i live a sander appreciation life


Unlike my siblings who lead an active social life (Lacey has a huge amount of friends, Lydia usually goes everywhere with her, and Derek’s schoolmates are really easy-going), I prefer staying at home and this always means sincere talks with my parents. I’ve always considered myself lucky to have them, even though they can be weird sometimes. Actually, it’s hard to believe how these polar opposites even got together. Nate’s patience is really unlimited and I can’t remember the last time he panicked over something, if this time even was. He’s always organized because sports career taught him to keep everything in order. Tobias is a living hurricane and his life is a huge mess, but he seems alright with this… until he messes something up again. He doesn’t even appear like a dad to me, more like a good friend of my age. I suppose most of the rock musicians are like this.

I love them both a lot. Their conversations often end up with minor fights and we’re all used to this, but everyone should learn from them when it comes to treasuring and appreciating each other.

Inspirational People

Thomas Sanders, BK, Leo the Giant, Sami Gresham, Michael Tremaine, Victoria Suskin, Taylor Shrum, and everybody else, you guys are all amazing. I want to thank you all from the depths of my soul for being as amazing as you are. From the humorous shenanigans to the beautiful music, your performances and joyful natures have been beacons of light in a world that has been growing ever darker. Each of you has honestly made life just that much brighter by being the marvelous people I have had the joy to watch. All of you are such an inspiration and I appreciate you more than I could ever possibly express in any language living or dead. Your wonderful creativity has helped me through some really rough times in my recent life and I thank you each so much. 

All my love and appreciation for everything you do

Timothy Rice