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guys, really, I have so much appreciation for christophe giacometti, like look at that boy - he’s beautiful and comfortable in his skin and with his sexuality, he doesn’t shy away from a challenge, he’s all about embracing that free spirit life and that is just impressive af, but more than that? he’s been skating for years on end, battling it head on with the best of the best and coming second to the living legend victor nikiforov for Y E A R S and still you don’t see that boy give up bc ofc not. in fact, what does chris do?? HE MAKES FRIENDS WITH THE ONE PERSON WHO ALWAYS ROBS HIM OF GOLD and it’s not for any underhanded reasons as you might expect, it’s simply bc he likes victor the dork and is genuinely a good, good person who would never emotionally manipulate a friend and instead is just happy for him when he wins, even if that means he himself has lost again

just g o d I love chris so much //sobs

In the past two weeks I have read about a dozen fics where Lily is ‘prudish’ or 'stuck up’ or 'a goody two-shoes’ etc. etc. In the majority of these fics, the plot has been James, and/or the the other three Marauders, trying to break her out of her 'shell’.

Let me tell you a thing. There are seven books in the series, Lily is mentioned in every one. And yet it takes only one quote to completely prove that Lily was not prudish or stuck up or little miss perfect or a teacher’s pet.

Lily Evans. One of the brightest I ever taught. Vivacious, you know. Charming girl. I used to tell her she ought to have been in my house. Very cheeky answers I used to get back, too.” - Horace Slughorn (page 70/1 of HBP)

This one quote shows that Lily was the complete opposite of how she is portrayed in many fics. I’ll start with the obvious bit.

Vivacious, you know.

The definition of 'vivacious’ (taken from Collins English Dictionary) is as follows:

  1. full of high spirits and animation; lively or vital
  2. (obsolete) having or displaying tenacity of life

That right there shows that Lily appreciated life. She lived it fully and enjoyed herself. But then you have the synonyms of vivacious (taken from google define):

lively, animated, full of life, spirited, high-spirited, effervescent, bubbling, bubbly, ebullient, buoyant, sparkling, scintillating, light-hearted, carefree, happy-go-lucky, jaunty, merry, happy, jolly, joyful, full of fun, full of the joys of spring, cheery, cheerful, perky, sunny, airy, breezy, bright,enthusiastic, irrepressible, vibrant, vivid, vital, zestful, energetic, dynamic, vigorous, full of vim and vigour, lusty

Right there, in that one word, we are shown a character who is the complete opposite of most fanon portrayals. She is not boring and straight-laced; she is light-hearted and cheerful. She is not rude and uptight; she is cheery and airy. She is not a goody two shoes; she is zestful and energetic and vigorous. She is also dynamic. I think a separate definition is needed for that last word:

  1. (of a person) positive in attitude and full of energy and new ideas.

She was bright and happy and enthusiastic and vibrant. And lastly, my favourite bit of the definition of 'vivacious’. Lily was lusty. She was not a prude. She had a sex drive; the majority of teenage girls do. And she was pretty, okay, it’s doubtful that before James she had never had any sexual experiences (whether it was just kissing or more). Please do not write Lily as a prudish bitch when we have something that so clearly tells us differently.

See how much you can get from that? And that’s just one word. The rest of the the quote, gives us so much more.

The minor part of the quote, is the following:

“Charming girl.

A simple definition of 'charming’ is pleasant or attractive. Like with vivacious however, the synonymstell us more.

delightful, pleasing, pleasant, agreeable, likeable, endearing,lovely, lovable, adorable, cute, sweet, appealing, attractive, good-looking,prepossessing

I will say this again; Lily was not a bitch. People liked her. People loved her.

My second favourite part of the quote comes after this. It’s very revealing and also something I haven’t seen a lot of in fics. I also don’t think I’ve seen it mentioned before. 

I used to tell her she ought to have been in my house.

Lily was, of course, a Gryffindor. Slughorn was head of Slytherin house. Two very different houses with very different attributes. Both are familiar to most of us but I just want to remind you of some specific traits for Slytherin.

