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present participle

EDIT: THIS GOT REALLY LONG (why am i surprised) so i put in a cut

this is some sort of language fic where yuuri pretends not to know russian so victor can feel great about showing him around st. petersburg.at some point it’s just awkward to say something, plus victor seems so happy to constantly translate (and therefore prevent other people from trying to steal yuuri from him).

 there are a lot of exchanges where victor outright lies about the other person is saying and yuuri is just ???? but also he’s super into jealous!possessive!victor so they bang a lot. victor just thinks yuuri is turned on by him speaking russian (i mean he IS but it’s also other things.)

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Requested By Anon

“(Y/N), I didn’t expect to see you here.” Elijah muttered as Hayley stepped back and accidentally opened the door a little wider.

“Well, this is where I live.” You sighed awkwardly as Hayley went to find Hope while shooting you an apologetic look.

“I tried to come and talk to you but couldn’t get in.” He said and watched as you nodded, glancing over ay where Hayley was pretending to not be hovering in case you needed her. “You make me feel like I’m not good enough.”

“The landlord changed the locks.” You mumbled. “Actually the replaced the door and the windows.”

“Elijah I think you should go, I’ll bring Hope round later.” Hayley mumbled after an awkward silence and let you escape the awkward conversation.

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Sexier than Doctor Sexy

read on Ao3

At first, all Dean can hear is a ringing in his ears. He’s not used to this kind of hangover and, hell, he doesn’t even remember drinking. In fact, he has no idea what the fuck is going on and he can’t see anything other than blobs of people above him.

Did he pass out? Shit, Sam is always getting on his case about his bad eating habits, maybe the last bacon-cheeseburger he ate was one too many. Apparently, you’re never too young to go into cardiac arrest.

He groans, trying to sit up, when someone’s hand lands on his shoulder. Dean has to focus, hard, but he sees a man standing above him, concern lacing all corners of his face. Dean struggles, trying again to push himself up. He can’t, though, because something is wrong with his right wrist and it hurts when he pushes on it.

As things start becoming clearer, Dean realizes that he’s lying down right by a sewage drain on the side of the road.

“Fuck, I feel like I got hit by a car,” he moans, squinting his eyes in an attempt to get them to focus.

“Oh, thank God you’re alright,” the guy above him says. He has dark hair and strong features and Dean wonders what the hell got him into this position.

“Why wouldn’t I be alright? What the hell happened?”

The other man frowns and helps Dean sit up, the small of his back leaning against the curb. The guy is in light-blue scrubs and as Dean looks past him, he sees multiple other concerned-looking people staring at him.

“I–uh, I hit you with my car,” the man says.

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Lustrous (pt 3)

Originally posted by minpuffs

Hybrid!Kook x Reader AU

Pt 1 | Pt 2 | Pt 3 Pt 4

(A/n): The one time I have free time to write I fall asleep OTL I’ll try to finish up writing interference and that request I got asap, I just can’t promise much since school is beating the crap out of me ;;


Jungkook turns away, choosing to ignore your gawking and hisses of confusion. You go to try and catch his attention until there’s a sharp smack upside the back of your head and an arousal of laughter rising from the students around you. Rubbing the back of your head with a pout, you look up at your potions teacher, a witch just like the majority of the supernatural students in your class. She’s a rather young-looking woman, slim and tall with a sort of elegance to her stature, skin milky and presumably smooth, and her long raven hair full and luscious. Who knows, she could be using some kind of spell to enhance her appearances, for all you knew she could’ve actually been one of the cliche old hags with large noses and narrow faces, the chin jutting out tremendously with wrinkled skin and hairy warts.

Hands on her hips, your teacher frowns down at you, “I hope I’m not boring you Miss (Y/n), I sure hope that since you chose this class you are sincerely interested in learning something and not pining after boys.”

“Not at all, I’m sorry,” you deflate under her sharp stare, the weight on your shoulders feeling like lead when you continue to hear the cackles of the other students.

“I would hope so, detention after class Miss (Y/n). Please pay attention instead of talking, yes?”

You nod guiltily, your shoulders sagging as she snaps at your classmates to kindly shut their mouth holes before she does it for them with a threatening wave of her crooked wand. From beside you Jungkook is glancing at you warily, biting on his lip before looking away regrettably.

Once class is over, the room is emptied with the exceptions of you and your teacher. You dread the scolding you receive about talking in her class before she lets you alone to do any homework for the next hour you have imprisoned in her classroom.

You barely get anything done when all you can think about is Jungkook and his eyes, wondering why he would say such a thing. Sure, you knew that according to the creature the eyes glowed a certain color, but was there a meaning behind his?

“You’re free to go Miss (Y/n) I hope you know not to speak during my lecture next time.”

You bow, making a noise of approval, packing up your things before heading out the door. Walking down the deserted hallways, you glance out one of the windows to see the sun in the distance, not quite setting yet but about ready to. The sky is still a vast blue, with a gradient of orange peeking from the horizon where the sun is slowly heading towards.


You startle, jumping out of your skin when Jungkook greets you at the school gates. Has he been waiting there this whole time? Maybe you should’ve realized the sudden radiance of magical aura if it weren’t for your dazed thoughts.

