i live and breathe gifsets

seungyoon  asked:

Happy Birthday, Ree! 🎂 I wish you a lot of joyful days ahead and an infinite amount of ideas for your stories. Thank you for being such a lovely person, such a talented writer, such a wonderful Incle !! 🎉 HBD once again! 🎉

Oh my gosh, Mary *cries to the pits of eternity* what even I AM SO FLUSTERED 😭😭 thank you so much for your kind words, truly. I am in need of those ideas (desperately) so please come at me asap. I appreciate this beyond words bc I am an absolute fan of your blog and thank you for filling me in with everything Winner when I’m behind (as always), I’m in love with your hilarious and witty tags, also your affection for ksy is one of a kind and not to mention I live and breathe on your gifsets, thank you ❤️


Music Station [2015.12.25]
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