Slytherin: “Those cunning folk use any means, / To achieve their ends.”, “And power-hungry Slytherin, / Loved those of great ambition."  The Sorting Hat

Yes, Lily was good natured and kind and likeable. From this though, we learn more. Whilst Slughorn could have also thought Lily belonged in Slytherin due to her excellent Potions skills (something Slytherin is generally renowned for), there’s an extremely high possibility Slughorn saw Slytherin traits in Lily.

Meaning Lily was intelligent and cunning and had ambition. And when you put this next to what we already know about Lily, it makes a lot of sense.

I mean, she joined an organisation with the aim of bringing down the most powerful dark wizard. An organization made up of thirty of so people that was going against Voldemort and everyone he had behind him;

In the old days he had huge numbers at his command: witches and wizards he’d bullied or bewitched into following him, his faithful Death Eaters, a great variety of Dark creatures.“ - Sirius Black (page 88 of OotP)

She joined this small organization - as a muggle born; the 'race’ Voldemort wanted to eradicate - that wanted to bring Voldemort’s regime down to the floor. If that’s not ambition I don’t know what is. Obviously you can also use the examples of her cleverness with information she’d never seen before she was eleven.

Slughorn saw Slytherin traits in her. Ambition and cunning and cleverness and perseverance. 

Finally, the last part of the quote:

Very cheeky answers I used to get back, too.“

This is canon evidence that Lily talked back to teachers. In my experience, goody two shoes do not talk back to teachers. She was cheeky and spoke back and voiced her opinions. Don’t think for a second she sat quietly in class.

So, to conclude, with one quote, you can prove that Lily Evans was a multidimensional character with vivaciousness and cunning and cheek. If anyone says she was a boring, straight laced, prude - fight them.

I’m kidding, don’t - instead educate them with one quote.

Daily Affirmations

Everything is going to work out for my highest good

I am in charge of my mind.

I am strong in mind, body and spirit.

I am unique. I feel good about being alive and being me.

Amazing opportunities exist for me in every aspect of my life.

I choose to be happy right now.

I love my life.

I appreciate everything I have.

I live in joy.

I am positive and optimistic.

I believe things will always work out for the best.

I am a powerful creator. I create the life I want.

I am excited about today.

apparently Snape Appreciation Month is a thing??? wyld, anyway; I have this headcanon about ghosts after the Battle of Hogwarts and how since the adults who had been actively fighting the war their entire life were kind of ready for their death their spirits passed on, but a lot of the kids’ spirits didn’t because despite readying themselves to fight, they weren’t completely ready to die, ya feel?

So Severus’s spirit wanders the grounds of Hogwarts, unable to be seen by the living, finding confused students, and telling them what’s happened and comforting them in that. 

And the reason he can’t move on is because he feels responsible for it all (unlike tonks and lupin and the other adults) so his soul is stuck there with the kids

And he wants to move on and enjoy (or suffer) whatever afterlife he has waiting for him, but regardless of how much his antics annoyed him, he will not let the weasley boy just cry alone and he will not just stand around as Lavender Brown cries like a banshee or as some poor twelve years old slytherin who escaped to help fight the dark lord tries to figure what happened to them because they can’t remember, but /why isn’t anyone else seeing them? Why can they see their own body?/

None of those kids were prepared for death like he was, like tonks or lupin were, they don’t deserve this, and they certainly don’t deserve to bare it alone Oh god, and the living probably can’t see him (though, that doesn’t stop him from preventing disaster) and when luna becomes a teacher later, he’s surprised when she can That’s part of the reason the kids’ souls can’t move on, they never got to say goodbye And Luna can only see them because she knows and has experienced death exceptionally well (more than potter… the Death Eaters didn’t exactly see fit to just lock up Looney Lovegood without a bit of “fun”, and not even Hermione experienced the extents of their efforts) And she talks to fred, even though George can’t And slowly as the kids figure out to say goodbye one by one, Snape begins to feel the pull, and as the last kid’s soul is finally at rest, Luna just smiles, hugs him, and promises to put lilies on his grave  Besides, Luna always had luck with ghosts And they say during the week of the full moon, you can still smell the wolfsbane from his brew


Avatar Yangchen: By feeling all these emotions, it helps you understand how precious human life is…. so you will do anything to protect it.  If you were an all-powerfull spirit living on the top of some mountain…. you wouldn’t have much in common with an ordinary person. So the Avatar continues to take human rebirth. And with each life, learns what it means to be human.

