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I've noticed there seems to be some "policing" in fandom (Positivity Policing I think peeps are calling it). And sadly it seems somewhat true. Also there's weird goalpost shifting for A LOT of issues, almost twisting the plot so it suits better. Also (Cas)fans who are not satisfied get condescended to. It makes me rather uncomfortable. Not to say you are a part of this, I actually voiced this to you because you always answer fairly and with respect for others' opinions.

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She didn't apologize at all though? Not once. She claimed she was taken "out of context". She won't even admit she said it at all, let alone that she shouldn't have said it. It wasn't an apology, it was a lecture to us for daring to be insulted.

So? Like, honestly, I rather care than write some stuff I’ve already seen on my dash. Saying that she’s ignorant, or stupid, or I don’t know what is not okay. We don’t know anything about her, or what she’s been through because one showrunner decided to put his fantaisies in priority of his own show, and ruined everything. Like, okay, sorry, but Eliza was literally THE ONLY ONE who had to publicly face the issue: for months, JR never showed up and never said anything to adress any issue. Yes he aplogized, and yes he restrained himself and that’s good. But Eliza, having all these cons by herself? That wasn’t okay, I can’t even dare to think the pressure she had to go through. There are literally yes, bullshitty people who relied on her to say what they wanted to hear about Clxa, but also sensitive people, living a hard life because of something that is part of who they are (their sexuality) who were really hurt about what happened on the show. I know that Bob, and Jarod, and Lindsey, and Adina (but heck EVEN ALYCIA) were the main victims of what happened because the social media literally turned against them. Still, in terms of communication, Eliza was the face who had to “settle things” for these sensitive people who needed reassurance and for the rabid jerks who acted like… hey, jerks. Jarod and Bob and anyone else were entitled to state their real, harsh opinions (whether they received hate for that or not doesn’t matter, everyone stating their opinions on the internet gets hate and/or anon asks: just look at your ask! Just because… I stated my opinion?). Eliza was the one supposed to “save the show” in terms of publicity after this mess, she was ALONE (with a shitty PR) and I’ll never forgive Jason for that. I don’t care if he vents a lot and talks a lot and whatever-gifset says the cast hates him. He wrote that episode 7 he should have been the one to handle it, not Eliza because she was playing half of the ship.
She’s still 26, and with literally NO KNOWLEDGE of the struggles LGBT youth is going through, because she’s not LGBT. She just PORTRAYS Clarke who is a bisexual: and still, it’s in a society where it isn’t even adressed, so that will NEVER be an issue for Clarke as well. Okay I’m gonna say this for the people in the back, of the antis, or anyone living in their own world: STOP EXPECTING STRAIGHT ACTORS TO BE THE VOICE OF THE LGBT MOVEMENT, they won’t satisfy you, because they don’t know what you’re going through. Just like me, for example, when I talk about something regarding the LGBT community, I get tons of hate like “shut uuuup u straight ass” so why isn’t it the same for ACTORS who STILL ARE straight, even tho they portray LGBT characters? Outside of his/her work, that actor/ress is still straight. Heck, nobody among the antis said anything about that, but Eliza actually spelled “LGBT” wrong once in an interview, and Alycia didn’t know anything about the Trevor Project before a journalist brought that to her. They learnt after that, still, they weren’t MEANT to be the spokewomen of a movement they’re not belonging to.

