i live for destroy everything

Lines from Heathers: the musical that absolutely ruin me

-Now I’m crying too
-Don’t stop looking in my eyes
-Deep inside, I know your heart is good
-You’re not alone
-You are the only thing that’s right about this broken world
-If you could let me in, I could be good with you
-I’d fight the world for you
-Your love’s too good to lose
-“Let me come with. You know, for backup.”
-“Veronica was just leaving.”
-“I’m not strong like you are.”
-“Are you okay?” “What about you?”
-You know, you’re beautiful.
-Let them drive us underground, I don’t care how far
-I wish that I could hurt the ones who hurt you
“I don’t deserve to live” “I respectfully disagree”
“I destroy everything; I’m just like my dad.”
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Pinhal de Leiria was over 700 years old and it took less than 24 hours to be almost entirely burned to the ground

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One time Dick accidentally knocked Tim's coffee cup onto the floor and Tim (about at his breaking point) immediately collapsed to the ground, devastated, refusing to move until someone got him a replacement cup of coffee. 'Tim, buddy, you got to get up.' 'You just destroyed MY WILL TO LIVE, DICK.' 'Tim, please-' 'EVERYTHING I CARE ABOUT GETS DESTROYED. WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS??'

Tim overreacts to the smallest things but catch him losing a spleen and hes like “this is fine”

heave and ho
our ship is ready to go
and we’ll sail, sail, sail
away from here
don’t cry; it’s all right
our wings were made to fly
so we’ll sail, sail, sail
away my dear


I know that you will be mad at me because of my choice.But I couldn’t leave without explaining myself…at least in a letter.So here I am trying to show you every single reason to make you understand me.

Allura,I’m darkness.All of my life I was too afraid that someone might hurt me again, that I ended up hurting people without even wanting to.I hurt people everywhere I go and everywhere I go people are hurt because of me.Time passed by and I realized how alone I became; and it was all because of me.I pushed everyone away because of my fear.

Allura, you’re the light.You were,are and always will be the light for me.You didn’t give up on me even though I gave you every reason to.You were always there for me.Everywhere you go people are amazed by your intelligence,your personality and your beauty.I don’t think that I said this enough so Princess, you’re the most amazing person I know.And everyone who has the chance to meet you it’s so lucky.Because it’s a privilege to even look at you.

But Allura, darkness and light don’t work and we both know that.The darkness can destroy the light and gosh, I couldn’t live with the thought that I destroyed you.You deserve light,Allura.You deserve everything good in this world and happiness.But I can’t give you these.And I’m sorry for this, I wished I was better than this, I wished I wasn’t like this, I wished we lived in a reality where everything worked itself out.

I’m sorry,Allura.

Even though I’m not going to be with you in this reality, remember that I love you.I will always love you.In every reality I can.

Because the darkness can’t live without the light.

But the light can live without the darkness.

Yours always,


—a headcanon letter from keith to allura

“Hiraeth” | NaruSaku AU


In which Sakura is faced with the threat of losing her beloved forever, unless she makes a deal with a certain demon…

Pairing: Naruto x Sakura

Genre: Angst, Fantasy AU

Words: ~1,900

A/N: I know I’m a day late for Day 4, but better late than never! I had this idea sitting in the back of my head for this day in particular, but real life and my absent-minded self caused me some delay. I hope you like it!

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Request of my fellow Magick and Energy workers

Dear friends,

I am in a situation where two very powerful enemies of mine (possibly enemies from previous lives) have set out to destroy me completely. I have done everything I can do legal wise and have performed many binding, protection, banishing spells/rituals etc.

All of this has helped, but these two are stronger than I imagined.

If anyone would consider reblogging this with positive energy, I would appreciate it. I will do something in return for anyone who would consider doing anything intensive, like a full Tarot Reading/Ritual/etc

Also, I am located on the MS Gulf Coast; I would love to connect with other Witches all over the World, especially in the areas closest to me: New Orleans, and my neighboring states of Alabama, Georgia, And Florida.

I was abruptly cast out of the home I shared with my second husband, why I was stripped of all financial support, dignity and my good reputation, soiled by lies, why my children were taken and hidden from me, despite my being a good and loving mother, why I was subject to years of emotional, physical, verbal and psychological abuse at the hands of two husbands, and why, though I was an unhappy, but faithful wife, I have been given the names of “demon,” “harpy,” “whore,” “crazy,” among many others.

I have had “friends” turn their backs and walk away, friends whom I have known for over thirty years. Family members have disowned me. My ex husbands have been able to take my children away from me, break court orders and the law and hide my children and refuse to allow me to see them, despite the fact both of these men are abusive, woman hating abusers and had little to nothing to do with these children anyway.

All of this happened for one sole reason:

I am a Woman, I am a Witch, and I got tired of hiding my Craft, and brought my beliefs into the open.

I do not regret it one bit, and given the chance, I would do it again.

This is what happens in certain areas of the South to not just Witches, but to Women who dare stand up against Racism, the “Cult” created and perpetuated by the Bible Belt, Sexism and the universally accepted idea that Women should be subservient to Men.

I have followed my own Spiritual Path since I was very small; from around three years old onward.

My Path is Unique to me: I believe in God, The Creator, in His Son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. However, I also believe in Angels, Saints, Spirit Guides/Animals and other Deities.

I do follow the Ten Commandments and the teachings of Christ, but other than that, I rarely reference the Bible. As I have accepted God as my Master, if I have a need to speak with another Deity, I humbly and respectfully ask that God speak to the Deity on my behalf so as not to break the chain of command between me and my God, and so as not to offend or insult the other Deities.

