line. I mean, we knew it was coming but it still hurt. I kinda love the idea of everyone having a giant sleep over in Tonys room while he's gone because it smells like him. They all just wonder in throughout the night like in chapter 20. Bruce comes in and snaps a picture because he knows that Tony will want to see it when he gets back. Excellent story as always. The next installment is highly anticipated.

I love LOVE the idea of the family basically living in Tonys room while hes gone. Between the giant bathroom and huge bed, they never have to leave lol and what a cute family type thing to do!

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That was a fast answer ; a ; Usagi anon again, I meant to say childhood headcanons, I apologize!

Sure, no problem!


  • I honestly think he might have had a pretty normal childhood!
  • I mean, as normal as someone who’s going to participate in the Juuni Taisen could have had
  • I’m not sure if his ending picture is anime canon or not (I really really hope they actually give him a backstory in the anime lol) but it’s possible he lived on some sort of farm!
  • Or at least a nice mountain home, maybe a cabin
  • Based on the anime ending, I think he might have been pretty disconnected from society, maybe one reason why he ended up the way he did
  • I also think he’s always had a connection with rabbits, similar to Niwatori with her birds, in terms of relationship, not supernatural power lol
  • He liked to spend hours out in the grass, just watching the bunnies, they were kind of his only friends
  • He was a weird kid
  • I’m gonna make myself sad
  • I also have this really far fetched and probably untrue headcanon that he knew Snake and Dragon when they were kids?? I dunno, Usagi, Dragon, and Snake are my favorite characters, so I’m mostly just dreaming lol
  • Anyway I don’t think the real trauma that caused him to break happened until later in his life, possibly late teens or the beginning of adulthood

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OC Ask: For Nico. I'd like to know more about you! :3

“Hei! Wow, I don’t know what to tell you,” says Nico, rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

“I’m not that interesting. Um. Well – I’m 17. I’m the oldest child of the family, it’s just me and my baby sister Liliana. Uh, my mamma had me young and my biological dad was never really in the picture but my mamma is the absolute best!” he exclaims.

“She was a waitress for a long time and we lived with my Nona until I was eight, when mamma met my step-dad – well I just call him dad – and they had Liliana then opened up the restaurant together.”

“That’s sort of why I want to go to university, I want to study business management and help them with the restaurant and maybe expand it one day. That’d be cool, continuing their hard work.”

“Friends-wise I have the sickest bros ever! There’s Ronan, Matheo and Hendrik. We’ve been best friends since like, forever. Ronan is super chill, and like always there to talk. He really cares about everything. Matheo is fun and always down to try new things. Hendrik is pretty quiet until you get to know him, I know he’s been having a hard time recently and is more closed off so I get why some people don’t like him. But he a good bro.”

“Um,” Nico blushes and a smile spreads across his face, “then there’s Emilie.”


Cities & Moods: Tübingen, Germany 

Es blüht das fernste, tiefste Tal:  Nun, armes Herz, vergiß der Qual!
Even the deepest, most distant valley is in flower. Now, poor heart, forget your torment. (Ludwig Uhland, Frühlingsglaube) 

inspired by the wonderful moodboards by lovely @expatesque:) 

BTS Explain Concepts Behind ‘Love Yourself: Her’ Album: 'This Is the Beginning of Our Chapter Two’

Mere hours before the release of BTS'Love Yourself: Her, the album’s significance wasn’t lost on the group’s leader, Rap Monster.

“It’s really a huge, big step for us,” the 23-year-old rapper/songwriter/producer told Billboard during a phone call from Seoul. “Of course, every member is so excited about the album. We’ve been just practicing until now, day and night, to show these new songs and perfected performances. I left a message on our fan cafe, the other day, after we finished that 'this EP will mark the turning point of BTS’ and even though the wait felt really long with this album – I think it was the huge event, the BBMAs, were in May – so much has happened.”

The wait has been particularly anticipated for for the band’s famously passionate fan base, known as Army, who have been waiting for new tracks from Rap Monster, Jimin, Suga, J-Hope, Jin, V and Jungkook band after voting them Top Social Artist at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards over fellow pop juggernauts Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez and Shawn Mendes.

Since then, the BTS guys have landed distribution deals with Amazon and U.S.-based The Orchard (“We believe the physical album, still, really counts and it’s really important to connect with our fans around the world,” Rap Monster said) and hung out with worldwide chart-toppers like Major Lazer, Halsey, Charli XCX(“Maybe it’s just my sixth sense, but I think maybe we will be collaborating with even more interesting artists,” he added); even snagging The Chainsmokers to produce a beat for Love Yourself: Her.