As if reading your thoughts he looks away shyly, scratching the back of his neck nervously, “I- er… Sorry you got in detention… Also I thought it might get dark by the time you get released so…”

Both of your cheeks heat up simultaneously at the realization of his intentions, a small smile gracing your lips as you nod in understanding.

“I see… thank you very much, and no need to be sorry… I guess I was being a little too nosy…” you laugh lightly, the both of you beginning to walk in the direction of your house.

“It’s alright,” he responds timidly, glancing cautiously down at your injured leg.

You notice this and smile, “Don’t worry about my leg, I’m fine now, thanks to you.”

His head bobs in understanding, staying quiet the remainder of the way to your house. Along the trek to your place, you can’t help but cast glances every now and then at the handsome boy walking along side you. He’s truly a walking piece of art, you think with a sigh, looking up quickly when he glances at you curiously. He must’ve noticed your eyes drilling holes into the side of his head by now, or the fluctuation of your heart, or even the scent of your attraction.

By the time you’ve reached your destination, the sky is streaked with an array of orange and pink that mingles with the remainder of what was once the blue sky. Jungkook is about to leave when you exchange farewells until Yahiko yanks open the door and grins widely at the sight of the boy beside you.

“Who might this be?”

“A friend from school,” you start as Jungkook bows politely to her, “…He’s the one who saved me the other day actually…”

“Ah really? Why aren’t you inviting him in then?! Why don’t you stay for awhile for dinner? As thanks for looking out for this little brat,” Yahiko says, not waiting for a rejection and opening the door wider to welcome you both in.

The brunette glances at you reluctantly before motioning for you to enter first and following after you. He’s nothing but politeness and manners throughout the night, answering any question the kitsune has in store for him. He kindly declines the pig liver that she offers and opts for the kimchi stew she made for you.

You’re astounded by the boy, effortlessly capturing the heart of both Yahiko and yours despite his shyness and straight-forward replies.

You catch the ghost of a smile on his pink lips until it’s nowhere to be found as soon as Yahiko asks about his parents. There’s no trace of emotion that crosses his darkening expression at the innocent question. The elder must’ve sensed the change in his demeanor, about ready to wave away her question until he beats her to it.

“Ah… they’ve passed away…” he starts out awkwardly, “I live with my pack…”

Eyebrows furrowing, he quickly raises his hands to wave in dismissal, smelling the dreadful amount of pity and sadness from both you and your guardian, “It’s alright, it’s been years… I’ve come to accept their deaths…”

At this you notice the subtle narrow of Yahiko’s eyes before she nods thoughtfully and expresses her condolences and apologizes for her ignorance.

Your mind however is still reveling in the realization that Jungkook had been a child who had to grow up quickly in order to survive among his pack. He had to mature in order to get about with no parents to nurture him. Then again you didn’t know exactly when he’d lost his parents.

“Don’t worry too much,” he mouths to you when you catch his gaze on you.

You can’t help it, frowning back at him before nodding and continuing to eat your dinner.

“Thank you for having me over,” Jungkook bows when it comes time that he decides to take off, “Dinner was delicious.” In his hand is a bag full of plastic containers of leftovers, Yahiko having persuaded him to take home to his pack.

The street lamps are flickering to life at this time, darkness consuming the town as the moon replaces the spot of the sun.

“Come over any time,” Yahiko hums, bowing slightly in return with a motherly smile on her face.

His eyes slide to meet yours, the corners of his mouth twitching as he nods at you, “I’ll see you Monday (Y/n).”

You both watch as he begins his trek home to where his pack is, closing the door once his tall stature is swallowed by the shadows.

“Quite a handsome boy indeed~” Yahiko grins mischievously, prodding your side with her elbow and wiggling her eyebrows suggestively at you.

Flushing, you swat her arm away from you with a weak frown, “D-don’t get the wrong idea, it’s nothing like that, he just saved me okay, it was a coincidence.”

“But you like him?~” she coos knowingly, eyes flashing their usual vibrant shade of orange, “Don’t lie now darling, let’s not forget that I’m also a supernatural being.”

“Did you not say to keep away from other supernatural shifters at my school though?”

She stares at you blankly.

“This is different.”


“He’s quite a handsome young man, strong… with some good manners, his pack members must be well-rounded,” she sighs dreamily, “Darn myself for asking about his parents… aish~”

You frown, flabbergasted by her behavior, “You’re unbelievable.”

“I wanted to ask you something as well.”

Yahiko perks up at this, nodding a go ahead when you look for permission to shoot away.

“…What is the meaning behind blue eyes? Not like human eyes, but you know… er how your eyes glow orange… but is there a special meaning behind blue eyes?”

At this you can see the immediate change in her expression, a certain kind of seriousness crossing over her aged face as she takes hold of your shoulders to face you towards her. She observes your expression thoroughly, a deep frowning marring her aged face.

“Where’d you see this? At school? On the streets?” her voice is low and harsh, stern as she searches for answers in your eyes, “Stay away from that person - whoever it may be. I don’t care who it is - it could even be that boy from earlier - stay away from them.


Yahiko’s sudden change had you startled and reeling for the rest of the weekend. Just like Hyejin, she - although unknowingly - wants you to stay away from Jeon Jungkook. Did his eyes signify evil? What difference were they from other werewolves? Why did it make him out to be a bad guy when he was nothing like the crazed fiend that had attacked you that night?


