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Lines from Heathers: the musical that absolutely ruin me

-Now I’m crying too
-Don’t stop looking in my eyes
-Deep inside, I know your heart is good
-You’re not alone
-You are the only thing that’s right about this broken world
-If you could let me in, I could be good with you
-I’d fight the world for you
-Your love’s too good to lose
-“Let me come with. You know, for backup.”
-“Veronica was just leaving.”
-“I’m not strong like you are.”
-“Are you okay?” “What about you?”
-You know, you’re beautiful.
-Let them drive us underground, I don’t care how far
-I wish that I could hurt the ones who hurt you
“I don’t deserve to live” “I respectfully disagree”
“I destroy everything; I’m just like my dad.”
Say Hi To God :-)

Request of my fellow Magick and Energy workers

Dear friends,

I am in a situation where two very powerful enemies of mine (possibly enemies from previous lives) have set out to destroy me completely. I have done everything I can do legal wise and have performed many binding, protection, banishing spells/rituals etc.

All of this has helped, but these two are stronger than I imagined.

If anyone would consider reblogging this with positive energy, I would appreciate it. I will do something in return for anyone who would consider doing anything intensive, like a full Tarot Reading/Ritual/etc

Also, I am located on the MS Gulf Coast; I would love to connect with other Witches all over the World, especially in the areas closest to me: New Orleans, and my neighboring states of Alabama, Georgia, And Florida.

I was abruptly cast out of the home I shared with my second husband, why I was stripped of all financial support, dignity and my good reputation, soiled by lies, why my children were taken and hidden from me, despite my being a good and loving mother, why I was subject to years of emotional, physical, verbal and psychological abuse at the hands of two husbands, and why, though I was an unhappy, but faithful wife, I have been given the names of “demon,” “harpy,” “whore,” “crazy,” among many others.

I have had “friends” turn their backs and walk away, friends whom I have known for over thirty years. Family members have disowned me. My ex husbands have been able to take my children away from me, break court orders and the law and hide my children and refuse to allow me to see them, despite the fact both of these men are abusive, woman hating abusers and had little to nothing to do with these children anyway.

All of this happened for one sole reason:

I am a Woman, I am a Witch, and I got tired of hiding my Craft, and brought my beliefs into the open.

I do not regret it one bit, and given the chance, I would do it again.

This is what happens in certain areas of the South to not just Witches, but to Women who dare stand up against Racism, the “Cult” created and perpetuated by the Bible Belt, Sexism and the universally accepted idea that Women should be subservient to Men.

I have followed my own Spiritual Path since I was very small; from around three years old onward.

My Path is Unique to me: I believe in God, The Creator, in His Son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. However, I also believe in Angels, Saints, Spirit Guides/Animals and other Deities.

I do follow the Ten Commandments and the teachings of Christ, but other than that, I rarely reference the Bible. As I have accepted God as my Master, if I have a need to speak with another Deity, I humbly and respectfully ask that God speak to the Deity on my behalf so as not to break the chain of command between me and my God, and so as not to offend or insult the other Deities.

I am studying other faiths and practices and incorporate the spiritual into my artwork and music. Lately, I have felt the calling to become a Healer and am looking into attending a school of Alternative Medicine.

This is my own personal walk, one I consider to be centered around love and not doctrine.

“Christians” claim their religion is based on “Love,” but it is based on hate, control, oppression, torture, and domination.

None of how I have been treated has displayed Love, but rather the opposite.

I have very few people in my non-online life who have stuck by me and accepted me for who I am. Those people know who they are, and I can never express in words how much that means to me.

To all of my friends here, I appreciate you, your kindness and what you have taught me. To the Community as a whole…regardless of how you practice your Faith and regardless of your unique gifts, I send all of you much love and positive energy. Some of you I have never met in person and may never be able to meet in person, but you have uplifted me with your spells, posts and lovely aesthetics you post.

I send you all much Love.

Thank you again to anyone who has taken time to read and re-blog this.