One listen to the tightly produced record – which looks likely to make a big splash on the Billboard 200 next week – and the passion is palpable from the intense lead single “DNA,” the societal commentary in “Go Go,” among multiple lyrics and moments that feel ripped from the members’ personal journals. There’s also loads of passion in Rap Monster’s voice talking about these new songs as he sees and envisions the larger picture and message for his band’s latest batch of forward-thinking EDM, hip-hop and pop tracks. Read on for Billboard’s deeper analysis of Love Yourself: Her with Rap Monster.

Let’s start right from the beginning with “Serendipity.” Why was this the right song to choose as the intro and kick off the era?

When I wrote the lyrics, melodies and the first themes of “Serendipity,” I tried to come up with some rare things you find in life, something very special, like the calico, three-striped cat; things that have extraordinary meanings in people’s lives. I wanted to share this moment.

I was reading the lyrics are gender neutral, which I think is really powerful. Was that a conscious decision?

The lyrics were based on rare and special things in life. So, I thought, those feelings transcend genders, cultures and barriers between people.

We always put out the “Intro” just before releasing our single, so the intro is taking the role of telling the concept of this album. But “Serendipity” was actually the right song to share the feelings of our single, “DNA.” The title is about how our DNA is connected in the universe, I think that was the right feel for this album.

Let’s talk about “DNA.” How does this single continue and progress the story of BTS?

When we’re talking about our title tracks, “DNA” is about the expression of a young, passionate love. The lyrics are like, “The two of us our connected fatefully from the start, our DNA was just the one thing.” At the same time, “DNA” is taking BTS to new ground. We tried to apply new grammar and perspectives – if you listen to the song, you’ll understand what I’m trying to say – it’s very different from our previous music, technically and musically. I believe it’s going to be the starting point of a second chapter of our career; the beginning of our Chapter Two.

“Best of Me” is really impressive. It sounds like The Chainsmokers, but it also sounds like BTS. You didn’t lose yourself which isn’t easy when collaborating with new artists. What was that process like?

I love that track! We met them at BBMAs, we were so lucky. Actually, they invited us to their concert just the other day – they had a huge concert in Korea and we sang “Closer” together. For “Best of Me,” they gave us several tracks and samples months ago, we and our producers picked one sample, like, “Okay, this is fit for our next album.” So we worked on it, we sent it to them, we asked them what they think of the track we developed and got their opinions. And we made it! I’m so excited for it. [Laughs]

Your albums always have deeper social and society commentaries. Let’s talk about some of the topics with this release. “Go Go” instantly comes to mind.

“Go Go” is a trendy song, but it’s about how our young generation are living their lives with low expectations and standards so people are upset with reality; they have little hope and there’s so much economic hardship. We wanted to say something about it and emphasize to the world that it’s not their choice, but brutal reality that forces people to live and spend as if there’s no future.

But in Korea, “YOLO” has become a big key word for young people because we don’t have money and it’s really hard to get a chance to earn a lot of money. I think society has a lot of problems for young people. Young people spend their money on claw crane machines at arcades and they spend like $30 on trying to win these dolls. And then it’s like, “Oh! I spent all my money…shit. But I don’t regret.” That’s the biggest luxury for Korea’s young people: collecting accessories, cosmetics, that’s what they think is a luxury. It’s “YOLO” because it’s like, “I’m gonna buy all this! I’m gonna buy all this food and I’m going to eat it! I’m going to do it!” I think it’s sad because it’s all we can. “Go Go” is just saying, “Okay, just do it, we won’t regret it. Just spend several bucks on the machine and eat the food!” But at the same time, the song is very easily to sing along to so I think many people will like that song, especially if they find the deeper meaning.

Of course, I have to ask about making a skit interlude out of your BBMAs acceptance speech.

You need to hear “Mic Drop” because the skit was my speech at BBMAs –  because that was a big moment for our history – and then we put “Mic Drop” next to that because it’s like a flex – like, “Okay, we’re done. We don’t need to give a shit about anything.” That was the right skit and follow-up song for this album.

The last song, “Outro: Her” really spoke to me. It almost reads like a diary.

Ha! [Laughs]

After talking with you, it feels like it recaps the whole album and is really introspective.