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couragetofight  asked:

OK I finished Anne with an E... I should preface this by saying that I haven't read the books for like.. At least 10 years? So my memory of them isn't the best. In any case, I really loved the show, and was wondering your opinion on it, especially on the interpretation of Anne as someone who had gone through serious trauma. (Also... I love aunt Josephine.. I just needed to say that)

I looooved it so much that I am still recovering! (Also, AUNT JOSEPHINE FOREVER. I am so thrilled by how the show portrayed her. !!!) And I am sort of sad to come back down to ordinary real life where there are no more new episodes, sigh!

Personally, I don’t even consider the depiction of Anne’s serious trauma to be something that differs from the book; I think that comes through very clearly, albeit somewhat subtly, in the original text, and I’m really pleased to have an adaptation that was really dedicated to exploring that. I wrote a paper a few years back in grad school that basically focused on the idea that the warmth and humor of AOGG only works and is so resonant because it’s built on a foundation of terrible sadness and suffering and emotional neglect (for both Anne and Marilla in different ways); that’s something I’ve always really loved about the book, and loved seeing in this adaptation. I also love love love that this adaptation touched on things that were part of life and yet considered so taboo to the pearls-clutching middle class folks in Avonlea (sex, menstruation, etc.) – I really appreciated the exploration of that through these characters we know well. I think it makes a lot of sense and is extremely true to the spirit of the novel that Anne would be familiar with these things, and also not understand right away why they shouldn’t be talked about. Also, I will forever be glad that we now live in a world where we got to see Marilla teach Anne about her period while Matthew fled to the barn, haha. That was the scene I have been waiting for my whole life without even knowing it.

With that being said, I am sort of antsy about where the season one finale left us; it definitely veered toward Too Dark For My Frail Constitution. (And I think I would prefer Gilbert’s life to not be in such upheaval; he needs to be in that schoolhouse scholastically dueling Anne! Please, someone adopt Gilbert! Can’t he have a kindly aunt or something??) PLEASE DON’T LET ANNE AND MATTHEW AND MARILLA HAVE TO BATTLE VILLAINS THAT HAVE INFILTRATED THEIR HOME ALL THROUGH NEXT SEASON. WE NEED TIME FOR THE GREEN HAIR DYE DISASTER, LADY OF SHALOTT BOAT-SINKINGS, ETC. Basically: I hope that the show gets back to focusing on everyday shenanigans in Avonlea pretty quickly rather than having too much high stakes drama, because the thing I love most about AOGG is that it tells such a full story by just focusing on ordinary life, and I think this season did a really satisfying job of that for the most part.

“Dear God,Please teach me to forgive myself and others. Remove the walls that keep love out, behind which I am a prisoner. Heal my guilt and remove my anger, that I might be reborn. Make gentle my heart and strong my spirit and show me how to love. Please show me how to honor myself. Please teach me how to listen to myself. Please program my mind to know itself, that I might at last be free. Teach me to appreciate your spirit that lives within me. Show me how to be good to myself, that I might know more fully the goodness of life. Amen."—Marianne Williamson

Deities in Buddhism, Pt. 1: Devas and Devis

Hey, Mod Fire here! For those who have not grown up with Buddhism, are just beginning to research it, or have only seen depictions of it in pop culture, Buddhism can be very confusing. Many mix ups arise such as who and what buddhas are, whether Buddhism is a religion or a philosophy or something else, conflating Hinduism with Buddhism in many ways… it’s a lot to wade through if you haven’t studied it in depth, grown up with it, or actually converted to it. I can’t tackle every issue in one post (see my masterpost for more Buddhism topics), and so today I’m going to discuss a particularly big source of confusion: atheism vs. gods and goddesses in Buddhism.

But I thought Buddhists were atheists…

You could potentially call Buddhism panentheistic, polytheistic, monotheistic, OR atheistic and make a valid point. This is because the way that gods and goddesses are traditionally defined does not perfectly match up with how Buddhism views deities. There are also many different branches and sects of Buddhism, which have all changed over time, and so it’s difficult to classify all of Buddhism one way. In this post, I’ll be coming mainly from a Vajrayana Buddhist perspective as that is the branch of Buddhism that I practice.