You glance up and smile weakly at your friend who’s walking you to your last class of the day, “Yeah, I was just thinking.”

“You look like you’re worried about something, I’m sure there’s nothing to worry your pretty little brain over so don’t stress too much, yeah?” Hyejin returns the smile tenfold, surprising you with a hug before beginning to walk off to her class.

“Hey,” Jungkook says softly when he takes a seat beside you, but he stiffens and glances at you worriedly, “Is something wrong? You… reek of anxiety.”

You deflate at this, “I’m sorry that I stink.”

He waves his hand quickly, wondering if he’d just hurt your feelings, “Ah no, sorry… I didn’t mean it like that…”


He falters, letting his hand fall limp as he appraises your slouched form before making a noise of acknowledgement.

“I’m going to ask this once only, say no and I’ll stop bothering you… what’s the meaning behind your eyes?” You hold your breath, staring down at your shoes and patiently waiting for his response. However he remains silent and you are quick to grow antsy and restless at his lack of response.

“If you don’t want to tell me that’s fine… I’m just confused… I… well my friend is telling me to stay away from you… and Yahiko as well when I asked about the meaning of blue eyes on paranormal beings…”

“They’re right,” he answers simply, “I’m dangerous, you shouldn’t really be hanging around me.”


“Do you want to know?” he asks sternly, thick brows knitting together as he scrutinizes your face.

“Y-yes, of course, please,” you say immediately, sitting significantly straighter when he turns away from you.

“I’ll tell you when I walk you home.”

Such words do wonders to your poor heart, beating wildly as you nod silently and can’t wait for the bell to ring. Your heart falls into beat with each tick of second hand, anticipating the end of the school day and being accompanied by Jungkook once again to your home.

Today is a lab day, just a small procedure to teach the class to create the base of most potions. You follow the directions thoroughly, hands moving easily and quickly as if you’ve done these procedures before. Even your teacher gives you a subtle pat on your shoulder to praise you, to which snickers arise from the witches in the room that it’s a miracle a mere human was able to do something like witchcraft.

“Ah… those witches are a pain in the ass, I’m going to have to deal with their snickers for the next how many months,” you groan as you walk beside Jungkook.

“Jungkookie!” a voice calls enthusiastically, halting the male beside you to turn around and be smothered by a flash of black. You blink glancing over from where it came from to see Kim Taehyung casually following after his friend. He regards you with a flirtatious smile, eyes flashing a prominent amber as you glance down at the day ring decorating his hand.

“You’re that girl from the other day,” he points out, eyes looking you up and down, “The one with the delicious scent.”

“Keep away from her Tae,” Jungkook warns lowly, a rumble emitting from his chest as the ravenette that’s attached to him stiffens at the increase of the magical aura that you definitely feel.

“Calm down Kook,” he says softly, gripping the younger’s shoulder and casting him a cautious look.

“Why are you so territorial about a human girl? You haven’t already imprinted on her have you?” Taehyung snorts, although he backs off with his hands raised to show his innocent intentions.

Imprint? You furrow your eyebrows as Jungkook bristles momentarily before breathing in and out heavily in order to calm himself.

“Don’t worry about that idiot,” he sighs, glancing at you softly, “That’s Taehyung by the way, blood-sucker, and the shortie is Jimin, also a werewolf.”

At this he gets smacks and light punches from the two elders. You can’t help but watch them interact in awe, Jungkook seemingly much more comfortable and laid back with the two boys. As previously told to you by Hyejin as his pack brothers. Surely they had a deep bond with each other.

Jimin glances at you, plump lips spreading into a smile that you can only lamely describe as angelic because holy shit how did one look so damn pretty when they smiled? His brown irises however glimmer a shock of gold and you’re briefly reminded that this is no angel, but a werewolf just like Jungkook who could indeed tear you apart effortlessly with his enhanced abilities.

“You’re a cute one, please take good care of Jungkookie, yeah?”

The said male flushes at this and pouts a his hyung, “Hyung, it’s nothing like that… I’m just going to walk her home… I’ll be back soon.”

You’re not sure how, but at some point you two finally manage to part from the pair and head towards your home. Jungkook is rigid and sighing heavily, probably mentally cursing away at his two pack members.

“I guess I should explain to you now, huh?” he finally says after a while, rubbing at the back of his neck, watching you from the corner of his eyes.

To which you nod eagerly and wait patiently for him to finally answer the question that has been bothering you ever since he told you his eyes were nothing pretty.

“You saw Jimin-hyung’s eyes right?”

“Yeah…” you nod, thinking back to the raven-haired boy, how they briefly glinted a prominent golden shine, “They were yellow… more golden I guess.”

“Correct,” he breathes, trying to calm his nerves, “Most betas, werewolves, their eyes are yellow, and I’m sure you know that alphas glow red.”

He stops walking altogether, heaving a huge breath as he looks at you, “However betas with blue eyes… it indicates that they’ve taken the lives of an innocent.”

You freeze, blood running cold at the revelation.

“I’ve killed, (Y/n), I’m a murderer.”


Prompt: Can I request 6&8 from list 2 for kylo ren ?????? Please and thank you ❤️

6.) “I need a place to stay.”