I have added a blessing and prosperity charm to this post, as well as a positive energy charm. Reading the post alone blesses the reader, likes and reblogging charges and casts the charms and makes it stronger, as well as applies these charms made with love to all of your followers. It was hateful energy from others toward me which has caused this harm; I at least wish to spread love to all those I can.

Likes keep them charged and reblogging casts the charms.


*Lilli voice* i am unable to live without destroying everything that has built my consciousness and identity up until this point and all attempts of avoiding it will result in pure emotional pain but if i dont avoid it and instead accept it then i will die, not physically, but as in my consciousness will be removed from the plane of existence, i will not exist mentally anymore, i will be a blank slate that will then be built from the ground up into a new person, and while that might make me happy, it wont be “me” who is happy, so i dont want to die. i dont want to die. i will persevere even if it means being morally wrong to a degree. god is dead

@seefin tagged me in this counting meme, pls go easy on my counting skills

five things in my bag: phone, wallet, variable lip product, migraine sunnies, noise cancelling headphones, a pen. depends on which bag tbh.

five things in my bedroom: my boots are currently balanced on top of my fan so that my small dearly beloved arsehole beans won’t destroy them, the beans also live in the bedroom and destroy everything i love - snufkin specifically climbs onto the second level of my bookshelf and throws only tamora pierce books onto the floor why - forest of cups, a book on the history of east germany a nice man told me was good to read in the british library bookshop that i haven’t read yet but stare at longingly often, almost full sketchbook.

five things i’ve always wanted to do: learn german! also indonesian better because i have forgotten so much, it’s tragic, bu d would cry. always wanted to be trilingual. also like, some kind of martial art (look i watched a lot of cop shows as a kid u cant judge me) probably krav? i also would like to be proficient in printmaking (and printing on shirts and stuff) because i did a unit on it at school but my teacher straight up refused to teach me the printing bit and i am Bitter about it. not kill plants. i would love to not kill plants. uh. if u asked me this when i was thirteen i would definitely say ‘publish a well-regarded book’, and i guess i wouldn’t say no to that?? but it is no longer the goal of my existence.

five things that make me happy: my beaaans/rats in general/animals in general (look seefin’s answer is a universally correct answer), the consumption of food, ~friendship~, shitty television shows, my sister, who is objectively the best/coolest.

five things i’m currently into: i started watching leverage and i love it even tho i fuckin hate nate ‘my face looks like a foot’ ford and his boring emotional journeys and bad fucking choices. also lorde 🙌 and eilish gilligan’s new single. music in general is a good time. holidays 4 my friendos. obviously im always on the webcomics train also but like holy damn is there some great shit going on atm!! good for my queer heart. and finally, i am a broken record, but: love my fucking libraries man. they’re so great. libraries are great. i want to hug them.

five things on my to do list: recovery so i can get back into my education plan!!! being sick(er??) is boring!! i wanna go to protests and participate in this awful australian democracy!!! do something about my wisdom teeth ahahahaha gun emoji. read my books!!!! expand my friend j’s friendship group!!! go see the cool van gogh thing before it leaves foreeveeerrrr

tagging whoever wants tooo @singingundersmoke-filledlights ?? @the-tree-outside-the-window ??? no pressure 

Imagine #12 Derek [Requested]

The dense magnetic tension lingering in the atmosphere of the warehouse loft was suffocating. Derek’s athletic frame paced back and forth in front of the towering barrier of crystalline windows; muscular arms crossed firmly over his grey v-neck covered chest, dark eyebrows knit together in frustration, cryptic willow irises drowning in affliction and guilt. The werewolves each shared bewildered glances amongst each other, unaware as to the reason for the eerie silence or the overemotional alpha turned beta. The rhythmic clicking of keyboard keys echoed throughout the warehouse loft, Stiles, your fraternal twin brother, seated beside you as you did research for the current supernatural opponent. “It sounds like it could be.” You murmured to your brother as you verbally replied to his curious glances.