Two Types of Buddhist Deities

In Buddhism, there are two types of spirits that I call “deities.” These are devas/devis and yidams. They are very different from each other and some do not classify yidams as deities, but I consider both yidams and devas to fall under the umbrella category of gods/goddesses/deities. In this post, I’m going to discuss devas and devis in both Hinduism and Buddhism, explain their roles in each religion, and discuss why this is significant to understand the prevalence of atheism in Buddhism.

Devas and Devis

The Sanskrit term deva/devi comes from Hinduism, and essentially means god (deva) and goddess (devi). For convenience, I will use the term devas to refer to both male and female in the same way gods is often used to mean gods and goddesses. Some of the big theological differences between Hinduism and Buddhism lie in how each religion views devas. This can vary between different branches of Hinduism, but generally, the many devas in Hinduism are manifestations or emanations of Brahman, the Ultimate Reality of the universe. Humans are believed to have souls or Atman, the eternal Self, which is really one with Brahman. By worshipping and working with devas, one is able to progress towards uniting their individual sense of Atman with the universal divine Brahman and become spiritually one with the universe.

Traditionally, Buddhism recognizes the existence of the Hindu devas and even features them prominently in art, literature, and the story of Siddartha Gautama, Shakyamuni Buddha, commonly known as “The Buddha.” When Shakyamuni Buddha reached enlightenment under the bodhi tree, the story goes that the demon Mara challenged his enlightened status. Shakyamuni reached down to the ground beneath him and called on the earth itself which was synonymous at that time with the earth goddess Prithvi, also known as Bhumi Devi. She is said to have protected Shakyamuni and bore witness to his enlightenment, attesting to his worthiness to be a buddha. Though many modern Buddhists do not often think of the earth goddess as having a role in Buddhism, this story is referenced frequently in Buddhist iconography through the bumispharsha or “earth-touching” mudra. Prithvi is just one example of many devas who not only get mentioned in important Buddhist stories but are described in a positive light as supporting or protecting Buddhism.

Where Hinduism and Buddhism Split

One might wonder if devas have been a part of Buddhism literally since its inception at the moment of Shakyamuni Buddha’s enlightenment, then why are many Buddhists self-proclaimed atheists? Why does Buddhism have a well-known reputation for being atheistic? That’s because although traditional Buddhism has portrayed some devas like Privthi or Indra as being positive and influential figures, there is a very key difference between how Buddhism views devas and how Hinduism does.

Shakyamuni Buddha disagreed with the concept of Atman and Brahman, saying that neither actually exists. Instead of striving to become one with the universe, Buddhists strive to let go of attachments in order to become free from suffering and the cycle of rebirth called samsara. Within samsara, there are multiple planes of existence from being a human to an animal to a “hungry ghost” to a deva. Rather than emanations of the Brahman, in Buddhism devas are viewed as beings who are living much longer lives on higher planes of existence, naked to the ordinary human eye. However, unlike the Hindu concept of devas as eternal, in Buddhism devas may live eons but will eventually die and be reborn like any other being in samsara. Instead of being worshipped themselves, even devas can learn to practice Buddhism and hope to one day reach enlightenment just like any human being.

Devas in Buddhism Today

Hopefully, by now it’s clear why Buddhism has a very different idea of what gods and goddesses are than Hinduism and other polytheistic and pagan religions. Since the main principles of Buddhism discourage worshipping devas and don’t rely on any kind of belief in them, it’s not necessary for modern Buddhists to believe in them and so many do not, leading to a large majority of Buddhists today becoming atheists or functionally being atheists in the sense that they do not worship or interact with devas even if they believe in them.

It’s important to note that how the concept of devas relates to Buddhism and polytheism and paganism at large. Some people might argue that devas and devis are not the same as gods and goddesses in general. When comparing any religion its important to understand how deities have different properties and definitions, but deva and devi is so frequently used interchangeably with god and goddess that I think it is as acceptable to equate the terms as it is to call anything from vastly different cultures “deities.” One simply has to understand that the implications are different depending on whether you look at the same goddess Privthi from a Hindu, Buddhist, or another religious perspective.