8.) “You’re seriously like a man-child.”

General Tags: @nervouswastelandvoid

Pairing: Kylo Ren X Reader

Word Count: 595

TW: Agnsty end

I need a place to stay,” Ben said as you opened your apartment door. You blinked at him in surprise, expecting your Alderaanien take-out that you had ordered, not one of your old childhood friends. You had grown up together, your parents being old smuggler friends of Han’s. But once Ben was found to be force sensitive and his Uncle started taking on Padawans… you had grown distant despite the rules having changed and allowed Jedi attachments. You chalked it up to distance- having left the smuggler life now that there was intergalactic peace- and doing to a more stable planet and going to school, finding a decent job. Your parents stopped in time to time, happy that you were safe and comfortable.

“Ben?” You said slowly, surprised, “Is that you? What- how long has it been?” You paused, “how did… How did you even know where I lived?”

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I request story prompt #68 please

68. “Well, this is where I live.”

I’ve been sitting on this one for a while. It changed a few times but I hope you like the end result.

“Well, this is where I live.” Hiccup waved awkwardly at his front door. “You really didn’t need to walk me home.”

Astrid chuckled. “I’ve been here before, you dork.” She waited while he shuffled through his keys. “I helped you move in.”

Hiccup found the right key and jiggled it into the lock. “That was different,” he argued, shoving the door open.

“How?” Astrid asked. She laughed at the face Hiccup pulled. “I was here the other week! We ate take out on the couch.”

“It’s not the same! We weren’t dating then!” Hiccup flushed red on the word ‘dating’.

Astrid rolled her eyes. “It still doesn’t change the fact I’ve already seen your apartment. Are you going to let me in?”

Hiccup stepped aside. Astrid plucked his keys from his hands and strode past him into the hall. Hiccup lived on the ground floor of the apartment. Astrid found the right key and let herself in.

Toothless came over to twine about Astrid’s legs. She bent to pick the cat up. “At least you still treat me the same,” she crooned as she scratched Toothless behind his furry black ears.

Hiccup shut the door and wandered into the kitchen. “You want a drink?” He opened the fridge and scanned the contents. He wasn’t a big fan of beer but he had a couple of bottles of cider left over from Snotlout’s last party.

“That’s more like it.” Astrid let Toothless slip from her grip. The cat landed lightly on the counter. Despite not having a tail, he moved gracefully, leaping to the floor.

Hiccup handed Astrid her drink, and turned to lean against the bench.

“So…” he let the word stretch out to fill the awkward silence in the kitchen.

Astrid took a long sip, watching Hiccup carefully.

“Why are you so nervous all of a sudden?” She asked him, setting her bottle down.

Hiccup shrugged, downing half his drink in one go. “I guess a part of me is scared of screwing this up,” he said finally.

“Don’t be ridiculous.” Astrid placed her hands on the bench behind her and hopped up onto the counter. She let her feet swing against the cupboard doors. “We’ve been hanging out for months. Nothing’s going to change.”

At this Hiccup’s mouth curved into a smile. “Nothing?”

Astrid crooked a finger, beckoning Hiccup closer, mirroring his grin with her own. “Absolutely nothing.”

Hiccup stood between her legs, his hands resting lightly on Astrid’s thighs. “What’s the point of dating then?” He teased.

Astrid smacked him lightly on the shoulder.

“Should we even go on another date after this?” Hiccup let his hands drift up towards Astrid’s hips. “I don’t really see the point anymore. Do you want to go on another date with me?”

Astrid leant forward, shutting him up with a kiss.

“I take it this means you do,” Hiccup mumbled against Astrid’s lips.

Astrid rested her arms on Hiccup’s shoulders. “You talk too much.” She pulled him back in wrapping her legs around his waist. “No more talking.”


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"I'm trying to flirt with you, okay?" ontae. ^u^

Rating: PG-13
AU: Cocoon
Word count: 1700+
Notes: This is a prequel to other installments, which are listed below in chronological order.

The Cocoon  -  Cocoon AU: Cozy  -  Cocoon AU: I Need You 

Jinki shuffled into the kitchen, yawning as he blinked the sleep from his eyes and scratched the back of his head absently. The sink was full of dirty dishes and Jonghyun was nowhere to be found. Jinki frowned in confusion, and then remembered the new knitting class at the local library. After the botched attempt at a knit hat for Jinki’s birthday present last year, Jonghyun was determined to learn how to knit properly. Jinki smiled as he moved to the sink and began washing the dishes, still yawning.

Half an hour later, with the dishes done, and breakfast eaten, Jinki moved back towards the bedroom to change out of his baggy pajama pants and tank top. But before he reached the room, there was a series of tentative staccato raps on the front door, as if from a timid woodpecker.

When Jinki opened it, he saw Taemin standing on the front step, clapping his hands lightly together in what Jinki recognized as one of the younger man’s stims. Jinki felt the same slightly painful twist in his gut that he had felt around Jonghyun’s boyfriend for several weeks now, as he took in the man’s mussed dark hair, rumpled clothes, and wide nervous eyes.

