i litterally had this conversation on saturday night

- i went down to shoreham for the night yesterday and i had the road to myself the whole way down as the sun set and it was lovely and i yelled along to john denver the whole way
- conversely, driving back this morning was a nightmare and i yelled at trucks the whole way
- kitten is being dropped off on saturday!!! we went and got to play w the litter and choose her the other day and it was incredible
- (she’s a fluffy little motley bundle of love and we are naming her marceline and she is our daughter)
- i was up at six this morning and like, here’s a relatable post for australians: the smell of the bush at dawn
- im v rarely like AustralianTM but like… i get so fucking emotional about native birds and trees like i’ll grant the stereotype this: i am literally in love w eucalypts
- like to the extent where today at work i had a minor crisis and started googling housing in hobart… u know. to jumpstart my plan to become a withered old spinster living off the land in the tasmanian wilderness selling my driftwood wares at market and scaring local children
- like I know i talk about it a lot but i can’t stress enough how much i wanna be that old lady who’s rumoured to be a witch that wears nothing but a collection of ugly beaded shawls and who’s in love with trees and is always like, whittling something as she talks hauntingly about all the storms she can feel brewing in her bones
- but i also kinda wanna finish my degree and pursue animation for a while so who knows really