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why does no one talk about flash thompson?

you all know him as school yard bully to peter parker.

but what about the abused child?

how about friend to peter parker?

or the soldier who lost his legs?

the drunk going nowhere?

and the hero who emerged?

and what about the mother fucking guardian of the galaxy?

and we can’t forget, the founder of the spider-man fan club

I was gonna make another angry post bit honestly they aren’t worth it lmao. I have a movie to watch and a life to live.

Anyways I hope everyone appreciates Dick Grayson and his amazing Romani heritage! He’s great and considering how other Romani comic characters have been treated in the past (especially looking at you marvel, what the hell is your deal with that one writer who totally lost it at that panel???), I’m so glad we have an amazing Romani character who deserves to have his background mentioned and respected in canon more often!

Also maybe someday they’ll stop whitewashing Damian and ignoring his cultural background–maybe they’ll even like consult actual Arab people as to how to do that respectfully–, and I’ll hold out hope until it happens!

Have a blessed day y'all and may all of Bruce’s army of nonwhite-and-or-non-upper-class kids be treated with dignity and respect. (Bc classism is also an issue considering both Jason and Stephanie were treated awfully and meant to be killed off permanently, and oh, what’s that that they have in common??? Not born high class??? Shocker)

You Weren’t Ready (pt. 2)

Summary: Bucky tries to spare his girlfriend’s feelings as he prepares to leave for the war. Set in the 40’s.  

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,990

Warnings: Mentions of death, and heartache.

(Y/N) = your name; (Y/L/N) = your last name

a/n: I apologize if it doesn’t live up to the expectations set up by the first part. I was told of the possibility of writing a part 3, focused on the events of the last moments of Civil War, but I’m still considering it. I like how the story feels ending it with this part, but a part 3 would be interesting to try. I’ll let you guys know if I go anywhere with that idea. Text in italics represents flashbacks. Feedback is always appreciated <3

Part 1

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Inspirational People

Thomas Sanders, BK, Leo the Giant, Sami Gresham, Michael Tremaine, Victoria Suskin, Taylor Shrum, and everybody else, you guys are all amazing. I want to thank you all from the depths of my soul for being as amazing as you are. From the humorous shenanigans to the beautiful music, your performances and joyful natures have been beacons of light in a world that has been growing ever darker. Each of you has honestly made life just that much brighter by being the marvelous people I have had the joy to watch. All of you are such an inspiration and I appreciate you more than I could ever possibly express in any language living or dead. Your wonderful creativity has helped me through some really rough times in my recent life and I thank you each so much. 

All my love and appreciation for everything you do

Timothy Rice 

In my opinion, I don’t think AC:Unity got enough credit from the fans. I understand the glitches were annoying but in all honesty before and after those glitches were patched the whole game, setting, and systems the ubisoft people worked extremely hard on were next gen marvels. I mean doesn’t anyone appreciate the intricacy of Notre Dame or the voice actors portraying these characters? Everyone says the story is boring, but hey, it’s supposed to be you reliving someone’s life. Arno’s is probably a hell of a lot more exciting than yours or mine! Every assassin’s journey is different, not perfectly entertaining. It was a rough learning experience for ubisoft, but don’t continuously hate on the game that employees worked 4 years putting blood, sweat, and tears into! Our fandom should show that we can respect hard work even if it didn’t live up to expectations.


i know Superman is the man who never gives up, who always does good, who lives and breathes goodness, inspiring hope and so he should be my favourite. 

But im tepmted to say the amazing spiderman is my favourite. This guy who appreciates what he has, makes the best of what he has, tries to see the value in everyone, holds love as his personal meaning and purpose, with goodness, kindness and joy part of hiscore values. 

And he’s a real guy, who suffers so much more in life than most others, i cant even begin with his relationships. 

idk, i just wish instead of turning into a piece of shit selfish whore, i’d kept using my pain for good, like he does. He appreciates the time he has. “Time is luck”  "Dont waste it living someone else’s life. .make yours count for something,  fight for what matters to you, no matter what, cause even if you fall short, what better way to live"

I think people need to be more than just optimistic; They need to be absolutely delighted, and thrilled to be alive. People need to start saying that they love what they’re doing, that they’re excited to do it, that they can’t wait to be doing it. I think we kill the fun out of life when we say we “have” to study or work or do responsibilities instead of making ourselves love whatever it is. We forget how fortunate we are to have the opportunity to work or study and hell to be alive itself. We become spoiled and ungrateful, and we forget to appreciate the marvel in all these things. People should wake up and be absolutely thrilled to be awake, people should be excited to be up, to see the morning sunshine, for breakfast food, for warm soothing baths, for studying and learning more today, for the chance to see the world one more time, for more time to be alive, for the chance to do something today! I think we need to be more than just optimistic and grateful, we need to be full blown hyped and amped up to have more time in our lives, to be smitten by life itself and everything we do.