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Robin and Will saying goodbye to each other (✿ ♥‿♥)

Life is complicated when you have two of them.

anonymous asked:

Can we get a (either scenario or hc either is fine) 4 the typical "accidentally falling & landing in an awkward position w ur crush" with reader/soldier 76? (Bonus points if it's his fault in the first place and hes a flustered mess trying 2 b stoic)

I live for the “awkwardly falling on your crush in a suggestive pose” cliche
As you wish dear anon


You weren’t paying attention. So caught up in your target that you could barley hear the orders from Solider 76. You heard something about a Junkrat releasing his ULT, but you had to get this damn Widowmaker. She’s been on your tail since the match started and you were going to take her down.

“I said move it kid!” Soldier 76 grabbed you by the collar of your uniform, harshly pulling you back as the riptire launched by an enemy Junkrat went off. Soldier 76 pushed you to the ground, using his body as shield as the tire went off, bits and pieces of it flying all around.

When the heat died down and the smoke cleared, you started to notice the soreness in your back, neck, and head from being forced to the ground. Damn, there are definitely going to be bruises in the morning. You barely groaned at the pain when Solider 76 pushed himself up, one arm holding his weight as he scanned the area.

“Um, Jack? Can you get, uh, get off?” You asked, trying to hide your embarrassment. Yes, Solider 76 had meant well when he pushed you down, but your position say otherwise. Your legs are wide open with 76 comfortably between them as he hovered above you.

First you saw as whatever was visible of 76′s face suddenly turn red in a blush. Then he practically jumped off of you, clearing his throat as you stood, dusting the dirt off of you pants. You tried to lighten the mood with a poor joke, but it barely did anything as 76 just seemed to sink farther away from you.

“C’mon Jack. If you wanted to top me you just had to ask.” You teased, giving his shoulder a playful as you walked by him, leaving the Solider to watch you in shock.

Unlikely Empathy (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

My first request by this lovely person!! This is going to be a two part series, so this is basically just the introduction.

Summary- Bucky moves out of Steve’s place to live on his own. On his first day, he meets his new neighbor, who isn’t everything she seems.

“You sure you want to do this Buck?” Steve asked his best friend as they stood in front the apartment door, boxes in hand. Bucky nodded. He was grateful for how accommodating and patient Steve had been while Bucky relearned his way around the world, but now that he was a little better, it was time to live by himself again.

Bucky knew how much trouble Steve and Sam had to go through to keep him hidden, and he knew that he wouldn’t be making it any easier by living in Steve’s very apartment. So as soon as he felt like he could, he had insisted on moving into an apartment all by himself.

Steve hadn’t been very happy about it initially, but agreed on the condition that Bucky chose an apartment on the same block as him. So there they were, standing in front of an apartment they both had deemed okay. Bucky felt around his jacket trying to find the key, and quickly opened the door. They walked in and put their boxes on the dining table of the fully furnished apartment- Bucky couldn’t have cared less about the furniture, but Steve had insisted.

“There, all moved in.” Steve said with a smile. Bucky gave him a small smile in return. He knew what his friend was doing. Ever since he had found him again, Steve would constantly find reasons to smile at Bucky, in the hopes of cheering him up.

 Bucky was thankful for Steve, not for the first time. If it hadn’t been for Steve….he didn’t like to dwell on it too much.

Steve stayed for a few hours, and talked to him. They shared a few beers before it was time for him to leave. “I almost forgot, I got you a housewarming gift!” Steve said, reaching into his pocket.

 Bucky tried not to flinch at the action, even as a voice in his head screamed that Steve was reaching for a weapon. You can trust him, he reminded himself.

Oblivious to his friend’s internal struggle, Steve pulled out a flash drive from his pocket with a huge grin on his face. “This has movies that I thought you’d like. You won’t believe how many movies this little thing can hold!” Steve said, holding the flash drive in his open palm, waiting for him to take it. He showed Bucky how to connect it to his television, before leaving silently as Bucky watched Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

A few hours later, Bucky heard a knock.

Instantly alert, Bucky crept towards the door, wondering who it could be. Sam had promised to visit him, but Bucky wasn’t expecting him until well into the night, after his support group got over.

They’ve found you! the same voice in his head screamed, and Bucky began to sweat a little. He forced himself to breathe, before walking to the door.

After making sure that the safety chain was in place, he pulled the door open. Wide Y/E/C eyes greeted him through the tiny space of the open door. “Hiya neighbor!” her cheerful voice greeted him. Bucky let out the breath he didn’t know he was holding. Just a neighbor.

“Hi.” Bucky said awkwardly, but made no move to open the door further. “I’m Lucy.” the girl said, looking at him curiously, tilting her head so her whole face was visible from the slight opening in the door . She was quite pretty. “James.” he grunted, looking around awkwardly. “I live right next door if you need anything.” Lucy said, pointing to the door next to his.

They silently stared at each other for a minute.

“I’ll see you around, I guess.” she said, with a little wave. Bucky gave her a forced smile and closed the door without a word. He hadn’t spoken to anyone apart from Sam and Steve in months, and it was like he didn’t know what to do around women anymore.

He used be good at talking to women, he vaguely recalled. But that was another life and he was now another person- someone more broken than he used to be. He’d have to figure it all out from scratch now. He sighed and switched off the television, no longer in the mood for movies.

He went to his bedroom and changed, before falling into his bed and forcing his eyes shut. Sleep wouldn’t come till the early hours of dawn, he knew. But what other choice did he have? 