I am studying other faiths and practices and incorporate the spiritual into my artwork and music. Lately, I have felt the calling to become a Healer and am looking into attending a school of Alternative Medicine.

This is my own personal walk, one I consider to be centered around love and not doctrine.

“Christians” claim their religion is based on “Love,” but it is based on hate, control, oppression, torture, and domination.

None of how I have been treated has displayed Love, but rather the opposite.

I have very few people in my non-online life who have stuck by me and accepted me for who I am. Those people know who they are, and I can never express in words how much that means to me.

To all of my friends here, I appreciate you, your kindness and what you have taught me. To the Community as a whole…regardless of how you practice your Faith and regardless of your unique gifts, I send all of you much love and positive energy. Some of you I have never met in person and may never be able to meet in person, but you have uplifted me with your spells, posts and lovely aesthetics you post.

I send you all much Love.

Thank you again to anyone who has taken time to read and re-blog this.

I have added a blessing and prosperity charm to this post, as well as a positive energy charm. Reading the post alone blesses the reader, likes and reblogging charges and casts the charms and makes it stronger, as well as applies these charms made with love to all of your followers. It was hateful energy from others toward me which has caused this harm; I at least wish to spread love to all those I can.

Likes keep them charged and reblogging casts the charms.


Dear Charlie,

It’s not going to get better. I’m pretty sure I know that much. I’ll just keep being treated like shit. I wish someone could take me away, but I don’t really want to leave and besides I’ll probably just end up the same over there too. I want someone to talk to about everything but I’m terrified of talking about it. I don’t want to feel hated anymore. I want to feel safe again, but that’s impossible. I want to believe I’ll be happy somehow, but that seems pretty impossible too. Now I’m back to wanting to fuck everything up again. Succeed what I failed the first time. Start drugs. Ruin everything I touch. Destroy the lives of everyone that tried to help me, because they never actually cared. I want to disappear in the worst possible way, and I want to suffer every second doing it, and I do wish someone would reach out to help me, but it’d be useless. I’d just push them away too. I dont know what I want. I don’t know how to get help. I feel toxic and I hate everything

One night gone, not even a whole day and I get a call telling me I have to come back, my apartment was broken into when I was gone.

Guys you will not fucking believe the understatement that fucking was. I still can’t believe it. Someone broke into my apartment and wrecked everything! Broke, shattered, cut up every single fucking thing I own. TV, refrigerator, heat monitor, bed, clothes, all the furniture in the living room, kitchen. My fucking toilet was smashed! Everything I owned is destroyed.

That’s not the end of it. There was literal human shit EVERYWHERE! Vulgar words on the walls written in shit, all over my ripped up bed, clothes, everywhere. Words like tease, bitch, the ‘c’ word, go to hell, you’ll regret it, other stuff in shit.

Shit in my dogs’ food bag! The food in my cupboards and refrigerator was opened up and dumped everywhere, mixed with the shit. Garbage from the dumpster outside (I’m assuming) just everywhere.

Photos of my family and friends gone, of my mother who I lost when I was 12.

I cannot breath I’m crying so hard. I’m at my stepfather’s right now, gonna stay with my roommate’s brother tonight.

So glad my dogs were with me.

Sorry for not been active

Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting anything in 2 months, a lot of things happend where I live. First on September a Hurricane came to where I live and it was very powerful, it destroyed almost everything on the island. I was without electricity for 52 days and also I still have problems with the cellphone signal and sometimes I have internet in the cellphone.

And thanks to that, my dear tablet die on my 2 weeks ago so I’m waiting for a replacement from the company so I can continue with my works and unfinished sketches. It hasn’t been easy to me ahahhahahaah so I hope on the next weeks start working again on some pending sketches for my online tshirts store.

But I’m alright! XD

My brain is a hurricane
Destroying everything
Within its detrimental reach.

I Live for the moments
That cloudy skies are short-circuited
By sudden, unexpected sunshine.

The glorious moments
That I battle to hold close
In the stormiest hours.


“It’s good to see you again.”

9S did not consider the possibility even likely, no matter how much secretly he hoped for it. He supposed the easiest way to see 2B again though had simply been to kill himself, or rather to let himself side. The pain from the fight with A2 still echoed in his chest like a background melody.

For a long time after waking up in this… new body? Old one perhaps? He could feel one of his arms missing, and the blindfold he shed had returned to his face. Regardless, for a while after waking up he could say nothing at all, for he had thought a million things, all of them overwhelming and was unable to articulate any of them.

Seeing 2B again was the thing he had wanted most out of the world. Now though, 9S did not know if he deserved to want such a thing. You wanted me to live, but all I could do was destroy everything and then myself.

“2-b- or, should I say. Model 2, type E.”

Imagine #12 Derek [Requested]

The dense magnetic tension lingering in the atmosphere of the warehouse loft was suffocating. Derek’s athletic frame paced back and forth in front of the towering barrier of crystalline windows; muscular arms crossed firmly over his grey v-neck covered chest, dark eyebrows knit together in frustration, cryptic willow irises drowning in affliction and guilt. The werewolves each shared bewildered glances amongst each other, unaware as to the reason for the eerie silence or the overemotional alpha turned beta. The rhythmic clicking of keyboard keys echoed throughout the warehouse loft, Stiles, your fraternal twin brother, seated beside you as you did research for the current supernatural opponent. “It sounds like it could be.” You murmured to your brother as you verbally replied to his curious glances.

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