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Timeline of important events on this blog

  • rickrolled
  • Thor getting Rick rolled
  • rob Kardashian
  • i broke like 5 pieces of furniture for valentine’s day
  • what the fuck chad
  • i spilled ice all over the floor and for some reason this made people want to date me
  • leg
  • killed chell within the first 20 seconds of portal
  • I would like to live in a Giraffe.
  • glados the noctowl destroys literally everything
  • the noot noot apocalypse

anyone who says this isn’t a quality blog is lying

I knew a boy in high school. All he wanted to do was sing. When he sang, you could hear joy and desperation. When he sang, you knew he didn’t care about much else. He’d sing and he’d sing, and none of us had the heart to tell him he couldn’t even carry a tune, because how do you look someone in the eye and destroy everything he lives for? Sometimes I think of the boy and his voice and I wonder if people read my words and shrivel on the inside and don’t have the heart to tell me I’ll never be a writer, because they can’t just look me in the eye and destroy everything I live for.

When I saw you,
the words I wanted to say vanished
as though a tsunami came
and swept them all away.

I tried to piece together the words,
like how people try
to put their lives together,
after a tsunami destroys everything they have

I had never met you before,
so how could I have missed you?
Oh, but I was so wrong
for I felt as though
someone had ripped you away from my heart,
like how a tsunami rips family, friends, lovers away from survivors

Im sorry,
that I didn’t have the strength
to say what was on my mind,
and I wish I had the strength
of survivors trying to fathom what has been lost

—  C.C., You Were Gone Too Young

anonymous asked:

can you explain the marauders to me? :>

Uhhh… hmmm.. well….. Let my try to sort out all my Marauder feels.

Short version: The Marauders, consisting of James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew were a group of best friends who attended Hogwarts 1971 - 1978. They were known troublemakers but also extremely talented wizards, creating the Marauders Map and joining the original Order of the Phoenix.

Long version: The Marauders’ friendship is simultaneously the most inspiring and most tragic one out of the HP books for me. Here are these four massively different characters on paper: James coming from a warm, caring, wealthy pureblood family, Sirius from a haughty, judgemental household whose entire family, even the relatively reasonable ones, have been sorted into Slytherin, Remus is poor, a half-blood, and on top of that he’s a werewolf, Peter can be assumed to be from an average, not-too-brilliant or interesting background, nothing that really pops out and makes him “worthy” to be part of Hogwarts’ (in)famous Marauders. 

Yet the Marauders consist of four. All four. They become Animagi to help Remus. They trusted Peter to be the Potters’ Secret Keeper. Sirius Black was unquestionably first choice to be a half-blood’s godfather. Yes they brought out the worst in each other; Sirius and James’ arrogance was brushed over and even encouraged by the Marauders, they bullied other students just for “fun.” But they stuck together and they grew up together. James became responsible enough to be Head Boy, not without Remus’ gentle guiding, I’m prone to think. Remus returned to his wife and unborn son despite his lifelong fear of alienation after being reminded that James, above all else, was loyal to those he loved. Sirius gained the independence and bravery to leave his family and Grimmauld Place, learning that there was a different, better way of thinking and living. 

And Peter, well, Peter is the only Marauder who doesn’t really have much canon material to support him. At the same time, he’s the crux of what makes the Marauders a group of such appealing characters. If we’re talking about strong, balanced, loyal until the end friendships/relationships, there’s a lot to choose from in the HP books. But the fact that Peter was one of the Marauders, that he’d been accepted into that inner circle and was a valued member of it, destroyed them but had a split-second of redemption before he died, is what makes his betrayal and the narrative of the Marauders so heart-wrenchingly beautiful. The Marauders had this seemingly unshakeable friendship and loyalty each other, but throughout the First Wizarding War that trust degraded and ultimately lead to the James’ death, even though James was the one who’d trusted them all until the very end. That’s what’s so goddamn TRAGIC. By virtue of being the greatest friends any of them could ask for and believing in that friendship, EVERYONE FCKING DIED. That’s what prompted my love of the Marauder era, before everything fell apart. It’s sort of a nostalgia; imagining what could have been and filling in the details of this legendary friendship is much more interesting, to me, than going over what we already know about the current generation. I absolutely love the golden trio, and their friendship is arguably stronger than the Marauders, considering that, well, Peter betrayed them and ruined their lives and destroyed everything I hold dear. But for feels value, the Marauders take it all.