You let the cheerful façade drop the minute the door closed in front of you. Silent as a shadow, you made your way back to your apartment.

Walking towards your couch, you mentally sifted through what you had learned about your new neighbor. Granted it wasn’t much, but you have had to make do with much less in the past.

Your new neighbor had seemed frightened when he opened his door, almost as if he were expecting trouble. Even after he realized that it was just a neighbor, he didn’t ease up- paranoid, not simply alert.

He seemed uncomfortable talking to you, like he genuinely didn’t know what to say- reclusive, not arrogant.

 His built and stance suggested a history in combat, but his hair was far too long for him to have been in the military- at least recently. Late onset PTSD?

You rubbed your face in frustration, and made a mental note to get his full name later, so that you could hack into the federal database and see what their records had to say about him. Deduction could only get you so far.

Despite your usual precaution, you felt an odd sense of kinship towards the man. Three years ago, you had been in the same boat as him- trying to hide from the ghosts of your past, and jumping at shadows.

Up until three years ago, you had been Y/n Y/l/n, an on scene technical expert for SHIELD, infiltrating enemy bases and hacking into their systems. And you were pretty good at your job too…..until AIM.

It was supposed to have been an easy retrieval mission- all you and your partner had to do was sneak into the AIMs headquarters in California, copy the hard drive, and get it back to base. Yet, someone somewhere had found out and tried to keep the two of you from getting the information to SHIELD.

 Your partner had been the one in charge, so he had the USB with him when the first wave threatened to hit. He had managed to pass it on to you just a day before he and his family had been brutally murdered for it. You knew that AIM would come after you and your family next, and even SHIELD’s extensive resources wouldn’t be enough to protect you- they certainly hadn’t been enough to protect your partner.

 So in a moment of desperation, you had decided to fake your own death. You had left the USB in your old apartment- knowing SHIELD would get to it first. You had done all this in the hope that once they thought you were dead, AIM wouldn’t go after your family.

 A car crash and a charred body later, you were hitting the road with a fake identity- and you hadn’t stopped since. 

The life of a fugitive was never easy. You moved often, and had to always keep an eye on the horizon, wondering if one day someone you knew would walk into your life and destroy everything. You didn’t have the luxury of forming attachments either, because you knew you would have to leave in a couple of months. Initially just like this man, you had seen sinister shadows everywhere. They wouldn’t leave you in peace. You had moved five times in the first three months.

Then slowly, you began to realize that the average person was about as dangerous as a hamster. You learned to adjust to civilian life, teaching self defense and computer programming at rec centers across the country.

As you poured yourself a drink, you marveled at how much everything had changed in the last three years. Alien invasions, the fall of SHIELD, Sokovia. The world had become a whole lot more interesting, and deadly- and you were glad that you were no longer at the center of it all. Sighing to yourself, you drained your glass in one gulp and went to get ready for bed.

There was nothing more you could do today.

Soo how was it? I honestly have nothing else to say..

calabasas / short & sweet

- onika.

it was pouring rain. my clothes and hair we’re soaked, and i couldn’t feel my finger tips. i knocked violently on the door. i couldn’t control my lips from quivering, and my lungs we’re screaming in agony.

after a few minutes a tall and caramel head of curls opened the door. i was speechless. i opened my mouth, but no words escaped. 

‘can i help you?’ he said, with his husky tone and killer chuckle. i fought the urge to moan. i fought the urge to attack him.

'uh-uhm, yeah. my car just broke down.’ i pointed towards the old, yet decent toyota.

'my phones, dead. can i please, use your phone?’  he nodded, and opened his door wider. 

'let me get you a towel.’ he smiled and walked away, leaving me to collect my dirty thoughts and discard them. i looked around at his decor and pictures hung on the wall. he’s living, that, lifestyle. 

he came down with two towels and sex appeal. his chiseled arms, and his eyes; his dark and alluring eyes.

“where you headin’?” he asked. i couldn’t even speak. he’s so breath taking. no guy, ever- made me feel this way. no one.

“you aight?” he repeated. i snapped out of it and looked straight at him.

“coffee, you want some?” i shot him a warming smile and nodded, following him into his living room. i stood awkwardly and watched him look in his cabinet.

“you can sit, ya'know.” he chuckled. i felt my face turn red, and slowly pulled out a bar stool. i put the towel under myself and sat, cupping my hands on my lap.

he placed a small white mug in front of me and poured the caffeine into it.

“where you headin’?” he asked again.

“uhm, calabasas.” i couldn’t look him in the eye. for the life of me, i couldn’t dare it. he makes me feel.

“why you shy, ma?” my face wasn’t even considered red anymore. it’s flaming, it’s hot. i’m hot. outta breath.

no answer.

“i’m onika.” i blurted. he laughed and put his elbows on the counter, leaning forward and staring right into my eyes, he was so close. it was as if, i was chewing his dentyne ice. my lips parted; i watched him lick his plump lips.



Anna and Hans + Unintentional Insults


The first time I saw Frozen, the moment when Hans says “In the best way!” is the moment that sold me on the Hans/Anna ship. Of course, Love Is An Open Door did a really great job making me ship it, but it wasn’t until Hans had his own case of word vomit that my eyes lit up and I screamed, “YES. THEY ARE MADE FOR EACH OTHER AND I HOPE THAT THEY LIVE AWKWARDLY EVER AFTER.”