I think that was the fastest work I did for this album. I wrote the verse in 20 minutes; it just came, very truthfully, from the bottom of my heart. I thought it was the right outro for this album because it is really a range of emotions – I’m saying I met this person that I really love, this person is the love of my life right now, I’m saying that I was confused and I was looking for love and this world is complex. But I think it’s you so, “I call you 'her,’ 'cause you’re my tear.” “I think you’re the start and the end of me.” That’s what I’m saying: You’re my wonder, but you’re also my answers. You’re my “her,” but you’re still the “tear.”

The hook is saying that love is not all about the happiness, it’s just not just about the joy, it’s not just about delight. If you want to love a person, you should know that there are tears and there can even be hatred inside of it. I think a love really includes all of that. That’s what I was trying to say. It’s complex.

And if fans are so lucky to own the physical album, they’ll hear two hidden tracks at the very. Why keep them secretive?

I think they’re hidden because you have to be a real fan of BTS to understand them. Otherwise, you won’t. Otherwise, you’d like be, “Why are they feeling so confused about things? They’re good?!? They’re No. 1 somewhere, they have so much stuff, why are they worried?” People always talk about that. But if you are true fan of BTS and you buy the album and you listen to the hidden track – if you are an Army and we spent time together from 2013, 2014 – they could understand. It’s kind of more special, more closer, to our true hearts.

© Jeff Benjamin @ Billboard

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doodled mari and tried a new background for my sketches. dialogue is from a scene of Fractal that still hasnt happened yet

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could you talk some about gay jesus? i'm so interested and i want to know more!

  • picture it like this: you are the disciple john, young and scrawny, living off of bread and dust. you have seen roman soldiers drag the poor through the streets, push the ill to the earth, point their swords at the weak, and your heart is a place of briars and thunder.
  • then jesus shows up in capernaum one night, tangled hair and dark eyes, singing about love. he shows up on your doorstep smelling of rosewater and clay. he asks you and your brother for a loaf of bread, sits at your table, telling you not about how he invented the constellations but about how he spent half an hour today watching a group of children dance together in a marketplace. you feel the ache in your bones long before you realize it’s there, and when he places his hands on your shoulders, asking you to join him, no piece of you refuses.
  • this is what it’s like traveling with him: plum trees bear fruit in the middle of winter, ice cold bodies of the dead turn hot and leap up laughing. he smears river mud on the blind and they see again. he presses a finger to the lips of the mute and suddenly poetry fall off their tongues. shackles melt and lions quiet and the sea unwilds into stillness and your heart which was once a drought in the face of unbelief becomes springwater pouring out the gospels anyway.
  • one night after dinner, you slump over with exhaustion. jesus, grinning, tells you to lay your head on his chest. you do. you can feel his heartbeat through the linen of his clothes, steady and strong and so undeniably human even with all the divinity in his chest. he runs his fingers through your hair once, lightly. a calloused fingertip brushes your cheek and suddenly all the aching in your limbs evaporates. jesus leaves his arm wrapped around you. you never want to move again.
  • you see how he looks at the roman centurion clutching the hand of his fever-wracked lover as if jesus and the centurion were two parts of the same soul. the centurion’s lover is a man with bright red hair. i am the light, jesus says before he presses his lips to the lover’s forehead.
  • you remember the insults your parents spat out about men who lie with other men. you remember the boy you kissed by the well when you were sixteen, all the nights you spent shivering and praying on your dirt floor to the god you hadn’t met yet that you would wake in the morning better than you were now. you wonder if jesus can recite every plea you ever made.
  • when he says your name, your blood fevers at the sound. you would risk pain and prison for that voice. you would risk yourself.
  • the first time he calls you beloved, you have to tell him. the two of you are off by yourselves. you are knee-deep in a lake dragging your net through the water to catch fish for supper, and he is under the oak tree where you asked him to sit, sharing a story about an old weaver in nazareth who made cloths that were works of art within themselves. you pull up five fat, wriggling trout. he calls out, wonderful, beloved! and the net slips from your hands. you rush out of the water, fall to your knees in front of him. you haven’t finished the first syllable of forgive before he presses a finger to your lips.
  • he says, when have i ever told you that love of any kind is something you should be afraid of? and then, smiling as he lowers his hand, do you think i have never been in love with a man?
  • you know you don’t have to ask him for the kiss, but you do anyway, trembling as he brings you closer. his lips are chapped. he tastes of figs, sage, and moonlight. his laughter is in your mouth like wine, and you think of when he sang that love is the truest foundation of the universe, and you are free, you are free, you are free.
waking up the wolf inside

[here’s the full story, thanks for reading!]