My Personal Views on Devas

I think of deities as spirits that are at a certain threshold of power and influence - so the label deity to me is more a flexible perspective or classification of certain spirits. Personally, as a Buddhist, I regard the vast majority of gods and goddesses in polytheistic and pagan religions as deities and within that category of deities as devas. Not every Buddhist may feel this way, but to me, all the gods and goddesses of every major pantheon are devas and devis. I choose to think of them as devas because I also consider yidams, which I’ll explain later, to be deities as well but completely different from devas. I see them as being very super powerful spirits with a limited lifespan - they may live for eons and eons, but each one’s life will eventually come to an end.

I think of this like the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, the planets - all are personified as deities and from a human perspective they’re super powerful and seem almost limitless, but eventually in millions or billions of years the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, etc. will all be gone away. I appreciate their influence, their presence, their power, and the roles they play in the lives of those who worship them.

I will often interact with devas and perhaps sometimes give offerings as a way of connecting with nature and practicing spirit work. But I do not worship or work with them in a very religious way. I work with devas much in the same way I would work with spirits, but I just see them as way more powerful and longer living.


Ultimately, the biggest take away from this post I hope is understanding that it does make a lot of sense when Buddhists describe themselves as atheists, and that is a totally valid classification for any Buddhist. It would also be valid potentially (depending on the person) to describe the way someone practices Buddhism as polytheistic or pagan. Although Buddhism states that worshipping devas is not going to help you become enlightened, it does not make someone less Buddhist to do so anyway. Not all Buddhists are vegetarians or adhere to every rule mentioned in the sutras just as not every Christian follows all the laws of the Old Testament. In fact, just as many Buddhists are atheist, many Buddhists do worship gods/deities/devas such as many Japanese Buddhists who may pray both to buddhas and to kami, Shinto deities.

So if you’re a Buddhist, know the dharma and do what works best for you and your path. If you’re not a Buddhist, remember that Buddhists have a wide variety of beliefs ranging from atheism to polytheism (and more).

~ Mod Fire

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Requested: b&w Alicia Keys edits.

One thing I appreciate hearing from people who have known me for years, is when they tell me “Alicia, you’re still the same.” Of course I’m not, I’m a woman now and much wiser and I have more understanding of my life, music and art but I am still the same spirit. Fearlessness and becoming more comfortable in my own skin and caring less about what I would say or do, was always at the core of my original work – now with all the life I’ve live and all the things I’ve learnt, I am still the very same.

Kind of Girl They Like/Dislike to be With: BIGBANG



A very slow-paced girl that knows her values of life and knows how to appreciate different forms of art.


A very, and I mean v e r y, thoughtful someone, since he doesn’t just live his work, he practically breathes it.


A soft-hearted someone that would give their relationship everything possible and fall hard, just as he does.


A laid-back kind of person that would not be afraid to be always trying out new things.


Someone that would not try and control him, always tying him down to one spot. A free spirited angel.

20 promises to me

1. i refuse to just exist.
2. my life will be lived fully and completely.
3. i will take every opportunity and i will have no regrets.
4. the only “what if” i will ask myself is what if i don’t take a chance to do what makes me happy.
5. i will live my life fully.
6. i will remain true to the core of who i am.
7. i will invest in myself and my happiness.
8. i will not settle.
9. i will not compare my life to anyone else’s.
10. in every moment i will be present.
11. i will live in today.
12. i will be kind to myself.
13. i will be successful.
14. i will define my own happiness.
15. i will let go of toxic people.
16. i will not let my fears control me.
17. i will take a chance on love.
18. i will appreciate all that I have to offer.
19. i will focus on myself.
20. i will nourish my spirit.

*Me watching horror movies* “You know, hypothetically, if I died and ended up a ghost in a haunted house, I *could* do some evil, fucked up shit to people. But I wouldn’t, you know. Why be so mean?”

I’d probably be a chill ghost who gloomily hung around the cobwebbed library and yelled “Boo!” at random tourists while occasionally offering life advice to the living.

“That man doesn’t appreciate you enough, girl! Dump his ass!”

The 30 Day Manifestation Game Day 7 | January 11, 2016

The 30 Day Manifestation Game Day 7 January 11, 2016

Today I woke up super early, and I was full of energy. I laid still for a few moments, then I said “I’m grateful for another day of life, thank you very much.”