And of course, in retrospect this moment just makes me really sad, because in a weird way it’s one of Hans’ most genuine moments. He is capable of putting his foot in his mouth, just like Anna… *sighs*

Visitor on Saturday Morning

—Okay, I’ve never written fanfics before so don’t hate me pls but I thought I’d just take a shot in the dark with this one. I NEEEEED ITTTTTTT AND EVERYTHING TO BE OKAY AND FOR OLIVIA TO BE A KIND, NORMAL PERSON. Enjoy! Disclaimer: I’m not a writer. That’s all.

**Season 2 Spoilers??**


“Dear Diary,

1, 2, 3.

THREE days it’s been since Finn brought his new girlfriend, OLIVIA, to the pub. That’s the gang’s space! ADULTS NEED NOT APPLY! Olivia, being a right 24-year-old woman, doesn’t spend much time with the gang. Why would she? She has a Barclaycard like mum’s! And if you ask me, anybody who wears loafers like that ought to be gearing up for a game of bridge later on. Weren’t there any 24-year-old plonkers just hanging about that she could grope along with? Finn said she spends a lot of time at work, even though she gets out early some days to pick Finn up from college. Why doesn’t she just bloody date Finn’s dad?

Okay, okay, so she’s alright. I guess 24 isn’t that old… She’s quite nice and polite, but why is Finn with a spring daffodils and rainbows person? I don’t care anyway… Doesn’t bother me a bit.”

Her hands lied to the paper, the glowing pink pen her accomplice. Rae just nearly cringed every time she saw Olivia, not knowing much about her but the man she lay next to. Oh God… the man. Her man. Her Finn! How was she ever going to act like everything was totally normal?

The truth was, she missed him every minute these days. Something happened when her mum spoke of how quiet and kind Karim was. Like Finn. How she would try her might to keep him and their love intact. Like Rae should’ve done. Lying there, in her mum’s lap, she knew she’d messed up by breaking up with Finn. But it was worth it. Wasn’t it? People weren’t staring at her anymore or spreading lame rumors. Okay, so things were still shit. And people were still shit to her. Who was she kidding? Leaving Finn was not one of her shining moments.

“I guess she has nice hair and perfect tits. I guess the girls in that league always sort of do, diary. But what if…”


It was Linda calling up the stairs. Rae sighed, rolled her eyes, and pushed her preciously bound friend to the carpet. She dragged her body off the bed, still in her pajamas. Her mum knocked only a moment before opening the door. Of course she never waited to see if maybe Rae was, I don’t know, NAKED? Rae took a mental note to write about that in her diary later. No privacy, especially with that exercise bar Karim stuck in her doorway.

“Ehm, Rae, you’ve got a visitor at the door…”

Oh my god, was it Finn? Please let it be Finn. Or maybe not, maybe not Finn. Would he be there to say they couldn’t be friends again? Or maybe he’d come to tell her he’d broken up with Olivia and he needed her back. Then they could sort everything out, get it all out in the open. She could tell him! She’d been totally mental and made a huge, no, MEGA HUGE mistake! And then they could snog in—

“Right, better change then,” Linda said, flapping her hand at Rae’s body. Her attempts to ready Rae for any company were met with another agonized, labored eye-roll.

Rae hurriedly pushed past her mum and made her way downstairs. Her legs couldn’t move fast enough. As she emerged from the frosted glass of the staircase, she prayed for Finn, with his effortlessly beautiful smirk and his beloved flannel.

But Finn looked a lot like Olivia. No, it was definitely Olivia. 

“Olivia?” Rae asked, befuddled by her visitor.

“Hiya, Rae.” She looked so different here in the sitting room. Small, less intimidating. Fresh, free of makeup, not so adult. Her hair was down and knotted with sleep.  She was wearing trainers! TRAINERS! Where were her loafers?

“How did you know where I lived?” Rae awkwardly paused by the doorway, holding onto the scalloped hem of her pajama top and playing with the lavender thread she had loosened during too many moments alone. 

“Oh, I, uh… asked Chop. I hope you don’t mind me dropping in like this. I just thought we might have a talk.”

Weird. This was very weird. At the pub, Rae and Olivia barely spoke a word to each other. Quite honestly, Rae had been long lost in her thoughts and musings. Oh Christ, did she feel uncomfortable with Rae being around Finn, like Amy had felt about Rae with Liam? She didn’t think Olivia looked like the fighting type, but you had to suspect the unexpected! Size meant nothing.

Rae shook her head at Olivia, forgetting her words. She wasn’t sure what to say. She needed a minute to gather everything punching her brain. “Here, sit down, Olivia. I’ll put on some tea, okay?”

Shuffling to the kitchen, she thought up a plan. Alright, Rae could take her. Maybe she couldn’t have taken Amy, but… AMY. She broke a GUY’S nose! She was tough ginger shit. Even when she cried. Liam. Okay, no, don’t think about that. What was it Kester said about meeting confrontation? Talk about ‘I feel’, no blaming. No blaming. As hard as she speculated, Rae just couldn’t think of why Olivia would be sitting in her house. To visit her! To have a talk!