Derek Hale is two hours late. At each passing minute, Stiles feels angrier and the only reason he hasn’t left is because Derek needs to come home at some point and when he does, Stiles is going to yell at him so hard he’s going to give him this interview just to send Stiles away.

Stiles can be pretty annoying when he wants to, that’s how he gets most of his job done.

Derek Hale though, he’s been fucking infuriating. For starters he lives in the middle of nowhere, Stiles got lost twice before he found someone who actually knew where Derek’s freaking cabin is. And there’s also the fact that he’s a nobody - Stiles’ only picture of him is from his High School graduation, like, fifteen years ago.

And that’s the most fascinating thing – not many people know about him but the ones who do can’t stop praising his work. The guy is an angel, but instead of protecting people he protects wolves. According to Scott’s boss – who’s like, the one person who has seen Derek in person and can attest he’s real – Derek has a vet degree, doesn’t like people and built his own cabin in the woods. To live amongst the wolves.

Stiles needs to interview this guy. At first because he got curious about a thirty-one year old guy living alone and now it’s about pride. He doesn’t just spend two hours outside someone’s house, especially when it’s snowing.

“Come on.” He groans. It’s freaking Alaska. Angel or not – Derek Hale is also a huge dick.

Stiles is beginning to think about breaking into the guy’s house (he can’t feel his toes) when he hears a car and a minute later a battered truck is parking next to Stiles’ rental car.

The man who steps out looks nothing like the High School picture Stiles found. For starters he look like a mountain man with a beard that does nothing but make him look hotter, the jeans doesn’t leave much to imagination either when it comes to his ass and the huge winter coat only accentuates his broad shoulders.

Stiles swallows. “Hey!” He yells, watching as Derek opens the back door. “Derek Hale?” He can’t hide his groan when Derek barely spares him a glance. “Hey, it’s freaking freezing here, you know?”

Derek lets out a groan of his own as he lifts something in his arms and steps away from the car. “I know.” He walks towards the house and as he gets closer, Stiles notices Derek is carrying a wolf. “Now, help me out here, yeah?”

Stiles doesn’t even think twice before dropping his bag and stepping closer. “What can I do?”

“Grab the key,” Derek instructs, “it’s in my back pocket.”

Later, Stiles will want to hide his face in embarrassment but now he can only think about the poor wolf whining in Derek’s arms as he touches Derek’s ass to find the key to open Derek’s house.

Once inside, Derek deposits the wolf on the floor, wrapping him further with blankets and asks Stiles to light up the fire as he goes around the house collecting things. “Is he going to be okay?” Stiles asks as Derek kneels in front of the wolf and runs a soothing hand over his head.

“Hopefully.” Derek answers. “And it’s a girl.” He tells Stiles. “She’s in labor.”

What.” Stiles squeaks. “Really? But –”

“In the kitchen,” Derek interrupts him, “get some hot water, and close the fucking door.”

Stiles blinks, watches as Derek tells her everything is going to be okay. She’s obviously uncomfortable, but stops squirming when Derek smiles and runs his hands over her belly.

Water.” Derek growls.

“Right.” Stiles gets on his feet. He so didn’t sign up for this.

“So,” he collapses on the floor, “does this happen a lot?”

Derek collapses next to him, eyes on the mother wolf and her six pups. “Is this part of your interview?”

Stiles snorts and rolls his eyes. “No, this is just me trying not to freak out.” He turns to look at Derek – his eyes are green, he realizes, and beautiful, he adds mentally.

“No, this doesn’t happen often.” Derek answers, finally. “Thankfully.”

Stiles nods and smiles when Derek turn to him. “You’re amazing.” He blurts out and Derek blinks, surprised. “Anyway,” Stiles shakes his head, tries to pretend the butterflies in his stomach are just from the adrenaline rush, “we’ll have to postpone the interview, but I think that’s justifiable.” He gets up, looks at his hands and realizes they are covered in blood. Ew. “Uh, can I use your bathroom before I go?”

“Go?” Derek asks, standing up too.

“I’m gonna get a hotel in town.” The nearest town is two hours away, but what can you do? He glances at the sleeping wolves. It’s not like this was Derek’s fault. “I think.”

“Don’t be stupid.” Derek says, bluntly. Stiles snorts – yeah, Derek really doesn’t have a way with people. “I have a spare bedroom.”

Stiles smiles. “Thank you.” He says. “I don’t really like driving in the snow.”

“Who does.” Derek says, asks maybe. Stiles still doesn’t know him, but as he follows Derek up the stairs, he realizes he really wants to.

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