Then I listed things that I appreciate:

1. I appreciate all of the people who have ever shown kindness to me in throughout my entire life. I am thankful for every single one of you. Right now I am imagining you all hearing and feeling this “thank you” as if it’s an energy that transcends all space and goes directly to you. I thank you and I appreciate you and I desire all things good to flow into your life.

2. I am grateful for mentors, and I am excited for the awesome mentors that are flowing into my life right now. In fact, I am grateful ahead of time for all of my perfect mentors who are flowing into my life. I am also thankful for all of the growth that they help me achieve.

3. I am grateful for forgiveness. And I appreciate that I’m easily able to forgive myself and easily able to forgive others in my past and in my now. I am thankful for the lessons that have helped me in positive and healthy ways.

4. I am grateful for @thecoloroftime and her awesome positivity. I’m excited about her receiving new Reiki clients and new Tarot clients. I desire for all things good to continue to flow easily and frequently into her life.

5. I am grateful for @eternallyevolvingsoul for all of her awesome kindness. I am excited about all the good that is flowing to her as well. I appreciate her kind words and her loving spirit.

6. I appreciate @lawofattractionandlove @livetruthfully-skatethroughlife @blackrosemidnightdreamer @persiandollxo @lawofattractionteen @spirit-living @createyourlifeofabundance @abundanceisflowing2me @brilliantlove2 @beautiphool @chinadoll-girl and so many more people. I just flat out appreciate them and I am excited to imagine all things good continuing to flow to each and every single one of you.

7. I appreciate each one of you and all of your positive aspects. All of you have kind hearts and deserve to feel deeply fulfilled every day. If I didn’t mention you, message me and I’ll be sure that you know that I appreciate you too.

8. I appreciate all teachers who dedicate their time to helping others learn positive and healthy things that empower them and tune them into their gifts and talents.

9. I appreciate mac n cheese?? Mac n cheese? Yes mac n cheese. That’s random, but I do appreciate it. It brings back lots of good memories of being younger and being around family. All the laughter and the good times. I am excited about all the new fun that is flowing into my life.

10. I am grateful for tumblr. Tumblr is awesome!!!

11. I am grateful for art. I really love and appreciate people who have a talent and passion for art. I am excited about all the new art that I will see this month.

12. I am grateful for abundance.

13. I am grateful for the pens that I write with. I can write so many things with pens and paper. I can write books. I can write jokes. I can write love letters and thank you notes. I can draw. I can play tic tac toe. I can write down my ideas and save them for later. I can write affirmations. I can do all kinds of positive things with pen and paper. And I am excited about all the cool things that I will write this month an on.

14. I am grateful for music. I absolutely love music. This makes me think of @sohappyicoulddiiie and I appreciate her to. I desire for all things good to flow to her. And I desire for her to easily receieve all that she has asked for so that it fulfills her in positive and healthy ways.

15. I am grateful for life in general.

Then before brushing my teeth I said “Wouldn’t it be nice if I received something this month that literally caused me to dance with joy?”

After brushing my teeth it was on to the music.

I listened and danced to:

Moment 4 Life by Nikki Minaj

Smooth by Santana

Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO

Big Brother by Kanye West

I played the “What’s exciting” game for a little bit with one person today. It was pretty fun. Also had several conversations with people who wanted help with law of attraction. A few of them even decided to join in on the 30 day manifestation game.

Which reminds me that I am excited about how many people are deciding to play. It’s all pretty cool.

For the 5-30 minutes of positive materials I listend to:

50 Positive Thoughts Law of Attraction | Proven Technique to Unlock the Law of Attraction:

Before going to sleep I will envision how I would like tomorrow to go and then think of things that I appreciate too.

juwonmartin-deactivated20140810  asked:

What did you think of the ending? Was it fulfilling for you?

Alright, so I’m going to just get this off my chest here and now. You all deserve to know and I’m going to use this ask to say it.

I’ll do my best to keep things vague, so there will be no spoilers:

Burial at Sea: Episode II was one of the worst DLCs I have ever played.