A few minutes later, Rae returned to the sitting room with two steaming cups. Olivia was timidly perched on the edge of the sofa, shifting her eyes quickly to and from different objects in the room. She was nervous. “Here ya go,” Rae said, placing the hot tea in Olivia’s slender hands. She has delicate hands. 

“Thanks so much, Rae.” Olivia sighed. Sipped her tea. Sighed. Sipped her tea. Rae thought to give her time to say what she needed to say. Finally, she set her mug down on the small table in front of her and met Rae’s eyes. “I wanted to talk to you Rae, about Finn. I know we didn’t get to speak much at the pub the other day, but there’s something I’ve been wanting to say for a bit now…”

“Listen, Olivia, if you want me to stay away from him, I just can’t do—“

“No, Rae, let me finish. That’s not it. Look, I know Finn and I don’t make sense. I’ve been in a bit of a rut in my dating life recently. So I started going with Finn because my younger brother kept badgering me to date his college friend. You know, to get my spirits up? I thought the idea was ludicrous. But then I met Finn. And well, I just really liked him. Who wouldn’t? I know, he’s 7 years younger than me! It’s bizarre, mental even! I know, I know…”

It sounded to Rae like Olivia was beginning to convince herself, rather than Rae, of something. But she let her go on.

“It’s just… when we’re together, Finn and I, we don’t do too much. It’s fun, but something always comes up. I have work, he has his studies. After a certain point, we go nowhere. Don’t talk much. He doesn’t like my music, and I-I can’t even begin to understand what the Stone Roses are banging on about. After touching, and kissing… there’s just not much. Unless…”

Rae was grabbing at her words like a starved animal. “Unless what?”

“Unless … Finn has a bit too much drink. And then he’s talking.” Olivia’s eyes flashed in Rae’s direction, small pangs of an emotion Rae couldn’t decipher. Bitterness? Annoyance? “He doesn’t stop talking about you, Rae. Really, I mean… he has you on a gold-covered, diamond-laced, bejeweled pedestal. And it’s so narrow, it only has space for you. Sometimes, he looks into my eyes and I know he isn’t looking at me. Isn’t stroking my hair or kissing my cheek. He’s somewhere else. With someone else.” At this, Olivia grimaced a little.

Rae didn’t know where her hands were. What were her feet doing? What is she saying? Shock. Joy. Guilt. Longing. Anger. Jealousy. She was a tangle of reactive emotions. She thought surely Finn had moved on completely. He always looked so jolly with Olivia, even if they hadn’t been going together long. It had been a few months now since Rae and Finn had been an item.

“Anyway, what I came here to tell you is, do yourself a favor and just call him, Rae,” Olivia said, rubbing her face. “God, I can’t believe I’m telling you to go after him. He won’t ever say it. He’s convinced you’ve moved on with that curly-haired lad. Have you? Oh, it doesn’t matter.”

Olivia paused and tinkered with the silver Morton bracelet on her wrist. She wasn’t quite done.

“But it was me who was stupid for thinking I could make a boy in COLLEGE my boyfriend! Besides, he wouldn’t have sex with me, anyway, so it was bound to end at some point. I don’t know how you put up with that!”



“Yeah, right frigid that one… Who knew? He comes off as such a swift bastard.”

Rae wanted to laugh, but she knew that wouldn’t be alright. Finn Nelson, sex wizard, wouldn’t sleep with Olivia? She didn’t want to just laugh, she wanted to sob with relief. THANK YOU LOVE GODS! 

“Olivia… Thanks. I know it must not have been easy to come tell me this,” Rae said, moving to sit next to Olivia on the couch.

Olivia offered her a small smile and tapped Rae’s hand. “You know, I remember what it was like to be painfully in love at 16.” At this, Olivia scrunched her nose up in disgust. “Christ, 16… 17. Yep, this is most definitely the right decision.” They both sort of chuckled, but boy, was it the awkward chuckle heard around the world.

Rae saw Olivia out a bit later. She stood in the entryway, still in her lavender pajamas though it was nearly half 10 by now. She knocked the back of her head against the door and released a jailed breath. The morning sun passed through the backyard, wove around the birdcage, slithered through the glass doors, and possessed the whole house. It made everything glow. Including the phone on the wall, beckoning Rae.

What would happen if she called him? Would they get back together? Would he even feel the same? Olivia did say he isn’t over it… Would he want to talk to her? Had he spoken to Olivia already? Did he know she came here?

She interrupted her own thoughts and pushed her weight off of the door. Kester said she had to start being brave, because she said she wanted to be brave. He would hold her to it. She heard Karim and her mum giggling upstairs, probably roughing around in their room. I will try everything I can to not mess this up. Rae had to try and fix everything she’d already broken.

She crossed the room, into the kitchen, and held the phone in her hand.



She punched in his number, praying to the gods that Mr. Nelson wouldn’t answer. It rang, and rang, and rang, and rang.


His sweet voice was filled with the bumps and cracks of fatigue. She didn’t know what would happen, she didn’t know where to start.


What if she messed it up again? What if she had done too much damage? What if he couldn’t forgive her?

"… Hello?”

But she knew she had to at least try. She had to at least fight. For them.

“…Finn, it’s Rae.”