i live for destroy everything

Request of my fellow Magick and Energy workers

Dear friends,

I am in a situation where two very powerful enemies of mine (possibly enemies from previous lives) have set out to destroy me completely. I have done everything I can do legal wise and have performed many binding, protection, banishing spells/rituals etc.

All of this has helped, but these two are stronger than I imagined.

If anyone would consider reblogging this with positive energy, I would appreciate it. I will do something in return for anyone who would consider doing anything intensive, like a full Tarot Reading/Ritual/etc

Also, I am located on the MS Gulf Coast; I would love to connect with other Witches all over the World, especially in the areas closest to me: New Orleans, and my neighboring states of Alabama, Georgia, And Florida.

I was abruptly cast out of the home I shared with my second husband, why I was stripped of all financial support, dignity and my good reputation, soiled by lies, why my children were taken and hidden from me, despite my being a good and loving mother, why I was subject to years of emotional, physical, verbal and psychological abuse at the hands of two husbands, and why, though I was an unhappy, but faithful wife, I have been given the names of “demon,” “harpy,” “whore,” “crazy,” among many others.

I have had “friends” turn their backs and walk away, friends whom I have known for over thirty years. Family members have disowned me. My ex husbands have been able to take my children away from me, break court orders and the law and hide my children and refuse to allow me to see them, despite the fact both of these men are abusive, woman hating abusers and had little to nothing to do with these children anyway.

All of this happened for one sole reason:

I am a Woman, I am a Witch, and I got tired of hiding my Craft, and brought my beliefs into the open.

I do not regret it one bit, and given the chance, I would do it again.

This is what happens in certain areas of the South to not just Witches, but to Women who dare stand up against Racism, the “Cult” created and perpetuated by the Bible Belt, Sexism and the universally accepted idea that Women should be subservient to Men.

I have followed my own Spiritual Path since I was very small; from around three years old onward.

My Path is Unique to me: I believe in God, The Creator, in His Son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. However, I also believe in Angels, Saints, Spirit Guides/Animals and other Deities.

I do follow the Ten Commandments and the teachings of Christ, but other than that, I rarely reference the Bible. As I have accepted God as my Master, if I have a need to speak with another Deity, I humbly and respectfully ask that God speak to the Deity on my behalf so as not to break the chain of command between me and my God, and so as not to offend or insult the other Deities.

I am studying other faiths and practices and incorporate the spiritual into my artwork and music. Lately, I have felt the calling to become a Healer and am looking into attending a school of Alternative Medicine.

This is my own personal walk, one I consider to be centered around love and not doctrine.

“Christians” claim their religion is based on “Love,” but it is based on hate, control, oppression, torture, and domination.

None of how I have been treated has displayed Love, but rather the opposite.

I have very few people in my non-online life who have stuck by me and accepted me for who I am. Those people know who they are, and I can never express in words how much that means to me.

To all of my friends here, I appreciate you, your kindness and what you have taught me. To the Community as a whole…regardless of how you practice your Faith and regardless of your unique gifts, I send all of you much love and positive energy. Some of you I have never met in person and may never be able to meet in person, but you have uplifted me with your spells, posts and lovely aesthetics you post.

I send you all much Love.

Thank you again to anyone who has taken time to read and re-blog this.

I have added a blessing and prosperity charm to this post, as well as a positive energy charm. Reading the post alone blesses the reader, likes and reblogging charges and casts the charms and makes it stronger, as well as applies these charms made with love to all of your followers. It was hateful energy from others toward me which has caused this harm; I at least wish to spread love to all those I can.

Likes keep them charged and reblogging casts the charms.


When I saw you,
the words I wanted to say vanished
as though a tsunami came
and swept them all away.

I tried to piece together the words,
like how people try
to put their lives together,
after a tsunami destroys everything they have

I had never met you before,
so how could I have missed you?
Oh, but I was so wrong
for I felt as though
someone had ripped you away from my heart,
like how a tsunami rips family, friends, lovers away from survivors

Im sorry,
that I didn’t have the strength
to say what was on my mind,
and I wish I had the strength
of survivors trying to fathom what has been lost

—  C.C., You Were Gone Too Young