And I mean, I literally can’t even imagine the level of pressure she’s had. And I’d still like to remind people that yes, Eliza didn’t say anything about Bob being bullied, or Adina, or Lindsey, Jarod and everything. She didn’t say anything about Alycia’s privacy being violated either: guess why? Because she had enough to deal with already, attending to a con almost alone every week or something like that - and even when she’s not alone, it’s still a Clxa con. Stop saying she’s not defending her castmates because she hates them or whatever, she has her own problems, and I think they are taking a lot of her energy and making stress out a lot as it is. She doesn’t need to fight the other’s battle, they did it on their own. I know Lindsey, Jarod, Sachin and Bob kinda sticked together, but they also… bailed or weren’t on most of the conventions this summer? I don’t know what to tell you?? They have their life? We don’t fucking know! Maybe they talked over the phone about that over and over again: and that’s not out business. Still, it looks like that Bob/Arryn and Eliza hung out A LOT together this summer. So hey, they don’t hate each other, amazing, surprisiiiing. Like okay, I’m tired of this fandom or THE OTHER ONE putting words in an actor’s mouth. I bet her words WERE taken out of context by some people on twitter and/or instagram (people are CRAZY out there). And that came from both sides: like honestly, I was ready to think “meh she said ‘shit’ like she would have said ‘stuff’“ because that’s what she meant, it’s kinda obvious. But then THE FANDOM made it all like “shit” is shit. Yes the word wasn’t appropriate, it’s still one word, compared to dozens of interviews she’s made before all that drama where she stated that she LOVED Bellamy and Clarke and their relationship and that she loved working with Bob. Like, I’ve seen on my dash people insulting her, and saying “she hates Bob so much” because she said “Bellarke shit” how does that even relate to BOB??? Bob isn’t Bellamy, you know. To me, the way the antis took that sentence, and put it in gifsets to mock us and sending us anon asks mocking Bellarke fans was WAY MORE offensive than anything Eliza said. And that’s totally what emphacizes her words and pushed everyone to make a fuss about it. Guess what, she also rolled her eyes several times when talking about Clxa, and two minutes before saying “Bellarke shit” she said that Clarke would move on, and when she said Clxa she said it like “Cleeee/EEEE/EEE/exaaaa” in a kinda “offensive” way you may judge. But yeah, since the other part of the fandom is so eager to mock us, we just keep little stuff she slips out about Bellarke. Yet, in interviews with journalists, she just seemed tired of talking about SHIPS in general.

I’m tired because “duh Eliza talks only noww” yes because she defended HERSELF after going through a horrible summer where she had to come after all that mess. She said it on her message, she just came to watch her twitter pics and all she saw were horrible comments. And we KNOW there was horrible hate about her body, more than what she said! She said “Bellarke shit” and on twitter, there were TONS of body-shaming tweets sent to her. How does that relate to Bellarke? Guess what, people are petty and horrible, that’s just it. We don’t know what she answered to: was that people being offended by what she said or was that people being MEAN to her because she slipped up? I don’t like the fact that yes, our fandom is now the “mean one” when we all know which one is the most horrible of the two. And yet, she didn’t even say “You bellarke fans are meaan”. She said SHIPS with an SSSSSSSSS. I’ll be honest, to me, the communication around Bellarke is so TRANSPARENT (and stupid) and BLATANT that just for that it’s SO CLEAR that Bellarke is meant to happen (and even be endgame?). They started addressing to bellarke fans that way since SEASON 1, when we were nothing but a nice fandom just asking “maybe” questions. Yet, they were avoiding it already. And Eliza was YET the “main event” of that ship. Just picture yourself, you’re on a tv show, and it’s been four years that you have to watch everything you say regarding a ship, and then you have all that drama coming from another one, and everyone is exploding and her friends were bullied and everything. Like, okay, she didn’t defend Bob and the others, but she was like… MIA from twitter and instagram at that time. The antis translated that by saying “she just haaates the show sooo muuuch” when I guess she was just… hella running away from them. Because as soon as she promoted the show again - like, ep13 I think? - she got tons of shit and hate. Just because a LARGE vocal, very active and very rabid part of the fandom (the antis) interpret things one way, doesn’t make it real! The “Bellarke shit” wasn’t meant to be deliberately MEAN, so yes, she’s “schocked” that it hurt a lot of people (because guess what, she truly is disconnected from her fandom, whether it looks like it or not, she just keeps repeating the same words at every con she goes to, and doesn’t put more efforts to it), just like the writers were shocked that Lxa’s death hurt a lot of people. They are SHITTY at adressing their fandom about ships, and that’s no news. I know Bob handles it better, maybe it’s a question of maturity, or prep, or because… HEY HE ONLY HAS BELLARKE TO TALK ABOUT IN TERMS OF SHIPS?? While Eliza had… three majors one up until now? What would happen if Bob was stuck between VERRRYYYY high expectations from Braven fans, and high expectations from Bellarke fans? Yeah, everything he’d say would be very problematic in some aspects. Just like everything Eliza says is problematic to some aspect.

Does she deserve to be hated, I mean- BODY SHAMED?, shitted on and everything because she’s doing something SHE’S NOT GOOD AT? Just because she said something offensive, doesn’t forbid her from defending herself when she sees horrible tweets body-shaming her, people insulting her and everything. Guess what, maybe by reading these comments, she was just as hurt as “her fans” when she says something they don’t like.