I’m not saying like, “Oh, it was so sad” or anything. I’m saying I could not stand it. Not because of the ending, not because I “didn’t get what I wanted.” I could have lived with almost anything. This DLC just managed to make me feel like I wasted my money and ruin the game for me nearly (perhaps it did, I’m not sure).

They made the mistakes they did in Infinite Prime worse. The gameplay was fucking terrible (I avoided using stealth because it was slow and unrequired, instead going in guns blazing… essentially making Elizabeth “Booker in a dress” as they were trying to avoid). They kept repeating things I already knew (things explained, or implied pretty damn well in the main game) instead of addressing things I (and many other fans) wanted to know, and tons of other things.

After I was done playing, geekethefreak was waiting to play and I just came in and said, “It wasn’t good.” She played, same thing. So, we sat down and thought of everything we didn’t like and she wrote it down.

You can read it here. Warning Spoilers.

I love Rapture, but I thought Infinite was supposed to be a story about Elizabeth. This was a cheap shot at adding new lore (terrible lore) to their original game. If they wanted to make another game about a BioShock (1), then please, by all means, go ahead, but can we at least get a game about Elizabeth like we were promised.

This wasn’t about her. This was about Rapture. This was about BioShock (1) and butchering things that were already explained in it. I didn’t need a DLC to explain anything to me about that game.

Atlas? Horrible. Yes, he’s still a horrible person and this cements that, but I mean, fucking horrible. They managed to make me roll my eyes at my favorite character. He was fucking annoying and almost… OOC.

This literally feels like Ken and the team went out of there way to say, “Fuck you, we don’t need you” to the fans. I know so many people upset with this, angry with this, and downright hurt by this. I have friends that are physically ill, because this felt like an excuse to hurt their favorite character rather then give any closure.

I get that BioShock is supposed to be dark, I love that, but this wasn’t dark. It was just fucking mean-spirited. I even knew that what happened in the end would have to happen, no matter the rest of the DLC, but this… this was, I don’t even know how to describe how much I rolled my eyes at it.

I know as the mod, you all expect me to like this DLC, but I didn’t. I can’t make an excuse for it, I can’t even pretend that I liked it.

I’ll still post edits, gifs, and art (and anything else related to it) when the time comes, but my opinion is that it was horrible. It was a terrible “conclusion” to the BioShock series.

It did do one good thing though:

I appreciate BioShock 2 a helluva a lot more (also, speaking of which, I think it was rude of Irrational to change some lore BioShock 2 established, they could have easily left it alone). I look forward to 2K’s next addition to the series now because it’s bound to be 100% better than this excuse for a DLC I just played.

I’m going to live my life pretending Burial at Sea never happened because it was pointless, mean-spirited (towards the fans), and not fun.

- Cirque

Everybody wants to live longer, and I don’t know what that means “to live longer.”

Suppose you could live 10,000 years. Then what’s your urge to get out of bed the next morning? There’s no time pressure on you… to achieve… to accomplish… to love.

When you give flowers to a loved one on a special occasion, are they made of plastic so that they live forever? No. They’re made of… flower petals, there’s a pistil, there’s a stamen, there’s a stalk. And that will all die. And it’s the fact that it dies that empowers our emotions to appreciate it that much more.

So the finiteness of life forces me to appreciate every sunrise that I wake up every day. And if I live forever I don’t know that I would have those emotions or those feelings or that sense that the day awaits my energy.


Neil deGrasse Tyson, on life and death

And you owe it to yourself to watch his face as he says these words… such passion and spirit… video here. I adore this man.

Lately, I’ve been waking up every morning and telling myself, “Today is going to be amazing”.
Each time I do this, I truly have a great day. I appreciate little moments and there have even been surprises throughout my days that I wouldn’t have expected to happen.

Set your intentions to have a great day, you never know what is in store for you when you remain open to positivity.


My first ink is dedicated to my father Kevin Kay… Who passed away when I was only 5 years old. He was a pilot, a free spirit, and lived an adventurous life. His death is probably the most formative event in my life. Through the years, it has taught me to appreciate the life we have been given, take risks, and never take our days for granted. The plane is a childish doodle by me, and the handwriting is his… taken from a letter written to my mom when he was alive. 🎨 (I wish it actually animated… How cool would that be?) #ipadanimation

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